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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 10, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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bridges. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jeff bridges, rupert friend, and music from symba. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: oh, thank you. that's very nice. oh, hey. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to see us here in hollywood. it's friday, and we all have something in common tonight. none of us had anything better to do than this. [ cheers ] i want to welcome those who joined us in primetime for game
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four of the nba finals in boston where fans have taken a particular dislike to warriors power forward draymond green. everybody doesn't love draymond in boston. [ laughter ] he has been greeted with chants of f-u each time he's played there, which you have to take with a grain of salt, f-u is like their aloha in boston. [ laughter ] that's how they greet everyone. that's what ben affleck's grandma says when he goes home to visit. [ laughter ] green and his warrior teammates were not happy with all the four-letter words boston fans have been throwing at draymond. a few of them called it classy, and i did detect a hint of sarcasm when they said it. here's the thing. being upset with boston sports fans for being drunk and abusive is like being upset at spirit airlines for losing your bag. [ laughter ] you knew what you were getting into and you went. game five's monday night. we'll have another special primetime show ahead of that one. insane congressional hearings e- detailing what happened at the
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capitol on january 6th, more than 20 million americans watched that live last night. it was deeply unsettling. even just hearing jared kushner's voice was deeply unsettling. [ laughter ] if you didn't watch, here's what you missed, a message to donald trump in a nutshell. >> thanks to your bull [ bleep ], we are under siege. >> jimmy: that was vice chair liz chaney recounting an email sent on january 6th from a lawyer for mike pence to one of the lawyers helping trump try to overturn the election. who could have ever guessed dick chaney's daughter would be our last hope for democracy? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: but here we are. there she was. very effective. painted a brutal, damning, brazenly unamerican portrait of a seditious president, his attempt to overthrow the very concept of democracy. yet there's still a good chance in three years he'll be back in the oval office eating bacon double cheeseburgers with kanye. [ laughter ] man, do i hope republicans pay attention to these hearings. we heard a lot of the details of
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the attack before. we didn't know how premeditated it was until last night. this was a coordinated effort to take control of the country. in fact, that's probably going to be the basis for trump's defense. he's going to say it was way too coordinated for him to have been in charge. [ laughter ] there was damaging video testimony from trump's inner circle, from his own family, in fact. we learned that trump did not call in the national guard to stop the attack. he made that up when he said it. we learned that when his supporters were breaking in windows chanting "hang mike pence," trump was watching on tv, said "maybe they have the right idea, maybe mike pence deserved it." this is his own vice president. and mike must have been crapping his "pence" while this was happening. [ laughter ] it was totally crazy. multiple republican lawmakers went so far as to ask trump for pardons in exchange for their efforts to overturn the election for him. which is exactly the kind of thing innocent people do. [ laughter ] they're doing everything they can to slip around this. the republican house judiciary committee today tweeted "all old news."
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yeah, that was also eichmann's defense at nuremberg, okay? guys, it was 1943! old news isn't a defense. the fact that they didn't call it fake news is progress. but it boggles the mind the vast majority of republicans are going along with this idea the whole thing is a partisan political stunt. bill barr, detsy devos, liz chaney, mike pence. these people are not democrats. these are not antifa, okay? [ laughter ] fox news is so intent on burying their viewers' heads in the sand, not only didn't they show the hearing last night, they went commercial free for 2 1/2 hours so their viewers wouldn't switch the channel to see what is actually going on. they went into overdrive trying to make it seem like what happened was just a rowdy group of party people sneaking into the movies or something. >> the idea that this was a coup or a coup attempt. >> there's no evidence of anything like a coup here. >> acting like it was massive coup and insurrection. >> it was not an insurrection. it was not even close to an
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insurrection. the reality is it was not an insurrection. >> the reality is there was no insurrection. >> there was no insurrection. there was a riot, a small one, that got a little bit out of hand. >> january 6th was actually an overwhelmingly peaceful march. >> they were afraid of some goofball trespassing, nutty rioters. >> how does a guy putting his feet up on nancy pelosi's desk put democracy at risk? >> what if we turn off the volume? and just watch the images? does it look like a sedition, a coup? >> we've lost the line, we've lost the line! >> you tell me. >> jimmy: yeah, looks like a coup. [ cheers and applaue ] it looks like a -- doesn't just look like a coup. to me it looks like a cuckoo for cocoa puffs is what it looks like. [ laughter ] five people were killed that day by those nutty goofball trespassers.
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on "fox & friends" they went so far as to encourage people not to watch on song. ♪ i ain't watching tv today ♪ ♪ bad news it can just stay away ♪ ♪ if you ain't got anything good to say just shut your mouth ♪ ♪ i got my windows down and my blinders on ♪ >> jimmy: i got my head up my butt, sing with me, everybody, now! [ applause ] unbelievable. and the worst part is, no matter how damaging these hearings are, you know trump is at home so thrilled to be back on in primetime, he can't stop pulling his nipples. [ laughter ] he loves it. trump responded with not one but 14 manic posts that no one saw on truth social starting with, the unselect committee didn't spend one minute studying the reason people went to washington, d.c. in massive numbers, far greater than the fake news media is willing to report or that the unselects are willing to even mention, because january 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our country -- to make america great again.
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it was about an election that was rigged and stolen and a country that was about to go to hell and look at our country now. yeah, look at what you did to our country. [ applause ] we are in hell. thanks a lot. i mean, this is some defense. basically his defense is, yeah, i robbed the bank, but look how many other people i got to do it with me. [ laughter ] probably the toughest moment for him was seeing his daughter, his own pride and joy, tell the committee that she believed bill barr when he told her the election wasn't rigged, that he lost. this is how he tried to spin that moment. he wrote, ivanka trump was not involved in looking at or studying election results, she had long since checked out and was in my opinion only trying to be respectful to bill barr and his position as attorney general, he sucked. [ laughter ] yeah, he sucked on your man teats the whole time he worked for you, then bailed when you went nuts two weeks before they dragged you out of that office. i love his argument that ivanka, is it ivanka? yeah, ivanka, his senior white house adviser, checked out.
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in the trump family that's called being thrown under the "access hollywood" bus. [ laughter and applause ] he played all the hits, he called the hearings one-sided, totally partisan political witch hunt, all caps. there's no defense for any of this. that doesn't mean they won't dig deal. garbage detail green was on the floor of the house defending his magasty with a very powerful statement. >> there is something terrible happening in this process, and it's called defamation of character. the president, the 45th president of the united states' character is being defamed and all of his staff and his family and all republicans. everyone's reputation is being defamed as lies are being told about all of us and president trump, just for politics. and it makes me sick. >> jimmy: oh. i hope it makes you sick enough not to come into work. [ laughter and applause ]
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she had an accident. she once again crashed headfirst into the english language. >> no one on this january 6th committee dares to ask a question, what is happening to these people, why their due process rights are being so fragrantly and horrifically violated -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: always sounds like a drunk driver fighting with a cop, right? [ laughter ] their rights are being fragrantly violated! even donald trump is like, okay, not that poorly educated. as far as ass-kissing goes, klan mom finished a distant second this week to a balding novelty tie owner from one america news. >> we here at one america news would like to say, thank you, president trump. your legacy as a patriot is unquestionable. you have inspired countless millions and shown our nation what it truly means to make america great again. from one american news, i'm
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pearson sharp. >> generic viagra delivered within 48 hours in discreet packaging. [ applause ] >> jimmy: wow. i can't think of a finer advertisement to follow that. on behalf of all our flaccid male viewers -- [ laughter ] who need a broom handle and duct tape to get it up, thank you, mr. president. [ laughter ] your boner's in the mail. back to basketball. [ applause ] tonight we saw game four of the nba finals. tickets to the series are going for record high prices. up in san francisco the worst seats for game one were going for $800. it's almost a whole tank of gasoline. [ laughter ] from time to time we like to find out what fans love more, their team or being on tv. we went up for game one, we got in the arena to find out how long we could keep a passionate warriors fan from getting back to his seat during the fourth quarter in a new 2022 edition of
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"clock block." >> the last couple of minutes of the game, it's a heck of a game you're missing, tell us your name. >> jason leonard. >> where are you from? >> walnut creek. >> big warriors fan? >> yes. >> look at you mic'd up. we're trying to get you back to your seat as soon as possible -- >> i'm game. >> sorry, he's only got one arm. >> thank you for missing the fourth quarter to talk to us! let's do vocal warmups. let me hear you say, unique new york, unique new york! >> u-yique -- new -- new york. >> wow, we're missing some jail, jason. let me hear you say, if boston's butter is bitter, will the bitter butter bake boston's batter bitter? >> if boston's butter's bitter, will it make boston's bitter butter better? >> oh, so close, jason. >> yeah, no! go warriors! >> it's the finals. jumbotron tv!
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>> yeah! >> hey, let them hear it! >> yeah! >> jason, they love you out there. >> yeah! >> they are loving you out there. >> go warriors! hey, what's the score? >> got to get you back in those seats, you're missing the whole game. all right, dub nation. time to guess what jason has in his mouth. shove as much as you can in your mouth. >> seriously? >> as much as you can. keep your mouth shut, don't let anyone see it's in there. hold up one finger for nachos. hold up two fingers for peanuts. hold up three fingers for for -- hold on, hold on, we're going to timeout. let's find out what jason has in his mouth! it's cotton candy! >> hold up four! >> she got in the way. >> oh my god. >> you're missing the whole game. you're missing the whole -- >> what are you doing, anyway?
11:48 pm
>> i'm trying to get you back to your seat as soon as possible. >> if i'm on jumbotron, i want to say hello to all the warrior fans. way to go! san francisco, you rule! >> hold on, hold on -- you're not live, one second, one second -- >> come on, you've got to give me some clues. come on, man. >> all right. dub nation, it's time to find out what's in jason's mouth? nothing in there. >> goddammit. >> hold on a second, i've got to take a phone call. hello? i'm talking to jason right now, he's fantastic. the crowd loves him. isn't that right, jason? >> they love me. >> he's missing the whole game. >> i'm missing the whole game, but i got an audience. >> yes, that's right. >> hey. >> hold on one second. >> hey -- what's the score? >> honey, i can't talk to you right now, baby isabella. let me facetime with my daughter, she wants to see you. tell her to go to sleep. >> time to go to sleep, dad's working, you've got to go to sleep.
11:49 pm
♪ go to sleep go to sleep i'm missing the game ♪ ♪ you need to go to sleep go to sleep ♪ ♪ go to sleep ♪ >> oh, those guys -- they woke her up. >> oh, you woke up his daughter? what's the score? you don't know the score? >> all right, one second. we'll get that score for you as soon as we can. it's a one-point game. oh, wow, you're really missing some game. okay, one more. cotton candy? all right, one more cotton candy. >> really? >> one more cotton candy, yeah. >> dude, i sucked it all, i ate it all. i love cotton candy. what's the score of the game? >> fill it up. >> what's the score of the game? >> it's a tie game. what a game we're missing here, unbelievable. >> on jumbotron! >> let's see it, let's see it, open it up! [ buzzer ]
11:50 pm
>> oh, and that's it, end of the game, everybody's leaving. celtics win. thanks for talking to us. >> that's it? >> sorry about making you miss the game, but there will be other games, right? >> yeah. if i'm on jumbotron, i want to say hello to all the warrior fans. way to go! san francisco rules! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, we've got a good show for you tonight. from "obi-wan kenobi," rupert friend is here. [ cheers and applause ] music from symba. and we'll be back with jeff bridges! and we'll be back with a dude named jeff bridges. >> lou: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by consumer cellular.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back to the show.
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tonight, from "obi-wan kenobi," rupert friend is with us. then later, from the bay area here in california -- right now, he is in studio working with dr. dre. his song is called "goat." symba from the mercedes eq stage. [ cheers and applause ] next week we have new shows in primetime and at our regular time, with samuel l. jackson, kevin bacon, billy eichner, mike epps, ben harper, and mike tyson. and many, many more, so please join us next week, too. our first guest is an oscar-winning actor, musician, artist, and bathrobed american treasure. his new show with john lithgow is "the old man" premiering thursday on fx. please welcome jeff bridges. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> good, good. >> jimmy: i'm very happy to see you, and even more so than i would normally be happy to see you. which is pretty happy.
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>> yeah. >> jimmy: because you went through a lot since the last time you were here. >> oh, yeah, what a dream. >> jimmy: yeah. i mean -- a nightmare in some ways. >> funny, you'd think it was a nightmare. only a nightmare. but it was a good dream too. i learned so many things. >> jimmy: wow. >> being in that condition, right up with your mortality. you learn things that you wouldn't have otherwise. >> jimmy: for those who don't know, and i do want to know the things you learned, you were diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma. >> that's right. >> jimmy: and that's tough just to start with. then you and your wife both got covid. you got very, very sick. >> well, you know, we -- for the lymphoma, they gave me some chemo. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that stripped my immune system, so i had no defenses. for the covid. and that made the cancer look like nothing. >> jimmy: is that right? >> oh, god. >> jimmy: really? wow. >> my wife and i shared an
11:57 pm
ambulance to the hospital. >> jimmy: how romantic. [ laughter ] she's okay now too? >> she's okay. i think we both have a bit of that long hauling thing. i can't tell if it's old age or the covid. my memory, you know. how about you? did you get covid? >> jimmy: a little. i got it. i got it, and it came back. and i did feel a little bit cloudy for about a week. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but -- >> i don't know, it's funny. we adapt to stuff. it's hard to tell. >> jimmy: it's hard to tell, it is. i do, i'm a little bit spacey just to start with. i can't find my wallet -- >> that's me too. >> jimmy: i don't know where anything is, i'm constantly "find my iphone!" [ laughter ] i would imagine, first of all, you got a real outpouring of love from people. >> oh, yes. >> jimmy: when they found out about this, because you posted about it on instagram. >> yeah. >> jimmy: does that make you feel good or does it make you feel sad? >> no, it makes me -- it turns out that my family likes me very much. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's good. >> a lot of love came from them.
11:58 pm
and of course it exacerbates the love that you have for them. >> jimmy: uh-huh, sure, sure. >> i mentioned that it was not only a bad thing, but it puts you in touch. what a gift life is, you know. and how short it is. accepting these challenges, you know. like that was a big challenge. and that's almost like a class that you're taking. >> jimmy: interesting. >> here now, you've got something to learn here, are you going to bitch about it or sit down and study and figure out what you're going to do? >> jimmy: do you think it's something you can learn without going through that experience? or do you feel like -- >> i don't think so. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's a bit like somebody says to you, what's marriage like? what's having a baby like? you can tell them. but you don't know until you've been there. you know. >> jimmy: right, right. so in a way you're grateful to have had it?
11:59 pm
>> yeah, especially to survive after it, you know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> left with some of these things that i learned. about -- kimmel, it gets down to love. >> jimmy: can you tell us one thing that you learned? because i think -- >> the love thing. it just heightens the whole thing about how wonderful love is. how you -- how i -- i love and how i am loved. it just accentuates all of that. >> jimmy: did it make you realize that you are i think one of the most-loved people in america. [ cheers and applause ] i don't think as far as famous people go, there are many people who are loved more than you are. maybe oprah. that's really it. [ laughter ] >> and you. >> jimmy: and then do you feel that same love for strangers and for doing mundane things? >> you make a connection. you say, gee, i'm not the only
12:00 am
guy who does this, you know, been through something like this. >> jimmy: yeah. >> so many people. then you feel a connection. you know, if this covid hasn't taught us anything -- it's sure taught us, we're connected, man. we're all in this thing together. and we're all important to each other. >> jimmy: yeah, for sure. [ cheers and applause ] you posted something that was -- this is during your chemotherapy, right? >> yeah. i got to wear my favorite haircut there. [ laughter ] you know, i did "iron man," i got to be bald. >> jimmy: right. >> i said, oh, i get to be bald again! okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: such a positive way of looking at things. i love how simple this is. >> and my doggy there, monty. >> jimmy: yeah, that's a cute dog. >> oh, he is a good dog. >> jimmy: yeah, feeling good, shaved my head, got up with monty, happy birthday, 71, man. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: here you are. your hair grows, it came back,
12:01 am
huh? >> i had that chemo hair that was so cool, man. it was all that curly, kinky suff, you know. and one of my goals was to walk my daughter, halley, down the wedding aisle. >> jimmy: wow. >> and i got to do that. i even get to do the wedding dance and stuff. >> jimmy: did you have to find her a fiance? or was she already engaged? >> all my girls got good guys. happy about it. but i had my cool chemo hair. and i wanted to wear my hair for the wedding. but i let it go a little too long. >> jimmy: uh-huh? >> didn't quite work. it kind of looked like a weird version of my mom. [ laughter ] just didn't work. so that was disappointing. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. we'll take a break and talk about your new show. >> great. >> jimmy: jeff bridges. he's with us, he is alive, he's well. [ cheers and applause ] he's learned a lot of things. we'll be right back. >> lou: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by "the quarry," a new cinematic
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how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. 911, what's your emergency? >> my name is -- is dan chase. i'm at 92 melleville street in norwich. a man just broke into my house with a gun. he fired at me. i fired back. i -- i shot him. i -- i think he's dead. >> sir, please stay on the line. repeat your name again? >> my name is dan chase.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is jeff bridges in "the old man." dan chase is perhaps not what he appears to be. >> yes, yes, that's right. >> jimmy: he's a cia agent, retired? kind of retired? >> yeah, he's -- yeah. >> jimmy: in hiding? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: he gets back into it? >> yeah. and, you know, he's getting his comeuppance or his consequences, you know. there are consequences to what we do. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. and you're in with john lithgow? your costar? who's fantastic. > we had a ball. >> jimmy: i would imagine you would really connect. you both draw, you're both very artistic, very talented. >> we're both from acting families. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> we worked with a lot of people. had never worked together. but you trade stories, you know, between setups. >> jimmy: i like this story, though, it's good. it's gripping.
12:08 am
>> yeah. and amy brenneman is in it as well. gosh, she's fun to work with. so much i think the success of a show depends on who you assemble to pull the trick off. you know what i mean? you've got this great band, you know. >> jimmy: that's right. [ cheers and applause ] and guillermo. >> it takes the whole thing, the whole pile, to pull it off. >> jimmy: do you have a hand in selecting the young man who plays your character as a young man? >> bill heck, yeah. >> jimmy: bill heck. >> he does a great job in that. i didn't -- i wasn't the one who said, that's the guy. >> jimmy: uh-huh, yeah. >> i did bring t-bone tour net on board to do the music. >> jimmy: that's big, right, yeah. are you at that point after going through what you went through where you're like, i'm going to just work with people that i want to work with and that's that? >> yeah, that's pretty much the idea. but life has other plans. you think you got it figured out
12:09 am
and life will say, check this out. >> jimmy: this is something i want you to comment on. this is from the premiere on wednesday night. you brought -- these are the dogs from the show? >> yeah. >> jimmy: the dogs are great on the show, by the way. >> two of them. there are six of the dogs all made up to look like, you know, the characters. each one had a special task, you know. >> jimmy: did the dogs come into the theater with you? >> they did. they were there. that's not photoshopped. >> jimmy: wait a minute. four of the dogs didn't get to come to the premiere? >> probably so. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> my favorite, freya, is there, on my right, this girl. >> jimmy: did you specifically request your favorite? frerer? >> freya. they knew i'd get smiling if freya came. they gave me a blanket with freya's face on it. >> jimmy: i have to tell you, it's great to see you healthy and working. and your positivity is
12:10 am
infectious, i will say. [ cheers and applause ] your covid is not infectious anymore, but your positivity is. >> i'm well vaxed, well boosted. >> jimmy: try to live forever, okay? [ laughter ] i think we'd all appreciate it. >> that's a good idea. [ applause ] >> jimmy: the great jeff bridges, everybody. the show is called "the old man." it premieres thursday on fx. be right back with rupert friend! place but knew somehow♪ ♪and then this vegan bakery came sliding down my screen♪ ♪and eva joan repair appeared and tightened up my seams♪ ♪voila marché rue dix remixed french tips and squid cuisine♪ ♪renowned♪ ♪endless, lit, infinite possibilities♪ ♪i'm down♪ ♪a world where personalized ads help good ideas get found♪
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>> jimmy: rupert friend and music from symba are coming up. but first, it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week -- whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." [ cheers and applause ] >> well, we don't agree on much these days here in congress, but i know there's one thing we all agree on. we all agree that we really like [ bleep ]s. >> i first example of joe being joe was his choice to [ bleep ] field goal even though he hasn't [ bleep ]ed anybody else for months. >> a wish granted for a 100-year-old woman in connecticut, bertha has always wanted to hold a [ bleep ]. >> put his [ bleep ] on my head or whatever. >> today i was all over the city and i saw the sights, i [ bleep ]ed celtics fans, and i [ bleep ]ed sea lions. >> on the [ bleep ], i don't want the [ bleep ], that's a lot information. >> continuing to watch those.
12:17 am
if you've got plans to head on and pound some [ bleep ] later today, it looks beautiful outside. >> i am so tired, i can't feel my [ bleep ]. i can't feel my [ bleep ]! >> because you're feeling my [ bleep ]. >> oh. phew. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we'll be right back with rupert friend. panera chefs have crafted a masterpiece... succulent, seared chicken...
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the middle of everything! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: music from symba is on the way. our next guest is a very talented man you know from five seasons of "homeland," now he reports to lord vader himself in "obi-wan kenobi." you can see it on disney plus. please welcome rupert friend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you doing? it's great to have you.
12:23 am
you know, i was a big fan of your work on "homeland." [ cheers and applause ] that is the first time i had seen you. they tried to kill you like 37 times. [ laughter ] >> yeah, they shot me, they drowned me, they gassed me, they woke me up from a coma. it was just like, cancel my contract and i'll go. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: were you misbehaving behind the scenes? what was going on? >> i was trying to behave. but i guess peter quinn had nine lives and they wanted to push that one to the end. >> jimmy: yeah, maybe more than nine, i'm not sure. >> 27, apparently. >> jimmy: you're on the show "obi-wan kenobi" which is obviously a very big deal. [ cheers and applause ] from a professional standpoint, is it for you personally, is being part of the "star wars" universe something you'd always dreamed of? >> yeah, i mean -- i mean, when the call came, i completely freaked out. because it was this huge universe. >> jimmy: what does that look like when you freak out? [ laughter ] >> it's like this a bit. a bit of bluuh. then i read this amazing script. and there was this description
12:24 am
of this enigmatic guy who loved the sound of his own voice, delivered this long, rambling monologue before he got to the fun stuff. and you can empathize. [ laughter ] no, it was wild. it was wild. and then finding yourself on the planet tattooine, striding down the main street to the cantina -- >> jimmy: you shot on tattooine? >> we went to tattooine, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: tax breaks? >> they have a great tax break there. the hotels are terrible. you know, you're seeing this cantina where i watched han solo and the music and deb chow, the director, would play the music. you start getting into that, which is not very character appropriate for this particular guy. but no, it was a dream. >> jimmy: this particular guy is a former jedi who's now a jedi hunter. >> yep. >> jimmy: and he wants to kill -- oh, there you go.
12:25 am
the grand inquisitor. >> yeah. he hasn't seen the sun in a while. [ laughter ] but yeah, that's he, that's him. >> jimmy: that's his skin. that's his skin -- well, you're obviously wearing makeup. >> yes. yeah. a little bit. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how long does it take to get that going? >> that was four hours to get it on. >> jimmy: for real? >> yeah. >> jimmy: i can do that in 40 minutes, no problem. [ laughter ] i could, i could speed that up for you. >> how would you do that? >> jimmy: i don't know, what's the bulb on the head? that's not your head shaved? >> yeah, it's like a boiled egg vibe. [ laughter ] basically, they had to put all these pieces of stuff on, contact lenses in, teeth in, then earmuffs. kind of like sensory deprivation at times. and then by the end of a day's shooting, the whole thing, which was glued, watertight glued, was filled with sweat and would slosh as i walked. [ audience moaning ] this is accompanying this sloshing sound. to get out of it, they get a pair of scissors and cut you out, and this torrent of sweaty
12:26 am
glue would fall down my face. [ audience moans ] >> jimmy: like have an aquarium on your head. >> little bit, yeah. >> jimmy: it's not all glamorous is what you're saying? >> no, no, definitely a mixed bag. >> jimmy: okay. that's every day you have to do that? >> yeah, i would arrive at 3:00 in the morning. i would have six pairs of hands all over me, which maybe sounds great to some people. [ laughter ] and we would be ready to work at 7:00, but we'd already been there in the middle of the night. >> jimmy: in episode 2, you get a lightsaber. by the way, did you know you were going to get a lightsaber? was that part of the explanation, the pitch? >> i don't think it landed until they handed it to me. it's this double-ended, heavy, spinning, bad-ass thing. im, i don't know, have you ever held a lightsaber? >> jimmy: no. >> anything double-ended? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i've held some double-ended things, yeah. [ laughter ] >> so you know. >> jimmy: yeah. i mean -- [ applause ] not a lightsaber. but -- yeah. okay, so you get your lightsaber. you get to keep that? >> sadly, no.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: then you got stabbed. your character got stabbed. >> yeah. >> jimmy: through the stomach. >> one of them. >> jimmy: one of the stomachs. >> yes. >> jimmy: okay, because your character has two stomachs? >> that's correct. >> jimmy: like a hippo? >> half a cow, yeah. >> jimmy: so that is what many of the "star wars" analysts/nerds are saying will bring -- the reason you are able to survive this is because you have another stomach. >> you know that i survive this? >> jimmy: yes. >> how? >> jimmy: i don't know, i'm just throwing it out there, seeing how you react. [ laughter ] >> it's a great try, a great try. >> jimmy: it's my double-ended thing of interviewing, yeah. [ laughter ] no, i assume you do, else why would you be here right now? >> yeah. right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you wouldn't be saying, watch the show. you'd be going, screw them! [ laughter ] they wrote me out, they put my head in an egg, sweat went everywhere, it was an absolute nightmare, now they want me -- screw you, disney, i'm not doing any of that stuff. >> right, yeah.
12:28 am
no, i can see the logic. i also think you're making a valiant effort to get me to do a spoiler. which obviously i'm not going to do. >> jimmy: right, well yeah, nobody wants that. nobody wants that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: in the next episode -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy kimmel, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's good. maybe i'm the grand inquisitor. ever think about that? [ laughter ] >> that's true. they've never seen us in the same room before. >> jimmy: that is true. so "star wars." let's get back to the root of this thing. >> yeah. >> jimmy: which is when you're a kid, really, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you go to the movie when you were a kid? was it like -- did you have the toys? >> okay, so to fill you in, i grew tup a tiny village in england called, believe it or not, stonesfield. >> jimmy: really? >> a real place, you can look it up. it sounds like a hobbit-y place, it sort of was. people had hairy feet that kind of thing. >> jimmy: how many people lived in that town? >> under 1,000. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> it wasn't a town, it was a village. stone walls.
12:29 am
my house was 400 years old, i'm not joking. it was that world. and so we didn't get a vcr until i was 16 years old. there was no movie -- >> jimmy: same here, 16. >> really? yeah, that's weird. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: begged for it. begged. begged for it. >> so i didn't see "star wars" first. i got to hang out with a group of older guys who all used to play "star wars." >> jimmy: like how old were these guys playing "star wars"? [ laughter ] sounds like your parents weren't very careful. [ laughter and applause ] >> yeah, it's true. >> jimmy: they didn't try to touch your lightsaber, did they? [ laughter ] >> it's true, now i think about it. takes some re-examining, maybe. yeah, they would all take character names and run around in the woods and play dress-up. this doesn't sound good. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, no. no, it doesn't sound good at all. >> yeah. i must revisit this and talk to my mother, apparently. [ laughter ]
12:30 am
they would pick characters from the show. there was an overweight guy, he was jabba the hutt. >> jimmy: oh, no, really? >> yeah, really. >> jimmy: one of them named himself jabba? or did the other kids name him jabba? because that doesn't sound like -- "i want to be jabba!" >> "let me do it!" yeah. i think it was like "the goonies," he sort of owned it. >> jimmy: okay, all right, good. >> then there was a very hirsute man who was chewbacca. [ laughter ] a very youthful, slightly awkward guy who was like. everyone had a character. that's kind of how it went. >> jimmy: then you went to the dark side. >> then i went to the dark side. >> jimmy: if you had to choose, would you rather be a hero or a villain in the "star wars" world? >> i love being a villain in "star wars," i love it. [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's more fun to be the villain, right? >> it's great. >> jimmy: so in the next episode, the grand inquisitor eats a bunch of tums and is okay? >> what did the prostitute say to the leper? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> i'm not going to answer that. [ laughter ]
12:31 am
can i? >> jimmy: what's going on in that town? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] i'm trying to change the subject off the spoilers. >> jimmy: do you have lepers in the town? >> oh, yeah. there was a leper colony. >> jimmy: there was a leper colony, interesting, wow. >> i escaped. >> jimmy: we'll skip the handshake at the end. [ laughter ] it's great to have you here. we'll see what happens. you know what, we'll find out. new episodes of "obi-wan kenobi" wednesdays on disney plus. rupert friend. thank you, rupert. [ cheers and applause ] we'll be back with music from symba! >> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. "jimmy kim concert series is presented by mercedes benz, the best or nothing.
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>> lou: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes eq. all electric, all mercedes. >> jimmy: my thanks to jeff bridges and rupert friend. apologies to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next but first, the song is called "goat." here with some backup from fifteen hundred or nothin' -- symba! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ yeah, yeah how y'all feeling tonight ♪ ♪ i appreciate y'all for having me, can i ask y'all a question ♪
12:34 am
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♪ yeah, that's why we all a g.o.a.t. if you old and you dope ♪ ♪ my boy, you the g.o.a.t. if you ain't die in your ghetto, my boy ♪ ♪ you the g.o.a.t. you made it out the streets, my boy ♪ ♪ you the g.o.a.t. if you bought your mama house, my boy ♪ ♪ you the g.o.a.t. you post bail for the bros my boy, you the g.o.a.t. ♪ ♪ take care of your kids that mean you a g.o.a.t. ♪ ♪ ain't nobody the g.o.a.t. because we all a g.o.a.t. ♪ ♪ rbc forever! long live my brother buster! that's why we all a g.o.a.t. thank you all. [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, britney's wedding. inside the ceremony where the pop icon tied the knot. and by her side, some of the most famous women in the world. plus jennifer lopez. her new mission. >> honestly, i'm hoping to kind of change the fabric of america. especially for latino women. >> the superstar launching an initiative to provide billions of dollars in loans to entrepreneurs. >> why is it so important to you? >> it just is. >> it touches you. >> it does. it's important to me. >> and what the icon known as jenny from the block -- ♪ i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> says about ben affleck. "yellowstone."


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