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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 9, 2022 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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joining us on this interactive show, getting answers. world news tonight is tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a deadly workplace shooting. the images coming in now. also developing just a short time from now, the results of the january 6th investigation presented to the american people. the first prime time hearing 8: and tonight right here, what we're learning already. the investigation nearly one year in the making, set to reveal never before seen video, testimony, and evidence to the country. >> i am not allowed to say what's going to happen today. because everyone's just going to have to watch. >> tonight, the capitol officer attacked. the filmmaker with new images and video documenting the proud boys, the filmmaker suddenly finding themselves in the middle of it all that day. and what he tells abc news about the violence. and tonight here, the videotaped
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depositions, what we're learning about them. former president trump and some in his inner circle. interviews with ivanka trump and jared kushner. kevin mccarthy pressed about his comments in the hours after the january 6th attack, saying president trump bears responsibility. tonight, jon karl asking leader mccarthy about the former president's claims even to this day that the election was stolen. what mccarthy said. and janon's exclusive interview with the film maker. also breaking, that deadly ts washitod.c., sisspire thosith lat a foement knew more tn a w ilg much of t were 77 they held their
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position outside the classroom door. tonight, the police officer now charged with murder after a deadly traffic stop in grand rapids, michigan. the officer accused of shooting patrick leo what in the back of the head. horrific allegations of fraternity hazing at the university of missouri. a student force fed alcohol, now paralyzed, blind, and unable to speak. tonight here, his family demanding criminal charges. a remarkable discovery tonight. the baby who disappeared after her parents were killed more than four decades ago in 1980. that grown daughter has now been found. and tonight, the pga tour suspending 17 current and for er golfers. the major names suspended and why. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. that deadly workplace shooting about 90 minutes outside
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washington, d.c. in smithsburg, maryland, pierre thomas standing by on that tonight. but we are going to begin tonight with the prime time hearing, 8:00 p.m. right here, the first hearing before the country tonight, the results of the january 6th investigation. the house committee investigating for nearly a year now and to the planning, the events that led up to that day. who knew what and when, including former president trump. and members of the former president's inner circle. the interviews, the depositions involved ivanka trump and jared kushner. and the never before seen video of the filmmaker caught in the middle of it all. what he tells our jon karl tonight about the violence he witnessed. ofcourse, the nation and the world already witnessed what played out on january 6th. the day that began with that rally with former president trump, then the march to the capitol. the former president telling the crowd, we will walk to the capitol and i'll be with you, then watching on tv from the white house. protesters then clashing with law enforcement, breaching security, clashing through windows and doors to get inside
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to try to halt the certification o the election. and toever before seen video from that filmmaker who was imbedded with the far right group the proud boys. abc news getting the first look. that filmmaker, nick quested, will testify as a witness before the country tonight. and jon karl here with the first interview tonight. this evening, the bipartisan house committee says the investigation will reveal january 6th was the result of a coordinated attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. and to stop the transfer of power from donald trump to joe biden. abc's chief washington correspondent jonathan karl leading us off. >> >> reporter: tonight, the january 6th committee will present dramatic, never-before-seen video of january 6th, some of it seen here on abc news for the first time. the so-called qanon shaman rallying the crowd with lies about the election. >> every real american knows that this election was a fraud. everybody knows there's fraud all throughout the election.
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and anybody that denies that is an idiot. >> reporter: the man behind the camera will be tonight's lead witness, documentary filmmaker nick quested, who was imbedded with the proud boys as they marched on the capitol. >> for anyone that really didn't think that there was extreme violence in that day, i filmed it. i saw it and was subject to it. the violence was real.eponally powerful. >> reporter: you can't watch that and think it was just another visit, tourist visit of the capitol. >> no. when you see two people die in one day, it's not normal political discourt. >> reporter: quested and his crew were so close to the action, he was initially considered a suspect by the fbi. >> it's going to be fun. i'm not allowed to say what's going to happen today. because everyone's just going to have to watch for themselves. but -- it's going to happen. something's going to happen. one way or the other. >> reporter: his camera was rolling as a rioter was pushed
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off the balcony. capturing this man with blood streaking down his face as the mob broke into the capitol. >> we have stormed the capitol! it has been breached! >> reporter: and inside the capitol -- >> who's house? >> our house! nancy crew there cy nc >> rr orpeloffas s from tapitol video, this footage of proud boys leader enrique tarrio, as he was released from prison on the eve of the riot, leading with another militant leader in an underground parking garage on capitol hill the night before the attack. in the days after the attack, republican leader kevin mccarthy said clearly that trump bore responsibility for what happened on january 6th, saying at the time -- >> the president bears
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responsibility for wednesday's at attack on congress. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. >> reporter: today, mccarthy was asked if he still believes that former president trump bears responsibility. >> i thought everybody in the country beared some responsibility. >> reporter: and on the big question that animated the attack on the capitol? do you believe that donald trump was just flat wrong when he said the election was stolen? >> look, we've answered this question a long time. joe biden is the president. i think you can look that there is a lot of problems still with an election process. >> reporter: but that wasn't my. that wasn't my question. we know he's the president, me lives in the white house. was it legitimate? is donald trump wrong when he says the election was stolen? ed abo this very long ti. i'velready awed the >> reporter: but what was the answer? is donald trump wrong when he says the election was stolen? >> reporter: so you won't answer that? i know you have a microphone. i know what you want to do. i've already answered numerous times. >> reporter: i just want to know, is he wrong? >> thank you for your time.
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>> jon karl with us tonight. we'll be on the air just about an hour from now with this live prime time hearing, but first, two quick questions for you tonight. starting with that exchange we just saw with leader kevin mccarthy you had today, for the record, i wanted to point out that you did report after january 6th here, kevin mccarthy, what he said both in public and in private, holding former president trump accountable. mccarthy no willing to say much of that in public. and as for this film maker's video, we heard the claims of a stolen election again. even the former president's attorney general at the time, bill barr, said there was no evidence of any widespread fraud that would have changed this election. >> reporter: bill barr was as staunch a trump ally as anybody, he investigated it and as he told me, david, the allegations were, quote, b.s. and remember, biden won the election by 7 million votes and he won decisively in the electoral college, as well. >> jon, you've been reporting much of this long before this first prime time hearing. people are going to want to know, is there going to be a lot
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new here? the committee appears to be convinced that this will land with the american people and there will be a lot more they, in fact, reveal? >> reporter: they've been investigating about a year, there will be new information for sure. there already new video that we talked about, but i think perhaps what will really stick out are those depositions, the interviews that the committee has done with people very close to donald trump, including members of his family, eye have a can trump, donald trump jr., jared kushner. you will see those depositions tonight in this hearing. >> all right, jonathan karl leading us off tonight. jon and the entire political team right here with me. our live coverage of the prime time hearing right here on abc, that's 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 pacific, of course. so, stay right here with us tonight. one more note tonight involving january 6th. in michigan, a republican candidate for governor tonight has now been charged in the january 6th attack. the fbi arresting ryan kelly at his home outside grand rapids. he was surrounded by supporters
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as he left the federal courthouse. images show him during the capitol during the riot. he faces misdemeanor charges. in the meantime, we turn now to that news coming in late today of yet another deadly shooting in this country. this time, a workplace shooting in smithsburg, maryland. police called to the scene at columbia machine encorp rated, about 90 minutes outside washington, d.c. authorities tonight reporting several dead and here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, this high-speed pursuit by state police near smithsburg, maryland, ending in a showdown with a suspected gunman in another mass shooting. >> is that somebody running from the cops? >> reporter: you can hear the volley of rapid gunfire. >> holy [ bleep ]. shots fired, turn around! >> state police responded, pursued the suspect. suspect fired and shot a state trooper in the shoulder, who then returned fire and shot him back. >> reporter: it all started
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around 2:30 this afternoon with reports of an active shooter at the columbia machine manufacturing plant, about 75 miles west of baltimore. >> gunshot victim. police are en route. be advised that it is columbia machines. >> reporter: police finding three dead and another victim critically injured. the suspect fleeing the scene until police chased him down. >> gunshots were exchanged between the suspect and the trooper. both were injured and transported for medical treatment. >> reporter: david, police have not yet given a motive for the shooting and the shooter's connection to the hoht to >> all right, prrek you. > next,icfi opn gra ds er michigan. the officer accused of shooting patrick leo what in the back of the head. abc's alex perez in grand rapids tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the michigan police officer captured on camera fatally shooting
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patrick lyoya charged with murder. >> taking a look at everything and that charge has been filed. >> reporter: the charge against grand rapids officer christopher schurr comes after a two-month-long investigation, schurr turning himself into authorities. >> stay in the car. stay in the car. >> reporter: the ordeal unfolding back on april 4th. schurr pulling over 26-year-old lyoya for a license plate issue. >> the plate doesn't belong on this car. >> reporter: lyoya, when asked for a driver's license, shuts the car door and begins to walk away. >> nope, nope, nope. stop. stop. put your hands behind your head. >> reporter: when the officer tries to detain him, lyoya takes off running. they then struggle over the stun gun as schurr deploys it. schurr, now on top of lyoya, pulls out his gun and fires, appearing to shoot lyoya in the back of the head.
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since the incident, protesters takingto the streets several times, demanding justice. tonight, lyoya's family, who immigrated to the united states after escaping violence in the democratic republic of congo, saying they won't give up until the officer is convicted. >> translator: don't get tired, don't gi u becausehe fight st fhtinard and us. >> rr: and david, schurr is due to be arraigned tomorrow. the police chief says he will recommend to the city manager that schurr be fired. david? >> all right, alex, thank you. next tonight here, that chilling new report first out from "the new york times" tonight involved the school shooting in uvalde, texas, suggesting law enforcement knew more than a dozen children and teachers were still alive during some of the time they were outside that classroom door. and now sources telling bc news tonight that a preliminary assessment finds that officers delayed going into the school knowing there were children in need of medical care.
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here's abc's mireya villarreal tonight. >> reporter: tonight, chilling new details about the police response to the killing spree at robb elementary. a preliminary assessment indicating the decision to delay entry into the robb elementary school classroom was made in order to allow protective gear to arrive on-scene according to abc sources. >> are we able to -- is anybody inside of the building at this time? he is advising he is in the room full of victims. victims at thi. >> reporter: officers waiting for gear contradicts active shooter protocol that have been adopted by law enforcement agencies across the country in the last 20 years. "the new york times" reporting chief pete arredondo was one of the first officers to enter the school. according to the report, two uvalde police officers, a lieutenant and sergeant, were shot trying to look inside the xlasz room doors.
3:45 pm
an official telling abc news arredondo allegedly held back from confronting the suspect, concerned about how long it was taking to get safety shields to "the times"re than a dozen of t children and three teachers originally in the two classrooms remained alive during the 1 hour and 17 minutes from when the rampage began to when officers officially entered. uvalde's school district superintendant, silent for nearly two weeks, speaking briefly today, refusing to answer questions about the investigation and job status of chief pete arredondo. >> we have in our security worked with an outside agency to collect information and put that information together as a working list, so, we are currently working with an outside agency at this time. >> reporter: was there an agency in place before the incident happened? >> we have worked with a firm, i wouldn't really call i
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specifically for safety and security, but we have worked with a firm that is part of what we look at. >> reporter: there is a congressional review going on right here in austin that includes dps testimony. they are reviewing right now 911 calls, dispatch audio, and also body cam video. it will continue next week with more witnesses and evidence. david? >> mireya villarreal, thank you. now to the anguished parents tonight and the surveillance here amid horrific allegations of fraternity hazing. a ustudent allegedly force-fed alcohol, now paralyzed an unable to speak. here's will reeve. >> reporter: tonight, the family of danny santulli is pleading for criminal hazing charges after the college freshman nearly died while pledging a fraternity at the university of missouri. >> it makes me sick to my stomach seeing the people
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involved that harmed danny walking around campus, acting like they did nothing wrong. >> reporter: for the first time, we see surveillance footage from inside the phi gamma delta fraternity house on october 19th, showing blindfolded pledges being led down a staircase. according to the family's civil lawsuit that was recently settled against 23 defendants, 18-year-old danny was pressured to drink an entire bottle of vodka. >> we see one of the fraternity members putting a tube in danny's mouth, with a funnel at the other end. and pouring beer down his throat while danny is in the middle of consuming an of vodka. entirlee ttbo >> reporter: danny is seen losing his balance and falling backwards. fraternity members then carry into another room and drop him onto a sofa. about 90 minutes later, danny begins to slip onto the floor, as the minutes tick by, he struggles to move, then lies still. after 15 minutes, another fraternity member finds danny unresponsive, lifting him back onto the sofa. other brothers come into the room, they carry danny to the door but he's dropped onto the floor before they take him to
3:48 pm
the hospital. >> his lips were blue and nobody called 911. it's like -- i don't know. a 6-year-old calls 911. >> reporter: at the hospital, danny is in cardiac arrest, his blood alcohol level a near-lethal .486, six times the legal driving limit. he suffered permanent brain injury. what do the doctors tell you about danny? >> that he'll need care for life. he's still not talr ong he's in a wheelchair. he lost his vision. but he hears us, and he knows we're there. >> reporter: the university of missouri has since revoked the fraternity's charter and proposed sanctions against 13 of its members. prosecutors have charged one fraternity member with two misdemeanors for supplying alcohol to a minor, but the family says that's not enough. your family believes that danny was hazed? >> oh, 100%. >> yes. >> i do personally want to see specific kids get felony ds.
3:49 pm
that's going to wake them up. >> reporter: david, the fraternity says that they prohibit hazing and giving alcohol toanin should not have been put in such a situation. david? >> all right, will reeve tonight. will, thank you. when we come back here, the remarkable discovery, the baby who disappeared after her parents were killed more than four decades ago. that grown daughter now found. and those pga suspensions tonight. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years.
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before we go here tonight, the view from inside the room where tonight's first prime time hearing will be held in front of the country, 8:00 p.m. eastern, just a short time from now. never been seen video, images, interviews, depositions. the projection screen there. our team is standing by live across the capitol. we'll be back on the air in just one hour. i'll see you then. good night.
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>> breaking news is out of eastern contra costa county where a grass fire has burned more than 15 acres so far. cruise on the ground and in the air are working to put out this fire, and they appear to be getting the upper hand. we are looking at a fire drop right there. a retarded rut will continue to follow this news and we will bring you any updates -- a retardant drop will continue, and we will follow this and bring you any updates. >> tomorrow is going to be even hotter, and saturday, we keep the heat in the forecast, at least for and linda were hoods, so we have the rest of today, tomorrow, and saturday for the moderate to even high risk of
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heat illness. that puts most of us outside of the bay shoreline andast and inn a heat advisory, which means temperatures could reach 93 to 105 tomorrow, but the key is it's not going to cool off much tonight and tomorrow night and that's going to help alleviate that high risk of heat illness, especially places like solano county where we got the excessive heat warning until saturday. they both start late tomorrow morning, but one stops on friday, the orange, and another goes all the way through saturday. the next couple of days, stay hydrated, free trip -- frequent breaks in the shade. do not leave people or pets in the cars. they can get 150, 1 hundred 60 degrees, and remember, the pavement is going to be very hot, so stay off that until the evening hours. dan: good advice. it is imported to take the heat and its effect on your health seriously. >> zach fuentes has more from local doctors on the signs you need to look out for.