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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 9, 2022 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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a protester with a bullhorn approached president biden's motorcade in downtown los angeles, getting the immediate attention of the secret service. they tackled her to the ground but had a tough time keeping her there. no word yet on whether she's going to face any charges. the president is in l.a. for the summit of the americas. the national average price for gas has hit another record high. it's now $4.96 a gallon. that's 64 cents higher than it was just one month ago according to aaa. abc's alex perez has the details. >> reporter: the number of areas with gas averaging a whopping $5 a gallon or more is up to at least 16 states and washington, d.c. >> we are now over a week of basically setting records every hour or so as gas prices continue to climb.
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>> reporter: just look at these increases from a week ago. monroe, michigan, 69 cents. covington, kentucky, 70. and elgin, illinois, an hour from chicago, prices exploding nearly a dollar in the last week. the rising price is forcing families coast to coast to cut back. >> i cut starbucks so i can get to work every day. >> we can't afford to keep coming to work and not be able to afford the gas. >> reporter: connie love runs an in-home care service in huntsville, alabama. >> we have had some caregivers turn down some transportation shifts because of the price of gas. >> reporter: the record-breaking prices now even straining municipal budgets. >> this month, we just turned in our budget, and we spent $9,900. >> reporter: the whiteside county, illinois, sheriff's department is spending nearly twice what they did on gas last year. >> a lot of gas mileage, but we'll continue to keep them out on the streets somehow. >> reporter: so far they say they don't plan on cutting back
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on patrols. because of those budget constraints, the sheriff here isabella county, michigan, says they will respond to some non-emergency calls by phone rather than dispatch a vehicle. alex perez, abc news, mt. pleasant, michigan. >> alex, thank you. that spike in prices is motivating thieves to devise creative ways to steal gas. investigators in las vegas say they use normal-looking trucks modified on the inside with complex piping capable of carrying thousands of gallons. then they open gas pumps, tweak the gears to lower the prices, fill up, and drive off. >> okay. interesting. >> yeah. coming up, the new online food trend. sparkling water with balsamic vinegar? >> i don't get this one. but first, the 13-year-old who found a football trading card worth $100,000. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ go on, take the money and run ♪ there's always the temptation to take the money and run when you stumble upon something valuable. >> that was the dilemma faced by one 13-year-old boy from ohio. will is back with that story. >> hey, yeah. johnny stone and his father, chad, ordered three boxes of football cards from their local vintage store in february but had to wait until this past week to get their hands on the haul. turns out it was more than worth the wait. it's the moment every card collector dreams of. >> look one of one mac jones. let's go! let's go! >> 13-year-old johnny stone finding a football card of new england quarterback mac jones, the only one of its kind in the world. >> am i dreaming right now? >> the money's cool. the card is cool. his reaction on camera is what made this thing priceless. i can't explain how it makes me
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feel as a father. >> i was very excited, and i knew that it was definitely a big pool, and i knew we would probably be able to sell it quickly, too, since it's opening day. >> opening day for card collectors around the world. and johnny hit the jackpot. >> there's only one of them in the world, and it's definitely probably a 1 in 15 million chance, because they printed so many boxes. >> chad and johnny have been collecting and selling since 2017. their business called stone sports cards. >> it's actually an llc. it helps him learn the ins and outs of how to run a business. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> within 24 hours, johnny and his dad had a buyer, a private collector from michigan who paid $100,000 in stone cold cash. what does someone your age do with that amount of money? >> well, my dad and i split it 70-30 because he buys everything and i sell everything., because
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everything and i selland i sell everything. so with my 30%, my mom's making me save most of it. >> and he'll purchase more cards too, of course. >> if we keep hitting cards like this, then it might not be a side hustle. >> i mean if you keep hitting cards like this, i'm going to quit my job here and join you guys. >> this card's worth $100,000-plus! >> since johnny sold it, the mac jones card has been resold already for $175,000. meanwhile, johnny and his dad are still excited to continue growing that business, bonding over it, and they're both headed to the national sports collectors convention next month in atlantic city. >> that is so cool. 100-plus k. with flangs, inoperation, he can buy, like, two more baseball cards. >> maybe like a gallon of gas. >> oh, man. >> also, what is my pikachu card now worth? >> is it holographic? >> could it have made me a millionaire? >> we'll never know.
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>> we will never know. coming up, fake coca-cola made from vinegar. wait. what? that's next. we're watching "world news now."
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♪ time now for "wait, what?" although it should be more like "wait, stop." >> exactly. >> we are starting with a kitchen conundrum. >> one woman's desperate cry for
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help over a pair of bowls garnered nearly 20,000 responses. >> wait, what? >> new york artist chi nguyen turned to twitter for help when, while doing dishes, she got one of her ceramic bowls stuck inside a slightly larger bowl. >> for days on the advice of strangers, she tried using everything from an electric toothbrush to wd-40 to help unstick the bowls. unfortunately, she chipped the smaller bowl in the process. but they were still stuck. >> then she enlisted the help of her toddler and her suction cup toy, but that didn't work either. >> in the end, nguyen says it was a firm bang on her carpet that finally separated the bowls. >> i was following this whole drama for the last, like, several days. it was amazing to watch. i was invested. next, to the latest food craze on tiktok. i apologize in advance. that involves drinking balsamic vinegar with flavored seltzer water. >> this is what i meant by "wait, stop."
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>> wait! stop! tiktoker amanda jones went viral with nearly 5 million views describing this concoction as a healthy alternative to coca-cola recommended by her pilates instructor. she alleged they drank it almost every day, claiming that it tastes just like coke. >> to be clear, i don't even like coke, so the fact that i'm trying this is for you guys. >> will, tell us how to do this. how much parts? >> so i would go like one part balsamic vinegar. >> you put the vinegar in first? >> yes. then take your seltzer. i don't know what flavors you guys have there. i have pomegranate. >> one of these days, the producers are going to make me throw up on tv. >> let's try to avoid that today. >> open mind, right. >> mix it up, mix it up. shall we, guys? >> this is so much pressure. >> it looks like coke. >> who's getting there first? >> all right. i'll go for it. cheers. >> okay. >> okay, it's not as bad as i thought. >> sour, sour. >> sour, yeah.
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, academy award winner laura dern. and star of the new series, "ms. marvel," iman yellani. also "live's summer school week" continues with the tech class you need to check out. plus, actress ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next on "live!" and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! >> ryan: hi. good morning, deja. how are you? >> ali: thank you. >> ryan: good morning. we made it to wednesday, june 8th.


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