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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 11, 2022 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. pain at the pump. the nationwide average gas price hits $5 for the first time according to aaa. president biden taking a swing at corporate profits calling for more production and placing blame overseas for rising inflation. his plan to cut costs. making sacrifices. americans paying more for basic necessities. >> we're really quickly migrating from a pandemic crisis to a hunger crisis. >> the tough decisions for families and the tech tools that could save you money at the market. dangerous heat wave. the triple-digit temperatures scorching the southwest, the wildfire concerns and a college graduation abruptly cancelled.
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outgunned. ukraine begging for more help from the west, saying only advanced weapons will push back russia. the critical battle going on right now that could decide the fate of the donbas region. gun protests. the demonstrations across the country today as parents from uvalde who testified on capitol hill prepare to bury their daughter on this very same day. travel change. the biden administration dropping the covid test requirement for overseas travel, what it means for your next trip, plus advice on managing the busy travel season ahead. ♪ health scare. justin bieber's message to fans. >> this is pretty serious. >> temporarily paralyzed on one side of his face, what this means for the superstar's health and tour. and finals fever. the warriors tie up the nba finals with a convincing win overnight and a history-making performance from steph curry.
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good morning, america. a lot happening overnight, including that revelation from justin bieber. a lot of people talking about this, his concert tour is among the ten biggest moneymakers is this year worldwide and his diagnosis put that up in the air. he's already cancelled two tour dates. lot more ahead on bieber's announcement and what we know about ramsay hunt syndrome. overnight, we learned that texas legislators are planning two hearings next week about the mass shooting at robbme scho inldas the mar for our livs to washington today, a student-led demonstration originating four years ago foll and the news from aaa that the nationwide price has hit $5
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a gallon for the first time after unexpectedly bad showing, punching wall street in the gut, with stocks closing down across the board. maryalice parks joins us from the white house with more. >> reporter: president biden has tried to say that he gets it, that he understands the impact that these gas prices are having on american families. he said again yesterday that tackling inflation remains his top economic priority. with inflation at a 40-year high president biden friday insisting he's doing everything in his power to bring prices down. >> make no mistake about it, i understand inflation is a real challenge to american families. >> reporter: the white house's blaming russia's invasion of ukraine impacting prices globally. >> because of putin's war in ukraine, families across south carolina and the nation are inti dualgove splcovid-anmi
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pces p $5 ie production. >> exxon made more money than god this year. one thing i want to say about the oil companies, they have 9,000 permits to drill, they're not drilling. >> reporter: heading into these crucial midterm elections 80% of americans in abc's latest poll say inflation is an important factor in how they will vote, and only 37% approving of biden's handling of the economic recovery. friday the president trying to reassure americans saying that the deficit has shrunk and the economy is strong. >> unemployment rate is near-historic lows. >> reporter: still his own energy secretary telling abc news gas prices could stay high for a while. >> so this is going to be a rough, you know, from now through the end of the year, really, the energy information agency has said that prices are going to remain over $4 a gallon toward the end of the year. >> reporter: biden calling on congress to help with prices too by cracking down on major
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foreign-owned shipping companies he says have dramatically raised prices. >> they raised it by 1,000%. that's why i called on congress to crack down on -- they're foreign-owned shipping companies that raised their prices. >> reporter: you heard the president laying into oil companies saying they're not increasing supply, not drilling on lease lands because they're enjoying soaring profits. they say he should do less finger pointing and should cut regulation. republicans of course are campaigning hard on this inflation and these gas prices. >> all right, maryalice, thank you. now to what these inflation numbers mean and how they impact american families. abc's deirdre bolton joins us in new york with that. >> reporter: a year ago the national average for a price of a gallon of milk was $3.49, now
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around $4.20, a 20% increase. these costs up across the board, part of why all americans are feeling the pinch. inflation nation. americans are paying significantly more for basics such as food, fuel and rents. >> i basically just got struggle food and popsicles. >> reporter: the consumer price index rose to 8.6% and signaled that price pressure may be here for a while. food costs soaring this morning, milk, poultry, fish and eggs seeing an average increase of 14% since last may. for americans families coping with the squeeze there are many strategic decisions. >> our grocery bills are probably, probably a few hundred dollars more. we try to have a game plan about how we're going to go about the groceries, how we can stretch things. >> reporter: this mom putting the strategy into action in the aisle of the grocery stores.
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>> i usually grab these wraps which are on sale. >> reporter: with americans trying to do more with less, food banks are also feeling the pinch. being asked to do more with less. >> more americans than ever are needing this type of assistance and so we're really quickly migrating from a pandemic crisis to a hunger crisis. >> reporter: one food bank in ohio worries the problem will only get worse. >> in just a few short months the extra federal benefits that are currently supporting people towards what we're thinking is the end of this pandemic. they're about to go away. >> reporter: we pulled some apps for you and for your family. basket tracks prices across different stores. drop. ibotta. shopkick. offer cash back or gift cards. there are others out there. just ways to stretch those dollars. janai. >> any little bit helps. deirdre, thank you so much.
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we want to turn to the dangerous heat snap settling over the southwest. let's get the latest from cheryl scott fr cheryl, are we talking triple digits? >> we are. this is going to persist throughout the entire weekend. extreme heat is going to build throughout the south and west, excessive heat alerts and warnings in place from southern california through arizona. phoenix, another record high today. triple-digit heat here all across the south and west. sacramento to palm springs, you can see those temperatures above 100 degrees. phoenix, 114. this is a dry heat. in texas, steamy, hot and humid, feel-like temperatures here also in the triple digits. this is well above average for this time of the year. eva. >> all right, cheryl, thank you. now to the protests ahead today across the u.s. in favor of tougher gun laws, the biggest expected in washington, d.c., and abc's ike ejiochi joins us live from the national mall with more. good morning to you, ike.
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>> reporter: good morning, eva. workers have been setting up this stage behind the washington monument for a couple of days now. it's something that they're unfortunately used to doing under these circumstances, but it's a task organizers say is necessary. this morning, the nation's capital preparing to hold yet another rally protesting the recent string of deadly gun violence exploding across the country. march for our lives, the group founded to eliminate gun violence following the 2018 mass shooting in parkland, florida, organizing over 450 marches across the u.s. >> the mission of the march is to try to get the national attention focused on proactive measures to end gun violence. to bring conversations about gun violence prevention. passing gun laws to senators and congresspeople's ears. >> reporter: co-founder x gonzalez is a survivor of that parkland shooting that left 17 dead. they say these events are meant
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to put pressure on congress. earlier this week on capitol hill, families of gun violence victims testifying before lawmakers. like the parents of 10-year-old lexi rubio, one of the 19 killed in the uvalde massacre, whose funeral will be held today. >> we seek red flag laws, stronger background checks. >> reporter: democrats in the house passing the protect our kids act on wednesday, a sweeping gun reform measure, but the bill is expected to fail in the senate where negotiations continue on a more modest measure. still, the march for our lives founder says they're hopeful this time will be different. >> it's empowering to see people around the country who want this change and are fighting to make it happen. >> reporter: one of 450 events happening all across the country. organizers here today say they expect to see thousand of people around the washington monument and it's all on congress to do something.
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whit. >> ike, thank you. we turn now to the january 6th investigation, an estimated 20 million people watched the committee's primetime hearing into the attack on the capitol. committee members laying out the findings of their ongoing investigation including new details and testimony from people in former president trump's inner circle. now we know that there will be six more hearings in the coming weeks. joining us to talk about this is rick klein. rick, good morning to you. we heard allegations of conspiracy, attempted coup, now the challenge for the committee is backing that up with real evidence, what can we expect in this next hearing on monday. >> whit, this is a big one. the committee has said they're going to focus on the so-called stop the steal movement to try to spread the false notion that former president trump had actually won the election and more critically that former president trump and the people around him knew they lost but
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went ahead to foment an insurrection anyway. one of the things we know, one witness is a former fox news political editor who lost his job after his network correctly called the outcome of the last election. unclear what he's going to be asked about. all of this adds up to, trying to implicate president trump and people around him knowing what they were doing and trying to get that election overturn. >> you know, congresswoman liz cheney said there were several members of congress who asked for pardons in the immediate aftermath of january 6th, what does that tell us? >> that was a significant headline, whit, and here's the main reason that i see as why. if you're asking for a pardon, you know that you did something wrong, you did something potentially illegal. if the committee can prove who those members of congress are, that makes this is lot bigger than just around the president trump.
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this takes us from the past tense to the present and future tense. because they're still in congress and they're clinging to the false notions about the last election. one of the committee's big task, they want to establish what not only happened in the past but impact on democracy. that adds to the urgency to this. >> the task to see if they can change anyone's minds about what actually happened and unfolded on that day. rick klein, thank you. join us for more coverage of the hearings at 10:00. on monday. right here on abc. janai. in politics now to war in ukraine. officials there plea for more help from the west saying russia is outgunning their forces in a fight for the eastern part of the country. britt clennett joins us from the outskirts of kyiv. britt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, janai. that's right. as the fighting ramps up, the
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calls from ukraine to get more ammunition into this country growing more desperate by the day. this morning, the fight for the east of ukraine intensifies with more brutal bombardment in the donbas region. an adviser for president zelenskyy says around 200 ukrainian soldiers are being killed every day, but both sides are suffering heavy casualties in the street to street fighting, according to british intelligence. russia massing fire with its air capabilities in an attempt to overwhelm ukrainian defenses and take control of the region. the ukrainian military telling abc news the country now relies on western ammunition and nnttle for severodonetsk says zelenskyy will decide the fate of the donbas region. they'll discuss the country's bid to join the eu. back in outskirts of the capital, where russian troops made their way before
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withdrawing to the east in early april, civilians still reel from the occupation. this 14-year-old shows me her bullet wounds. russian soldiers shot indiscriminantly at her family in their car as they were traveling home, her father was killed. adding, her dad started to pull back, then they started shooting from everywhere. she survived by playing dead, her trauma still visible. there was no feeling of pain, she says, everything was numb. to discuss how to rebuild e is - ukraine, this town was hit by heavy artillery early on in the invasion and residents here say there's still a long road ahead. and a big change is coming for travelers entering the u.s., the biden administration lifting the covid testing requirement for international travelers coming here.
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abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: good morning. this is a major change for those flying into the country and here's what it means. starting tonight, after midnight, anyone flying into the country does not need to provide a negative covid test, the cdc now lifting that requirement. this comes as we see a reported number of travelers, tsa now regularly screening more than 2 million people a day. it expects to screen 3 million at some point this summer. the airlines had been lobbying for this, saying, many americans were worried traveling internationally. because they would risk not being able to get home. getting stuck in that country. united said in a statement, this is another step not just for air travel but for all the tourism jobs that international travel support. we should point out, non-u.s. citizens still must show proof of vaccination before entering the u.s. some international destinations may still require a covid test. >> we're still going to have to check to see what the rules are
7:17 am
a we travel the summer. time now for a check of the weather and cheryl scott from our abc station in chicago, wls. is joining us this morning. the heat we were all happy about, but a point where it's not so good. >> becoming extreme over the south and the west, and that's increasing the fire danger here. already so many wildfires are burning. as we take a look at the map, the fire danger here stretching from areas like las vegas, nevada, all the way into new mexico, that's where we have red flag warnings in effect, that will be the case through the weekend and fueling these wildfires. extreme to exceptional drought, clifornia into new mexico, that's that exceptional zone, we're looking at very hot and dry conditions. now, on the other side of things, we also have some rain, moving into the pacific northwest, a little bit cooler here as well. rain saturday and sunday. also some rain on the east coast, we'll be covering that a little bit.
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liz: -- frances: good saturday morning. another gorgeous day, although not as hot compared to yesterday. here is your day planner, temperatures in the next hour will be in the upper 50's near 70. it will be breezy, especially at the beaches. that will allow everyone to be a little cooler compared to yesterday. inland areas in the mid 90's. around the bay, mid 80's. most and a lot of folks will be feeling that triple-digit heat in the south and west. some rain expected across the east coast tomorrow. >> cheryl, thank you so much. now from the heat to the west to things heating up in the nba finals in the east. the warriors evening things up at two games apiece last night in boston. will reeve is there. things are getting good. >> reporter: yes, they are. good morning. we saw an all-time game from an all-time player at a crucial time.
7:19 am
if his team lost and went down 3-1 almost nobody comes back from that, so, steph curry scored 43 points to send it all back to the bay all tied up. >> truly phenomenal, mike. >> the nba finals are tied at two games apiece. >> reporter: this morning, steph curry's sensational performance bringing the golden state warriors back from the brink. tying the nba finals at two. golden state's staving off the abyss of a 3-1 deficit. beating the celtics, 107-97. >> and he has just been magnificent. >> reporter: curry was on fire, draining shot after huge shot for 43 points. >> curry, back-to-back long-distance threes. >> reporter: even after injuring his foot at the end of game three, 34-year-old curry now joining michael jordan and lebron james in an elite club -- the only players 34 or older to score at least 40 points in an nba finals game. >> curry, it's good!
7:20 am
steph curry from downtown! >> reporter: the golden state point guard just the second player in nba history -- >> steph curry, his first three. >> reporter: to make more than six three-pointers in back-to-back nba games. >> steph curry drills the three! >> reporter: lebron james isn't playing in these finals but he was watching. tweeting about steph's big game, chef is insane. it's crazy beca like we can play a little bit better, but to win on the road and get home-court advantage back, big, big for this group. >> reporter: celtics star jayson tatum joined by his son pregame had the home crowd going wild early, but it wasn't enough. >> everybody probably feel like they got to be better, myself included. just go get it on monday. >> reporter: the warriors have only lost once at home in these playoffs, but it was in these finals to these celtics. here's another stat that suggest that the celtics might be the favorite to win in game five,
7:21 am
neither team has lost back-to-back games in these playoffs. if that holds the celtics would win game five and game seven which would give them this thing. >> back to bay, everyone's going to be atching. will, they were talking trash. tey want to know if your jump shot is better. >> i'm not shooting again. i air balled the other day. i'm out of here. >> thank you, will. tune into game five of the nba finals monday at 9:00 eastern right here on abc. >> he's such a good sport. >> he did hit the rim, it was a hard brick, but improvement. coming up, justin bieber's diagnosis. the pop star telling fans on his instagram he has a rare syndrome that's temporarily paralyzed half of his face. and formula flight. a new emergency shipment of baby
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news the morning everyone. i'm liz kroits happening today. the oakland police department is holding its first gun buyback event in nine years in an effor2 pm at at thy word ministries on international boulevard. you can get a hundred to $300
7:28 am
for up to three. arms later the weapons will be melted down and turned into gardening tools and francis is going to check the forecast. all right, liz. it's not even sir 7:30 at this morning and it's already 79 degrees right now in brentwood san francisco 62. it's still going to be another warm day with plenty of sunshine, but the seabreeze will mean cooler temperatures for everybody san francisco 73, oakland 82, san jose 90 degrees and some mid-90s for warmer spots liz. hi francis. thank you. thanks for joining us here the news continues right now with good morning america. we'll see you in a half hour for another update. another update. we've got your back, road warriors. because we know you're picking up the pace, steering life at 10 and 2.
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you're hitting the road... and we're helping you get there with confidence. so skip the counter without missing a beat. choose any car in the aisle. and be the boss of you. go national. go like a pro.
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♪ ♪ hit me baby one more time ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. the newly free britney spears said i do one more time. coming up in our second hour, of saturday "gma," all the details, photos and drama from her special wedding day. a little bit of drama mixed in. >> when that video came out on trl. >> i still remember all the dance moves. we'll do it later. we have a lot of other big stories we're following this morning. happening right now, the national governors association says it's forming a task force to come up with recommendations to stop mass shootings. the bipartisan group says it will recruit six to ten governors to come up with suggestion that may include some
7:31 am
gun control proposals. that say the main focus will be on keeping our schools safe. >>al r n, re r cming from overseas for parents in desperate need of baby formula. the biden administration saying more than 3.2 million bottles worth of formula will be air lifted in on planes in the coming weeks. delta airlines is donating those planes that will shuttle the formula from london to boston and detroit. and nasa is joining the quest to find out more about unidentified aerial phenomena. or ufos. it will gather as much data as they can on these so-called unexplained events in the sky, nasa says it's interested in ufos for both national security and air safety. of course we're all eager to hear more about the ufos. we start this half-hour with justin bieber fans rocked by the news that the pop star is battling a serious health issue. abc's faith abubey is here with details.
7:32 am
good morning, faith. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, eva. fans had been wondering what was going on as bieber's tour stops were being cancelled, but right in the middle of the speculation, the pop star dropping the shocking news and clearing the record. ♪ make up your mind what do you mean ♪ >> reporter: overnight, pop star justin bieber reaching out to his fans. >> hey, everyone, justin here. >> reporter: the superstar revealed in this instagram video that he's paralyzed on one side of his face. >> as you can see this eye is not blinking, i can't smile on this side of face. >> reporter: bieber says he's been diagnosed with ramsay hunt syndrome, a condition caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. the complication can happen , - after the chickenpox infection clears up. years later it may reactivate and when it does it can affect your facial nerves.
7:33 am
>> you have a rash in and around the ear. ear pain and weakness or paralysis that affects one side of the face. >> reporter: bieber, now asking for prayers. revealing to fans it's getting harder to eat. the singer on a worldwide tour now sidelined. >> he had to cancel almost a month's worth of north american tour dates. >> reporter: the canadian pop star known for speaking candidly about his health once revealing he was diagnosed with lyme disease. in 2017 he abruptly cancelled his "purpose" tour for unforeseen reasons. ♪ >> reporter: earlier this year, he postponed part of this tour due to covid. this time, though, it's different. >> i think that when people see this, i mean how can you feel anything but sympathy. especially if you're a fan. >> reporter: friday's uprt h weo revealed she wasospitalized su.
7:34 am
hailey now leading the chorus of supporters, including justin timberlake and thousands of fans, lifting up the pop star with love and well wishes. >> thanks for being patient with me and i'm going to get better. >> reporter: bieber is scheduled to perform here in new york at madison square garden and then in los angeles before going overseas, at least some of those prformances will probably be postponed until bieber recovers. joining us now from los angeles is dr. darien sutton. thanks so much for being with us this morning. i guess the first question a lot of us have, what exactly is ramsay hunt syndrome and what causes it? >> good morning, eva. so it's associated to a virus called -- many people may not know that viral name, but many
7:35 am
know what it causes in childhood, as faith summarized, chickenpox. after that infection, the virus can lie dormont and re-emerge. to form shingles. a rare form of shingles, it mainly causes paralysis on one side of the face. >> and what some of the other symptoms? >> other symptoms do exist, th facial nerve is closely associated with other important nerves and structures that negatively affect our hearing, our balance, even our tongue. the way we speak. >> what's the outlook for this kind of diagnosis, what's the recovery time? >> i always tell patients when i diagnose something like this, if you have it once in life, the risk of it coming back does exist. for many symptoms will resolve within weeks, but for some symptoms can last for weeks.
7:36 am
or longer. treatments include steroids and even eye protection. it's important to know, and i want to stress this, you have to get help as soon as possible, because studies have shown those who get treatment early have better outcomes. >> dr. sutton, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> really scary stuff. we're going to turn now to get a check of the weather, meteorologist cheryl scott from our abc station in chicago joins us, you've been talking about the heat and some rain. >> yes, we do some wet weather in parts of the country and gulf coast getting slammed yesterday with a strong cluster of storms that moved on through there. new orleans, the flooding rains coming down, wind damage reports from this area. the good news is that the severe weather threat across the country is fairly low but we do have a bull's-eye here, part of the country from omaha, kansas city, this is where we're looking at the potential for
7:37 am
strong storms to fire up. we're looking at hail, isolated tornado threat, that threat expands tomorrow to the northern plains and here across the north and east we'll look at some rain moving across pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, up until new england, some wet weather expected in our sunday. >> yes. >> some rain. >> i was looking at that 114 in phoenix. >> record high expected again today there. >> it's a dry heat. that sees what they say anyway. >> still very hot. >> thank you, cheryl. coming up here on "good morning america" -- the top names suspended by the pga teeing off on the deciding day of a controversial new golf tournament.
7:38 am
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meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card... the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back to "gma." as some of the best names in golf are teeing off in the final
7:42 am
round of a new golf tournament with ties to saudi arabia, the pga suspending some high-profile players who are taking part, lured by big prize money. abc's lama hasan is in london where the event is taking place. lama, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, whit. this new saudi-backed tournament was billed as an opportunity to reinvigorate golf. an alternative to the big pga tournament with big cash prizes. it's making headlines but for the wrong reasons. this morning, the pga tour taking a swing at some of golf's biggest names for cashing in at the controversial saudi-backed liv tournament. just after teeing off outside london thursday the pga announcing it was suspending 17 players, including phil mickelson, sergio garcia and dustin johnson for participating in the liv tournament. pga tour commissioner writing, these players have made their choice for their own financial-based reasons.
7:43 am
liv golf is funded by saudi arabia and has much bigger prizes than the pga. with $4 million going to the winner for each liv event. it's also reportedly offering megadeals to cross over. $200 million to mickelson. $150 million to two-time major winner dustin johnson. >> i like to do a lot of other things beside golf, and i think this gives me an opportunity to spend more time with my family. >> reporter: but that money is marred in controversy, saudi arabia accused of widespread human rights abuse and its crown prince accused of ordering the murder of "washington post" reporter khashoggi. >> i'm certainly aware of what has happened with jamal khashoggi. >> most pga stars passed on the breakaway tour, including tiger woods who reportedly turned down a $1 billion offer. rory mcilroy, now weighing in.
7:44 am
>> obviously, money is a deciding factor in a lot of things in this world, but if it's purely for money it's not -- it never seems to go the way you want it to. >> reporter: now, liv golf released a statement saying that the pga's decision was vindictive. and deepens the divide between the tour and its members. they're hopeful for the future of what they call free agencies, they welcome new players in london. whit. >> very interesting story. coming up on "good morning america" -- travel advice, if you're planning on heading abroad this summer. >> very interesting story. lama, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- travel advice, if you're planning on heading abroad this summer. texted the next day? same guy. is that even legal? and get this - he remembered my name. (whispering) hey, blink twice if you're in danger. whoa, guys. at state farm, we actually get to know you. it's called service.
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7:48 am
travel soaring this summer. so joining us now is melanie lieberman. thank you so much for being with us here this morning. we mentioned earlier in the show about the cdc lifting its covid-19 testing requirements for travelers entering the u.s., so that has the potential to make a busy travel season even more busy, how can travelers prepare? >> the biggest things travelers need to be thinking about right now are patience and flexibility. no matter where you're going, you can really expect a lot of crowds at the airports and we're seeing a lot of delays, so we want travelers to be thinking ahead, planning ahead, having that backup plan because we are expecting some complications with so much demand right now. >> yes, of course. they say pack your patience and of course this summer you need it extra, any way to cut down on the waiting that we'll already likely be doing at airports? >> we want travelers to be
7:49 am
thinking about any programs they can take advantage of that will make that experience less stressful. if you don't have, programs like tsa precheck and clear can expedite the travel experience. if you don't have already these programs these are really easy ways to make that experience faster and less stressful. >> okay, so we're already halfway through june, for anyone who hasn't booked yet, do you have any advice for them? >> yes, absolutely. i think the number one thing again is flexibility, and there are a few ways travelers can put that into practice -- that means booking the first flight out if you can, that will help you avoid any cascading delays and it also means if you have an issue you have more time to find a solution. we also want travelers to think about booking directly with the travel provider whenever possible. when you have a complication it's much easier to sort through that way. and of course you can also think about just looking for great
7:50 am
deals in the season. >> of course the great deals. real quick, melanie, we saw the reported shortage of airline employees, do you think that that's likely to get resolved any time soon? >> airlines are working on it, but i think it's going to be quite a while before travelers see a significant difference from airlines staffing. >> melanie, thank you so much for being with us this morning. and we'll be right back with our "play of the day." be right r "play of the day." i'm steve, i lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo and taking release.
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back now with our "play of the day." this is the kind of "play of the day" we all like, this dog that went on a shopping spree, check this out, bentley wandered into this dollar general store in florida, the pup didn't want to leave. yeah, he's not tiny, so reluctant to leave after two hours they had to call the police in, and you can see on the bodycam video, they got the collar on him and they reunited
7:55 am
with his owner that said he had broken through a gate apparently looking for the ultimate deal. >> you know what, at the dollar store there's a lot to look at.t th oconghere, president den tri nation about inflation concerns. and our "gma" cover story, new details about britney spears' wedding. and then, it's "deals & steals" with great gift ideas for father's day. stick around. stick around.
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone. i am liz kreutz. the san francisco giants and allayed orders will be the first team to incorporate pride colors, and both teams will
7:57 am
share a custom pride patch for their game at 4:15 p.m. this afternoon. if you are looking for the pride patch, the giants' dugout store will have limited availability. the giants will donate game-used items to lgbtq plus charities. happening tomorrow, the festival opens with the first concert of the summer. power and too short kick things off -- tower of power and too short kick things off. according to the website, reservations open up 12 days before each sunday concert. frances, let's get a check of the forecast. frances: it is so gorgeous out there right now, liz. temperatures are in the 70's joseyo won't nto the giants gams afternoon, because the high will be 73 degrees this afternoon. temperatures will be cooler
7:58 am
today than yesterday, so mid-90's for some of the warmest spots. solano county is the only spot where we have a heat morning until 11:00 tonight, so be careful out there. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. today, the heat eases. mid 80's around the bay, mid 60's at the coast, and then tomorrow, get ready for some much cooler weather before sunshine and warmer weather returns next week. liz: thank you. the news continues with "good morning america." be sure to join us for abc 7 be sure to join us for abc 7 news at when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all.
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♪ good morning, america. it's our second hour. inflation nation. what the white house is saying as inflation hits its highest rate in four decades. pummelling wall street, while gas now averages $5 a gallon nationwide. justin bieber's health battle. the superstar sharing his ramsay hunt syndrome diagnosis, the virus partially paralyzing his face. what justin is telling fans now. ♪ also this morning, new details on britney's wedding crasher ex-husband. what the police report says, plus new photos and wedding day details from the star-studded guest list to the couple's ring bling. ♪ i wanna feel ♪ go with your gut.


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