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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 17, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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east bay. you are looking at brand-new video that came in overnight. >> evacuations are in place for an area of pittsburgh south of highway four. glad you are with us. >> we want to get live to ryan curry. he is live in pittsburgh and spoke to some people who work forced to evacuate early this morning. >> good morning. we just spoke with them minutes ago about what happened overnight here in pittsburgh. we will take a quick look right over here to see where things are at as we stand. these fire trucks are wrapping up. from what residents have told me, most of the fire has been put out, which is a very positive sign, very good news. there is still a little bit of fire burning in a canyon way up the road, according to some residents, but that's no longer near any homes. . the fire this morning, from what i have seen, looked pretty astonishing almost, very bright flames, very high flames all on
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the hillside surrounding this neighborhood that got, according to some of these residents, very close to some people's backyards. a few of them told me they got on their roofs to take a video of it before evacuating. once they did that, they left. they got evacuated to a nearby safeway. they are awaiting notices from the fire department about when they can go back home. some of them i met up with earlier said they will soon be allowed back in their homes. i think some of them are actually being allowed back into their homes right now, which is a very good sign. the video pretty astonishing, as this fire was burning all up on a hillside near these homes in pittsburgh. from what we can tell you, the wind is very strong, very severe. the good news is that the fire looks to be mostly put out. we don't know about any injuries or about any structure damage to homes in the area. a few did say it will be longer for some to get back in their homes, but some of them now
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finally able to trickle back in. a very alarming morning for some residents. they got woken up, calls from neighbors saying we've got to get out right now. the good news is a lot of them are not hurt. . looks like they can get a good start back to the mark. live in pittsburgh, ryan curry, abc7news. >> you saw some of that wind blowing and those pictures we had earlier due to the fire. here is some current conditions from one of our weather stations nearby. temperature at 56, relative humidity is a good thing, it's higher. gusts have been up to 13 miles per hour but we are expecting a windy day. winds are expected to pick up, over 20 miles per hour in the next few hours and peeking around 24 miles per hour this afternoon. it starts to die down overnight. here's the day planner for the rest of us with this live shot of the golden gate bridge.
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lots of cloud cover right now. we have a trough moving through. temperatures will mainly be in the 50's the next couple hours. it's going to be very windy again at the coast and all around the bay area, so temperatures will be below average. inland areas in the low to mid 70's. look for mid-60's and the warmest spots and at the beaches near 60 degrees. sunset is at 8:34. i will have your weekend forecast, coming up. >> all right, are other big story this morning, the bay area up champions once again. the warriors clenching their fourth title in eight years. the dubnation celebration is on. there is a championship parade on monday. this is the team's first in san francisco. >> i love this jacket. >> thank you, friend. >> the warriors beat the celtics last night to close boston in game six. >> it's over. the golden state warriors return to a familiar place. they are on top of the nba world.
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their fourth title in eight years. the dubs dynasty is still very much alive. >> yes. >> steph curry was unanimously named the bill russell nba finals most valuable player. he finished with 34 point in the series clincher. steph: this one hits different, for sure, just knowing what the last three years have meant, what it's been like, from injuries to, you know, changing of the guard in the rosters, wiggs coming through, our young guys. carrying the belief that we could get back to this stage and win, even if it didn't make sense to anybody when we said it, all that stuff matters. and now, we've got four championships. >> it's accounting to four for me. curry received a phone call after the game from former president obama congratulating him. here at home, fans packed chase
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center for the game six watch party. fans, as you can see, decked out for the game, including one fan, all right, one fan who showed up with this warriors themed umbrella. >> lots of love here, brotherly love for those that have been do -- have and do not have, and i think this is bringing even more love towards the city. >> some fans told us they cried tears of joy when the team clinc hed the title. >> we know the party was not just at chase center. no matter where you were in the bay area, you could hear people yelling, cheering. abc7news wasn't downtown san jose, were 4th street pizza was packed. >> it's awesome, you know. this is, it feels like the old times for us. we've had a couple really, really tough years here in downtown san jose, and this makes it feel like how it used to be. >> we deserve it. no other team deserves it more than we do. >> covid has been going on and a lot of things have stopped us from not having a good, you
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know, environment. a good happiness. i think it's going to do a lot of good. >> fans say once the warriors started to take the game over, they had no doubt that last night was the night. >> dubnation traveled all the way to boston to see the warriors win. abc7news reporter j.r. stone was inside td garden for the game. j.r.: you talk about the best out there, there is no one else you want to speak about other than stephen curry. as he made his way to the locker room after the game, he had a stogie in his mouth, his nba champion hat on, and the look of accomplishment was something special as he walked by us. we managed to get to an area where a lot of celtics fans had cleared out and were surrounded by warriors fans. i got to be honest, it just felt like home, even here in boston, with all those dubs fans, it felt good, so good knowing that the dubs are champs. >> today is my mom's birthday. she passed away in 2014. and we won on her birthday in 2015.
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full circle, i am at the game tonight, she's here with me. it means a lot. >> this is my son on his fifth birthday in 2017, we won the championship, and he just turned 10 and we won it again. haha! a couple days ago. >> i'm from oakland, my man. ain't no better to beat a historical franchise like the boston celtics the way we did. after we were down 2-1, everyone said the series was over, celtics in six. championship pedigree. >> i purposely came out here for this finals game. i kind of been a finals curse, but we did it. third time is a charm, right? >> i was at game two in san francisco, had the clinch opportunity here literally six blocks from where i live. it's been an unbelievable ride to seenight. j.r.: dubnation is celebrating all across the country, and are headed home all across the country, too. i met people rooting for the warriors from new york city, from new jersey, from chicago,
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from michigan, from all the way out in california, everybody headed home saying we are going to celebrate when we get back home, and that certainly was special. j.r. stone, abc7news. >> ok, so now we've got to talk about this clap back. aisha curry tweeting this after the win. it looks like that ayesha can't cook discussion with the boston fans, shut that down. it is time for the parade. let's look at the parade route. it is monday, of course, in san francisco. it starts at 11:20 a.m. at market and main street. it ends at market and sixth. the warriors say it's going to be free-flowing for fans. if you are not able to make it out, you can party along with us right here on abc seven. we will have live coverage starting at 10:00 in the morning
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and we will bring you coverage through the entire parade route. if you want to show off your dubnation pride, our facebook and instagram pages, we have these championship badges and you can share them across your social media pages. >> new developments, san francisco's controversial tenderloin center will close in december. city officials have decided not to add additional funding for the center in the next budget. the center has been criticized for its harm reduction service, which allows drug use on site under supervision. the tenderloin center has received 6000 requests for harm reduction services since march. more than 200 people were referred to substance abuse treatment. >> we are starting off with a look at satellite radar image showing off this deep trough. this is what's bringing us the cooler conditions today. it will be the coldest day of the week. we've got lots of cloudy conditions, especially as you go
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south from the north bay. here is a live look from the exploratorium looking down towards downtown san francisco. san francisco is 52, san jose 56 and we've got 54 in half moon bay and santa clara. here is a pretty shot of the golden gate bridge. clearing farther north. santa rosa, 50 degrees. where it's clearing, temperatures are dropping. petaluma, 48, napa and fairfield at 53. the winds are going to be the issue once again as the trough pushes through. this afternoon, there's going to be some strong winds. the winds will even be strong in the inland area. temperatures overall, it will start to die down overnight. temperatures overall much cooler, below average today. in san francisco, 63, oakland 66, san jose, 71. our warmest spots will be in the mid 70's. tonight, temperatures were drop into the mid 40's for north bay
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locations but lots of low 50's around the bay. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. we have a windy day with below average temperatures but they will be easing tomorrow and is looking much better and warmer for father's day on sunday and juneteenth. let's get a check with sue. >> it's friday and going straight to the richmond san rafael bridge at the toll plaza, it looks pretty light. we had two earlier stars. one was cleared out quickly but there was a lack of a second tow truck, so g we have been telling you about that fire, let's touch base with highway 4 and see what's happening there. . an accident on your approach in from the central valley, this is west 580 before the merger with 205. you can see three cars in an accident blocking a lane of traffic. you've got a good solid mile and
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a half backup as you approach the also mark. that fire happening in -- approach the all tomorrow -- altamont. that fire happening in pittsburgh, looked like some folks were being let beckham. if that's the case, traffic on highway 4 should be fine most of the morning. >> thanks so much. it is summer time and time for the county fair at the alameda county kickoff today, and a special twist that involves hotdogs, a lot of them. >> the bay area on the world stage. the world cup coming to santa clara in 2026, what it means for the region. >> everyone has a price but a new study is shown how much we need to live the ideal life. here's a hint, it depends on where you live. >> we are checking back in on a breaking news, a grass fire that forced people to evacuate their homes in pittsburgh. rancor is there
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[cheering] >> woo!
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>> that is finals m.v.p. steph curry celebrating his fourth nba championship. the team was popping bottles in the boston locker room with some sparkling rose. and the cups they use, of course, were gold. yeah! yes with the gold cup. it's the goggles for me, friend. >> it really helps. we need his eyes to be clear. >> we really do. that's important. listen, aircrew even joined in -- our crew even joined in on the after party. this was actually during the after the game show. of course, got much more warriors coverage and the bay area celebration ahead in just a few minutes. happening today. , president biden will be once again asking world leaders to do more to tackle climate change. representatives from 23 countries are planning to attend
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virtual meeting focused on addressing the climate crisis, while increasing energy and food security. this is the third time major economies have come together to talk about climate change since president biden took office. the biden administration officials say several counties, countries, excuse me, will announce new efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. >> the world cup is coming to the bay area in 20 36. levi's stadium and santa clara was selected as one of the host cities. is the first time the bay area will host since 1994. >> the golden gate city of san francisco and the bay area. >> all right. host cities will be throughout the u.s., canada and mexico. along with santa clara, los angeles and seattle will represent the west coast. the bay area host committee how they watch party yesterday. leaders our local soccer legends took part. brandi chastain spoke to abc 7 moments after that announcement was made.
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>> i am born and raised in this community and they encouraged me to do something that was not traditional, and the world cup being here is not traditional to sports in america, but it involves everybody, it embraces everybody and it welcomes everybody and this is what the world needs, and our bay area will show the rest of the world what a wonderful place this is. >> local leaders agree the world cup really does have the potential to boost of bay area economy, especially as it looks to bounce back after the pandemic. >> happening today is the kickoff to the alameda county fair. it runs through july 10 at the fairgrounds in pleasanton. you can get in for free today until 3:00 p.m. one attraction this year is the john madden memorial bus honoring the nfl legend and pleasanton native who died late last year. there is also a nightly light show put on by state-of-the-art drones. tomorrow, the regional qualifier for the nathan's famous hot dog eating contest to find out who
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is going to get to go to coney island on the fourth of july. >> maybe you are a fan of money, but how much? that is the question. new research is finding what our number is to live the ideal life of luxury. a study published looked at almost 8000 people from across the world. the majority of them thought they could achieve their ideal life with $10 million or less. but not us americans. only 46% in the u.s. said they would be fine with 10 million. most americans said they would need $100 million. >> we need more context. what age? >> if someone is going to ask me, aren't i going to say i'd rather have $100 million? >> just necessity. >> $100 million is going to be more luxurious, so yes, give me that. >> i need that. >> that's how we are here. other places in the world, they are satisfied with, you know, what they can get, they are more realistic. >> here it's like, one-bedroom
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bedroom apartment is almost $1 million, so that's why we need it. >> not almost. >> it is. >> shows you how unrealistic item, and how $10 million won't be enough in san francisco. what will be enough are the winds today because we will get more than our fair share. is a look at the trough moving through the bay area that's going to bring us strong winds headlines.noon once a a especially this afternoon and at the beaches. temperatures will be below average today. there's a possibility of sprinkles, mainly in the north bay. it's looking less likely. things change this weekend, much warmer and comfortable on sunday for father's day and juneteenth. here's our forecast animation, you see some of those bits of green, those are the possibility of sprinkles moving through mainly the north bay throughout the day. clouds decrease also in the afternoons as the wind pushes
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through with that trough. temperatures today, even though mostly sunny with the breeze, a strong sea breeze, only in the 60's for the most part. san francisco 63, mid-60's in oakland, san mateo, san jose at 71. look for upper 60's in santa rosa, napa. inland areas in the low 70's today. overnight tonight, temperatures will drop into the mid-40's for some north bay locations, lots of low 50's around the bay. here's a look at saturday, a little bit warmer. sunday, much warmer, especially for inland communities. mid-80's returns and for san francisco on monday, for the parade, it's looking pretty good, near 70 degrees. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. windy, temperatures below average, a little bit warmer with a lighter winds tomorrow, nicer on sunday and then check out the warming trend that starts on monday. it's going to get warm in san francisco for the parade. summer begins on tuesday, triple
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digit heat back. tuesday and wednesday will be the ones today's of the. >> coming up, the seven things to know this wicked. >> elon musk takes his pitch straight to twitter. >> salesforce tower lit up in warriors colors overnight. we may have just stumbled upon a warriors time traveler. we are going to explain our abc 7 canine connection. we are checking back on breaking news, a grass fire forcing evacuations in the east bay. ucr crew there, ryan curry is live with an update in just a few minutes. >> as a clear asian woman, i love celebrating -- clear asian woman, i love celebrating --
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makes life a bite better. ♪♪ better skin from your body wash? makes life a bite better. try olay body wash with skincare super ingredient collagen! olay body wash hydrates for healthier-looking skin in just 14 days, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin. >> if you are just joining us, here's the seven things to know this morning. number one, a 200 acre grass fire has prompted the evacuation of residents in pittsburg. officials are telling us that some homes are threatened. >> the warriors are shams for the fourth time in eight years,
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unbelievable. the dubs closed out the celtics last night in game six of the nba finals. >> number three, steph curry coming home with the bill russell m.v.p. award. it's the first time he has been named finals m.v.p.. >> the celebration parade is scheduled for monday morning. it will go down market street from main to 6th street. the parade starts at 11:20 in the morning but you can see coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. right here. >> number>> five, it's going to be windy and cooler today. most temperatures only in the 60's, a few 70's for inland areas and upper 50's for the beaches. >>, number six we are following your friday commute with some slow traffic coming out of the central valley. it is westbound 580 with a carp iowa blocking a lane of traffic -- a car pileup blocking a lane of traffic. >> number seven, today, ac/dc panel is meeting to discuss pfizer and modernity over the vaccines for children six month to five years old.
5:25 am
if it's authorized today, the shotspotter could be given as soon as tuesday -- shots could be given out as soon as tuesday. >> bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking a nosedive. abc's rebecca jarvis has the details. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, crypto crash. the largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, back in january, one bitcoin would have cost you more than $47,000. today, it is worth less than half of that, plunging by a staggering 25% in just the last week. one of the largest crypto lenders, celsius networks, freezing customer withdraws. >> its>> going to hurt us a life we don't see that money. >> crypto is unregulated and lacking the legal protections built into banks, making a volatile and unpredictable way to invest. >> the smart way to invest is going to be your 401(k), or you know, an index fund or a mutual fund.
5:26 am
>> it's not just the crypto market struggling. coming up, we will have what you need to know to deal with rising interest rates and falling stock prices. with your gma first took, i am rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. >> for the first time, elon musk held a virtual meeting with twitter employees to hear and answer some questions. in an internal livestream, which the new york times attended, he commented on major concerns. according to the times, he seemed quite detached from the conversation. when asked about company culture, layoffs and his closing intentions, he' suggested he was still set on buying twitter. he also said that he wanted twitter to expand, reaching a billion users, as right now, costs exceed revenue. that's not a great situation. >> this is a winning streak that we might never see again. while the warriors won the championship, a furry friend of ours was also a big winner. going from game one to game six,
5:27 am
this is biggie. this is scott moring's dog, who correctly predicted the winning team of every single finals game by using his dog people senses -- doggy bowl senses. how cute. biggie has this look like, of course i did. >> biggie new. >> thank you, biggie. look at this graphic. >> i know. we are coming right back with breaking news. we are talking about an early morning fire in the east bay, important evacuations now in place. we are checking in live with ryan curry. >> a deadly shooting at a downtown sports bar in oakland. gunfire breaking up. >> it is a family affair on the postgame podium. draymond's two kids with some can't comments that their dad just needed to know. >> a live look outside. > it is still lit up, do you see? you can really see it.
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that's cool. >> keep it lit.
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>> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> that breaking news is about evacuations in effect right now in the east bay. >> this brand-new video just sent in by a viewer really tells the story. a chilling scene in the foothills. the early morning fire jumps in pittsburg and families being given an urgent wake-up call to get out. >> this is happening in the neighborhood south of leland road and east of bailey road. all of this unfolding in the last few hours. >> we are getting important updates. let's get you right to ryan curry. he is in pittsburg with what we are learning now. ryan? ryan: good morning, everyone. we can now get a clearer look at the hills and the area that got burnt through the entire morning as the sun was starting to rise.
5:31 am
it might be tough to make out this morning because it is still kind of dark out, but this entire hillside over these homes is where the fire was throughout the entire morning. it still might be hard to see but from what i can tell you, it's burnt, it's black, it's dark. it is surprising just how close it got to some of these homes. some of the video that i saw throughout the morning was pretty astonishing. right now, crews are still finishing up putting out the fire that is currently in a canyon, according to some residents. there is still a little bit of smoke coming from that canyon, but does not seem to be near any homes. take a look at the video, really astonishing scenes, bright, high flames close to some of these homes and threatened a lot of people and a lot of homes. they had to evacuate. many went to a nearby safeway, where they were told to gather while they waited for crews to put out the fire that was getting so close to their backyards. some crews, i believe, told
5:32 am
residents they are allowed back into their homes. i think some did say they are going back home. others, i was told, still have to wait to get a clearance from the fire department. those are probably the homes near that canyon up the street from where we are. according to some of the residents, the one who i spoke to did tell me it was a really eye-opening scene this morning. >> like an inferno, just like when you hear people like in napa and stuff, they said it was on the ridgeline. all of this was open space behind these houses and it was just engulfed in flames. >> and what is remarkable about everything is kind of how close these flames got to these backyards. just seeing how dark the hills are and how close they got to the backyards of these homes tells me just how crazy big the fire was and how crazy close it got to these backyards. luckily, no one i believe at this time got hurt or any homes got destroyed. over down the street might be a
5:33 am
little hard to see, but over down the street, there is still a little bit of smoke billowing from that canyon. it has gotten lower and lower throughout the morning. it does not seem to be close to any homes. as i mentioned, does not appear to be close to any residents or anybody is hurt at this time. that is the positive news, that residents are now going back inside their homes. the fire seems to be mostly contained and put out, an promising sense. from what you guys saw in the video, was really bright. >> thank you. we have been updating you on this breaking news. shortly after those evacuations. if you want to get breaking news when it happens, download the abc 7 bay area news app. >> the dubs capturing their fourth nba championship in just eight years. >> we will get to the and a moment, but first, we want to look at your forecast. >> good morning.
5:34 am
we will start off with current conditions in pittsburg. better news now, one of our weather stations is reporting lighter winds, gusting up to seven miles per hour. relative humidity is still high, temperature at about 54 degrees. we are expecting windy conditions, especially this afternoon, which will peak at around 4:00, 5:00 before they start to recede and i down for tomorrow morning. . here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge. we have lots of cloud cover, a little more clearing through parts of the north bay. sunrise coming up shortly, most temperatures in the 50's, a few 40's in clearer spots. it's going to be very windy this afternoon for temperatures will be below average. most of us really in the 60's but some inland areas will warm up. at the beaches, barely making it to 60. sunset is at 8:34. a cooler start to the weekend
5:35 am
before a warm-up for father's day. monday is looking good for the parade. >> let's type about the warriors taking home another nba title. the front page of "the chronicle" says it all, 4-ever champs, referencing the warriors winning their fourth title in eight years. they won over the boston celtics last night. steph curry proudly lifting the larry o'brien championship trophy within the home team behind him. draymond green's kids stole the show during his press conference. >> they had some things they needed to tell him and whispered in his ear. >> [whispers] draymond: ok. all right. all right. sit down. we good? say peace. >> peace! >> [laughter] this was a moment.
5:36 am
oh, so look, during the trophy presentation, draymond was holding his youngest daughter in his arms. draymond, steph curry, klay thompson have won 4 titles together and thompson talked about how happy he is that curry won the nba finals m.v.p. award. klay: some freaking bozos saying he needed it, but i think he's pretty much established what he can do. but to see him earn that, i mean, he's one of the greatest ever. we followed his lead. that was awesome. what a series. >> the warriors are the first team to win 4 championships in an eight season span since the bulls won in 6 the bulls -- the bulls won 6 in the 1990's. >> fans poured into the streets
5:37 am
of san francisco celebrating. you can see these massive crowds and fireworks. things were fun, but they kept everything in check. police were there keeping an eye on the situation. >> i appreciated. yes, i heard it for a while. my dog did go insane inside the house, but it did not last that long. thank you to everyone for that. and then there's this photo tweeted out by steph curry last night. night night. did you see it when he did it on the court? >> he did this on the court? i just saw him doing the rings. that was funny to me. >> i love a moment like that. he was drafted in 2009 and has been with the team the entire weight, the ups, the downs, and now the 4 championships. it's time for that parade.
5:38 am
francis says the weather is going to be good. here's a look at the parade route right now along market street. you see that it starts at, well, they are going to kind of gather at drum street. it ends at 6th street. the warriors say this will be a free-flowing affair for fans. if you cannot go, you can party along and watch with us on abc seven. live coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. we will bring you coverage throughout the hallway. if you want to show off your dubnation pride, go to our facebook and instagram pages. we have these championship badges that you can share. >> developing news this morning, oakland police are investigating a shooting at a downtown bar that left a person dead and three other people hurt. it happened at the halftime sports bar on 14th street last night. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. our media partner is reporting that two victims were found outside the bar and had to be taken to the hospital.
5:39 am
a third person arrived at the hospital later with gunshot wounds. we don't know their conditions at this point. police have not said if there are any suspects. >> a person is in custody after a shooting at a church in alabama outside of birmingham. two people were killed in the shooting, one was injured. officials say others jumped into action, restraining the shooter until police arrived. >> deeply moved by the radical support and love from many of the people reaching out from all over the country. >> the motive of the shooter right now is not known. >> new this morning, wikileaks founder julian assange will be extradited to the u.s.. the u.k.'s home security authorized this move overnight. he has 14 days to appeal the decision. he's been charged with 18 criminal accounts for publishing classified information in 2010 and he is currently facing 175 years here in the u.s.. >> this morning, the next step to get covid vaccines to the
5:40 am
youngest children. a cdc advisory panel meets today to discuss both pfizer and moderna vaccines for kids six months to five years. the panel is expected to vote this weekend and then send the recommendation to the cdc's director. if those vaccines are authorized, they could be going into arms as soon as tuesday. the moderna shots will go to kids age six and under, the pfizer doses will go to those ages five and under. locally, santa clara county and san mateo county have both said they will be ready to administer shots next week. >> cross-country chaos happening now. hundreds of flights canceled across the u.s. already this morning and it does not smell well for summer travel at. plus -- >> 4 minutes to be off plan and then you come right back to us. to infinity. >> and beyond. >> it's the origin story of one of the greatest toys of all time. brace yourself for "lightyear."
5:41 am
today. >> satellite radar image, this trough is moving through and that's what's going to bring us windy conditions and that strong sea breeze means temperatures below average. let's take a look at those bay area temperatures. in the south bay, look for low 70's in san jose, morgan hill, gilroy. upper 60's for cupertino and santa clara. redwood city, 69. notice the beaches, where it's going to be very windy throughout the day, only upper 50's in the sunset district. downtown san francisco 63. pretty comfortable through parts of calistoga, cloverdale, upper 60's in santa rosa, sonoma and napa. east bay in the mid to upper 60's. 65 in berkeley up to 69 castro valley. look for inland areas to only be in the low 70's, which is much more comfortable. concord and pittsburg at 71,
5:42 am
livermore 60 and walnut creek and pleasanton at 69 degrees. it's going to be warmer tomorrow after this front moves through. sunday looks great for father's day and juneteenth. we will see mid 80's return for the inland areas. check out parade day on monday. in san francisco, near 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine. we have a big warming trend ahead for next week. let's get a check of traffic with sue. >> we had several accidents and of course, that pittsburg fire, which we will update you in just a second. we are going first to the san mateo bridge, where things are clear. taillights over towards foster city and san mateo, 18 minute drive from 80 over towards 101. . dramatic skate -- pretty dramatic sky over the golden gate bridge. not hampering your drive at all. it's very light. when i came across this morning, 4 lanes already in the
5:43 am
southbound direction so that continues for your friday morning commute. let's go back to our maps and we can show you this earlier accident coming out of the central valley. it was a big rig off on the embankment. . that has been cleared and flipped back upright. traffic is still backed up, it has not recovered, still partially blocking with the tow trucks there. give yourself a little extra time. 580 is looking good although into livermore. that earlier fire we had in the pittsburg hills south of bailey road off of highway 4, you can see the traffic on 4 is in the green, it's moving nicely from antioch into concord this morning. we will get an update on that with ryan curry. i believe we will be back after the break. ♪ >> i am wishing everybody a happy pride! ♪
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>> fireworks over chase center in san francisco last night celebrating the warriors reaching another nba titles. salesforce tower also aglow in warriors yellow and blue overnight. if you can see it from your house, you will see it is still lit up this morning. you can get much more inside coverage and special warriors content from the championship run on our app 24/7. download it wherever you stream. >> this is a live look at sfo this morning, where the summer of travel headaches is starting to get worse. already this morning, is reporting about 850 flights within the u.s. have been canceled already today. andrew dymburt is looking at this cross-country chaos. >> this morning, as summer travelers take to the skies, delays and cancellations
5:47 am
are on the rise. >> very frustrating. >> storms swept through some of the nation's busiest airports. according to experts, a rising number of flight cancellations are the result of airlines struggling with staffing shortages, especially pilots. unions have repeatedly complained there's not enough staff to follow through on the flights that have been booked. >> lines are getting longer and longer and longer. . i'm glad everybody's traveling with covid and everything, we are back, but now, we need to catch up. >> on>> thursday, transportation secretary pete buttigieg called a virtual meeting with airline ceo's pushing for details on how they plan to keep their summer schedules on track. sec. buttigieg: let them know that this is a moment when we are really counting on them to deliver reliably for the public. >> some worry there could be a repeat of the travel troubles around memorial day after nearly 9000 flights were canceled or delayed over the holiday weekend. >> they don't have enough pilots, they have not trained enough pilots.
5:48 am
they are literally canceling flights because they don't have their act together. >> andrew dymburt, abc news, new york. >> a mission district favorite will have their food available today at the ferry in san francisco. this afternoon, la cocina will begin having its monthly marketplace for fairy fridays. there will be live music, mural paintings and specials from businesses. it will be held every third friday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. through september. >> i just want to wear this jacket. >> i love your jacket. i wore blue today just for the warriors. >> i don't have stuff that i can put off and on fast enough. >> you have like a jackets. >> may be will go check it out, go in my closet rick. >> he has like 10 warriors, i feel like you have all the warriors swag. >> i do have some good swaggy.
5:49 am
and then he will be like, you cannot get this anymore, it's sold out, and available. >> we will just try and borrow yours. he will take pictures in your jacket. you will need your jacket this afternoon. we have the winds picking up and you can see with the live doppler 7, the cloud cover around the bay area. this is a deep trough that will bring disgusting conditions. temperatures mostly in the 50's. live shot as we look towards downtown san francisco and the cloud cover. hears what you can expect for today. . it's going to be gusty. temperatures will be below average. there is a very slight possibility of sprinkles, mainly in the north bay. but then, the weekend ends up looking a lot better, warmer on sunday for father's day and juneteenth. we are talking about a 5-10 degree warm up by sunday. for today, most of us in the
5:50 am
60's, especially with the windy conditions and that sea breeze calls everyone down. lots of 60's around the bay. only mid 60's in richmond. oakland and san mateo in the north bay will see some upper 60's, like santa rosa 69, napa 68 and low 70's for inland areas. livermore at 70, san jose 71 degrees. tonight, temperatures will drop into the low 50's, mid 40's for some north bay locations. here's a look ahead. in san francisco, our average high is 67. tomorrow, we warm up a little bit. better for father's day but then check out monday for the parade, low 70's in san francisco. even warmer midweek as high pressure builds. you can see that with the accuweather 7 day forecast. get ready for triple digit heat tuesday and wednesday for inland communities for the start of summer. >> thanks. an exhibit opening in the hague. the artist to is a hit with the
5:51 am
rock 'n' roll crowd. >> plus, bring on the party bus? the place to be this weekend. corgi-con nurse mariyam sabo
5:52 am
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>> we see the sun powering our future in an increasing number of ways. ginger zee has a wearable piece of solar power tech and other unique products to combat climate change by capturing the sun. >> i am ginger zee. it's not too late. today, i want to talk about solar, this. that canopy right now is powering this electric vehicle. solar only makes up 4% of our nation'ss energy grid. while that number is expected to quadruple, it's a slow go trying to give panels on roofs. those rooftop panels or acres of solar farms are not the only
5:54 am
option. today, we are talking about micro solar solutions, of grade, things that can make power -- off grid, things that can make power on every surface. >> we manufacture solar powered fabric products like tents, awnings, canopies. >> pavilion told us almost half their businesses making tents for the government and military, which could help in conflict zones or natural disasters. solar fabric is not the only option. some companies, like ubiquitous energy, are looking to use windows to turn right into more electricity. >> the opportunity that we see is really utilizing the vertical surface of as vertical solar farms. >> using energy>> from the sun is nothing new. optimizing making sure that everyone has access to it. that's what's going to help us ensure that it's not too late. >> it is one of the fastest, flashiest supercars in the world and soon, it is going to get even more electrified.
5:55 am
ferrari says 60% of its cars are going to be electric by 2026. it is aiming to launch 15 new models by then, spending over $4 billion developing hybrids or all electric vehicles. for re is hoping to be carbon neutral by 2030. happening tomorrow, if you are looking for a day full of fun in the sun with your four-legged friends, you should probably check out corgicon. on saturday. this year, corgicon is returning to ocean beach in san francisco. it's been three years because of the pandemic. it starts at 10:00 sharp in the morning and goes through 2:00. it is free for everybody and you can expect to see hundreds of the dogs participating in custom contest, races -- costume contests, races and there are plenty of vendors selling merchandise. >> i know people are excited about this. and this. happening today, our friends at
5:56 am
pixar in emeryville have a new movie out called "lightyear." >> this suit is a promise to the world that you, you alone will do one thing above all, finish the mission of matter the cost. >> it is the origin story of one of the most iconic characters from "toy story," buzz light year. chris evans is the voice of the futuristic superhero and he says this role was a dream. chris: i was just living a childhood fantasy, you know. i have been really lucky in my career to do a lot of things, worked with a lot of people, proud of a lot of the work i've done, but this was something really personal to me. i love pixar movies. i love animated movies. it is >> >> rated pg and you can see the new movie this weekend at your local theater. disney is the parent company of abc 7. look at kiki palmer. >> she is in this? >> yes, she is playing the other astronaut next to lightyear. >> ok. this is cool.
5:57 am
>> i am excited about it. >> you know what else we are excited about? the warriors! waking up winners! we are celebrating the warriors'win in boston all morning rug. >> sky 7 live over>> pittsburg, where there was a pretty scary morning for people who were forced to subtly evacuate from their homes because of a grass fire. we are going to show you what's happening now. >> plus, the new plan to stabilize san francisco's tilting millennium tower. what engineers are recommending. >> bart is getting more >> bart is getting more you're american. and then you come home and you're honduran. marianne: totally relate to that. it's like a double personality kind of thing. ♪ ♪
5:58 am
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reggie: terrifying for momentd fors people living in pittsburgh this morning. kumasi: this is what it looks like just hours ago. sky 7 is live giving us our first look at the fire from above. the homes south of highway 4 had to be evacuated overnight because of this right. it looks like it is so much better right now but still watching this area closely. good morning, everyone thank you so much for being with us. reggie: we want to get right to ryan curry. >> very good news, we are learning a lot of residents are now going back to their homes. they have actually slowly been trickling back into their homes
6:01 am
throughout the morning. i think most of them are actually now back in their hom


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