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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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reggie: pressure going -- growing on congress to reach a deal for gun reform. jobina: a live look right now of san francisco. beautiful start to the morning. things are heating up across the bay area. drew is tracking the temperatures. reggie: election day realness. good morning on this june 7. make sure you take some time to fill out that ballot. let's see how it will be. drew: really comfortable today. the weather worries outside. mainly in the 50's this morning. a couple cool spots in sheltered valleys. take a light jacket this morning. sutro tower showing a bit of a marine layer along the coastline right now. the sun is up, and we expect a lot of sunshine today similar to yesterday, nice, 60's and 70's by lunchtime. 4:00 p.m., warm sunshine, not excessively hot. summerlike heat still arriving later this week. we will take a closer look at
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the highs and track how hot you get later this week coming up in about nine minutes. first, jobina has a sig alert in the city. from sky map 7 here. westbound 80 two the 101 connector ramp is where we had a major crash reported around 3:30 this morning, involving two cars and a motorcyclist. the motorcycle is still on the scene, as well as two other vehicles involved. we do know at least major injuries are involved, but we do not know the extent of that. it is impacting traffic on the bay bridge, westbound direction. the backup is extensive. average speeds on westbound 80 will be around seven miles per hour. because of that, the metering lights were flipped on early this morning, at 5:36, and as sky 7 zooms in, you can see that motorcycle left behind. not a great situation. reggie: thank you. your voice, your vote. polls open at less than an hour,
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at 7:00 a.m., and every california voter received a ballot in mill for this primary election so far, only one in five ballots has been returned. despite the sluggish start, there are some significant races that will help shape the futures of our cities and state. kumasi: one race will determine who will continue to serve the remainder of vice-president kamala harris's term in the senate. a second vote for the regularly scheduled term beginning in january. the governor's race is a battle to see who will move on to face governor gavin newsom in november. rob bonta is facing serious opposition for attorney general. and aloe been -- alameda county's next district attorney. we have the only black ea in the state that faces a challenge from a colleague, the deputy district attorney. voters in san jose are getting ready to select a new mayor. four front runners hope to get
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the support of residents. amy hollyfield is live at san jose city hall with more on the candidates. good morning, amy. amy: good morning the current mayor, sam ricardo, his term is up, so this is a wide-open job. -- sam liccardo, his term is up. three of the candidates work here at city hall come on the city council. voters will be choosing from cindy chavez, santa clara county supervisor, or three city council members, dev davis, matt mahan, and raul peralez. and there is a retired police sergeant on the ballot, along with two students. to win the job of mayor today, the candidate must get more than half of the votes. if that does not happen, the top two candidates from today's election will face off in a runoff in the november. and the winner will become the mayor of the largest city in the bay area, the center of silicon valley, the 10th largest city in the country. candidates are hoping the
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importance of this job will bring people out to vote today. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: to wipe one of the biggest local races being monitored nationally is proposition h, the effort to recall the district attorney chesa boudin. his opponents criticize him for his effort to implement criminal justice reform. according to the most recent poll from his own campaign, 48% plan to vote yes to remove him from office, 38% plan to vote no peer 14% are undecided. however, other polls show the da losing by a wider margin. >> i am feeling confident we are talking to voters every day, knocking on doors. >> we have seen a pattern of repeat and chronic offenders, even violent of actors might be given extremely lenient plea deals. violent offenders are not eligible for very simple diversion programs. reggie: if proposition h passes,
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mayor london breed would appoint the replacement. boudin was elected in 2019. stay with abc news for complete election coverage. polls close at 8:00 tonight. at 8:30, we will be on the abc 7 bay area streaming app with results that are coming in. kumasi: when gop senator says it will need -- be another week before a deal is reached on guns. jobina: john cornyn is pushing back against chuck schumer, who wants a deal by the end of the week. john cornyn says negotiators have not nailed anything down. it appears a ban on assault style rifles is off the table. but the group is looking at reforming the background check process to access juvenile records, and they said that could lead to a waiting period of sorts for 18 to 20-year-olds to be able to purchase semiautomatic weapons. other proposals include incentives for states to enact red flag laws and funding for
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school security and mental health. reggie: today marks two weeks since the daily school shooting in uvalde, texas, and we're now hearing from a teacher who survived. the teacher spoke exclusively to abc news. he had just put a movie in for students to watch when shooting started in the classroom connected to theirs. >> the kids started asking out loud, mr. reyes, what is going on? i said, i don't know what is going on, but let's go ahead and get under the table. get under the table and act like you are asleep. i turned around and saw him standing there. reggie: he was shot twice, and all 11 students in his classroom were killed, along with eight students and two teachers in the next room. you will hear more from him from open -- on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. kumasi: evacuations lifted after a fire near dominic in public.
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about two acres burned. police did do her to -- door to door evacuations overnight. still ahead, sonoma state in battle president and also she is leaving. how shouldn't she will be gone. reggie: delivery drivers in san francisco will soon have a new option to get around. drew: 6:07 a.m. on our tuesday peer today and tomorrow, comfortably warm. by thursday, temperatures take off, talking 80's and 90's. off, talking 80's and 90's. we your kitchen or bathroom?te i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations thanks mike! too often, homeowners hire the wrong contractor. ivan, i see this all the time. delays, shortcuts, hidden fees - nightmares. at agm we use the top trades, and each project is finished on time, on budget, backed by a five year warranty. that's why agm are the only kitchen and bathroom renovation specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪
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drew: 6:10, looking at the tam camp ear to a little fog. you see atop the sf skyline through the fog. dealing with morning clouds along the coast. good air quality today, good to moderate tomorrow. not an issue today and tomorrow, so breathe easy. temperatures, take the light jacket this morning, 50's and low 60's on the bay shoreline at 10:00 a.m., some of these in the warmest bouts inland, and later this afternoon, a wide range, 50's and 60's close to the coast , 70's and 80's away from the coast. so comfortably warm, not excessively hot. 73 in oakland, 68 in the city
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today, 75 el alto, 81 in san jose, about 83 and a nap. jobina is tracking a sig alert in the city. jobina: good morning. unfortunately, we have a devastating update to the sig alert. we have confirmed that the motorcyclist involved in this crash on westbound 80 to the 101 connector has died this morning the crash was reported around 3:30, and traffic on westbound 80 is going to be a problem for you because chp has to investigate this further because it is a deadly crash. so we do not have an estimated time as to when all lanes will be open. you can see all of that pact traffic, and it is impacting the bay bridge. much busier than normal right now, as we take this live picture from our south beach camera of the bay bridge. metering lights came on earlier than normal at the bay bridge toll plaza, around 5:36 this morning. typically see them come on around the 6:00 a.m. our. so if you're traveling into san
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francisco from the east bay, expect major delays. kumasi: thank you. a new push for the four have a day work week, i trial getting underway this week in europe. reggie: elon musk back-checking comments regarding layoffs his new message to employees this morning. morning. kumasi: i started screening for colon cancer because of my late husband jay. i wish he could have seen our daughter ellie get married, on the best day of her life. but colon cancer took him from us, like it's taken so many others. that's why i've made it my mission to talk about getting screened and ask people to share their reasons why. i screen for my growing family. being with them means everything to me. i screen for my girls. they're always surprising me. i screen for my son. i'm his biggest fan. if you're 45 or older and at average risk, it's time to screen. today, there are more screening options than ever before, including cologuard. cologuard is noninvasive and finds 92% of colon cancers,
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>> we seen a lot of police cars come, and i know the neighbor at the house where they were, and she came out and asked for water for their grandmother. said somebody barricaded themselves inside the garage. kumasi: contra county sheriff step of these surrounded a house in bay point monday afternoon. the resident of the home says deputies were chasing a suspect, and that person ran into a stranger's house and barricaded himself inside. everyone was able to evacuate safely, and deputies surrounded the home for several hours. they brought out an armored vehicle and the sheriff's dog. residents were allowed to go back around dinner time. it is not clear whether the suspect was taken into custody and what that person was being software. reggie: san jose police will conduct checksum polling places today after a shooting inside a public library with children inside. one man was hurt. the shooting happened around
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3:30 yesterday afternoon at the hillview branch library on hopkins drive. police say two men chased a third into the library, firing at him. the person that was shot is expected to survive. the two suspects got away. one parent whose child was inside the library hopped on the phone and instructed his son on how to find a safe place to escape the danger, listen he picked up during active shooter training. x my son is safe. -- >> my son is safe. he went into her room and hide. i told him to lock the door. i told him to put some kind of a chair against the door to block it. reggie: police say the shooting appears to be gang-related new development, the test on ceo is changing his message about potential layoffs at the electric auto company. elon musk suites the hourly headcount will increase for the carmaker, but the number of salaried employees will stay fairly flat. an insider blog last week reported he was going to reduce
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salary headcount by as much as 10%. also last week, elon musk ordered his tesla and adjust to reportedly go back to the office or risk being fired. kumasi: now to the debate over a four-day workweek and the experiment that is underway overseas. 70 companies in the u.k. are testing a four-day workweek for employees. no drop in pay and no expected hit to productivity. proponents will say this will help please better personalize and allow for more professional development. with the pandemic forcing many workers to rethink the way we work, supporters they this is long overdue. >> i am optimistic that even as we can return to something more normal, we will be able to continue to experiment and build on the best parts of the experience of the pandemic. kumasi: opponents say the idea will put more pressure on businesses, especially those with slim margins. and they say a four-day workweek
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could destabilize the economy. reggie: well. kumasi: let's see. drew: let's try it. reggie: let's induce chaos. drew: i think it is broad terms -- it will destabilize the economy. reggie: isn't it already destabilized? drew: jobina is talking about this inflation thing, the recession. are we there yet? reggie: i thought the hurricane is coming, or whatever that was. kumasi: i am glad they are moving forward with this. drew: yes, get the data. i do not know why anyone would not want this. jobina: i don't know who those people are. reggie: i wonder what elon musk thinks. five days a week. drew: now. ok, a live look from our east bay hills camera, showing you a gorgeous shot.
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a little bit of fog on the skyline. switching over to sky 7, a pretty picture over the city. you can see sutro tower right now with that fog. but a lot of sunshine this morning. it will be a really nice day today. good air quality. you can see that already. sunny skies today. mild to warm today and tomorrow. thursday through saturday, summerlike heat making a comeback. right now, generally in the 50's. a couple cool spots in the 40's. a warm spot coming in at 60 degrees. a little breeze later this afternoon, onshore flow likely gusting over 20 miles per hour at times. not too windy this afternoon. warm sunshine today 73 in oakland, 81 san jose, 80 six santa rosa, 87 antioch. overnight, a pretty comfortable evening, generally falling into the 50's -- into the 50's and partly. an increase in temperatures by thursday, widespread 90's and with the hottest spots inland,
6:20 am
but by friday, even hotter. cities in our hottest areas expected to hit 100 degrees. even the bay shoreline will feel warm friday, widespread 80's, if not 90's for a lot of us. seven-day forecast, comfortable today and tomorrow, then temperatures take off thursday, much warmer. hot for most on friday, heat risk. still pretty warm saturday. sunday will be noticeably cooler. a nice weekend with a lot of sunshine both afternoons. reggie: thank you. turning to ginger zee for a look at what is happening on gma at 7:00. ginger: hey there. nice to be with everyone this morning. coming up on gma, we begin with the teacher who survived the school shooting in uvalde. he is recovering from gunshot injuries and spoke to our amy robach about what happened inside his classroom. all 11 of his students in the classroom were killed. this morning, he is honoring their lives with his new
6:21 am
mission. also, gas prices have hit all-time highs, so some things that you buying are also getting smaller. we will tell you how you can -- [garbled audio] the breakthrough and breast cancer treatment keeping some patients live longer, we will discuss that. and the stars of one of the most popular shows on tv, all "yellowstone," all day. that is coming up. i have yet to watch that show, but it is on the list. kumasi: whatever is before it, just move that up. ginger: really? i am inspired. reggie: kumasi also met kevin costner. kumasi: i am still not over that moment. at the oscars, ginger. i was like, can i talk to you? he was like, i am going to go talk to her.
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i was like, yes. reggie: and the rest was history. ginger: that is a great story, so you did get to talk to him. and the rest is history. [laughter] i need to start with, can i talk to you, next time. adam sandler was here yesterday, and i passed hime we h known each other forever. such a weirdo appeared he was probably like that shape your reggie: that is how you do it you assume a friendship. ginger: yes, assume. you know me, adam. [laughs] let, are you making another movie? that is great, great. reggie: come over here. ok, and that is how you talk to
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud.
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drew: 6:25 a.m. on our tuesday. uv index is very high, so where that sunscreen. expecting a lot of sunshine, most intense from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. a lot of sunshine out there, and here is how your day is shaping appeared 60's and 70's by noon. 70's and 80's, some warm sunshine away from the coast. a really nice day, very comfortable. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. warmest spots going into the 80's. reggie: thank you. the noma state university's controversial president is stepping down. she was accused of retaliating against a former employee for coming forward with accusations
6:26 am
of sexual harassment against her husband the university reached a settlement with several female employees for6000 i januy. e an $ her husband denied any wrongdoing. they announced their separation in april, and she plans to step down july 30 one. some san francisco delivery drivers will have a new mode of transportation later this year, getting electric bikes as part of a pilot program from the department of the environment. the san francisco examiner reports 35 workers for companies like doordash and cooper eats will be selected. the department will collect data from participants and compared with car-based drivers to compare cost and emissions. kumasi: a chef at the slanted door will test out potential new menu items at uc berkeley. his restaurant has been closed for remodeling for more than two years now. there will be a series of weeknight pop-ups that his fast casual restaurant rice and bones on uc berkeley's campus.
6:27 am
the restaurant is expected to reopen later this year. one down, three to go, the warriors have a rind -- have arrived in boston. these are photos of the players taken by the team as a lift the bay area yesterday afternoon. games three and four of the nba finals are in boston. the series is tied with one game apiece after a split of the first two games here in san francisco. the teams will come back here for game five and come if necessary, game seven. abc 7 is the only place you can watch the warriors in the nba finals. game three tomorrow night, coverage starting at 5:00 a.m. with the pregame show, then account on a 5:30, then game three tipping off at 6:00. and keep it on abc 7 for after the game. reggie: next, sinking sidewalks, san francisco getting sued by people in one neighborhood over what they say is dangerous pavement. kumasi: if you are voting in person today, there is a company that will get you there for free. reggie: a live look outside.
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the choice is clear. get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with a great deal on internet and voice for just $49.99 a month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30, election day in california. polls open in 30 minutes for in-person voting. one of the biggest races, the next mayor of san jose. kumasi: cases throughout the bay area are up, but several testing clinics are sent to close in
6:31 am
less than a month. reggie: the planets in our solar system are lining up, the perfect viewing this month. how you can catch the event that will not happen again for almost two decades. good morning on this tuesday, june seven. a check on the forecast first. drew: good morning. a little bit of fog along the coast this morning, but a lot of sunshine for most of us on this tuesday at waking up to numbers generally in the 50's. mid-50's around the bay shoreline. couple cool spots in the north bay, waking up in the 40's. a live look at the south bay, clear skies, good air quality. almost a carbon copy to yesterday. comfortable temperatures, 60's and 70's. warm sunshine this afternoon, some and 80's away from the coast. we do still have summerlike heat heading our way. we will talk about that in nine minutes. jobina has a traffic alert in the city. jobina: good morning. unfortunately, we start with awful news in san francisco, a deadly crash reported on
6:32 am
westbound 80 right to the 101 connector. this is an exclusive look from sky 7, show ewing -- showing you the backup on adp you can't see the police vehicles. it is completely blocked. all those lanes of westbound 80 are closed. eastbound 80, that ramp just above, that is where the motorcyclist is, but unfortunately the driver is the person that died the crash was reported around 3:30 this morning. we do not have an estimated time as to when all lanes will reopen. a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. reggie: thank you. today is election day. polls open in less than half an hour, at 7:00 a.m. candidates have been using every minute of campaign time they have. one of the biggest races in the bay area is the san jose mayoral race. amy hollyfield is live at san jose city hall with more and what the front runners are saying. amy: good morning. this opportunity does not come open that often. mayor sam liccardo has been in
6:33 am
office since 2014. his term is now up, and there are several candidates who are in this wide-open race or there is a county supervisor in the race, along with three city councilmembers ear there is also a retired police sergeant and two students the topic of homelessness has emerged as one morsss say the need addressinge new mayor of san jose. here is a sample of what some of them had to say heading into this election day. >> it is important that we not only have people with experience but people with a track record of success. >> we need to not only double down but tripled on on homeless prevention strategies, as well as ensuring we have safety sanitation services. >> got to be lots more pragmatic about investing in addiction treatment, mental health treatment, ringing people indoors. >> we have seen the homeless population grow, people suffering and dying on our streets. we need to get a handle on that. amy: to win today, someone must
6:34 am
receive more than half of the votes. if that does not happen, than the top two winners will head to a runoff in november. the winner will lead the bay area's largest city, the city at the center of silicon valley. the candidates are hoping voters will take this election seriously and show up today to have a voice in who will lead this city. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: thank you. political data analyst paul mitchell is tracking voter turnout. we are getting answers. >> we see pretty record low turnout for this election so far. and when we have lower turnout, that turnout is much less representative of california as a whole. an example, the states 40% latino, but in terms of people who have returned a balance, it is only 15% latino kumasi: he went on to say the majority of californians who voted earlier
6:35 am
over the age of 65. the lowest turnout is in the 18 to 34 age range. for every one person who has voted in that group, five seniors have cast a ballot reggie: there will be free rides to the bay area to and from the polls today, calling it the line to the polls initiative, meant to reduce transportation barriers. it is available to residents of san francisco, san jose, and oakland. use the promo code to get two free rides, up to 30 minutes on any line vehicle -- lime vehicle. polls close at 8:00 tonight, and we will have live coverage starting at 8:30 on our abc 7 bay area streaming app. you can download it right now. anytime you want local election information, it is all in one place,
6:36 am
we have voter guides, and we will be updating that information with the results tonight kumasi: the family of a safeway employee who was shot and killed on the job over the week it is trying to cope with their grief. >> i am still in shock. kumasi: she lost her youngest son in the shooting, 24-year-old isaac manning quasar. family and friends gathered around a growing memorial for isaac outside of the safeway. police are still searching for the gunman who opened fire inside the store. this was an san jose's willow glen neighborhood early sunday morning. investigators that the victim got into an argument with the man who shot him in the store. >> i do not wish anything bad to them. end of the day, whatever you do is going to come back to you no matter what. kumasi: still not clear started the argument that led to the shooting. the violence we have experienced across the country can be difficult to process, but there is help. to find an ally to help you cope
6:37 am
with issues like school safety, gun-control, mental health, you can get started by going to abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area focuses on health and covid-19. in the middle of another surge, some testing sites in some of the hardest hit communities in san francisco are set to close. jobina has the details. jobina: sites in the mission and bayview neighborhoods close in the next 30 days because of the new city budget. a latino task force says now is not the time to make cuts. we are seeing well over 200 to 300 people at each testing site on a regular basis. >> we are seeing double-digit positive rights, so at both of our sites here in the mission, and for the excelsior site, seeing positive rates in the 20's. so covid is here. jobina: mayor london breed's office says the city is seeing a decrease in federal and state covid funding but also says the
6:38 am
city budget includes $7 million for the ongoing covert response, including $3 million for city hubs or community hubs, rather. the board of supervisors president says we are working on amending the budget to make sure these sites can be preserved. reggie: thank you. pfizer is ramp and got production of the covid antiviral treatment, spending $120 million at its kalamazoo, michigan, factory. it takes a significant amount of capacity to make. up to 200 to 300 additional jobs will be created. if used within a few days of developing some dems, it can reduce the risk of severe disease per today's panel will discuss novavax's application for emergency use application, a more traditional protein-based vaccine. so it is not mrna, like pfizer or modern popular at the fda says they trials, the novavax vaccine provided 91% protection against some dramatic disease among younger adults and 79% in
6:39 am
people over 65. it is proposed for use in the people 18 and up. new details and the search for woman accused of killing an elite san francisco cyclist. and good news if you have ever regretted something embarrassing text messages, the new feature unveiled for iphone users. and at 7:00, live with the sf spca on the urgent need for people to adopt dogs. they are all full of and have a summer special you really cannot beat if you're looking for great -- actually, a dog. it does not apply to pups. as you get ready to hit the beach this summer, some hazards to watch out for. abc 7 at 7:00 is live weekdays from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. on the abc 7 bay area streaming app drew: let's get those dogs adopted. the beach will be very popular by friday and saturday. summerlike heat makes a comeback. suture tower, hazy sunshine this morning. a lot of sunshine today and
6:40 am
tomorrow. air quality today is good. good to moderate tomorrow. no concerns over the next 48 hours. live doppler 7 and satellite, there is an area of low pressure off the coast right now. a few high thin serious clouds moving in from time to time today, mostly sunny day. enjoy the sunshine. temperatures by 10:00 a.m., 50's and 60's along the bay shoreline. a light jacket, but you will not need it later this afternoon. a comfortably warm day with a lot of sunshine. 86 in concord today, 73 in oakland, 68 in the city, 81 and san jose, 86 in santa rosa -- santa rosa. today and tomorrow, we keep the comfortably warm range. by thursday, much warmer. friday is the hottest day we are tracking all week. we will show you those numbers in about nine minutes at first, let's check in with jobina on that traffic alert in the city. jobina: good morning. back to sky 7 for a live look
6:41 am
overhead at the scene following a crash that was reported around 3:30 this morning. we have confirmed, unfortunately, that it is a deadly crash, involved a motorcyclist and two other vehicles. the driver of that motorcycle has died. we have not been given an estimated time is two and all lanes will reopen. both westbound and eastbound lanes of 80 are shut down, and this is also impacting traffic on the bay bridge. sky 7 shows the backup in the area as you travel westbound on 80, speeds averaging around seven miles per hour. because of this, metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza flipped on much earlier than normal, at 5:36, and that is why it is so packed here. if you are driving into san francisco from the east b
6:42 am
i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. elon musk promised to pay a million customers $30,000 a year if they bought his car. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised customers if they bought his car, its value would increase to $200,000. they bought his car. so, where's their money? he promised investors if they bought his stock, they would get $50 billion a year in profits from robotaxis. they bought his stock. so, where's their money?
6:43 am
and he told investors tesla was worth $1 trillion by claiming tesla was the leader in driverless robotaxi technology. but tesla doesn't have driverless robotaxi technology. tesla's full self-driving software requires a driver! many other companies have already deployed driverless robotaxis that are way ahead of tesla's. so where's the investors' money? in the last year, elon musk pulled $48 billion out of tesla, seven times the profits they've ever made. his ceo compensation was 1,000 times the average for a fortune 500 ceo. elon, is your full self-driving software just a trillion-dollar ponzi scheme? did you become the wealthiest man in history by swindling customers and investors? i'm dan o'dowd and i'm running for u.s. senate because congress needs to shut down elon musk's full self-driving fiasco. someone needs to stand up to him.
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kumasi: new developments on a luxury high-rise flood in san francisco. the building management company says it has no timeline for people who might be able to go back home. 571 people are displaced after a pipe work on the roof of this 35-story high-rise on friday. the management company says there is no electricity, no wi-fi, elevators don't work. he says it is securing hotel rooms for every resident, but some of them were telling abc 7
6:45 am
there has been little communication. >> no one is coming to talk to us. we want answers, two things reliable housing, notice to relocate, because we have to relocate at a moments notice, and we want a timeline on when we are expected to get back in, even if it is estimated. >> it is too early to estimate when residents can go back, they say. >> we have dozens of people here assessing what supplies, what parts we need to put elevators back together to get the electrical rooms working. kumasi: they're using an emo to provide updates. reggie: new details on search for women wanting for killing a professional cyclist from san francisco. the u.s. marshals service says merlin ash murder suspect was
6:46 am
spotted at newark liberty airport in new jersey on may 18. that is the last time the 34-year-old was c&p she is wanted in the killing of a championship cyclist in austin. olson was in austin preparing for a raise. authorities said the killing might have been motivated by jealousy. kumasi: the bay area resident who broke barriers to become -- has resigned. according to the chronicle, lutheran bishop megan roar stepped down after accusations of racism at from a predominantly latino congregation. she removed the stockton area reverend after a two-year harassment investigation. the reverent disputed the allegations, but many people were upset that this whole thing was done on the sacred day of the burgeoning guadalupe. she apologize for the poor timing but says they have endured constant bullying and harassment after that decision. reggie: the city of san francisco is being sued over
6:47 am
sinking sidewalks in the mission bay neighborhood. residents and business owners have complained of dangerous cracks in the pavement is as buildings and sidewalks settle in that neighborhood. a class-action suit has been sought -- filed, seeking damages from the city. according to the lawsuit, the city agreed to maintain infrastructure in the neighborhood but has not done so. here is a morning report, if you are picking summer camps for your kids, get ready to pay more and have fewer options from private to city-one cancers dashcam cancer sing the ripple effects of inflation and the worker shortage. some had to cancel this year, like in traverse city in michigan, they could not hire enough to meet the student council ratio requirement. a camp in pennsylvania had to raise wages and hire internationally to say open. higher costs of food, transportation, staff, and insurance means parents will face higher prices. resident biden going to appear on jimmy kimmel live this week or the president is in l.a. for the summit of the american spirit he will record as summit
6:48 am
with jimmy kimmel. it will be his first in person appearance on a late night talk show since he took office. he did a virtual appearance in december on nbc. you can get to the interview tomorrow night right here on abc 7, and it is on weeknights at 11:30. kumasi: an american hero from nebraska who flew bombing missions over europe during world war ii is celebrating a milestone. he turned 100 in the backseat of a bomber that he spent so many death-defying flights on. in his early 20's, he flew 28 missions all over germany, some directly. his airplane was called heaven can wait, fitting, that name. he says if he knew he was going to live this long, he would have taken better care of himself. reggie: oh. it looks good. apple plus annual worldwide developers conference is back, celebrating tech and community. thousands join to connect, learn, develop skills from
6:49 am
industry leaders in silicon valley to kick up the festivities. apple has upcoming features and updates to its line of products one of the many new features showcased as a new operating system called ventura come along set ios 16 which now allows you to customize your lock screen. >> so i will add the temperature, my activity rings, and lets drag in the calendar widget. reggie: another new item includes the processing chip that will be used in the new altar slim macbook air. the conference runs through friday. for a lot of us, the most important thing was this announcement that they're enabling us to delete messages that we have already sent. iphone users will be able to unsend a message 15 minutes after you send it. after that, sorry. you can also recover that message from to 30 days. apple says you will be able to mark conversations as unread to come back to them later. do not know yet when those features will be released. 29 years after it all began, the
6:50 am
address a garrett is about to end. jurassic world dominion futures starts from the original jurassic park, along with cast members from the current movies. the action-adventure film is full of, well, dinosaurs and drama. it stars in the original were on the red carpet last night for the premiere in l.a. and shared how surprised they are to still be at these premieres and reflected on the impact the movies have had on our culture. the storyline of the latest film brings together the past and present of the iconic series. jurassic world: domain in a hedge of theaters friday. kumasi: we are in for a very rare celestial treat for the next couple of weeks in the bay area because you will be able to see five of the planets in the same part of the sky in the wee hours of the morning. mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, and saturn will all appear in sequential order. if you wake up early enough and go somewhere without a lot of light pollution, you could even see them without a telescope. this is called planetary
6:51 am
alignment. the last time we were able to see this was in 2004, and the next sign -- next time will be 2040. what time, drew? drew: the best thing about this in comparison to meteor showers, planets are a lot brighter and are stationary, so you can see them a lot easier, even with light pollution in this these, you should be able to see this. all five planets lined up, plus the moon. the best time was later this month, and that is when all five will be active. june 24 is when there is peak planetary alignment. the best time to see it is right before sunrise here at even late in the night on june 20 three you should be able to see this. looking southeast, you will see five bright stars in your sky. mercury, venus, and also a crescent moon in the sky, mars, jupiter, and saturn, all aligned. look southeast. we will remind you. but june 24 is the day to check it out. sky 7 over the city or tracking
6:52 am
a really nice day. a lot of sunshine, 50's and low 60's. we will warm up pretty nicely, comfortably, later on this afternoon. looking at the wind gusts, onshore breeze about 20 miles per hour, not excessively windy. warm sunshine today, 60's and 70's along the bay shoreline. take the sunglasses with your that sunshine will be with you all day. 80's in the mormons -- warmest spots away from the coast. falling into the 50's and low 60's heading into wednesday. simmer like heat returning by thursday, starting to see 90's return in the warmest spots away from the coast. friday is the hottest day all week. widespread 90's if not triple digit heat in hottest spots. even the bay shoreline will feel very warm, 80's and 90's. seven-day forecast, mild to warm today and tomorrow, taking off on thursday, hot day with a heat risk on friday, still pretty hot for most of us on saturday, but widespread cooldown coming our way on sunday.
6:53 am
kumasi: thank you. now to california's drought and the desperate effort to save water. a proposal in sacramento user tax dollars to buy up water hungry california forms $1.5 million of tax money would be spent to retire farms using a lot of water. water to those farms would be redirected to other places in the state. this proposal is staunchly opposed by farmers since that would mean giving up their livelihoods, as well as the private water rights here at budget negotiations between governor newsom and state lawmakers will be continuing later this month. u.k. is back to cheese rolling for the first time since the pandemic, and agent extreme sport that has competitors tumbling down english hill chasing cheese paired the tradition returned sunday. it went on this steep 200 yard hill. according to the bbc, the cheese can reach up to 70 miles per
6:54 am
hour. this year's champion chris anderson says he is retiring after 23 wins, because now he has a baby. reggie: uh-huh. i like this man. the rest of these -- [laughs] kumasi: ok, i just don't know. next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: i think you know. hold on now. i think you know. [laughter] you can watch all of our newscast live and on-demand on the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. you can download the app now and start streaming. kumasi: as we had to break, a live look outside. wait for it, there it is.
6:55 am
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when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. kumasi: 6:57, here are the seven things you need to know. jobina: we are following a deadly crash in san francisco. it is at the westbound 80to northbound 101 connector ramp westbound lanes of 80 are closed, as well as is been lanes. no estimated time for reopen. kumasi: it is election day in california, pulls opening the three minutes and close at :00 p.m. we'll have complete results on our website, election.
6:58 am
reggie: one of the most high-profile decisions today, whether san francisco voters will recall the district attorney, whose most recent polling shows 48% plan to vote yes to remove him from office. kumasi: in the south bay, their four front runners hoping to replace current san jose mayor sam liccardo, including three current city council members. sam liccardo has termed out of office. reggie: evacuations lifted in san rafael after a fire burned two acres near dominika in college. crews remain on the scene overnight to handle flareups. drew: warm sunshine today come 60's and 70's by lunchtime. 70's and 80's later this afternoon away from the coast. kumasi: number seven, a big announcement about our colleague and friend amy hollyfield. it is amy:'s last day here on abc 7 news with us, she is embarking on a new adventure. amy, you have been here for 21 years, covering everything you can imagine, wildfires, covid, and we cannot forget the giants taken out the trash. reggie: [laughter]
6:59 am
yeah. [laughter] kumasi: it has been such a pleasure to have you part of our morning show family, and we will miss you. kumasi: you are going to make me cry. -- amy: you are going to make me cry. i love all y'all, little taxes in this farewell, saying goodbye all y'all. i love you so much. keep it going. keep the energy. keep doing what you're doing. it is so important. reggie: i remember when amy started at abc 7 as a writer. then she ended up on the tv screen. amy: yep, clawed my way. [laughter] wanted into that newsroom. beat their door down. said, let me in, i want to do this. they finally gave in. [laughter] and here i am. i have cover just a little bit of everything, have a die? it has been a great run, and i have loved it. reggie: you are the consummate professional, always super nice, great sense of humor appeared we love you and will miss you here
7:00 am
drew: love you, amy. jobina: love you, amy. reggie: baby, you're a firework. [laughter] tefor our viewers in the west, teacher who survived the texas school massacre tells us what happened in his classroom as we start this tuesday. fourth grade teacher arnulfo reyes shot twice, now tells his story about that horrific day for the first time. what he witnessed. the students calling 911. hearing police just outside the door. >> did you feel abandoned in that moment by police, by the people who are supposed to protect you? >> his words for law enforcement. >> i get more angry because you had a bulletproof vest. i had nothing. >> this morning the latest on the investigation. could officers face charges as congress races to reach a deal


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