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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 6, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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shrunk the kids. drew: te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, as we start a new week with you, our country on edge after even more mass shootings over the weekend. multiple urgent manhunts under way this morning. in philadelphia, a busy street turned into chaos. two people killed and 11 wounded. and in chattanooga, gunmen opening fire at a nightclub. three people killed, more than a dozen shot. this morning, what is behind the spike in gun violence? as a bipartisan group of senators races to reach a deal, is change coming on gun safety? putin's new threat. the russian president warns he
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will strike new targets in ukraine if the u.s. and its allies deliver new long-range rocket systems as ukraine's capital kyiv comes under new attack. overnight the u.s. and our allies responding to a new round of missile launches from north korea as fears grow. could a nuclear weapons test be next? breaking overnight, fresh off his appearance at the queen's jubilee, british prime minister boris johnson now faces a no confidence vote. could he be ousted today? help on the way. the major plant back in production. how soon could it ease the baby formula shortage? as the fda, itself, now comes under investigation. summer travel trouble. as gas prices hit a new all-time high, the secrets to finding savings from cash versus credit to your tires and your tank as demand for air travel takes off and cancellations soar, how to best navigate the chaos. queen for the queen. ♪ singing we will, we will rock you ♪
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>> a star-studded platinum party, the queen making one final surprise appearance. what she's now saying about her future as the youngest royal steals the show. plus, box office royalty. >> having any fun yet? >> tom cruise's blockbuster not losing altitude. why the top dog could be a sign of a dynamite summer. and golden state rocking the celtics. >> curry, cooking. a colossal three. >> steph curry leading the charge and the fight to the championship. good morning, america. what a night for the warriors. what a weekend for tom cruise. >> elliott and i saw it yesterday. michael, you are absolutely right. it is a smash. >> you loved it. >> it really is a smash.
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and of course, what a weekend for the queen. >> yes, making that surprise appearance yesterday. amy and t.j. were there for the queen's platinum party and then they went right to florida to meet up with robin for the special olympics. we'll have much more on the inspiring stories that our country so desperately needs. we could use those because we have to begin with another round of mass shootings in america. police are right now searching for several gunmen after a series of shootings in chattanooga. three people killed, 14 wounded after a nightclub shooting. >> and chaos in the streets of philadelphia. two people killed and 11 others wounded. janai norman is in philadelphia with more. good morning, janai. >> reporter: michael, good morning. consider this, police were here saturday night. multiple officers on the scene, but that didn't deter the gunfire. they say ballistics evidence shows at least five weapons in all were involved, and that includes at least one officer who fired back after seeing someone shooting into the crowd. this morning, multiple manhunts under way as the country reels from another spree of deadly mass shootings. >> we got multiple victims. >> reporter: crowds seen racing to escape after gunfire erupted in philadelphia saturday night
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turning a busy street into chaos. this footage obtained by abc news showing the fight that broke out beforehand. investigators saying the incident started as a physical altercation between two men who then both started shooting. >> all of a sudden i hear like rat a tat. >> there, they observed several civilians suffering from gunshot wounds lying on the sidewalk and in the street. >> reporter: police say one gunman died. two bystanders also losing their lives, and 11 more people injured. >> what happened was is that you had some sick maniac, some people made it. some people didn't. >> reporter: the victims, 27-year-old alexis quinn, 34-year-old gregory jackson and 22-year-old kris minners, a resident adviser at gerard college. in chattanooga, tennessee, saturday night, three people killed and 14 more shot after authorities say multiple gunmen opened fire at a nightclub. >> multiple shots fired.
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multiple people fleeing the scene. >> reporter: it's that city's second mass shooting in just the past week. >> i'm tired of standing in front of you talking about guns and bodies. chattanooga will not tolerate this in our community. our city will put a stp to this. >> reporter: according to the gun violence archive, there have been at least a dozen mass shootings this weekend alone. parents and children around the country on edge. >> my son is deathly afraid of school now. >> reporter: and in uvalde, texas, where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in their classroom, unimaginable grief as three more children, alithia ramirez, makenna elrod, and rojelio torres were laid to rest over the weekend. and today there will be a funeral for 10-year-old ellie garcia, a fourth grader who loved basketball. we know as summer gets under way we tend to see more crime. that's a concern as well as the sheer number of firearms out there. in the incident here in
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philadelphia, the full video shows both men had ample time to just walk away, walk away with both of their lives. instead, michael, they both had guns. >> just makes no sense, janai, thank you. we'll turn now to -- since the elementary school massacre in uvalde, texas, 13 days ago, there have been 33 mass shootings across america. the crisis touching nearly every corner of this country and our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is in washington with more. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: michael, good morning. it feels like mass shootings are becoming as american as apple pie. there have been more mass shootings than days in the year so far. in only 157 days this year, there have been 246 mass shootings defined as four or more people shot and/or killed in a single incident, and happening in every kind of scenario, public and private. from workplace and domestic violence cases where sometimes entire families are killed to cases like we saw last week where an escaped killer guns down a grandfather and four
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grandchildren in texas to the case in tulsa where a man shot and killed four people after he was allegedly angry over pain from back surgery. this year's pace of mass shootings matches that of last year which ended with 692 mass shootings. that, michael, was 66% higher than the number in 2019. >> and, pierre, just this weekend another teen was arrested in california. >> reporter: michael, we learned yesterday that a 17-year-old in california was arrested after allegedly making threats to, quote, shoot up the school. police say when they arrested him, he had an unmarked ghost gun. another sign that criminals, the unstable, and the evil have easy access to 300 million guns already in circulation, michael. >> too easy. too easy, pierre. thank you so much for your reporting. george? we will go to congress where abipartisan group of senators is working on a limited package of gun control measures. congressional correspondent rachel scott is tracking the
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latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. senators are under pressure to reach a deal on gun reform by the end of the week. i'm told by one senator involved, that is a goal, not a guarantee. this issue is top of mind for the american people because a week has not gone by in 2022 without a mass shooting. take a look at our latest abc news/ipsos poll which shows 72% of americans say gun violence is extremely important in their vote for congress and 70% believe enacting new laws to reduce gun violence should be a higher priority than protecting gun ownership. we know that a small group of bipartisan senators are considering a range of options from expanded background checks to incentives for states to enact red flag laws that would temporarily take guns away from people considered dangerous, as well as funding for mental health and school security. in just 48 hours, families of the victims of the buffalo and uvalde mass shootings will be testifying before congress including a fourth grader who says that she survived the uvalde mass shooting by playing dead in her classroom, george.
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>> rachel, the politics of this are so fraught. we saw a republican congressman have to resign late last week after coming out in favor of an assault weapons ban because of the backlash. but down in texas, some republican donors are backing gun control. >> reporter: yes, george. this is a group of more than 250 republican texas donors who sent a letter saying that they are backing these bipartisan negotiations playing out here on capitol hil. they describe themselves as gun enthusiasts, but they support expanded background checks, red flag laws and they would even support raising the age limit to purchase a firearm, george. >> rachel scott, thanks. tomorrow abc news will devote the entire day to a closer look at guns in america across all our programs. linsey? >> thanks, george. the latest now on the war in ukraine. vladimir putin has issued a new warning to the u.s. about aid to ukraine as the battle rages for a key city in the east. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in kyiv which was targeted by russian missiles just over the weekend. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, linsey. that's right.
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the first strikes to target the city in over five weeks. multiple strikes also in the country's second largest city of kharkiv to the northeast of here. all of this, of course, is a reminder that putin shows no signs of letting up as he issues new threats. this morning, vladimir putin with an ominous warning. [speaking foreign language] putin threatening strikes on areas that, quote, russia has not struck yet if western countries provide ukraine with longer range missiles. last week the u.s. committed to sending ukraine advanced himars missile systems and rockets which can fly 50 miles, which putin dismissed as not having any impact on the battlefield. the u.s. hasn't sent its more powerful missiles capable of reaching four times that distance. the threat comes as russia strikes ukraine's cafitars in f. ukrainian officials say that this video circulating online shows the attack. the strike hitting a railway repair shop which russia claims was housing tanks and other military equipment, but ukraine
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denying any hardware was stored there. this video posted by ukraine's state energy agency shows a russian missile flying just above the south ukrainian nuclear power plant, heading towards kyiv. in the east as the battle for the donbas rages on, president zelenskyy visiting towns along the front lines in the region meeting with troops and handing out awards to ukrainian soldiers. [ applause ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: zelenskyy saying, i'm proud of everyone i met, everyone i shook hands with, everyone with whom i connected with. the heaviest fighting in the east is concentrated around the key city of severodonetsk, street to street battles have been raging since russia initially advanced and seized ground. now the british defense ministry saying that ukrainian counterattacks likely blunting momentum russian forces previously gained. while the uk ministry of defense is also saying this morning, it will send ukraine multiple launch rocket systems that can strike targets up to 50 miles away. this of course, follows the
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american decision to send that similar system. worth adding, though, that we've heard these threats from russia before about retaliating to western weapons for ukraine. so far, they have been empty, but there's always a risk that things could escalate even further. george? >> no question about that. okay, ian, thanks. back home gas prices are hitting another record high and our new poll with ipsos shows those prices hitting president biden's poll numbers pretty hard. only 1 in 4 americans approve of how he's handling gas prices and inflation. on "this week" transportation secretary pete buttigieg pinned the blame on oil companies. >> the price of gasoline is not set by a dial in the oval office and when an oil company is deciding hour by hour how much to charge you for a gallon of gas, they're not calling the administration to ask what they should do. >> kaylee hartung is live at a gas station in los angeles. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, george. those frustrations so many americans are feeling are not going to be eased with these latest numbers. we are starting another week with gas prices hitting another
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record high. this morning, the national average for a gallon of regular is at $4.86. californians are still feeling the most pain at the pump. as bad as the cost is here at this gas station in l.a. at more than $7, there's a station up the coast in mendocino where they are charging nearly $10. that is more than double the cheapest gas you can find in the country across the southeast. right now georgia and arkansas are the only states in the country where you can find gas at or under $4.40. so with gas prices climbing and inflation at historic rates, americans are looking for relief, anything to help them save. we want to remind folks that sometimes paying for gas in cash can come with savings. look for those credit cards with the best gas rewards. don't forget about apps like gas buddy and even google maps that can help you find the cheapest gas near you. make sure your tires are poppo properly inflated. that can be helpful. some experts say that filling up your tank more often but buying
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less gas with each trip can sometimes save you money. maybe not time but money. michael? >> not at that station charging $10 a gallon, kaylee, but thank you. we appreciate that. wow. now we're going to turn to north korea launching a new round of missile tests, the regime firing off eight rockets over the weekend and the u.s. and south korea launching missiles in response in a show of force. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is tracking the latest for us. good morning, martha. michael.ter: good morning, that barrage of u.s. and south korean short-range missiles came within 24 hours of the north korean launch. the u.s. saying it demonstrates the ability to respond quickly to crisis events, but this is the new and more muscular response to the north koreans ignoring or condemning the launches has had little effect. the north koreans have had 18 test launches this year, more than they launched in the last two years combined, but there's no guarantee this will work. just this morning a south korean news agency reporting that the international nuclear agency
7:15 am
says there are growing signs that north korea will test a nuclear weapon very soon. something they have not done since 2017. so the standoff continues. linsey? >> some unnerving times, martha, thank you. turning now to that breaking news overnight, british prime minister boris johnson set to face a no confidence vote fresh off his appearance at the queen's jubilee. maggie rulli has the latest on if he could be ousted. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, linsey, good morning. yeah, we saw boris johns jubilee. areer is on the line. opsiresign for months. now they're coming from his own party. they're stemming in part from that partygate report where johnson was fined for attending an illegal gathering during lockdown in 2020, becoming the first sitting prime minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law while in office. boris needs a majority of lawmakers voting in favor of him to survive and if he survives he'll be immune from another similar vote for a year.
7:16 am
if it's a narrow win, it could mean the writing is already on the wall and even with a victory in this vote, it may rattle the party enough to jeopardize his future. guys, this vote is coming down tonight. so either way, we should know in just a matter of hours. guys? >> all right. thank you so much, maggie. and we're turn now to the nba finals. the golden state warriors bouncing back in game two to even the series with the boston celtics. will reeve was at the game and joins us from san francisco. you look like you're sparkling a lile b, will.odorpeornche go stad by steph curry, and an emphatic point put on the game from this spot right here. jordan poole nailing a buzzer beater and we're headed to boston. >> the poole party has just begun. >> reporter: this morning, the nba finals are tied, 1-1. the golden state warriors blowing out the boston celtics 107-88 to even the series.
7:17 am
>> looks at the crowd and says, that was way overdue. >> reporter: two-time mvp three-time champion and best shooter ever steph curry was in vintage form leading the warriors with 29 points. >> curry, cooking! a colossal three. >> hope we can carry this momentum over to game three. it's going to be fun. it's what the finals are all about. wouldn't want it any other way. >> reporter: golden state treating its home fans to plenty to cheer for, including this third quarter half-court buzzer beater from budding young star, jordan poole. >> poole on the ball. launches. oh, three! >> reporter: before tip-off poole and his warriors teammates along with the celtics using the spotlight of the nba's biggest stage to spread messages against gun violence and in support of wnba star brittney griner who's been detained in russia for over three months. lebron james even tweeting during the game, we need to come together and help do whatever we possibly can to bring bg home quickly and safely.
7:18 am
our voice as athletes is stronger together. on the court the two teams now travel east for game three, wednesday, for the first finals game in boston in over a decade. as we clean up here at the chase center we're all heading back to boston including my friend, larry o'brien here. it will be awarded in san francisco or boston at some point. anyway, big game three wednesday night, 9:00 eastern, abc. you know what to do, guys. >> we sure do, will. thanks very much. "gma" including the queen's new message and surprise appearance on the last day of her platinum jubilee. and the new warning about chaos at the airport this summer. what to do if your flight is canceled. but first let's go to ginger. first named storm of the season? >> yes, and it didn't get a name until it was off florida, but it is a good reminder that you don't have to have a name to do major damage. 10 to 15 inches of rain fell in south florida. look at miami there over the weekend. that has passed. it is now giving tropical storm warnings to bermuda.
7:19 am
it will become extra tropical and get out of here. let's get a check now a little closer to home.
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along the coast -- visibility, summer fog along the coast but conditions are improving. generally in the 50's, if not warming into the 60's. 59 in san jose with increasing sunshine. mostly sunny skies. by noon, take the sunglasses. 60's and 70's by lunchtime. a bit of a breeze but not too strong. 70's and 80's away from the
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♪all new from pure leaf♪ ♪pour lower sugar for me♪ your reputation precedes you. >> i have to admit i wasn't expecting an invitation back. >> they're called orders, maverick. >> kind of like here, come back every morning. okay. it's orders. welcome back to "gma." that is "top gun: maverick." it is now the most successful blockbuster of tom cruise's amazing four-decade-long career. the movie still flying high at the box office setting more records after its second weekend in the theaters. >> you guys have convinced me, i got to go check it out. >> it's time for you to go see it right now. following a lot of other headlines here on "gma."
7:31 am
right now police in pennsylvania and tennessee are searching for gunmen after deadly gun violence over the weekend. two bystanders were killed in philadelphia when gunfire erupted on a crowded street and three killed in chattanooga after authorities say multiple gunmen opened fire in a nightclub. there's been an average of more than one mass shooting a day this year. also in the middle of a church mass a gunman opened fire in nigeria. at least 35 were killed. many women and children. dozens of worshippers were injured. plus, there's a major development this morning in the baby formula shortage. it occurred when abbott shut down in february. more coming up in our next hour. and at the french open, rafael nadal won his record 14th title and it was his 22nd grand slam win two more than any other male player and makes him the oldest winner at roland garros. nadal just celebrated his 36th birthday last friday, but he's still got it. and we've got a lot more ahead. robin, t.j., and amy down in orlando celebrating the start of
7:32 am
the 2022 special olympic usa games. amy and t.j. hosted the opening ceremony. robin, i heard one of the athletes say, let me win but if i cannot win let me be brave in the attempt. love that. give us a sense of the atmosphere. >> reporter: thank you, linsey. they are shining as one. you all did a great job with the opening ceremony. these are amazing athletes and we cannot wait to introduce you to more of them a little bit later this morning, guys. >> we are looking forward to that. right now we turn to the queen's jubilee. the once in a generation celebration wrapped up over the weekend with an epic concert and a surprise final appearance by the queen. eva pilgrim was there for it all. she has new behind-the-scenes details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. it has been an epic celebration honoring the service of one woman to her country, and queen elizabeth did not disappoint. despite mobility issues she made one final appearance to say thank you. the queen making a surprise
7:33 am
appearance on the balcony for the grand finale of her platinum jubilee marking 70 years on the throne. ♪ her majesty joined by family, prince charles and camilla, the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate and their children, george, charlotte and louis. ♪ when you said i looked a mess ♪ >> reporter: the perfect ending to a four-day holiday honoring the queen. ed sheeran performing the song as a tribute to the monarch and her late husband. in the final hours of her jubilee celebration, the queen writing, while i may not have attended every event in person, my heart has been with you all and i remain committed to serving you to the best of my ability, supported by my family. the 96-year-old queen unable to attend most of the jubilee festivities after thursday's balcony appearance due to pain and mobility issues. on saturday, her majesty watching the televised platinum party on tv from windsor castle. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪
7:34 am
>> reporter: the queen treated to a performance by queen, belting their classic hit to more than 22,000 fans. >> we all hope that the queen goes on for many more glorious years. >> reporter: also taking the stage alicia keys, diana ross and rod stewart who got the crowd singing along to his rendition of "sweet caroline." ♪ sweet caroline ♪ >> getting to be a part of it, how special is that? >> really, really special. i mean i can't think of enough words. >> reporter: but it was the queen herself stealing the show sharing tea and a marmalade sandwich with paddington bear. >> thank you for everything. >> that's very kind. >> reporter: on sunday the queen appearing in hologram form for the jubilee pageant as her younger self in the very carriage she used for her coronation in 1953. ♪ you can dance ♪ >> reporter: the final day full of performances that had the younger royals dancing and singing along.
7:35 am
manwhile, prince louis charming , crdsow as e th 4-year-olds do, struggling to sit still as he moved around the royal box with his family. at one point prince louis literally thumbed his nose at his mom as she was desperately trying to get him under control. moms around the world feeling very seen in that moment, guys. >> louis certainly stealing the show. eva, thank you. we do take a sharp turn to the former wisconsin judge killed in a targeted attack. a hit list with more names was found in a car near the scene. new jersey judge esther salas whose son was killed, is now pleading for congress to listen and act. trevor ault joins us with the latest. good morning, trevor. >> good morning, linsey. this really seems to have been a horrifying death for this former
7:36 am
wisconsin judge found tied down and shot at home and authorities say there is more evidence showing this suspect likely wanted to kill even more high-profile people had they not found him inside the judge's house. this morning, authorities investigating the death of former wisconsin judge john roemer say this was a targeted attack by a suspect with a clear connection to the judge. police say that man is 56-year-old douglas uhde. according to documents found by abc news, back in 2005 judge roemer sentenced uhde to six years in state prison after uhde pleaded no contest to armed burglary. >> states his neighbor's son from across the street is banging on the door saying that someone murdered his father. >> reporter: around 6:30 friday morning as police rushed to the judge's home, law enforcement briefed on the case tell abc news judge roemer was found zip tied to a chair and fatally shot with uhde found in the basement with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but still alive and now in custody at the hospital. those same sources saying a hit list was found in a car at the scene. it included the judge's name
7:37 am
along with michigan governor gretchen whitmer, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and wisconsin governor tony evers. >> a judge from a rural county is targeted and murdered. judiciary and to our leadership in our state and our country. so, yeah, it's a horrible situation. >> reporter: in 2020 a disgruntled lawyer posing as a deliveryman went to federal judge esther salas' new jersey home, shot her husband and killed her son. since then salas has been pushing congress to pass legislation protecting the privacy of judges. as she told our robin roberts back in may -- >> why are we waiting? what are we waiting for, another tragedy to happen? what mark and i are facing we
7:38 am
wish on no one. we wish on no one. >> and that bill protecting judges' privacy does have bipartisan support, but it was blocked from being called for a vote by kentucky senator rand paul, not because he disagrees with it, but because he wants it to include members of congress' privacy also. guys? >> all right, thank you, trevor. coming up, how to navigate summer travel chaos as demand for flights soar. how to find a new trip if yours gets canceled. we'll be right back. youtube tv is more than cable for less than cable. more huge moments in the playoffs. “woooooooo!” less huge bills to pay off. “uhhhhhhh” more big hits. “oooooh.” less getting hit with hidden fees. “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” more triple-digit pitches. “oooooh.” less triple-digit payments. “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” more modern. more simple. $750 less than cable per year. try it free. meet ron. that man is always on.
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back now with what could be back now with what could be a very busy and chaotic summer at airports around the country. demand for air travel is soaring while airlines are cutting back on flights. transportation correspondent gio benitez is at phoenix sky harbor airport with more for us this morning. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. yeah, that's right. from canceled flights to long hold times on the phone, the number of travelers is surging and the industry is struggling to catch up. is it the summer of travel hassles? many experts now predicting mayhem at airports across america. this weekend alone more than a thousand canceled flights and more than 8,000 flights delayed. many because of weather and staffing issues. >> so we're kind of scrambling trying to figure out what to do. >> reporter: tamara batz speaking with us from salt lake city airport, trying to get home to austin. her flight was canceled. her new one wouldn't get her home for another 24 hours. >> i feel exhausted and
7:43 am
frustrated. just want to get the kids home so we can kind of get back to our regular routine. you know, no one has any answers. no one really wants to go the extra mile for you. >> reporter: thousands of people trying to call airlines hearing messages like these -- >> our service lines are very busy at the moment and waiting times are longer than normal. >> reporter: now with a record number of air travelers expected this summer, perhaps more than 3 million a day, airlines are cutting back on flights to have staff on hand ready to jump in. jetblue cutting flights by 10% to 15% of 2019 levels. delta cutting 100 flights a day this summer. delta's ceo ed bastian speaking with us about the crush of travel. >> it's a challenge. there's no question about it and we've been staffing and hired 15,000 people over the last 14 months to get ready for it. but there's a lot of training, there's a lot of experience. our pilots need to get staffed.
7:44 am
we're only a little over 80% recovered as an airline, yet the demand is already over 100%. >> wow. so that's where the challenge comes in? >> that's where the challenge comes in. >> reporter: so what do you do if your flight is canceled? the biggest tip, act fast. >> you want to try and use every avenue you possibly can, so that means if you're at the airport, get in line. find an agent you can talk to. at the same time, check the app on your phone because sometimes you'll be able to find alternatives that way. >> reporter: yeah, and don't underestimate those airline apps because you can rebook your flight right there, right away. but, look, guys at the end of the day if those hold times on the phone are just too long, it may just be faster to go to the airport yourself and handle it right there. guys? >> all right, gio, thank you for that great advice. g to the airport yourself, that's right. coming up next, we'll check in with the team down in orlando with some amazing athletes. going to make you feel great this monday morning. ♪ there's nothing holding me back ♪ back ♪
7:45 am
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7:49 am
because we certainly do? do you know there are more than 5,500 athletes and coaches from all 50 states and the caribbean who have come here to orlando to be in the special olympics usa games? t.j., amy, we got two great athletes with us right now. >> reporter: we have two great athletes. let me introduce you to rhea alathur from new jersey and lee dockins who is here with us as well. it's good to have you both. >> reporter: they are suited up and ready to go in their gymnastics leotards and we'll have rhea -- why don't you show everyone your special move? take it away. go, rhea. [ cheers ] >> reporter: nice. >> yes!
7:50 am
>> reporter: i love that wave and that bow. >> reporter: i know. >> reporter: perfect, well done. lee, your turn now. you go. [ cheers ] >> whoo! >> reporter: beautiful form. always take a bow. >> reporter: we wish you all the very best. we wish all the athletes. the games are going to begin shortly. we'll have much more from orlando coming up. linsey? >> rhea and lee, we are rooting for you. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] my whole body feels free. because my eyes don't shy from the light. my head doesn't pound. and my stomach isn't nauseous. it's time for migraine prevention delivered differently, through an iv infusion. it's time for vyepti - a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. vyepti is designed to start working fast, and to last with a 30-minute iv infusion, 4 times a year delivering 100% of the medication directly into your bloodstream. the power of a vyepti infusion can help to reduce monthly migraine days.
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7:54 am
those areas. then that's going to come with big-time rain too. remember, when you have that three to five inches falling really quickly in just a couple of hours you could have major issues especially on the roads. do not get out and push your car. michael was saying he saw video of that over the weekend. coming up here -- oh, i did want to say it's snowing in australia. it's their winter. just to remind you. coming up, the new warning about a popular over-the-counter sleep aid getting thousands of kids sick. kids sick. then i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely
7:55 am
in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now.
7:56 am
the break but you can keep adding. -- you can keep voting jobina: good morning. two car crash on northbound 101 for millbrae avenue. stop and traffic nearly san mateo bridge. golden gate, no delay. same thing goes in san jose on 87. drew: improving conditions with the fog along the coast. temperatures warming through the 50's. here is a pretty shot from santa cruz, called conditions.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. our country on edge after more mass shootings. multiple urgent manhunts under way this morning. in philadelphia, a busy street turned into chaos, two people killed and 11 wounded. and in chattanooga, gunmen opened fire at a nightclub. three people killed. more than a dozen shot. help on the way. the major development that could ease the baby formula shortage. when you could see more on store shelves as the fda comes under investigation over that top formula making plant. melatonin overdoses in children. the new cdc study flagging an increase of 530% over the past decade. tens of thousands got sick last year. what's behind the increase?
8:01 am
and how to spot the signs if your child ingests too much? dr. ashton is here. ♪ whenever, wherever ♪ shakira's surprise split after 12 years. international pop superstar announces her separation. what she's saying this morning. ♪ pump it, louder, pump it ♪ adam sandler live in times square. >> i love this game. i live this game. >> how he teamed up with lebron james for his new slam-dunk movie. ♪ oh, here we go ♪ celebrating special olympics. robin delivers a big surprise to one of the athletes to kick off the 2022 usa games. >> where is lumene? you really are lightning. >> robin is in florida for all the excitement with t.j. and amy. >> please welcome the parade of athletes. >> as they say -- >> all: good morning, america! [ cheers ]
8:02 am
good morning to robin, amy, t.j. and the whole crew of special olympians in orlando. what a great crowd they are. so glad all of you are starting your week with us. robin, how is it going down there? >> hey, you know we go big with the fireworks. we're at disney world, baby. i have been involved with special olympics for as long as i can remember and it is an honor, a true honor to be here at the games, more than 5,000 athlete, coaches, devoted families came together for the opening ceremonies. who hosted that? none other, none other than t.j. and amy. i told you, we had a good time. >> it's so joyful it's infectious. there's this genuine enthusiasm that just is something -- i mean the dancing and the singing and -- it was so beautiful to be a part of. >> one of the more rewarding assignments you'll ever get. there's a level of energy and enthusiasm here that just went nonstop from the moment we went into the arena. >> authenticity through and
8:03 am
through. enough talking, all right. okay. it's going to be a great morning. i say, let the games begin! [ cheers and applause ] come on! ♪ baby you're a firework ♪ ♪ make go oh ♪ >> disney welcome, the big disney welcome, the athletes, the coaches, so much to celebrate at special olympics usa games this morning. cannot wait for more excitement and surpp. >> all so inspirational. also this morning, rebecca jarvis is going to show us some of the tiktok trends that might help you combat inflation. that's also coming up. first another round of mass shootings in america. police searching for several gunmen in chattanooga and philadelphia. want to go back to janai norman who is in philadelphia. good morning, janai. >> reporter: hey, george. this area of south street was blocked off by barricades and packed with people saturday night when the gunfire erupted.
8:04 am
police saying at least five weapons were involved according to ballistics evidence and that includes at least one police officer who they say opened fire after seeing a shooter shooting into the crowd. this morning, multiple manhunts under way as the country reels from another spree of deadly mass shootings. >> we got multiple victims. >> reporter: crowds seen racing to escape after gunfire erupted in philadelphia saturday night turning a busy street into chaos. this footage obtained by abc news showing the fight that broke out beforehand. investigators saying the incident started as a physical altercation between two men who then both started shooting. >> i hear like rat a tat, tat, tat. >> they observed several civilians suffering from gunshot wounds. they were lying on the sidewalk and in the street. >> reporter: police say one gunman died. two bystanders also losing their lives and 11 more people injured. in chattanooga, tennessee,
8:05 am
saturday night, three people killed and 14 more shot after authorities say multiple gunmen opened fire at a nightclub. it's that city's second mass shooting in just the past week. according to the gun violence archive, there have been at least a dozen mass shootings this weekend alone. parents and children around the country on edge. >> my son is deathly afraid of school now. >> reporter: in uvalde, texas, where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed in their classroom, unimaginable grief as three more children, alithia ramirez, makenna elrod and rojelio torres were laid to rest over the weekend. today there will be a funeral for 10-year-old ellie garcia, a fourth grader who loved basketball. and the full video of the incident here shows both men had ample time to both walk away with their lives and said they were both armed, both opened fire leaving two innocent people, one of those shooters dead and that speaks to the concern about the sheer number and prevalence of firearms out there.
8:06 am
george? >> just horrific. okay, janai, thanks. michael? >> thank you, george. now to new hope that the baby formula shortage could soon ease. the abbott plant that accelerated the scarcity when it was shut down back -- is back producing the critical product this morning. erielle reshef is here now with more on when store shelves could be stocked again. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. ur months after it was is up and shuttered over contamination concerns triggering the dire nationwide shortage. abbott is prioritizing its hypoallergenic formulas and they expect to release those products around june 20th. they're working hard to fulfill the steps to restore similac and other formulas as soon as possible. michael? >> erielle, the fda is now under investigation regarding that plant shut down. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the fda is now the subject of a government probe over its response leading up to the
8:07 am
shutters of abbott's michigan plant. now the facility is back up and running. the fda says inspectors are providing safety oversight and abbott says it will still take six to eight weeks to get the plant up to full capacity and get the bulk of products back to store shelves. millions of families are waiting on this, mike. >> absolutely. thank you so much, erielle. linsey? coming up on our "gma morning menu," shakira announced a split from her longtime partner. what the singer and soccer star are now saying about the decision this morning. also this morning, the new warning about kids and melatonin as calls to poison control hotlines soar. plus, adam sandler is live talking about his new movie. and robin, t.j. and amy live at the 2022 special olympics usa games. hey, robin. [ cheers ] >> reporter: i'm telling you a big thing with the games with the athletes, the pins. i got one from mississippi right here. we are warming up -- no. i is hot. we'r reaogo.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
♪ it's not the same as it was ♪ ♪ it's not the same as it was ♪ good old times square on a nice morning. welcome back, everybody. tomorrow morning, kevin costner talks the new season of his hit show "yellowstone." looking forward to that. now to our "gma" cover story. global superstar shakira announced her split from soccer star gerard pique after 12 years
8:13 am
and two children together. zohreen shah has all the details for us, good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, linsey. shakira's latest song is about a breakup and that sent fans speculating about her relationship and now shakira and pique are confirming they are calling it quits. ♪ hips don't lie ♪ >> reporter: this morning, international superstar shakira and her longtime partner football player gerard pique announcing their split. the power couple saying in a joint statement we regret to ar for the well-being of our children who are our highest priority, we ask you respect our privacy. ♪ the music icon and soccer player are parents to 9-year-old milan and 7-year-old sasha. the two meeting after shakira said she saw him featured in the music video of her song "waka waka," the official song of the 2010 world cup. [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ this time for africa ♪ >> reporter: one year later in
8:14 am
2011 the two making their relationship official. ♪ shakira has found success in both spanish and english language music. [ singing in foreign language ] taking on one of the world's biggest stages alongside jennifer lopez in the 2020 super bowl halftime show. ♪ forever ♪ >> reporter: pique dominating the field, playing for one of europe's top soccer teams, fc barcelona, and ranked as one of the best defenders in the world. >> aerially he's dominant. >> reporter: even though shakira is ten years older she once told latina magazine how they had always been on the same page saying we want the same things, we like the same things, we hate the same things. just as recently as valentine's day the "hips don't lie" singer instagrammed the two embracing. even though they've been together over a decade, the two never got married, but still many fans really surprised hearing about this split.
8:15 am
linsey? >> of course, their priority still those 9 and 7-year-old kids that they have. zohreen, thank you. michael, we'll send it over to you. now to a "gma" health alert. a warning for parents that a new study finds a huge increase in melatonin overdose in children over the past decade. especially during the pandemic. with more than 52,000 calls to poison control centers last year, that's an increase of 530%. our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here to break it down for us. doc, we know it's always been tricky to get kids to go to sleep, but more difficult the last couple years. >> yeah. >> how has the pandemic affected sleep for children? >> so i think we have to connect the dots on this, right? first of all, the pandemic has added stress. it's decreased activity, not just for adults, but for kids. it's taken a toll. this particular cdc report really not just looking at how many calls in to poison control
8:16 am
consequences. there was an increase in hospitalizations and most of these was what was called unintentional exposure meaning the parent did not give the child the melatonin. so the implication is that they got into it themselves. >> is there a safe way for parents to use melatonin with their children because a lot of them look like gummies? a lot look like chocolate. so you can understand how kids get into it themselves, but how should parents be mindful to avoid that? >> first of all this has to be done on an age appropriate level. what you would give and do with a 5-year-old will be very different than what you give and do with a 15-year-old. absolutely you want to involve the child's pediatrician but then there are general tips here that i think are important at any age. first of all, depending on what it is and the age of the child you want to keep medications out of reach of children, even younger teenagers. you want to keep those bottle tops securely closed and locked. some of them are difficult for even adults to get into and you always want to use any medication exposure as an opportunity to really teach that child about medication.
8:17 am
it should only be given by an adult. this is not candy. this can have consequences, both good and bad. >> but say your child has ingested too much, what should you do? >> there are basic warning signs, again, for signs and symptoms of overdose and by the way these are vague but particularly with respect to melatonin. you want to be on the lookout for abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, excessive tiredness, unable to rouse a child from sleep and labored breathing are medical emergencies, either bring them to an emergency room for contact the poison control center. >> 530% increase and a lot of parents will heed your advice this morning. thank you, doc. >> you bet. >> george? now for some tips on how to deal with inflation. as rising prices pinch american wallets, some people are turning to tiktok for budgeting strategies and rebecca jarvis is here. it's called budget tok? >> yes, it's growing. i think it's a good thing. more and more people are interested in taking control of
8:18 am
their finances and you obviously see some of this because of the economy right now. but you have to be careful if you're looking at this stuff because not every size fits every person and every budget and you also have to watch out for scams. >> one spending model, 50/30/20. >> yes. 50% of your spending goes towards your needs. 30% goes towards your wants and 20% goes into your savings. again, a model that can work really well for people because it creates some structure but doesn't necessarily work for every person. if you're taking home $2,000, $1,000 goes towards your needs, $600 goes towards your wants and $400 towards your savings. what you do with that savings can create a big difference. >> i imagine a lot of family discussions about needs versus wants. >> exactly. you have to make that decision upfront, george. >> and talk about cash stuffing. >> it's become so popular. a throwback to the ways before we lived -- before the digital era and before people were using
8:19 am
credit and debit cards. what cash stuffing is you look at every area of spending including savings and start putting it into envelopes. you literally cash out and put everything into envelopes each month and then at the end of the year you have this nice little savings cache that you can unlock and it can be really fun. the thing you have to keep in mind, though, is that when it's not in a bank, when it's not in an account and literally cash, you can lose it. some people hide it to make sure they're not spending it. you can lose it. it's not necessarily covered by homeowner's insurance. so make sure you know where you're putting it and not putting it in a place that can be taken away if someone in the worst case scenario invades your home. keep in mind, it's not going to grow. if you put your money into a bank savings account with a small interest rate on it or put your money into the stock market in an i.r.a., for example, that has the ability to grow and the cash situation, it's not growing but you are capping your spending. >> and any other tips?
8:20 am
>> well, the most important thing, not to fall for scams. there are scams out there. second of all, you can really make these things easier on yourself with some of the apps that exist today. there's one called digit. it will look at your spending and what you are taking home in income and it will automatically allocate to your checking account and your savings account and then finally there's one called capital which does something similar. you set the goals. >> rebecca jarvis, thanks very much. let's go to ginger. >> george, i catch stuff in my pockets every season for fall and winter and then i'm like, no way, unknowingly cash stuffing. it was the hottest may on record. abilene and san angelo, texas, today excessive heat warnings exist across texas. look at the numbers. some could feel as hot as 115. go west to santa barbara. eight-acre brush fire burst out and you can see them fighting it. there were evacuations in place. unfortunately, we have this ridge building in and that means even
8:21 am
drew: i have your accuweather forecast. sunny and comfortably warm today. a light, onshore breeze this afternoon. we will have a little bit of fog along the coast. here is the seven-day forecast. sunny skies today. by the end of the week, summer heat makes a comeback. the heat hangs on, but a little bit cooler on sunday. now to the 2022 special now to the 2022 special olympics summer games. amy and t.j. went straight from the jubilee in london to florida to host the opening ceremonies at disney world. they are there this morning with robin and, robin, the athletes aren't the only talent down there. look at you three doing your stuff. >> reporter: i got to tell you,
8:22 am
i got to keep an eye on these two. i got another pin. i got another pin. not keeping count but -- no, it is not. it is amazing, michael, everybody being here seeing the joy, the enthusiasm of these athletes, the coaches, the families absolutely incredible. i had the privilege of hosting the games before, t.j. and amy -- here you flew all the way from london to be here and be a part of it. >> reporter: it was worth it because this is such a beautiful group of people. they're so inspiring. they're ready to go, ready to compete. it's a joy to be around them. >> reporter: concernly one one of the highlights was, of course, the flame of hope that made that thousand-mile journey from chicago to be there and see that cauldron that was finally lit yesterday was one of the most exciting parts but plenty of highlights. check them out. ♪ >> reporter: this morning, we are kicking off the 2022 special olympic usa games. fresh off the road from london. >> we got 12 hours to go. we got our scripts ready. >> let's go.
8:23 am
>> ten minutes until doors open. >> reporter: robach and i had a front row seat. we have been recharged by these athletes here and we wanted to be here and flew across the pond to make sure we were. it's a special place. hosting the spectacular opening ceremony here in orlando. >> welcome to the opening ceremony of the 2022 special olympics usa games. please welcome the parade of athletes. 4,300 athletes from all 50 states and the caribbean coming together participating in the 19 olympic-style and individual sports. . >> yeah! >> reporter: the athletes trained hard for this very moment to show off their skills. ♪ >> reporter: the countdown officially started last month in chicago, the birthplace of the special olympics as the flame of
8:24 am
hope took a journey over a thousand miles, including a stop in times square. >> we're very honored to be hosting the opening ceremony of the games. >> reporter: and making its way through disney world to light up the games representing the spirit of inclusion and unity. ♪ i want to see you be brave i want to see you ♪ >> reporter: it was an incredible experience and a testament to the dedication and perseverance by the athletes on and off the field, champions for a more inclusive world where we all shine as one. >> i'm here. i'm overjoyed. i'm with my teammates. i have everything and that's all i need. >> so awesome to be here and it's a blessing to be here with all the athletes from around the world. >> i now declare the 2022 usa games open. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: shine as one. shine as one. i love that. we got two incredible athletes with us. i think you remember angel. she was with us in times square a couple of weeks ago.
8:25 am
she's a power lifter from new york and we have patrick here. he's from michael strahan's -- you can tell i've been traveling. his hometown of houston, texas. patrick, a gymnast. >> reporter: it was one of my highlights of my day yesterday on stage hosting the opening ceremony. saw angel in the crowd and angel caught our attention and was waving and enthusiastic. >> it was good to see you again. you're competing tomorrow. power lifting. how is that going to go tomorrow? >> to be honest with you. >> please be honest. >> it's all about having fun and meeting everybody around here and be friends, have good sportsmanship and that's what i do but tomorrow, i will take it personal and i'm very competitive. it's about to go down. >> there it is. >> she's a gold medalist. >> she was just building up to it. >> the nice stuff out of the way first. >> strong pin game there, angel. really strong pin game. we'll bring patrick in from the great state of texas. you're a gymnast. [ cheers and applause ]
8:26 am
yes. got a lot of texas fans and patrick fans. what are you bringing to the games? what do you hope to achieve in your competition? >> i really hope to win first place all around in gymnastics and i hope to go to the world games in june of 2023 in berlin, germany. [ cheers ] >> and just when you said that the sun came out. i think it's going to happen. i think it's going to happen but the sun is shining bright. these athletes are absolutely -- they have worked really hard to be here to earn the right to be here and maybe you remember another athlete that we profiled, lumene lightning. we had a surprise for her to let her know she was coming to the games. we have another surprise for her that you will see coming up as we continue live from orlando. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:27 am
everyone >> let us check in with jobina for a look at traffic. jobina: that crash from earlier had cleared, but he still low on northbound 101. bay bridge toll blossom, either lights on. backup improving but still there. things are moving nicely on 680. kumasi:
8:28 am
for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste.sang because.u is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
8:29 am
coming up. we chat with a james patterson. plus, we kickoff the summer school week. drew: 54 in the city, 60 in vallejo. we are seeing increasing sunshine but cloud cover close to the coast. we will have a lot of sunshine currently day. 60's and 70's by lunchtime. a bit of a breeze but comfortably warm away from the
8:30 am
coast. kumasi: another update in 30 minutes. you can always find the latest on o ♪ ♪ we're excited for us next guest who is one of the kings of comedy who kept us laughing in "happy gilmore" and on the edge of our seats in "uncut gems." now bringing his real-life passion for basketball to the big screen in "hustle." if you haven't figured it out, it's adam sandler, everybody. give it up for adam sandler. [ applause ] >> thank you all. >> it's great to have you here. >> yes. >> it looks like you got a little roughed up. >> this is something i have to discuss, right? >> yeah. >> it looks -- i was in bed in the middle of the night, you know how they tuck in your sheets at the bottom, some
8:31 am
people. somebody tucked in the sheets too much. i had my phone in the middle of the bed i kicked my feet up to untuck it. the phone went flying, hit me in the head. i refused to acknowledge it. i felt blood, something going on but i got to sleep. kept sleeping and woke up and then i said -- >> that is the most elaborate -- [ laughter ] >> there's nothing cool about this thing. it looked so cool. i'm on the streets of new york. people are going, oh, okay, he likes to fight, that guy. it was a bed accident. >> a bed accident. all right. we're going to talk about your new movie, "hustle," man. your first basketball-focused movie which i found hard to believe because you're such a big basketball fan. you love playing basketball. you played in high school. i sat the bench -- [ laughter ] i didn't get in much. i'll never forget what the coach he went around the who everyby athey're gd t tm kno
8:32 am
ding. bring good tunes. [ laughter ] >> you always bring good movies too. let's take a look at a clip. >> thanks. >> oh, man. >> what is this yellow thing? >> it's a callous from exercise. remember exercise? so you're just going to give up on your dream? >> guys in their 50s don't have dreams. they have nightmares and eczema. >> yes, yes, yes. >> queen latifah plays your wife. friends for a long time. first time you worked together? >> yes, it's the first time. we know each other from many years, 25 years or something, she's a great, great lady. always fun to see and we always talked about doing something together and then we're married in this movie and felt very, very comfortable. >> you play a basketball scout and your job is to convince the team you found the next big thing. >> right. >> so give us your best sales pitch to see the movie. how would you get us into the theater? >> it's very -- the guy who
8:33 am
plays the basketball player, jaain. he's o swtest, most charismatic. never acted a day in his life and in the movie he's just incredible. just so smooth, so relaxed and just a good guy. so i would come to see him. >> how did you find him if he's never acted before? >> it was crazy. we were putting it together, the movie. we needed a guy who is an incredible ball player and so del demps he's a coach on the jazz also. he was showing us these guys from spain. juancho auditioned during the pandemic. he said, i didn't even want to. he said, my sister just said come on, read that thing and read it, and we saw his tape, and he was so cool and natural, and that's how that happened. >> always works that way. i didn't plan on doing it.
8:34 am
i just ended up here. >> this guy is so good and i would tell him after everything he did that was so great. he'd be like, okay. there was no excitement. he was just like i play basketball. i don't really care about this but, okay. >> you also had a chance to work with one of the basketball greats behind the scenes, lebron james. what was that like? >> well, his company, they had the script and joe roth's company. they both had the script. they sent it out to me. i read it. i loved it and so we kind of -- it was a very nba-packed movie. lebron and his whole company made sure that everything that went on with the nba was smooth. i saw lebron the other night. he's a really cool nice guy and just stud. built a little like you, strahan. >> thank you. i'll take that as a compliment. >> right. he could have played football, yeah? lebron, what do you think? >> no. [ laughter ] >> oh! >> i could have played basketball, though. >> oh, boy.
8:35 am
>> i can't believe "the wedding singer," almost 25 years old. >> that's terrible. [ laughter ] aww, wow. >> you've now done two movies about football. one movie about golf. now basketball. >> yeah. >> what's next? >> this is a good question. i have done -- i think i'm out. i think i -- i was going to say shooting pool, but literally i have a pool table at my office. i can't even bend over to do it anymore. my back hurts. i think i'm done with the sports. this is it. >> you have all these classic movies. have you sat back and watched them with your kids? >> my kids are -- they -- they do watch them and i walk in, when they're having a sleepover i always walk in and go, you don't have to show my movies and they're like, but we like it and they're just nice to dad. >> that's sweet. >> that is nice, yeah. >> so you say you can't play pool. what were the pickup basketball games like onset with the nba
8:36 am
players? all that talent. >> the best. i would play one game, then kind of like they saw like i'm not at a level that i should be out there, but they slowed the game down, played with me then i had such a good time. i was like, let's go another game, they'd be like, you did the one. let us really play. >> they were like, sandler, you bring the tunes. [ laughter ] >> just crank up the tunes. >> you did the one. it is always fun to have you, man. >> yeah, man, i'm happy to be here. happy to wake up and see you all. >> untuck those sheets before you get in the bed. >> right. >> yeah. >> first time we've ever heard that one. adam's movie "hustle" in theaters now. it's hitting netflix this wednesday so make sure you check it out for a good time. coming up, robin surprises a special olympics athlete we've gotten to know here on "gma." we'll be right back. stay right there. ♪
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♪ baby there's nothing holding me back ♪ welcome back, there is no shortage of incredible stories at the special olympics and we have another one to share with you right now. robin, t.j., amy, they are at the 2022 special olympics usa games at the espn wide world of sports complex in disney world this morning. robin, tell us about who you have with you now. >> i am happy to do that, linsey. special olympics always sp inspiring. the heart and soul of the athletes on full display as they compete in the games like lumene "lightning" montissol.
8:40 am
you may remember we surprised her last year on "gma" telling her she was coming to these games. well, we have been following her journey and want to share more of her story with you right now. they call her lightning and lumene montissol is ready to take on her competition. the 27-year-old athlete from boston capturing our hearts on "gma" one year ago. >> before special olympics i had no one to, like, talk to and it's kind of lonely. but now since i joined special olympics, i became more talkative to like others and it makes me feel happy. >> reporter: lumene striving to earn her spot at the 2022 special olympics usa games in orlando, a dream come true. open up the box. realized in this moment. >> wow. >> i am honored to tell you that you are advancing to the 2022 special olympics usa games.
8:41 am
>> oh, my god! >> you're going. >> oh, my god! >> congratulations. yes, you've earned this. you've earned this. >> i think special olympics, you know, saved my daughter's life. seeing the light in her eyes how much she wanted this, that made me more proud than ever. >> i'll see you both in orlando. 2022, here we come. >> reporter: since last june lumene continues to find her fighting spirit training on and off the field. >> she's been practicing, you know, every day. she's not stopping for anything. she's ready to go. >> what i'm looking forward to most is to meet people. >> it's a very big adventure. >> reporter: i couldn't miss the adventure. one year later here i am in orlando, florida, to meet lumene, a/k/a lightning and celebrate the 2022 special
8:42 am
olympic usa games. she has no idea i'm about to surprise her. let's go find lightning. ♪ >> where is lumene? oh, you really are lightning. you really are lightning. >> oh! >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> you having a good time already? >> yeah. >> oh, my goodness. but this is your first time, right? >> yeah. >> you've worked so hard for this. >> yeah. >> i know you've been training. you got to tell me three track and field events, right? you got a favorite? >> 200 meters. >> oh, nice to meet you too. >> reporter: alongside lumene -- >> are y'all excited to be here? >> yes.
8:43 am
>> reporter: -- members of team special olympics massachusetts all ready for their big week ahead. >> one, two, three. team mass. >> do you have a message headino share with everybody? >> be brave and be proud for who you are. be positive as a champion. >> be positive as a champion. you got that right. [ cheers ] >> be brave and be proud of who you are. lightning is with us live right now. i got to tell you, you get a gold medal when it comes to hugs. you give the best hugs. you're here. >> yep. >> you're here. are you enjoying yourself, lumene? >> yes. >> what have you been enjoying? >> i'm enjoying about the best moment that i have in the usa games, ready to compete and ready to set foot on the track for my 200 meters which is my favorite sport. >> oh, i know because they don't call you lightning for nothing. after all that, she could take off real fast. you know, a little birdie told us that you are a fan of allyson felix, who is a seven-time olympic gold medalist. i think she has a message for you. >> really? >> look. >> hey, lumene, it's allyson. i just wanted to wish you all
8:44 am
the best at the special olympics.edor you. [ cheers ] >> all right! yes! >> you're inspiring so many people. >> yes. >> i hope you know that. >> yes. and guess what? lumee, allyson is not the only one with something for you. we have another surprise. you are such an inspiration to so many, you caught the attention of athleta and they have a mission. it is to empower women and girls just like you. so they want to give you -- outfit you for an entire year with athleta sportswear. >> oh! wow! wow! i can't believe this. wow! >> there's more. there's more. they'll have a full year's supply. >> because you do, you train all year round. it's all in there, honey. don't worry.
8:45 am
it's all for you. but you train -- and people need to know how seriously you all take this and how you train year round. >> yeah. it's -- i -- i train so hard to accomplish my dream to come true. like working hard, working hard at wegmans, working hard when i'm exercising at home, and try to lift up weights and doing my exercise bike for 15 or 20 minutes four days a week and doing my local special olympic competition in massachusetts, but now i am really here in the usa games. [ cheers ] >> you worked so hard for this. >> yes. >> you know, and we'll shine as one. shine as one, all of y'all. just so incredibly proud. >> yeah. >> all right. [ cheers ] she's ready to get going. i know. all right, lumene, all the best. let's go back to ginger.
8:46 am
ginger? >> thanks, robin. i've got a forecast for the games too. it is going to be hot and steamy this afternoon. it might be a welcome shower that would pass or thunderstorm, but do keep an eye out for that. look at the rest of the week. the heat index will be above 100 by thursday. so she'll have to run those 200 meters quick and get into cool ai drew: sunny skies today, comfortably warm in the 70's and 80's for most. heat intensifies by the end of the week, feeling like summer on saturday andndndndndndnd so inspired by lightning. coming up, best-selling author james patterson is here to talk about his new memoir. >> hi.
8:47 am
i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her....
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8:49 am
"james patterson by james patterson: the stories of my life." welcome back. great to see you. >> it's great to be seen. >> this is filled with great stories, including -- i didn't know this. your first job out of high school was at a mental hospital. >> yes. >> where you met james taylor. >> i met james taylor. he had a lot more hair, but had written "fire and rain" and had i got to hear him for free. so it was a good start in my writing career. >> that's something and as i said you've written so many books over your life. lifetime, over 300 books. >> the cool thing, though, with what's happening to me and surprises me, person after person who reads this says it's my best book, better than "alex cross," better than "a woman's murder club." >> why do you think that is? >> just because there's so many stories and it's so true and i know i have a good tone of voice for it and i have tom cruise
8:50 am
stories, dolly parton stories, president clinton, president trump, president bush. just a lot of stories. i've met a lot of people, and the stories are pretty cool. >> give us a glimpse of tom cruise since he's so much in the news right now. >> well, the creative artist called up and said tom cruise wants to meet with you. i said, all right, fine. they said, there will be a limo downstairs, but don't tell the limo driver where you're going. fine. i get to the gate and the driver says, oh, tom cruise lives here. >> you got a lot of perks with the writing life including with serena williams. >> yeah, serea, we met on an airplane. people were coming up for her autograph and then we stood up and she leaned into me and said, but i want your autograph. we walked down together to baggage claim and she's going, i can't believe you're james patterson. i go, i can't believe you're serena williams. it was just a cool -- both sort of at ease and no big deal and just having fun with it. >> give us insight into your writing process and projects.
8:51 am
you have dozens of projects going at the same time. >> you know, i'm just very lucky. somebody said you're lucky if you find something you like to do in life and it's a miracle if somebody will pay you to do it and that's my deal. i don't work for a living. i play for a living. i really do. i mean, this is hard, but -- >> this is not hard. you love it. >> this is all right. this is all right. it's good when you're with a good host. >> thank you very much. and you were just telling me before we came on the air that you're very old school with your writing. always in longhand? >> yeah, pencil. pencil. you know, yeah, and the publisher doesn't want me to write any faster than i'm writing. >> you put out so much it's hard to imagine you're writing faster than you're writing now. this is not exactly how you started. you've always been a writer. >> this is exactly how -- this book, this is exactly where i thought i would write books like this. i didn't think i would write thrillers. i didn't read thrillers and said i better make money because i have to pay the electric bill. >> you were an advertising executive. >> i was, but i've been clean for over 30 years. [ laughter ]
8:52 am
>> so give us -- "james patterson by james patterson" is out now. what's next? >> well, i have the three-book contract for -- i'll do the next memoir when i'm 90 and the third one when i'm 110. [ laughter ] >> and you're welcome back on "gma" then. i hope i'll be here as well. >> yeah, you will be. >> thanks for coming in. "james patterson by james patterson" hits book stores nationwide today and we'll be right back. stores
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>> announcer: her country under siege by putin's russia. her husband leading ukraine's fierce fight back and now -- >> you have said i'm not going to fear. where does that strength come from? >> announcer: olena zelenska, the first lady of ukraine in her first one-on-one television interview since the war began. >> what is life like now for you? >> announcer: the newsmaking robin roberts exclusive from the war zone, now streaming on hulu. >> announcer: tomorrow, the most powerful father and daughter anywhere on tv, "yellowstone's" john and beth button. kevin costner and kelly reilly. so what do they want you to know about "yellowstone." >> he's laughing because he knows. good morning, america. we want to thank you all for we want to thank you all for watching and thanks to our team at special olympics usa games down in orlando. fantastic job, you guys. going to continue to cover the 2022 special olympics usa games. check out espn2 and the espn app. >> have a great day, everyone. ♪
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at traffic. crash in corte madera on northbound 101. you can file close by, but where you will relate management is the bay bridge toll concept. clear in walnut creek. drew: in the 60's already, fair amount of sunshine. let us say hello to san jose. any cloud cover we had has quickly broken down. 60's and 70's around lunchtime. comfortably warm later on.
9:00 am
away from the coast, 70's and 80's. jobina: come now for live with kelly and ryan.


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