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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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my daughter called me around. 3:35 i mean that there was that there was a shooting that she saw somebody pulling out something right. she's like, i think it was a gun because a little bit after she heard a gunshot in the library. police interviewed the kids who were witnesses they are all safe and we're reunited. work time ago with their parents investigators now say this all started when two men chased a third into the library while firing at him. this isn't a type of mass cas. incident or a planned active shooter scenario. this is something that happened outside of the library that trickled and fell into the library as a gang related issue. police say the person who was shot is going to survive the people who raised him got away including the shooter now. the library was also operating a polling location ahead of election day tomorrow investigators anticipate it will still be open to voters as
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planned. good evening to you. i'm karina nova and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us. we'll move now to our other top story. this video says it all wildfire season is here today marks the official beginning of fire season for one north bay community santa rosa fire officials want to get residents. fire ready and fire safe abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in santa rosa tonight with details cornell. yeah, dan, not a moment too soon. despite rain. of the weekend check it out some of the grasses here are as tall as i am. the fire department is not required to declare an official start to fire season, but the community here welcomes it. they're going to be weeded down. again. janet leeson is preparing her santa rosa property for summer and fire season. we all start thinking about should i take all my family photos and put them in one place so that if we have to bug out like we did with kincaid. we have everything that we want
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janet lost her family home to the tubbs fire in 2017. she has since rebuilt her home in the same spot the biggest lesson. she and other homeowners learned from past wildfires that it can happen santa rosa division fire. chief paul lowenthal says his department has declared june 6th as the official start of fire season a signal to help residents get ready and in some cases, it feels like our community almost appreciates really knowing when that risk. is at a higher degree. he says, the time is now for residents to harden their landscapes and eliminate weeds and dry brush even after some decent rainfall doused the north bay over the weekend. we expect with the hot temperatures this week. those fuels will dry right back out this hillside and fountain grove will be the side of a prescribed burn by firefighters this weekend to eliminate tall grass. and remove the dead trees janet knows fire season is almost year round and she urges everyone to play it safe this summer don't have gender reveal parties that
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involve anything that involves. you know pyrotechnics fourth of july don't buy fireworks. got good advice and firefighters urged families to emergency plan and a go back ready in case they have to evacuate this summer due to fire with live in santa rosa cornell bernard abc 7 news. all right cornell before you go as you stand in that dry grass. this is a bit of a challenging question. we know fire season starts officially today things have changed so much the last few years any idea when it will actually end to have they are able to set a date. yeah, i asked that question today. they are saying it is too early to make that call they say fire season will end only when we have enough rain to make a difference to saturate the soil. hopefully that happens this fall. yeah, indeed. all right, that would be nice to get back to regular pattern cornell. thanks very much. and of course the weather this week is going to play a factor in our fire danger. yeah, we got a little bit of rain over the weekend sandy. how's it look for the next seven
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to 10 days? yeah, we don't have any rain in the forecast over the next seven days. is to 10 days really dan and karina, but i do want to show you what fell over the weekend this system was pretty good for june. it came through as you know beginning in the north bay saturday night and then spreading across other parts of the bay area on sunday. now it briefly reduced the fire danger and certainly set daily records take a look here san francisco 23007 inch surpassing the old record of 1500 oakland downtown 2800 surpassing the old record of zero, believe it or not. both cities actually broke their old records for i should say surpass there are records for the entire month, which is 2/10 of an inch, so they got enough rain, oakland airport, napa and half moon bay. also daily rainfall records. here's how much i fell across other parts of the bay area not a lot in san jose a hundredth of an inch picked up 6,700 of an inch in santa rosa and about a
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hundredth of an inch in concord. i'll be back to tell you about hot weather headed our way. are in the bay area coming up later on this week karina. all right, sandia sonoma state university's pres harassmenttidenuniv females for $600,000 in january sakaki and her husband denied any wrongdoing they announced their separation in april she plans to step down. july 31st saying she wants to give the university a chance to move forward. well election day is tomorrow and you can vote in person or turn in your mail-in ballot every registered voter in california is getting a mail-in ballot. you should have had yours by now san francisco district attorney chase ubudin voted early in person today one of the most controversial measures on the ballot is prop h, that is the effort to recall him abc 7 news
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reporter stephanie. sierra is in our news. preview steph. well, dan after two years of outrage of the direction of san francisco political experts. say this recall election of district attorney chase. abudine is a turning point for voters that could pave a new future of law and order across the city and county and the latest polls aren't looking good for boudin, but do show it could be a slightly closer race than initially thought. crop h the recall of san francisco district attorney chase a boudin is pegged as one of the most polarizing propositions on the ballot. we need people to be safe and to feel safe in their homes in their neighborhoods and everywhere in san francisco. embattled da is criticized as being too soft on crime according to the most recent poll from chezibudin's own campaign. 48% of san francisco's plan to vote yes to remove boudin from office whereas 38% planned to vote. no 14% are undecided. the poll was conducted among
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nearly 700 likely voters and has a margin of error or less than 5 percent other polls show the da losing by an even white or margin, if you ask boudin, i'm feeling confident every single day. we're talking to voters. we're talking to people when we knock on doors and so are his critics. we're really excited that we're going to have this success in the recall next tuesday campaign finance records show more than 7 million dollars has been poured into support the recall a group that doesn't face campaign fundraising limits. that's more than twice the amount spent by boudin supporters at around 3 million dollars according to the san francisco standard. the boudin recall is the most expensive per signature cost. recent history at around $12 per signature. that's 70% more expensive than the school board recall. it is a very tough road for him. he did not win overwhelmingly in his first election. in fact that he only got 35% in that first the runoff race part
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of the problem with recalls of these this style is that there is nobody to hit and who dean is seeing that that there's nobody to contrast himself against as person will replacement viral video showing brazen smash and grab thefts at louis vuitton in san francisco's union square people shoplifting seemingly without consequences at walgreens and brutal attacks against asian american seniors have fueled the recall debate all of this as the city faces an increase in property crime his critics blame the increase on his policies like the elimination of cash bail and reduction of pretrial incarcerations. boudin was elected in 2019 on a platform aimed at reducing incarceration, but his critics argue instead. he failed to hold defendant's accountable often siding with offend. not victims former prosecutor and recall supporter brooke jenkins reside from da boudin's office because of it.
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she says she's one of 59 attorneys who've left the da's office since boudin was elected. so we have seen a pattern of repeat and chronic offenders even violent offenders be given extremely lenient plea deals violent offenders who are not eligible for very simple diversion programs the troy mcallister a known repeat offender who was arrested for killing two women. hit and run on new year's eve is one of the cases that critics argue spurred the recall adding the tragedy could have been prevented if the suspect wasn't granted a plea deal increased our charging rate for sexual assault. we've increased our conviction rate for homicide cases. and we filed more than 10,000 new criminal cases, but boudin has remained headstrong defending his record blaming the rise and property crime on economic impacts from the pandemic. he argues the san francisco police department is not making enough arrests and points out violent crime in the city has gone down. look at the folks who've been really paying attention to the work i've been doing in my
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office has been doing going after fencing operations selling stolen goods from auto burglaries prosecuting drug sales going after. manufacturers of illegal ghost guns boudin's office has filed charges at a higher rate overall than any of his predecessors since 2011. he says the average time it takes to solve a felony case in san francisco. superior court is around two years, but recall supporters argue. the charging rate doesn't tell the whole story. has nothing to do with successful prosecution charging can just simply say we think that there's evidence but if you don't follow through and hold the criminal the perpetrator accountable charging has is almost completely irrelevant this debate evolving into the second da recall in just go history with television ads flooding airwaves some even in mandarin racist anti-chinese repository call effort works to target and galvanize the asian-american community. so we call once they get on the
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ballot. they are likely to succeed at least in california and through actually throughout most of the country. now as of today mayor, london breed has declined to take a stance on the recall, but notably the supervisor. she just appointed matt dorsey has come out supporting it now if boudin is recalled which will happen if more than 50% vote yes on prop age. reid will be the one to appoint his replacement. in the newsroom stephanie sierra abc 7 news stephanie before you go, obviously governor newsom survived a recall vote last year 2021. given the kind of what tends to happen. he was fortunate right? give us a sense of how likely once a recall gets on the ballot it is to pass. yeah. it's interesting dan historically speaking once recalls garner enough signatures to make it on the ballot. they are likely to pass that's true across the country but especially here in california. in fact political expert joshua spivak who we spoke to for this
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story pointed out before 2021 more than 75% of recalls in california successfully passed. over the last decade that is interesting. we shall see tomorrow stephanie. thank you very much every registered voter in california gets a mail-in ballot for this election as i said you can mail those back as late as tomorrow postages free or return them to designated dropboxes, or of course, you can go to a polling place near you early voting centers are open in most bay area counties, and if you haven't registered to vote, it's actually not too late. you can do a conditional voter registration registration tomorrow and your vote will still count coming up at 6:30 will take a look at the races for district attorney in the east bay and the choices that voters in two counties are considering also here. the latest demands parents are making to keep an elementary school open. they're on campus and refusing to leave plus we'll be joined by 7 on your side's michael finney. he helps a music fan whose concert plans were upended by
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we can't wait. the areas where we focus our work to build a better. area it's been nearly two weeks since parents of one school in oakland took over the campus after the district permanently closed the school. there was hope that an agreement would be reached but instead more dem. were made today abc 7 news senior education reporter leeann melendez explains what happens next? this morning parents of the now closed parker elementary in oakland remained defiant.
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we intend to liberate parker elementary school until our demands are met. these are our demands. herons want to vote by the school board to reopen parker. they are also demanding that another school community day school remain open that's where many expelled students end up and they want the district to rescind its decision to close grades 6 through 8 at la escuelita elementary oakland unified says the vast majority of students and staff at parker have already accepted placement at other schools. we had to accept elsewhere and we had to accept a neighborhoods that are not near here. most of our middle schoolers are going to elmhurst which is over 25 blocks away. many of the kids are used to walking to school since parents took over the facility. the school district has made it clear that they are not allowed to be there at the same time still parents continue to organize summer programs like
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stem classes other activities such as gardening and chess are also being taught. here's how the district has responded to those programs the district has serious safety concerns about what these individuals are doing on the closed campus. we continue to demand that they seize operation and leave the premises immediately but parents refuse to leave in everybody in our community has a skill that we can offer to teach these kids. we can give it to him ourselves. the school district maintains that the decision to close these schools was made nearly four months ago and is final no word on how they plan to remove those parents who are occupying parker leeanne melendez abc 7 news leanne has been reporting on bay area school issues for decades. that's why she's senior education reporter you can get in touch with her online her twitter facebook and instagram handles are right there on your screen the san jose police are searching for a man who shot and
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killed a safeway employee early yesterday morning the store on hamilton avenue in the willow glen neighborhood remains closed today according to police. the employee was shot after getting into an argument with a man inside the store around 3:30 in the morning investigators are now reviewing surveillance video. they are also asking anyone who may have seen or maybe heard something to please come forward. only two people really knew why this homicide happened one of those persons is being grieved and mourned by his family members and the other one is not in custody. police have yet to release the name of the worker who was killed the 14th homicide victim in san jose this year and if you need an ally to help you cope with the trauma of gun violence get started by going to our website abc 7 slash take action. let's get another check on the forecast because the heat is coming boy triple digit sandy. yeah, and you're gonna feel it. that's for sure temperatures.
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well above average later on this week, dan and karina. i want to show you what the weekend rain. did it brought us good. quality, so there is an upside besides briefly reducing the fire danger for parts of the bay area everyone in the green good right now as we look at beautiful blue skies from our kgo roof camera good air quality will continue tomorrow, but as we start to notice some moderate air quality entering the picture between wednesday and friday as those temperatures begin to come up live doppler 7. we do have a little bit of fog right near the coast that's going to be expanding later on tonight as you notice. there's good seabreeze going right now 31 miles an hour in san francisco gusting to 35 at sfo golden gate bridge camera showing you sunshine right now and 63 degrees in san francisco. oakland is at 66 temperatures today came up for the northern end of our viewing area and it was cooler in the southern end of san jose 76 degrees 57 and half moon bay, but you probably notice at least it's not muggy like it was over the weekend from our san jose camera. we are looking at the shark tank where they are enjoying some
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sunshine down in the south bay 8 in santa rosa 73 in petaluma low to mid 80s from fairfield to concord and one other live picture from our east bay hills camera. it looks a little hazy there's some fog out there as you will notice areas of fog along the coast overnight tonight mild to warm the next few days and we do have summer like heat coming our way thursday through saturday. you don't have to worry about the heat tomorrow. we still will have some fog around especially between five and eight am so watch out for that as we head into the afternoon and evening few patches of fog lingering some higher clouds will shelter the sunshine for the early part of the day. now your morning temperatures will primarily be in the 40s and 50s unless you're out towards antioch then in the 60s there as you start off your day be prepared for some dense fog along the coast afternoon highs 81 in san jose. it's going to be a nice day in gilroy 87 degrees on the peninsula you're looking at mid 70s from palo alto to mountain view 60 in pacifica downtown san francisco 68 degrees breezy along the coast north bay temperatures 79 in san rafael 86
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rosa 82 in vallejo a mix of sun and high clouds in the east bay 73 oakland 75 union city 76 in fremont had inland it's going to be warm but at least it's not going to be hot just yet to 88 in fairfield 83 livermore 82 in pleasanton a look at the accuweather seven day forecast and it's a mild to warm tuesday low 60s to upper 80s starting to turn up the heat a little bit on wednesday, but you really start to notice it on thursday and friday when we go from the mid-90s to the low 100s around the bay in the 80s co-side mid-60s to low 70s now while it is still hot on saturday inland notice it begins to cool along the coast and it's going to be much cooler at least heat relief arrives for the second part of your weekend stan. alright, sandia. thank you very much. you know what's bad, but it's getting worse. where in the bay area drivers are paying these gas prices stay with us.
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after weeks of continued loss the stock market finally closes with some gains today the dow rose 16 points closing just below the 33,000 mark the nasdaq came up by 49 points in the s&p 500 gained about 13 even. so many are anticipating changes ahead. the us government releases its
6:25 pm
monthly inflation report. that's this friday. well gas prices are about to pass another threshold in the bay area the price for premium gas at this shell service station in menlo park is a penny shy of eight dollars a gallon. that's a jump of almost 20 cents from this weekend at that same gas station in san francisco a gallon of regular is 659. that's according to triple a in oakland slightly cheaper 646 drivers in san jose are paying two cents more. overall bay area prices are about a dollar fifty more expensive than the national average hard to look at that. apple might be best known for its iconic hardware like the iphone, but it's plans for the future focus on something else and with election day tomorrow. we're looking at the choices, san jose voters have for the next mayor. it will not be sam. licardo. don't forget. we're live streaming special warriors content on our abc 7 bay area 24/7 download the app now wherever you stream.
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bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. tomorrow is the day election time voter registration is at a record high in california more than 81% of eligible voters are registered. ah, but so far just 13% of ballots have been returned some say it's because there's simply not much for voters to get excited about but there are important local races and we're covering those tonight starting with the race for mayor and the bay area's biggest city, san jose abc 7 news reporter zach fuentes spoke to the forefront runners. san jose mayor sam licardo has turned out of office and waiting in the wings to replace him are seven candidates four of whom currently serve in local government and are considered top candidates. we got a chance to speak with them to ask what sets them apart from their opponents and what they say they can bring to the
6:30 pm
10th largest city in the country. we'll start in alphabetical order with cindy chavez. currently a santa clara county supervisor. she's received endorsements from a handful of prominent state politicians, if elected mayor, she says she's looking to tackle things like homelessness crime and affordable housing. it's important that we not only have people who are experienced, but people have a track record of success because what we're going to be facing now is so much more challenging than what we face in the past. next up is dev davis who is currently a san jose city council member she counts former mayor of san jose chuck. reed is one of her supporters. she says if she's elected making the city safer and homelessness our top priorities. we need to not only double down but triple down our homeless prevention strategies as well as ensuring that we safety sanitation and services for all of the shelter and housing options that we provide canvassing neighborhoods. monday was candidate matt mahan also a city council member. he has the endorsement of the mercury news like the other candidates crime and homelessness is at the top of
6:31 pm
his list and on homelessness while we're working hard to help people. we aren't helping enough people and we're we need to turn the corner. we've got to be much more pragmatic about investing in addiction treatment mental health treatment cost effective shelter and bringing people. lasted the forefront runners is city councilmember raul perales endorsed by four current san jose city council members his top issues also include affordable housing and homelessness. i've seen that grow over the last seven years by literally by the thousands. we've seen our homeless population grow. we have people suffering and dying out in our streets and we need to to get a handle on that the three other candidates include james spence a retired police sergeant and students travis and marshall allen woodman see the winning candidate has to get more than half of the vote in tuesday's primary. if no one does the two candidates with the most votes run in november in the general election in san jose zach fuentes abc 7 news. political data analyst paul mitchell is tracking voter turnout ahead of election day.
6:32 pm
i spoke with him earlier on our 3 pm show getting answers. he said the majority of california's 22 million registered voters seemed disinterested in the primary races. we see pretty record low turnout for this election so far and when we have lower turnout that turnout is much less representative of california as a whole. as an example the state's 40% latino, but in terms of people who returned to ballot, it's only 15% latino. tomorrow's election and alameda county will be historic voters will pick among four black candidates for district attorney that guarantees the county's first ever black da abc 7 news reporter answer hasan has a breakdown of the candidates and a look at another. lead contested race and neighboring contra, costa county alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley is retiring and didn't name a successor. that will be up to voters. this rick attorneys have so much influence and power that many
6:33 pm
members of the public may be unaware of terence evans is a partner at the global law firm duane morris raise co-leader of international banking. he's also the current president of the charles houston bar association the oldest black bar association in california all of the candidates in the alameda county da race are also members i think. thing that all four of these candidates will bring to the table. is that personal life experience, but also the experience in the community of everyday working people. just trying to make it and survive. the four candidates are pamela price a civil rights attorney who challenged o'malley in 2018, seth stewart. he's chief of staff to oakland city councilmember dan kalb, then there's terry wiley 32 year veteran of the alameda county district attorney's office. finally jimmy wilson with years of legal experience people are really recognizing that these local da positions are very important. melinda. jackson is a professor of political scientist and jose state. she says given the national
6:34 pm
discussion around criminal justice reform voters are realizing the important role local prosecutors play and whoever wins will become the first black da ever in alameda county a county where african-americans are 20 times more likely to be incarcerated than white people in the past. it may have been you know, just oh, you know, i support labor. so, you know, the police union is supporting a candidate that's going to send a signal to me as a labor supporter. i think people may be rethinking some of those endorsements in contra costa county incumbent dynabectin is currently the only black da in all of california. she sprays for challenging the status quo her challenger and colleague is deputy district attorney mary knox with strong backing from law enforcement if someone who was going to push some of these reforms that have already been started over the past term or someone who would go back to more of the status quo. it really depends on what the
6:35 pm
voters of contra costs are looking for in the east bay ansar hassan abc 7 news. and we'll find out what those voters are looking for tomorrow. we will be live streaming election results tomorrow starting at 8:30 pm and shortly after the polls closed that will be on abc 7 bay area. app available wherever you stream, so be sure to check that out and anytime you want local election information. we've put it all on one page for you abc 7 news com slash election get voter guides now and get election results tomorrow. this week apple is sharing its new technology with developers that allows them to create apps which run mobile devices and laptops abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at what we might be seeing in the near future. apple is best known for its tablets laptops and iphones, but it's the 34 million developers who create the apps that make them so useful productive and entertaining the thousands gathering at apple headquarters need to get working quickly to exploit what apple unveiled for
6:36 pm
them including updated operating systems for its mobile devices and a new mac operating system called ventura this pays the way for new features such as the ability to customize the lock screen. so i'll add the temperature my activity. and let's drag in the calendar widget. it also will enhance security after conferring with groups at advocate for victims of domestic abuse to shield them from tracking and the result of those conversations is safety check a new section and settings where you can quickly review and reset the access you've granted others. apple announces newest most powerful trip the m2, which will be used in a new ultra slim macbook air and one of his macbook pro laptops. however, analysts say appear to be mindful of economic headwinds that could impact sales. i didn't see anything today that would overcome some of those rising ties around inflation around energy prices around other things, which obviously is a significant deal.
6:37 pm
for example, it didn't mention plans for a mixed reality headset as other check firms are developing them for the coming metaverse. i think there's some concern within apple about you know, do we have a enough of a value proposition to really make that like product category mainstream apple usually targets fall to reveal his newest products for the holidays in silicon valley david louie abc 7 news. a refund for a concert postponed three times gets lost into cyberspace. i'm michael finney head on seven on your side. we track it down. we track it down. to quote draymond green we you g for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain.
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congress needs to fix this. headlines starting today students in sacramento schools have to wear masks inside.
6:41 pm
again, sacramento has 10 days of school left. the mask mandate was lifted two months ago. it's back because transmission rates are high as they are in every bay area county according to cdc data berkeley unified school district recently brought back its mask mandate, so did alameda county? all right. well, obviously the i make upended a lot of plans over the last couple of years and seven on your sites michael. finney has been working hard helping so many people and he stepped in to make things just a little bit better for one family that he wants to tell you about tonight michael and all of us have learned. it's hard to plan for an event when it keeps getting canceled because of the pandemic. well, that's a dilemma many of us. christine shand listens to one of blake shelton's biggest hits come back as a country boy. she had hoped to see him at the upcoming summer country festival in santa rosa. he's just one of many stars
6:42 pm
scheduled to perform. she had originally bought the tickets for the contract back in 2020, but covid forced it to be postponed at least three times. it's finally happening later this month. unfortunately, i can't go this month though. so be contacted e-tex and the ticket agency sent her a refund. they said they issued a refund to my credit card. account but it never showed up. she finally figured out that the citibank credit card. she used to buy the tickets had since been closed and reopened under a new credit number. he takes sent the credit to the old number. each of them told me to contact the other one to get it fixed. she went back and forth between e-takes and citibank for three months the issue when unresolved. it was like writing a merry-go-round. christine said etek told her said he would would have to write a letter say account was closed, but she said city wouldn't do that because technically the account wasn't closed. it was just under a new account
6:43 pm
number. she contacted seven on your side. i finally was able to get. a letter that was acceptable to etix. citibank confirmed christine's issue has been resolved to her satisfaction, but would not comment beyond that citing privacy concerns etix should not respond to our request for comment. i want to hear from you. send us your stories about buying a home a car paying off a loan anything that has to do with you and your money. i want to hear about both your triumphs and your frustrations go to on your side to share your story. you've turned a lot of frustrations into triumphs for people why we try thank you, sir. the weather is only going to get warmer as the week goes on see how high the temperatures will get in the 7-day forecast up next.
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will be on jimmy kimmel live this week. the president is in los angeles for the summit of the americas and while there will record a segment with kimmel. this is biden's first in-person appearance on a late night talk show since taking office. he did do a virtual appearance in december of 2021 on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. you can catch the show right here on abc 7 jimmy kimmel live airs weeknights at 11:35 right after abc 7 news at 11:00 first lady jill biden is visiting southern california this she'll give the keynote address at the los angeles city college commencement ceremony tomorrow. the first lady is a lifelong educator, dr. biden currently teaches english and writing at northern virginia community college. well, the president first lady will miss our 100 degree temperature. they'll be down south. details on that with sand ripple digit heat later on this week. that's for sure dan and karina. i want to show you live doppler 7. fog along the coastline. don't worry. the coast is not going to get hot tomorrow. it's going to be in the 60s. to 80s range so breezy coside
6:48 pm
with some fog warm inland as we check out thursday turning up that heat into the 90s going into the 100s on friday on saturday. most areas. inland will be in the 90s could see a hundred degree reading there. certainly statewide. you're going to feel the heat and death valley 114 degrees. look at that 106 on friday in sacramento. 117 death valley los angeles only in the 80s, which is nice. 20 degrees on saturday in death valley, so if you think it's going to be hot here, there's always a place that's hotter around the state. that's a good way to look at it. certainly moderate to high heat risk for parts of the bay area on friday as we turn up those temperatures going from the 80s and 90s to the mid-90s to low 100s, thursday, friday and saturday in the upper 90s. so those will be the hottest days thursday through saturday coast side in the 60s and 70s much cooler starting on sunday, karina and dan. all head to death valley honey
6:49 pm
grief. all right. thanks andy. all right, let's toss it to larry bill now. he's got to talk to us about pretty been coming up wednesday. yeah, we've got a few games this week. i will be heading to the ashley mansion pool that day very nice. yes. that's what i've heard never invited. anyway after the game won't lost raymond green set. oh, we'll be fine. we'll be fine. he made sure that in game last night agitating instigating. dominating next in sports
6:50 pm
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seat protector... sunshade... ready-to-wash system and cupfone. or our newest product, the golf cart mat. order these american made gifts or a gift card at have a very happy father's day. at beale good evening, the warriors flew to boston this morning four games three and four the nba finals. the plan was rest for the rest of today practiced tomorrow play game 3 wednesday game 4 friday, you can watch both of those games in the entire series one place right here on abc 7. draymond. green was not happy with how he played in game one. he set the tone in the first few seconds of game two judge ripped them all away from al horford.
6:53 pm
that's fine. give me that draymond scored only nine points seven assists five rebounds the numbers don't tell the true story. he set the physical tone as the prime agitator and the rest of the dubs really feed off of that the warriors blew it open in the third quarter going on to win 10788 to tie that series at a game a piece. when did you know tonight was going to be like extra amped draymond? not five minutes after game one. you feel him in this presence and other team feels in this presence in his intensity. and that is contagious for all of us. he.ouad.thot y lli doyn't know what you know,o whatever win y.. ayhem'll try to muck the game up because that's what he does for their team. it's not nothing sbeo ispruredio stop us ande got to r. my
6:54 pm
best. ontrybo whati line i'm towing. i wasn't. i had no run hands with efficiency if guys are going to talk junk then. i'm gonna talk back and you know, i enjoy that part of the game i get a little analysis from dj, how dad play? keep it concise. you know, that's that's the best analysis right there. so game three of the nba finals tips off wednesday night 6 pm. our pregame coverage begins at five and we'll have all the highlights and post-game interviews with our chris alvarez in boston on after the game. probably around 8:30 ish the 49ers began a three day mandatory minicamp tomorrow jimmy garoppolo. he's still on the roster, but he's not going to be in santa clara jimmy g's been excused from practicing while his surgically prepared shoulder heels in the continue to work on trade possibilities. so basically, this is trey lance's team now garofalo. he's still not able to throw yet because the surgery and no team wants to trade for him until they can actually see him throw so this could take a while and we'll see if deebo samuel shows
6:55 pm
up tomorrow. he is at an impasse with a 49ers over a new contract. unfortunately for the niners aaron donald is not an impasse with the rams. he will be back with the super bowl champions. in fact, donald just signed a gargantuan new deal making him the highest paid. quarterback in nfl history. this is a 40 million dollar raise giving the all-pro defensive line than a contract that averages more than 30 million dollars per year 65 million is guaranteed donald was threatening to retire without that new deal and he's worth the money. he's just ferocious out there women's college world series semifinals you cla and oklahoma maya brady. tom brady's niece good genetics there her second home of the game gets a nice. on twitter from tom himself as ucla would force another game they won that one seven three then they got crushed in game two. here it comes there it goes. that is sooner star jocelyn aloe as in aloha means goodbye.
6:56 pm
she's from hawaii by the way, grand slam. that is our 120th career home run four for four two homer seven rbis oklahoma advances to the college world series championship 15. nothing she is incredible and we hope the warriors will be tomorrow. the celtics are actually favored tomorrow by three and a half points, but they have not been great defending the home court. so and still one one toss-up series. it's going to be good series may go to seven like you think it will. all right. thanks. all right. well coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00. it's the wonderful world of disney brave that's followed by the chase at 10 then stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm karina, nova not dane ashley for sandia patel larryville all of us here. we appreciate your time. hope you have a great evening and that we see you again for abc 7 news. in every moment there's an
6:57 pm
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- an actor from laguna hills, california... a meteorologist from minneapolis, minnesota... and our returning champion-- a rideshare driver from philadelphia, pennsylvania... ...whose 16-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert, and welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" rocky balboa, boyz ii men, joe frazier, tina fey, bradley cooper,
7:00 pm
marshmello, questlove, dick clark, and grace kelly-- all famous and revered philadelphians with another thing in common-- none of them has ever won 16 straight games on "jeopardy!" like a champion ryan long, the city of brotherly love's latest contribution to american culture. he has been so impressive to watch over the past few weeks. today we welcome two new challengers in eric and stephanie. good luck, players. let's get to work in the "jeopardy!" round with these categories. we'll start... and... each response rhymes with "day." ryan, you are returning champ. you select first. let's have sound up! for $400. [wings beating rapidly] - eric. - what is a hummingbird? - yes. - coast, $600.


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