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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2022 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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we're back with a shark we're back with a shark sighting off the new jersey coast. fisherman jim piazza was heading back in after a few hours of fishing when his son spotted it off sea isle city about 20 miles south of atlantic city. piazza stayed with it for about ten minutes but the shark eventually went on its way. experts say it was about eight feet long, just a teenage great white. but they add that sharks are often near us at the beach. ew. a 4-year-old boy has been found alive and safe after surviving two days alone in a remote area of northwest montana. ryker webb disappeared on friday. he was last seen playing with the family's dog in the yard of their home. rescuers found him on sunday. he told the team that he was hungry, thirsty, and cold. he was discovered about two miles from where he vanished. three arizona police officers have been placed on paid leave as authorities investigate their response to a man who jumped in a lake and then drowned.
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newly released video shows the tempe officers watching as the town lake. >> what are you doing? >> i'm going to go for a swim. i'm free to go, right? >> you can't swim in the lake, man. >> the officers were responding to a reported argument between sean bickings and a companion. officers said they were checking for outstanding warrants when he plunged into the water, swam several yards out, and drowned while calling for help. the police union says officers don't have water rescue training or equipment, but one expert looks at another side. >> if it had been a fellow police officer about to drown, how likely do you think it is that these three couldn't have thought of anything to do in order to assist without exposing themselves to risk? >> the city did not release the full video, citing its sensitive nature. a mother and son are going after paramount pictures in court over its "top gun: maverick" blockbuster. the pair is suing the studio, claiming it no longer holds the
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copyright to the magazine story behind the original film. the man who wrote that piece died ten years ago. his widow and son officially reclaimed the copyright in 2020. paramount says the claims are without merit. it appears an heir to the walmart empire will be the new owner of the nfl's denver broncos. get the details here because according to forbes, rob walton will win the bidding war for the franchise. walton's reported offer, $4.5 billion. if accurate, it would be the most expensive sports team sale in u.s. history. the broncos' new owner is expected to be announced this month. it falls just shy of the world record, chelsea selling for about $5.3 billion. these franchises, i mean it really wasn't that long ago that they were only worth tens of millions -- only tens of millions of dollars. now they're all billions. and if the broncos sell for, you know, $4 billion to $5 billion,
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what are the dallas cowboys worth because they're considered usually the most -- >> america's team. >> yeah, the biggest franchise in the u.s. >> a gajillion dollars. coming up, the bicyclist who ended his race with a crash into his own wife. but first, singer/songwriter taylor momsen opening up about her years-long battle with depression and her journey back to healing. that's next. you're watching "world news now." ♪ make me wanna die ♪ ♪ 6
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that would literally kill me, man. if it makes you feel that way bro... i will probably do it. can i hug you? yeah. i love you, man. i love you too. ♪ ♪ former teen star turned rock star taylor momsen, lead singer of the pretty reckless, is back on tour after a five-year hiatus.
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>> but it was a pause triggered by tragedy and her battle with a deep depression. now she's opening up to abc's phil lipof about her path to healing. >> reporter: now 28, taylor began her life in front of the camera shortly after she learned to walk. >> my mom's a good cook. >> this is how you make shake 'n bake. >> reporter: her big break at the age of 5. adorable cindy lou who in "how the grinch stole christmas" starring right alongside jim carrey. then years later, an even bigger break, landing the role of jenny humphrey on the cw teen drama "gossip girl." >> i don't think i need you as my mentor anymore. >> reporter: just a teen herself at a time, fame came fast and wasn't always fun. so when she was old enough, taylor took control of her life and went from teen star to teen rock star. no more acting. ♪ don't care what happens when i die ♪ ♪ as long as i'm alive ♪ >> reporter: death a common theme through much of her music, and it was death that stopped the rock powerhouse in her tracks. ♪
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on tour with soundgarden at the peak of her career. >> rocker chris cornell died last night while on tour in detroit. >> his representatives say cornell's death was sudden and unexpected. >> reporter: cornell, a rock idol for taylor, found in his hotel room. death by suicide. >> i wasn't prepared for it. like i didn't know how to kind of mentally wrap my mind around it. >> reporter: soon after, the band would cancel the rest of the tour. time off needed to grieve and regroup. >> i was starting to write some songs and i called kato, and i said, hey, man, like i have some stuff. i don't know if it's for a record or for what, but, like, we all need to get out of this funk. >> reporter: taylor calls kato khandwala her best friend, her family, her musical soul mate. 11 months after cornell died, just as they got back into the studio, kato was killed in a motorcycle crash.
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>> i fell into a very -- very dark, deep hole of depression. >> reporter: but slowly she began putting much of what she was feeling into her latest album, "death by rock and roll." >> how would you tell someone to begin to live again? >> oh, man. that's a big question. >> reporter: and the answer, at least for taylor, is complicated, but the reason she's sitting here today. >> it's never going to go away. it changes you as a person. but what it will do is it will turn into a scar, and it will heal. >> reporter: that healing for taylor continues, moving forward, touring again, laughing, living, and creating again. and if you or anyone you know is struggling like taylor has, it is so important to hear her say this after she describes going to hell and back. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. it does get better. just wait it out. baby steps, and you will get to the other side, and that's a wonderful thing. >> our thanks there to phil lipof. powerful story. >> very powerful story.
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she went through some heavy stuff, but great to see she did find the light at the end of that tunnel. >> yes, indeed. all right. coming up, "this happened."
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♪ time now for "this happened," and, oh, boy, this happened. starting with the cyclist who ended his winning race with a bang. >> more like a crash. this happened in colombia at the end of an annual race. luis carlos chia's wife, claudia, was at the finish line, ready to capture his incredible photo finish sprint into first place when the two suddenly collided. >> yeah. luis managed to walk away from the crash, but his wife, claudia, was hospitalized. she needed multiple stitches but is expected to make a full recovery. luis says those wet conditions -- you can see it right there -- likely compromised his brakes. >> yikes. >> and also maybe, you know, compromised where he's sleeping
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tonight. >> he's definitely on the couch. hopefully -- she did look like she was going to recover. i can only imagine how bad he must have felt too. >> at least she got the winning moment. >> always looking at the bright side. next, to another race that seriously went downhill. >> this happened in the village of brockworth, england. competitors tumbled down this crazy steep hill, 200 yards long, chasing a wheel of cheese that can, by the way, reach upward speeds of 70 miles per hour. >> we're such an advanced species until we're not. injuries are said to be common with ambulances on standby. the winners of each race got to keep the roughly eight-pound wheel of highly coveted cheese. >> this is what peak performance looks like. you know what they say? you got to chase that cheddar. yeah. >> that one deserved it. next, to the man highlighting just how hot the sunbelt can really get. >> this happened to a raw steak after it was left in a car for a few hours in the scorching arizona sun. phoenix resident joe brown has amassed a following on tiktok
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cooking things like pizza, pancakes, and bacon on the dashboard of his car, which can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees. >> as long as the internal temperature on the steak is what, like 150, 160, you can consume it. he even baked a cake. brown has now amassed 2.1 million followers on tiktok, almost as much as johnny depp has amassed in 24 hours without trying. >> that reminds me of when will smith opened an instagram and right before your eyes, you saw it going up. 30,000 followers in two seconds. >> and derek jeter on twitter just last week. >> really? welcome to twitter, mr. jeter. finally, to the heartwarming encounter between a sea lion and a diver. >> this happened off the coast of western australia. dylan dehaas was filming in the water when a nearby sea lion took a special interest in his camera, approaching him for a closer inspection. >> he wanted to give him some kisses. dylan says he named the sea lion hamish and ended up spending half an hour in the water with it before it finally took off. >> sea lions are really more
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like sea puppies, right? they just want to play. >> they're so cute. they kind of smell sometimes,
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