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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 18, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. it was just every look like a nice slow motion. a horrific crash at a busy san francisco intersection several pedestrians are injured after an suv slams into a bus. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dionne lim. you're watching abc 7 news at 11. six people are recovering from injuries tonight after a collision involving a muni bus in san francisco at crash happened just after 11 am at lombard and fillmore streets witnesses say an suv slammed into that bus the impact of the initial crash sent the suv crashing into another car and two pedestrians were caught in between those vehicles one man was walking nearby when he saw the bus start to drive through the intersection after its light turned green.
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as it was going through the sexual about midway through the intersection the denali the white denali that was traveling westbound was going i would have estimated 80 miles an hour, but i've heard it was even faster than that, and it was a corner to corner collision very bad collision as you can see from the damage and the bus got spun around. the driver of the suv was detained by investigators of the six people taken to the hospital to are said to be in critical condition critically injured the others suffered minor to moderate injuries. to the east bay now another smash and grab robbery and walnut creek police. say a trio of men walked into the macy's at broadway plaza just before 11 this morning and started breaking the jewelry cases with hammers. they grabbed high-end watches and ran out of the store and into a waiting car. no one was hurt during the incident. two people are dead following apparent murder suicide last night in crockett. sheriffs arrived at the home on pomona street where they found the bodies of a young boy and an
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adult man. the contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating and has not released their names. this weekend the bay area is marking juneteenth the celebrations marked the end of slavery in the united states and also sometimes is referred to as emancipation day freedom or juneteenth independence day. in the east bay oakland has kicked off its weekend of juneteenth celebrations where people gathered at lake merritt for the first day of holiday festivities. here's abc 7 news reporter tim johns. the sites and sounds of oakland came alive saturday around the shores of lake merritt for the first day of june 10th celebration. this is for a day back insulins being out here celebrating all the black everything that we didn't in life dozens of people came out to exper. the culture and remember what the holiday means to them being awake aware of who you are where you come from those in attendance could eat shop and even partake in a little double
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dutch. with some a little more talented than others just the diversity here at lake merritt that you can't really get nowhere else in oakland in preparation for the event. the city is blocked off several streets around the lake and increased security. it comes on the back of a deadly shooting it last year celebr. something that people in attendance saturday say shouldn't overshadow the joy of the day. i feel a lot safer because the crowd is a little bit smaller, but it's more mellow, you know what i mean? so the bad people on their self out and then the good people are sticking around and while the festivities are just getting started many hearsay. it's a good chance to make memories with friends and family creating traditions for generations to come it me seeing all my people come together not trying to be drama pack changing our ways and dog better as a community. not just for one, but for the next generation on in oakland tim johns abc 7 news. san francisco is also throwing a party to commemorate the
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juneteenth holiday abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard was in the fillmore neighborhood where freedom was being celebrated and honored music rocked the fillmore district the center of san francisco's juneteenth freedom celebration stretching eight city blocks. happy june to america juneteenth became a national holiday in 2021 commemorating the end of slavery in america, but watkins says the history is complicated, but we all know that in, texas. didn't tell folks for two years that they were free. so yeah. it means everything to be free. but you know. we're working at by day by day. i just told my mom i made it man. i'm cooking at the jewel tea chef steve johnson was cooking up his own creation of hibachi soul food shrimp, crab and lobster. he's giving back to the neighborhood. he loves all these people. that's right. here. we grew up right here, you know most of these businesses right
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here grew up right here, you know, so it's real big for us to come out here support our own people. i'm glad that we finally celebrate this holiday san francisco police chief william scott was here thinking about the significance of juneteen. it's really special to be in this space. not only celebrating holiday, but look at the diversity of the people that are out here today, and it really speaks to this city and what how far we've come with everything that's going on in the world. we're able to celebrate our day, you know be a community come together white and black and brown kenyatta green had her own reason to celebrate juneteenth her daughter nia board 19, okay. its san francisco cornell bernard abc 7 news i don't need what a special birthday. there are a lot of events to commemorate juneteenth around the bay area for more information. just head to abc 7 keep in mind since juneteenth
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falls on a sunday. the federal holiday will be monday. that means government offices and the stock market will be closed. most banks will be closed as well and there will not be any postal delivery. moving the cdc director has signed off on pfizer and moderna vaccines for young children. it is the final step in authorization for kids as young as six months old. abc's ikejaji with when shots could be going into arms. the cdc's panel of independent advisors voting unanimously in favor of recommending both moderna and pfizer covid vaccines for kids six months and older we have more information than we often have with other vaccines anyone making an important decision about anything especially for their children. want to consider? that balance this infection kills children, and we have an opportunity to prevent that shots could go into arms early next week on friday the fda's committee of independent experts
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voted unanimously to approve emergency use authorization of both vaccines for young children. both of these vaccines have been authorized with science and safety at the forefront of our minds pfizers vaccine is a three-shot series one tenth the size of the adult dose the company's data showed. it was 80% effective in preventing symptomatic covid moderna's vaccine is two shots a quarter of the size of the adult dose early data showed. it was about 40 to 50 percent effective at preventing mild infections. i want to keep him safe from severe covid from hospitalization, but a poll conducted back in april shows just 18% of parents of children under five say they plan to get them vaccinated against covid-19 right away my child already had covid i know his immune system has antibody response the fda and cdc say recovering from covid may only offer a limited amount of protection for a limited time vaccines increase
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that protection and that's why they're recommended ikejaji abc news, washington well, the warriors are back in san francisco. they're getting ready for monday's victory parade after closing out the celtics in game 6 to win their fourth nba title in the last eight seasons. been an amazing mind blowing still crazy hasn't really sunk in yet a little bit and i really but monday are probably help. yeah, monday will be so much fun. we will hear more from the team coming up a little later in sports now here is a look at monday's parade route. it all begins at 11:20 am at market and main streets the route ends at market in eighth if you can't go no worries, you can watch it live right here on abc 7 our coverage starts at 10:00. we do have everything you need to know about our parade guide story at abc 7 well coming up exploring the great outdoors is one way to spend the summer our sky high gas prices
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putting the brakes though on travel plans and leaving local camping sites empty what we are hearing from the experts. and if you still have some vhs tapes, you might want to hang on to them a little bit longer how much a new copy of a popular 1980s movie just sold for i'm spencer christian. i'll have a look at warriors parade day weather and a scorching start to summer coming up when 7 news at 11 continues
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this glimmers of hope tonight at the pump the national average for a gallon of regular has dropped below five dollars. there is a similar trend in the bay area according to triple-a, san francisco. which is now at 6:55 dropping almost 10 cents compared to last week.
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oakland's averages $6.51 and drivers can expect to pay $6.49 in san jose. well gas prices are hitting rvers hard new data shows a majority of them will be making changes to their summer travel plans as abc 7 news reporter tara campbell discovered for the most part campers are not letting the crippling cost of gas slow them down. it's a path. koa in petaluma record high gas prices aren't keeping campers away, but they are making some adjustments. how was the cost of fuel changed? maybe the way that you're doing it this year shorter trips a recent survey by dirt a popular campsite booking app showsan 60g changes to the way they roll this. summer the most well-liked option is to stay closer to home followed by camping the same number of nights, but staying put in one location. yeah, we're actually invited to to colorado this time. decided not to instead john
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hallegrin and his wife are opting for trips like this with their grandchildren a ten mile drive from home costing. he says maybe twenty dollars in gas. how much would a trip to colorado cost you guys to do math it out. yeah, i think almost a little over $2,000 in gas with the gas crisis. we're seeing a lot more short trips. chris wood is the general manager and owner of the petaluma, koa. so we're seeing people from the san francisco bay area come out here to the country to the wine country to the coast and he says they are expecting a solid season reservation load for the rest of this month is up about seven percent over last year, and i know nationally we're about eight point six percent up going into the holiday weekend. they are seeing some cancellations from far. wipses like, texas reservations that have been canceled are now being filled with those people from a hundred mile radius people. like jason aleppo making the
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40-mile drive from fairfield with his family gas prices are a little ridiculous right now. so trying to stay local but yet still get that camping feel and that camping field is outweighing the cost of gas so far. it has it's, you know, been a little bit more of a headache now, but it's it hasn't stopped us us terror campbell abc 7 news police and rohnert park are giving citizens the chance to come clean and unload some dangerous fireworks ahead of independence day. the city's department of public safety hosted a fireworks turn-in event today collecting more than 100 pounds of items from the public that may have been left over from previous years. anyone planning to celebrate the fourth of july in rohnert park will have to leave the fireworks to the professionals. no fireworks weather illegal or the so-called safe and sane items are allowed this year. so all hands on deck for public safety, so we'll have everybody here working to enforce the enforce the laws and no fireworks. and but we're hoping that it's
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it's gonna be boring night for us. boarding is good. this is the first year no fireworks of any kind are allowed in the city the use of party poppers confetti cannons and pop it-type celebratory devices, which do not not require ignition are still allowed. the fun on wheels inside golden gate park just got a little smoother and a lot more colorful. this makes me want to learn how to roller skate a new mural at the sixth avenue skate park gave visitors one more reason to dance today the san francisco recreation and park department hosted a free event to celebrate the installation of the titled psychedelic golden gate skate. it's the creation of a local artist the skaters here people who have come together and build this community for decades now have a dedicated place. they have a mural and they have a street that is closed off the
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cars. the skate park just reopened earlier this month after multiple closures over the past few months along with the new mural. there's also new asphalt for a much smoother ride. right, not only are we hoping for a smooth weather pattern for all of the upcoming events. i almost forgot tomorrow's father's day. yes, and it's going to be a glorious father's day here in the bay area dion and i'm expecting to have brunch with my son and his wife tomorrow. my daughter. my grandsons are on the east coast, but i'll be seeing them by way of facetime and zoom so it'll be a great father's day for me and i hope it will be for all of you. here's a look at what's happening right now. we've got calm winds remember early this evening. it was so windy and gusty in some spots right now the strongest and for the most part around 10 or 12 miles per hour, so let's move along and take a look at current temperature reading sizzling. nice view from sutro tower looking at over san francisco under clear skies right now 50 60 degrees here in the city 59 at oakland. we've got 55 at mountain view mitch upper 50s at san jose santa clara and half moon bay.
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nice view from the east bay hills camera looking westward across the bay and along the bay bridge other temperature readings right now 61 at santa rosa at fairfield and concord 53 petaluma, napa 56 at 55. at livermore and the view from our rooftop camera here at abc 7. looking toward the bay bridge. these are our forecast features will be sunny and warmer tomorrow father's day and monday, june 10th triple digit heat will develop in our inlet areas on tuesday the first day of summer. it's going to be a sizzling first day of summer. it'd be hot on wednesday as well the heat will begin to ease around the end of the week overnight look for mainly clear skies, but there could be a patch or two of fog down along the coastline and in parts of the south bay not it's not going to amount too much. we'll start the day tomorrow with bright. sunshine it will be a sunny day all day for father's day overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the upper 40s in the north bay and along the coastline low 50 east just about everywhere also pretty mild in some spots and tomorrow's highs starting in the south bay. mainly low to mid 80s 81 degrees at san jose 83 at morgan hill on
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the peninsula. we'll see highs in the upper 70s to about 81 at redwood city low 60s on the coast where it'll be breezy and comfortably mild 70 degrees will be the high downtown san francisco tomorrow up in the north bay. was a san jose san rafael 81 degrees petaluma, 79 85 in santa rosa napa 81 east bay highs oakland 76 castro valley 79 inland east bay. we'll see highs in the low to mid 80s now, let's move along and take a look at the forecast highs for monday. we'll see the warmth beginning to build a bit in our inland areas loaded mid 90s on tuesday. we expect numerous locations, maybe up to a dozen bay area locations with high temperatures between 100 and 140 degrees on tuesday. first day of summer. it'll be almost that hot on wednesday and some locations that are like 102 103 on wednesday will be only 98 or 99. i'm bet on tuesday. 102 103 wednesday 98 or 99 and parade weather on monday for the warriors victory. parade will be spectacular here in san francisco.
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sunny skies by mid morning temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s, which is pretty good for san francisco and low 70s in the afternoon hours. so glorious day on monday. here's the accuweather 74 forecast. is that warm up? i told you about the first day of summer on tuesday. we'll have numerous triple digit temperature readings and a few leftover on wednesday the temperatures start to drop off a little bit on thursday, but much cooler by the end of next week going into next weekend. it's like mother nature knew that summer was going to happen. yeah, she has way of knowing that it doesn't she quite smart. what intuitive? yes spencer. thank you. okay. well just ahead. it is the invasion of the corgis. well take you to the long-awaited return of a san francisco dog. of all that brings out some of the cutest furry friends in the bay area.
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well after a three-year pandemic hiatus the corgis are back hundreds of these small
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fluffy canines and their owners descended on ocean beach today to participate in the first corgi-con since 2019 one corgi enthusiast describe. the bay area's obsession. because they're so loving they're so charismatic. their long bodies and their beautiful peach shaped -- are just to die for it was the first day. i heard peach-shaped -- on tv. i've never in my life in addition to participating in a costume contest and obstacle course convention goers played games and took plenty of photos the first corgi-con by the way was held back in 2014 with just 40 dogs. dogs. look how it is grown. because alvarez joining us now with a preview of sports. hey, chris. dion coming up in sports the basketball season is over, but the party is just getting started. so what is it like to be a first? i'm champion. what's up? the warriors are saying after winning it all for the first time in career sports is next.
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abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino the warriors return to the bay as champions with the larry o'brien trophy on friday and on saturday 48 hours after they become champions they had a chance to talk about it. let's hear from some of those guys for the first time. this will be a brand new experience for a big portion of the roster who are now champs for the very first time in their careers after thursday's series clinching win in boston, every player has a unique journey from nine-year vet auto porter junior to gary payton the second who played a huge role after starting the season as the 15th man to third. guard jordan pool who just had a breakout season at 22 years old. it feels really good to be able to get a ring so early, you know like a lot of players serves
11:29 pm
their entire careers, you know for rings and we all want to get back and we got the experience to you know to get the ball rolling and keep it going. thanks. yeah times 100. absolutely. best experience my life. this is why we work hard every day. for this it's just relief.
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monday will help giants in pittsburgh feeding ducks on the allegheny river giants with another first inning home run to take the lead. it's wilmer flores to friends in left. his wild card game two big two out rbi hits on saturday that stays fair for an rbi. double luis gonzalez scores giants win. seven five san francisco. they've won seven of eight. they'll go for the sweep on sunday a's in royals tailgate breakfast burritos pregame at the coliseum kohler van got the start andrew benintendi trying to bunt for a base sit and check out jonah bride with the play of the day. so nice, we show it twice something about the a's and third baseman who can flat out get it done. they were no hit into the six base loaded two out ramon loreado deep drive to right but it's snagged for the out oakland only had two hits in this game and casey strikes late ryan o'hearn doubles michael a taylor is gonna score easily a's lose two nothing and they've lost 15 of 17 third round of the us open from the brookline country club outside of boston calzone calamarakawa started the day tied for first it minus five the wind though playing a major
11:31 pm
factor on seven here from the rough to the bunker one of two double bogeys in the day. he dropped seven shots to plus. 2 tied for 17 san francisco born will zellator shot up the leaderboard with a low round of the day a 367 great approach on 15 sets up his fourth verde of the day. he's tied for the lead with. patrick at minus four should be amazing championship sunday. mr. by river rock casino chris thank you. next new details are emerging about the deadly new voltage school shooting what we've learned that happens moments before the gunman entered the school that might have stopped the massacre. and a bay area counted could be paving the way when it comes to recognizing juneteenth as a holiday why it could spark statewide change.
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now with speeds up to 5-gigs. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. taking a look outside not a bad night at san francisco international airport. there have been a few delays and cancellations but nothing quite like what the rest of the country is experiencing. it started on thursday with a severe weather outbreak and has had a ripple effect into the weekend experts say part of the problem is airlines dealing with staffing shortages. here's abc news reporter carina mitchell. as the busy summer travel season heats up many travelers are having to pack their patients. the first notification said your flight's delayed the very second text was actually it's canceled severe weather moving through the northeast on thursday created a ripple effect of delays and cancellation that has
11:36 pm
continued for a third day. so we've been here since four clock this morning. this is unacceptable. we booked these flights a month and a half ago on saturday more than 4,000 flights delayed or old nationwide all this coming as demand for travel sores past pre-pandemic levels on friday the tsa screened more than 2.4 million people nationwide the most in one day since a sunday after thanksgiving last year. industry experts say staff shortages from air traffic control to cockpit largely to blame they don't have enough employees to be able to support the summer crush many airlines have already trimmed their summer flight schedules. it's very frustrating. it's the point where it's enraging. they don't have enough pilots. they haven't trained enough pilots transportation secretary pete buttigesh met with airline executives earlier this week hoping to find ways to avoid need of the mass cancellation seen on memorial day weekend. the industry is just stretched to the breaking point and
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instead of bending when something bad happens it just snaps and falls apart -- as urging the airlines to fix the disruptions and better communicate with customers karina mitchell abc news, new york. price crash for cryptocurrency this weekend for the first time since early in the pandemic bitcoin dropped below $20,000 in less than 24 hours bitcoin lost 11% and ethereum lost 10% at its height bitcoin was valued at nearly 69,000 the drop comes as wall street struggles to find stability with rising interest rates and soaring inflation. firefighters in philadelphia are mourning the loss of one of their own tonight. firefighter was killed when a building collapsed during an early morning blaze at a pizzeria five other people were injured. they are all expected to recover early on in the collapse some came out, you know, one person jumped from the second floor to avoid being court in the collapse and then the other ones
11:38 pm
were systematically extricated and removed from the from the club. the collapse happened at a time when the fire was thought to be under control. the firefighter killed was a 51 year old lieutenant with the department. new details tonight about the uvalde school shooting abc news says learned that police officers reportedly hesitated when they had a brief chance to shoot the gunman before he entered the school. all of this comes as politicians continue to work on gun reform. abc news reporter zerene shah has more tonight sources telling abc news a uvalde police officer armed with an ar-15 rifle had the chance to take a shot at the gunman before entering the school, but did not open fire out of fears. he may injure children the new york times first reporting that decision saying officers saw the gunman shooting outside rob elementary school, but initially thinking shots were directed at them the officer said they took
11:39 pm
cover behind a police car and held off shooting back. sheriff's deputy telling the times according to the officers. they didn't engage back because in the background there was kids playing and they were scared of hitting the kids. this as protesters today continue to demand answers president biden today weighing in on the push for gun reform. i am happy. progress are prepared to sign it. i'm ready to go a bipart is in group of senators now working on legislation after agreeing on a framework including strengthening background checks, but some republicans are concerned about red flag laws and the so-called boyfriend loophole senator john cornyn. the lead republican negotiator says if they can settle on those two issues they their way. but cornyn loudly booed while speaking at the texas republican convention friday. texas officials are holding
11:40 pm
panels investigating what happened that day those hearings will pick up again on monday and the big question is if chief arredondo will testify zorane shah abc news, los angeles. president biden was not hurt after he fell when getting off his bike in delaware today. mr. biden said he got his foot caught in the toe cages secret service agents helped him up. he then spent several minutes chatting with people who had gathered and answered a few questions from reporters. well, there is evidence that vhs tapes. yes. remember those may still have some value after all and your mint condition sealed 1986 vhs copy of back to the future has sold at auction for $75,000. there's a new record selling price for a videotape a collector from new york won that bidding war. the copy was from a collection owned by actor tom wilson who played biff tannen in the film? someone bit a record 19 million dollars to have lunch with
11:41 pm
warren buffett and all of that money goes to san francisco's glide nonprofit. the auction on ebay and did last night and far surpassed the previous record of four and a half million dollars paid back in 2019. this year's winner has chosen to remain anonymous the winner and up to seven guests will have lunch with buffett at smith and wollensky steakhouse in manhattan. buffett has said this auction will be his last. he has raised more than 50 million dollars for glide. well, we've already given you a sampling of some of the juneteenth celebrations this weekend, but one bay area county was the first to recognize it as a holiday how this could trigger a wave of change across the state. i'm spencer christian. i'll have a look at sunshine for father's day and a sizzling start to summer. the accuweather forecast is coming up when abc 7 news at 11 continues.
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it the 66th annual north beach festival is lely' l mic aseekend whrtrafts. the event is put on by the north beach business association. proceeds going to local organizations. don't worry if you missed out on the fun today, you still have a chance to catch it all tomorrow. well, this sunday is juneteenth the day to celebrate the end of slavery. it is the day african-americans in galveston, texas found out they were free two two years after the emancipation proclamation. santa clara clara was the first county in california to make an official holiday. abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains how that action may lead to statewide change. santa clara county has an incredible diverse population that makes our home what it is and this weekend our community
11:46 pm
will come together to celebrate juneteenth a special day for african-american community service agency executive director, milan valentin. juneteenth allows us to come together as community but really looking at economic empowerment health and wellness right now. we're talking about the impacts of covid-19 on the black community the black experience june teeth is celebr. does the day of emancipation of enslaved people in the us honored now with this flag raised in san jose this week for the first time a proud moment considering the day wasn't even recognized as a holiday by our local government until 2020. we didn't even know we were making history at the time, but we knew that we were doing something that was right balance agency and other prominent african-american groups in the county approached leaders with the plan two years ago following the protest demanding justice for george floyd cindy chavez and the santa clara county board of supervisors. infamously voted to make juneteenth the county holiday the first county to do so in california part of the reason it was so important to go first to
11:47 pm
someone had to and second of all everybody wants to live in a place they belong and every time we take an action like this, it's one more opportunity for people to know they belong senator dave cortese was on the board of supervisors when santa clara county recognized juneteenth now new legislation calls on california to make juneteenth not just a county holiday, but a state holiday. we had hoped at the time we did. the county holiday that it would be the kind of icebreaker the kind of disruption that people have been waiting for for a long time and that i think puts a healthy tension on government and society, you know to make things right for everybody until that time the flag flies high as a symbol of what can come next to see that flag raised in the tenth largest city in america is going to really symbolize the strength of our community and if they did all of that then then we can do more now in santa county dustin dorsey abc 7 news all right one last check of the weather with spencer christian
11:48 pm
and things feeling pretty seasonable. they really are deon as a matter of fact since we're talking about juneteenth. i'll start with a look at monday's weather the day on which we recognize officially juneteenth is also the day of the warriors parade. we're going to have sunny skies here in san francisco all day long even in the early morning hours and the weather is going to be quite mild by san francisco standards mean. well, let's back up a little bit take a look at overnight conditions clear skies for the most part a few puffs of low clouds near the coast overnight lows. range from upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs father's day under sunny skies will range from a low 60s at the coast to upper 70s around the bayshore line to mid 80s inland and here is our all-important accuather 7-day forecast against even warmer on monday mid-90s inland then summer begins on tuesday at 2:13. am pacific daylight time we'll have numerous locations inland on tuesday and wednesday with 100 degree high temperatures or higher temperatures will start to ease up just a little bit the heat will on thursday by friday and saturday we'll be looking at temperatures in a more seasonal
11:49 pm
more normal range for this time of year, but it's going to sizzle on tuesday and wednesday. so be prepared. oh, yeah, and what was that time again? so precise through 13 am pacific daylight time. okay, i'll mark that down spencer. thanks. okay, chris alvarez once again with a preview of sports. on coming up in sports stanford opens up the college world series plus party playing with the warriors are saying about that ride home from boston as world champs sports is next. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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i want to beat cancer. i'm going to beat it. that's no doubt in my mind, i'm going to win this battle. [male narrator] at the v foundation v is for victory over cancer. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. sponsored by river rock casino for the fourth time in eight seasons, the warriors are world champs. you'll be able to catch the entirety of the parade monday right here on abc 7. don't miss it. how about those warriors the party plane? what was it like the warriors won the nba finals in boston thursday night and stayed in b town to party before flying back to the bay on friday. and if you can't win the nba
11:53 pm
finals at home, what's better than a six-hour plane ride back to the bay to celebrate a seventh title in franchise history. apparently not a lot talk about a party. plane, i'm not gonna lie. i'm hungover, right? we had a great night last night. we had an incredible night a late night. just a special one just to celebrating with the team and families and it's a beautiful beautiful night. nice to grill larry back home where you belongs. i dreamed myself. the warriors invitation will be back. i'm tired at it again at the we party. i was just fell asleep. that was it and i audit exhaustion is finally came out after those games and i've been real tired, but i feel actually i feel really good and the night it was crazy, you know all the all the the excitement. he knows amazing, you know the plane ride was, you know, probably just a bunch of hungover people with loud music.
11:54 pm
what a great time turns out the warriors won't have to replace assistant coach kenny atkinson after all espn reporting atkinson will not become the charlotte hornets next head coach instead optimus. stay with the warriors after further talks with the franchise. let atkins to believe it's best to stay with golden state. he had reportedly agreed to a four year deal previously, but never signed a contract atkinson will become the warriors top assistant coach with mike brown now heading to sacramento to become their new head coach. baseball and the college world series in omaha, nebraska stanford the number two seat and top overall seed they're gonna take on arkansas in their opener on saturday. let's roll the highlights. about snow cones of the red variety. those are good on a hot summer day bottom one stanford down one nothing. check it out from umpire camp brock jones 21st homer of the year leads it off and we're tied later in the first stanford the chance to break it open, but cody huff.
11:55 pm
grounds into the inning ending double play the cardinal got three hits in the first but just four the rest of the way top of the fit still tied at one arkansas's chris ianzilli three-run shot to left off pac-12 picture ofliams. it's four one hogs partofhe way eleven two game in the ninth caden wallace homer makes it thirteen two and stanford falls 17 to 2. they'll face auburn in an elimin. game on monday greats trying to pick up their first road one of the season in salt lake city. down one nail late jackson ewell heads it back towards the quakes goal and salt lakes jefferson. savorino takes it great move beats jt marston kowski. it's two nil. look at that play. what a play it was san jose's last best chances on the corner and nathan hits the crossbar quakes lose on the road again to nil next weekend though.
11:56 pm
it's the california classico at stanford stadium. you saw it right here on abc 7 stanley cup final game two. avalanche hosting the lightning and this really was an avalanche less than three minutes in valerie. miss shushkin power play goal one nothing, colorado. he scored twice less than five minutes later tampa bay turnover. and where's the defense for the lightning colorado's josh manson to nothing. and then six minutes later andre berakowski puts home the rebound three-nothing, colorado lighten the lamp and then kale mccarr. he scored twice including the final goal avs win seven. nothing the second biggest shutout and cup history. colorado leads the series two. nothing game three in tampa on monday this abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. chris thank you very much, and don't forget you can watch all of our newscasts live and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app it is
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available for apple tv and android tv along with amazon fire tv and roku. all you have to do is download the app now and start streaming for free. well, that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 11. i'm dion limb news continues tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock on behalf of spencer and chris and all of us here. thanks so much for joining us we leave you now with a live look outside where things look very clear as we take a look at these san francisco skyline have great night. see you on social media. i am dion lim tv.
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