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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  June 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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down the runway. end of that runway is the tampa locker room. >> sean: will be a huge loss if he's unable to play going forward. >> ray: even at diminished effectiveness, it's pretty critical. a day off tomorrow, he can get treatment, another full day until 8:00 p.m. eastern start for game four. >> sean: leading scorer in playoffs each of the last two years. makar. four-on-four now. landeskog, who has both goals tonight for colorado. they have pulled the goalie, down by four. mackinnon, got a tip. lehkonen in. landeskog right out in front of te net. final five minutes brought to you by geico. would have been a four-on-four, but jared bednar has pulled his
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goalie, trying to make it interesting with under five minutes to go. mackinnon couldn't handle the bouncing puck fed back to him by makar. nathan mackinnon, burst of speed, nice right leg save made by vasilevskiy. cernak couldn't clear it out. toews comes out in five seconds. will be a power play for colorado, six-on-four advantage with the goalie still out. toews comes out, straight across to the bench. mackinnon, it was nichushkin who came on, he's at point now. one-timer. wide of the net off the stick of landeskog. and makar has to go all the way back behind his net to retrieve it. under four minutes go. landeskog. dumped, chase. nichushkin, two men behind the net for colorado.
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free puck, killorn with empty net, blocked by makar, turned back. here's mackinnon again. good stick by cirelli to deny him entry at the blue line. 15 seconds on the penalty to perry. and we have a wrihistle by the linesman, offsie. >> ray: colorado's going to have to go back and lick their wounds here, try and adjust to the way that jon cooper's team played tonight. i thought tampa bay, after the disallowed goal, got a little bit of juice. gave up next goal on the power straight, all of a sudden they felt in control here. did a really good job taking a middle of the ice, where colorado just ran them into the ground in denver.
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>> sean: jared bednar i think was aware that some might have been overreacting to the lopsided win in game two. all we've done is protect home ice, they're the champions and will be better on home ice. they have tonight. back in the net is francouz with 3:05 to go. tampa bay about to get right back into this series. in the history of the stanley cup finals, teams ahead 2-0 have won 90% of the time. that's still working in colorado's favor. after they came here, up 2-0 with two wins in denver. tampa bay also trying to make history. rally from 2-0 down to beat the rangers in the conference final. 2-0 down in this series. no team has ever come from 2-0
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down to win both the conference final and stanley cup final back-to-back. maroon delivered a check on cogliano, he's looking like he wants to go at cogliano who has been an irritant all night long. that word could describe several on these teams. you used it earlier in the year, ray. perry is probably irritant. maroon can be as well. irritated are o'connor and colton, they throw haymakers at each other. well, some good old fashioned
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tampa bay on the board, kevin breaking down the big difference. sean, back to you in tampa. >> sean: we'll look forward to "sports center," and game four here on wednesday night at 8:00 on abc and espn plus. tampa bay on the power play as a result of the penalties as we went to break. palat winding up. and the puck cleared the length of the ice. 1:50 to go. >> ray: as we look at this power play, of course it does not include nikita kucherov, which will be something to keep ey on before game four. >> sean: palat back for hedman. 1:35 remaining.
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palat down low. has it back from cirelli. cirelli with byram sprawling. palat shot it wide. o'connor and colton got five each for fighting. cogliano a minor penalty. hedman blasted one off the post. trying to get to seven, match the goal total colorado put up in game two. 7-0 shutout win, second biggest in history of the stanley cup final. under a minute to go. what do you think, ray, francouz in net for game four? >> ray: going to be hard to go to darcy kuemper again i think, given the way he came out after five so quickly. francouz has done this before,
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however, and you -- if you give kuemper another go, still feel confident with francouz i guess. but he's done the job here and kuemper hasn't really stuck his foot on the ground and say it's my net. >> sean: sellout crowd, 19,092. extending the longest home sellout streak in the national hockey league. final seconds tick off. and not without a little more feistiness. rough night for darcy kuemper. best night of the series for andrei vasilevskiy. and dramatic change in events.
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domination by colorado in game two. stamkos doesn't like the fact they're throwing things on the ice here. noise makers. >> ray: problem is, when they hit the players, they hurt. >> sean: and ray, history tonight. >> ray: people got to think here, seriously. >> sean: last time a team lost by seven goals in cup final game and won next game, 103 years ago. montreal lost to seattle, canceled after game five because of the influenza epidemic. tied at 2-2-1. >> ray: as they worked way way through the thunderstruck tennis racket thingies they threw on the ice, big night for tampa bay lightning. goal and assist for stamkos, two assists for kucherov, and andrei
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vasilevskiy, 37 saves. >> sean: awaiting the three stars announcement. remind you that game four comes your way wednesday. 8:00 eastern time on espn plus and here on abc. tampa bay lightning have now extended their home playoff win winning streak to a franchise record eight, and it's first road loss of the playoffs for colorado, now 7-1. here comes the announcement of the three stars from the public address announcer paul porter. >> announcer: number 20, nick paul! >> sean: looked like he might not come back for the second period, he did, scored first goal. big goal at 1:26 of the second period. that made it 3-1. after they led 2-1 at end of
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one. >> announcer: from your tampa bay lightning, number 86, nikita kucherov! >> sean: had two assists tonight, now three in the series. >> announcer: and tonight's number one star from your tampa bay lightning, with a goal, the captain, number 91, steven stamkos! >> sean: he also had asstteamma better at home than on the road this postseason. ten goals in the playoffs, eight here at home. didn't have a point first two games in denver. ten goals, his personal best any postseason. and he is with emily kaplan. >> emily: steven, a lot of people wanted to write your team off after colorado.
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why were they wrong? >> they can say whatever we wnt, we know what we have in our dressing room. knew coming back home, we play well in front of our fans. it was great comeback tonight. >> emily: you look a lot faster. why? >> that's tough place to play in colorado. obviously they've got a great team, come out strong and come out fast. but we can do that on home ice, too. it's a series now. we've got work to do between now and next game but got another game at home and look to continue this game we played tonight. >> emily: ask about a funny moment in the game. pat maroon scored, looked like you were still trying to jam in the puck. love to hear your perspective. >> knew it was in, wasn't sure if the ref knew. always taught as kid to put it in the net if you're not sure. making sure it was in. >> emily: thanks steven. >> thank you. >> sean: final score, tampa bay
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6, colorado 2. game four, wednesday night at 8:00 on abc and espn plus. sean mcdonough, ray ferraro, emily kaplan. thanks for joining us. good night from tampa. >> the greatest trophy in sports is within reach. they say home is where the heart is. that's where the lightning have kept their dream alive. the stanley cup final pursuit continues. game four, wednesday. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) i thought new phones were for new customers? we got iphone 13s, too. switched to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) now everyone can get a new iphone 13 on us on america's most reliable 5g network.
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names but today they can only call you one. champions. >> warriors!
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this is the celebration the bay area so badly needed. leave it to the golden state warriors to bring fans together for an epic party. this is a special edition of abc7news. the parade was full of highlights and if you missed it, we have you covered. our anchor has a look at the best sights and sounds. reporter: before the player parade was the trophy parade. this was time for some reflection. >> for you fans, this is a group to be proud of. not because we just won, but because of the people they are. reporter: draymond green told
8:21 pm
the crowd he predicted this championship. >> what brings us the most joy is seeing the guys who win at the first time because you always want that feeling back. the reality is you never get it again. the only way to truly get it is to file through andrew wiggins or through jordan poole. >> we represent you guys. the life that you give us, entertaining you guys, giving you something to cheer for. reporter: after a group photograph, it was time to party. the confetti started flying early and often. fans lined the parade route after three parades in oakland, this was the first one in san francisco and everybody was ready to celebrate.
8:22 pm
after a fourth championship, there were enough trophies to go around. draymond green had one, steph curry had one. it was not long before the players got off the buses and partied with the fans. our reporter caught up with one to spano. he is the first player of mexican ancestry to win an nba championship. -- you made history. reporter: he said this victory is bigger than him. it is to inspire younger generations. he then went on to high-five the crowd. steve kerr could not resist greeting those fans. after a little dancing, draymond green answered those who continued to criticize the team despite their success. >> they can say what they want. but there is nobody who has done
8:23 pm
it the way we have done it. reporter: and different got them to this. showered in confetti and sparkling with lots of blank. jordan poole summed it up for everybody. >> let's do it again next year. reporter: overall, it was just what dubnation needed to celebrate this nba title. back to you. anchor: san francisco's public work crews wasted no time getting to the clean up. they were following just behind the parade. the public works twitter account even said they'd spread market street to get it ready for public transit once again. san francisco went cold for the warrior parade today. the parade drew a lot of people to market street. the president of hotel council
8:24 pm
of san francisco says it is more than just the one they wonder. >> when somebody comes and stays at the hotel, it helps everybody, small businesses, restaurants, even taxis and other attractions bigger. now they are walking down powell street with hundreds of people who are going to shop and eat. it helps across the city and it also keeps people working. it is a great day for the city. anchor: he says the warriors parade will help to showcase san francisco as people start to travel again. it is the team's fourth ship in eight years but the first one on the side of the bay. we will have much more from the parade and a little bit. you can check out all the moments on our website.
8:25 pm
our meteorologist is busy today. we have some heat coming in. can you give us a timeline? >> it is going to be up in the triple digits in length. the heat advisory is going up at 10 a.m.. it covers virtually all of the bay area with the exception of the coast and san francisco. the risk will be mild to high tomorrow. solano county, that has been extended through wednesday night , so not just tomorrow. we go hour by hour tomorrow morning you are in the 50's to 70's by 8:00. by the lunch hour you are already in the 90's. temperatures by due :00 -- 2:00 into the triple digits. here are some safety tips that you need to keep in mind to beat the heat. make sure you can stay hydrated.
8:26 pm
do not lead people and pets inside vehicles. i will be back with the full forecast coming up. anchor: 13 students and a teacher from albany high school are recovering after they were hurt in a tour bus crash in france. it happened friday while the group was returning. the teacher was seriously hurt and had to be airlifted to a hospital. students injuries were minor. french investigators are still looking into what caused the bus driver to lose control. he will be tested for alcohol and drugs. still no word on one albany high school group will return home. abc 7's ongoing commitment to building a better bay area focuses on the big issues that affect us all. that includes our health. here is the latest on vaccines for children. this week, two covid approved for children under the age of five will be rolled out.
8:27 pm
this changes things at schools and for many families. our reporter has some important things to know about this age group. reporter: the rollout of the covid vaccine for those under than five begin today in california. that is roughly 2.2 one million children. >> you can imagine what great belief dilts will bring for many families. -- relief this will bring for many families. reporter: on saturday, the cdc signed up on the two vaccines. pfizer requires three shots over 11 weeks. moderna two shots given one month apart. many in the age group are preschoolers. >> we are hopeful that now those families who have been waiting will now enroll their child in one of our early education programs. reporter: in marin county, there
8:28 pm
are thousands of newly eligible children. >> our young children will be vaccinated by the pediatricians. reporter: some parents are taking the wait and see approach before vaccinating their young children, but the doctor is advising against that. >> nearly 2 million infections in kids under five. 20,000 hospitalizations and 200 plus deaths. the vaccine is recommended for children who have recently had covid-19 as well. >> that has been asked a lot. my kid had covid and he does not need a axing, but the doctor says you protecting your kid from other possible streams and long-term covid. anchor: cds says it will start off giving covid vaccine shots
8:29 pm
to children starting tomorrow. walgreens announced plans as well. just 18% of parents of children under five said they would vaccinate their child against covid-19 as soon as i vaccine became available. and if you have questions about covid vaccines or just need some help finding an appointment, you can always ask her vaccine team. just had to and click on the big blue box. much more to come, including this. turns out, his case will follow under his sisters picked for district attorney. neighbors in one southern california neighborhood closely watching their pets after a sp
8:30 pm
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francisco mayor appeared in court today asking that his sentence for murder be reduced. his attorney says his sentence should be reduced because of the 2019 law that changed the definition of murder. >> he has hope now that he will get out sometime in the foreseeable future and it is hard for him to wait. anchor: court records show after rubbing the johnny rockets in june of 2000, his getaway car stopped and the golden gate bridge. he pushed out the driver who was killed by a drunk driver heading in the opposite direction. now that district attorney chesa boudin has been recalled, the
8:33 pm
new district attorney will have a conflict of interest in the matter. the das office has opposed the browns we sentence and thousand 19. moving on to the east bay, where a man is facing hate charges in connection to acts of vandalism. 25-year-old nicholas wires spray-painted anti-asian messages at a house for sale. the most recent attack happened yesterday when officers found osler painted on the garage door. it all came the day the same message that was printed on the force a smile on the home. -- the for sale sign on the home. union city police need your help finding the owners of $20,000 in cash. somebody turned in the cash in may of 2021.
8:34 pm
two months later, someone else turned in more than $2600 in cash. it has been nearly a year and the owners have not come forward. they were left two weeks to contact the union city police to claim it and babel need to give officers -- and they will need to give intimate details about the cash. getting back to our meteorologist and the heat. >> summer starts and it is going to sizzle. let me show you a live picture right now. a beautiful view from mark camera as the sun is setting. you are probably noticing some of the haze in the air already. high pressure is building in. it is going to take those temperatures up some more tomorrow. we already saw warm up with
8:35 pm
numbers above average. the winds overnight and into tomorrow will elevate fire danger, so it will be in the moderate to high category for parts of the bay area tomorrow. clear skies looking back towards san francisco. high temperatures versus average, anywhere from 17 degrees above average in redwood city to 20 degrees above normal in san jose and oakland. a beautiful view from our golden gate bridge camera. air quality will suffer as the heat builds. we have a spare the air alert for tuesday. you might want to get away at the beach in santa cruz, although it will get hot there as well. stinson beach 76 degrees.
8:36 pm
pacifica 75. 93 in santa cruz. very high uv index. make sure you have your sunscreen. 70's and 80's away from the coast. you are looking san francisco. it is a little breezy here. bay area will feel the heat tomorrow. moderate to high risk of heat illness is for tomorrow. tomorrow morning, maybe some fog at the coast. on wednesday, going into thursday, if we do get any of this could be some bright lightning. it is not a done deal right now we are keeping an eye on it. numbers tomorrow morning will be in the 50's to 70's range. breezy to gusty over the north bay hills. in the afternoon, temperatures
8:37 pm
will sort into the triple digits. 100 san jose, 98 santa clara. 96 palo alto. comfortable though, at least warm. 85 downtown san francisco. triple digit santa rosa, napa. it is going to be sizzling. 106 fairfield, 104 concorde. risk of heat illness on this first day of summer. stay hydrated. temperatures start to back off and a possibility for thunderstorms wednesday night into thursday. and a cooling as we head into friday and saturday. low 90's will feel good. thank you. anchor: a coyote attacks a dog
8:38 pm
in the family's backyard. quit thinking by another - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
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where family is recovering after coyote attacked their path. -- pat. reporter: the boston terrier screeching in pain as a coyote shakes her violently by the neck. >> my heart was breaking when i heard her scream and knowing that a wild animal can just dump the wall so easily and almost take our loved one away. reporter: but then her brother cody saves the day. even tries to chase away the predator. >> big brother came to try to save her. reporter: after suffering a few
8:41 pm
bites, she is on antibiotics and back to her normal self, but her parents say enough. they worry about the safety of their three dogs and their five children. they were in the kitchen with the door open, able to hear their dogs cries for help. >> i have seen the coyotes bite kids schools. it is unsafe. anchor: bears seem to be active in the south lake tahoe area lately. we have video up two of them getting into a fight outside a home. now we have this curious critter. a walk, but then came back and gave the camera a good smell. this is what it is like to come face-to-face with the bear. coming up, possible price relief at the pump.
8:42 pm
president biden could decide anything out and supporting a gas tax holiday. plus, a tough weekend for people taking flights. facing cancellations and delays. facing cancellations and delays. urger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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my 100% beef burgers are seasoned as they grill.
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like my new double bacon cheesy jack, with double the bacon and double the cheese. it's so good, i put my name on it! the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. your local gas station. the price at the pump is easing. according to aaa, the national average is down slightly to $4.89 per gallon. the slight decline in prices is mirrored by the bay area. drivers are looking at $6.47 in san jose. california still leaves the states. at the other end of the spectrum, gallon of gas in georgia is just $4.47. abiding in ministry -- the biden
8:45 pm
administration is a step closer to bringing relief. support for attacks gas holiday and gas rebate cards. cold higgins has more. reporter: at the pain at the pump grows, the white heist is considering a gas tax holiday. joe biden says he is close to making a decision as to whether to support a temporary break from the federal gas tax. they are also looking at asked rebate cards. >> it is one step in the right direction. reporter: it comes as the federal reserve takes drastic action to tame historic inflation. but experts say more needs to be done. former labor secretary says texting when fall -- taxing when fall profits could help. >> use the money to eliminate
8:46 pm
gas taxes on both the federal and at the state level. reporter: just as the travel season gets underway, consumers are facing skyrocketing prices at the gas pump. on monday, the national average was $4.98, few cents lower than last week's record. meanwhile, the biden administration is working to lower fears that the u.s. economy is having towards a recession. >> the president wants to have a steady and stable recovery. anchor: coming off one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, thousands of americans were left stranded. experts warn this is just the start of what is to come. delays and cancellations have become commonplace as airlines grapple with staff shortages and weather issues.
8:47 pm
americans took to the skies team celebrate juneteenth and mother's day. more than 3200 flights were canceled over the weekend. >> i sat on the plane for four hours before they took us back to the terminal. >> the layover was supposed to be two hours and ended up being five. anchor: the transportation secretary is urgent airline executives to step up to soften the impact of cancellations. but the ceo of united says government help is needed to get back on track. coming, what are the chances we will be dealing with the recession? some economists say new data set the likelihood has increased. also we are getting a better idea of the impact severe flooding has had on yellowstone. also, it was interrupted, so
8:48 pm
today's episode of general hospital can be seen in its entirety overnight at 2:00 a.m. stay it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited.
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nation's top financial officials saying a recession is not inevitable. reporter says other economists are betting against that. reporter: the president is remaining optimistic. everything fromairfare is up ne. inflation at 8.6%. >> i am dipping in savings so that i can relate. -- live. >> it is natural that we expect
8:51 pm
to transition to steady growth. reporter: the ads of a u.s. recession in the next 12 months are rising. the probability now with 30%, double the ads from three months ago. >> you want to have everything provided, but everything is so high. reporter: we are seeing the first signs of a slow down with retail sales dip and in may for the first time this year. airfare bookings are also down slightly. this pullback could mean a recession is on the horizon. anchor: new details on flood damage caused by torrential downpour's at montana's yellowstone national park. most of the park should reopen within the next two weeks. yellowstone's superintendent says the park will accommodate fewer visitors and it will take months to reconnect the roads
8:52 pm
with some southern montana communities. record floods pounded the region last week and napped out major roads. -- not out major roads. we will take a look at some changes we can expect at the san francisco pride parade coming up on sunday.
8:53 pm
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blazing. skies are clear as we had into tomorrow. those temperatures topping 100 degrees. 104 antioch. up to 100 degrees in san jose. 92 oakland, 85 san francisco.
8:55 pm
101 santa rosa. you really want to go to half moon bay where it will be 76 degrees. risk of heat illnesses on the first day of summer, so definitely keep that in mind and find some shade. we are out of the triple digits as we had to thursday. temperatures backed off as we get closer to the weekend. anchor: thank you. the 52nd annual pride parade is back on sunday. >> the parade is a little bit smaller this year, so we are excited that over 200 will be going down market street. we know, we feel the
8:56 pm
responsibility. we love being in the fabric of san francisco. anchor: celebrity grand marshals include jeopardy champion from oakland. members of george floyd's family will also be special guests. abc 7 is proud to be a sponsor with special coverage of the parade for the very first time. you can watch it live on sunday june 26 right here on air. to see all of our pride month coverage, had to back to the parade of the day. today's definition celebration generated memorable moments. our reporter was in the middle of it all. reporter: today was so much fun. all the energy, the players, coaches. our favorite moment down here happen before the parade.
8:57 pm
we have to talk about this real quick. are you ready? yes! that was amazing. what is your name? >> calvin wu. i am from san francisco. >> where did you get those skills from? good luck. thank you. jordan poole may have some competition next season. anchor: that was very impressive. that is it for this addition of abc7news. thanks so much for joining us. if you missed the celebration parade today, you can head over to the streaming tv app where we
8:58 pm
will be showing the parade in its entirety. i will see you back here at 11:00.
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rob: welcome to the '80s greatest hits. now we're entering a strange world of make believe, cuteness and charm and some creatures that quite frankly i find terrifying. we're talking about the top ten toys. jackie: all the best toys came out in the '80s. rob: they were way more than child's play. ninja turtles: cowabunga! loni: it was just a craze, we just loved it. woman: i got my doll! i got my doll! rob: they were hot toys created during a cold war. seth: it was a torture device thinly disguised as a children's toy. rob: when old barriers began to break down dmc: my little pony is the flyest thing ever. rob: and toys first found their voice. teddy: hi, my name is teddy ruxpin.


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