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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  June 17, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> i am kristin. we are live to get -- ask your questions and get answers for you in real time. it is creating -- double-decker seat that had many saying no thanks. but maybe, you should give it a whirl. we will talk to the creator to find out why area also, this sunday is juneteenth. the day to celebrate the end of slavery. it commemorates the day african americans in galveston, texas
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learned that they were free to years after the emancipation proclamation area san francisco's cathedral is planning -- to mark the event. we will hear from an active -- actress who will be preaching at that service. first, the bay area is once again on top of the basketball world. the warriors have won their fourth nba championship and eight years. now the celebration is on with the championship parade ahead on monday. the teams first parade in san francisco after its move from oakland. joining us now to talk is abc 7's sports director larry. larry. >> i am here. yes. >> that is good. we want to talk about stuff. stuff. stuff. and that's where it ends. we have never seen him as emotional as last night. >> that tells you just how much this championship -- and the
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finals meant to him. there are so many players in the leak that never even get close to an nba title. abc 7's own donald -- played a decade with a warriors and a few with orlando. he never got anything -- close to anything like this. we have the 2015 team that is on staff and clay and dray. andre and harrison. katie joins them. that was a superteam. it was not a surprise they one. and then they miss the playoffs for two straight years. one of those years you had the worst record in the entire week. then to come back in 2020 two and win it all in storybook fashion. i think that is why you see all the tears. just to see what klay thompson has been through. -- and the regular season with injuries. they were so banged up throughout the year.
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steve kerr has said repeatedly they were not healthy as a group and the unit until day one of the playoffs. so it is reallyalthy. -- and go on the run that they just did and capture the title. >> and away. it is almost a cinderella season. -- in a way, it is almost a cinderella season. it didn't look too good for a while. what about steph getting his first nba finals and m.v.p.? -- let's hope the silence -- the silence as his critics once and for all. >> nothing will. people love to tweet and take shots of people who are on top. even though curry is the baby faced assassin. if you look at the number of commercials he has. he is one of the most likable, popular athletes in the world at this point. certainly in the united states. he is one just about every war
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-- award you can win. i could've made a whole our list of every trophy and a war -- except for this one. he finally got this one and out there is talk about does he belong on the amount brush of nba grace. the greatest of all time. if you put him on, who will you take off? are you taking off ajit johnson or larry heard what are you doing? he is in the conversation among the best of all time. because of his size, i think people will say -- that detractors will always detract and be critical. if anybody knows the game they understand that jeff curry change basketball. little kids are all doing the two ball dribble now. there all trying to shoot from 30 feet. he change the dimensions of the court in terms of the way teens have to defend. shooters like steph. , trae young, damien willard.
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his mba goes far beyond trophies. >> talk about the army of little kids he launched into the sport that are maybe not the tallest like my own son included. they are like we can play this game. we don't have to shoot. he is proving that every day. he is more than shooting. we saw everything he did in his series he is incredible. >> he is not just a standstill shooter. he has become more of a score and facilitator. even went over nine from three and game five. his role in that game was to get other people involved because the way he was being defended it was hard for him to get looks. it was a complete -- he was a complete basketball pair -- player and the training he put himself through an off-season, he may be the best conditioned athlete in the nba. he probably runs. there warriors ocean offense he's running two and a half miles per game. anybody that has the misfortune of trying to defend him good
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luck trying to keep up with steph curry. now you see the arms and the gun show. he has made himself physically stronger so he can strengthen the one area of his game that was not up to par and that was defense. he played tremendous defense throughout the playoffs. >> his work ethic is create -- incredible. that he couldn't do it without the other three in the og. i saw the warriors tweet area ut set clay did with this comeback. the final minute on the court. it was so awesome. >> look at this video and how young they were. back in 2015 when they won the first title. there is andre. he even looks a lot younger. he really turned into more of a player coach this year because he was so banged up and didn't get a chance to do much in the post season. they were hoping and hoping and hoping he could be more of a factor. i tell you what, there were clip of him coaching andrew wiggins
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and coaching jerry payton the second with the intensity of a coach that was trying to win it all. there was a couple times -- he was like oh these kids. trying to teach them want to do out there. -- it is great for andre i don't know if he's going to come back. he is into his tech ventures and he is getting rich from all that. you could bring him on as a consultant to come back from time to time, but he is off the court extremely valuable. even though you didn't see him score a lot of total points in games. >> speaking of coaching, we got to talk about stephen curry. he got a little criticism when going out a little rough, but how many championships does he have now? >> nine. nine. panfor as aus all this staff. has more championships than every other team except the
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lakers and celtics. think about that for a second. steve kerr, as a human, one person, that nine rings more than all but the lakers and celtics each have 17. >> just show him the rings. could there be more and our future? i think the odds i read today already have us as a favorite with austin being the second. close second. >> slowdown. that is just let's have the parade first. can we enjoy this before we had go figure out. >> no in -- keep it going. >> it is possible as long as you have steph curry in health. grandmother always used to say health is wealth. and it certainly played out in the playoffs of the warriors. i had bumps and bruises and even steph. he missed the last games of the regular season with a bruised foot. -- salary plus luxury tax -- if
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they have gp to an of contracts -- they could be looking at $450 million in combination of salary and luxury tax. >> we need the health and the wealth. and they've got the youth. this could be arrive early -- rival roy schmidt sticks around for a while. click so if we have a graphic. though far, not a whole lot of details. it starts at 1120. -- 11:20.
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>> honestly i don't know a lot. i am just planning to show you -- to show up and start talking. >> it does go to market and six. larry, that is about one mile long. in san francisco. it will be shorter than some of the reviews parades we've seen. in the early days when the giants and they broke their long drought it seem like the parade would last for five or six hours. and everybody was toast at the end. even the warriors three parades that culminated at lake merritt with the beak -- big ceremony. they try -- they are trying to keep it condensed and not turn it into a daylong event. >> not a six-hour thing. by the way we should tell viewers they are in eyes to take part. monday is a holiday. juneteenth. we will run the regular schedule because a lot of bands will be taking part in the parade. into that. >> one more piece of advice. watch it here on abc 7. the home of champions. >> no yes. that is good advice.
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thank you very much larry. let's get going with the 4:00. we will talk about the warriors coming back. we will take a short break. after we come back from break the double-decker airline seat that said --
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yes, you! and you. and you, too. making sure you feel taken care of. that's what a princess cruise is all about. california residents sail from san francisco for just $59 per day. >> earlier this week, one of the most buzzing stories in media and on social media is a new idea for air travel. the double-decker airplane seating. here is how it looks. that is the way it is spelled. it is french. it is not lounge. this is even blocked. one headline -- if you think flying sucks now behold the double-decker plane seat. another twitter comment says
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this long seating is monstrous for various reasons are in first of all, the four. we invited the designer to come on the show to answer those quick batch critics and explain his vision of -- he joins us from the netherlands and it is past midnight there. thank you for coming on. >> hello. good night here good afternoon there. yes, i am now in belgium traveling down to madrid. think you very much to -- for having me. >> yeah you are coming back with all your stuff from a roadshow. you are funny because you don't look like satan. you've been called out on social media by some will. i have to ask you are you surprised by all of that negative reaction? >> i'm not rise. will talk a lot. especially people who have not seen it in person and like to criticize. i'm not worried about that, a lot of people that have seen it have loved it. large people, tour -- tall
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people, short people everyone has liked it. and of course people like to comment about things they do not know about too much. i'm not worried about those comments. and of course i am not the devil. i'm a 22-year-old designer trying to make the best for the future. >> i think he dropped out of college to pursue this -- pursue this long time. you build the first one in your parent's garage. let me give you a chance to change minds here. how did the double-decker idea come about. why did you think this is a better mouse trap. a better seating arrangement? >> you are right. i work in my parent's basement right next to the garage. the idea of this came when i was studying in the never lens at -- netherlands at a very prestigious university in engineering. and the goal was to create an aircraft of the future. and we had to design the economy
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class of the future. that is why we decided to go for a double-decker. it is something that is not seen nowadays, but it is something we are ready to implement in the long term. why waste -- in order to change the experience. we will not remove the economy seats that we have nowadays but we will have more options of passengers can choose. >> all right. what is the idea for the double-decker. you get more inclined? do you get more legroom? i saw on the pictures one a lot of people blocked with the girl sitting there you cannot see too well but her legs are fully extended, right? and when you're trying to sleep on an airplane especially red eyes it is hard to sleep like this. >> yes. exactly. that is one of the reasons we decided to go for a double-decker struck -- structure. we've been building this for research from the university and from students and doctors or professors that teach there. and we based the whole seating
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and research coming out from the university here in europe and in the u.s.. basically the idea is that with the double-decker you have more recline in both rows. 135 degree decline compared to 110 degree it is an improvement. you get more legroom. and the lower one that everyone is scared about right now is spacious. >> i will give you that. there may be benefits but what about the drawbacks? one of the common criticisms of social media is people worried about farting i said it. your head happens to be at the level of the person in front of you. >> it is a good question. but to get us to go both ways we can go the physics way or the science way. if we go the physics way, there is a physical barrier between the passenger on the top row in the passenger of the lower.
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basically like a wall. instead of being made of bricks it is made out of a plastic shell. smells do not go through plastic. that is the first reasoning mind this. the second when i can tell you is that -- air rises. this is basics. so the smelling gases from the lower, i have no more work on that to be honest. >> where you store the carry-on bags? >> that is a good question. if you have seen the picture from the news you can see that there is a square right underneath the upper room and that is where it opens up and it is a full department. it has the same capacity as overhead storage compartments but all the storage right now is located under receipts. for the lower room you have it directly under your seat and for the upper room you have it right across the seats.
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you can access from both sides of the aisle. >> isn't that where the flotation device currently is? the lifejackets. is that where they go? >> yes. if you look at temperatures of the prototype that i sent you there ar coming from the front or the side of a receipt. the life vest are the red straps and they are hidden in those pockets. >> this is very important. how do you get out quickly? say you are in the bottom row in the middle and you need to go to the bathroom. >> you have to do what you do nowadays. you as the person next to you say can you let me go to the bathroom. if they don't do that there will be a fight. that happens in the economy class. it would not be a different experience. it would be at the -- exactly the same. >> i can see the sea part retracts or something. but even so, can i ask you. this is a worry for some who are concerned about safety.
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have to be able to lay back quickly in an emergency. the faa requires an -- 90 seconds. can that be done with people on the top jumping down our people on the bottom trying to get out? >> yes it is 90 seconds to have the doors locked. you still have to be able to evacuate the plane within 90 seconds. that has still yet to be studied. we started on the -- one year ago in order to do that you have to have a couple million to test. in order to check that, we have been doing some tests and it takes actually most -- most of the time it takes the same time to go from the upper row and the lower row that it would take from a current passenger plane. there would not be a big change in terms of that. we would need money and time in order to develop those test to prove -- prove that if actuation is safe. >> what do you say to your critics? >> to my critics, there are two
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types of critics. there are the ones that are constructive and trying to give feedback in order to improve and those i really appreciate them. i am not the one who knows about everything. i am getting a lot of help from different people and professionals in the field. and i am getting good can correct -- constructive criticism that helps me develop this forward. for those ones that want to insult me and do not want to help about this i would just like to say they have a lot of free time and they are actually the ones who are sitting in the economy class they are complaining about it. so i don't have a lot to say. i appreciate the constructive criticism and to the other one i don't really have to listen to because they are time wasters. >> i understand you're working with the airlines right now to find out with the final iteration would be. thank you so much al a hundred nuñez are coming on. good luck. >> thank you so much goodbye.
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>> juneteenth celebrati
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>> this sunday is juneteenth. the day to celebrate the end of slavery. san francisco is gearing up for many commemorative events this weekend. one of them is a eucharist at grace cathedral. actress anna devere smith who will be preaching at the service. anna, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. >> i am a west wing fan. i remember u.s. national security advisor. recently you started the abc show people. this weekend you will be playing a very different role at juneteenth at grace cathedral. will you be doing? >> well, i am going to be giving a sermon. and it will be in recognition in -- of juneteenth and to have the opportunity to let everybody know how much grace cathedral is part of the in slavery for good
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advocacy that is going on right now. as you know, there's a loophole in the 13th amendment that allows for slavery in our country particularly in the form of convict leasing. and then there are others including everybody at grace cathedral is putting their own moral muscle behind that. also, to use this time and this holiday, juneteenth to cause reflection about the end of slavery as it was. and how we are today. how we see ourselves today in terms of justice. >> i know you have long managed to marry your activism with your acting. tell us how you got involved in particular with grace cathedral. >> sure. when i was a young woman here studying acting.
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in the 70's. and interestingly enough, i'm speaking to you right now from the offices of the american turbine tory theater, but that -- back then it was on gary street. every single morning i would walk up from where i lived at sutter and jones the top of the hill first thing at the morning at 6:00 and i would take communion. then i would go down the hill and swim at the marines memorial. that was my ritual while i was studying acting. years later, dean jane shaw who was the dean at grace cathedral when i was here to perform at one of my plays at berkeley rep. i was up the hill from grace cathedral and i started to walk the short half walk down to go to morning prayer and she saw me there and she invited me to come to grace cathedral as a visiting artist. and i wrote a play while they are called on grace working with the cellist named josh who i found through the folks at the symphony.
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that cathedral has been a part of my creative life even though that was long ago. and then i had a chance to come back. that was really the first time i ever preached a summer in -- sermon in 2012. when jane asked me to do as visiting artist. which was to preach. it's a pretty scary thing. >> i bet. are you excited to come back here area i do want to let folks know that they can either attend on sunday at grace cathedral if they preregister or they can join the livestream as well at grace anna, thank you so much.
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this interactive show. getting answers. we will be here everyday at 3:00 to answer your questions. tonight with david muir is coming up next. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. russian controlled media tonight now showing two of the americans missing in ukraine. tonight, what they're showing. former marine corporal andy nguyen believed to be under duress, making a prorussian statement. the video reportedly shot in a russian detention center in the donbas in the east. another video of alexander druky with a message for his mother. >> i'm alive. hope to be back home as soon as i can. love you. >> tonight, here, news on the third american, a former marine captain. james longman inside ukraine with reporting tonight. also as we come on the air, the severe storms hitting
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tonight across several states in the east. what about father's day? we have that, and now another


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