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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 16, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area. this is abc7news. kumasi: attack on the capital. the next congressional hearing on january 6 set to start in just a few hours. exclusive new photos of former vice president pence while the mob stormed the capital steps. what you can expect. reggie: shots for kids one step closer. the results pfizer and moderna say they are seeing. >> steph curry, klay thompson, and draymond green -- they're one of the greatest teams ever. kumasi: one win away. game six in boston. the golden state warriors with a chance to add to their dynasty
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and deliver another championship to the bay area. counting down to abc coverage at the bottom of your screen all morning. good morning to you. it is thursday, almost friday. drew: cooler weather coming our way. the winds have come in issue. right now, waking up to numbers in the 50's right now. you will feel cooler air later today. a live look from our bay bridge camera will show cloudy skies. not a big raise. they slowly warmed today. the front is going to bring in that cooler weather, but also bring gusty winds later today. the winds gusting to 30 mph. we will look at the highs coming up in a few minutes. reggie: today the committee investigating the january 6 attack will hold its third public hearing. this focused on former vp mike pence. the committee expected to make the case the former president
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put pressure on pence to overturn the election, directly contribute into violence. we have footage from the day. our reporter is live in washington. >> abc news obtaining new photos that show the exact moment former president -- vice president mike pence was whisked away from the senate floor. new images of former vice president mike pence sheltering in place at the capital with his wife and daughter at his side, the photo taken minutes after he was evacuated from the senate floor on january 6, when a pro-trump mob stormed the capital. vp pence: for those who week havoc in our capital today, you did not win. violence never wins. >> this morning, the third public hearing before the american people. the select committee will examine former president trump's effort to pressure pence to
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block certification of the election. >> president trump had no factual basis for what he was doing, and he had been told it was illegal. >> select committee will hear from live witnesses who intend to highlight lawyer john eastman's plan, which required pence to reject some electors. sources tell abc news the committee is in possession of emails between eastman and ginni thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. thomas and eastman have both been accused of trying to overturn the 2020 election. pence will be in ohio later today, delivering a speech. many of his top advisers will be participating. back to you. reggie: ike, thank you. live coverage starts around 10:00 a.m., and you can watch it here on abc seven and wherever you stream. kumasi: america's youngest kids are closer than ever to getting a covid vaccine. an fda panel has recommended
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authorizing pfizer and moderna shots for kids six months to five years old. they stress vaccines are safe and effective at protecting young children against covid-19. both companies reported mild reactions to the shots. the news is a relief for some parents who have been waiting to get their kids vaccinated. >> she is about to start preschool, so the amount of exposure she will have to other kids, and the possibility for her to get it if she is unvaccinated, are that much higher. jobina: the cdc still has to sign off, but vaccines are expected to be available as early as next week. local health officials are already preparing to distribute doses. reggie: the golden state warriors one win away from celebrating yet another championship. jobina: abc 7 is the only place you can watch all the drama go down tonight. here is a live look at boston harbor. i think ours is better. the warriors are in boston right
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now. we know the celtics will give it all they have got to stop them in game six. this morning, reporter ryan curry is by the bay on the west coast. j in san francisco with all the hype. it is going to be crazy there tonight. ryan: without a doubt. this place is actually sold out. the watch party here -- so many fans are ready to see the warriors win a championship. if you are talking about the warriors winning a championship, you have to point to the big 3 -- steph, klay, draymond, and the culture they established here. point together, it is a most remarkable what they have done for so long. now, they are on their way to winning their fourth championship. back in 2015, they won their first title as a trio. a decade later, they are on the way to potentially winning another one. it will not be easy. boston shown they can be difficult to beat.
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but the players said themselves in a remarkable is conference that their bond is a strong as ever throughout the years together, and it is that type of chemistry that puts them in a good position to win a championship. >> is funny. we were sitting on the plane yesterday and steph, klay --we sit at the same table. bob walked past and was like, you guys are funny. y'all still sit together. he's like, you'll don't understand. it is 10 years. that does not happen. >> that happened two days ago. i was half-asleep. they were chatting their hearts away for six hours on a plane. i was just trying to get some sleep. good times. >> we know how to have fun. and gel and keep things light, but also understand what we are trying to do. ryan: tip-off at 6:00 a.m. tonight. their chemistry just as strong as ever. you can see him much fun they
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are having together as a team. there is a watch party here tonight. the warriors are in boston. if the warriors win tonight, they win the championship, and you can only imagine what this place will look like if that actually happens. a good reminder is it is game six. we know what that means. klay thompson usually has a game to grab the spotlight if you can perform tonight. live at chase center, ryan curry, bc news. kumasi: you can watch the nba finals only on abc seven. coverage starts tonight with a pregame show. then it is nba countdown. game six kicks off at 6:00. stick here after the game. >> i use it religiously because that gives us a fighting chance for anything. >> strivers under attack in the south bay. the violent incident that they say needs your attention.
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kumasi: a fighting --
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frightening video out of whistler in british columbia. the family had a nun asked -- unexpected guest join in on their hike. the black hair follow the family for some time. the family stayed calm and experts say they did what they should do. you can see them shouting and waving their arms in an effort to scare off the bear. wow. drew: that is too close for comfort. just got this drought monitor in a minutes ago. there is no change to the drought monitor from last week. exceptional drought, that drought category holding around 12% of the state. locally, no change in the bay area. most of us continue to be in the severe drought category. wind speed, by 3:00, 5:00, gusty winds as a cold front moves through, picks up the wind, but also drags in colder air.
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mid and upper 70's in our warmest spots. if you are at chase center, if you have to be outside, have a couple of layers with you. it will be cool, breezy, and purchase cooling through the 50's. we will look at the weekend forecast in about 90 minutes. first, let's see how we are doing with traffic. sue: let's look at your north bay commute through marin county. this is the southbound 101 past the northgate mall. you can see everyone is moving at the limit. your looking at a 17 to 18 minute drive from northgate into and across the golden gate bridge. here is the richmond-san rafael bridge. a beautiful morning and no delays westbound into san francisco. overall, traffic is pretty light. we do have this rollover accident in the vacaville area, if you know someone coming in from sacramento. it is not causing much of a delay. it has been there since 4:45 this morning. jobina: major power problems and the massive punishment being
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reggie: a heads up if you drive near schools in oakland. the city is trying to reduce the speed limit to 15 mph in school zones. the first change will happen near garfield elementary school on foothill boulevard near 22nd street. by the end of the year, speeds will be reduced in around 20 schools. this change as part of the city's effort to address rising traffic deaths and injuries. bus operators with eric -- santa clara valley transportation authority say they are feeling targeted. the transit agency says there has been at least 14 attacks on bus operators in just the last four months. officials describe recent attacks on bus drivers as unrelenting. incidents have ranged from verbal attacks to being spit on by passengers to serious physical assaults. this week, the transit agency turns to the committee for help. they are trying to find them man they say is responsible for a may 25 assault at the transit
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center that left a bus driver with a concussion and a laceration to his face. officials say in many cases, attacks are completely out of the blue and unexpected. >> these people are trying to serve our community and get people where they need to go. they should not be targeted. we will look to do whatever we can make sure folks know we won't tolerate it. reggie: vta says it has modified policies and more, even putting up physical barriers between operators and passengers. jobina: in the east bay, tempora safety measures will go into effect in oakland for juneteenth celebrations. several roads around lake merritt will be closed this sunday to reduce traffic congestion and give emergency access. lakeshore avenue will be closed to east 18th street. working will be off-limits. the lakeshore exit will be closed. road closures are also planned at lake merritt for july 3 and
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four. reggie: it is the photo we did not know we needed. actor and heartthrob ryan gosling as barbie's boyfriend kim. here is the iconic and best selling toy made by mattel, now going to the movie theater. ryan gosling is wearing one of can -- ken's most recognizable looks with denim, spray tan, and beach blonde hair. you can expect to see margo bobby as one of the barbies. will ferrell, kate mckinnon, and c move you -- simu liu. i interviewed simu last week and totally missed asking about barbie. i knew that was around and it did not enter my brain. are we going to have another barbie song? jobina: the original song, or be girl by aqua -- drew: it's not in it? jobina: that is what i read
6:20 am
online. reggie: i feel like that is an attack. i feel like that is rude specifically on aqua. their greatest hit. drew: there is a lot going on in this movie. reggie: but it is funny that we both remember it was aqua. that is how it was. drew: but also, i wonder which way they are going with this movie. reggie: please make it extremely dark. jobina: they do have huge celebrities. drew: like barbie loses her dream house because the stock market crashes. inflation up. reggie: i want barbie to go on a murder spree to hunt down every single other barbie that was made. skipper. why do i know this. jobina: i know, i feel like you are on this. i had lots of barbies growing up, but reggie -- reggie: i did not.
6:21 am
did i want one? different question. drew: we have fog along the coastline right now. lots of sunshine. cool and breezy today and tomorrow. temperature stay below average through the start of the weekend. you are waking up to numbers in the 50's. take one or two layers with you today. you will need them a little longer compared to yesterday. future tracker temperatures by 10:00 a.m., we are gradually warming through the 60's. starting in the south bay, you will feel the cool weather tonight. the winds pick up this afternoon. 70's on the board partly cloudy skies. we are in the mid 60's to lower 70's from san mateo to redwood city. a cool 65 downtown. 58 for daly city. the north bay today, this is comfortable, but it will be breezy later this afternoon. 66 for sausalito. into the east bay with partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the upper 60's to lower 70's.
6:22 am
we will go into the mid-70's. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies. low to mid 50's around the bayshore. the next seven days, gusty and cooler. we start the weekend off below average. we will warm up for father's day and juneteenth will build on that armed. reggie: good morning america coming up at 7:00. >> sam champion has a look at what is ahead. >> we are following the breaking news overnight. a top isis leader captured in syria. what we are learning about the ground raid to get him. the families of american military veterans missing in ukraine, calling for them to be brought home. there are unconfirmed reports saying they may have been captured by russian forces as president widen announces
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>> for the first time, the california public utilities commission is finding peach in the four power shutoffs, sinking jandy did not follow the rules when it came to notifying customers that would be turning off power, did not explain why a
6:26 am
shut off necessary, and did not properly track complaints. the fines apply to events between september and december of 2020. pg&e now has 30 days to respond either by paying the fine or by requesting a hearing. it also has to correct these mistakes in the future. in a statement abc7news, pg&e said that public safety power shutoffs continue to be a necessary tool of last resort, and says it has already made improvements in notifying customers when these events happen. reggie: the votes are in on the next in airplane travel. floating airplane seats could be the way of the future. wait until you see this. the 2022 crystal kevin ward jr. wrapped up in germany, prestigious awards in the aviation design agency. these floating cabin seats one the kevin concepts category. what is floating about it? i see. instead of the current, clunky
6:27 am
held in place seats, they say this frees up space without sacrificing the number of seats. this was from lufthansa, which covers the ceiling and walls with projections like this underwater scene of whale sharks. yesterday, these double-decker seats were nominated for last year's awards, so you take the good, take the bed. >> if that was the winner last year, it still has not been put out there yet. i have not seen that on aircraft, thankfully. just because they win does not mean they are happening out there. reggie: i do not have design dreams, but i do want to take this job away from whoever that is. law school could be good, a business degree. >> coming your way at 6:30, a week after being ousted as d.a.,
6:28 am
it looks like another california official with san francisco ties could be next. reggie: an emergency in italy, and no passport needed. >> if you think your rent is getting crazy, it might just be your perspective. you may have been lucky in sf and san jose. reggie: right now, this live look at a little bit of the golden gate ridge, but mostly fog as it comes into the bay this morning.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7news. reggie: a top isis leader taken nt was control. what we are learning about the secret high-level raid carried out overnight. >> elon musk making his message loud and clear. his talk today directly to twitter employees. >> he's going to really light them up, and like them up tonight. reggie: domination is ready. a chance to beat the boston celtics tonight to capture their fourth title in eight years. we have a curry of our own life from chase center, with the action right here. >> good lessening. reggie: good morning. >> let's get a check on your accuweather test. drew: it is a cooler day today. winds will become active by the
6:32 am
afternoon. the cold front is the big story. right now, numbers in the 50's this morning. a live look from sutro tower showing you fog. here is how the bay shapes up. partly skies. today is going to be cooler than yesterday. by the afternoon, around the bayshore line, we are into the 60's and low 70's. our warmest spots inland will approach 80 degrees. we are going to get windows turning gusty later this afternoon. we will go hour-by-hour and show you the winds coming up. reggie: abc 7 is your home for the nba finals. after years of injury and heartbreak, the warriors are one win away from being back on top. >> it has been a roller coaster. they are up against celtics and the fears home crowd, but no doubt domination is ready for a celebration. reggie: ryan curry is live at chase center, where many fans may gather tonight.
6:33 am
ryan: good morning to you both. it is definitely a tense moment between the fan bases right now. you can feel it in the air almost. a watch party held tonight at chase center is sold out, so you can only imagine what the atmosphere will be like if the warriors do win tonight, because that means they will win the title. in boston, they are desperate to hang onto the series so they can take it back to chase center to see if they can win. they need to win to stay alive. our crews are in boston, train to catch up with celtics who are taking it to some new extremes. a few of them taking shots at steph curry's wife, saying she cannot cook. she owns several restaurants. we know she can cook. that is not in question. if you ask my opinion on the matter, it just means that celtics fans are getting nervous about the possibility of watching the warriors win a championship in their arena. >> i'm not sure if they have the power to stop steph curry, klay
6:34 am
thompson, draymond green. i'm not sure if they are able to do it. >> it sounds like you were very impressed with the warriors team. >> they are one of the greatest teams ever. i don't think anyone could deny that. ryan: no doubt about that. they are one of the greatest teams ever. this is one of the greatest dynasties in nba history. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. and you can watch it all here. you can attack aisha curry all you want, but what happened at the last game in boston when her husband dropped over 40 points -- i don't see the need to go after somebody named curry, especially somebody who doesn't have anything to do with what's happening on the court. just attacking people with the last name curry seems a little ridiculous, if you ask my opinion. reggie: yes, ryan curry. my dream is that you will meet steph's daughter, ryan, who is about to have her sixth
6:35 am
birthday, and you do and instagram post as rc squared. if you can make that happen, that is my dream. ryan: that is an incredible caption. i will have to keep that in mind. without a doubt if that ever happens, that will be the number one instagram caption for sure. reggie: it will be, thank you. >> ryan curry, steph curry. reggie: think of all the likes. that is the goal. you can watch rc in the nba finals tonight. it is the countdown at 5:30. game six tips at 6:00. and you can keep it here after the game. >> knew this morning, a top isis leader has been captured in a u.s. military raid in syria. defense officials say there were no injuries to u.s. military personnel and no damage to the aircraft involved in the raid. the official says the man was
6:36 am
detained. he is an experienced bomb maker and facilitator, and became one of the top leaders of isis. the man is described as actively planning isis operations. this is the second major raid against isis under president biden. special forces attempted to capture the leader back in february, but he detonated a suicide vest, killing himself. this morning, the leaders of germany, france, and italy are keen to show solidarity by meeting with craney and president zelenskyy. travel together by train. romania's president also arrived. former u.s. service members are missing and appeared to be
6:37 am
captured by russian forces. they are both from alabama. they were reportedly serving as volunteers with the ukrainian military. reggie: one family says the platoon came under heavy fire last week, forcing everyone to fall back, except for those two men. the state department say it is aware of the unconfirmed reports. now to the economy. while the fed is looking to raise an interest rate, president biden is looking to bring down gas prices. the president sent a letter to big oil companies, blaming greed. he is threatening to use executive powers if they do not increase production. the oil industry says it is not greedy driving record profits. >> any revenues that are being made right now are being made up to balance out losses from 2020 and 2021, and reinvesting. reggie: the american petroleum institute blames president biden's green energy push, claiming the administration's misguided policy agenda shifting
6:38 am
away from domestic oil has compounded inflationary pressures. san francisco is providing a 135 million dollar plan to increase affordable housing spending. kristin's proposal includes $35 million to help pay for several additions, including teacher housing projects and rental subsidies for low >> preston' is plan would advocate $100 million
6:39 am
in long-term debt financing they could finance building one hundred percent affordable housing. moderna plans to study its vaccine in babies as young as three months old. moderna and pfizer have studied vaccines in children as young as six months. those vaccines could be authorized as soon as next week. this study, which moderna hopes
6:40 am
to launch in september, would be the youngest age group involved today. the first part of the study will be to find the right days -- the right dose and the second will be to measure effectiveness. reggie: officials say they have collected enough signatures to get a recall of georgia gus cohen. the recall is very similar to the one we saw here with jason levine. they are saying guess cone is not tough enough on crime. if recalled, it would be the second d.a. in california to be recalled this year. you probably know his name because he was san francisco's d.a. until he left to run for l.a. d.a., which got us our current d.a., who is about to leave. there is a winner in the race for alameda county sheriff. last night, the sheriff released a statement conceding the race and congratulating sheriff sanchez. she will be the county's first latin and first female sheriff. >> i will personally be there to make sure we are recruiting representation of the communities we serve. the biggest change in what they will see more of is me being present and being accessible to the community. reggie: the sheriff's turn and -- term ends in january 2023. the bay area on the world stage. the decision today that could have us host the next world cup. and you are looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange. you can see that we are way down this morning. another update, coming up. >> get information. reggie: the queen has made an announcement. the beyonce bombshell that is sending the internet into a frenzy. don't forget you can watch us for an extra hour now. abc 7 is live on weekdays from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m.
6:41 am
we are going to talk about a lot of things this morning, mostly beyonce. >> i love it, but nobody loves her more than drew. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights. you can tell by the backup past the first over crossings, giving you about a 10 minute delay. hercules into san francisco, including this backup, still just under 30 minutes. they pretty light morning. let's pop down to san jose. this is 101 right under the 880 crossing. we are looking at a pretty good overall commute. we did have earlier problems on the ultimate, slowing to just about an hour and five minutes from tracy in the westbound direction. a 30 minute drive westbound on highway four. you are slowing below 30 mph between pittsburgh and all the way into walnut creek. drew: going to the south bay, a
6:42 am
live look at san jose. we are breathing easy this week. good air. live doppler 7, there is an area of low pressure just to the north and west. a cold front is knocking on our door. it will move through later today. it will kick up our winds and bring in cooler weather this afternoon. the wind gusts -- we will likely see gusts of 25 to 35 mph by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. we will see cooler weather moving in this afternoon. only 69 in oakland today. 79 in concord. 74, the high in san jose. if you are going to chase center and happened to be outside, have a couple layers with you because it will not only be windy, but cool. temperatures drop into the 50's as the evening goes on. here is a look at high temperatures around the bay area, sponsored by the disney and pixar's lightyear, only in
6:43 am
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reggie: today elon musk will meet with concerns twitter employees. shares were up five cents after the announcement of an all hands meeting. in recent reports, elon musk plans to address his future revenue strategy, with advertising and subscriptions. twitter employees will come face-to-face to address concerns on cut, online censoring, and remote work. lisa: a memorial service will be held for the former san jose mayor and member of congress. ting his earned landed in san jose. many were there to honor the south bay native who became the first asian-american cabinet secretary. he went on to serve under two presidential candidates, focused
6:47 am
on social justice. speaking at today's service at san jose civic auditorium was former president bill clinton, along with the san jose mayor. reggie: it seems the only escape from rising inflation right now is if you are paying rent in san francisco. new data shows that san francisco is the only u.s. metro area where people are currently paying less for an apartment on average than before the pandemic. that is according to a real estate listings website. san jose is right behind on that list at number two for slowest rent both. of course, both cities have some of the highest concentrations of remote jobs. that does not mean rent is not still crazy expensive. san francisco, san jose, and oakland are all still in the top 11 cities for highest median rent. we are going to see in major downturn this morning in the stock market. you can see it is down almost 700 points, taking a real beating, after the markets finished slightly up yesterday. right now, just two of the 500
6:48 am
companies in the s&p 500 are tringas prices remain extremelyh as the country. there is a slight glimmer of relief. aaa reports the price of a gallon of regular in san francisco has actually dropped four cents since monday. it is still six: for -- six $.59 this morning. the average price for san jose is $6.52. lisa: eatly has opened.
6:49 am
the michelin guide says there are some places you have to try. it unveiled its list of top-notch restaurants. in san francisco, they include birch and dry. there is a restaurant on castro street, a restaurant in east bay. if you are heading to wine country, had to try moliere and pork ribs. reggie: one of those responses in my neighborhood and there is a line out the door until 4:00 a.m.. it is apparently that good. beyonce is back, getting ready to share new music with the world. we have seen a number of tweets teasing her new album, including this one. it says beyonce renaissance july 29. it does seem like this is going to be a full-length record, and that would her first strictly
6:50 am
beyonce album since 2016. that is when lemonade came out. it looks like murch is already available for preorder. they have a renaissance box set for $40 that comes with a cd and a t-shirt, and apparently act i will have 16 tracks. drew knows more about this because he was just reading the british vogue article, where she is sitting on a horse. the dance floor part is key, because that is the part that got my ears. drew: it is 30 minutes, a whole spread about beyonce and her upcoming album. was lucky enough that she played the album for him, and he said i'm instantly transported back to the clubs, music that unites so many on the dance floor. are we getting club hit after club hit after banger after banger?
6:51 am
lisa: ready for it. reggie: how does she know this is what we need? drew: she knew it. the last few years, stressful. reggie: i imagine the room they are in. can you picture you are interviewing beyonce and she hits play? drew: do you want to hear how intimate this was? they were just sitting in her home, kitchen table. she pulls out a laptop and pushes play. that is the reaction. reggie: there is not an assistant who comes over and presses play? drew: laptop. playing all these tracks for you. you are going to be transported to the clubs of your youth. reggie: even with bad laptop speakers, he is still imagining himself on the dance floor, dripping in sweat. he wants some water, but he does not care. he is going to keep dancing.
6:52 am
drew: it is everything to me. we are outside. lots of sunshine. numbers in the 50's this morning. the warming process, a little bit slower this morning. have layers with you. you might need it for a little longer today. we will gradually warm into the 60's this morning. in our microclimate, it is a cooler afternoon. mid and upper 70's. along the peninsula, mid-60's to low 70's. do fl the wind picks up this afternoon. 65 downtown with gusts 30 mph. partly cloudy skies for the most part. the east bay today, upper 60's, lower 70's. inland, we are in the mid 70's to lower 80's. overnight tonight, we will hang
6:53 am
onto partly cloudy skies. the numbers cool in the valleys. the north bay the 40's. here is the seven-day forecast. gusty and cooler over the next couple of days. the weekend starts average, but we will warm up for father's day and juneteenth. drew: we will find out if levi's stadium will be selected as a site for the 2026 world cup. fifa officials toured the stadium. fifa will choose 10 to 12 stadiums in the united states, mexico, and canada. 17 stadiums including the 49ers home in santa clara are among the finalists. the u.s. will host 60 of 80 world cup games, including all the matches with quarterfinals to the finals. lisa: we are one day away from going to infinity and beyond. disney pixar's light-year is in theaters tomorrow. actor chris evans is talking about taking on that iconic role on good morning america.
6:54 am
chris: it is a little intimidating, but more than anything, just very humbling. i'm a massive animation fan, a massive pixar fan. i have been my whole life. i don't know if i would have believed this. my younger version would have been pinching himself. lisa: you can watch the whole interview coming up on gma at 7:00. reggie: we are days away from one of the biggest pride celebrations in the country. san francisco wanted to bring the party last sunday. abc 7 is proud to be a sponsor, bringing you special coverage of the parade for the first time. you will be able to watch it live. join me, karina, drew, jobina, julian glover, and live crites. see all of our coverage during pride month and year-round at lisa: up next, the seven things you need to know today.
6:55 am
reggie: drew and i went shopping to try to find something. lisa: did you find something? drew: we are trying. we need suggestions. reggie: especially if it is not $100 for a shirt. lisa: are you trying to match or complement each other? reggie: tell a story, you know? lisa: you want to spend $20? $50? reggie: we could go $60, $65. lisa: but not $100. reggie: or is it one shirt and we just crop it? has anyone did a crop that actually starts at your belly and the chest is exposed? the reverse crop. drew: trend alert.
6:56 am
if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness;
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lisa: the seven things to know this morning -- a top isis leader has been captured in a raid in syria. defense official says he was a bomb maker involved in planning isis activities. reggie: the house select committee will hold its third hearing, this one focused on pressure on mike pence to block certification of the 2020 election. lisa: a public memorial today for the former san jose mayor and kent of, -- and member of congress. among the speakers at the civic auditorium will be former president bill clinton and sam was a mayor sam liccardo. reggie: the warriors are one win away from becoming the 2022 nba champs. if they win in boston, it will be their fourth championship in eight years. coverage of game six starts at 5:00 p.m. drew: today is a cooler day, a
6:59 am
windier day. partly cloudy skies throughout the day. slow to warm this morning. later today, 60's and 70's around the bayshore. 80 in warm spots. when skin gusts to 30 mph at times this afternoon. sue: your commute is looking good overall, but we have a problem on the peninsula, first reported as a stall and an accident near peninsula avenue, just at the shoulder. you are backed up to highway 92. lisa: number seven -- join us in wishing drew a happy birthday. it is actually tomorrow, but he is off, and we did not want to miss out on recognizing drew and how amazing he is. drew: having a day off. the family is coming into town. sue: are you going to sugar cookies? drew: delicious, which i will be eating. they are in multiple flavors.
7:00 am
they are so good. even during the seven on seven. love you guys. good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, overnight a top isis leader has been captured. breaking overnight, one of the top isis leaders apprehended by u.s.-led coalition forces. he was an experienced bombmaker in syria actively planning isis operations. what we're learning this morning. two americans missing in ukraine. unconfirmed reports saying they may have been captured by russian forces. the families of the military veterans calling for them to be brought home as president biden announces another $1 billion in military aid for ukraine. recession fears mounting. with the biggest interest rate hike in nearly 30 years how it can impact everything from car loans to mortgages. january 6th hearing. the photos you've never seen of former vice president mike pence during the january 6th


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