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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 15, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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scott: thank you so much. kristen: thanks so much for joining us on this interactive tonight, breaking news. reports two americans missing, feared captured by russia. their families back home here in the u.s. believe the veterans were fighting for ukraine. also tonight, the tornado just touching down. the watches and warnings up tonight. and the largest interest rate hike in 28 years. tonight, what this means for you at home. with the fed raising interest rates three-quarters of a percent. credit cards, car loans and new mortgages all costing more. tonight, president biden and what he's asking of the oil companies now on gas prices. rebecca jarvis standing by. the reports coming in on those two american veterans missing, feared captured by russian forces, possibly near kharkiv. their families waiting for word back here at home tonight. the state department now responding and james longman with late reporting from ukraine
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tonight. the new images coming in of the historic flooding and now the damage at yellowstone national park. 10,000 people forced to evacuate. cars narrowly escaping rising waters. and just in tonight, a confirmed tornado touching down in wisconsin. at this hour, the tornado watches and warnings in effect across several states. and of course, the record-breaking heat. nearly 130 million americans on alert tonight for potentially life-threatening heat. rob marciano standing by tracking it all. news on covid tonight and the youngest of children. tonight, an fda panel now giving the green light for both the pfizer and moderna covid vaccines for children under 5. as young at 6 months. how they work, how many shots. and this could begin within days. and the other headline tonight, dr. anthony fauci testing positive, now on paxlovid. we do have news on his simympto tonight. tomorrow brings the third january 6th hearing in front of the american people. the pressure on mike pence. tonight, abc news obtaining
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exclusive images of the former vice president and his family on january 6th. the vp, his wife and daughter, sheltering in the capitol, just minutes after being evacuated from the senate floor. jon karl standing by with the never before seen photos tonight. in buffalo, new york, the images today, as the justice department now files federal hate crimes charges against the alleged gunman accused in the racist killings of ten black people at that tops market. and tonight, the description from prosecutors of the chilling scene inside that store. what we had not heard before. and tonight, the republican senate candidate in georgia, herschel walker, a vocal critic of absentee fathers, not acknowledging he has a 10-year-old he did not raise. there's also news coming in tonight on john hinckley jr. and dolly parton and what he's show done tonight.
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good evening and it's great to have you here on a wednesday night. we have several breaking stories tonight. reports of those two americans missing, feared captured by russia tonight. their families back here at home waiting for word. james longman standing by from ukraine. also, that tornado touching down late today. but we are going to begin late today with this move by the federal reserve tonight, the biggest interest rate increase in 28 years since 1994. signalling there will be more ahead, as the fed tries to slow down inflation, the rising costs. while at the same time, trying to avoid a recession. the fed raising its key short-term interest rates by 0.75%, the most in merely three decades. that higher interest rate will be held by credit cards, car loans, new mortgages. federal reserve chair jerome powell defending the move, hoping for a soft landing, slowing inflation, he hopes, bout triggering a recession. but powell also saying the ten tral bank cannot control much of
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what's driving inflation. global supply chain issues, with covid and the war in ukraine. and the effects on oil prices globally and here at home. president biden tonight sending a letter to the major oil companies today urging them not to worsen the pain and trying to get them to produce more. tonight, how this new move from the fed will effect american families immediately. abc's chief business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, with americans facing historic inflation and record high gas prices, the federal reserve increasing interest rates by 0.75%, the largest hike since 1994. >> we are strongly committed to bringing inflation back down and we're movingexpeditiously to do so. >> reporter: the fed's aggressive move meant to help stabilize prices, will also make it more expensive to borrow money. everything from new credit cards -- where the average apr just topped 20% for the first time ever -- to car loans, to mortgage rates, which are already climbing.
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from 3% in january to more than 6% now. >> the cost of home ownership has gone up. at the same time, that rental rates are rising, as well. >> reporter: in real terms, that means the monthly mortgage payment on a $450,000 home has jumped from $1,500 in january to $2,158 today. alyssa isaacs and drew anderson in wichita know first hand as they try to buy a home. >> we weren't particularly happy with the rate we got, but the rates have gone up since then. >> reporter: and as for those record oil and gas prices, president biden sending a letter to executives of seven major oil companies, warning them he's considering invoking emergency powers to boost refinery output. warning, "profit margins well above normal being passed directly onto american families are not acceptable." but u.s. refineries are already currently running near full capacity. the white house today pressed on what the letters actually mean,
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offering few specifics. >> we are calling on them to do the right thing, to be patriots here, and not to use the war as an excuse or as a reason to not put out production. >> and rebecca jarvis back with us tonight. and of course, rebecca, the fed signaling this so-called soft landing, that's what they're hoping for, trying to slow down inflation, slow down the rising prices while at the same time, trying not to plunge the u.s. into recession. but we've been talking about this, this is certainly not guaranteed. >> reporter: oh, it isn't, david, and the odds of a recession are rising. it's something we've said before and it continues to be the case. look, this inflation, the depths and the scale of it, was caught offguard, the federal reserve, as well as this administration, and a number of economists believe that they failed to act soon enough. moody's analytics putting out a note tonight, saying the fed could be facing a very difficult
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decision ahead, whether to plunge the economy into a mild recession in order to tame inflation or wait and face an even more significant recession. david? >> american families waiting for these decisions and how they'll effect them moving forward. rebecca, thank you. now to the other breaking headline late today in the war in ukraine. the reports tonight of two american veterans missing, feared captured by russian forces, possibly near kharkiv. their families back here in the u.s. waiting for word tonight. and the state department now responding. our foreign correspondent james longman with late reporting from inside ukraine tonight. >> reporter: tonight, eilies of veterans gone missing in ukraine have asked u.s. lawmakers to help find them. it comes as reports surface that two americans fighting for the ukrainians have been captured by russian forces near kharkiv in the northeastern part of the country. the men, alexander drueke and andy huynh, were serving as volunteers with a ukrainian army outfit. the u.s. state department saying
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they are aware of the unconfirmed reports and are closely monitoring the situation. >> if it's true, we will do everything we can to get them safely back home. >> reporter: the two men were said to be u.s. military veterans serving as volunteers with a ukrainian army unit. other westerners have been taken prisoner during this war, including two from the uk who were ensensed to death by russian-backed accept are cysts after they accused them of being mercenaries. this comes as president biden announced the biggest single u.s. military aid commitment to date after speaking with ukrainian president zelenskyy today. a billion dollars in new equipment, including howitzers, ambition nor rocket systems, and, for the first time, american harpoon anti-ship missile systems. and david, the u.s. has confirmed that the first 60 ukrainians have completed their training on those missile systems. they're expected to be here in the ukraine in the next two weeks. david? >> james, thank you. back here at home and to the extreme weather tonight. record-breaking and what authorities are calling
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life-threatening heat. also, the tornado that just touched down. and the major damage now seen tonight at yellowsone national park. days of heavy rain and a rapid snow melt swamping yellowstone and neighboring towns. 10,000 people forced to evacuate yellowstone. so damaged now, parts of the park may be closed for the entire season. montana national guard helicopters rescuing dozens who were trapped. and tonight, the new concern, there is still about a foot of show in the mountains, and with more heat coming, the areas below bracing yet again. abc's will carr at yellowstone. >> reporter: tonight, with water levels dropping, we're seeing the trail of destruction after historic flooding wreaked havoc on yellowstone national park and the surrounding area. the flood waters ate away at the banks of the yellowstone river. there was a house at the end of this road. today, you can see the road has been washed away and the house is gone. new images capturing that harrowing moment. the house teetering on the edge. then crashing into the river. washing five miles downstream.
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>> that's the whole house. >> reporter: and hitting this bridge. the yellowstone river swelling to nearly 14 feet -- the highest ever recorded -- after days of heavy rain and unseasonably warm temperatures that rapidly melted snowpack. >> the landscape has literally and figuratively has changed dramatically in the last 36 hours. >> reporter: tonight, the town of gardiner ordered not to drink the water, after a sewer pipe was compromised and a water main broke. this water plant in billings, montana, shut down due to flooding. it comes as yellowstone's immediate future is in jeopardy. 10,000 visitors forced to evacuate. cars narrowly escaping rising waters on the last road out. the northern part of yellowstone park closed indefinitely. businesses in gardiner, the northern gateway to the park, now wondering how they'll survive. >> it's going to be a crazy summer. well, not crazy summer, unfortunately. i think the financial impact is going to be enormous. >> reporter: david, tonight, the rain is gone, but it's supposed to get a lot warmer here in the coming days.
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there's still more than a foot of snow in the surrounding mountains, and as it gets hotter, there's real concern here there could be more flooding over the next week. david? >> of course, the power of the water there already. will carr, thank you. meanwhile, nearly 130 million americans remain under those alerts for record-breaking heat. and again, what authorities are warning is life-threatening heat and very early in the season. from texas to the great lakes to the southeast and then late today, that tornado touching down in wisconsin. watches and warnings in several states. senior meteorologist rob marciano is in wisconsin tonight tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. you can see the dark clouds moving over the capital. much of the state is under a watch. here's where the storms line up. multiple warnings out right now. the watch extends in the next couple of hours, going to be very dicey. already has some damage reported. that's not the only spot. from the florida panhandle all the way up through central pennsylvania. storms possible there tonight and they'll be focused across the northeast tomorrow. there is due in part because of the heat. milwaukee just down the road,
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the highest heat index since 1948. look at georgia, warning up there, through the ohio river valley and chicago, as well. tomorrow's numbers are no better. more focussed to the south. 106 in little rock. this is, for sure, dangerous heat. david? >> rob marciano, our thanks to you again tonight. we're going to turn now to covid in the meantime and news parents have been waiting for for many months across this country. just a short time ago, in, an fda advisory panel giving the go ahead, they're now recommending emergency use authorization for both the moderna and pfizer vaccines for children under 5, as young as 6 months, in fact. this is the final group still ineligible right not for vaccine protection. the cdc expected to follow suit along with the fda so, how will the vaccines work, how many shots, how small is the dosage for these children and how soon could the shots roll out? here's whit johnson tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an fda panel voting unanimously to give covid vaccines the green light for children under 5. >> the vote is unanimous, we
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have 21 out of 21 yes votes. >> reporter: the fda says both vaccines from pfizer and moderna appeared safe and effective, despite mild symptoms like irritability and fever. >> does the benefit outweigh the risks of this vaccine? and i think that the evidence is pretty clear. >> reporter: pfizer's vaccine -- a three shot series -- is one-tenth the size of the adult dose. the company's early data showed it was 80% effective in preventing symptomatic covid. moderna's vaccine -- only two shots -- is a quarter of the size of the adult dose. early data showed it was about 40% to 50% effective at preventing mild infections. but experts caution those numbers are based on small samples. both vaccines generated antibody levels against omicron similar to those seen in adults, meaning they will likely also offer protection against severe disease. >> we should be paying attention so to the antibody respons hoitalization. >> reporter: the sign-off from the full fda and the cdc expected within days, we could
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see shots going into arms as early as next tuesday. and david, tonight, we're learning dr. anthony fauci has tested positive for covid. we're told the 81-year-old is experiencing mildsymptoms. he's fully vaccinated and double boosted. he was also seen over the weekend at an event being honored by his alma mater holy cross, but still, dr. fauci is scheduled to testify beforea senate committee tomorrow. david? >> we wish him a quick recovery. whit, thank you. tomorrow brings the third hearing before the american people from the january 6th committee, and their findings. tomorrow, the focus will be the pressure on former vice president mike pence to block the certification of the election. and tonight here, abc news with exclusive images of pence after he was rushed from the senate floor with his family, his wife karen pence, their daughter sitting on the sofa there. many pointing out the concern on her face. of course, all of this as rioters were chanting "hang mike pence." tomorrow, many close toast the
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former vice president will testify before the american people. jonathan karl tonight with those exclusive images right here. >> reporter: tonight, abc news has obtained photos of former vice president mike pence and his family sheltering in the capitol. this one taken just minutes after he was evacuated from the senate floor on january 6th. you can see the fear on his daughter's face. his brother looking on as second lady karen pence draws the curtains closed, worried the rioters outside could see where they were. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> reporter: some of the mob, chanting "hang mike pence," had already breached the building. minutes later, pence and his family were rushed downstairs, taken to a loading dock beneath the capitol complex. tweeting these photos that night after the mob was cleared. finally, this picture. pence after the riot, back in the capitol with his daughter, working on the speech he would soon give when congress reconvened to certify joe biden's election victory.
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>> to those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did not win. violence never wins. freedom wins, and this is still the people's house. >> reporter: pence himself will not be testifying at tomorrow's january 6th committee hearing, but we will hear from some of his top advisers in both live and taped testimony. they worried for his life as the mob invaded the capitol. and donald trump was back at the white house watching it all on television unfold. as for pence himself, he actually has an event, a speech, david, tomorrow in ohio, while the committee will be looking at this massive pressure campain that he was under on january 6th. >> yeah, you could see karen pence closing the curtain there in that image, jon. jon, thank you. tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. on abc. to buffalo tonight, and federal hate crimes charges have been filed against the 18-year-old accused in the racist killings at that tops
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supermarket. and tonight here, pierre thomas with the description from prosecutors of the chilling scene inside that store. what we had not heard before. >> reporter: attorney general merrick garland laying flowers at that makeshift memorial at the scene of the buffalo grocery store massacre. today, officially declaring it an unmitigated intentional act of hate-based murder. >> no one in this country should have to bury a loved one because of such hate. >> reporter: prosecutors flatly saying today 18-year-old payton gendron's goal was to kill as many blacks as possible, charging him with 26 counts of hate crimes and weapons violations. an unsealed affidavit describes gendron's calculated planning, of his seeking the "highest chance of success" when he went on a shooting spree at the local supermarket. the new charges lay out how he selected the tops supermarket because of its high percentage of black people. that he scouted the location several times, making a map of
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its interior. one chilling scene from the massacre says it all. >> at one point, he aimed his rifle at a white male tops employee who had been shot in the leg and injured. instead of shooting the white employee, the gunman apologized to him before continuing his attack. >> reporter: david, while there's a justice department moratorium on federal executions, today, the a.g. pointedly did not answer the question when pressed on whether he would seek the death penalty in this case. david? >> all right, pierre, thank you. now to the republican senate candidate in georgia, herschel walker, a vocal critic of absentee fathers, tonight now acknowledging he has a 10-year-old he did not raise. stephe steve osunsami from georgia. >> reporter: for years, he has repeatedly criticized black men who leave their children, but tonight, georgia's republican nominee for u.s. senate herschel walker is admitting that he has a 10-year-old son who he didn't raise. court documents show that the
3:49 pm
boy's mother had to sue him for paternity and child support in 2013. >> even if you have to leave that woman, you don't leave the child. >> so, herschel, please say a few words. >> reporter: walker, who is running with the strong support of former president donald trump, regularly complains about absent black fathers. >> the problem we have is, we are going back to the mentality that the father leaves in the black family. he leaves the boys alone, so they'll be raised by their mom. >> reporter: in a statement tonight, walker's campaign says he "had a child years ago when he wasn't married." and that "he's supported the child and continues to do so." the heisman trophy winner won the hearts of georgians during his college football days. he won the republican primary last month with nearly 70% of the vote, despite allegations over past domestic violence and his struggle with multiple personalities. he was recently caught lying about graduating from college and working in law enforcement. in november, he faces sitting senator democrat raphael warnock. walker's campaign points out that his opponent, the sitting
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senator, is currently in a bitter fight with his ex-wife over their child custody arrangement, but snorl warnock's people today say what's different in his case is that he's always been a devoted father. david? >> steve, thank you. when we come back tonight, news on the man who shot and injured ronald reagan, john hinckley jr. and later here, what dolly parton has now done tonight. no matter who you are, being yourself can be tough when you have severe asthma. triggers can pop up out of nowhere, causing inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. but no matter what type of severe asthma you have,
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> vaccine preventable deaths are ones we would like to try to do something about. >> this is a really big day. we are going to see that last group eligible for the vaccine. >> one step closer now to vaccinating the youngest americans. >> one year to the day after california's economy reopened after the lock down. how far we have come. good afternoon, i'm kristen sze. dan: and i'm dan ashley. we will go to that in a moment, but first, breaking news. this station has just reopened after reports of gunshots in the area. there are no reports of injuries. though the station is open again, there throughout the bart system, as you can imagine. the station was closed for 20 minutes. we will bring you more details as they become available. kristen: and happening now,
4:00 pm
heavy police presence at a home on moscow street, on russia's street. someone is being investigated by police for dan: a suicide inside that house. dan:officers are still on the scene. the person was taken to s.f. general hospital with a life-threatening gunshot wound. police would not tell us what the investigation was about or how close the officers were to the home when the shooting happened. they did clarify none of the officers were part of the investigation and ever drew their weapons. kristen: and six san jose children who lost both parents and a double murder suicide over the weekend. the parents who have taken them and are facing unimaginable loss and an unexpected financial burden. sac fly and test spoke with them today. -- zack fuentes spoke with them today. zack: 23-year-old marco durra


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