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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 22, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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kristen: thanks for joining us on this interact show, getting answers. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. severe storms hitting the east right now from virginia to washington, d.c., pennsylvania, and new york. also tonight, the horrific shark attack. the images just coming in now. first, we're tracking those storms hitting now. damaging winds and torrential rain in virginia. those storms from washington, d.c. up through parts of new york. rob marciano standing by to time this out tonight. also, that shark attack. the images just in before we came on the air tonight. the man attacked off the california coast. severe injuries, we're told. bitten on the leg and stomach. others padfuling out to save him. police with drones trying to spot the shark. will carr is live tonight. will there be a gas tax holiday in this country? president biden wants one for three months this summer to give
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americans a break. but tonight, lawmakers, including many democrats with serious reservations. cecilia vega at the white house. tonight, the new images, the moments that passenger plane landed in miami. the landing gear failing. the plane catching on fire and tonight, images from inside the plane. and how old was that plane? sitting in a new mexico desert for years, then brought back into service. gio benitez covers aviation. the dramatic rescue in ukraine. a u.s. nuclear scientist escaping from russian-controlled mariupol, hiding in that city for nearly four months. james longman from ukraine tonight. the devastating earthquake in afghanistan. more than 1,000 people killed. the 5.9 leveling villages. maggie rulli reporting tonight. after the school shooting in uvalde, the schumermarket shooting in buffalo, news tonight on that bipartisan gun safety deal. will there be enough republicans in the senate to get this through? and tonight, republican leaders in the house already saying they will not support this.
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rachel scott live on the hill. new reporting tonight that the fda is now planning to ban the sale of juul e-cigarettes in the u.s. so, is this ban coming and how soon? the frightening scene in a new york city subway. police saving a woman and what led to this moment? and the remarkable images tonight coming in from yellowstone. you have to see them. good eveningon. that horrific shark attack off the california coast. the images just coming in. and will there be a gas tax holiday in this country, as the president is asking for? major opposition tonight. but we begin tonight with the severe storms and flash flood threat from virginia and washington, d.c., right up through parts of new york at this hour. tonight, already ground stops at several key airports, baltimore,
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washington, and laguardia. more than 1,000 flights already canceled. the dark clouds already rolling in. here in new york city, obscuring the top of the empire state building there. powerful wind gusts and torrential rain in virginia. more than 100,000 customers already without power tonight. and of course this dangerous second heat wave continuing for millions. so, let's get right to senior meteorologist rob marciano tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. virginia hit really hard. richmond reporting a wind measurement of 60-plus miles per hour and these storms are moving north to south, so, they may get hit again. here it is on the radar scope. look at the watches. up through lexington and louisville. and that line crossing into ohio, that means business. the next couple of hours will be dicey. flood watches across new york and pennsylvania. the heat gets squeezed to the south. 101 in nashville, the first time in a decade you've been that warm. 101 in mobile. these numbers include humidity.
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mobile, could be their warmest temperature on record. and the temperatures will remain scorching into the weekend. david? >> rough night ahead and a very hot couple of days ahead. rob, thank you. we are also monitoring those images from the west at this hour, after reports of an awful shark attack off the california coast. a swimmer attacked, bitten on the leg and stomach, we're told suffering severe injuries tonight. some people paddling out into the water to save him. police with drones now trying to spot the shark. abc's will carr with late reporting from california tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a terrifying scene off the coast of california. >> we're getting a report that somebody got attacked by a shark. >> reporter: good samaritans racing to reach that man in the water near lovers point beach in monterey bay, after a shark attack. >> affirmative. we're with the patient now, requesting air ambulance. >> reporter: officials say the victim suffered major injuries to his stomach and his leg. >> it was a horrifying moment. the immediate response by those incredibly heroic surfers that
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didn't hesitate, they went straight out to help him back to shore. >> reporter: bliss deploying a drone over the water, searching for the shark, but no additional sightings have been reported. while experts say shark attacks are rare, there were 73 unprovoked bites across the united states last year alone and here in california, researchers say they've seen a dramatic increase in the number of great white sharks that they've seen at the beaches here in southern california. david? >> all right, will carr with the images tonight from california. will, thank you. we turn now to gas prices and president biden's hopes for a three-month tax holiday for americans in this country. tonight, the opposition, though, from some in his own party, who have serious reservations. so, will americans get a break or not? here's our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega tonight. >> reporter: facing mounting political pressure over sky-high prices at the pump, president biden today called on congress to give drivers a much needed break by suspending the federal gas tax. immediate relief, just a little
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bit of breathing room as we continue working to bring down prices for the long haul. >> reporter: the national average is now just under $5 a gallon. in los angeles, evelyn vargas, a mother of four, struggling. >> we don't know what to do, because the prices are increasing every single day. >> reporter: the president wants to suspend the gas tax for three months, which would save drivers about 18 cents a gallon, or $2.76 to fill up a 15-gallon tank. he also wants to suspend the roughly 24-cent per gallon tax on diesel. but the plan already faces stiff opposition on capitol hill, with many republicans dismissing it as a midterm election year gimmick. and even some democrats are skeptical. >> i'm not a yes right now, that's for sure. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi concerned oil companies, not consumers, could benefit most. president biden blaming the rising fuel costs on the war in ukraine. and he's now calling on states to suspend their own gas taxes, too. and the white house calling top oil company executives to a
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meeting tomorrow, urging them to do the right thing. >> bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product. do it now. do it today. your customers, the american people, they need relief now. >> all right, so, let's get right to cecilia vega live at the white house tonight. cecilia, the president's proposal to suspend the gas tax for three months facing this uphill battle that you just pointed out, but even many americans who would love a break on gas likely also asking tonight, where would the money for a gas tax holiday come from? >> reporter: david, well, it comes from a fund that is used to pay for crucial in infrastructure programs like keeping the nation's roadways safe all around the country. we all know that over the course of three months, we're talking about $10 billion, a lot of money, but look, the reality is, you're hearing from democrats who are raising concerns about tapping into some of this money, they say these are important programs. and this is so far from a done deal, david, even democrats in his own party, you heard, not all of them are onboard on this
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one. >> democrats and republicans and certainly the president know the pain being felt by american s. cecilia, thank you. in the meantime tonight, we're learning more this evening about that passenger jet at the my yam mere international airport, the landing gear failing, the plane catching on fire. look at the new images tonight. the moment the passenger plane came down. the landing gear collapsing, then the flames on that plane. of course, then the terrifying exit. passengers escaping out the emergency exits. and tonight, we have now learned the plane was 32 years old and had been retired to the new mexico desert eight years ago. gio benitez covers aviation. >> reporter: tonight, new details on that passenger jet, seen here making that hard landing at miami international airport, parts of the plane bursting into flames. new video showing the panic inside the plane. passengers rushing to the exits, jumping onto emergency slides to get off the aircraft. passengers hurrying off the
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tarmac. heavy smoke rising as authorities say the plane, which was coming from the dominican republic with 140 people onboard, had its landing gear collapse as it touched down. alfredo machado was onboard with his wife and baby daughter. >> the second we touched the ground, the plane started shaking a lot and we heard like a sound -- like something broke. i had to jump out of the plane with my 4-month daughter in my arms. >> reporter: emergency crews dousing the plane with foam. at least three passengers transported to the hospital. others embracing at the terminal, describing those terrifying moments onboard that flight. >> we were bumping, like, side to side, and all the windows, like, break. >> reporter: now we're learning the plane -- operated by dominican airline red air -- was a 32-year-old md-80 that had once belonged to american airlines and had been retired to the new mexico desert for years, before being bought by low-budget airlines in latin america.
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now the question -- was that aircraft properly maintained? >> there are requirements the faa can make for you to fly into the united states. however, they can't mandate what your maintenance is going to be. >> reporter: and david, that plane was sitting in the dec decdesert for about two years. the maintenance records are going to be very important here. and we've just learned that the black boxes will be sent to washington tomorrow for analysis. david? >> gio benitez, who covers aviation for us. thank you, gee owe. we're going to turn to the war in ukraine and this evening, we're getting news of a dramatic rescue. a u.s. nuclear scientist getting out of russian-controlled mariupol. a tampa based nonprofit group documenting the rescue. they're saying john flee after nearly four months in ctr o tt city. reportedly traveling some 20 hours to safety in poland. our foreign correspondent james
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longman inside ukraine tonight. >> reporter: tonight, reports of a dramatic escape by an american nuclear scientist from russian-occupied ukraine. you can see john spor in the white t-shirt being escorted by a local ukrainian security detail just outside mariupol yesterday. spor, who is from texas, had been living in mariupol for several years before the russians invaded last february. after going into hiding during the brutal siege, he says russian-backed chechen fighters went to his house twice and ransacked it. >> they were hunting me. there's no other way to say it. >> reporter: his rescue was organized by project dynamo, a tampa-based group run by u.s. veterans, who say spor was considered a high-value target because of the sensitive nature of his work, particularly in laser-guided weapons systems. project dynamo claims spor was able to pass through more than 30 russian checkpoints in eastern ukraine, and was then driven nearly 20 hours straight across the rest of the country and into poland. abc news has not been able to independently confirm the
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details of the escape, but the state department today says they're, quote, aware of the reports. in an emotional reunion inside poland today, spor was met by his son and cyst whole had contacted the rescue group. >> relief. i mean, it was good to see them. up until i crossed the border into poland, i was in danger. >> reporter: the project says they had been working on this mission for more than a month. david? >> james longman tonight. james, thank you. and the situation tonight only worsening in afghanistan after that powerful earthquake overnight, leveling villages in the mountains near pakistan. the 5.9 magnitude quake killing 1,000 people, and tonight, authorities say that number will likely grow far higher. here's abc's maggie rulli now. >> reporter: tonight, a frantic search for survivors after the powerful quake that rocked southeastern afghanistan. at least a thousand people have been killed and more than 1,500 injured. helicopters flying rescue missions to the hardest-hit areas. communication with the disaster
3:43 pm
zones said to be poor or nonexistent, with cell towers knocked out. the quake struck about 1:30 in the morning when people were sleeping. many victims happened in their homes built of mud, particularly vulnerable to collapse after heavy monsoon rains. >> we're deeply concerned that there are still people underneath the rubble that haven't been rescued yet. >> reporter: afghanistan has been facing a severe food and economic crisis taliban okvewh left last summer.f of t country's 20 million people were already experiencing acute hunger before this catastrophe struck. >> these communities are weakened by months and years of challenges. and so this has come at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: and david, the u.s. has sent humanitarian aid over the past year. officials say they're currently weighing whether to send more after this disaster. but at this point, the taliban has not yet asked for help. david? >> maggie, thank you. back here at home tonight,
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and to news on that bipartisan deal on gun safety reform, after an 18-year-old bought an ar-15-style rifle right after his birthday in uvalde. the 18-year-old suspect in buffalo buying an ar-15-style rifle there, too. tonight, will there be enough republican votes in the senate, and tonight, house republican leaders already signalling they will not support this. rachel scott asking senators on the hill where they stand and why. >> reporter: tonight, nearly a month after the uvalde massacre, and the buffalo grocery store massacre, senate majority leader chuck schumer vowing to hold a vote on gun safety by the end of the week. >> the american people have waited long enough. >> reporter: the roughly $13 billion package would be the first major gun legislation in decades. enhancing background checks for gun buyers under 21. closing the so-called "boyfriend loophole" -- preventing people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. and providing funding for gun violence prevention programs, school security, and mental health. it stopped short of banning or raising the age to purchase
3:45 pm
assault-style weapons. the type of firearms used by the 18-year-old suspects in uvalde and buffalo. >> there are some advocates who have contacted me and my office saying, why didn't you do an assault weapons ban? why didn't you raise the age? why didn't you -- that's just not politically feasible in the current senate. >> reporter: 14 senate republicans voted to advance the legislation, including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i think it's a significant step in the right direction. >> reporter: but other republicans told me they will vote no. senator, do you support the gun safety legislation? >> ah -- no, i don't. i think i know what my constituents want. that's what i'm going to. >> reporter: republican senators john cornyn and ted cruz both traveled to uvalde days after the mass shootings. cornyn negotiated the bipartisan deal. but the other texan, senator ted cruz, won't be backing it, instead, called for armed officers at schools. i'm sure you've heard the pleas from the families in uvalde, in your home state of texas. is there anything that could get you to support the gun safely
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legislation? >> so i think this particular bill is a mistake. i think it's the wrong approach. >> rachel scott live on the hill tonight. rachel, we know senate democrats, it would appear at least right now that they have enough republican support for this to pass. you've reported that, but over in the house, obviously democrats with a majority there, if it makes it there, it will get through, but republican leaders say they will not support or help this get through? >> reporter: david, house republican leadership has officially come out against this legislation. we are told that in a private meeting today, house republican leader kevin mccarthy urged his members to vote against it. we are still expecting a handful of republicans to join democrats to support the legislation, david. >> rachel scott live on the hill for us. rachel, thank you, as always. there are new reports tonight that the fda is now preparing to ban the sale of juul e-cigarettes in this country. juul under scrutiny for some time now. "the wall street journal" first reporting that this ban is coming, and here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, "the wall street journal" reporting
3:47 pm
the fda plans to order all juul products off store shelves, taking aim at one of the most popular e-cigarette makers in the u.s. according to "the wall street journal," the news comes after a "nearly two-year review of data presented by the vaping company, which sought authorization for its tobacco and menthol-flavored products to stay on the u.s. market." in september, the fda banned the sale of nearly 950,000 lesser known vape products, but delayed its decision on juul. for years, juul has been accused of marketing its nicotine-filled vape products to teens, using fruity and sweet-smelling flavors. the company pulled its candy and dessert-flavored products from stores in 2019. still, despite efforts to regulate the vaping industry, a recent cdc survey found that about 1 in every 35 middle schoolers, and 1 in every 9 high school students, said they had used an e-cigarette in the last 30 days. >> if the fda does ban these products, we're obviously --
3:48 pm
we're going to see a significant drop in users immediately. but i think the unfortunate reality is, there are a lot of other products available on the market. >> reporter: and david, so far, juul and the fda are not commenting on that report. the white house also declining to comment, referring all questions back to the fda. david? >> erielle reshef tonight. erielle, thank you. when we come back here, the images, the frightening scene on a new york city subway. police saving a woman who fell onto the tracks. what led to this. and we have two deaths to report tonight, one from the nfl and one from the nba, as well. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin.
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capital one shopping. (in s.l.j. voice) what's in your wallet? police rescuing a woman who fell onto the subway tracks. she fell from a platform, this is bay ridge, brooklyn, here. two officers walking right behind heifer. one of them jumping down to lift her right back up to safety. she's being treated for a head injury and police believe she was having a medical episode when she fell off the platform. to washington and nfl commissioner roger goodell testifying before congress today. a house panel investigating allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment and intimidation by the washington commanders. lawmakers issuing a subpoena to owner dan snyder, accusing him of creating a toxic workplace. goodell asked if this is the worst team behavior he's seen since becoming commissioner. >> i have not seen a workplace in the nfl that is anywhere near what we saw in the context of that period of time for the washington commanders. >> the league fining the team
3:51 pm
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we just ordered it yesterday. (gasp) oven baked apple biscuits! hold me leroy! biscuits!! get fast free 1-3 day shipping when they just can't wait. chewy. to the index of other news and authorities are investigating the death of baltimore ravens linebacker jalen ferguson. the father of three was found unresponsive last night at a home in north baltimore. investigators say there were no signs of trauma or foul play. the medical examiner trying to determine the cause of death. the ray vence tonight remembering him as a kind and respectful man with a big smile and infectious personality he was just 26 years old. and former nba player caleb swan began has died. he was 25. he was drafted in the first round in 2017. he played three years in the nba with the trail blazers and kings. the coroner says he died of natural causes in fort wayne, indiana. when we come back here tonight, after all of those images of devastation, tonight,
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flooding. a boy with his hands in the air there, celebrating. the mccluskey family traveling from virginia. a selfie at the waterfall. long lines before sunshine, as many as 3,000 vehicles entering in just the first few hours. park rangers there happily checking them all in. visitors once again able to see old faithful. and right afterward, a bison. the northern half of the park still closed for now. this year, by the way, marks the 150th anniversary of yellowstone national park. i'll david muir.
3:59 pm
>> investigators or tried to piece together what happened. >> this was near a station raising safety concerns. good afternoon. kristen sze. kristen: when the train stopped, the shooter ran away. larry: we have team coverage
4:00 pm
this afternoon. reporter: there is always concerned, and people around here are on edge. police telling us the shooting had nothing to do with pride. >> police were alerted after shots were heard. reporter: that is the san francisco supervisor who represents the district. forensic investigators were brought in. the shooter was seen leaving the station. police gave a brief description
4:01 pm
of who they are looking for.