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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 9, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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recover right now. trains have started to get moving in the past 10 minutes. reggie: good morning on this thursday, june 9. we have team coverage starting with jobina. jobina: the trains started moving about 10 minutes ago. bart reported this outage and a system failure. we are live with sky 7 overhead. look at those people getting on the train. this is at the hayward station. bart experienced a computer failure, so systemwide trains were not moving. they started moving about 10 minutes ago, but i want to talk about the impact here. these are the details on the graphic. if you rely on bart, you can get on. the bad news is there are major delays and also delays on our roadways. because of this, people started getting in their car.
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lights came on earlier than normal and traffic is backed up into the maze, so we are seeing residual effects all over the east bay now. reggie: we knew bart was running again because ryan curry is at a bart station and saw it was happening. our people getting back on these trains? >> respect to see that first train arrive any minute now. it should be coming here, showig signs that we are recovered from that systemwide computer issue that delayed traffic through the day. you are seeing some people on the platform. that was not the case 10, 15 minutes ago. they just reopened the gates to allow people back to the platform and eventually the train saying two minutes for the first san francisco bound train as opposed to the train on the
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others. that is about a half hour away. we have not confirmed whether the train is on time right now. sky 7 you can see flying over. we just saw on the monitor that they have restored service. it is just slowly trickling back to its timeframe. any minute now, that first san francisco bound train, expect it to arrive. a breath of fresh air for a lot of commuters, who told me their days were in -- were iacd starting with this morning when they could not figure out where they were going to go due to the outage. it seems as though trains will be moving again. we are waiting to see what that delay is going to look like and how soon it will get back up to normal operating hours and operating time frames. anybody taking bart can expect a significant delay.
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trains are going to slowly trickle in. if you are planning our morning commute, plan ahead. give yourself extra time because it will be a messy morning for bart. reggie: glad at least later commuters will get a chance. drew: hot weather arrives. outside right now, we are in the 50's and low 60's. we expect partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies on your thursday. we won by lunchtime into the 70's and 80's. by the afternoon, it is a warm to hot day, well into the 80's for a lot of us. inland, we make it to the mid-90's. hotter weather arrives tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up. reggie: the house select committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitals going public with his findings. what is up with the hearings tonight?
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jobina: this is the first of six hearings the committee will hold. lawmakers will show never before seen material from that day and at least two witnesses will testify. the panel says it will layout how former president trump and his allies provoked the attack and works to overturn the presidential election. >> the idea that all of this was just a rowdy demonstration that got out of control is absurd. you do not almost knock over the u.s. government by accident. >> people are going to be surprised how much was known. jobina: the first witnesses are expected to be a u.s. capitol police officer injured in the riot and a british filmmaker embedded with the far right proud boys. we will have special coverage of the hearing starting at 5:00 p.m.. you can watch here on abc seven or wherever you stream. at 7:00, jeopardy and wheel of
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fortune will air at the normal times. a special edition of abc news is live at 8:00 followed by a documentary. at 10:00, it is a pride month special. reggie: if misery loves company, the chase center was the place to be. dubnation filled the arena hoping for a win, but it did not happen. tickets for a game four watch party are on sale now, $25 each. free watch parties are still being held and you need to preregister for those. kumasi: dubnation made their way to the east coast. despite boston taking the lead, warriors fans are certain the doves will come out -- dubs will come out on top.
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celtics fans celebrated outside td garden, but warriors fans still had pride. >> we are good. we had a lot more fans out here, so not mad about it. kumasi: abc 7 is the place to cheer on the warriors as they take on the celtics game four. the pregame show starts tomorrow at 5:00. reggie: klay thompson did not hold back his feelings when he was asked about the boston celtics fans. >> it was not a factor. we have played in front of rude people before, dropping of bombs -- f bombs with children in the crowd. reggie: fans were heard chanting expletives toward draymond green. kumasi: game four of the nba
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finals is tomorrow. tipoff is at 6:00. san francisco will decide who will replace the district attorney. reggie: plus a new round of campaigning. the race for san jose mayor now down to two candidates. drew: we are talking about dangerous heat coming our way tomorrow with heat advisories and excessive heat warnings going into effect should finish our week. we will talk about how long the you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment and a free streaming box... ...risk free with no term contract and a 2-year rate guarantee for just $30 a month when you add xfinity mobile. learn how you can get all this and one unlimited line of mobile for 2 years for about the same price you could pay other providers for one unlimited 5g line. it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today!
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>> we are starting with that commuter alert for bart. trains are moving again. the system was completely shut down because of a computer failure. bart is now saying to expect major delays systemwide. this is a live look from sky 7 of a train leaving at this point. we are seeing some earlier transit buses because there were several agencies providing mutual aid. they are still working out kinks, so you can hop on a bus at a bart station if you need to. because of these issues with bart, the lights came on earlier and we are seeing backups in this area. drew: we are taking a look at
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the drought monitor. we just got the latest info a few minutes ago and there is no change to the drop monitor from last week. that means the exceptional drought category continues to encompass about 12% of the state. let's talk about warming temperatures. you can get rid of your light layer quickly this morning, 70's and 80's by 11:00 a.m. and going to the 90's this afternoon. highs today are warm to hot, 75 in the city but 95 in concord. 83 for fremont and palo alto, very warm today at 88 degrees. we are heating up quickly tomorrow, even hotter tomorrow. by saturday, warm to hot temperatures but cooler by their moves in for the second half of the weekend. we will show you the full forecast. kumasi: here comes another pride
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>> checking>> back in on bart, this is sky 7. earlier this morning, shortly after 5:00 a.m., bart experienced a computer failure which shutdown the system, meaning no trains were running for nearly an hour. expect major delays relying on bart for your commute this morning. kumasi: in the south bay, fire damaged san jose at st. paul's united methodist church. witnesses told police about a man suspected of setting the fire and officers arrested him. images show damage inside the church, including a burned altar. the church is set to host outdoor services sunday. reggie: the sanford's -- san
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francisco mayor says a lot people have reached out to her to express interest in becoming the next da. she says as she considers who will take over she has received input from multiple people, including wrongly accused people who went to jail and people who still have challenges with the criminal justice system. >> getting this well-rounded perspective of people on both sides is ision like this and i l say in every conversation i have had with people they believe in a level of accountability. reggie: the mayor says the recall does not mean criminal justice reform is over in san francisco. reggie: -- kumasi: a new round of campaigning for the mayoral hopefuls who made it through the primary. chavez says she brings experience to the table.
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>> as a new candidate, you can focus on promises. as an experienced official, i have to be able to explain my accomplishments. kumasi: chavez says those include getting children access to health insurance. he says well he has not been in local government long he is bringing fresh ideas. >> she has been the architect of the approach to homelessness and public safety in our county and it is not working. we are spending nearly $1 million to house one homeless person. kumasi: they are facing off in the general election november 8. reggie: get updated election results by going to /election. a new flag is flying over city hall. this is the first year the city will display the progressive pride flag. it was purchased by a project
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that provides counseling for young people. kumasi: cher is teaming up with her saatchi -- versace for a pride collection. it includes a pair of socks from hundred $25, a baseball hat, a t-shirt, and a pride church that has diamonds on it. that is $3300. the items are decked out with a rainbow versace logo and signatures. the proceeds support a charity. abc 7 is proud to sponsor the san francisco pride parade on june 26. you will be able to watch it live on our broadcast and app. you can see all our coverage at reggie: no shade to versace or cher, but i am going to tell you
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now i think our pride shirts are cuter. kumasi: do they have diamonds? reggie: it is a diamond-shaped print. we could bedazzled them. kumasi: we could have a bedazzle party ahead of pride. reggie: everyone is going to have these t-shirts who are marching in the parade for us or hosting it. but not everybody will be bedazzled. drew: does cher know about inflation? who is paying $3300 for a t-shirt? how do you wash that? is that dryclean only? kumasi: you wear it once. reggie: there is no washing it. drew: i constantly spill things
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on myself. good for her, though. let's take a live look outside. partly cloudy skies out there. that is how the day really shapes up and it is all about hot temperatures the next couple days. we have an excessive heat warning tomorrow. looking at temperatures right now, we are in the 50's, if not low 60's. let's talk about the heat coming our way this afternoon. it is a one-day around san jose. around the been select, 83 in palo alto. that's peninsula -- peninsula, 83 in palo alto. 95, santa rosa. low to mid 90's from napa sonoma . the east bay is warm. 82, hercules. 94 and livermore.
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overnight tonight, we will hang onto warm, 60's and 70's and spots. friday, that is the launching pad into a hot afternoon. you can see 80's and 90's around the shoreline, 100 degrees from santa rosa to napa to livermore. when we are near 90 in oakland, you know it is going to be hot, probably close to 80 degrees for san francisco. we are turning up the heat today, just a hot day tomorrow with heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. we are still warm saturday but we have a huge drop in temperatures. temperatures will rebound back to summerlike heat by tuesday and wednesday. >> great to be with both of you this morning.
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coming up, the investigation into the january 6 insurrection. we have a look at video that will be played at the prime time hearing. an interview with the parents of the college freshman who almost died while pledging a fraternity. we will see surveillance video from that night, the first time it has been publicly seen. as gas prices hit a high, hope for a summer getaway is still out there. it might just be the best value vacation this summer. and jennifer lopez on a mission that could help so many women. finally, father's day deals and steals. that and more coming up on gma.
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jobina: we are continuing to cover breaking news with bart. in a little after 5:00 this morning, bart experienced a computer failure that shut down the system, so trains stop running for nearly an hour. this is a live look following a train approaching the west oakland workstation, so trains are moving again. bart says expect to experience major delays through your commute. because of this, things have backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza, so we will keep an eye on the situation. drew: it looks like a mess on
6:26 am
the bridge now. we are warming up quickly later this morning into the afternoon. a little haze in our atmosphere with high-pressure moving in, bringing heat but also declining our air quality. a lot of sunshine on our camera, one of those mornings where temperatures more quickly. by noon, we are in the 70's and 80's, near 70 along the coast, 80's and 90's inland and our hottest spots. tomorrow is hotter than that, pretty hot across the entire state. excessive heat warnings encompass a portion of california. tomorrow, our hottest spots meeting or exceeding 100 degrees. drew: new development in oakland, where officials are telling protesters who have occupied a school they have to leave immediately.
6:27 am
parker k-8 officially closed last month. officials say there are many safety issues, including inadequate supervision for children and fire hazards. protesters demand a school be removed from the list. kumasi: hundreds of streets in san francisco will be a lot smoother. it is part of a road repair and accountability act from 2017, the largest transportation funding in state history. the program will create safer roads for pedestrians and people with disabilities. reggie: a survey asked americans what they would do if they won a jackpot and the answers may surprise you. more than 80% said they would keep the winning secret, especially from family members. 10% say they would quit their jobs immediately.
6:28 am
52% do not trust coworkers and think they would never see the cash if they won a lottery pool at work. kumasi: which is the worst one, keeping it from your family? reggie: you tell your spouse. that is it, right? kumasi: that is really it. reggie: you are generous but you are not writing checks for tens of thousands of dollars. kumasi: then it is just your business. reggie: you do not quit immediately because that is too much of a sign. kumasi: how long, three weeks? reggie: i think a year. make it a year. in california, you cannot stay anonymous, just so you know. next, the leeches -- latest onrr the computer failure, but you
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. kumasi: we are still tracking that major bart issue. for nearly an hour now this morning, no trains were running because of a computer issue. the problem is fixed, but the damage is done for your morning commute. reggie: we are going to start
6:32 am
with jobina who is tracking problems we have had with bart and the recovery. jobina: we want to start with a look at sky 7. trains are moving. shortly after 5:00 this morning, bart experienced a computer failure systemwide, which stops trains. they started moving again around 5:50. mutual aid was provided, but bart is now saying expect major delays through the system. major delays means over 20 minutes. ryan curry was at the station about an hour ago and said it was about 30 minutes for the train headed toward antioch, so that is what you're looking at in terms of the wait time. also, you will wait at the bay bridge toll plaza. chp turned the meter lights on early.
6:33 am
traffic is backed up to 24 right now. reggie: how is it going there? ryan: we are on our way up to the top of the platform to give you a look at where things are now in terms of where trains are running because things are confusing. we do not have a good estimate as to what trains are running in which direction. we just got told the first train just arrived on this platform. no one knew about it. they showed up and said this train is running, you should get on it. the san francisco line overwe se after that first one. there are no passengers now because they just left the
6:34 am
station, but things are moving steady through the morning as they recover from that issue, still a little confusing because signs have been confusing as well as timing. the san francisco line is seeing times from around 10 to 15 minutes, every train running about 10 to 15 minutes. on the antioch side, it is a different story. we saw sky 7 follow these trains. they have restored power. it is now a matter of getting things to a timely fashion. with that is a significant delay. we heard how it commute. if you are taking bart and on this line in the eastve yourself extra time. we have been here all morning
6:35 am
and we can say it is confusing and challenging at times. we are about to see a train arrive just minutes after we saw another train arrive, so things are confusing but still it is going to be an interesting morning. we will send it back to you as we see this train come back to the platform. drew: let's talk about the weather. get ready for a warm to hot day. heat sticks with us for several days. you are waking up with numbers in the 50's and 60's. a nice-looking shot from the airport and here is how your day looks. the light layer you need for the next hour or so. you can get rid of it this morning because we are warming quickly into the 70's and 80's and the coast getting close to
6:36 am
the 70's. inland, our hottest spots in the mid to upper 90's this afternoon. it gets even hotter tomorrow with heat advisories to finish the week. kumasi: a southern california man is in custody, accused of plotting to assassinate supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. u.s. marshals arrested him yesterday in maryland. investigators say he showed up at the house armed. he called 911, telling the dispatcher he was suicidal and there to kill kavanaugh. this was reaction from one of his neighbors. >> glad nobody was hurt. just pray for the family because they are going through a lot. kumasi: authority say he was angry about the uvalde shooting
6:37 am
and the leaked supreme court pass legislation to enhancee security for justices and their families. >> it is appalling that anyone would consider committing violence against a supreme court justice. i opposed his nomination and there is a way to do that in this country. it is the democratic process. to threaten harm is outrageous and i am concerned about the safety of our supreme court justices. kumasi: the bill has been stalled in the house since the senate passed it after protests in front of homes after the draft leak. reggie: the house approved new gun regulations following an emotional hearing. this plan has basically no chance of passing the senate.
6:38 am
jobina: five republicans joined st house democrats and passing the bill. it would raise the minimum age for buying semi automatic rifles and shotguns, band large capacity magazines and ghost gun kits. it came after testimony from families of victims. lawmakers also heard from a pediatrician who saw firsthand the damage and ar-15 can do. >> you have to make sure this becomes a voting issue. it has to be one of those issues where you decide your position on the issue on what we are going to do on assault weapons, what you say is going to determine how i am going to vote for you. jobina: there is a bipartisan group of senators working on a
6:39 am
gun reform bill. there could be an agreement on a framework by tomorrow. reggie: gun safety bills went before state lawmakers yesterday, including regulating ghost guns and cracking down on the manufacturer of firearms by unlicensed people. a woman who volunteers with a group appeared in front of lawmakers. >> motiv lot of people. even if we see in action again, i think we have people around the country ready to stand up and say no more. reggie: other bills would require school districts to educate parents and require community violence prevention recovery as a medical benefit. kumasi: if you have gone through a bay area toll plaza and not paid a bill, you could be in for a shocking realization. there are millions of dollars in
6:40 am
unpaid tolls, and tens of thousands of people could be hit. this is part of a new cracked on by the bridge authority, facing a backlog of unpaid tolls that come up to around $50 million. our media partners reporting opponents of the move argue it is not fair to drivers. they say it is based on vehicle registration and not always an accurate way to build drivers. sometimes, drivers change addresses. the bridge authority will discuss payment plans for those on the federal poverty level. reggie: by 20:32 -- by 2032, our national parks could all be plastic free, banning the use of single use plastic items from nationals, will be biodegradable or made from reusable materials like glass or stainless steel. how you can build and play video
6:41 am
games in real time. kumasi: this is a live look at the stock exchange, another update on the markets next. reggie: the boston celtics have a lead over the warriors in the finals. first, an update on that major commuter alert. jobina: good morning. we are going to start with the graphics here so you can get details of what happened. bart experienced a computer failure through the system. trains stopped moving for nearly an hour. now they are back on the move. this is a lie look -- live look from sky 7. trains were moving. the big note from officials is used expect major delays. they qualify that need to wait for your normalg ts impaing traffic at the toll
6:42 am
plaza. it is going to take you about 22 minutes to get across the bay bridge once you make it through the metering lanes. carpool lanes are moving great, so it might be a nice time to hop in with some friends if you can. we will continue to track this through our show. drew: here is a live look from san jose, partly cloudy skies out there. high pressure at this ridge is building in today and accelerates, acting like a heat pump to bring us that return of summer like heat. we warm quickly this morning. by 11:00 a.m., 70's and 80's in our warmest spots. into the afternoon, we expect our hottest spots to go into the 90's, even around the bay shoreline. it is a warm to hot day for a lot of us. we hit 81 in oakland. 80 in san mateo.
6:43 am
rosa. 92 in napa. temperatures rise more tomorrow. we have a heat advisory and an excessive heat warning for friday for a portion of the bay area and the south bay for the risk of heat exhaustion, even heatstroke, because of hot temperatures. the next three days, we are turning up the heat. tomorrow is even hotter. we expect a lot of 90's even around the shoreline. saturday, it is still warm to hot but turns cooler. you will preview the entire we you will preview the entire we can forecast after the break. when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics
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without talking to your doctor. jobina: wejobina: are continuing to follow developing news with bart. this is a live look over the richmond bart station. trains are on the move after being shut down for nearly an hour between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning because of a systemwide computer failure. expect major delays if you are relying on bart for your commute. expect at leas delay from your regular train time. reggie: there may be an end in sight to the latest wave of rising covid case. experts suggest the surge may reach its peak by the end of june. variants like ba.2 have been extending the viral transmission lately. >> the fact that
6:47 am
hospitalizations in one part of the country are going down, that deaths have stabilized suggests we are hopefully in for a lull. reggie: that news mixed with a new poster -- booster rollout for children gives hope to doctors, stressing the importance of masking and booster shots to stay healthy through the summer. kumasi: as prices for flights continue to soar, food service workers say they are tired of not having a livable wage and affordable health care. this is a live look from our camera. up to 150 food service employees allege management is stalling contract negotiations. this includes airline catering workers, cashiers, and cooks. employees planned to protest this afternoon.
6:48 am
if you are heading to sfo, take that into consideration. now to the nba finals and the heartbreaking loss for the heartbreaking loss for the warriors last night. after three games, the warriors are down 2-1 as the celtics take that lead. in the fourth quarter, one of the players landed on steph curry's leg and curry says it felt like the same sprain he had back in march. he is expected to play tomorrow, but he is waiting to see the extent of the injury. >> that is what it felt like and now we will see how i respond. not milch -- much other to say. i do not feel like i will miss a game, so take advantage of the next 48 hours to get ready. >> we need him to win this thing. he is going to do everything in his power to play, so i'm hoping he is ok. he is our identity. without him, it would be difficult. kumasi: the warriors and celtics
6:49 am
battle for a championship. governor newsom anti-governor of massachusetts are jumping in on the action. charlie baker promised the finals and wagered that if the warriors will win you will wear -- he will wear a jersey that newsom chooses. newsom said he is taking the bet. reggie: will reeve is covering the finals for gma. he checks in from boston. >> tough loss for the hometown warriors last night, down 2-1 in the series. aim four tomorrow night. this morning is gma. we have everything you need to know for the finals, plus more, including me trying to make a shot that are than that. -- better than that. i am not really a basketball player. reggie: i had hoped for that
6:50 am
shot. remember that time kumasi made her shot on tv? kumasi: i remember. reggie: it was not live. how many takes? kumasi: 10. reggie: that is better than i could do. kumasi: abc 7 is the only place you can watch the warriors and nba finals. our coverage starts at 5:00 tomorrow night and then it is in the account down at 5:30. reggie: if you ever wanted to design your own videogame, meta has something new for you, a platform that lets you build and play games in real time. it is available to anyone with a facebook account. kumasi: twitter will give into elon musk's demands for raw data on spam and bought accounts and he called off his deal to buy twitter over the data.
6:51 am
twitter is moving forward with offering sneak peaks a product about to hit the market. those drops are like regular tweets. they can be retweeted and shared. the company is testing the new feature with selected partners, including home depot. drew: we are down about 60 points so far. now we are going to look at what is happening with traffic. the big story, bart. jobina: we are starting with a live look at sky 7. it was heading from the richmond station. what we learned is around 5:00 or after bart experienced a system failure with the computers, so it shut down everything. the trains were not running for nearly an hour. they are back and moving. you can also expect major delays at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:52 am
it will take you about 22 minutes to get across the bay bridge into san francisco, but traffic is backed up on 580 and 24, where our earlier commuters tend to drive through those two corridors there. it is moving. just expect major delays. drew: we are warming up today with comfortable temperatures yesterday but things will change this afternoon and heat accelerates tomorrow. we are heating up the next few days. we have that excessive heat warning friday. the weekend starts off warm to hot and then we are cooler sunday. taking a look at temperatures, we are mainly in the 50's now, so a light layer needed. you can get rid of it around nine :00 a.m. because we warm up this morning. 80's to low 90's to morgan hill.
6:53 am
along the coast, upper 60's to near 70. 68 in brighton. 95 in santa rosa. as we look at the east bay, 81 in oakland. 70 in richmond but 83 in the valley. inland, into the 90's. 94 and livermore. we will hang on to some of these warm temperatures overnight. 60's, if not low 70's, into friday. friday, we have heat advisories and excessive heat warnings. we expect our warmest spots to meet or exceed 80 degrees. the next seven days are about turning up the heat. we are warm to hot to start the weekend, but the big drop in temperatures sunday. both days come expect a lot of
6:54 am
sunshine. we are warming up for next week. kumasi: scooby doo fans have a chance to spend one night inside a life-size mystery machine for $20. airbnb is celebrating the 20 the anniversary of the live action scooby doo movie. after matthew lillard will host a virtual greeting and guests can enjoy lots of scooby snacks and b-movie in an outdoor lounge under the stars. you can start booking next week, june 16. reggie: i watched scooby doo a lot as a kid and i remember being scared. it was about scary monsters and ghosts. it was always fake because they will pull the mask off. kumasi: the way they set it up was very -- reggie: it was spooky and then it was like, mr. smithers? the one who operates the tilt a whirl? you can watch all our newscasts live and on-demand on the
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connected tv app. you can download the app now and start streaming. kumasi: let's take a live look outside.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
a systemwide failure with its computer system that started shortly after 5:00 this morning. the train stopped running for nearly an hour. art is saying you can expect major delays for your commute. kumasi: the house select committee is holding a televised hearing tonight. lawmakers say they will show never before seen material. you can watch that live starting at 5:00 p.m. reggie: the house passed a gun reform bill, but it is not expected to pass the senate. a bipartisan group of senators are working on their own bill. kumasi: tens of thousands of people could have -- because of a crackdown on unpaid bridge tolls. they totaled more than $180 million. reggie: the celtics have taken the lead in the nba finals. you can watch it on abc seven. drew: to.
6:59 am
e and 90's ay from theoast and that hot weather accelerates tomorrow. we have excessive heat warnings, widespread 90's, if not 100 degrees in our warmest cities. kumasi: we did not see this picture. went -- when cher puts it on, is it a vibe? she is teaming up with versace for a private collection. the teacher you see here, a baseball hat, and the shirt has diamonds on it. it is $3300. reggie: why -- what is the best cher song and why is it song for the lonely? drew: you are alone in that one. we can appreciate some.
7:00 am
jobina: that is not number one to you? drew: i am not getting dragged this morning. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this thursday morning an exclusive look at footage from the capitol riot ahead of tonight's primetime hearing. chaos at the capitol. never-before-seen footage from the january 6th riot. and mayhem building. plus, who will provide testimony including those closest to the former president? overnight, what president biden is saying about gun violence in america. >> you got to make sure that this becomes a voting issue. >> plus, the emotional testimony on capitol hill. the fourth grader who survived the uvalde massacre and the parents of 1 of the 19 young victims.


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