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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> this is a movement, not a moment in history. >> defiant in defeat, voted out of office but committed to the cause. >> what is next now that voters recalled the san francisco district attorney? i am liz kreutz. dan: i am dan ashley. we have election results at the bottom of your screen. we will begin with the san francisco race that gained the nations attention in the successful effort to recall the district attorney. liz: 61% of san francisco voters voted yes on prop h, yes to recall the attorney.
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33% are in right now. we are projecting that he will be recalled. we have team coverage tonight. tim johns is with a group of recall supporters but first, stephanie sierra joins us from a rally where he spoke and conceded about one hour ago. stephanie. stephanie: yes, you could tell it was with a heavy heart that he walked in but he was quick not to let his loss distract from his mission. this is a movement not this moment that supporters are celebrating tonight. you can see that they are gathering, in many respects, still cheering one hour after that concession speech and while chesa boudin's political career is done for now, he did make it clear that he will not stop fighting for restorative justice.
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from cheers to chants -- >> he's on our side. stephanie: to cries for change. >> we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world. stephanie: chesa boudin touted as a leader, now the first ea to be successfully recalled in san francisco history. >> repeat after me for a minute. we are not afraid. >> we are not afraid. stephanie: the judicial facade -- philosophy in turn cost him his job. to him, it is a victory. >> that me tell you why we have already won. we have already won because we are part of a national movement that recognizes that we can never incarcerate our way out of poverty. stephanie: if you ask his supporters, he paved the way for a more equitable criminal justice system. the former public defender says
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he is not giving up the fight. it is only beginning. >> he stopped charging juveniles, kids, as adults. stephanie: in his own words, he says there are two criminal justice systems. one for the rich and well-connected and another for everybody else and not is what he says he will continue fighting to change. liz: stephanie, interesting to hear him say he will continue to fight for criminal justice reform, that the movement continues. so what is next for chesa boudin ? what are his supporters hoping for now? stephanie: that is a great question, one that many of his supporters want to know the answer to and i will say that was very tightlipped about any future plans after the news tonight but his supporters are
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wondering, would he consider going back to the public defenders office? we know he served there for four years before assuming office in 2019 but other supporters were quick to refute that, saying he belongs in the da's office so there is speculation, could he run again for reelection? we will see. liz: that will be fascinating to see. we appreciate it. dan: recall supporters are celebrating tonight. tim johns is in san francisco where he spent the evening with them. obviously, they are ready and anticipating a big change in the da's office. tim: that is right, dan. since the results were announced a couple of hours ago, there has been a lot of celebration and cheering here in san francisco. it is worth noting that the supporters we talked to say you have to remember that this race has not just gotten voters here but also across the nation.
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sounds of jubilation at the del mar bar in san francisco's marina district. after months of work, the vote yes on h campaign successfully led the effort to recall district attorney chesa boudin. >> san franciscans have been overwhelmingly supportive for criminal justice reform. >> while the mood was tangibly optimistic, many tell abc 7 news the reasons driving their decisions to vote yes on the recall were not. they point to issues like the increase in property crimes and the rise of attacks against asian americans over the past few years. plaque i was pushed into the streets of downtown. my mom was verbally assaulted on the streets as well. >> supporters say san francisco still remains a leader nationwide in progressive criminal justice reforms and view tuesday's vote as a course correct for the city as opposed to a swing to the right. >> we have to have as best an
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example of leadership around criminal justice reform. we helped this movement. >> the big question of course is who will replace chesa boudin and the answer is no one knows right now. that decision will come down to mayor london breed. tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: thank you. gavin newsom defeated dave mccall effort last september has we all remember and tonight, you can see that he fended off a field of some 2000 challengers handily here. he has 60% of the vote in. brian dolly has 16% of the vote, the republican candidate, and both of them will move on to compete in the general election and here we are with -- this is the california governor race. the bay area author is with 3% of the votes tonight. we should have the attorney general race here.
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the incumbent, 58% support and the republican who will move on to the november election to run against him is nathan hoffman with 17% of the vote. dan: let's move onto the south bay. the race for mayor. seven candidates looking for a win tonight. cindy chavez, who is on city council, has 39% of the vote. 92% of the estimated votes are in. well behind in the san jose mayor's race. for more now on the front runners to a highly contested race in san jose, for mayor, let's go to amanda del castillo from the county's registrar of voters office. amanda: santa clara county released updated election results just a few minutes ago and we are keeping our eyes on
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the key races but it's hard to ignore voter turnout. the county says come at the beginning of election day, there were more than one million registered voters. at last check, fewer than 2000 ballots had been returned. in santa clara county, officials say 90% of residents typically male in their ballots but even fewer were expected to vote in tuesday's primaries. >> historically like that which i don't understand. have election is important. amanda: south bay voters with their eyes on three key races. top of mind, mayor of san jose. the current mayor has been in office to since january of 2015. tuesday evening, the two candidates out on top early, cindy chavez and matt mayhem. top priorities included addressing homelessness. voters sharing their priorities. >> i want more police on school
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campuses. i want to provide a solution for homeless. we have people who are mentally ill and we had to take care of them. >> i want to feel like our city is connected, that we all care about each other and we feel like safe around one another. >> voters deciding county sheriff and da. the current sheriff's tenure is coming to an end. those who took the time to vote in this election cycle say it is a privilege they could not pass up. >> had my voice heard. and hopefully see some change. amanda: valid progress will continue into the night. the county anticipates a more solidified outlook on when morning. they are hopeful that the turnout will be at least 45%. in san jose, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. liz: thank you. san jose voters overwhelmingly
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approved moving the cities tour mayoral elections in an effort to boost voter turnout. these are the results as you can see. 56% of voters voted yes on this measure. 44% voted no. the measure will align the city's mayoral election: died with presidential election years and supporters say it would increase voter turnout among underrepresented groups such as minorities and women. opponents worry local issues would be lost amid the national debate during a presidential election. dan: more results in the race for sheriff. robert bob johnson has 34% of the vote. kevin, 30% of the vote. the district attorney's race you're watching as well. jeff rosen has 59% of the vote. daniel chong has 20% of the vote. voters in several bay area counties have district attorneys races on their ballot and here is a look at the results in
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alameda county. pamela price has 40% of the vote. terry riley at 31%. let's who ultimately winds come alameda county will be getting their first black district attorney so it is an historic race in that respect. contra costa county, the incumbent is running against one opponent. this has been well-publicized in contra costa county. the incumbent has 57% of the vote. now to solano county, the incumbent is running against one opponent. 51% of the vote. liz: voters are deciding who will replace jackie spear who announced earlier this year that she would not be running for reelection. he is retiring from congress we have a heated congressional race in san mateo county. this is congressional district 15 and right now, 41% of voters
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have voted for kevin mullin's, someone who works for jackie speier for many years, endorsed by jackie spear, followed by david with 25% support right now. they will now move forward to compete in the general election in november. dan. dan: get updated election results throughout the night. we will have the latest available online all on one page at coming up next, we will move on. case closed. the criminal trial is over for family members accused of a string of crimes and they include human trafficking and rape. victimizing employees who worked at the care homes they operated in. plus going underground area pg&e begins an extensive and expensive effort to reduce the risk of wildfires sparked by powerlines. >> tracking triple digit heat. >> tracking triple digit heat. i am meteorologist sandhya patel
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anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. dan: some new details on a story we have been following for more than three years involving a family-run bay area business accused of human trafficking and a labor scheme. the california attorney general's office announced guilty verdicts in the rainbow brite investigation. the family operated six adult and child care facilities called rainbow brite in pacifica, daly city, and south san francisco. investigators say from 2008 to 2018, members of the family forced employees to work long hours and live in the care homes, make them sleep on floors and in garages. some were raped.
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many of the victims were threatened with deportation. three members of the family were convicted and will be sentenced in august. the fourth pleaded guilty in 2019. liz: the effort to reduce our wildfire risk library powerlines is underway and pg&e started eating fences in santa rosa for the lines. sparks have caused the and deadly wildfires, as we all know, including the devastating 2019 tubs in santa rosa. >> we are doing everything we can to stop wildfires. it cuts ignition risk by 99% because the lines are underground. liz: teaching these goal is to underground 10,000 miles of power lines with glee in the bay area. while the project is expensive, costing $3.5 million a mile, activists say it is the only option for high-risk five. dan: moving onto the warriors
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chasing another championship trophy. they have to beat the celtics to get it and game three is tomorrow in boston. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone is there for us and found it is ready for the challenge. jr: busy bar is packed full of celtics fans honda evo game three in boston. >> now, you are in our place. >> i believe it's great. j.r.: celtics fans are everywhere but worriers fans are lurking, waiting for their moment -- warriors fans are lurking, waiting for their moment. and while it was all fun and games on tuesday near the td garden, some said the intensity only heats up on game day. do you see many warriors fans around these parts? >> they were getting stuff thrown at them. j.r.: james is not scared to
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cheer for his team. >> my favorite team is the warriors. some of my friends like them. j.r.: stephen curry arrived in his hotel on tuesday, a name that gets instant reaction from everyone we spoke to. is there anything that worries you about this golden state warriors team? >> steph curry is an issue. history partners freak me out a little bit. >> i love steph curry because he has been part of a lot of my military charities know anything he does is gold to me. j.r.: whatever does happen in beantown on wednesday is going to be fun to watch. >> wicked exciting, as we would say here. we don't park our car in the harvard yard either. don't count your chickens until they are hatched. j.r.: they will be flying in all of their full-time employees in game three or game four of the series. rest assured, we will be seeing
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more blue and gold here in boston. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. >> that guy was great. abc 7 is the only place to wash the warriors in the nba finals. our coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. the dubs on seven pregame show and then it is nba countdown. keep it right here on abc 7 for after the game. we promised some wicked coverage. liz: and some warm weather heated up. dan: sandhya patel is here with the forecast. sandhya: the good thing is not tomorrow for game three for the watch party and thrive city. i want to show you the excessive heat watch coming up from 11:00 to 10:00. overnight temperatures not dropping much. risk of heat illnesses will go up significantly. at least, the potential is there so you will want to take it easy. here is a sampling from your
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high temperatures for friday. parts of the inland areas of the north bay serve definitely drink plenty of water, stay in an ac room out of the sign and if you have to work outside, take breaks often. don't ever leave people or pets inside vehicles. you know it gets a lot harder on days like that. high clouds passing through and we do have fog down below along the coastline. here temperatures in the 50's to the 70's out towards brentwood. here is a look at the forecast. tip-off, 65 degrees. we will see some clouds and sun and by nine -- 9:00 p.m., the number will drop down to 59. pleasant weather. here is a look at your live picture from our emeryville camera. fog and high clouds overnight and then dangers heat headed our way inland on friday. temperatures will range from the
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40's to the 60's and certainly a mixture of fog and high clouds and in the afternoon, another warm one inland with 80's and 90's. right along the coastline, temperatures remain in the comfort zone with enough of a sea breeze and fog lingering in the sick these. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast and we will go with the morning fog. noticeably warmer on thursday. we'll bring in hot weather inland on friday with the risk of heat illnesses. 104 inland. the heat pieces on saturday. sharply cooler on sunday.
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liz: san francisco's former first lady has died according to the governor's office. she was the widow of mayor george moscone a. she remains active after his assassination. details on her death have not been released yet abc 7 originals documentary covers the assassination. you can watch murder at city hall on the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and android. dan: chris alvarez is in boston with the warriors. liz: he is here now sports. chris: hey, everybody. this is an area full of
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who are looking forward to playing on the famous floor tomorrow night. >> historic team. the dynasty from the 1980's and you know how many championships they won over the course of the years and just have a different iconic look when you see it on tv. there's a lot of history in the city and this building. chris: abc 7 is your exclusive home of the nba finals. our pregame show begins at 5:00. after the game with highlights and reaction from boston. giants and rockies at oracle. she is super happy to get a foul ball. the rockies took the early lead until wilmer flores blasts one to one of his friends he left for his seventh of the year. the giants go up 3-1. charlie blackmon, his 200 career homerun. there goes dave. and overboard. that swing was the difference. the giants lose 5-3.
11:31 pm
same two team tomorrow. the a's facing matt olson for the first time since he got traded to atlanta after the first three batters of the game. the a's had two runs on the ramon lori on a single but they failed to score after that. bottom one, the braves strike back. ronald accrue near with the blast. he had two homers to tie it up. bruce bochy hanging out at the ballgame. bottom seven, tied at 2-2. he takes the first pitch way out and the a's lose 3-2. oakland has lost seven straight. abc 7 scores, sponsored by river
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liz: thanks for joining us tonight. i am liz kreutz. dan: and i am -- avidly -- dan >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, queen latifah, danny ramirez and music from pusha t. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for joining us. a big night of basketball in america. thank you. game 1 earlier tonight, game 1 of the nba finals between the boston celtics and the


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