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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 11, 2022 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, britney's wedding. inside the ceremony where the pop icon tied the knot. and by her side, some of the most famous women in the world. plus jennifer lopez. her new mission. >> honestly, i'm hoping to kind of change the fabric of america. especially for latino women. >> the superstar launching an initiative to provide billions of dollars in loans to entrepreneurs. >> why is it so important to you? >> it just is. >> it touches you. >> it does. it's important to me. >> and what the icon known as jenny from the block -- ♪ i'm still jenny from the block ♪
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>> says about ben affleck. "yellowstone." >> that land is mine. >> kevin costner explains why the western drama is so addictive. and why the montana setting is such a scene stealer. >> i don't think people will ever tire of the images of running rivers and through mountains that have stood the test of time and been there forever.
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♪ thanks for joining us. tonight, her every move has captivated fans for more than three decades now. all eyes are once again on britney spears after she got hitched to her longtime boyfriend on thursday night. but the event was not without some drama. ♪ i think i did it again ♪ >> reporter: britney spears has tied the knot. you could say, oops, she did it again. the singer saying i do to actor sam asghari in a ceremony at conspiracy' l.a. estate thursday. the wedding comes seven months after conspiracy' then-year-long conservatorship came to a dramatic end. the queen of pop donning a sleek versace gown. at the nuptials, a star-studded guest list including selena gomez, madonna, paris hilton,
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drew barrymore. just hours before the wedding, an unexpected moment. conspiracy' first husband, jason alexander, attempting to crash the event. >> she's my first wife, my only wife. i'm her first husband. >> tmz capturing this video, alexander livestreaming on instagram, showing him entering her home and then the wedding venue in the backyard. >> come here! >> reporter: ultimately scuffling with security. the ventura county sheriff confirming to abc news they responded to a trespassing call, then arrested him on an outstanding warrant on embezzlement and receiving stolen property. his marriage to conspiracy lasted just 55 hours. the childhood friends eloping in las vegas back in 2004. this consspears' third time wal down the aisle. ♪ spears, now 40, first meeting asghari, 28, on the set of spears' "slumber party" music
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video in 2016. when the singer cast asghari as her love interest. nine months after their engagement, making their love official and dancing into married life. when pop icon jennifer lopez says she's getting started, she means it. now paying it forward, helping others make their dreams come true by providing billions of dollars in loans to latina small business owners. the legend sharing her plans with abc's john quinones. >> you don't have to do this. why is it so important? >> it just is. >> it touches you. >> it does. it's important to me. >> reporter: there may be no figure in show business as legendary as jennifer lopez. ♪ don't stop keep it moving ♪ >> reporter: with smash hits like "on the floor." ♪ get on the floor ♪
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♪ na na na na na na ♪ >> reporter: and "i'm real." ♪ i'm real the way you stand the way you look i'm real ♪ >> reporter: from the dance floor to the big screen and even on music's biggest stage, her name synonymous with the word "success." the superstar has sold more than 70 million records worldwide. and together her movies have earned a total of $3.1 billion. and at 52 years old, j. lo is still plowing full steam ahead, helping to launch a bold new initiative to support latina entrepreneurs. and releasing a new documentary on netflix. >> part of being a good performer is being aware. whoever's around me right there you feel me. >> reporter: in the film "halftime," j. lo pulls back the curtain on the 2020 super bowl halftime show that made history. it was the first time two latina
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artists headlined the world's biggest stage. ♪ but with the nfl's decision to have j. lo and shakira share top billing came frustration. it meant the hitmakers would need to split their time. lopez saying in the documentary, this was the worst idea in the world. >> i'm trying to give you something with substance. i want something real. >> reporter: the doc revealing she fought to make her show pointed and political. in a reference to the immigration crisis, putting children, including her own daughter, in cages on stage. and draping herself in a puerto rican flag. >> five minutes, okay? >> reporter: in this exclusive clip from "halftime," j. lo revealing what she told her daughter. >> i said, you look right down that camera, and you tell every little girl in the world to get loud and to never, ever back down.
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from bringing light to injustice. >> that year was -- just turned out to be an incredible year for me, where everything i had worked for my whole life kind of exploded in one year. >> reporter: known affectionately as jenny from the block -- ♪ i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> reporter: j. lo has always stayed true to her bronx roots and humble beginnings. you knocked down some roadblocks to build what is now an empire. >> thank you. >> how did you do it? >> you know, i have to take my mom and dad who really instilled in me that i could do anything i wanted to do. >> at. mtv awards, you made a very emotional acceptance speech. >> i did. >> in which you said -- >> i want to thank the people who gave me joy and the ones who broke my heart. the ones who were true and the ones who lied to me. >> you said, "i want to thank those who lied to me, those who told me i couldn't do this." what did failure and disappointment teach you?
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>> it taught me to have to believe in myself. i had to. it forced me to do that. >> reporter: j. lo's latest project is about giving back. >> honestly, i'm hoping to kind of change the fabric of america. especially for latino women. >> reporter: the music icon following an introduction by goldman sachs, now partnering with nonprofit gramin america led by andrea john, the longest-serving female ceo of a fortune 500 company. >> so our goal together is by 2030, to give out $14 billion of loan capital. >> that makes me smile. >> $14 billion. $14 billion, and it's a lot of loans. and we are going to touch 600,000 women entrepreneurs. >> honestly, i'm still pinching myself. i can't believe this is happening. >> one out of four businesses are latinx owned in terms of small businesses in the united states. >> one out of every four? >> over the last ten years,
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they've grown 44%. for latina women entrepreneurs, the number is even higher. >> reporter: a 2020 report found that latina-owned businesses are significantly less likely than similar white-owned businesses to have loans approved by national banks. the biggest hurdle for any minority group? >> i think there are so many systemic hurdles that we're all fighting. but one of them clearly is fair access to capital. and when you look at the pathway to financial inclusion, 50% of women in america are underbank ed or unbanked. >> i want to empower that community even more. i think nobody wants a handout, they want to be able to build their own businesses. we want our own opportunities. we don't want to be there just because. we want to be there because we're just as good as. >> reporter: the average loan size is about $5,000. but along with the money, recipients also receive mentorship and financial
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literacy education. >> these are women who have been historically excluded from the financial mainstream. often they come to the program with no credit score or a poor credit score because no one's taught them about credit card debt. >> that's where i come in. letting latina women know, hey, this opportunity exists out here, you can go get this loan are if you need that $3,000 for that first month's rent for that business that you want, you can get it. you can have it. the payback on this is like, they pay back the loans quickly. >> 9.6%. >> she's better with the percentages and numbers. >> it's like 99% paid back. >> it's crazy. it's like one of the best investments you can make in this country, i believe. >> jennifer, why are latinas so important to this country? what do they bring -- >> oh my goodness. she used a great word which i use all the time, which is grit. they're tough, strong, made from a certain kind of fabric.
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[ speaking spanish ] they are entrepreneurial, they are inventive, they are creative. ♪ i'm still jenny from the block ♪ >> reporter: just like jenny from the block, who's never f forgotten where she came from. you've got this documentary. >> yes. >> and an engagement? >> i do. >> i've got to ask about ben. how's it going? >> i mean, this is the best time of my life. i love my career, but nothing is more fulfilling to me than being able to build a family with someone who i love deeply and who is just as dedicated to family and to each other as we can be. and i'm just -- i feel incredibly blessed. >> also when the wedding? >> i can't give you that one. sorry. >> our thanks to john. up next, oscar winner kevin costner on why fans are addicted to his hit western melodrama "yellowstone."
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♪ here's the thing. oscar-winning actor kevin costner loves westerns. and fans love him in them. now he's starring in the streaming hit "yellowstone." so successful the show has already inspired three spin-offs. he and kelly riley share why the show is so popular. here's abc's janai norman. >> that land is mine. >> reporter: it's the bona fide phenomenon breaking cable television ratings records.
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"yellowstone." the neo-western melodrama starring kevin costner as patriarch john dutton. >> if i lose a son today -- >> he was never your son. >> do i still have him? >> reporter: set in the backdrop of an anti-herro dynasty, the show is all about family. >> you think that -- >> i'm going to kill you, i'm going to [ bleep ] kill you for what you did to my family. >> the story was touching on a lot of different things that made it interesting to us. >> there is keep the kingdom, or there is lose the kingdom. >> reporter: the cutduttons aree owners of yellowstone, a fictional seven-generation family ranch, chronicling ongoing conflicts with an indian reservation. >> i claim this land, this property, for the nation of the confederated tribes. >> reporter: and multiple developers. >> we are simply offering you or expertise. >> we're not looking for partners. >> reporter: four seasons of the
12:56 am
paramount show captivating audiences with life on the ranch, local politics -- >> there's things we'd like to talk to you about. >> things like your future. >> i'm running for attorney general. i expect your report. >> reporter: family politics. >> you need to go easy on your brother. >> i know you don't want to see it, dad, but he's the one we should be fighting the hardest. >> reporter: shifting loyalties, human branding, and -- >> your family deserves to lose everything. >> reporter: so much revenge. >> we'll see how tough you are after i give it to you. >> reporter: all of it set against beautiful, serene montana. its sheer space and desolation a character in itself with the show's sweeping cinematic, classic western themes in juxtaposition to a modern west. >> i chair market equities board of directors. i have a proposal. we'll fund the build for you. >> i've always wanted to see the frontier. >> reporter: the 67-year-old has
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had a lifelong interest in westerns. starred in "dances with wolves." his directorial feature debut about the relationship between a civil war soldier and lakota indians. sweeping the 1991 oscars. >> i will never forget what happened here tonight. >> reporter: his influence on westerns continuing with the period miniseries "hatfields and mccoys" about the feud that nearly launched a war between kentucky and west virginia. >> when does it end? >> when there's no blood left to be spilled. >> what is it about the western for you? >> i don't know, there's something appealing about the only things you have are the horse and the things you can carry, and how can you do it out there in the world? there's something about that level of resourcefulness. >> reporter: resourcefulness is key in "yellowstone." practically no one escaping without blood on their hands. >> made me an accessory to murder. >> reporter: british actress
12:58 am
kelly riley plays costner's fearless daughter and avengers who will do anything to protect her family. >> there is no morality here, dad, none. there is keep the kingdom, or there is lose the kingdom. >> my kingdom. my rules. we fight with dignity. you start or find another fight. >> you guys have really intense scenes together. what is that like on set? >> we take care of one another. that's the thing i feel most. i feel like he takes care of me, and we're players in a team. we're on the same side. >> she's unmanageable. she sits -- she's just really unmanageable. everybody wants to be beth. >> i'm glad you made that distinction, that beth is unmanageable. >> i'm not the only one that's made that distinction. the whole world goes, "she's unmanageable." >> you are the trailer park. i am the tornado. >> what do you have to do to prepare to be beth? >> hike my skirt up, drive a bit
12:59 am
fast, light a cigarette, and just go for it. it's a thrill ride. i mean, she's so -- she's an animal. i have a blast playing her. i feel very blessed that i have such a challenging, dynamic, incredibly alive character. these wonderful lines. >> you should have picked options 1 or 2. you're [ bleep ] mine now. >> reporter: the show created and written by show runner taylor sheridan, went from seemingly sleeper hit to currently filming its fifth season, back on location at a real ranch in montana. >> montana's almost another character in this project. >> i don't think people will ever tire of images of running rivers and through mountains that have stood the test of time and been there forever. and to see running horses. >> reporter: the show's tension and beauty capturing an authentic slice of the west, from cattle ranching to daily life. "yellowstone's" popularity spawning three spinoffs for paramount. >> dangerous all the way to
1:00 am
oregon -- >> reporter: including "1883," a prequel starring country singers tim mcgraw and faith hill, and an upcoming drama revolving around cattle ranching and cowboys. "yellowstone" now earning awards season buzz as well. nom nominations this year has many critics predicting it could finally get love at the upcoming emmy awards. how does it feel to be recognized in that way? >> i personally feel excited that we're in those conversations right now, because i think we deserve to. but at the same time, i know all of us go to work for the characters in the show. >> you always hope that your work's just not disposable, you know? but we've been working for four years, so i think the lesson there is we worked just as hard the first year and the second year and the third year, and nothing changes with this. >> our thanks to janai. we'll be right back. good checkup? no, great checkup.
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♪ finally tonight, eva mireles, a fourth grade teacher at robb elementary in uvalde, was laid to rest today. she had been a teacher for 17 years. an obituary describing the 44-year-old as dedicated to her wonderful family and amazing students. authorities say mireles and irma garcia died trying to protect them. funerals for the victims of the school massacre will continue for the rest of the month. may they rest in peace. that's "nightline." episodes on hulu. our full - see you back here monday night.
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