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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 13, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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are dump nation countdown club shows just about two hours. until network coverage then keep it tonight, the breaking news. the gunman at a summer camp for children reportedly shooting into a classroom with kids. then making his way to the gymnasium. also tonight, the eye-opening testimony before the american people from inside the trump white house. the night of the election and the weeks that followed, the false claims. top trump campaign officials also ivanka trump, jared kushner, you will hear their testimony tonight. how insiders tried to convince the president not to declare victory on election night. and who later tried to convince him on the truth, that he'd lost the election. and what the former president did instead. testimony that rudy jugiuliani showed up at the white house election night intoxicated. his attorney denying that. and the attorney general bill barr who says he became demoralized in 2 weeks after the election, describing the former
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president as detached from reality. and the committee today on the supporters who believed the former president. jon karl live at the capitol. the other breaking headline. authorities say that armed gunman at a summer camp for children outside dallas entering through the lobby, firing into that classroom with children, then moving to the gym. authorities shooting and killing him. we have late reporting coming in. also tonight, 31 members of an alleged white supremacist group arrested in idaho, a quarter mile from a pride parade. suspects from 11 states charged with conspiracy to commit a riot at a pride event. and tonight, the new development here, officers who arrested the suspects are now receiving threats. pierre thomas standing by. also tonight, the economy and the drop on wall street today, raising fears of a potential recession ahead. erielle reshef on wall street. what could be a major breakthrough on gun safety legislation. a bipartisan group of senators and what they've agreed to tonight. what the president is now
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saying. rachel scott live on the hill. and we're tracking severe tomorrows hitting and more than 100 million americans now on alert for extreme heat. and tonight, remembering a beloved actor from "seinfeld" to "boogie nights." good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home and we'll get to that dropping news, an armed gunman at a summer camp for children near dallas, shooting into a classroom, making his way to the gym with children. authorities shooting and killing him. but we are going to begin tonight with the remarkable testimony before the american people today. a wind doe into the trump white house we have not heard before. and even former president trump's loil attorney general bill barr describing the former president in the weeks following the election as detached from reality. tonight, the testimony from top campaign aides, trump insiders, even his daughter ivanka trump, all says it was clear the
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election was not going to be called on election night, urging the president not to declare victory. but the president instead before the cameras at 2:30 a.m. saying, this is a fraud on the american public, saying we did win this election. but the truth behind the scenes, his campaign manager knew they had not won. he testified heed to the former president it was far too early to make that claim. others making the case, too. but they testified the president listened to rudy giuliani instead and there was also testimony today that giuliani showed up at the white house intoxicated on election night. giuliani's attorney tonight denying that claim. and former attorney general bill barr, a very loil a.g. to the former president, now emerging as a key witness in these hearings. in that videotaped testimony saying today in the weeks following the election with the former president and these false claims, barr says he became demoralized himself, saying if the president believed those lies, that the president had, as i mentioned, become detached from reality. tonight here, the never before seen testimony, the top trump
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campaign aids, his daughter ivanka trump, her husband jared kushner, and a portrait inside the trump white house of election night and of the weeks leading up to january 6th. abc's chief washington correspondent jonathan karl leading us off tonight from capitol hill. >> reporter: with recorded testimony from some of the people closest to donald trump, the january 6th committee revealed what was going on inside the white house late on election night 2020, as trump was urged not to declare victory by his campaign manager. >> it was far too early to be making any calls like that. ballots -- ballots were still being counted. ballots were still going to be counted for days. and it was far too early to be making any proclamation like that. >> reporter: his senior strategist. >> to the best of my memory, i was saying that we should not go declare victory until we had a better sense of the numbers. >> reporter: his daughter. >> i don't know that i had a --
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a firm view as to what he should say in that circumstance. the results were still being counted. it was becoming clear that the race would not be called on election night. >> reporter: it was tense at the white house. witness these photos taken on election night and published exclusively in my book "betrayal." you see the anguish on their faces. but as trump's family and top aides urged him not to declare victory, rudy giuliani, who some testified showed up at the white house intoxicated, offered trump the only advice he wanted to hear. late today, giuliani's attorney said he wasn't drink. >> the mayor was definitely intoxicated, but i did not know that his level of intoxication when he spoke with the president, for example. i think effectively, mayor giuliani was saying, "we won it, they're stealing it from us. where did all of the votes come from? we need to go say that we won."
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>> reporter: the then president spoke at 2:30 a.m. >> this is a fraud on the american public. this is an embarrassment to our country. we were getting ready to win this election. frankly, we did win this election. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager told the committee that in the days after the election, trump turned away from his top advisers and toward another group led by giuliani, spinning unfounded conspiracy theories. >> there were two groups. we called them, kind of my team and rudy's team. i didn't mind being characterized as being part of team normal. i didn't think what was happening was necessarily honest or professional at that point in time. so, yeah, that led to me stepping away. >> in the middle of the night -- >> reporter: giuliani and lawyer sidney powell were making wild claims about rigged voting machines. about italian spy satellites and german computers switching votes. about thousands of dead people voting. all of it false.
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but some trump supporters believed them. >> i don't want to say that what we're doing is right, but if the election is being stolen, what is it going to take? >> reporter: trump's own attorney general bill barr told the president there was no evidence of any widespread fraud that would change the election. but trump remained focused on those wild and false conspiracy theories. >> i was somewhat demoralized, because i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has, you know, lost contact with -- he's become detached from reality, if he really believes this stuff. >> what they were proposing, i thought was nuts. the theory is also completely nuts. >> reporter: even son-in-law jared kushner said he wasn't happy with giuliani's influence. >> did you ever share, mr. kushner, your view of mr. giuliani, you ever share your perspective about him with the president? >> um -- i -- i guess.
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yes. >> tell me what you said. >> basically not the approach i would take if i was you. >> i made it clear. i did not agree with the idea of saying that the election was stolen and putting out this stuff, which i told the president was [ bleep ], and -- you know, i didn't want to be apart of it. all of the early claims that i understood were completely bogus and silly, and usually based on complete misinformation. >> reporter: and barr told the committee about a meeting in the oval office. and after that meeting, he spoke to chief of staff mark meadows and jared kushner. >> i said, how long is -- how long is he going to carry on with this stolen election stuff? where is this going to go? and by that time, meadows had caught up with me and -- leaving the office and caught up with me
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and said that -- he said, "look, i think that he's becoming more realistic and knows that there's a limit to how far he can take this." and then jared said, "you know, yeah, we're working on this, we're working on it." >> reporter: weeks after the election, the former president continued to push the false claims. barr went public to say there was no widespread fraud, infuriating the president. >> the president was as mad as i've ever seen him. and he was trying to control himself. the president said, well, you know, this is killing me. you didn't have to say this. you must have said this because you hate trump. >> reporter: chully all the witnesses taped and live were republicans, including ben ginsburg, america's highest profile republican election lawyer. >> so are you aware of any instance in which a court found the trump campaign's fraud claims to be credible? >> no. there was -- there was never that instance, in all the cases
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that were brought and i've looked at the more than 60 that include more than 180 counts. and no, the simple fact is that the trump campaign did not make its case. >> reporter: and the committee heard from chris stirewalt, who for worked for years as the fox news election expert. he was there when fox became the first network to declare joe biden the winner in arizona. >> after the election, as of november 7th, in your judgment, what were the chances of president trump winning the election? >> after that point? >> yes. >> none. he needed three of these states to change. and in order to do that, i mean, you're at -- better off to play the powerball than to have that come in. >> well, that point certainly landed today. jon, weer with on the air for these hearings today. and this committee today, jon, methodically laying out the evidence that trump's inner circle told him not to declare victory on election night, that they warned him the election fraud claims were false. that the former president ignored them and kept pushing those claims. and the committee said that hundreds of millions of dollars were raised by the president's supporters. where did that money go? >> reporter: $250 million, and according to the committee, virtually none of it went to challenging the election results. the big lie was also a big
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rip-off. >> there was another major headline after the hearing today, attorney general merrick garland was asked, he made news when he said, yes, he is watching these hearings and he added, so are the prosecutors? >> reporter: the big question, david, is, they're watching, we know that, the big question is, whether or not they will decide to prosecute anybody in trump's inner circle or trump himself. >> jon karl leading us off on a monday night. jon, thank you. we're going to turn now to the alarming headline, an armed gunman at a summer camp outside dallas. a gunman firing into a classroom with children inside and then moving to the gym. there were children there, too. police responding within two minutes, shooting and killing the gunman. let's get right to kaylee hartung tonight. what do we know so far? >> reporter: well, david, there were 150 kids attending this summer camp at this fieldhouse when a gunman walked through the main lobby with a handgun. he encountered a staffer and when counselors heard gunshots, they called police and began moving children into a safe area and locking the doors.
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the gunman headed towards some of those classrooms but he couldn't get in. he fired off a shot into one of those classrooms, but no one was injured. he moved into the gymnasium where more children were, but that's when the police arrived. the gunman was hit and taken to the hospital and died from his injuries there, but the police chief there stressing, his officers did what they were trained to do, which is go in and stop the threat. david? >> alnd luckily the children sae tonight. thank you, kaylee. we're going to turn to the three dozen members of a white nationalist group arrest ed a quarter mile from a pride event in idaho. tonight, some of the officers who actually made those arrests are now getting threats themselves. 31 men with links to the paillot front charged with conspiracy to riot. the arrest after a tipster reported seeing them dressed like a, quote, little about mip, piling into the back of a u-haul with riot gear. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now.
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>> reporter: tonight, authorities in idaho say they narrowly averted an attack by white nationalists on a gay pride celebration. >> that level of preparation is not something you see every day. it was very clear to us immediately that this was a riotous group. >> reporter: 31 members of patriot front are now facing misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to riot. authorities say their plans were thwarted when a concerned citizen reported seeing about 20 people loading into a u-haul van on saturday. police stopping them less than a quarter mile from the event. >> it, quote, looked like a little army. >> reporter: investigators say they recovered shields, riot gear, and at least one smoke grenade from the truck along with documents laying out the group's plan for a riot. the southern poverty law center says the patriot front formed after the unite the right rally in charlottesville in 2017. >> we are dealing with a very large pool of people here in the u.s. that truly believe in these ideas. and at times are willing to act out violently on them.
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>> reporter: david, the police chief in idaho says he and his fellow officers have received death threats since those arrests. and there's concern tonight that this case symbolizes the worry that pride activities this month could be targeted by hate groups. david? >> we'll stay on this. pierre, thank you. now to the economy, and to a drop on wall street today and new fears of a possible recession on the horizon. the dow losing 876 points after falling 10 out of the last 11 weeks. the price of gas still going up, now averages $5.01 a gallon. tonight, we learned the federal reserve's interest rate hike this week could be higher than expected. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, new fears of a recession after a dismal day on wall street. the s&p 500, the index tied to most 401(k)s, finishing down nearly 4% for the day and more than 20% for the year. officially entering so called bear market territory. >> the stock market is suffering through a very bad case of indigestion, because inflation
3:45 pm
has been surprisingly high and persistent. >> reporter: persistent and getting worse. prices rising from the grocery store to the gas pump. >> i'm definitely not buying premium. >> reporter: this minnesota station's sign saying it all. "we hate our gas prices too." now, major corporations are warning of even higher prices. kraft heinz, the company behind brands like miracle whip and maxwell house coffee, reportedly telling retailers it plans to raise prices later this summer. last week, treasury secretary janet yellen tried to dispel fears of a recession. but more and more prominent economists are predicting one. and david, the federal reserve is expected to meet later this week. the last time they met, they raised interest rates by half a point. this time, there's talk they could raise rates by three quarters of a point. now that delicate balance of cooling the economy without triggering a recession. david? >> we'll be watching. erielle, thank you. we're going to turn now to what could be a major
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breakthrough on gun safety legislation. a bisport an group of senators reaching this agreement. if it is passed, it would be the first time in three decades any gun safety measures have passed the senate. so, tonight, rachel scott on the hill, what's in it, what's not, and what the president is saying tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with a deal in hand, a bipartisan group of senators is racing to finalize the most significant gun restrictions in decades. >> we must continue working with the urgency that this moment demands. >> reporter: republican john cornyn, that texas senator who was on the scene the day after the uvalde massacre, wants to move quickly. >> my personal aspiration would be for us to get thisoninna inaction, a breakthrough. ten republicans joining ten democrats backing the framework background checks, allowing juvenile records to be screened for gun buyers under 21. expand gun restrictions for convicted domestic violence abusers. add funding for states to enact
3:47 pm
reflag laws to temporarily take guns away from people considered dangerous. bolster school security and mental health programs. >> this bill will not end the epidemic of gun violence overnight. but it is substantial. it is significant. it will save lives. >> reporter: but it falls short of what the president was calling for. no ban on assault weapons and the age to purchase those firearms will stay at 18. the vast majority of republicans were opposed to those measures. even after hearing the pleas from the victims' families in uvalde. anything that you heard would get you to support that? >> no. because the stories are tragic, obviously. i have young kids, they're tragic for me. the truth of the matter is is that raising the age from 18 to 21, all that does is take away the constitutional rights of 19 and 20-year-olds in this united states. >> reporter: in a statement, the president writing the proposal "does not do everything i think is needed, but it reflects important steps in the right direction." the white house says with bipartisan support, they want to
3:48 pm
see this bill on the president's desk as quickly as possible. tonight, mitch mcconnell says he's hopeful that senators can get there over the course of the next two weeks, david. >> rachel scott tonight, thank you. overseas this evening and a critical moment in the war in ukraine. russia closing in on control of a key strategic city in the east. our foreign correspondent james longman reporting in tonight from inside ukraine. >> reporter: the battle for the east is inching russia's way tonight, david. putin's forces have taken the center of severodonetsk. in fierce street fighting, a group of ukrainian fighters is holding out in an industrial area. and negotiations are underway to get save yans out. the battle is important because the city is one of the last contested areas of luhansk, one of the two regions of the donbas at the heart of this conflict. if russia takes it, putin will be able to claim an important victory. the war in the east is being fought mostly with heavy weapons. ukraine says they're running out and that's why they're asking for yet more help. david? >> all right rngs james longman. james, thank you. when we come back, tracking
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before we go tonight, a final note. today in uvalde, texas, 10-year-old tess mata was laid to rest. we cannot forget the funerals continue there. her family remembers her for her love of softball, soccer, dancing, and her tiktok videos. she hoped one day they'd go viral. her sister writing on facebook, i want you to hear me tell you how much i love you. that sister saying that tess was the family's little helper, always thinking of others. thank you for watching tonight. i'm david muir. good night.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the big lie was a big ripoff. >> a congresswoman is a major part of today's attack on the ca pitol hearings. >> i feel like everyone is victimized. we don't get help. >> a neighborhood living in fear , taking a stand. >> we will get it cleaned up. >> the debris left over from a fire two years ago raising concerns about the possible new fire. i'm kristen z. >> i'm dan ashley. we will begin with the nba finals on abc seven. our countdown clock is ticking off. >> skies -- sky 7 is over chase center where fans are gathering for game five. >> the warriors are tied 2-2 with the celtics.
4:00 pm
a win tonight would get them one game closer to becoming champions. >> a l the line. let's head to larry beil live at chase center. >> he has a look ahead to game five. a crucial game. >> absolutely. there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, may be over steph curry's amazing performance, 43 points in game four. but all that did was even the series up at two games apiece. there is more work to be done before we start planning the parade route. and steph may have to go for 50, because warriors fans aren't going to like this, the celtics are seven-zero this postseason coming off a loss. very dangerous team especially when they are facing a desperate situation. we will see. do they y


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