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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 11, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the country today. they marched in parkland, florida. where in 2018 and expelled student opened fire inside marjory stoneman douglas high school killing 17 people. marched in washington dc a sequel to the 2018 rally following the parkland shooting. they also marched in new york city where the march for our lives group says more than 450 events were scheduled today in the us. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard shows us how people from across the bay area joined in the effort. a call in san francisco to end gun violence this rally organized by students who have seen far too many bullets for many of us we see. more ips than college degrees. i have a 12 year old we have children. we've seen the tragedies over and over again and their heartbreaking they're horrifying they're dying. for no reason nine year old christian salala says he's
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scared for his brother. especially i'm waiting for my brother because most of the school shootings happen in middle school and my brother's going in middle school this march for our lives rallied demanded changes in gun laws. we have to hold the senate we have to hold the house of representative responsible for making gun laws that are not going to lead to these mass shootings that we continue to have in our communities. in oakland hundreds marched through downtown anything that their lives and safety become a priority. and we're not trying to take people's guns. i'm a gun owner back in san francisco retired chp sergeant. angela lunescom is hoping for sensible gun laws, which might have prevented the killing of 19 children and uvalde texas how an 18 year old.
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his hands on a gun and went and shot all those poor babies and their teachers. it has to stop in san francisco cornell bernard abc 7 news. on the peninsula cries of enough echoed through the streets of redwood city. hey, oh, the nra has got to go. people demanding stronger gun laws gathered at the city public library for a rally then holding signs and chanting they marched through the city and in the east bay people attended a march for our lives event at walnut creek civic park a concord high school student helped organize. this event protesters said they wanted to stand in solidarity with thousands of people nationwide who are seeking tougher gun control measures. and oakland's first ever gun buyback event in nine years has been called a success people showed up in droves outside at thy word ministries on international boulevard to turn in guns of all shapes sizes and calibers in exchange.
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they received gift cards worth anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars depending on the size of the weapon. these guns will be melted and made into gardening tools that will be used to help beautify oakland. officers are still tallying the number of guns collected and will share that number later on this evening. today over 3,000 quilt panels were displayed in golden gate park each one representing a life lost to the aids epidemic. this rare outdoor display marks the 35th anniversary of the national aids memorial quilt the last time it was displayed with this many panels in san francisco was back in 1988 speakers today reminded the community that the crisis is still not over. oh, my friends were dying. the government did nothing our churches kicked us out. our families abandoned us and this combination of homophobia and racism prevented us from moving the world forward.
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to confront the crisis cleve jones started the project back in 1987. and now the quilt is considered the world's largest community arts project. is memorial service will continue until tomorrow afternoon? san mateo county celebrated pride month with a festival today the event at san mateo central park celebrated 10 years of pride on the peninsula organizers say the event has really grown over the years seeing where we started year one to where we are. your town chin is wonderful. i'm glad that we're growing i'm glad that we are able to engage and interact with our community members here making a safe. for lgbtq, i plus community. today's pride event featured resource booths and musicians along with drag queens and the el camino realtors the lgbtq square dancing club of silicon valley. happening now in celebration of pride month the giants and la
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dodgers today became the first mlb teams to wear custom on-field pride baseball caps in the same game. check it out. the giants were the first team to incorporate pride colors into their uniform last year today. both teams shared a custom pride cap for their game at oracle park and if you happen to be looking to find pride ball caps, the giants dugout store will have them in limited quantities. the giants are going to donate game used items and some in-store sale proceeds to lgbtq+ charities abc 7 sports will have much more on the game that is happening right now. well, they are back fresh off last night's lost. the boston celtics returned to their downtown san francisco hotel late this afternoon after a cross-country flight celtics fans cheered while as you can imagine dubs fans jeered as the team checked in golden state even up the series with last night's win at two apiece game five of the nba finals against the golden state warriors at
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chase center is tomorrow and reminder abc 7 is the exclusive home of the finals. we'll have pregame and post-game programming throughout the series continuing with game 5 on monday tip off time is at 6 pm. right now to our temperatures as we take a live look outside where we did see those above average highs across the bay area today. once again, sandia joining us and you say relief is already here for some parts. absolutely dion were already feeling it around the coast and the bay in lind areas were hot again, but not nearly as hot as yesterday. we had triple digits yesterday as you recall here are your high temperatures for today 94 in livermore 96 in fairfield some of our hot spots 97 and gilroy it was down to 91 in san 82 oakland 76 san francisco 93 in santa rosa and look at half moon bay a cool 63 degrees with some fog now. it's not exactly cool still in solano county. we have an excessive heat warning until 11 pm tonight risk
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of heat illnesses is theirs because of the fact that it's still another hot one. so take it easy out there as we go hour by hour if you are stepping out tonight do expect the weather to continue to improve in terms of the heat. it's nice seabreeze. it's bringing those is down by 10 o'clock you're looking at temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 70s. i'll be back with your sunday forecast, which does include a big drop in those inland temperatures deon. all right, we will be watching sandia. thanks. now. you can track the weather conditions where you live anytime on the abc 7 bay area app it is available right now on roku and amazon fire along with android tv and apple tv. just ahead honoring the life career and legacy of normanetta tributes today from thousands of miles away for the san jose native who had a lasting impact on the city. so much really the heart of our community of any town. and years in the making and
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historic and highly anticipated grand opening today in millbrae that building already becoming a staple for this community.
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if a memorial service today on the east coast for a native son of san jose norm mineta.
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today's ceremony brought together friends family and political. heavyweights he had always had a better vision about our country more perfect union. he always had knowledge about the subjects that he was talking about. so when he spoke we listened if we were smart we listened secretary minetta died last month that is home in maryland and although he had moved to the east coast his heart remained in his beloved hometown. every day i drive to work on the norman y, minetta, california highway 85 15 minutes from the minute a transportation institute at san jose state university i think you get the picture of san jose's regard for dad. secretary minetto will return home on w nose city hall on thursday. another memorial is planned at the san jose civic auditorium
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where former president bill clinton will speak then minetta will be laid to rest next to his parents and his siblings in the city. he called the valley of his dreams. a grand opening on the peninsula is building a better bay area by helping the community come together. ceremony today marked the opening of the new millbrae recreation center. this moment has been a long time in the making back in 2016 arson destroyed the previous community center and that center was considered the heart of the community by many. city county and state officials were on hand for today's ribbon cutting this will transform millbrae and bring the community together in a way. that is it's just really it's very very special. millbrae's new recreation facility is 24,000 square feet and includes the licensed preschool fitness center teen game room art center conference rooms and a community room. extreme heat yesterday forced uc davis to cancel its graduation
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ceremony midway through it at least six people were sent to the hospital and the weather has led to some last-minute changes to this weekend's graduation ceremonies. and we take another live look outside, but that was a very quick look. larry now to you and i'm inside. okay, we continue to marvel at the greatness. that is steph curry who put together one of the best games in the history of the nba finals. so what did steph think of his 43 point performance that not of the series at two games apiece that is coming up next in sports.
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women in the bay area got a helping hand today as they begin a new chapter in their lives women veterans. got to enjoy a free boutique experience today in walnut creek during the northern, california. operation dress code event they had an opportunity to pick up for free donated business clothes to help them present to professional appearance for interviews in their new civilian careers the california department of veterans affairs helps organize the event. it is usually held in san diego and has helped more than 1,700 women over the past five years. well, once again some uc davis graduates will have to wait to receive their diplomas except this time. it's not because of covid
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fridays outdo. ceremony was interrupted due to extreme heat and exhaustion for hours attendees were sitting out in hot temperatures considering. well aware of unfortunately, we believe it's in the best interests of those graduates on the field to please vacate the field. in total over 30 calls for medical help were made 14 ambulances rushed to the ceremony and more than five. people were hospitalized uc davis says, they will now start their sunday commencement earlier at 7 am. they will also provide fans shade tents and water stations throughout even so they still urge students to leave after receiving their diploma. i mean sandia kind of a bummer, but you can understand with temperatures so incredibly hot. yeah, it's better to keep them safe. actually since they have an excessive heat warning still going for today tomorrow. it's going to be cooler. so hopefully they'll be able to enjoy the ceremony dion. let me show you the temperature
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change. it's hard not to notice. it's 8 degrees cooler in san francisco right now. thanks to the breeze down nine degrees in livermore live doppler 7 showing you an area of low pressure that is going to continue to drive temperatures down as it works in the direction of northern california certainly will bring the possibility of sprinkles right now. fog on live doppler 7 and as we check out those winds this is the driving force behind the drop in the temperatures onshore gusting to 30 in san mateo 37 mile an hour sustained winds in san francisco. and as you look from our exploratorium camera blue skies up above air quality will be good for both sunday and monday, so if you want to get outside and enjoy you can see why the air quality will be good. it's breezy along the embarcadero 66 in the city 72 in oakland 82, san jose and a comfortable 61 and a half moon. from our emeryville camera, you can see that marine layer returning to the bay area here from the coast. it's going to advance over the bay 86 in santa rosa right now. it is 73 in petaluma upper 80s,
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concord and fairfield and one other live picture from our san jose camera where it is sunny right now coastal fog expands overnight tonight possibility of morning sprinkles, and then it's gonna be breezy and noticeably cooler tomorrow, especially in our inland valley so that fog advances while you're sleeping and tomorrow morning as a cold front goes through northern california, we might actually see a few showers around mendocino county certainly the possibility of a couple of sprinkles in the northern end of our viewing area, but it's going to be pretty much clearing out by the afternoon and evening temperatures in the morning 50s 60s. i think a cooler start to your day, even though it will feel a little muggy with the fog and the clouds around for your afternoon in the south bay 79 in san jose 73 degrees in sunnyvale 74 santa cruz pretty mild on the peninsula 71 in san mateo. i've los altos low 60s coast side and breezy downtown san francisco 67 degrees north bay temperatures. you'll be looking at mid-70s from vallejo to novato 76 in
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santa rosa in the east bay 69 berkeley 70 in oakland closer to average as opposed to well above average like we've experienced last couple of days and mild inland. i mean you're going to go from the 90s today to the 70s and 80s. it's a big drop in those temperatures 79 in concord 77 degrees in livermore the accuweather. forecast morning sprinkles followed by much cooler weather especially inland. we're going to turn things around beginning on monday with the warming trend going into the low to mid-90s for tuesday and wednesday low 60s coast side. so a nice range of temperature is and then much cooler again as end the work week. now abc 7 sports with larry beale good evening before game 4 the nba finals last night. we were wondering if steph curry's injured foot would hamper him against the celtics by the end of game four. we were wondering what planet steph came from because curry displayed otherworldly skills 43 points carrying the warriors to victory tying, the nba finals of two games apiece and you can
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tell steph was really fired up early. it's a three in the first quarter forcing a boston time out immediately runs to the opposite end of the floor the fans were taunting him. the celtics were taunting him and he's giving it right back. you want to make steph angry because you won't like him when he's angry, especially if you're trying to guard him. a lot of people were saying this is steph's best finals performance ever. steph wasn't going there. i don't write my performances though. just win the game. you can want it so bad. you kind of get in your own way a little bit and everybody feels a little bit of pressure. can go to opposite way i wanted to try to. leverage that the you know in a positive direction for us. yeah, he wasn't letting us lose. that's just what it boils down to we had somebody there and he was just making them. that's what he does. you know, we obviously have to do a better job of limiting that there's what it is and get another chance to do it again on monday. he's one of the best players in the world. he's been here before, you know, it's it's hard, but we never
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said it was supposed to be easy. so we just get for the next game. i said heart on that man is incredible you know the things he does we kind of take for granted from time to time, but to go out there and put us on his back and i mean we got to help them out on monday. speaking to monday the drama continues monday night game five is a chase center in san francisco. the pregame is at 5pm tip off at six. we'll have all the highlights and interviews after the game and all of that exclusively right here on abc 7. you talk about pretty good weekend to be a bay area sports fan warriors in the finals giants dodgers at oracle park a lot of dodgers fans in town. come on. it's not dodger stadium north clayton kershaw on the mound for the first place dodgers second dating tyro estrada takes him out fourth homer of the year the young strada won. nothing giants right now two
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zips san francisco in the seventh. we will have complete highlights coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 noted a's fan and retired wrestler than milwaukee mauler back to see his a's take on cleveland this afternoon. he's down five three basis loaded two out in the seventh eli morgan thought that was strike three. he's running to the dugout. called a ball morgan could not believe it then. high deep aloha means seth brown grand slam his first career granny makes it seven five a's and they finally snap that 10 game losing streak with the 10-5 victory. and down the stretch they come the favorite modongle. the belmont huge win for owner mike ripoli born in queens the belmont basically his home track calls himself mike from queens. he may be calling himself a malt mike from queens given the
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celebration there. he never won this race before actually on part of the top two horses nest finished second kentucky derby win a rich strike. skip the preakness finished sixth in new york at belmont finally. happy birthday to one of the greatest of all time 49ers legend joe montana turned 56 years old today born june 11th 1956 the hall of fame quarterback led the 49ers to four super bowl victories fun fact about joe in those four super bowls. montana did not throw a single interception 11 touchdowns zero picks. happy birthday joe and we will be right back.
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they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. on abc 7 news at 11. it's not just gas prices that have people feeling the squeeze financially a family with a seriously ill child tells us how they are. really getting by with the soaring prices and there is a new development with the bay area bakeries mochi muffin trademark the announcement it made today to put an end to the controversy all of that and much more coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11. now before we go a dizzying display of dance and color to
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mark philippine independence day this weekend the bay area filipino folk dance group parungel put on. this dazzling performance at the philippine consulate in san francisco to mark. the occasion its mission is to foster awareness and association of the philippine culture that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at six. larry beale and sandy of patel and everyone here. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you right back here tonight at 11:00.
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