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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 21, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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the beach might be the best place to be the next couple of days it is going to be as a sizzling start to the summer with the bay area feeling the heat temperatures expected to top 100 degrees in some locations. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm dionne lim right away. there is a heat advisory for tomorrow along with a spare the air alert sandia you are watching it closely. yeah dion it is going to be a steamy first day of summer heat advisory for virtually all of the bay area except the coast in san francisco. tomorrow until 10 pm tomorrow solano county running through wednesday night now all of this means that the temperatures are going to soar and there is a risk of heat illnesses. it will be running higher the summer scorcher tomorrow afternoon pushing temperatures up above 100 degrees in these cities conquered 104. it's going to be sizzling in fairfield 106 102 in gilroy, walnut creek as well. stay hydrated and remember try to direct sunlight and don't
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leave your people in pets in the cars. definitely check on them and no symptoms of heat illness. i'll let you know exactly how long this hot weather is going to stick around coming up dion. all right those much needed reminders sandia. thanks now beating the heat will be a priority for many the next couple of days. the problem won't just be the high temperatures wind is also a concern for a reason you may not expect. here's abc 7 news reporter unser hassan. late monday afternoon. the temperature was 91 degrees in downtown walnut creek. it's likely to reach triple digits on tuesday. well today was just a taste of it. so there's this pool here. we swim like many chris junsey spent the afternoon at the pool at other farm park in walnut creek. the pool is a big draw this time of year. and in this heat we can go to parks. maybe we can swim matt bailey is a lead meteorologist with the national weather service. he predicts several days of very temperatures getting close to a
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heat wave but he's also concerned about the wind. we're also watching what's referred to as offshore flow or north the northeast winds mainly says the wind will dry out surrounding vegetation even more especially in the higher elevations in the north and east bay those northeast winds combine with a hot and dry conditions. we'll definitely elevate fire weather concerns a spare. the air alert has been issued for tuesday along with the heat advisory from 10 am to 10 pm. we fat. are 2,972 fires as of last night, carlos, alcantara is the fire marshal for the city of morgan hill and the battalion chief for cal fire santa clara unit. he says most grass and wildfires are started by human activity. so for the next few days, he's asking people to limit their outdoor activity moen or do some yard work or anything like that anything that might causes spark just do it before ten o'clock. jimmy trend lives near heather farm park and away from vegetation, but even still he
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knows that everywhere in the bay area is at risk. we're not really too concerned about that fire coming into our community, you know, but the same time like yes, you know, we're aware that i think it was a far last week and of pittsburgh as well too. so, i mean it could happen in walnut creek answer hassan abc 7 news. don't forget you can check the temperatures get your forecasts and learn more about bay area weather anytime in the weather on demand section of the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app. you can download it for roku apple tv and amazon fire along with android tv. moving on to developing news from san francisco where two people have been taken to the hospital after a stabbing officers were called to the area of seventh and market streets just before 8:30 this evening. that's where they found an adult victim. juvenile victim about one block away from each other both have been stabbed, but the injuries were non-life threatening police are investigating the link between both stabbings. a man shot and killed by solano county sheriff's deputies in
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vallejo, sunday afternoon was armed with several handsaw blades. the da's office says 911 callers reported the man had a knife and had carjacked a vehicle on curtola parkway. solano deputies responded to those calls investigators say thompson refused to drop the saw blades when confronted that is when the deputy shot him. later died at the hospital that shooting is being investigated and deputies responded because vallejo police officers did not have anyone available at the time. the brother of san francisco mayor london breed appeared in court today asking that his 44 year sentence for murder robbery and carjacking be reduced the abc 7 news. i team was there as the mayor's brother napoleon brown reacted to the case being rescheduled for august. attorney says brown sentence should be reduced because of a 2019 law changing the definition of murder. napoleon is doing really well. he's got hope now that he will get out.
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sometime in the foresee of the future and it's and it's hard for him to wait. court records show after robbing the johnny rockets on fisherman's wharf in june of 2000 browns getaway car stopped on the golden gate bridge, and he pushed out the driver who was killed by a drunk driver heading in the opposite direction. now that district attorney chase a boudin has been recalled a spokesperson for the da's office says the new district attorney to be selected by mayor breed will quote have a conflict of interest in this matter. da's office has opposed brown's resentencing since 2019. over the east baya san leandro man is facing possible hate crime charges in connection to acts of vandalism at a house in his neighborhood. police. say 25 year old nicholas swires spray paint an anti-asian messages at a house for sale on inverness street, the mostreceny on a slur was found painted on the garage door that same message was painted on the for
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sale sign in. of the home as well investigators. say the realtor property owners and most recent tenants of the home are all of asian descent. 13 students and a teacher from albany high school are recovering after they were hurt in a tour bus crash in france that crash happened friday while the group was returning from a stay in spain. the teacher was seriously hurt and had to be airlifted to a hospital while the students injuries were minor french investigators say they are still looking into what exactly caused the bus driver to lose control. he will be tested for alcohol and drugs. no, we're yet on when the albany high school group will return home. over in the south bay santa clara county is ready to give the covid-19 vaccine to its youngest residents beginning tomorrow kids six months to five years can receive a children's first dose of either the pfizer or modern vaccine appointments are open now abc 7 news reporter manda del castillo has our
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preview about what parents with young children can expect. santa clara county's youngest residents can start rolling up their sleeves tuesday morning to take a children's first dose of either the pfizer or moderna covid-19 vaccine. videotaken monday shows the supply for kids six months to five years arriving arriving in the south bay. typically, it takes about 24 hours from arrival of the vaccine to when we have it in arms a highly. painted and long-awaited mov es sanford health infectious disease position dr. after bonilla, he says of that age group and across the country around 45,000 kids have already been infected with covid-19 of that number 10,000 going to icu. and 400 kids die. i don't want your kid to be another number the county's public health officer says among the more. the cross the country who have died one was a child in santa
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clara county in addition to the county's existing vaccination sites. it's opening a new site in mountain view meant to serve north county residents. the hope is to get to a point where the county can administer 1,000 kid vaccines per day reduce infections and transmission and offers some relief for families with young. run, but dr. bonilla understands the covid vaccine doesn't come without concern had they know report a single case for my car that is competitive population and possible how to do with the doses and the immune system is completely different than in adults. the kids' fiser vaccine is an expected three shot sequence moderna will be given over two shots here in the county of santa clara. we are ready parents are being encouraged to first check with their health care providers for the county. ants can be made online in the south bay. i'm a manitou still go abc 7 news. now if you have questions about vaccines or just need help finding an appointment, you can always ask our vaccine team just
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head to abc 7 slash vaccine and click box. well, it may not seem like it but gas prices throughout the bay area are down at least a few cents this week compared to last the average price for a gallon of regular is 654 in the city 650 in oakland and 647 in san jose. that's about nickel cheaper than one week ago. there's according to aaa and they may go down even further under a federal plan to enact a gas tax holiday several lawmakers have floated the idea of temporarily pausing the federal gasoline tax. the idea is under consideration by president biden. he gave reporters a timeline today. yes, i'm consuming how soon can be expected. well, i hope i have a decision based on. data, i'm looking for by by the end of the week. the pause would possibly save drivers more than 18 cents per gallon. a lot more to come it is a dub
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nation celebration tens of thousands of gold-blooded warriors fans filled the streets today to soak in the team's fourth championship in eight seasons. we'll have all the highlights. and what's that smell a curious baron south lake tahoe gets distracted by a camera making for a very cute close-up, but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11:00. here's guest host. sean hayes. i'm sean hayes so deal with it, you know, i was in the movie venom but a person came up to me and they said again people have only like half an idea of what i do. he said i love doing venmo. he said i love doing venmo. fishing helps ease my mind. it's kinda like having liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. woah! look out! [submarine rising out of water] [minions making noise]
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hey, this is the moment. dirt from th the bottom in there holding quite the event djd sharp is mixed on the ones and tuesdays. i love you. i just wanted to come over here grab the mic make sure that they get their tv time. let them know what you so many awesome moments. it was a dub nation celebration to remember for the first time san francisco. got to host a warriors championship parade, and it did not disappoint a massive crowd-packed market street to cheer on a team that picked up its fourth championship in eight seasons abc7 news. anchor karina. nova has a look at the best sites and sounds before the player parade was the trophy parade steph curry and steve kerr watched as the team's championship trophies went up on stage. this was time for some reflection. for you fans. this is a group to be proud of not just because we won because
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the people that they are draymond green reminded the crowd he predicted this fourth championship and then look towards his younger teammates. what brings me to most joy and winning the championship ever since i won my first one seeing the guys who went it the first time. because you always want that feeling bad and the reality is is you never get it again, and the only way to truly get it is to fill it through an andrew wiggins is to fill it through a jordan pool. we represent you guys like the life that you give us the inspiration. this is what it's all about us entertaining you guys giving you something to cheer for to be passionate about. through a group. vote the confetti started flying early and often fans lined the parade route from the foot of market until 8th street after three parades in oakland. this was the first warriors championship parade in san
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francisco, and everybody was ready to celebrate. after a fourth championship, there were enough trophies to go round draymond had one staff had one. it was a long before the players got off the buses and partied with the fans. our reporter loose peña caught up with oakland native juan toscano anderson who gave a shout out in spanish. he's the first player of mexican ancestry to win an nba championship. history see he's always thought you want said this victory is bigger than him. it's to inspire younger generations. he then went on to high-five the crowd. steve kerr couldn't resist greeting those fans after a little dancing draymond answered those who continue to criticize the team despite their success.
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they just say what they want. there's nobody. has done it the way we've done we do. and different got them to this showered and confetti and sparkling with lots of bling jordan pool summed it up for everyone at the end of the parade subtle donation. i thought everybody let's do it again next year. how's that for a bike drop? overall? it was just what dub nation needed to celebrate this nba title back to you. we'll clean up efforts god underway almost immediately after the warriors parade san francisco's public works crews wasted no time getting onto the streets. the street sweepers went straight into action. i mean take a look at all the confetti trucks sprayed market street to get it ready for public transit with the caption online saying did someone say splash that is the dpw's twitter account. well if you missed any of the fun, or maybe you just want to
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relive it all you can always check out all of the big moments at our website abc 7 if you stream you can also check out the parade on the abc 7 news app. the 52nd annual pride parade is back on sunday for the first time since the pandemic hit we spoke with sf pride interim executive. what we can expect the parade is a little bit smaller this year. so we're excited that it's over 200 contingents will be will be going down market street. okay straight. it doesn't matter in san francisco. you're impacted by san francisco pride, and we know we feel that responsibility and and we you know, we love being in fabric of san francisco. celebrity grand marshals for the pride parade include jeopardy champion amy schneider from oakland and actor sherry cola members of george floyd's family will also be special guests marching in the front of the parade. and abc 7 news is proud to be a sponsor. we'll have special coverage of the parade for the very first
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time you can watch it live on sunday, june 26th right here on the air andir and on your abc 7s app to see all of our pride month coverage. just head to abc 7 pride we'll check this out seem to be rather active in the south lake tahoe area lately yesterday. we had video of two of them getting into a fight right outside a house and now we have this. curious guy the bear was going for a stroll just happened to walk past a camera then comes back and as you can see takes a good sniff at it. apparently this is what it is like to come face to face with a bear. no. thank you on camera or in real life, right? that's your dion. i don't blame you one bit. all right, you might want to pass on the heat tomorrow. i know it's gonna be tough here. is your weather alert elevated fire danger with temperatures soaring tomorrow heat illnesses are certainly possible. so definitely take it easy.
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stay hydrated drink plenty of water high pressure building in will cause those temperatures to really spike tomorrow today. we had low to mid 90s tomorrow. you're going to see those temperatures go well above 100 degrees, so reasons is as high pressure builds in it's going to be an offshore wind 31 miles an hour ramsey, saint helena 27, mount diablo 17 when you have a down sloping wind it tends to dry out the atmosphere. so you will notice that the humidity values by 10 o'clock inland already in the 14-15 percent range and by the afternoon, we are looking at single digits. so fire danger will be running high keep that in mind. it's still warm outside inland at least in the 70s 50s 60 right around the coast. here's live view from our east bay hills camera a little breezy in the hills, but it is going to get a little bit stronger overnight in the north bay hills air quality declining spare the air alert issued for tomorrow. it's going to be poor in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley moderate for other parts of the bay area lovely
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view from our san jose camera as we look at the shark tank summer starts tomorrow at 2:13 in the morning warm to hot with above average temperatures and there is a possibility of isolated thunder midweek, so fog tonight in half moon bay. we're not expecting a whole lot going into tomorrow and then wednesday we start to see the monsoon moisture beginning to move up that's going to add the humidity to the air. there's a possibility of an isolated thunderstorm between wednesday and thursday, even though the best possibility is going to be in the sierra and southern california. we can't rule it out here and if we do get dry lightning, of course, the concern is fires getting started. so keep that in mind. temperatures anywhere from the upper is with patchy fogg and half moon bay to 71 degrees tomorrow morning in antioch. so yeah warm depending on where you are and breezy in the hills tomorrow afternoon in the south bay a hundred in san jose 102 and gilroy getting up into the mid-90s for a sunnyvale palo alto on the peninsula 97 redwood
1:30 am
city 75 in pacifica. well above average san francisco 85 degrees north bay temperatures 98 in san rafael triple digits sonoma napa santa rosa in the east bay 92 oakland 96 in fremont sizzling inland 104 in concord 103 in livermore accuweather seven-day forecast up into the mid-100s for the first day of summer risk of heat illnesses mid-70s coast side, wednesday humidity goes up still going to be hot inland possibility of thunder between wednesday and thursday, but you will notice the heat backs off especially as we had towards friday and saturday low 90s in lynn mid-60s coast and then within a few degrees day and monday deon. okay quite a cool
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that helped launch kfc is up for sale. it's the claudia sanders dinner
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house in shelbyville, kentucky the man known as colonel sanders opened the restaurant for his wife and according to the restaurants website the couple not only lived here, but it also serve. as the base of operations for kfc until sanders sold the company back in 1964. not sure how much it will go for. well, we cannot get enough of the warriors victory parade. so here's larry beale with a look at sports. dion what a day for the golden state warriors celebrating their state warriors celebrating their championship with thousands of once upon a time, before jill said yes. she learned she had ibs-c and could treat it with linzess. that's why some things helped, but her constipation with belly pain would often return. maybe there was another way? or something left to learn? when her doctor connected the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating to ibs-c, it made sense to jill. so did learning that she could treat it with a once-daily pill. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent
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to support clean air. rock casino good evening. oh, this is one of my favorite videos from the warriors parade the victory march down market street today sea of humanity. happy warriors fans following klay thompson's bus. just great energy and fun as the warriors celebrate their fourth title in eight years. this may be my second favorite video. maybe this is my first i don't know. there's so many good shots who could decide through the confetti. there's clay thompson with the trophy steve kerr now has nine championship rings as player and coach. that's more than franchise except the lakers and celtics. what more can you say about steph curry? he's at four rings the teammate and more than willing to laugh at himself, especially when talking about his emotion at the end of the finals it obviously was the end of who cries on the basketball court. i mean crying in basketball. and for this to work every
1:36 am
single person up here had to be aligned and it's so special just inspired to keep going whether it's a taking a picture with old lady or young kid like dub nation has no bounds and we have fans from all walks of life. then i got to the real question is what they're gonna say now. what a day the giants in atlanta jock peterson getting his world series ring that has a pearl in it, which is sweet pitcher's dual giants done one. nothing in the eighth bases loaded austin slater out the middle against former giant will smith louise gonzalez scores, but the giants leave them loaded and end up leaving five men on base in the final two innings, brandon crawford striking out against x dodger kenley jansen and the getting bottom line. run on base two outs camilla duval gives up a walk-off to orlando. arcia. save ball game two won the final the second straight day. the giants have lost on a walk-off college world series stanford and auburn lose their leaves town to one game in the
1:37 am
sixth bases loaded for auburn cole foster. wow, he gets a hold of this thing just grand slam it's a basis clearing. double tigers take the lead david esther hoping for some more late magic for stanford. they load the bases in the seventh blake rivera strike three swinging to end the inning cardinal lose 6-2. what was a great season is over. stanley cup 5 moving to tampa for game three lightning fans lit up. they they got lit up in the first two games in colorado first period andrea palat gives tap of their first lead of the series 2-1 tampa after one they score four in the second. stamco's his tenth of these playoffs lightning back in the series 6-2 colorado still have two games to one game fours wednesday night here on abc 7 sports on abc 7 sponsored b discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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