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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 22, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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line. i'm just assuming that's what she said. [laughter] [laughter] te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this wednesday morning, one step closer to the first major gun safety legislation in decades. breaking overnight, bipartisan breakthrough on gun safety. senators taking the first step to pass the compromised bill. what's in? what's out? and what are the chances it actually passes? abject failure. a scathing rebuke of the police responool massacre. >> the officer had weapons. the children had none. the officer had body armor. the children had none. >> as more new surveillance images emerge from inside the school. breaking overnight, more than 900 people killed after a powerful earthquake struck
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afghanistan. the rescue efforts right now. powerful testimony in the january 6th hearing about former president trump's campaign to pressure local officials to overturn the election. >> you're asking me to do something against my oath, and i will not break my oath. >> how it turned their lives upside down. fiery crash landing. a plane carrying 126 people collapsing on the runway. flames and black smoke pouring out of the plane. we hear from one of the passengers who escaped as federal investigators search for answers. petito versus laundrie. gabby's parents face off against brian's in court. what the petitos are accusing them of after their daughter disappeared last summer. yellowstone re-opens. what's next for the national park after those record floods and the more than a million tourists who planned their vacations. gaming the housing market. even with interest rates rising, why now might be the best time
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to buy your new home. this morning, how to get ready to bid fast. road trip relief? with a record number of americans set to travel for july 4th, this morning, president biden calling for a federal gas tax holiday. ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ and gronk gone for good. a round of applause for the end of an era for the tight end. but can tom brady convince him to come back again? good morning, america. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> yeah, we have a lot of news this morning. we're following the breaking news out of afghanistan. after a powerful earthquake, the death toll is rising rapidly. at least a thousand dead and rescue teams are gaining some access to the region. >> we'll have more on that in a moment. we begin with the bipartisan breakthrough addressing gun violence. a group of senators reaching a deal on a package of measures that both sides say will save
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lives. our congressional correspondent rachel scott has the latest. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it was a late night here on capitol hill. the senate advanced the first major gun safety legislation in decades putting it on track for a final vote by the end of the week. the bill would enhance background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21 giving authorities up to ten days to review juvenile and mental health records. it would also close the so-called boyfriend loophole to stop people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. now, advocates say this provision would save lives. studies show a woman is five times more likely to be killed by her abuser if they have a gun. it would also provide funding for gun violence prevention programs, bolster school security and mental health. it does not go as far as the president or democrats wanted. there is no assault weapons ban included in this package. it would also not raise the legal age limit to purchase those firearms from 18 to 21,
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but it does mark a significant bipartisan breakthrough. the question now, will enough republicans stay on board to get this package across the finish line? senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he does plan to vote yes on this bill, a strong endorsement from the top republican in the senate. george? >> okay, rachel, thanks. we'll stay on capitol hill and get the latest from the january 6th committee. dramatic testimony with stop republican officials detailing how they resisted pressure from donald trump to overturn the election. one told the former president i will not break my oath. chief washington correspondent jonathan karl has the highlights. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. in dramatic fashion the january 6th committee showed the enormous lengths to which donald trump went to pressure state and local officials to overturn the election results in their states and the way he and his allies turned their lives upside down when they refused to go along with his demands. rusty bowers is arizona's republican speaker of the house. he had been a strong donald trump supporter, but he told the january 6th committee that after
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the election, trump had demanded he do something that was both immoral and illegal. >> i said, look, you are asking me to do something that is counter to my oath when i swore to the constitution to uphold it. you are asking me to do something against my oath, and i will not break my oath. >> reporter: in a series of calls after the election, trump, rudy giuliani and others demanded bowers throw out the electoral votes won by joe biden and replace them with a bogus slate of trump electors and giuliani asking him to put party first. >> he would say, aren't we all republicans here? i would think we would get a better reception. >> reporter: bowers kept asking for evidence of vote fraud. something giuliani promised, but never delivered. >> he said, we've got lots of theories. we just don't have the evidence. no one provided me ever such evidence. >> reporter: as trump and his allies went public with their pressure campaign bowers' office was bombarded with thousands of threatening messages.
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the committee sharing this never-before-seen video of protesters refusing to leave the arizona statehouse, including the january 6th protester known as the qanon shaman. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: and like bowers many state lawmakers and election officials in the contested states were harassed at home. the committee presented new video showing how explicit those threats were. >> the punishment for treason is death. >> reporter: the committee also called an election worker from georgia, shaye moss, who along with her mother, ruby freeman, was falsely accused of election tampering by donald trump and rudy giuliani. >> ruby freeman and shaye moss and one other gentleman quite obviously surreptitiously passing around usb ports as if they're vials of heroin or cocaine. >> in one of videos we just watched, mr. giuliani accused you and your mother of passing
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some sort of usb drive to each other. what was your mom actually handing you on that video? >> a ginger mint. >> reporter: the accusations were bogus but they triggered an avalanche of threats from trump supporters. >> a lot of threats wishing death upon me. telling me, you know, i'll be in jail with my mother and saying things like be glad it's 2020 and not 1920. >> reporter: moss' mother ruby sat behind her at the hearing and donald trump attacked her by name 18 times in a single phone call with georgia's top election official. in videotaped testimony freeman describes the toll that took on her life. >> there is nowhere i feel safe, nowhere. >> reporter: the committee also heard from state officials in georgia, pennsylvania and michigan in taped and live testimony.
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all of them republicans and all, george, people who faced intense pressure from donald trump and his allies to use their position to overturn trump's election loss to joe biden. >> they're something of a lonely group inside the republican party right now. more and more candidates out on the stump this year are backing former president trump's election lies. >> reporter: yes, george, in fact, an analysis by fivethirtyeight of all the republican primaries so far this year shows that in statewide elections and in races for congress, 52% raised doubts about the election. 37% outright deny the 2020 election results. so still very much central to the republican rank and file. >> just astonishing. jon karl, thanks very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to president biden pushing for relief at the gas pump calling for a federal gas tax holiday and urging states to take action too. this comes as nearly 48 million people are expected to travel for the fourth of july holiday including a record 42 million
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driving despite those high prices. our chief white house correspondent mary bruce has the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the president is hoping that this will provide americans some relief this summer. in a speech this afternoon, biden will call on congress to suspend the gas tax for three months. that means americans could save about 18 cents a gallon, meaning in all they would save about $70 million a day but it's also going to cost the government about $10 billion over these three months. that's money that would normally go to funding key infrastructure projects. the president is also urging states to halt their gas taxes and, again, calling for oil refineries to step up their capacity. but, of course, none of this is a guarantee. the president needs congress to act on this and he is already facing opposition from members of both parties. look, officials here admit that this alone is not going to fix this problem. that it's not going to stop surging gas prices so think of this more as a temporary band-aid to provide some relief rather than a long-term
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solution. robin? >> some much-needed relief. mary, thank you. now to the new revelations about the uvalde police department and what a top texas safety official calls its, quote, abject failure to confront the gunman who killed 19 children and 2 teachers. mireya villarreal has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: as new surveillance images emerge from inside robb elementary school during the deadly mass shooting, overnight city council members denying the school's embattled police chief pete arredondo the chance to take a leave of absence from his duties. >> i make a motion we do not grant the leave of absence for councilman arredondo. >> reporter: this as the actions of officers that day get a searing indictment inside the texas senate. >> there's compelling evidence that the law enforcement response to the attack at robb elementary was an abject failure. >> reporter: the direct of the texas department of public safety insist police could have stopped the deadly attack three minutes after it began.
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>> the only thing stopping the hallway of dedicated officers from entering room 111 and 112 was the on-scene command who are decided to place the lives of officers before the lives of children. >> reporter: this image obtained by axe affiliate kvue showing officers equipped with rifles and a ballistic shield they could have used to storm the room at 11:52 a.m. more shields and rifles seen in this image first obtained by "the texas tribune" at 12:04 p.m. and this image first obtained by "the new york times" showing nearly a dozen officers in the hallway at 12:46 p.m. moments before they finally took down the gunman. the massacre lasting 77 minutes. >> the officer had weapons. the children had none. the officers had body armor. the children had among. the officer has training. the subject had none. one error, 14 minutes and 8 seconds. that's how long the children waited and the teachers waited
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in rooms 111 to be rescued. >> reporter: mccraw saying officers wasted time searching for a key for a door that wasn't locked. while dozens of officers waited, kids were calling 911 from inside for over 40 minutes. >> is there anybody inside of the building? >> advising he is in the room full of victims. >> reporter: new testimony revealing the chief had no radio to communicate with dispatchers and police radios were not working inside the school. arredondo spotted tuesday after testifying in a closed hearing. >> do you have anything to say to the parents? >> reporter: he recently told "the texas tribune" he felt he was in an impossible situation and wanted to save as many lives as possible, but mccraw says arredondo made terrible decisions. >> mistakes were made. it should have never happened that way. >> reporter: families now demanding transparency. vincent salazar lost his 11-year-old daughter layla. >> i want to know what took them
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so long to act. if they have nothing to hide everything should be open to the public so that we can hear what happened. >> reporter: today in austin more testimony is expected on firearm safety and on mental health. legislators here in texas are wanting governor greg abbott to call a special session. they don't just want to talk about what happened that day. they want to change the laws. the only way that can happen is if they are in session. george? >> mireya, thanks. now to breaking news overseas, a major earthquake in afghanistan. at least a thousand dead and maggie rulli is tracking the story from london. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. yeah, the death toll there is rapidly rising as rescue teams are finally gaining some access to the mountainous region and seeing the damage firsthand. as of now officials are saying at least a thousand people have been killed. the 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck in the middle of the night and a local journalist tells abc news that most people were killed in their homes. now, early footage coming in
7:14 am
showing landslides wiping out villages and destroying mud built homes in the province, and in remote areas helicopters are flying the injured to the hospital, but some areas are difficult to reach. new earthquakes in afghanistan do tend to be deadly as many of the homes are unstable and officials say they only expect death toll to rise. michael? >> tragedy there. thank you so much. now to the landing gear on a plane carrying 126 people, collapsing, sparking a fire right after touching down. transportation correspondent gio benitez joins us now with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning. yeah, aviation experts tell us this kind of accident is almost unheard of but very, very dangerous and when you see these videos and hear these stories, it's a miracle everyone survived. this morning, dramatic video showing a plane crash landing in miami skidding down the runway and then part of it bursting into flames. passengers sliding down through
7:15 am
the emergency exit. some taken away on stretchers. crews surround the plane to put the fire out. >> put out the fire, just keep it on that right side of the aircraft. >> reporter: the red air flight with 126 people on board taking off from the dominican republic landing in miami at 5:30 p.m. >> no one ever thinks this is actually going to happen. >> reporter: alfredo was on board with his wife and 4-month-old daughter, still shaken, but speaking with "gma" overnight. >> everything appeared to be okay until we landed. when we touched the ground, there was shaking on the plane and then a loud noise, and then the plane like -- it sounded like something broke or something. something gave up and the plane went down on the left side and then started spinning and we were in the grass. >> reporter: the faa telling abc news the landing gear of the aircraft collapsed. >> having the gear retract on
7:16 am
landing is incredibly unusual, if not unprecedented. investigators will look at everything, of course, but one of the key elements they'll look at here is in what condition was the landing gear right now. >> reporter: some passengers crediting a quick-thinking crew to get everyone out safely. >> it was scary, but the protocols actually worked. everybody got out. >> reporter: and we're told three of those passengers were taken to the hospital but, again, everyone survived. we can't stress that enough. and the faa and ntsb, the national transportation safety board, now say they will investigate. robin? >> so scary. gio, thank you. we turn to yellowstone national park partially re-opening after the record flooding there. will carr joins us with what's next. will, the iconic national park usually expects, what, a million tourists a month in both july and august, so what can visitors
7:17 am
anticipate, will? >> reporter: that's right, robin. good morning. yellowstone is one of the most popular national parks in the united states and with summer vacations kicking off the park is now re-opening at least partially after record-setting flooding last week. we saw extensive damage to homes, roads and bridges. 10,000 visitors were forced to leave. the flooding surged after record rain mixed with snow melt. the floodwaters were so bad they reshaped the park's rivers and canyons. now yellowstone is getting $50 million to help restore temporary access. the southern part of the park is set to re-open a little bit later today. over the next two weeks 80% of the park is going to be back re-opened which is actually hard to believe if you saw all of the devastation that played out over the last week. te best thing you can do is, if you're visiting yellowstone this summer, check out the park's website to see what's open and what you have to do to get in. guys? >> good suggestion there. will, thank you.
7:18 am
a lot more coming up on "gma" including sharks coming closer to the shore this summer. we'll cover that. also, the parents of gabby petito, the woman killed by her boyfriend brian laundrie, while on a road trip facing off against his parents in a pivotal hearing. but first, sam is in for ginger. good morning, sam. >> welcome to summer where the storms are loud and damaging. i'll take you to kansas. this is junction city, kansas. it's a little west of topeka. look at the winds, 75-mile-per-hour winds not only snapped trees but took whole trees down and a lot looking at that damage during the day to day. i want to show you the northeast in this sector. this warm front backs in a little bit. that's why new york is so cool during the day and fairly cloudy. this is where the heat and humidity. so el mira we're warm all the way down to washington and charlottesville. as a cold front is there, there will be flooding here as well. heads-up into d.c. and baltimore. that's the weather around the nation. here's what you can expect this morning.
7:19 am
drew: i'm abc7news meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast. not expecting record heat like yesterday, but warmer spots going into the 80's and 90's later on this afternoon. under partly cloudy skies, some fog along the coastline tonight. it turns a little more humid overnight tonight. temperatures in the 50's and low 60's. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. warm to hot today. we will keep those above average temperatures through the upcoming weekend. in stay there. we'll be right back.
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if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning everyone, i'm kumasi aaron on abc seven mornings. get ready for delays on part. -- bart. there was a partial train derailment, crews working through the night to fix the issue. this was at stations between concord and pleasant hill, expect delays of up to 15 minutes. officials say the heat causes the rails to uncle. we are following a crash in vacaville, five cars. >> pass panca ended obey, even though it has cleared which is why the thumbs-up is on the map,
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>> looking at our temperatures this morning, into the 60's and 70's, certainly mild as you step outside this wednesday. a live look from our east bay hills camera, a lot of sunshine out there. we're getting red -- rid of the record heat yesterday but still warm. instead of triple digit heat in our hottest spots, into the 90's inland, allow the shoreline -- around the shoreline into the 80's. fog will return later this evening. >> if you are in the streaming
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app, abc 7 continues next, for everyone else, gma.
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he's my best friend. >> valkyrie. >> the guardians. >> jane. >> the old ex-girlfriend. >> jane foster. >> oh, that looks good. welcome back to "gma." fans can't wait for "thor: love and thunder" to finally hit theaters and one of the stars and the director, taika waititi, yes, going to join us live right here in times square in our next hour. looking forward to that. >> we sure are. following a lot of headlines this morning as well including the latest on that earthquake in afghanistan. landslides have wiped out villages and the death toll rising rapidly.
7:31 am
at least a thousand dead right now and rescue efforts under way right now. the senate advanced the first gun safety legislation in decades on track for a final vote by the end of the week. the bill would enhance background checks for those under 21, and it would also provide funding for gun violence prevention programs, bolster school security, and mental health. but there is no assault weapons ban. it won't raise the legal age to buy firearms. and tom brady will have to play this season without tight end rob gronkowski. gronk is retiring. it's his second attempt at walking away from the game. he left after the 2018 season only to have tom brady convince him to join him in tampa bay in 2020. and what did that end with? another super bowl. >> mm-hmm. >> you should see how michael is looking. gronk's agent tells espn he wouldn't be surprised if brady is able to talk him out of it again. do you think he can talk him out of it again? >> we'll see you on the feel, gronk.
7:32 am
see you on the field, buddy. 11 seasons, 4 super bowls, 5 pro bowls, nfl 100 all-time team, 2010 decade team. the guy has done it all. he will be back. >> oh, wow. you heard it from michael strahan. we do have a lot more ahead including why this could be the right time to buy a home. even with interest rates rising quickly. that's coming up. michael? all right, now we turn to summer officially under way but there is new research suggesting sharks do not avoid the lights and noise of city shorelines as this comes much to the surprise of researchers. will reeve is on long beach outside new york city with more. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, michael. it's not a perfect beach day here as we take a look from above with our drone. but then again humans like ideal conditions. logically animals like sharks are drawn to certain conditions as well and stay away from areas that don't meet them but this new research suggests sharks may not be so picky. with summer officially under way
7:33 am
as millions hit beaches nationwide, new insight indicates this could be the summer of the shark. this is miami's biscayne bay where researchers at the university of miami suggest in a new study that sharks aren't necessarily avoiding busy cities with the bright lights, bustling noise and crowds of people. in fact, they're drawn there. >> we think the sharks might be coming to miami to take advantage of food being discarded. the nutrients that are running into the water from land might be causing this mini food web buildup that could be attracting sharks as well. >> reporter: the marine scientists tested three types of sharks -- the hammerhead, bull sharks and nurse sharks between 2016 and 2020 to see how close these predators are getting to city beaches. >> basically we put on these sharks transmitter that sent off a super high frequency ultra
7:34 am
sonic signal and when they swam within the listing range of them it recorded and logged that shark was there. >> reporter: this as a recent spate of shark encounters from coast to coast have alarmed beachgoers. earlier this month an estimated 12-foot-long great white was spotted near the new jersey coast. >> look at this monster. get -- get away. >> reporter: recently onlookers off nantucket filmed one of their first great white sightings of the season. >> oh my god. >> reporter: in southern california, lifeguards say they've seen an unprecedented 500% increase in white shark sightings in the past five years but researchers say there's nothing out of the ordinary in the deep blue. >> humans aren't on the menu. we are not a natural prey item. there's always safety in numbers and, you know, if you see an unusual amount of fish activity or unusual fish behavior, those might be fish trying to escape a hunting shark so just be alert. >> reporter: as always, this summer, whether you're swimming in an urban area or somewhere more remote, some tips to stay safe from sharks include swimming in pairs, avoiding murky water or getting out too deep. if you see seals or other shark
7:35 am
food in the water, get out of the water. guys? >> smart. good advice. >> thank you, will. >> reporter: you good it. we turn to a big day in court for the parents of gabby petito, the young woman killed by her boyfriend brian laundrie as the pair traveled across the country last summer. the petito family is now suing laundrie's parents, and trevor ault has the story. >> reporter: in the next few hours the family of gabby petito will be in court defending the civil lawsuit they filed against the parents of brian laundrie, the man who investigators say murdered their daughter. >> the laundries should be responsible for their conduct and what they did after they knew that gabby was dead and where her body was located. >> reporter: the fbi says last summer brian laundrie strangled gabby petito to death in wyoming and returned home to florida without her. her disappearance sparked a nationwide search, but brian and his family refused to speak with law enforcement orabby parents and then brian disappeared himself.
7:36 am
investigators later finding his body in a nearby swamp saying he died from a self-inflicted gunshot next to a written confession. the petito family is now acusing the laundries of intentional infliction of emotional distress, alleging they knew gabby had been murdered but said nothing, instead calling a lawyer and cutting off communication with gabby's mother. >> they refused to return calls and then they blocked her on her cell phone and blocked her on facebook. >> reporter: chris and roberta laundrie have never commented publicly since gabby's disappearance, but they're seeking to dismiss the case. their lawyer saying the lawsuit is baseless. >> the law does not require an individual to speak to a third party under any circumstances. >> reporter: he would not confirm whether or not the laundries knew what happened to gabby before her body was found but he says he advised them not to speak with anyone including gabby's family. >> you have the right to remain silent. you have the right to allow your
7:37 am
lawyer to speak for you. and you should not be liable to any third party whether it's the family of the victim or whether it's a victim. >> reporter: this morning a judge will consider if the case will get a jury trial. back in december gabby's mother spoke to us about turning her daughter's death into a mission to fight domestic violence and find missing people. >> i don't want to see this happen to another person. just awareness alone is giving people the strength. >> reporter: and gabby's family is asking for more than $100,000 in damages here. that money could be used to help fund the gabby petito foundation which her family established to champion those causes. george? >> okay. thanks, trevor. let's bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. dan, thanks for joining us again this morning. today's hearing is a pretrial hearing but you say it's critical. >> it's absolutely critical. this is the case that will determine whether there's even going to be a trial here, and this is not an easy legal argument for the petito family
7:38 am
to make. so if a judge allows this to move forward, if the judge says, essentially there is enough grounds here for a jury to hear the case, suddenly a jury will be able to make decisions which are broader about sort of right and wrong, which i think could help the petitos rather than the strictly legal arguments which are very tough for them. >> it's still a tough case for them to win. >> yeah, absolutely and the reason it's tough is because the lawyer for the laundries makes a fair point, which is as a legal matter, you're not legally to to help in an investigation, et cetera. and to sue over that is very unusual, very hard to win. the lawsuit is pretty broad and pretty vague, which is why today's hearing becomes so essential if the judge is saying there's enough here as a legal matter to send this to a jury that would be a huge win for the petitos. >> dan abrams, thanks very much.
7:39 am
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7:43 am
though interest rates are skyrocketing it could be good news for buyers. to know if you're in the market. good morning, becky. >> good morning, robin. yeah, i'm the daughter of two realtors, and i can tell you the pandemic fueled a meteoric rise in housing sales. the median price up 38% in just two years. but now it feels like a shift so that means an opportunity for buyers on the move. this morning as interest rates rise, the frenzied housing market starting to slow down. >> i heard a good analogy the other day. we're not in a shift. we are in a sharp u-turn where the car is on two wheels. >> reporter: in arizona this realtor saying market uncertainty and rising mortgage rates might be making it easier for average home buyers to get in. >> what we're seeing is lots of price reductions on listings, lots of listings coming on the market. >> reporter: sales for existing homes falling in may, down more than 8% from a year ago. and inventory of homes on the market is up over 12%.
7:44 am
the reason, 30-year fixed rate mortgages now rising to about 6%. compare that to about 3% a few months ago. for a $300,000 house that's an extra $430 per month. but it's a cost buyers like clair are willing to shoulder. >> even though it's a higher interest rate, it would still be within a level i could maintain the costs for the home. >> reporter: the 34-year-old tax accountant is ready to move her 2-year-old son to a house in new jersey with a backyard. >> certain neighborhoods that were kind of out of my realm of thinking of possibility are now part of the discussion. >> reporter: but the timing is tricky. >> if you need to buy a home within the next year or so, so in that case you're better off acting sooner and locking your rate sooner. >> reporter: to buy fast, experts say talk to a lender to get pre-approved for a loan and have all of the documents needed ready to go. pay stubs, tax returns and investment statements. and play to the seller's need. >> they might need a little more
7:45 am
flexibility. maybe if you give them a longer closing time line that might help them find the home they'll go to or if they've already found that home, you might want to try to close quickly so they can get this deal done. >> so advice for buyers, look at very recent comps to figure out how much to bid. older sale prices may no longer be as relevant and as for interest rates, they could go up or they could go down but if you can stretch on that monthly mortgage payment to buy at a lower overall price now, you can always refinance when rates go down. but, guys, it is a guessing game right now about those rates. >> all great advice there. so are your parents still in the real estate biz? >> they're trying to get out but it keeps sucking them back in. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> i love it. thank you so much, becky. coming up next, we have the fight to the finish in the stanley cup final.
7:46 am
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we're back now with the stanley cup final. we're back now with the stanley cup final. game four is tonight with the two-time defending champion lightning looking to even the series with the avalanche. victor oquendo is live in tampa. he's not outside in the heat but on the ice. good morning, victor. >> reporter: a little cold here. good morning, michael. it turns out that all the tampa bay lightning needed was a little home ice, bouncing back from back-to-back losses, and tonight as you said, they are looking to even up the series. in game three the lightning came
7:50 am
to life finally looking like the two-time defending champs handily beating the colorado avalanche 6-2. their stars showed up and theiri 37 saves. what a turnaround for him. he actually allowed a career worst seven goals in game two. this guy is considered the best in the world, so it was almost out of character to see the avalanche light him up in those first two games. colorado really has been the best team in the playoffs so far, but they really didn't look like it in game three, thanks, in part, to the home fans and this guy. thunderbug. what do you think? even up the series tonight? yep, and guys, take a look. i don't know if you see his hands here, but those are the back to back rings. i haven't seen a super bowl ring in a while but these might be a little bigger. >> look a little bit bigger. thunderbug, i love it. >> victor just passed a real "gma" threshold.
7:51 am
we've spoken to muppets. he spoke to a mascot. >> who can't speak back. >> never speak back. >> no. >> the puck drops tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc and it's also streaming on espn plus. coming up we're kicking off not one, but two-day "deals & steals" sizzling savings on summer beauty. come on back. >> so pretty. >> uh-huh. oh yeah, that is them. (that is howard) yeah, that's on howard's campus. ohhh, she's so powerful, she carried on the family legacy. we were blown away. (chuckles) i not only was a student and an undergrad, but i've been a professor there for twenty years, so it's really a special moment to know that i had a family member who over a hundred years prior have walk these grounds. it's deeply uplifting. yes, it is. we're walking in their footsteps. it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing
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7:55 am
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, checking in with jobina for traffic. >> morning everyone. starting with a live look at the toll plaza, 27 minutes to get across the bridge once you make it to the lights, they came on at 535 -- 545 time and traffic is backed up to the maze. there single tracking between pleasant hill and concord stations. and the service. >> good morning, temperatures warming through the 60's and 70's right now so you feel mild air this wednesday. here's a live look at the bay bridge from our southeast camera. a lot of sunshine, we will find the record heat of yesterday receives but is still a warm to hot day.
7:57 am
partly cloudy skies later today. instead of triple digits, the 90's inland, 80's around the shoreline, and this returns. >> the abc 7 at 7:00 continues next and gma is for everyone
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, bipartisan breakthrough on gun safety. senators take the first steps to pass the compromise bill. road trip relief? with the record number of americans set to travel for july 4th, this morning, president biden calling for a federal gas tax holiday. "real housewives" star and actress garcelle beauvais on her struggle with eczema and how she deals with the painful skin condition. dr. whitney bowe is breaking down what to know from the triggers to the treatments. ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ beyonce and big freedia. the soul behind queen bey's song
8:01 am
of the summer. ♪ release the stress forget the rest ♪ >> how she rose to fame and collaborated with some of music's biggest stars. ♪ i'm coming out ♪ also this morning, why having just one accepting adult in a young lgbtq person's community can literally save a life. how to handle those pivotal moments as a family and find support when you need it most. ♪ we'll be counting stars ♪ and oscar winner taika waititi going to infinity and beyond. >> i thought it would be a fun boot camp workout thing. >> bringing the thunder to a new "thor." >> that seems a bit dangerous. >> what are his big plans for "star wars"? he's here live in times square saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ we'll be counting stars ♪ that was good. >> that was original. >> all right. he is one of the busiest and by far one of the funniest people in show business. we're lucky he's going to be here in times square with us this morning. also coming up, the internet's coupon queen with
8:02 am
hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. her savings strategies for you this morning. it's a busy news day as well. we begin with the bipartisan breakthrough on gun safety. want to go back to rachel scott. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. after 30 years of congressional inaction the senate did take the first step toward advancing gun safety legislation. let's take a look at what this bill would do. it would enhance background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21, giving authorities up to ten days to review juvenile and mental health records and close the so-called boyfriend loophole, preventing people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. now, research shows a woman is five times more likely to be killed by her abuser if they have access to a gun. it would also provide funding for gun violence prevention programs bolster school security and mental health. it does not do everything democrats or the president wanted. no assault weapons ban. it doesn't raise the legal age to purchase those type of firearms. senators are now racing to get this passed by the end of the
8:03 am
week. they'll have to keep enough republicans on board but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, senate, says he plans to vote yes, robin. >> all right, thank you so much, rachel. as nearly 48 million people are expected to travel for the fourth of july holiday president biden is pushing for relief at the gas pump, calling for a federal gas tax holiday urging states to take action too. let's go back to our senior white house correspondent mary bruce. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning. the president is hoping he can give americans a little bit of breathing room this summer. in a speech this afternoon biden will call for congress can suspend the gas tax for three months. it could save consumers about 18 cents per gallon. that means americans could save about $70 million a day but it's also going to cost the government about $10 billion over the next three months. that's money that would usually go to fund key infrastructure projects. now, the president's also calling for states to halt their gas taxes and again urging oil refineries to step up their capacity too but this is far from a done deal.
8:04 am
the president needs congress to approve all of this and he's already facing opposition from both sides of the aisle. look, officials here admit this is not going to somehow solve the problem of surging gas prices, but, michael, they do hope it will provide drivers some very much-needed relief. >> every little bit helps, mary. thank you. now to new information on the summer's critical lifeguard shortage. the american lifeguard association says one-third of public pools and beaches across the country will be affected. cities will be forced to close some of their pools or restrict their hours. one of the reasons for the shortage in the early days of the pandemic lifeguard certification courses were canceled so no new lifeguards were trained and existing ones were unable to renew their certifications. >> that's the reason behind it. >> yeah. >> okay, michael. coming up our "gma morning menu," "real housewife" garcelle beauvais revealing her struggle with eczema. what triggers that painful skin condition, and the special treatment for women of color. also this morning, the
8:05 am
struggle young people have coming out to their families. two families sharing very different stories, and they'll tell us why support saved their lives. plus, what you need to know about big freedia. the soul behind beyonce's new track, "break my soul." and taika waititi is here talking "thor: love and thunder" and "lightyear." i told you he was busy. we'll be right back. i am a business hotel. i eat, sleep, and breathe efficiency. i expect my bed sheets to be as crisp as my spreadsheets. i'm looking for someone who appreciates high rois and even higher rpms. must like hard work, punctuality, and a good firm handshake. if you're someone who likes earning rewards as much as earnings reports, i would be honored to be your perfect somewhere. ♪ ♪
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or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. ♪ oh, nice shot down the street here in times square and welcome back to "gma." tomorrow we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passage of
8:10 am
title ix, the law that bans sex-based discrimination in schools, changing the lives of women in sports and beyond. we'll have a big surprise for one of the heroes of title ix. it's something you do not want to miss. >> it's going to be special. you're right about that. now to our "gma" cover story. "real housewives of beverly hills" star garcelle beauvais speaking about her battle with eczema sharing how she was diagnosed and what she learned about dealing with the chronic skin condition. erielle reshef has her story. >> i don't need the spotlight. i shine just fine. >> reporter: this morning, "real housewife of beverly hills" garcelle beauvais is getting real about her struggles with a painful skin condition, eczema. in an exclusive interview with "people" she staid i was in my 30s when out of the blue i started getting patches on my skin and they would be really itchy. i didn't know what it was. like did something bite me? it just kept coming up in different places and the more i stressed about it, the more they'd come out. i didn't know what to do.
8:11 am
>> what's up? >> reporter: the actress says she managed the condition on the set of her hit show "nypd blue." >> you don't owe me anything. >> reporter: but one summer flare-up left her miserable telling "people" i started getting patches behind my knees. i wanted to crawl out of my skin because it's so irritating. i didn't want to hear halter tops or shorts because you could see the dry itchy patches. eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder affecting one in ten people in the u.s. and it's common in children but can occur at any age. it appears on the skin as red to brownish gray patches that cause itching, sometimes severe, especially at night. >> erica, i don't have to make you look bad. you can do that on your own. >> reporter: the 55-year-old says the stress brought on by " exacerbate the condition but now avoids perfumes and hot baths adding, i always have breakouts during filming "housewives" but i manage it as best i can. for "good morning america," erielle reshef, abc news, new york.
8:12 am
>> our thanks to erielle. joining us now with more is board certified dermatologist and a good friend of the program, dr. whitney bowe. dr. bowe, always appreciate you being with us and we know that this can impact so many people in different ways. so what are the main triggers here? >> there are many different types of eczema but they all have one thing in common. dry, itchy skin. so you want to avoid long, hot showers, you know, you want to keep them short and you want to keep the temperature lukewarm but the products you use in the shower also matter. you know those gritty exfoliating scrubs that people love to use, they are not good for eczema. you want to use a gentle cleanser, fingertips only, something that doesn't leave the skin feeling squeaky clean. >> tell us about the treatment options. >> yeah, so moisturizer is so important. every single day within minutes of stepping out of the shower, you want to use a fragrance-free moisturizer and here's an
8:13 am
example where all natural or organic is not necessarily better because even those natural fragrances can actually trigger an eczema flare so you don't want it to smell good but contain ingredients like ceramides. those have been shown to protect the skin barrier, so important in eczema. >> so it is differnt for people of color. should they do anything differently? >> yeah, so in patients with skin of color, they're not just dealing with the eczema. they're dealing with the dark patches, that discoloration that can sometimes last for months and a lot of people don't realize that those dark patches are very sensitive to the sun and so always stressing that you want to use sun protective fabrics. if you're using a sunscreen look for mineral sunscreens because those mineral ingredients are better for sensitive eczema prone skin. >> you are always so helpful and you always bring that bowe glow to "gma." thank you so much, whitney. >> you got that bowe glow too.
8:14 am
thanks for having me. >> we'll be talkingut that down the line. tank you so much, whitney. now to the soul behind beyonce's brand-new song of the summer, "break my soul." queen bey teaming up with big freedia. our ike ejiochi has a look at who she is and her one of a kind sound. hey, ike. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. big freedia is a legend hailing from her native city of new orleans, she's recognized for pioneering bounce music known for its calling response sections, a style hitting mainstream once again. ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ >> reporter: beyonce's newest single, "break my soul," could well become the song of the summer. ♪ everybody ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ >> reporter: the single bringing queen bey together again with performer big freedia who's featured on the track. ♪ release the stress ♪ >> reporter: big freedia has been slaying the industry for
8:15 am
over 20 years as a creator of bounce music. a genre of hip-hop originating from new orleans where she's from. >> honestly, anyone who has ever seen a big freedia live show they know it's unforgettable. she's just a really in demand performer and now beyonce is giving that beloved figure a huge platform once again. >> reporter: big freddia sharing her joy on twitter writing it feels surreal to be on the track with the queen, beyonce, once again. i'm so honored to be a part of this special moment. someone, please catch me. >> oh, yes. you got to believe it. >> reporter: in addition to beyonce who freedia worked back on 2016's "formation" she's collaborated with some of the biggest names in music like lizzo -- ♪ >> reporter: -- drake and kesha. ♪ i want to taste this rainbow ♪ >> i think that having big
8:16 am
freedia be a part of "formation" and six years later with "break my soul," says, hey, this person means a lot to me. their music means a lot to a lot of people. >> reporter: now, big freedia's contributions to music can also be felt within the lgbtq plus community. after 20 years on the scene she says she's going to continue to grind so she can keep representing for her community. george? >> thanks, ike. we'll stick with the theme. our series "gma" out loud and how family support can save their life. becky worley back with that story. >> george, for teens who are coming out, adolescence is a complicated and sometimes dangerous time, but according to one group, there's a simple protection to keep these kids safe, and mom, dad, auntie, grandpa, it could be you. ♪ >> reporter: when 21-year-old davon realized his truth -- >> i came out to my parents today. >> reporter: -- his parents' reactions were raw. >> i realize that i'm having --
8:17 am
i'll never be what they want me to be. >> reporter: that video shows the isolation that so many teens feel when coming out to their loved ones and trans and nonbinary adolescents are at even at greater risk. >> more than half transgender and nonbinary young people seriously considered suicide and 1 in 5 attempted suicide. >> reporter: the trevor project works to provide support and share information on the important role that parents, grandparents and really any adult can play in these pivotal teen moments. >> we know that having just one accepting adult in an lgbtq young person's life can reduce their risk of suicide by 40%. >> reporter: there is progress here. for 13-year-old sawyer and his family, it was not as big of a deal. his school has a gender and sexuality student group that helped him find people he could talk to. >> i started meeting people who are out about it and i was like, oh, i'm not actually alone. it felt like i had stopped carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.
8:18 am
>> reporter: then he talked to his parents. >> when he told us, it was just kind of matter of fact over breakfast with his brother and sister sitting there and it was just he has a crush on a boy in school, and so that was it. >> a lot of times when a parent realizes their child might be gay, they worry that they will experience more hardship in their life. is that anything that's come to you? >> not very much. >> i had a moment of oh, my gosh, are kids going to tease him, which, of course, hasn't happened at all. he has the most wonderful loving group of friends and everybody is just who they are and they love each other and accept each other, which is wonderful. going to make me tear up a little bit. >> reporter: for both of these kids with very different journeys it's all about the unconditional love of their families. >> a couple of days after i posted the video, and after i came out, before my parents saw
8:19 am
the video, my dad reassured me that anybody that i love would be welcome in his household so i think that's just the most beautiful thing.>> these kids ur at this won't be the first time they have dealt with someone coming out and the trevor project is literally a lifeline. they have a presence on every social media channel online. and like sawyer in the piece said it might take the weight of the world off your shoulders to talk to someone irl, in real life. so, george, the trevor project also has an 800 telephone number. >> so simple but so powerful. thank you, becky. also excited to debut our 2022 "gma" inspiration list. this year we highlight five incredible lgbtq plus young people driving change and advancing important conversations for their communities. you can see the list at let's go to sam in for ginger. >> let's show you what's going on. even when michael saw it, he's like, what is that? where is it? this is a little island off the coast of savannah. st. katherine's island, georgia.
8:20 am
lightning started this fire. took the island really. this was a research island. you can only get to it by boat but can see what lightning does when it hits. this area is super dry. i want to show you where the storms are running during the day today. notice this front backed up a little bit. that's why there's showers in new york, new jersey all the way down the coast and cooler temperatures but where this heat and humidity kind of come together and flare up in the cold front is where the storms will fire up today. it's more than just the lightning and hail that we're concerned about. this is going to be some flooding and i want to extend this all into washington and baltimore as well for you to keep an eye on the amount of rainfall you'll get in these storms. that's the weather around the nation. here's what you can expect this morning. drew: i'm abc7news meteorologist drew tuma with your forecast. not expecting record heat like yesterday, but warmer spots going into the 80's and 90's later on this afternoon. under partly cloudy skies, some fog along the coastline tonight. it turns a little more humid overnight tonight. temperatures in the 50's and low 60's. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. warm to hot today.
8:21 am
we will keep those above average temperatures through the upcoming weekend. in so now kicking off a two-day "deals & steals." this time it's an extravaganza, ladies and gentlemen. summer has officially started. skin, i think, is our most important accessory as i like to say, tory. >> you're right. i agree. are you ready? >> yeah. >> you know you can get the deals by pointing your cell phone at the qr code on the screen. >> i was supposed to say that. >> you were. so first up, it's a 10. it is a beloved haircare line for instant results. truly instant results. they make four different collections. we've got their classic keratin, coily and he's a 10 as well. all have this one fan favorite, this mask. this is just smell that mask. >> i also like the feel of it. >> it is so silky smooth. >> yeah, it is. >> that's what it does to your
8:22 am
hair, make it silky smooth. >> it's a hair mask. >> yes. humidity resistant. we have face things coming up but this is the hair line. >> all hair. >> all hair. >> what's the deal? >> it starts at $9.50. >> now let's put our best face forward. >> laura geller. laura geller is all about helping you get more gorgeous with minimal effort. as if that's a thing that you could be more gorgeous, this is one of alana's favorite lines that she loves. she particularly loves the eye palette. she said make sure i get to buy an eye palette and don't let them sell out. one of their favorites, this spackle primer and what this does is it's kind of like allows you to have a blank canvas that's smooth so that your makeup goes on super smooth and beautiful. all of the products have just phenomenal rich color, we've got everything for eye, lips, you name it. one of our favorite lines, these start at $9. >> when the best makeup artist in the world says they want that kit, order that kit. >> order it.
8:23 am
>> no, robin. stop. >> james read, we want to get the glow without the harmful effects of the sun. so that's what james read delivers. everything is divided into two category. one is express if i need that instant tan. the other is gradual if i want to control it kind of over a few days of time and what i love about all of these products is not only is it just a really naturally looking know but they also have skin loving ingredients. so hydrating aloe, red algae, phenomenal products, even one with retinol for ornight theye king their "gma" deals debut. 50% off starting at $4.25. >> retinol, retinol, retinol, retinol. >> magic word. if i'm having a bad day, lashes and nails can change it quickly. and static nails is kind of one of those go-to brands. we've got their brand-new magnetic lashes. >> ah. >> look at this gorgeous length. i'll show that to robin. you know about magnetic lashes.
8:24 am
>> yes. >> gorgeous length. >> magnetic? >> yes, with no mess. pop-on manicures and lacquers, $2.50 to $30. yes, lashes just like change everything. >> the glue with other lashes and you don't have to worry about it here. >> take a look at some of this packaging in front. this brand is called infinite she. this reminds me of you. shine, thrive, joy, positivity. you, sam, solid, outspoken, determined conviction. they're so good because the products because the packages -- you want to give somebody something to make their day. like this one, crush your day. all of the packaging is amazing but the scent is fabulous too on these. orange blossom, rose and really good deal. every one of the products is 4 to $29. >> that's it? >> that's really nice. >> heat, hair. hair products. >> so hard on the hair. >> it's hard on the hair so for
8:25 am
18 years they've developed products that are not hard on your hair but give you great styling. we have their new compact dryer. in the front we have their unbrush. the best detangling brush out there. everything from hi starts at $9. finally we have seven deals for you today. we're ending on smartypits. deodorant, coconut mango and new lip balm that smells good too. that smells fabulous. aluminum-free, deodorants that work created by a woman whose mom had breast cancer. she donates a piece of the sales for both survivor recovery and support. it is a phenomenal brand and everything starts $2 to $9. >> aluminum-free is important for a lot of people so finding something that works and smells that good is amazing. >> this scents are amazing. >> as are you, tory. >> thank you. >> we partnered with all these companies and get them on our website, we'll be back with more "deals &
8:26 am
steals" from tory as certainly we will. >> more tomorrow? >> tomorrow. >> you got it. >> if it's thursday it's "deals & steals." >> that's why it's a tng-d with >> the extravaganza. not to be confused with the bonanza. >> which was last week.
8:27 am
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drew: looking at temperatures right now, close to the coast, in the 50's. most of us this morning in the 60's and 70's already, 81 degrees in antioch. we are getting rid of the record heat we had yesterday, but it is still going to be aoohere is a m our east bay hills camera. here's how the day shapes up. arlie cloudy skies. instead of triple digits today, we going to the 90's and linda, 80's around the shoreline, our fog and the marine layer later on tonight, reggie. reggie: drew, thank you.
8:30 am
another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can always catch us on our news app or ♪ we're already laughing with our guest before we even come back on the air because he is flying through space in "lightyear" and soon bringing us all the action with "thor: love and thunder." let's say good morning to taika waititi. yay. hey, good morning. thank you for being here. you know what, you have daughters, a 6-year-old and 10-year-old so i'm just curious because i know with my kids and i'm sure george has experienced
8:31 am
it. how do they like the movie and secondly how do they feel about dad being on the big screen? are they fan. >> i don't know if it's the same with you but with kids they don't -- they're not impressed. i take them to every film i do. meet christian bale. he's one of the greatest actors of all time and my 6-year-old is like pfft. >> daddy's work friend. >> but, you know, it's really cool. i like having them around and just so they can see how i work, but, yeah, trying to impress them gets harder and harder. >> didn't you try to make it a family affair with "thor," work with your daughters? >> i tried to put them in this one. one or two scenes and i said, okay, kids, you'll be in this film with christian bale. look at all the other actors. the 10-year-old got to set and instantly said, i'm not into it. i don't want to do that and the 6-year-old after two takes she came up, she walked off set, came up to me and goes, give me my money. i said, honey,you got to do this
8:32 am
all day long. she said, all day? the clothes don't look real enough and the breaks are too short. i'm not doing it. >> and you're not paying me enough. >> didn't the 10-year-old sit with you? >> i think she's going to be a director. she just, like, watched what was happening. no, that actor did it wrong. she was judging the actors and stuff. kids these days are brutal. >> so you direct this one. you wrote it as well. you also act in it. let's take a look. >> that's the ex-girlfriend, is it? >> the old ex-girlfriend. >> jodi foster. >> jane foster. >> the one that got away. >> the one that got away. >> that means escaped. >> yeah. yeah. >> must be hard for you to see your ex-girlfriend and your ex-hammer hanging out and getting on so well. >> ooooh. >> so this is going to be tough but what can you tell us about the cameos? any clues? >> i cannot tell you -- i cannot tell you anything. i'm nervous.
8:33 am
i was like, what can i say? so nervous. there are definitely cameos. there are definitely cameos you'll really love. there's some from the last film that are coming back. >> okay. >> as cameos. really we were trying to find people to bring in, a lot of us, friends, who is around, who is in town, who wants to come and play for a day or two for not much money. >> not the 6-year-old. >> i heard you're in australia. you want to come hang out for a day? >> when we ask actors for clues they give us nothing. the director gives us more. the director gives us more? >> you wrote the movie and the movie, of course, you give the actors scripts but you changed it every day? >> yeah. >> how did that go? >> that's how i usually work.
8:34 am
the script and it's usually sort of like just a template for how we work for the day and actors eventually kind of gave up and, you know, they were like learn their lines all night and get to work, sorry, there's all these changes i've made and rewritten the entire scene so they just -- i think it must be frustrating working with me maybe. >> you think? >> i just realized that. >> apparently your daughters think so. >> they're not into it. >> not at all. >> can we talk about you writing and directing the new "star wars" movie. no pressure there. no pressure there whatsoever with the fans. >> yeah, with the fans. you know, i want to do something different with "star wars." again, maybe this might be an indication of just my laziness. like i think with "star wars," you've got to research everything. it's a lot of stuff to read. a lot of things to watch and read and like i don't know if i have the time to do that. this new "star wars" film will be very different and for me i think it's going to really like -- it's going to change things. it's going to change what you know and what you expect.
8:35 am
>> you got to give a nod to those of us would have been following "star wars." >> i'm one of them, yeah, of of course. you know, i've been a fan ever since -- >> is it intimidating in any way? >> it is, yeah, yeah, it is. and i respect, you know, what's gone before and as a fan i want to do something that i want to see. but, yeah, i've got -- i have to make it interesting for myself as well. so i'm not giving you anything on this. i'm just -- [ laughter ] >> probably picked that apart a hundred times already. >> oh, this is what he means by that. >> "star wars" will be changed. we love you being here and a lot of respect for your work. >> thank you. > we really appreciate it. "thor: love and thunder," cannot wait. >> yeah. >> taika waititi, everybody. coming up, elliot page and emmy raver-lampman stars of "the umbrella academy" are here live. we'll be right back with more "gma." ♪ight back with more "gma."
8:36 am
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♪ ♪ we're back on "gma" thrilled to have the stars of "umbrella academy" here, elliot page, emmy atanou tell us of s asonth wcrf
8:39 am
get back to the time line that they left and ended up in the 1960s. so they are trying to get back to where they were hopefully. that's the plan. but, you know, knowing the umbrella, nothing goes according to plan. >> elliot, your character transitioned. so have you had input about the writers about that? >> yeah, it was such an incredible experience with steve blackman, our amazing show runner and incredible writer, thomas page who wrote on a miniseries i did years ago "tales of the city," he came on board and just incredible, incredible author and i'm really proud of, you know, what we came -- >> what has reaction been so far?
8:40 am
because people are aware it's happening in the new season. >> it's so far seemed really positive, which makes me feel happy and in terms of the representation and hopefully of meaning something to people. >> definitely does. let's take a look at a clip. >> what? what are you -- >> if you think i'm not coming with you, you're insane. >> if you think i don't want you there with me you're even crazier. >> just don't give up yet, okay? >> since when are you the optimist? >> making a few changes, i guess. >> i love that. the music makes you lean in a little bit. >> like something important is happening right now if exactly. >> so you all have known each other five years now, going on five years.
8:41 am
emmy, you said elliot had an impact on you when you first started working together. >> "umbrella academy" was the first time i ever set foot in front of a camera in a waputting el i didn't want to disappoint. i wanted to, you know, deliver on the ask of taking on alison and being in this show that's got incredible source material and graphic novels and huge fan base, i didn't want to disappoint anybody and i had met of weeks before we started uple- filming and we had coffee and just really hit it off, and i just always felt so safe and comfortable when we were on set together. he's just the best and i'm just so lucky, you know, getting to have the privilege to not only work with you but call you one of my dearest friends. >> i feel you having a moment. >> cue the music. >> i know, right now. >> everybody lean in. >> neither one of you ever disappoint. and neither do the dance moves, the dance scenes in it, we don't want to give away because in the new season the first episode,
8:42 am
oh, it's on. but can i ask you, elliot, who is the best dancer on the crew? >> definitely not this guy. >> that's not true. >> it's true. emmy's amazing and david's amazing so i'd say that's -- those are the two most solid get through the rehearsals quickly. i'm the one who takes quite a lot longer to learn it, yeah. >> but when you learn it like you could probably do it now, it stays there. once i do it -- >> oh, oh. >> oh, no. >> i feel like he always remembers it years and years later. how do you remember that? >> we did hear and i heard you have 24 tattoos. >> i do. >> are any of them "umbrella academy" related? >> you know, i've always been -- i've always not wanted to do that and it's not have something to remember a job or whatever, but i -- having had the opportunity to kind of go back in time with alison last season
8:43 am
and be a black woman in the segregated south during jim crow and all the research i did and kind of portraying a character who had lost her voice, which was her power but also found her actual voice as a woman without her power, i actually in my own personal journey found my voice and started to learn how to take up space in this industry and that was just a really important lesson to me and something i will forever cherish and so grateful for alison for that. >> very proud of you doing that. >> elliot, how about you, any "umbrella academy" tattoos? >> i have a fair amount but none -- we talked about it before. >> can we go tonight? >> i was about to -- [ laughter ] >> yeah, yes. we should. yes. >> great. >> worried it was going to slip out. >> i'll make some calls. >> breaking news. >> you guys are welcome back tomorrow. >> plenty of time. >> season 3 of "umbrella academy" premieres on netflix. thank you both very much. >> appreciate it. >> thanks for having us.
8:44 am
if your morning is going rough, i got a picture for you. i don't know if you can take this full. look at this. multnomah falls in oregon. so much rain as of late that the falls have really been pumping out an incredible amount of beautiful water. this is just incredibly stunning. so after that, all that water, now we finally get to our first heat that kind of pumps into washington and oregon. that area of high pressure coming into california. portland, by sunday we're 98. boise, 96. redding going to 106, reno, about 96. we've been talking about our excitement about getting this flow of moisture from the pacific and also the atlantic up through the deserts just to get a little rain going so this is from new mexico where some of that moisture has just kind of pooled in the water there but still have plenty of heat going on despite that. so oklahoma city, 101 by the time we get to friday. count on that, staying with the heat. it may drop cooler in places like chicagoland. amarillo we're in it to 101.
8:45 am
good land, 85 to 95. so just kind of getting moisture to hope maybe get some of that dry fire conditions down in some of the deserts but back with the he drew: a warm to hot afternoon today, into the 80's and 90's later on this afternoon for most of us. partly cloudy skies. the aggies -- the accuweather 7 day forecast will hang coming up right here on "gma," saving strategies from the internet's coupon queen. get ready. we're going to save you some cash. cash. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: her country under siege by putin's russia. her husband leading ukraine's fierce fight back and now -- >> you have said i'm not going to fear. where does that strength come from? >> announcer: olena zelenska, the first lady of ukraine in her first one-on-one television interview since the war began. >> what is life like now for you? >> announcer: the newsmaking robin roberts exclusive from the war zone, now streaming on hulu.
8:48 am
had to say it was quite an experience being there in kyiv. had to say it was quite an experience being there in kyiv. back now on "gma" with saving strategies from the internet's coupon queen. she spoke to our will ganss and this isn't your grandma's coupon clipping. >> guys, i just went to walmart and scored $120 worth of products for less than $15 out of pocket. >> reporter: bree is the coupon queen of the internet. >> it is your hard earned money. don't give it away. guys, i just scored 49-cent paper towels at cvs this week. >> reporter: gone are the days of your grandma's coupon clipping. >> all of these paper coupons at checkout is embarrassing, and it
8:49 am
doesn't have to be that way. >> reporter: in fact, bree only got into couponing in the last true year. >> to me it was kind of like a game, okay, i put together my shopping list, figure out what rebates i could get back, how much cash back i could get, try to get the bonuses and i was hooked at that. >> reporter: now she's got hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. ready to start their coupon clipping journey. >> pick one store and master that store. because every score is going to be different with how the coupons work. >> reporter: when it comes to savings bree says to pace yourself. >> make sure you're doing small transactions. two or three deals at a time. you get your rewards back. two or three deals at a time. now you use your rewards. keep rolling those rewards. that way you can keep your out of pocket as low as possible. >> reporter: as for those who aren't so tech savvy, what percentage is digital and what percentage is the clipping coupons? >> honestly it depends so i use both. the more tiers you participate in, the more money you're going to save. but at the end of the day even if you just do the first tier, using digital coupons you're still going to save way more than if you don't coupon at all. >> reporter: in addition to her tiktok tips and youtube tutorials, bree now offers coupon classes.
8:50 am
>> anyone can learn, it's a skill just like anything else. >> reporter: will ganss, abc news, new york. >> all right, will, thank you for bringing that to us. i got to tell you, becky, we're getting our money's worth. did we clip a coupon for you today? >> triple tip. >> you got more tips. >> i do. i love couponing. such a great way to think about saving money but there are so many ways to layer on savings. we buy so many things now on the internet. so i want to start with browser extensions or add-ons they're sometimes called. i use honey. there's also one called retailmenot. >> heard of that. >> coupon cabin. both are good. they find those elusive coupon codes for online purchases. so we really want to talk about finding that browser extension. you can search for those and then it'll guide you through the process of adding that into your web browser so that it's always on and searching those codes for you when you're on the page shopping.
8:51 am
you don't have to remember it. >> okay, let's bring it to another level here. >> okay, okay. >> is it timing? >> timing is a huge part of it because we've been conditioned by stores to respond to either sales weekends like memorial day, fourth of july, labor day, but also now with amazon prime day. they've just announced july 12th and 13th will be their prime days. target has matched that with its deal days around the same time. we're going to see good discounts on electronics, clothing, bulky items and seasonal items like patio furniture. >> perfect. >> remember because of dynamic price matching, lots of other sites will lower their prices at the same time even if it's not advertised. so another tip right now, research the things you need to buy and be ready to jump when it's go time on those sales weekends and days. >> i keep a little list of the
8:52 am
things i know i need, becky, and then kind of watch for them to be a deal or a special on those things. but how do you really know if they're a deal or not? because i don't know if they're just telling me it's a sale and is there a tip to figure that out. >> it is so maddening whether they say, sale, sale, sale and then you're like -- >> 5% is not a big deal. >> or the same price it was before. historic pricing is the way to determine if a price is really a deal or if the retailer is just saying it's a deal. i use the website camel camel camel. i know, crazy name. but it really works because what it'll do is it'll show you how the current pricing relates to the historic price. >> oh. >> whether this was three months ago, six months ago or a year ago and that's how you know if this is truly a discount. so there are other sites like the one i mentioned before, honey and keepa. those will also track other sites.
8:53 am
camel camel camel only works with amazon but because amazon price matches everywhere on the internet it does a pretty good job of giving you that historic low so that you can figure it out. i want to give you one more saving tip. >> that's really helpful. >> historic thing, it really lets you be the expert and see that over time. pulls the curtain back. one other thing, it's never been a better time to buy secondhand. so look at facebook marketplace. look at those sites for clothing like threadup, et cetera. >> ginger has been doing that and doing an excellent job at that. >> i'm wearing one right now secondhand, baby. >> wow.
8:54 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning, everyone. i am reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. jobina, there has been a lot going on in the traffic world. jobina: there really has, reggie. there's a commuter alert from b.a.r.t. two big ones to note, bridgman lined still not in service. you will have to transfer. we have single tracking between concord and the pleasant hill stations due to the derailment yesterday. it is causing major delays this morning. drew? drew: hi, jobina. a lot going on. 70's and 80's away from the coast already. it is still a warm to hot afternoon. some high clouds are going to stream in later on this afternoon, 90's in our warmest thoughts inland, around the beach shoreline. even on the coast, we are mild. reggie?
9:00 am
reggie: i love to hear "mild." [laughter] [laughter] thank you, time for "lk today, lionel richie, katy perry and luke bryan. and a performance by ben rector. plus, we'll show you how to get stretched for maximum flexibility. all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ["levitating" by dua lipa] ♪ baby, let me take you for a ride ♪ oh, come on, let's hear it. all right. hi, deja, good morning. ♪ you could fly away with me tonight ♪ ♪ baby, let me take you for a ride, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ checking the fly one more time. well, it's about time. back into it. there you go. -may i? -thank you. yes. -nice. -okay, good. do you know, when kelly turns around like that, she's checking her fly. just so you know, that's what's going on. i'm checking my fly on the air. i believe the people can see. i-- but i have to do a fly check because one of us has been


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