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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  June 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> is nice to bring larry back home where he belongs. we will be back. zach: a celebration. the champions are back in the bay area after a long trip back from boston with hard-earned hardware to mark the return to the basketball world. good morning, saturday, june 18. we will have a lot more on monday's championship parade in a few minutes but we want to give you a quick look at the weather so here is frances dinglasan. frances: good morning. it is already a great start -- start looking south to san francisco. a few clouds in the sky with coastal clouds and we will see more sunshine with temperature in the 60's.
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bright skies by noon inland areas will already be in the 70's and it will be breezy and mild throughout the day with temperatures warmer inland and in the mid-70's by 4:00. at the beach it is cool in the upper 50's. the sun sets at 854 and tomorrow is warm for father's day and i will let you know about the championship parade forecast as well as triple digit heat coming up. kumasi: new development -- zach: new development, the advisory panel is set to weigh in on covid shots for kids, if the panel recommends the vaccine the final step is a recommendation from rochelle walensky coming after the fda authorized moderna and pfizer vaccines. we have the latest. >> this morning the cdc could give its long-awaited recommendation for children six months to five years to get vaccinated. the fda granting authorization
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friday. >> parents, caregivers, and health care providers can trust that these vaccines have been authorized with safety at the forefront. >> all states with the exception of florida pre-ordering the vaccine. officials have been at odds with the cdc's public health experts in the fda saying they do not approve of the covid shot for healthy children under 17 years old. >> doctors and hospitals can get it but there will not be any state programs that are going to be trying to get covid jabs to infants and toddlers. >> many in the medical community feeling frustrated. >> to have this to -- sort of stance from the governor and surgeon general is totally crazy. >> doses to florida will be delayed. other states prepared to get the immunizations started after the long weekend. many parents are eager. >> i want to keep them safe from severe covid, hospitalization,
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so i will be first in line. >> a pole conduct -- poll conducted back in april saying that just 18% of parents say that they will vaccinate them against covid-19 right away once eligible. >> my child already had covid and i know his immune system has antibody response. >> the fda and cdc saying recovering from covid might only offer a limited amount of protection for a limited time. vaccines increase the level of protection and that is why they are recommended. it is not just some parents hesitating getting -- getting their kids vaccinated. 10% of eligible people over 18 have not gotten their first shot. zach: we are keeping you updated on an attack at san francisco international airport that happen friday afternoon. a man with an edged weapon attacked three men in the international terminal around 6:00. the suspect was arrested and the
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three victims were treated and released. officials say there is no impact to operators and no word on a motive for the attack. it has been 28 years since jenny lynn was murdered in her home and the family continues to search for the killer with the rewards doubling to $200,000. the castro valley community joined the family for an annual vigil but this year there might be a break in the case. >> for 28 years the search continues for jenny lynn's killer. >> we asked ourselves if this is what jenny would want us to do and this is what keeps us going. >> each year that he continue to lead the vigil for their daughter. 1994, the then 14-year-old was murdered in their house. her father found her dead body in the bathroom but nobody found the killer. >> we are still pretty frustrated that after all of these years the case is still
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not solved. however, we are encouraged. >> encouraged because new technology might lead to a breakthrough. >> technology, techniques, and tactics in regards to do -- to what we do with 70 -- evidence recovery. >> sebastian shaw was once considered the prime suspect will but -- but was ruled out any died in prison last year serving three life sentences for murder. the sheriff says all of the evidence has been re-examined with new dna technology that allows them to extract new cells and has given them new leads. >> we had a couple of possibilities that we are holding close to our vest. we want to make sure we do not disclose too much to potential suspects. >> it has been hard for -- as a mother all over all of these years but this is a parent's commitment to justice and their daughter. >> it is very hard. you know, but we learn how to
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manage it. you know? we know that it is sad, but we also know that we need to find justice. zach: families of victims in can -- and concerned community members are rallying in uvalde, texas. the rally is supposed to start at noon local time and we will see video soon of the memorial at the town square but remember all of this comes a month after the shooting at robb elementary that took the lives of 19 students and two teachers when a gunman opened fire inside of a classroom. the house select committee investigating the january 6 the attack on the capital will hold its next hearing on tuesday. zoe lofgren is on the committee and she identified what to expect. the georgia secretary of state and his deputy are expected to testify. >> the next hearing will go through the efforts that the
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president made to pressure officials in states, including georgia but not just georgia to overthrow the results of the election. >> not everything has been out in the public so far. zach: friday former president trump called the committee "con artists" and they are taking depositions out of contest. the tenderloin center in san francisco will close at the end of the year. officials decided to not funding -- do not add funding for the center. it opened as part of the mayor's state of emergency initiatives. phil matier says the since -- the center has been in between a success and failure. phil: rent is $75,000 a month but in order to keep it operating it is well over $1 million a month. what are we getting? about 49,000 visits to the center by various people, 900
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people were put into shelter as a result of the visits. 53 went into drug treatment and 150 went into permanent housing. zach: visitors can receive basic services at the city has been criticized for allowing drug use. let us talk about the warriors, we cannot get enough of their success. they shot video as players got off the plane at san francisco international airport. draymond green led the way with the larry o'brien trophy. tim johns was at sfo for the arrival. tim: sounds of excitement and jubilation. friday night the warriors touched down at san francisco international airport less than 24 hours after wrapping up their seventh championship in boston. as the team departed their plane, many saying how excited
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they were to be back home. steph curry saying that the win feeling as sweet as ever. >> it is nice to bring larry back home where he belongs. justin: it is the fourth title -- tim: it is the fourth title in the past eight years, one that steve kerr has not hit him yet. >> you just sort of looking around at each other like man, we just won the championship. tim: he says his team was determined to get the job done again. not just for themselves, but for the fans. it has electrified the city with fans pouring into the streets thursday night to celebrate. it is a mood that the san francisco mayor says she hopes to keep going until monday when the bay area will come out again for the champion's parade. >> to see it happen in san francisco for the first time ever is unreal. tim: in san francisco, abc 7 news. zach: here is the championship
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parade route which was extended a couple blocks on friday starting monday morning at 11:20 and it will head up market street and end at eight. if you cannot go you can watch it right here on abc 7. our live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. through the parade route and you can find everything you need to know by going to one of the big things want to know for that day is how the weather will be shaping up for us. i have heard that we might not need to have jackets. frances: it will be a rare day in san francisco where we will not have too much fog on monday. in fact we are not seeing too much cloud cover this morning. a bright and breezy day with temperatures on the cool side. but we have a big warm up and i will tell you about that. zach: also, think of it as a rumba for the beach. a look at the technology rolling out to clean up the beaches around lake tahoe. numerous doomed -- juneteenth celebrations for the bay area.
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historian about the significance of the holiday and the role that san francisco has played. luz: over 100 years ago before silicon valley was known for correct -- for connecting the world. >> a rally for civil rights coming by bus and train. luz: it was influential in the abolitionist movement. >> san francisco was the western hub of the underground railroad. and their role was to raise the money. so the money for the raid on harpers ferry which was the precipitating event for the civil war came from san francisco. luz: john templeton is the historian a black san francisco, and african-american history through the west. on the second year of juneteenth becoming a federal holiday we sat down with him to speak about its meaning. >> it is the end of the civil war as a result of the courage and bravery of 209,000, -- 2901 hundred 45 troops of african defendant -- dissent. 25,000 was brought into texas
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beginning in 1863 and they were the ones who had the honor who had -- to have the last confederate state to surrender. luz: this is san francisco's 72nd year celebrating juneteenth. the festival is the largest gathering of african-americans in northern california. >> san francisco was the first place outside of texas to recognize it. luz: tiffany corridor was the founder of lack wall street. she grew up going to the juneteenth southern -- celebration. after the festival went virtual, she decided to start a festival in her neighborhood. >> it was important for me because i grew up in my family's house and there was time for the next generation to kind of put their stamp on juneteenth. luz: now there will be two stages and more celebration. the festival on fillmore street will go back to this with music,
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food, and entertainment and the one at gilman park will celebrate its third year. >> fell out san francisco as much as we can. luz: regardless, john wants people to understand the significance and to know the role that san francisco played over a century ago, and today. what is it about juneteenth that people get wrong? >> african-americans not only ended slavery, they kept the nation together. juneteenth decided that we were one country. luz: in san francisco abc 7 news. zach: oakland has a bond of juneteenth celebrations going on. the summertime night series took over the park for a festival and movie night and a pretty big crowd turned out there and there were multiple events on friday through the city and much more planned throughout the weekend. remember since juneteenth's calls on a sunday the federal
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holiday will be on monday meaning that government offices in the stock market will be closed. most banks will be closed and they will not be postal delivery. school is out for the summer in san francisco let plans for a new school is moving forward. the campus will be the first and only school in the mission bay neighborhood that does not need it. leanne explains the justification for adding another school. leanne: this is the empty lot where the mission bay school will be housed and the land will be transferred to the san francisco unified school district in august, a gift made by ucf -- ucsf. it will open fall 2025, meaning that enzo will most likely be going into transitional kindergarten. >> i think it is great news, and he is the future here. so to building a stronger community in the mission bay. leanne: the deal has been in the works for years.
9:18 am
in 2016 abc 7 was there when the school district announced that it would ask voters to fund it through a bond measure which eventually passed by 80%. matt is now in assemblyman but he was a school board member back then. >> over the next five years we estimate that there will be 1400 new students from mr. -- from mission bay alone. leanne: i know many of you thinking that was 2016, isn't the school district now experiencing a decline in its enrollment, yes, citywide, families have moved out, but mission bay is one of those neighborhoods that continues to grow. >> if we look at where the density of kids are and where they are going to be it is mission bay, the eastern neighborhoods, the southeast. leanne: right now families who live in the neighborhood are two miles away from daniel webster elementary and bessie carmichael. so there is the convenience
9:19 am
factor. on the other hand the school district assured us that by opening a school in mission bay, those other two schools will not lose students. that is because as of today, families and mission bay and asked to enroll in any school in the city. but once the district moves to a zone based system, they can only select those in close proximity. >> the schools closest will be the new mission bay school, bessie carmichael and daniel webster. in san francisco, abc 7 news. zach: this is neat. a remote-controlled robot is helping clean up the beaches around lake tahoe. b bot sifts through sand to find pieces of trash. they can go through 3000 meters of sand in an hour. environmentalists are measuring how much trash it can keep out of the water. oakland is trying to impact the
9:20 am
limit of the -- of illegal fireworks and an effort is underway to curb use in neighborhoods and prevent wildfires. the oakland fire department set up collection barrels at step -- at several stations including station one on martin luther king jr. way, 14th street, international boulevard and 34th street. so we are already talking about fourth of july weekend and the official start of summer is upon us. frances dinglasan is here to tell us all about it. frances: things will change today, it is warming up and it will be a gorgeous weekend. as zach mentioned summer starts and that is when temperatures sizzle. here is live doppler 7 and the satellite radar image. it is clear and quiet with a few low clouds and that is about it. check out this view from emeryville towards a golden gate bridge. most temperatures in the 50's and 60's.
9:21 am
oakland, 59. mt. view 64. san jose 61. half moon bay cooler and 55 degrees. this time we are looking out west towards the bay bridge and san francisco in the disc -- in the distance and you can see coastal clouds. santa rosa 59. we also have fairfield at 64 and near 60 in concorde and livermore. the wind is starting to pick up already but not too bad. gusting up to 18 miles an hour. 16, san francisco. they will increase through the afternoon and late afternoon into the evening is when we see the strongest sea breeze and the cool sea breeze is what will keep temperatures slightly below average. here is a look from downtown looking south. here is the bay bridge, lots of blue skies, bright and breezy why -- which is why the temperature is cooler than average. it will be warmer compared to
9:22 am
yesterday. tomorrow, sunny and warm for father's day and juneteenth. and then get ready, triple digits in land tuesday -- inland tuesday and wednesday. so today, the highs range from upper 50's to upper 70's. because of breezy conditions half moon bay warming up to 69. oakland, 69 and san jose 72. santa rosa 79 -- 77 and fairfield at 79. clear conditions overnight so north bay valleys into the mid-40's and we wake up to low 50's around the bay area. half moon bay upper 40's and santa cruz. here's a look at the week ahead in san francisco. a lot of folks are getting ready to celebrate the championship parade. we are slightly below the average of 67. we warm up from monday, plenty of sunshine with a high of 73
9:23 am
and then look at tuesday, well above average before things taper off for the end of the week. if you are heading to the parade you will not need a jacket. sunshine all day long and temperatures will be climbing above 70 degrees at 11:00. until 3:00 in the afternoon and then tuesday, lots of triple digits, a little bit milder and comfortable on wednesday and then triple digits out there. there is a look at the seven day forecast. bright and breezy today, tomorrow even warmer for the holiday and a lot of folks have monday off. if you are heading to the parade bring sunscreen and sunglasses and then the summer sizzle is on with triple digits tuesday into wednesday and then a little bit more moderate i the end of the week but we have lots of activities ahead this weekend and next weekend with pride weekend. zach: a busy summer and we love this point that we are in coming out of pandemic. this is great even if it comes
9:24 am
with a little bit of heat. thank you. just ahead from thousands of miles away, a tech company making a difference in the war in ukraine.
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zach: president biden committed another $1 billion to postal -- to bolster ukraine's military and now a bay area tech company is working to provide modern era technology to beef up the defense against missiles. david lui has details on how private companies help to save civilian lives. david: the constant russian michelin tax do not have -- do not allow everyone to feel safe. >> we are driving from shelter to shelter as soon as we hear an alarm. david: the company that he works for, just answer, is stepping up, investing along with other partners to beef up ukraine's
9:27 am
air defenses. codename sky project it is helping the ukraine military to upgrade technology that will cost millions of dollars. >> they have computers, networking equipment and software i'll -- and software that is old and slow and we are trying to help them upgrade. david: russia has been striking ukraine from ships in the black sea, old technology makes it difficult to match the advanced capabilities. >> some of them are flying very low, and it is hard to hit them. some of them can just change their trajectory during the flight. and, of course we need to collect all of this data. david: ukraine could use a system similar to the iron goal -- i am dumb which shielded citizens from the death and destruction that ukraine suffered. >> people are going about life as it is nothing is happening
9:28 am
and missiles are coming in and they do not worry about it. that is what we are trying to help put in ukraine. david: that will take time and money along with international tech support. >> speed and experience matters and we bring the most sophisticated technology mines to the problem. zach: still to come, hate crime charges, new developments on last month's deadly church shooting in orange county. the controversy surrounding efforts to release london breed's brother from prison are brought to life.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. zach: we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather and nice temperatures while we still have them. here is our meteorologist. frances: enjoy the mild weather
9:31 am
because triple digit heat is coming our way. here is a live look from sutro towards san francisco downtown with your day planner. 9:00 most temperatures are in the 50's and 60's but lots of bright skies by the afternoon. it will be breezy and windy why temperatures are on the mild side. mid-70's around the bay and upper 60's at the coast. sunsets at 8:34 and get ready for a warmer day for juneteenth and then a bigger warm-up next week. zach: thank you. now to the war in ukraine, there is word of a third american missing as a country moves one step closer to joining the european union. we have the latest. brit: another american confirmed missing in ukraine by his family. grady, a retired marine captain. >> i would follow that man anywhere. brit: he is one of three
9:32 am
american volunteers that went missing in the past week. this video from the state controlled media in russia shows the other two americans, alexander and andy being held captive. this as a kremlin denies any knowledge of the americans whereabouts. andy was recorded delivering a pro-russian propaganda message presumably forced into doing so. abc news will not air the content of the message. rt says a video was recorded a couple of days ago at a detention center in the donbas region. >> i am alive, and i hope to be up back home as soon as i can. brit: a spokesperson acknowledging the videos saying that they are in contact with ukrainian authorities. despite being held captive, alexander's and says that she is happy seeing her nephew on video. >> we are excited to have confirmation he is alive. brit: president biden is aware but also making clear that no
9:33 am
american should go to ukraine. pres. biden: i have been briefed, we do not know where they are but let me reiterate, american should not be going to ukraine. brit: heavy russian shelling in an eastern city killing civilians and cutting off a key highway. this family managing to escape the city. let me putin shrugging off signs that -- vladimir putin shrugging off signs that ukraine is going to join the european union. zach: to new developments with last month's deadly church shooting. the gunman has been charged with hate crimes. david intentionally killed the victim because he was taiwanese. he is already facing a slew of other charges. investigators found notes in his car that indicated a hatred of the taiwanese people. in the south bay, valley transportation authority employee was arrested over accusations that he threatened gun violence.
9:34 am
another employee called the sheriff's office to report the threats. remember this comes a year after he described -- a disgruntled vta employee shot and killed nine coworkers. the crime happened more than 20 years ago and now san francisco mayor london breed wants her brother out early. he is serving a long prison sentence for murder, robbery, and carjacking. he has a resentencing hearing. dan has been looking into the case and the controversy. dan: london breed's brother, natoli and brown has served half -- napoleon brown has served half of his sentence and his attorney believes that brown should be released because the law changed in 2019. >> the basic point is that he does not meet the definition of murder anymore because you have to show reckless indifference to life, reckless indifference to life is typically explained as firing a gun into a crowd.
9:35 am
dan: here is what happened just after midnight, napoleon brown and an accomplished robbed a restaurant. they crowded four workers into a basement and took $7,200 on the safe. >> the manager got a bump on his head when one of the suspects hit him. dan: an undercover account cash cop saw them get into a ford escort. the officer followed as they sped onto the golden gate but they stopped on the bridge in the middle buffer lane, the driver's door open. he fell from the car and a drunk driver ran over her. >> the victim who was struck on the bridge, perhaps was thrown from the vehicle. we have a strong suspicion that it was intentional. >> that she was pushed. dan: on the bridge she was able to tell police sp threw me out of the car. she died at the hospital. napoleon brown admitted that sb
9:36 am
is his nickname. hours after the robbery, london breed gave police an alibi for her brother. court records show that breed told police that when she arrived at her grandmother's house around midnight, the defendant was asleep on the couch. but, as part of a plea deal, round admitted being there. -- brown admitted being there. i.e. mailed her asking if she stands by the alibi and the answer "in regards to the investigations he stands by her participation and involvement in the investigation." the mayor declined my request for an interview and i wanted to ask about the letter that she wrote to governor brown in 2018 asking to commute her brother's sentence. or that the ethics commission fined her $2500 saying that she violated a city law prohibiting the use of city titles for non-city purposes. her staff says that mayor has
9:37 am
not had any communication with the district attorney's office or anyone else about the current resentencing process. for that hearing, napoleon brown's attorney explained that the new laws are only part of the equation. >> the judge can consider his behavior in prison, which is mixed because he has had addiction issues, he participated in a lot of programs in prison. they were positive, so it is a mixed bag. dan: i also spoke to the victim, her mother. she does not want napoleon brown to get out of prison early and will say that at the hearing. zach: remember, if you have a story for the iteam go to or call 1-888-40-iteam. gas prices went down just a smidge. the highest gas prices are at
9:38 am
$6.63. the cheapest, solano, averaging $6.40. happening tomorrow caltrans will shut down a portion of highway 101 and that closure will affect northbound lanes between the east hillsdale boulevard and highway 92 exits. crews will be replacing an overhead sign and that closure will be from 1:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. -- a.m.. the official portraits are going on display and starting today you can see them up close. we will let you know where. let us take you to a live look right now. this is from santa cruz this morning. it is a great place, so many people call home. that is gorgeous. we call this a weekend destination with great temperatures and it definitely will be that. rance is will have your forecast in a few minutes.
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zach: welcome back. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, what a beautiful look at the morning. there is so much to do this weekend. corgi con is returning to ocean beach after a three year hiatus. it is the wagapoalaooza. many will be participating in costume contests, races and more. >> we have a very close knit corgi owner group and we really wanted this opportunity for corgi lovers all over the globe to come together. zach: it starts at 10:00 a.m. and last until 2:00 p.m. and is free for all and location is everything. they are in a good spot. frances: there will be sunshine this afternoon and looking at
9:42 am
this life you you think it is a day that we will warm up, but not quite. the sea breeze will pick up but temperatures are warmer compared to yesterday. the real warm up comes next week and i will have that. zach: we will see you shortly. but warriors return home on top of the nba. steph curry and draymond green might lead the league in something else.
9:43 am
9:44 am
zach: we are taking a live look from the roof camera over at the bay bridge and it is a gorgeous day that will heat up a little bit later and we will talk with frances about that later. but in sports the stanford baseball team will play their opening game in nebraska. they face off at charles schwab field. you can watch the game on espn. also the giants will try to win
9:45 am
their second straight game in pittsburgh. the first pitch is at 5:00. the a's will try to bounce back against the royal starting at 1:07. the warriors are back home repairing to celebrate on monday. here is larry beil with more in this morning frances:'s -- morning's boards. larry: steph curry says that he king but draymond green was spotted wearing a celtics t-shirt. they arrived back home with the fourth -- with a fourth title, a championship that was very unlikely because i had so many injuries trying to blend veterans with free agents. curry says that he saw and heard everything that -- like the
9:46 am
critics who said that they would win nothing. >> i clearly remember experts and talking heads putting up the big zero, i mean championships that we would have going forward because of everything that we went through, and to get here it all comes out. >> there was one player that tweeted the number that they beat us in the previous season and i cannot wait to retreat -- retweet this thing. i had to watch this like this freaking clown, ok. larry: that was jaren jackson jr.. giants have a 1-0 need -- lead. luis gonzalez almost into the allegheny river. fourth inning. jock pride of palo alto, well into the seats. and she has a souvenir. carlos, eight strong, and just two hits struck out. gonzalez, a sliding catch.
9:47 am
they have won six out of seven. and the the a's. also celebrating pride night. they were down 2-0. a manufactured run scoring on a wild pitch that got away. the next inning, perez makes up for that blasting his tent off of frankie. he had no luck at all, they do not score a lot for anybody right now. they lost 5-1 and struck out 16 times. 2-14. golf, second round of the u.s. open. a busy week of sports. column looking for his --callum looking for his first major four. john rob and roy just one stroke behind as they had to the weekend. that is a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend. zach: what a weekend we have in store, let us get a check of the forecast with frances dinglasan.
9:48 am
frances: quiet on live doppler 7 without much cloud cover, and it will be a gorgeous day. from emeryville, lots of blue already with some coastal clouds and temperatures in the 50's and 60's. san francisco at 55. oaklands, 59. mt. view in the mid 60's. this time from the east bay hills, looking out towards the bay bridge, san francisco and part of the peninsula. other temperatures are more than the 50's and 60's. petaluma, 62, and fairfield, 60 four degrees with livermore 59. the wind is picking up a little bit and we are getting breezy. novato and san francisco near 60 miles an hour or 18 mile an hour. half moon bay, 50 miles an hour. this afternoon the sea breeze picks up and that is why temperatures are going to be on the cooler side. the wind gusting to near 30
9:49 am
miles an hour but around -- by around 4:00 and 5:00 and this is another pretty view looking south towards san francisco, right and breezy with other temperatures cooler than average and warmer compared to yesterday and then tomorrow, more sunshine and warmer weather for father's day and juneteenth. and then it is going to feel very hot, triple digit heat inland tuesday and wednesday. today the highs range from upper 50's near the beach is like half moon bay because of the wind. san francisco, 65. 70's in santa rosa and napa. oakland and fremont will be comfortable with mid 70's for inland areas like concord and anello russian antioch. santa cruz will be gorgeous at 71. temperatures in the low 50's overnight and in the north bay valleys will drop to the mid-40's. some cloud cover, but things are
9:50 am
changing on monday. we will see high pressure build, and if you are heading to the championship parade it will be warmer than 65. look for low 70's. tuesday is when it will be sweltering, lots of triple digits for the inland areas all the way from ukiah down to livermore. wednesday we hang onto the heat but not as hot. that will be a relief for the inland area. here is the seven-day forecast. today is bright and breezy with mild temperatures in the upper 50's to upper 70's and then warmer for juneteenth and father's day, and then a lot of folks have monday off for the holiday if you are heading to the championship game make sure that you stay hydrated. things heat up into the mid-90's. the summer starts with a lot of sizzle on tuesday. 102 will be one of our warmest spots around the bay. look for low 90's and it will be
9:51 am
a great day to head to the beach. the coast will be low 70's and warm to hot on wednesday with plenty of sunshine. the fog finally rolls in and cools things down by the end of the week as temperatures moderate by the end of the week and then into pride weekend with lots of events going on. enjoy the mild weather because it will not last very long. zach: we will do just that. well happening today thousands of bay area visitors will enjoy an intimate visit with michelle and barack obama. their official portraits are going on display as part of an exhibit. here is dan ashley with a preview. dan a.: the energy of barack and michelle obama was in the room and on the walls. the official portraits commissioned by the national portrait gallery are as historically groundbreaking as the presidency itself. rather than a formal setting, he
9:52 am
is profiled against a sea of jasmine. the tom campbell sees it as a deliberate departure. >> if you walk through the national portrait gallery, galleries of the presidential portraits, you see that for generations they are portrayed in their office as looking powerful, doing presidential things. dan a.: the portraits are the work of an african-american -- two african-american office -- artists, each had individual sittings. michelle obama is depicted in a flowing white dress and a modernist field. >> you exist in our minds and hearts in the way that you do because we can see ourselves in you. dan a.: the exhibit is placed directly apart -- across from the gallery that depicts enslaves african-americans and also formal portraits from the colonial era.
9:53 am
they are hoping the combined experience highlights the historic uniqueness of the presidential portraits in the obama presidency itself. >> i am proud that we can bring these portraits to the museum and to san francisco and share them with the audiences in the bay area. these are groundbreaking portraits in so many ways. zach: that was dan ashley reporting. they will offer several free admission event sponsored by google and private donors. visitors are encouraged to go to the website for details on how to secure tickets. next, the alameda county fair returns after a two year hiatus. the special events planned for this year.
9:54 am
(brad) hey, you know what i say to all the other titans of tech who are making such a fuss over finally launching themselves into space? welcome to the club. i've been putting people into spaces for years. millions of people into millions of spaces. and that must be why is the center of the rental universe. tippy tippy toe. tippy tippy toe. that's a big turkey! wait a minute. wait a minute. there's one going up now! how many of these guys are there? apartments-dot-com. the place to find a place.
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zach: welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's $273 million drawing.
9:56 am
20,20, 36, 53, 56, and the megamillion number, 16. so tuesday night's jackpot increases to $290 million. visitors to the conservatory of flowers were able to check out the rare bloom of the corpse flower. lots of people came around to see, smell, and experience the funky flower. it emits a fowls well -- foul smell similar to rotting flesh, sorry if you are waking up to that. the plan can go years between blooms. 20/20 was the last time one bloomed between the conservatory of flowers. it has been two long years but the alameda county fair is back for summer, food, and carnival rides. some other highlights include nathan's famous hot dog crate -- hot dog eating contest regional qualifier and then the john madden memorial bus. it runs through july 10. let us get a final check of the
9:57 am
forecast. frances: if you are heading to the fair it will be in the low 70's this afternoon. some upper 50's at the beaches around the bay, really comfortable upper 60's and then low to mid 70's for some of the inland location. here is the forecast, bright and breezy. monday looks to be gorgeous, warmer and then summer starts on tuesday with triple digit heat inland. zach: thank you, and thank you for joining us. we want to let you know that abc7news continues at 4:30 p.m. ahead of the game two of the stanley cup final. they lead lead the series after winning game one. the puck drops at 5:00 p.m. we hope have a great day and weekend.
9:58 am
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