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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 17, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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to answer your questions. tonight with david muir is coming up next. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. russian controlled media tonight now showing two of the americans missing in ukraine. tonight, what they're showing. former marine corporal andy nguyen believed to be under duress, making a prorussian statement. the video reportedly shot in a russian detention center in the donbas in the east. another video of alexander druky with a message for his mother. >> i'm alive. hope to be back home as soon as i can. love you. >> tonight, here, news on the third american, a former marine captain. james longman inside ukraine with reporting tonight. also as we come on the air, the severe storms hitting tonight across several states in the east. what about father's day? we have that, and now another
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dangerous heat wave building. rob marciano standing by. the deadly shooting at an alabama church. we learned late today a third person has now died. authorities charging a 70-year-old man with capital murder. elwyn lopez on the scene. news on the pandemic tonight. vaccines will be available likely first thing next week for children under 5 in this country. tonight, what florida's governor is saying about vaccines for toddlers and what that could mean for parents in the state. news tonight on long covid. symptoms after you have it. what researchers have revealed. steve osunsami reporting. tonight, 24 hours after the january 6th committee revealed that former president trump was told that what he wanted mike pence to do was illegal, tonight the former president going after pence again. jon karl is standing by. tonight, days after the fed raised rates the impact
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immediate. brokers with a silver lining for those who have been looking to buy a home for some time now. victor oquendo explains. the couple kidnapped hiking at gunpoint in colorado. also tonight, paul mccartney and the surprise guest on stage with him. and of course we celebrate our dads tonight. good evening, and it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another week together here. we'll get to severe storms in parts of the east tonight. father's day weekend, and this next heat wave already building but we begin tonight with the american veterans missing in ukraine. two now believed to be in the custody of russian forces. families of the men desperate for any news. the man among as many as 20,000 foreign volunteers who have travelled to join the night in ukraine. two from alabama seen together in this image, alexander druky and andy nguyen. tonight, the images from state
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controlled media. andy nguyen appearing under derr ress, delivering a propaganda message. late today, retired marine captain grade kerr pas identified as a third volunteer missing in ukraine. his family hasn't heard from him since april. the kremlin denying they know anything about the men. the president again urging americans not to go to ukraine. abc's james longman leading us off tonight from eastern ukraine. >> reporter: tonight, state controlled media in russia released videos of two americans taken captive in ukraine. 27-year-old andy nguyen of alabama was reported here delivering prorussian propaganda, presumably coerced into doing so. abc news will not air the contents of the message. the russian news outlet rt says
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it was from the donbas in ukraine. alexander druky also from alabama delivering a message to his mother. >> mom, i just want to let you know i'm live and hope to be back home as soon as i can be. >> reporter: the two went missing the week ago fighting out kharkiv in the northeast. back home, the families of the men are desperate for any information. >> it is stressful because we don't have answers at the moment. waiting is always very hard. but we are encouraged. >> reporter: tonight, a third american is missing in ukraine. he's identified as a retired marine captain, grady kurpasi. his family has not been in contact with him since late april. don turner served with grady 12 years in the marine corps. >> couldn't stress enough the sheer fact that he cared more about others than himself. >> reporter: despite the release of the videos, the kremlin denied having any information at all about captured americans,
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and today president biden said the whereabouts of the men are unknown. >> i have been briefed. we don't know where we are. i want to reiterate -- americans should not be going to ukraine. >> reporter: but hundreds already have, according to conservative estimates. last month, abc news interviewed those of the foreign liege, at least 20 in this unit were american. >> really we just wanted to help the ukrainian people. we believe that their fight is a just fight, and we wanted to be here and support them. >> let's get right to james longman with us again tonight from dnipro. james, these captured americans and of course the question tonight, what if any protections they have. are they considered prisoner of war here? do we know anything on that front yet? >> david, the main issue here is that they're being held by russian-backed separatists in the east rather than by moscow itself, which giving the kremlin a certain degree of deniability. they don't record them aspiriner of war.
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they regard them as mercenaries. >> we're thinking about the families again. james longman leading us off from ukraine again tonight. james, thank you. back home to the severe storms expected across several states in the east. thousands of flights canceled in the last 48 hours because of weather. the southeast in the bull's-eye again tonight. 30 mlg 30 million americans on alert. a high water rescue from a flooded suv in columbia, south carolina. and the images from boston tonight. planes waiting for gates upon arrival. more than 200 flights delayed or canceled at logan airport alone. now the dangerous heat wave building yet again, a second one already. rob marciano tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. as we've seen all we can, that dangerous heat is feeding some of these tomorrows.d in d.c osng the rolinas, watch up geor. theto goingeyl meownr t nt
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it's kind of four's day tlk, relief east of the mississippi. 98 degrees expect in the dallas. 101 in north plat. here we go again. chicago, atlanta, raleigh, temperatures close to or over 100 degrees for another dangerous heat wave coming. david? >> rob marciano with us tonight. rob, thank you. we turn to the other news this friday night, and a deadly shooting at an alabama church. a gunman opening fire at a pot luck dinner fatally killing two people. we learned a third person died now as well. police called to the scene of an active shooter. a hero in the church pinning the gunman down until police arrived. the latest safe space struck by gun violence. tonight, the suspect, a 70-year-old man who had been seen at the church before. elwyn lopez is in alabama.
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>> reporter: tonight, authorities charging a 70-year-old man with capital murder, accused of killing three people inside of a church. >> have an active shooter situation. much. >> reporter: late today, robert fi findlay smith shown in this mug shot opened fire during a pot luck dinner thursday. >> he produced a handgun and began shooting, striking three victims. >> reporter: the founder of that church saying his wife spotted the suspect there more than once. >> my wife says that he looked like he didn't take very good care of himself and he had a hard time communicating with people. >> reporter: police crediting another attendee with stopping the shooting, taking the gunman down and pinning him until officers arrived. >> it was extremely critical in saving lives, the person that subdued the suspect, in my opinion, is a hero. >> reporter: officials identifying the victims at 75-year-old sarah yeager, 86-year-old jane pounds, and
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84-year-old walter bart rainy. >> one of the kindest people you could imagine. if you wanted to pick out somebody that you love being with, it would be bart rainy. >> reporter: david, police say they believe the gunman acted alone, and there are currently no threats to the community. officials have not released a motive. i spoke to the founder of the church a few moments ago, and he said this will become a place of peace once again. david? >> elwyn lopez in alabama, thank you. we turn now to the pandemic tonight, and this evening they cleared the vaccines for those under 5 years old. state have preordered the youyo youngest of children except florida. how will parents there get their kids vaccinated? also, tonight, long covid and the symptoms you meal after you have it. particularly with the omicron variant, what researchers have
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found. steve osunsami at the cdc in georgia. >> reporter: drug makers are shipping millions of doses of vaccine for the youngest in america around the country. >> whatever your provider, pediatrician has, that's what i would give my child. >> reporter: children under 5 could start gietting them on tuesday. those in there's will have to wait. it's the only state that didn't order vaccines ahead of time. >> it's infuriating. it's making it difficult for kids that want to get their children under 5 vaccinated difficult. >> reporter: state officials are disagreeing with scientists at the cdc and fda, saying they don't support giving the vaccine to healthy children under the age of 17. >> doctors can get it, hospitals can get it, but there's not going to be any state programs that are trying to get covid jabs to infants and toddlers. >> we need to make vaccine
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access as easy as possible for providers and parents, and that just isn't happening in florida right now. >> steve osunsami with us tonight from the cdc. steve, we await these shots likely first thing next week for the younger of children across this country. in he meantime tonight, so much attention on long covid in this country. we know there's new research out among covid, particularly involving the omicron variant. >> reporter: that's right, there are ongoing concerns of course about the long haul, long-term effects, and this new study has some interesting findings. it finds people who got sick with the omicron variant of the coronavirus were less likely to suffer these long-term, long haul problems, and that's likely because the omicron variant caused milder symptoms. david? >> steve osunsami from atlanta tonight. thank you as always. next here this evening, 24 hours after the january 6th committee revealed that former president trump was told that what he wanted mike pence to do
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on january 6th was illegal. tonight the former president going after pence again. here's our chief washington correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: after three hearings documenting the horrors of january 6th, the attacks on officers, threats against mike pence's life, and 24 hours after the january 6th committee showed that donald trump was told what he was asking of his vice president was illegal, trump today denied the undeniable facts, saying only, a, quote, small number of people went to the capitol that day, and many did nothing wrong. >> it was a simple protest. it got out of hand. >> reporter: the january 6th committee showed just how close the mob calling for pence's execution got to the vice president. at one point, just 40 feet away. today, trump attacked pence once again. >> mike pence had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be, frankly,
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historic, but mike did not have to courage to act. >> reporter: trump's own advisers have testified that they told him what he wanted pence to do was illegal. today he repeated lies about the election that his former attorney general said he told him were just not true. >> i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and put out this stuff, which i told the president was [ bleep ]. >> reporter: as for those being prosecuted for the attack, trump said he might pardon them if he becomes president again. all this come after the warning from respected conservative legal scholar and retired judge michael luttig. >> that still donald trump and his allies and supporters -- are a clear and present danger to american democracy.
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>> that warning of a clear and present danger. jon karl with us from washington again tonight. jon, i know the justice department has been calling on the january 6th committee to turn over the transcripts of its interviews with these key witnesses, and tonight you've learned that could happen as soon as next month. >> reporter: the chairman of the january 6th select committee benny thompson said he'll not turn the transcripts over until their hearings are over. david, the hearings are scheduled to be completed by the end of this month. i am told that shortly after the hearings wrap up they will likely turn the transcripts over. in other words, as early as july. >> all right, jon karl who's been with us all week long on this. appreciate it. we turn to the economy and news on mortgages across this country them comes after a tough week already, the massive interest rate hike aimed at taming historic inflation. just days after the fed raised those rates the, news on mortgages, the impact, and some brokers tonight who hope there
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might be a key silver lining in all of this for some who have been looking to buy a home for some time now. victor oquendo from florida with the explanation. >> reporter: tonight, after the biggest weekly jump in mortgage rates since 1987 and home prices at record highs, an already tough year for home buyers just got tougher. >> the average monthly payment for a mortgage has gone up 40% since the end of last year. and that's accounting for both rising interest rates and rising home prices. >> reporter: federal reserve chairman jerome powell announcing the biggest rate hike in decades, hoping the move will stabilize home prices. >> if you're a home buyer or a young person looking to buy a home, you need a bit of a reset. we need to get back to a place where supply and demand are back together. >> reporter: but here in south florida, one of the hottest real estate areas in the country, helping some of the 12 million
3:46 pm
prospective home buyers that are priced out of the market, many of them first timers. >> it will be a factor. it will start to slow it down a little bit, but honestly we need a little more normalcy in our market. so, the interest rates will just add to more normalization of the market. >> so you're kind of in favor of what's happening now. >> it's been too crazy. properties go on the market, go right away. now we're starting to see a slowdown where the average buyer can get into the market, and it's not a bidding war. >> reporter: experts we spoke with say that these mortgage rates could stay high until 2024, but warn it's difficult to make those projections. bottom line, the red hot housing market we've seen for the last decade finally showing signs of slowing down. >> let's hope there is a silver record. we'll see. victor, thank you. overseas, two more headlines. one from moscow, a court there sentencing american teacher mark
3:47 pm
foeg toll 14 years in prison accuse him of large scale cannabis smuggling. he was detained at the moscow airport. authorities claim they found marijuana and hash oil in his luggage. he said it was prescribed by a doctor. those are the same charges that wn superstar brittney griner faces. she was detain in the february. julian assange is one step closer to being extradited to the united states. the uk approving the request he be sent here to face spying charges. his lawyer says he will appeal. when we come here on this friday night, the couple kidnap in the colorado. later the surprise on stage with paul mccartney. why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hi mskinnome. e le to dupixent. with clearer skin and less itch.
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is getting ready to celebrate a major milestone. he turns 80 tomorrow. last night in new jersey, the sellout crowd got quite a surprise when he was join by the boss, bruce springsteen. ♪ ♪ goryglory days ♪ >> wish i was there. the country prepares to mark the juneteenth national holiday, a note about a special here on abc tonight. you'll remember president biden signing the juneteenth holiday act into law. this evening tune in nor a joyful event. soul of a nation presenting "sound of freedom". that's later tonight right here. when we come back here, let's honor or dads. let's go fishes.
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( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) heartwarming scenes on this night. the athletes, wildly
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finally tonight here, the dad stepping in to take the children fishing. "america strong." >> reporter: tonight here, william dun from lakeland, florida, a father with two children and two grandchildren as well and what he now does for so many other children as well. he grew up fishing with his dad, took his own children along the way, and now tries to take as many children fishing as possible. particularly those who don't have a father figure to take them. many of the children had never been fishing before. >> sand perch. good job, buddy. >> reporter: holding the fishing pole, the big catch. >> that's it right there, buddy. claim your prize. >> reporter: william creating a nonprovgt take a kid fishing inc. 2,500 children have now gone fishing with him and his team of
3:58 pm
volunteers. right here tonight, william and his message. >> i just want to let y'all know i'm here for your needs if you ever need anything. if you need somebody to talk to, lean on or just discuss problems. i'm here for you guys. >> reporter: william was there for his children and now his grandchildren. also there for so many other children out there, too, and always ready to ask that question, what did you catch? >> what'd y'all catch? let me see them. >> we got a caught! >> y'all having fun? >> yeah! >> love this. celebrate william in all dads and step dads out there. william, let us know if you catch anything gout out there. from all of us here, happy father's day. good night. building a better baa
3:59 pm
moving forward findingbetter baa solutions. this is abc 7 news. 8 seasons the nba champion warriors are on their way home from boston right now and san francisco is preparing a huge victory party on monday. we are truly truly excited and looking forward to what we know is going to be an amazing day in san francisco. oh, yeah, monday is gonna be fun. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beale and i'm kristen z. we have team coverage on the warriors parade cornell bernard and the details about monday's parade cornell the mayor just made a big change. yeah, she did. we'll talk about that in just a second, but you guys it's gonna be a big big parade. we were at the foot of market street. this is where it all begins monday at 11:20. am that's when the warriors will
4:00 pm
celebrate their nba victory for the parade that will stretch for blocks and blocks dubination will be out in forest. and if you're coming out you might want to leave your car at home. go try to get the warriors championship hats maybe some loony shirts play tops and shirts anything like, you know championship wise for the team trying to figure it out first. gotta have the gear the warriors team shop at thrive city was crazy busy friday selling all things dubs. just ours after the team was crowned the champs. so happy we were the obvious question for dub nation now is are you going to the parade for thousands of fans? the answer is yes, monday's warriors. victory parade in san francisco will start at the foot of market street and end at 8th street warriors coaches. and staff will travel the same route other champs have made through the years like the giants in 2014 and the 49ers back in 1981. mayor, london bree tweeted her excitement for the team saying now