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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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so sound the alarm.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc seven news. >> important steps forward toward and safety is nothing short of a political miracle. >> democratic senator dick durbin calls it a major achievement. a bipartisan proposal announced today on new gun measures. good evening and thank you for joining us. we begin with developing news on what would be the most significant action congress has taken on gun safety since the federal assault weapons ban was allowed to expand in the 90's. the federal background check system, the so-called red flag provision with the government supporting states to enact laws, preventing people who show signs of being a threat to themselves
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or others from purchasing or possessing a firearm. it does not propose increasing the age to buy a gun. for buyers under 21, it would require an investigative time to review juvenile and health records. ike ejiochi has the initial response to the proposal. >> a bipartisan group of senators announced on sunday it has reached a new agreement on gun legislation. it is agreement on principle and not legislative texts. 20 senators including the 10 republicans necessary to avoid a filibuster released a statement on sunday, saying in part that we are announcing a common sense bipartisan proposal to protect america's children. this reduces the threat of violence across our country. president biden said obviously it does not do everything i think is needed but it reflects important steps in the right direction. the house has been working on
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more sweeping actions on gun reform but those measures would likely fail in the senate. jamie raskin telling cnn this deal is a baby step he would vote for. >> it is moving in the right direction. >> news of this agreement, just one day after hundreds of thousands marched in cities across the country, calling for tougher gun legislation. >> we are saying that nobody should have military style weapons. huge numbers of kids within just minutes. >> david a hug or a survivor of the parks school shooting react into the deal. tweeting that this is progress. even if it stops one parkland, it is worth it. abc news, washington. >> there is strong reaction from across the bay area to deal with gun safety. cornell barnard spoke with a gun control activist and joins us in
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studio now with more on this story. >> on the sixth anniversary of the post nightclub shooting in florida, gun safety advocates believe that gun deal could be a new beginning but some say more action is needed. >> thoughts and prayers are not enough. >> hundreds joined the march for our lives this weekend, calling for stronger gun safety laws. the student organizers says she is encouraged about a bipartisan agreement in washington on gun safety measures, possibly making a political logjam. >> i see this is a step forward in terms of gun reform and gun safety. >> the tentative deal does not necessarily go far enough. >> i want to see that people under the age of 21 should not have access to semiautomatic weapons. >> barbara lee tweeted the bipartisan senate framework on gun reform legislation is a crucial first step. this legislation will make
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critical investments in mental health resources, school safety and increase bedding for weapons purposes. while this is a start, much more must be done. >> thank you all for being here. as we remember the 49 in orlando six years ago. >> a memorial to honor those killed at the post nightclub shooting massacre. mr. vazquez is in orlando native. christ it is devastating that we as a nation cannot do more to protect innocent lives of lgbtq youths in night clubs and schools. >> many remain skeptical about the gun safety factors. >> i have hope and i also acknowledge the federal government is hopelessly locked. for me, the proof is in the pudding. christ we need to band -- we need to ban assault rifles. this is at least a step in the
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right direction. >> nancy pelosi called the agreement on gun violence prevention a step forward for the children. she says while more is needed, the package will take steps to save lives. cornell barnard, abc news. >> to the south bay where san jose police are investigating a suspected double murder suicide. police say a man and woman were in a dispute and they say a bystander tried to intervene. he and the women were shot by the suspect for the suspects turned to the gun on himself. all three pronounced dead at the scene. anders was with his wife and two teen children. that is when anders was suddenly hit on the head with his concrete block. he fell to the ground and nearly lost consciousness. when his daughter chased after the two men to take these photos
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, they continued to pelt him with more heavy objects. he suffered a 2 inch laceration and has a herniated disc in his neck. he says that more needs to be done to stop these senseless attacks, not just rallies and raising awareness. >> i want to make sure everybody understands it is important to speak out so our law enforcement understands how it impacts our community and how important it is for us to take action to stop the senseless violence. >> anders says he is expected to make a full recovery. the investigation is ongoing. i hate crime investigation underway in alameda county after five men disrupted drag queen story are at the san lorenzo library. the sheriff's office as the men were described as members of the far right extremist group, the proud boys. >> this drag queen seen here. she says a group of men stormed her story, and recorded on their
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phones as they yelled homophobic and transphobia slurs and totally freaked out all of the kids. she hit in the back office with a security guard while waiting for deputies to arrive. the sheriff's office says deputies escalated the situation. no arrests were made. after the protesters were escorted out, she finished reading. the county sheriff's office says an active hate crime investigation is underway as is an investigation into the annoying and harassing of children. the sheriff's office wrote that we will make sure that any future event at the library are safe against hate speech and threats of violence. as we celebrate pride month, we will be swift in our response to any incidents where there are threats to harm members of this community. the alameda county library issued a statement saying that attempts to intimidate and silence others are not tolerated in libraries and that we are grateful to panda dull say for showing bravery and resilience and finishing the storytime
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event. >> moving on, the aids memorial wrapped up its today service. thousands showed up witnessed the largest display in san francisco's history. there were more than three 1000 handstitched panels on display, each representing a life lost to aids. as each pulse was laid out in the meadow, names of those who lost their life -- lives were read out to the audience. >> what you see going on here today is there are people talking and conversing and sharing stories one generation to another. we must open up our conversations. we must have dialogue and bring down barriers and realize that public health as the word public in it. it is about public looking out for each other. >> speakers and organizers took to the stage to remind us that the fight for a cure is not over. they say hiv still affects
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communities of color and we must continue to fight against it. getting into the nba finals game will cost you. what you can expect to play -- pay if you to go to tomorrow's game at the chase center. and don't forget to look up tonight. the supermoon that will be brightening the skies. >> what a dramatically different day we had. this morning fog, even some drizzle and some light rain or precipitous amounts. check it out, right now, we are starting to see blue skies. the day will end very differently.
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>> the first gun buyback in nine years. police say that people targeted pistols, rifles, a key seven's tommy guns. they received gift cards worth anywhere from 100 to $300. these guns will be melted and made into gardening tools that will be helped to beautify oakland. 131 firearms in total were collected. gas prices hit a new record high nationwide. the average for a gallon of gas is five dollars. the national average of six at 5.0 one. in california it is 6.43 per gallon. the the highest average is in marin county at 6.66 per gallon. another price hike to tell you about, tickets to the final three nba finals games between the warriors and boston celtics. tickets for game five tomorrow at chase center are the least
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expensive to buy on stubhub. about $775 a seat. game six is on thursday in boston. one of the teams will have a chance to wrap up the series. those tickets are down. and possible for a game seven chase center prized by over 150 dollars. it is $1350 just to get in. keep in mind if you would like to say courtside, those seats start at 20000 and go all the way up to $75,000. chris alvarez even a chuckle at that number. abc 7 is the exclusive home of the finals. we do have pregame and postgame programming all throughout the series continuing with game five tomorrow. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m.. this is the last year san francisco charity will benefit from a meal with a billionaire. one of the world's richest men is ending a long-standing
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tradition that raised millions of dollars for charity. >> it is a very humid day but the breeze is clearing out the clouds at golden gate bridge. we have a warm up and
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>> opening for the last time for a chance to have a lunch with warren buffett. it starts at 7:30 p.m. and this is the 21st and final time a 91-year-old business magnate and investor will host the lunch. the winner will get to invite seven guests to dine with buffet, a steakhouse in new york city, proceeds go to san francisco's memorial church. the annual auction has raised more than $34 million and glad has not said why this year's lunch would be the final one.
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the strawberry moon will appear in the bright sky. despite the name, the moon is not necessarily strawberry red but more of a golden color. it is called that because it signaled two indigenous tribes that it is time of year to gather strawberries. the supermoon will appear bigger and brighter than usual. the moon will be closer to earth by about 16 1000 miles. -- 16,000 miles -- 1600 miles. >> we will have clear skies tonight. that allows for some cooler temperature. we will show you the satellite radar on live doppler 7, showing you the clouds moving south. relative humidity has been high. you will notice it has been muggy. we are starting to see that where the clouds are clearing. it has been over 60% where it is more uncomfortable.
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that will change as the wind shifts. wins have been breezy and dusty. after 33 miles in santa rosa. here is a beautiful and live view from amityville. san jose 73. santa clara, 76. to move south. lots of 70's, upper 70's in fairfield, concord. compared to 24 hours ago, quite a change. double digits cooler in many spots around the bay area. tonight it will be more comfortable sleeping weather. not as muggy. the wind will shift from the north. that is going to give us dry air and we will see 40's return for the overnight lowe's tomorrow morning and some low 50's around
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san francisco. his 50's in oakland, san mateo and san jose. temperatures will be warming up again compared to today but nothing like what we saw last week with the triple digit heat. look for a comfortable 85. san francisco, 71. it will be gorgeous. temperatures will be creeping up back to normal. here is the accuweather 7-day forecast. enjoy the sunshine and the breezy conditions at the beach is. it will be warmer on tuesday. a wide range but at the beach as it will still be cool with the sea breeze and then we have a trough moving through. then we warm up again and it should be a gorgeous weekend for father's day and juneteenth. >> moving onto a preview.
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>> abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> potential game seven of the nba finals but after tomorrow's game five, the winner could avoid all of that and clinch a title in boston thursday night
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in game six. stephen curry showing off his soccer skills tuesday after. recapturing home-court advantage, setting up a pivotal game five. steph, clay and draymond all embracing the challenge here. >> i love every experience at this stage. the i love everything about it. >> you have to do what you can. it is just a matter of who can do this more consistently. >> i don't care how ugly or pretty it is, it is just win, protect our home court. i am not going to sing kumbaya
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or anything. i just want to win. >> abc 7 is your exclusive home of the finals. catch the dubs on seven here. stay with us for after the game. not only are the warriors in the finals, the giants could sweep the dodgers and continued their move up the nos. matt cain throughout the first pitch. the 10 year anniversary of his perfect game is tomorrow. austin slater leading off, a solo home run into the veggie garden. 1-0, giants. two batters later, mike yastrzemski, oppo-taco. in the stands, he approves. carlos rode on was rocking and rolling. freddie freeman looking. eight strikeouts, no earned runs for the southpaw. the boat and backing it up. chsstrikethey are now within 3.f
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the dodgers. a's and guardians. a fiery speech here. 1-0 on his second home run of the year. giving up a two run double to hose a ramirez. he led the a.l. with 59 are pis. oakland has not one of -- won a consecutive game in weeks. i can't sleep but that could be the time change. i have to go back. i am happy to be home. >> you also get see the finals. >> no complaints. i'm just trying to figure out what time it is. >> we will be right back.
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>> the summer concert series kicked off in san francisco today. bay area legends tower of power and the wrapper -- rapper 2 short where the headlines. san francisco's mayor was on and for a special ribbon-cutting ceremony. this is the 85th year of music festivals at stern grove. the series runs through august 14.
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that is all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at 5:00. we will see you right back here for abc7news at 6:00. tonight, major news out of washington, d.c. as we come on the air. a bipartisan deal has been reached on gun reform. some of the most significant gun safety measures in 30 years. democratic and republican senators working through the weekend responding to the recent massacres in uvalde and buffalo announcing an agreement in principle, strengthening background checks and allowing for juvenile records to be searched as well as more money for states to enact red flag laws and funding for school security and mental health. but the proposals fall short of what president biden has been calling for, including a ban on assault weapons or raising the age to buy one to 21. what the president is saying tonight. our rachel scott standing by on capitol hill. the other major headline, the january 6th committee just moments ago releasing late details about tomorrow's hearing.


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