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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 20, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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kristen: thanks for joining us. i'll see you back here tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the chaotic scene here on the streets of new york. dramatic video showing up to 20 bystanders trying to lift a taxi off two women pinned against a wall. several people in critical condition. and why thousands of flights are canceled across this country. what is yale driving this? is it the weather or shortage of pilots to fly the planes? reality check tonight. >> and the second heat wave moving from texas to minnesota and then into the midwest as it moves east. temperatures topping 100 degrees. the warning tonight, watch for highways buckling.
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we're tracking it all. and the pandemic tonight foifrt time, children as young as 6 months old receiving vaccinations. where to get them? depends on how old your child s and adults if, you plan on getting one booster, do you get one now or wait until closer to fall? >> so the war in ukraine. near the brink to falling to the russians. the one thing still in the hands of the ukrainians. james longman with a look at how ukrainian fighters, armed with american long-range howitzers, are now targeting russian forces. and what russia is saying about the two american veterans captured in ukraine. nearly one month since the deadly school shooting in uvalde, texas. families of the 19 students and 2 teachers killed demanding answers. why it took 77 minutes to come in and take over the gunman. >> fires moving across the new jersey state forest.
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and marking juneteenth, the images from the weekend all over this country and on this national holiday. >> good evening, great to start another week with all of you at home. we have a lot to get to tonight. we begin with the remarkable scene playing out here in new york city this afternoon. the bystanders who then rushed in to help. a new york city taxi losing control, jumping a curb on to the sidewalk with tourists. several in critical condition. those bystanders, of course, who jumped in to lift the car off those who were trapped. two women were pinned against a wall. more than a dozen witnesses helping to lift the cab to free them. police, of course, now studying the images, too. tonight police say the taxi driver was among those rushed to the hospital. it's believed the driver hit a cyclist first and then the sidewalk with shoppers and tourists. we just learned some of the
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tourists were from columbus, ohio. the new york city mayor visiting the scene and thanking new yorkers for jumping in to help. abc's stephanie ramos leading us off from the scene here in new york. >> reporter: this was the moment new yorkers jumped into action. police examining this video. bystanders joining forces to save the lives of two women pinned against a building by that taxi. it happened just after 1:00 p.m. on a busy manhattan street. the taxi striking a cyclist, then veering onto the sidewalk. picking up speed and hitting the two women, pinning them up against the wall. >> as this occurs, a remark abl scene took place. about 15 to 20 new yorkers attempted to pick this cab off these women. the bystanders gathering around the car, moving as a team to un
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wshing and reacting. we were getting ice and taking aprons out. we got a belt on someone to provide a tourniquet. >> reporter: six people were taken to the hospital, including the driver of that cab. as can you see, david, police are still here at the scene. they say this crash appears to have been an accident. now the new york city mayor just a few moments ago saying that out of the six victims, three of the victims are in serious condition. he also said that some of the victims were tourists from columbus, ohio. he says he is working to reach out to their mayor. david? >> stephanie ramos tonight in new york. thank you. we turn next to the travel nightmare playing out for several days in this country over this father's day holiday weekend. will in fact, friday was the busiest day of the airports all year. thousands of flights were canceled. was it weather? are there not enough pilots to fly the planes? more than 5,000 flights were canceled since thursday. long lines. this is salt lake city right here. to atlanta. a child sleeping on the floor at
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hearts field jackson airport. the airlines pointing to weather. but are they prepared for the crush of passengers who bought tickets believing there will be enough pilots and crew to take them on their flight? here is our aviation correspondent gio tis of thousands of ers fr children and newlyweds, sleeping on the floor at atlanta's airport. >> when we hit the atlanta airport, it became 100% chaos. >> reporter: disabled veteran joe reis was stranded overnight in atlanta after his caribbean honeymoon. finally making it home 36 hours later. >> they are supposed to have a way to be able to make sure that people like you and i have a way to get from one destination to the next. >> reporter: despite all this, airfares still skyrocketing up 47% since january. but experts say the problems won't be easy to fix, blaming a perfect storm, including severe weather grounding flights and ongoing pandemic staffing issues.
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>> it takes time to recruit, hire, and train people to work at airports. the summer of 2022 is going to be travel hell. >> reporter: and it's not just the airlines. united ceo scott kirby today saying staffing shortages at some of the faa's air traffic control towers are impacting air travel. >> they're doing everything they can. but like many in the economy, understand, have staffing issues. >> reporter: the faa tonight acknowledging staffing issues at a few facilities due to covid. but saying "there is not a nationwide shortage." the major u.s. airlines now cutting flights in july and august, hoping the situation gets better. >> airlines have reduced their planned summer flights in order to build up a buffer of pilots, flight attendants, and aircraft. but there's only so much they can be expected to cut back if they still want to be able to serve people. >> what a mess this has been. he gave us the bottom line here. the airlines and air traffic
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control towers, do they have enough employees to handle all this? >> the airlines lost thousands of pilots during the pandemic. it takes years to train new ones. the same for the air traffic control towers. so this really could go into next year. david? >> gio, thank you. next here this evening, millions are bracing for the second heat wave noi moving in from texas right up to minnesota. it moves east. temperatures topping 100 degrees. some places warning tonight to watch for highways buckling. our chief meteorologist is live in lakewood, colorado, tracking it again this week. ginger? >> david, minneapolis st. paul mate it to 101 degrees. n not only breaking a record but the fourth time they've ever done. that it's been a decade since they've been 101 plus. the excessive heat warnings and advisories stretch from marquette, michigan, to the upper peninsula to kansas city n part, they're fueling severe storms from western nebraska all the way up to fargo.
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so you're going to see damaging too. there tig. but this heat is not going to stop. it's going to move to the east. and chicago could feel hotter than 101 tomorrow. 97 for detroit. it goes all the way down to the gulf kocoast. texas still involved. atlanta should have an uncomfortable midweek and beyond. they'll break the heat about it weekend. it's going to stick for texas and the gulf coast. >> thank you again tonight. next here this evening, that major new milestone in the covid battle in this country. the youngest of children are now eligible for covid vaccination. parents of children under 5 and as young as 6-month-old have been waiting for so long. tonight some of the 18 million in this group already getting their shots. both pfizer and moderna vaccines now available, requiring several doses over a number of weeks. here is night is eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, the long wait to vaccinate the youngest americans is over. the first shots are now going into the arms of children under five. they're the last group to have
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the vaccine available to them. it did take a bit of time. you're saying you think that was a good thing. >> i think it's a good thing because it helps reassure us they took the time and they cared to make sure that they got it right. >> reporter: families now have two options for children as young as six months old. pfizer, a course of three shots. each one-tenth of the adult dose, stretched out over 11 weeks. or moderna, two shots a quarter of the adult dose. one month apart. while children are less likely to get severely ill from covid, health officials point out there have been tens of thousands of kids hospitalized during this pandemic. >> we do want to prevent infection. so it helps there. a certain proportion of kids end up getting very sick and the vaccines are terrific at keeping kids out of the hospital. it helps some with infection but helps a lot with serious illness. >> reporter: caroline gable reale enrolled her two year old son, hugh, in the pfizer trial. >> my husband recently tested
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positive and we tested as a family. and during that whole time, he stayed healthy. and we're very thankful that he had had those three shots. because i do think it played a part in protecting him. >> reporter: reaching the 18 million kids in this age group could be a challenge. many parents are hesitant including some who are vaccinated themselves. >> we are pro-vaccine. we are pretty conflicted right now to see if we're gonna get vaccinated. we're gonna get some research first. >> reporter: a survey done before the green light from the cdc showed 18% of parents of kids under five intend to vaccinate their children right away. >> back with us tonight. health officials this evening are telling parents not to wait to get their children vaccinated? >> that's right, david. it takes a while to build immunity. if you want them fully protected for the fall, it's a good idea to go ahead and get them vaccinated soon. as for the older adults that have been contemplating whether
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or not to get the second boosters, the cdc previously said that if you're only going to get one vaccine in the coming months, that they could wait until those next generation vaccines come out in the fall. david, the cdc since taken that information off their website. >> we'll push them to clarify in the coming weeks whether to wait for a potential wave in the fall or get the booster now. thank you again tonight. we turn to the war in ukraine into a key eastern city now on the brink of falling to the russians. the ukrainians managing to hold on to a chemical plant there. that's all they have left. the u.s. supplying howitzers. you can see our james longman there. what russia is saying about the two american veterans captured in ukraine. james longman inside ukraine again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, ukrainian officials say russian forces have taken control of all but a single chemical plant in the key city of severodonetsk as the battle rages for eastern ukraine. and it's u.s. firepower that's keeping them in the fight here
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in the donbas. the power of that gun is just unreal. it sucks the air out of you as it goes out. now, this is an active combat zone. they are finding russian targets. within minutes, we're moving. in an artillery war, once you fire, you've gotta move. and the beauty of this particular gun is that it is lighter than anything the ukrainian's have got, so it can be moved out of position before the russians reply. these are the m-777 howitzers supplied by the united states, now deployed in ukraine's east. they fire further, are more accurate, and are giving ukraine a fighting chance. this commander was trained by u.s. forces in germany. he explains, "we can fire 12 to 20 times a day, and the enemy can't understand how we work so rapidly and open fire from the areas that are not suitable for artillery." the u.s. has supplied ukraine with more than a hundred of these howitzers and more than 250,000 shells. they're putting the family names of ukrainian soldiers who have
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been killed in this war right on these shells, to be fired back at russia. with this artillery war pounding around them, some donbas locals are staying. like vladimir, tending to his garden. we were in bucha, and in bucha they used the gardens to bury people. are you not worried what's gonna happen when the russians come? and that is the sound of the war around us now. vladimir says, "who is going to stay here then? i'll get a stick or a spade and defend my home." meanwhile the kremlin's spokesman tonight calling the two american veterans captured by russia in ukraine "soldiers of fortune" not protected by the geneva conventions. >> they were involved in firing and shelling our military personnel. they were endangering their life. and they should be responsible. they should be held responsible. >> given that answer, there is a lot of concern tonight about those captured americans. of james longman with us now in eastern ukraine again tonight. james, the u.s. howitzeracy valuable weapon for the
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ukrainians in this fight. >> yeah, that's right. it seems to us the ukrainians are using the older artillery to draw the russians out. and then as soon as they had a location, then they used the howitzers. some success with ar till rich. it seems that ukraine had issues on manpower. they say they're losing as many as 200 men a day. >> james longman, thank you. back here at home. it's been nearly a month now since the mass shooting in uvalde, texas. families of the 19 students and two teachers who were killed are still waiting for answers. in fact, they along with reporters, were kept out of the key meeting held today. the texas legislature will hold a public hearing tomorrow. many family members are not waiting to speak out demanding answer answers on the 77 minutes it took to take out that gunman. we're live from texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, nearly four weeks after the uvalde school shooting, the families of the victims growing angrier at the lack of answers. >> we need people to be held responsible. >> reporter: brett cross, who lost his nephew uziyah garcia has been pushing for
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transparency. >> i'm not going to let uziyah's name be forgotten. his face be forgotten. and he's not here to defend himself so i am. >> reporter: a state house committee investigating the deadly shooting, holding hearings at city hall. >> the investigative committee on the robb elementary shooting will now come to order. >> reporter: but for now, keeping the public out, kicking the families out of the building today. and so far no agencies, from the texas rangers to the fbi, or even the school district, have rleased any new information. including whether the door to the classroom was locked, or if police even tried to open it, during those 77 minutes the children were inside with the gunman. the parents of 10-year old lexi rubio, who made that impassioned plea before congress -- >> lexi received a good citizen award and was also recognized for receiving all a's. at the conclusion of the ceremony, we took photos with her before asking her to pose for a picture with her teacher,
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mr. reyes. that photo, her last photo ever was taken at approximately 10:54 a.m. to celebrate, we promised to get her ice cream that evening. >> reporter: still replaying the last moments of that morning, kimberly showing us lexi's bedroom. >> this is her bed, her blanket. i gave her several options to wear in the morning and what she didn't wear she kept on the bed, so it's still there. >> reporter: tortured by so many unanswered questions. >> i think about how long she was there. was she scared? was she in pain? it just worries me. we have to know. we may not like the answer but we have to know. david, we're in uvalde tonight. we'll be heading to austin very soon.
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the texas senate is going to hold their own hearing where the dps director expected to testify in public. this is a first time he has spoken out and really anyone has spoken out about this investigation in nearly four weeks. david? >> so many questions still unanswered. you stay on it as always. we appreciate it. when we come back tonight, will there be a gas tax holiday in this country with president biden now considering the wildfire state forest in the northeast burning tonight. the largest fresh water fish ever caught. a dental tool is round for a reason.
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11,000 acres. this is warton state forest. nearby camp grounds have been evacuated to night. several hiking and mountain biking trails have been closed. authorities are trying to determine how the fire started. the ruling out "natural causes." when we come back here tonight, the fisherman landing the largest fresh water fish ever caught, all 661 pounds of him. le, it's...the side hug. tween milestones like this may start at age 9. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today.
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in galveston, texas, the church service at reedy chapel. union troops arrived and told slaves they were free 2 1/2 years after abraham lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. that's how long it took them to hear. today a parade in knoxville, tennessee. and in louisville, kentucky, kids hula hooping there. and in atlanta, a woman wearing earrings with images of her grandmother that she wore to the parade. thank you for watching on this monday night. i hope to see you back here tomorrow. good night. captions paid for by abc, inc. captions by vitac
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>> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. anchor: having a parade in san francisco. >> a dub nation celebration! golden state warriors enjoy a parade down market street. celebrating the fourth title until eight years. >> and the adrenaline is still pumping. >> the war yows' first championship parade in the san francisco wrapped up an hour and a half ago and you saw this right and you were in the parade and you drove schneider and crisis live where the party is continuing.
4:00 pm
chris, you deserve a raise. [laughter] >> what a surreal day this is and this is a team, private party for the employees and they deserve this. and everyone in this organization top to the bottom and holding the event. i drove in the parade. back out here. first in market and thinks like a ride you never want to end. i talked to livingston and i said what is it like as a player. he said this is a dream and unbelievable to be part of this.