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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 8, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now, calls for gun reform intensified. this morning a fourth grader who survived the uvalde school shooting by smearing blood on herself and playing dead testifies before congress. what she's expected to tell lawmakers as we learn about a potential development in the push to raise the age limit for buying amp r 15-style weapons. >> gas prices up more than 15%. and more price hikes on the way. what drivers can expect. why the treasury secretary wants congress to take action on inflation. ? the so-called isis mom from kansas pleading guilty. what we're learning about her actions training female fighters, allegedly discussing
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attacks on a college campus in the u.s. the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding deshawn watson growing with more lawsuits and new revelations about how many massage therapists he visited. plus a wake-up call. why being fashionably late is no longer fashionable. >> and later, what we learn about rotisserie chicken. no >> good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with the historic hearing getting underway in washington. >> it's a hearing on gun violence that will fetal you are testimony from a fourth grade here survived the school shooting in uvalde, texas. she won't be alone. survivors of both massacres in uvalde and buffalo are set to testify. >> in the meantime, lawmakers tried to hammer out a deal on reforming the gun laws. now with the very latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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here in washington lawmakers will come face to face with one of the youngest victims of the recent mass shootings. mia made her way to washington, d.c. from uvalde, texas. the 11-year-old seen here, clutching a blanket, preparing to board a plane for the first time in her life. today mia will become one of the youngest americans to ever face a congressional committee. she is expected to tell lawmakers and the world how she survived the elementary school shooting by smearing her classmates' blood on herself and playing dead. victims' families and survivors of the uvalde and buffalo mass shootings are in washington for multiple hearings to call on congress to act on gun reform. >> we're not their children. we're their constituents and they need to do their job. >> reporter: also scheduled to testify today, uvalde's only pediatrician. five of his patients were killed in the shooting. >> to the degree of wounds that i saw that day on these tiny
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children, there is no need for anyone to have assault weapons. >> reporter: mix mcconnell has privately expressed an openness to raising the age limit to buying an assault style rifle from 18 to 21. but according to rachel scott, he has not pushed for any specific policy. many republicans on capitol hill are opposed tom. they say it is either a bridge too far or believe that decision should be left up to the states. it is unclear if this news will cause any of them on change their minds. mcconnell has not publicly said where he stands on raising the age requirement. the senator telling the reporters this yesterday. >> it won't surprise you to know that i won't sit here and try to negotiate the deal with all of you guys. we're waiting to see if we can get an outcome that directly relates to the problem that brought this issue to the fore, one more time. >> reporter: actor matthew mcconaughey, a native of uvalde, texas, made this plea at the white house. >> we need to raise the minimum
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age to purchase an ar-15 rifle to 21. >> reporter: he spoke about 9-year-old and her green sneakers. authorities had used those sneakers to identify her after the shooting. >> these are the same green shoes that could identify her at the shooting. how about that? >> a teacher 1ed in the shooting who lost 11 of his students said he'll every in forgive law enforcement for waiting more than an hour to stop the gunman. >> after everything, i get more angry because you have a bullet-proof vest. i had nothing. i had nothing. you're supposed to protect and serve. there is no excuse. for their actions. >> the mayor of uvalde says he remains frustrated by law enforcement's lack of transparency during the
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investigation. andrew? >> em, thank you. abc news will bring you lye coverage of the hearing on capitol hill beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on air and on our streaming channel. breaking political news, liberals in san francisco have ousted chesa boudin. the mayor will appoint a replacement. and in los angeles, the mayor's race will be decided by a run-. on in november. democrats rick caruso and congresswoman karen bass fell shofrt 50% threshold. >> now to the crisis on just about everyone's mind. inflation and the record high gas prices. it looks like things may get worse before they get better. the u.s. treasury secretary is calling on congress to take action. this morning, americans are spending $700 million more on gas every day than they were this time last year. >> we now have 14 different states where the average has already surpassed that $5 gallon
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mrk, and seeing some tremendous increases. >> in just the last week, the average price for gas in michigan jumping 51 cents. in indiana, up 48 cents. in ohio, 46 cents. there's no relief in sight due to soaring demands overseas due in part to the war in ukraine. now hurricane season could send prices surging even higher. >> this overall era of high prices could stick around for several years. if a hurricane hits refineries or oil production, could it take months for supply to get back to normal. >> reporter: airfares are also climbing due to higher fuel costs. the average cost of a domestic round trim is now $410, compared to $283 last june. while americans are still spending, they're becoming less generous. one survey finding the number of people who always tip at restaurants has dropped from 77% to 73%. >> we are now entering a period of transition.
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>> reporter: on capitol hill tuesday, the treasury secretary janet yellen called the inflation we're seeing unacceptable. she urged congress to provide more affordable housing and bring down prescription drug prices. and she pushed back against those who blame the biden administration's spending policies, including pandemic stimulus checks for fueling today's inflation. >> in designing the policy, there are various risks that need to be taken into account. of course, inflation was one of them. but the overwhelming risk was that americans would be scarred by a deep and long recession. >> yellen's testimony comes days after she acknowledged she was wrong last year when she said inflation posed only a small risk. >> back to gas prices. we're fast approaching a national average price of 5 per gallon. analysts say that will likely prompt more families to take a closer look at their spending habits. overseas, russia is claiming
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major progress in ukraine. they have secured a land bridge kegt the black sea to the eastern donbas region. if it's true, it would be a top achievement for the kremlin. in the north, a moment of hope during the bombing of kharkiv. workers rescued this man buried under the rubble of a destroyed building. a kansas woman faces up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to helping isis. allison admitted training more than 100 women in syria, including her own daughter. the fbi says she discussed attacking a college campus and shopping mall in the u.s. a former friend said she doesn't recognize the woman she once knew. >> she just changed into someone i don't know. when i see the picture, i'm looking at it and she looks empty and cold. >> she also revealed a connection to the attack in mbenga, libya, that killed four americans. she'll be sentenced in october. a new caravan of migrants
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includes up to 5,000 people from central america and venezuela. also in southern california, a dire new warning about water shortages. officials say unless more limits are imposed, quote, we won't have enough water to get us through year. it comes after new data show residents in the los angeles area use 26% more water in april than they can two years ago despite the historic drought. with that, let's take a look now at your wednesday weather. severe storms dropped hail around omaha, nebraska turning streets into flowing rivers. some of the hail was the size of baseballs. the storm have moved into the midwest and ohio valley. on the radar, expect rain in the eastern half of the nation today. flooding is possible from oklahoma to northern georgia. and checking today's high
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temperatures, heat advisories are expected for most of the southwest. a risk of fires and record heat in texas. coming up, the olympics make a big change when it come to figure skating. but first, 56 massage therapyists in 17 months. the new revelations in the sexual misconduct statement surrounding shawn watson. plus, the new
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a big change in the olympics when it comes to figure skating. in the wake of russian doping scandal involving a fence-year-old, the international skating union is raising the age limit to 17. the change was in the works even
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before the scandal. officials say the new rule is aimed at protecting skaters' physical and mental health. we turn to the growing sexual misconduct scandal surrounding the nfl star quarterback deshaun watson as more women file lawsuis against him. we're learning more about the alleged role his former team may have played in the scandal. >> reporter: this morning "the new york times" reports nfl star deshaun watson when he was with the houston texans booked massage appointments with at least 66 different women over appeared of 17 months. the list includes the 24 women who have filed civil lawsuits against watson, claiming sexual misconduct. two of the lawsuits filed in the last week. the women claimed watt son had a pattern of turning massages sexual without their consent. >> in three of the cases, he had consense you'll sex with the massage therapyist after the massage was over. so it raises questions about, did deshaun go into every one of these treating the massage
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therapist as if they were sex workers? >> reporter: the times reports a nondisclosure agreement that he gave to some of the women involved came from the houston texans' director of security. watson's legal team responded to the latest lawsuit saying deshaun continues to deny he did anything appropriate with any of the plaintiffs. and watt son broke his silence on instagram tuesday posting lyrics to a song in which the singer denies rumors being told about him online. so far two grand juries have declined to pursue criminal charges against him. but the nfl is investigating whether he violated the league's code of conduct. >> we do know if you're in the national football league, you haven't even needed civil charges to make daigs before. the mere fact this stuff is in the news is enough for the national football league to make a decision as to whether or not they want deshaunl watson playing this year. >> reporter: according to previous court documents, watt
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son allegedly offered $100,000 to each plaintiff to settle their cases, but the offer was not accepted. >> a new push to find the proverbial found of an youth. oil rich saudi arabia is reportedly going to spend $1 billion per year to find ways to slow down the aging process. the kingdom has started a foundation that will fund scientists working to develop anti-aging drugs. coming up, the reality tv stars convicted of fraud. a new way to stop thieves a new way to stop thieves from stealing catalytic ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we believe there's an innovator in all of us. ♪ ♪ that's why we build technology that makes it possible for every business... and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things.
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start an anti-diarrheal and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain, and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you're nursing, pregnant or plan to be. every day matters. and i want more of them. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. back now with a small plane crashing into this home in southern california. the pilot suffered serious injuries after the plane hit a brick wall. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. more cities across the country are seeing a spike in thefts of catalytic converters which can be resold for big money due to the metal inside them. it can be a devastating loss for
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a car owner, in some cases, totaling their vehicle. it is hard to trace the converter back to the owner. there is a move to etch the number into the catalytic converter. until we've seen like nascar, they get the jacks, cut them off and get these items. $300 a piece. it is a lucrative night. >> 18 states have passed laws banning auto recyclers semiing catalytic converters. two stars from reality tv could face up to 30 years in prison after being convicted on fraud charges. the chrisleys apparently did not know best. this morning, prosecutors say the wealth on display during the reality show chrisley knows best was a lie. >> in a year we probably spent $300,000, sometime more just on clothing. >> reporter: todd and julie chrisley found guilty on charges
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such as bank fraud and tax evasion. the jury found them guilt why of conspiring to defraud community banks. and conspiring to defraud the irs using one of the company to hide income. julie was also convicted of wire fraud and obstruction of justice. >> you believe we get all the way up there and this one right here leaves her wallet? >> reporter: chrisley knows best is heading into the tenth season. it follows the lavish lifestyle of todd chrisley, a georgia real estate mogul, and his boisterous family. they are known for pranking each other like this time when he pretended having his mother arrested. >> i have concocted a lot of schemes in my day getting back at people. but this here, this is the crown jewel. >> reporter: they insist they did nothing wrong saying someone else controlled their finances. their accountant was also found guilty on fraud and tax charges.
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the atlanta fbi saying as today's outcome shows, when you lie, cheat and steal, justice is blind as to your fame, your fortune and your position. the chrisleys' case, from the real housewives of new jersey. they pled guilty to fraud charges in 2014 and served prison time. the chrisleys and their accountant will be sentenced in october. todd chrisley's attorney plans to appeal. andrew? mona? thank you. coming up, a big sale at target. plus, something we never
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not enough demand. because of pandemic related supply chain worries from last year, target has about 40% more inventory than it did this time last year. to get rid of it, the company is slashing prices. >> the biggest bargains will be on furniture, electronics, appliances and some clothing like sweat pants. no word if other retailers will follow suit. speaking of bargains, a popular item at the grocery store seems to be immune to inflation. >> rotisserie chicken. as i like to call it, poultry in motion. you can still get them at bjs and costco for under $5. it is not because the poultry prices aren't going up. it is a marketing strategy to get shoppers in the door. sf like the costco hotdogs. next, a cheesy way to do your nails. >> this is for anyone who really loves velveeta. it is the inspiration for two new cheese scented nail
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polishes. the red and yellow colors come as a set and yes, they smell like velveeta. next, it is no longer fashionable to be fashionably late. >> pungs tulty. there is less to the rags for lateness after years of zoom meetings. next, a major streaming record about to be broken. stranger things is on track to be the biggest hit on netflix ever. season four is expected to pass bridgerton as the most watched on netflix. and the song running up the hill is now number one on spotify after being featured on the show. the song peaked in 1985 but it is having rae surgence. finally, a fury face-off. >> check out this video on the inside of the home. an 8-year-old wheaton terrier named ben. on the outside, a bear.
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> this is a movement, not a moment in history. >> what is next now that voters recalled the san francisco district attorney. >> after months of campaigning, recall supporters are celebrating. why they say they are not surprised by this outcome. >> tonight's game three of the nba finals. the warriors on the road, hoping to beat boston to leave the series. the countdown to abc's coverage. >> it is a new look. it's on your screen, as you can see, where two huge watch parties are tonight. we will start with a check on the weather. >> we are tracking the less comfortable day of the week. tomorrow, hotter weather moves in, and those hot temperatures just accelerate on friday. right now it is a little breezy out there. we have wind gusts at 22 miles per hou


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