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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  June 22, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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welcome back to the subway overtime intermission. here's how we got to overtime. >> come on, boys, come on, boys. back door! yes! you -- >> go, go, skate!
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>> yeah! let's go! let's go! >> sturm thought he got that one. >> let's go. >> it's cogliano instead. chelly, who you got there? >> i'm not picking anybody on colorado. im going to take tampa, mostly because of vasilevskiy and i think palat is going to be the hero. >> he's been a previous hero in overtime. mess? >> i'm going to go two picks. >> okay. >> i'm going to go tampa bay, nick paul and i'm going to go with colorado, landeskog. >> fair enough. brian boucher, who you got? >> i'm going to go nathan mackinnon and i'm going to go with alex killorn, his first goal of the playoffs. >> oh. bouch, i've got killorn, too. just for the story. >> sorry, buddy. >> imagine making it this far and not scoring a sijngle goal? >> he's playing great, too. >> i have devon toews if it's colorado. i can't go mackinnon and
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landeskog? just take cale makar, too. 16 defensive zone turnovers by tampa bay in the third period. lightning were fortunate. we're going to overtime. you've been watching the subway overtime intermission. 16 defensive zone turnovers by tampa bay in the
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s smz. >> sean: heading to overtime for the second time in four games in the stanley cup final. the stats through regulation time, shots on goal, edge for tampa bay, as darcy kuemper's faced the most shots he's seen all year. 36 shots on goal. both goaltenders have been solid. lightning, a season high 29 blocked shots. and if you joined us late, ray ferraro here to show you all four goals in this one so far. >> ray: well, it has been a grindy game, but 36 seconds in, a rebound and anthony cirelli, second straight game made it 1-0. tampa takes a penalty and a lucky bounce off mackinnon's foot, that power play continues to roll. it's 1-1. the backhand shovel by hedman, who has been brilliant tonight. and then the le a lucky bounce off of andrew cogliano's leg has
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tied this game at two.s 2-1. now the overtime is critical. colorado has a chance to take a huge stranglehold on this series. >> sean: the overtime in game one ended quickly, 1:23 and andrei burakovsky scored the game winner. he's got hand or wrist injury. they have missed him. they did get nazem kadri back tonight. well, ray, our studio guys picked, like three guys on each team. i won't ask you to pick who you think is going to score the game winner, but what's most important for these two teams as they start off in overtime? >> ray: well, i think it's puck management. it sounds old and hokey, but you turn it over, it's going to take one rush, one chance and tampa's down to five "d." the longer this goes, the advantage goes to colorado. >> sean: erik cernak tried to come back after he took a shot very hard on a block but he is
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not even on their bench now. so they've been playing with five defensemen. killorn tried to get it behind the net, but there's nobody there in blue for tampa bay. up to the point and skated out by mackinnon. nathan mackinnon has a goal tonight, as ray just showed you. his first of the e ahead for hagel and a bouncing puck on fresh ice. handled by erik johnson. and now cale makar. to kadri. banked ahead. nice move by nichushkin to step around rutta. val nichushkin for erik johnson. sent it high off the glass on the half wall. landeskog, kadri out in front! and a great opportunity for nichushkin to win it. at point blank range one minute into overtime. played ahead by hedman. now ondrej palat. he of the 11 career game-winning
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goals in the playoffs. the franchise record. sent around and all the way down and that will be an icing call. >> ray: you mentioned colorado's early goal in game one. kadri toll nichushkin. it's partially blocked by rutta. but vasilevskiy's got to stay with it, as this puck is going to bounce through and he's going to have to kick out that left leg. it's a great look at the flexibility again and strength of vasilevskiy on the stop. >> sean: that's taken by paul. testing shot from the circle. blocked down by kuemper. here's bogosian. blocked by landeskog. compher racing after it and vasilevskiy calmlyswiped it away. played ahead to perry. he'll dump and chase off the
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back glass. cross-ice pass for logan o'connor. o'connor. ridden behind the net by sergachev. leaves it for compher. j.t. compher. put it in the crease -- it's free -- and played away. newhook was right at the top of the crease hoping for a chance to win it for colorado. and if they keep having good chances like this, this overtime isn't going to last long. compher looking for a tip. ersergachev got in the way. he was hoping for cogliano. long pass picked off by manson. and they're offside. logan o'connor heading to the bench, didn't get out of the zone fast enough. >> ray: this hits the linesman. now he loses his stick and what could be a dangerous play as paul's turned aside by kuemper ends up being okay, but byram's out there trying to defend with no stick.
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a little panic and kuemper makes another stop. he's stopped 35 of 37 so far tonight. >> sean: he has risen to the occasion, with a lot of pressure on him. colorado already four overtime wins in this postseason. the franchise record's five. in '96 when they won the stanley cup. they won game one in overtime on the goal by burakovsky after they won the clinching game in edmonton in overtime on the game-winner by lehkonen. sturm. played it into the corner. cogliano sent it back. across for makar. dangerous always. maroon. trying not to give him an angle. sturm got a stick on it. it wound up in the corner. hedman. bogosian and now bellemare. played up by maroon. more than three minutes played in overtime. tampa bay, 1-1 in overtime. won game six here against toronto in round one. they had to have it to extend
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the series. brayden point won it. the puck never covered by vasilevskiy. now it's poked ahead and an opportunity for killorn, but good work by manson to get back. here comes devon toews. dropped it back to the point. sent toward the net by rantanen. toews sends in deep and now it's flipped out over the head of killorn. back for rantanen. shoveled it over the net. landeskog there. he sends it in. rantanen. bouncing puck off his stick, chipped away by hedman. now killorn and kadri join the fray and it came free to sure ga chef. long pass, bounce past hagel and kuemper's not going to take any chances. exactly four minutes into this overtime tied at two. >> ray: colorado's had a couple of near misses here. a good forecheck, good speed by lehkonen and he gets to the
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puck. vasilevskiy never gets a hand on it and this puck gets dangerously pushed out into the front. nobody around for colorado or that's a four by six and a game winner. >> sean: the two captains on the faceoff, controlled by landeskog of colorado. against stamkos. ryan mcdonagh in deep. palat's covering his point. bo byram ahead for nichushkin. knocked away by stamkos. mcdonagh one-on-two. palat circles. is still has the puck. back of the line, rutta. crisply to mcdonagh. wide of the net, perhaps intentionally. palat sends it back. stamkos was impeded. crowd wanted a call on makar. played out by landeskogle. free puck, nichushkin. rutta, the defenseman. kucherov tried to help him.
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the double team worked. rutta got a stick on it, played it ahead. stamkos, rinkwide for kucherov. he's onside. i don't think he thought he was. stamkos free puck. palat wants to come off. long pass for o'connor. logan o'connor, stopped by vasilevskiy! he has stopped one breakaway after another in these playoffs. >> ray: the rookie o'connor had eight goals in the regular season, he's got one in the playoffs. he fights through mcdonagh and bogosian and he wants to have a quick release to beat vasilevskiy and nobody better here, as vasilevskiy stays on top of his crease. he's almost forcing you to deke him, but he knows he's got that help coming back from hedman. o'connor's got to get rid of it and vasilevskiy beats him. >> sean: how about those numbers?
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12 out of 13 in these playoffs, stopping breakaways. toews, oh, that glanced off the post. might have gotten a piece of vasilevskiy. now mcdonagh. off cirelli. that's going to be an icing call against the lightning. so, great chances here in overtime, particularly for colorado, trying to take a three games to one lead in the stanley cup final. >> ray: killorn is going to go out for the block. it deflects off killorn and you hear, hits the goal post. the stick of killorn changes the direction, there might have been a second tip, as well, off the pipe behind vasilevskiy. somebody colorado had won four of the previous five faceoffs in overtime. this one controlled by nick paul. he tried toen baing it in, wound up shooting it into his own bench. >> ray: this is what vasilevskiy does. he makes saves that other people can't, like he did on the breakaway. this one, he gets a break as it
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hits lehkonen is the second forward there off the killorn block. colorado's carried most of the play here in the overtime. sometimes your goalie steals it long enough, you get one chance and that's it. >> sean: sometimes that's the harm in all those blocked shots, you can redirect one that makes it harder for vasilevskiy. thrown toward the net by sergachev and blocked in the slot. skated up by rantanen. and they're offside. >> ray: the way the game is now, though, the coaches don't ask you to block shots, they demand them. and so everybody's laying out, i mean, we've seen steven stamkos, who has been all over the place in the defensive zone, blocking shots, he's got -- he's credited with four of them. and that's from your star player. everybody else is blocking them all the time anyway. and every once in awhile, you do grab one that deflects wrong for you, but that's not changing
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now. >> sean: nmore than 30 minutes f ice time for sergachev. they are playing without erik cernak, playing with five defensemen. hedman sends it around. the puck clears the zone. we talked to stamkos at the all-star break about the hunger of this lightning team, even after winning two cups. those blocked shots an indication of their desire to win another. kucherov centered it. it got played ahead to nichushkin. hedman trying to get in the way. off it goes and a great opportunity for helm. and back come the lightning with palat. rink wide. found a target. and stamkos collided with one of the linesmen. one of the best hits of the night. byram. out to center ice and he snaps
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it in. more than 6:30 played in overtime. cogliano in flying on the forecheck as always. and this one will be an icing call. >> ray: fans boo the linesman -- i mean, he's got to go somewhere. you can't just disappear. but at the other end of the ice, gabe landeskog has a great opportunity and what a play by nichushkin. and there's vasilevskiy again. stopped a breakaway on o'connor, four avs up in the rush, landeskog takes that sweet pass, crashes into the boards, but vasilevskiy wipes the chance away. somebody face. >> sean: faceoff won by paul of tampa bay. trouble in the neutral zone for mackinnon with the puck. he got knocked down by colton and that one winds up out of the rink. so, a lot of stoppages here in the first seven minutes of overtime. >> ray: gets harder and harder to match up lines.
8:17 pm
the flow seems to go much quicker in overtime, as far as the changes. there's longer stretches of play without whistles in a lot of cases. i think fatigue starts to play into that. >> sean: makar and toews. he whiffs on the pass attempt. mcdonagh established the zone. sent it into the corner for killorn. lehkonen. and now makar. makar has an overtime game-winner in these playoffs. game two of the opening round against nashville. in their four-game sweep. touched in by hagel. josh manson won game one of the second round against st. louis with an overtime goal. from the point, knocked down out in front. by toews. and dump inned. compher will chase it. rutta's back there.
8:18 pm
long pass. off the stick of killorn. he wants to go off. numbers for colorado. three-on-three now into the zone and the shot is denflected wide. logan o'connor had the best chance, that breakaway here in overtime. erik johnson got deflect into the far corner for maroon. no stranger to postseason heroics. kucherov for cirelli, he wants to go off. at center ice, collision. kucherov and kadri. neither one of them went down. vasilevskiy up the glass. knocked down by landeskog. tried to center it. wound up with maroon. josh manson. landeskog, nice pass. byram dumped it back, not very accurate, but nichushkin has it, out in front -- and a beautiful stop by vasilevskiy on byram.
8:19 pm
sounded like it might have hit the pipe from here. byram called for it back. here's a one-timer and a gorgeous glove save on manson. sounded like another cross bar struck by colorado. >> ray: no fear for bo byram. he's deep in the zone, he shovels this. you see result that is turned backwards, hes's still trying to block it and it hits the cross bar. nichushkin again, a key player in that sequence as he found byram. here's the slapper by josh manson, caught and held by vasilevskiy. >> sean: mackinnon controlled the faceoff. back for makar. blocked by cirelli. bouncing puck. mcdonagh couldn't clear it. toews pinched in. ryan mcdonagh for sergachev with some help from vasilevskiy.
8:20 pm
long pass ahead. killorn carried in. hagel had to stop at the blue line. alex killorn. ridden all the way. and the avs start back. played in by lehkonen. hagel a shot, knocked down by kuemper. great chances at both ends. but nearly midway through the first overtime would a goal. mackinnon had it deflect off hedman's stick. bounced past cogliano. rantanen gets off. they had to be careful there not to have too many men. cogliano fed manson. they both attack. cross-ice. inaccurate for helm. he sends it in deeper for sturm. now helm. won a stanley cup with detroit. he and burakovsky, the only avs
8:21 pm
who have been on a stanley cup winner. trying to change that number in a big way in this series. here's manson. tough angle. blocked down by vasilevskiy. more than midway through the overtime period now. landeskog for nichushkin. trying to step into the circle. instead, settles for johnson. and that's snatched out of midair by vasilevskiy. well, first whistle past the ten minute mark and take a moment to scrape some ice. >> ray: darcy kuemper's had a terrific night. he gave up the goal to hedman. he won't like this one. catches him high. hagel's played a heck of a game, in particular with the injuries to cirelli as he walks into the slot and gets a dead center shot. kuemper misses this and it hits him right in the mask again. that's about three times that he's been hit in the mask
8:22 pm
including the first goal of the game. >> sean: vasilevskiy made some big stops. he's also been very fortunate to have a couple of them hit pipes here in overtime. >> ray: he's been sharp. that save off a deflected blocked shot. here off rutta's leg. nichushkin's been all over it in overtime. here's logan o'connor's breakaway. he wants to go up high. vasilevskiy beats him clean. excellent opportunity. quick reflexes. and a stop by vasilevskiy, as we've seen him do this time and time and time again in the back-to-back stanley cup runs. >> sean: goaltending outstanding at both ends. those save percentages of 94-plus would have led the league in the regular season. shots on goal in the overtime, 8-3 in favor of colorado. the attempts are is15-7 in favo of the avalanche.
8:23 pm
>> ray: one thing i'm noticing more and more is colorado's "d" are finding a way to jump into the rush and it's creating a lot of coverage issues for tampa. some of that might be rest. don't forget, colorado had eight days off before they came into the series. they've only had to play more than four games in a series once, that 4-2 win against st. louis. they're by far the fresher team. >> sean: tampa bay had three full days of rest after dispatching the new york rangers in the eastern conference final. game five friday night from denver. 8:00 eastern tile right here on abc and espn plus. how will the series stand when we get back to the mile high city? stamkos won the draw, a little
8:24 pm
fidgety before they dropped it. won it from landeskog. they've both been outstanding in this series on faceoffs. knocked down by landeskog. has a trailer -- and that shot out of the rink. rantanen had it deflect out. >> ray: aside from the brilliance of vasilevskiy, he's gotten a little help. double deflection off of killorn and then lehkonen off the goal post and then bo byram, the feed from nichushkin, he beats vasilevskiy. everybody's trying to block it and it goes off the bar. and hagel is being pressed into some pretty difficult spots here, loses another draw, though. >> sean: to mackinnon. thrown toward the net for a tip by mackinnon and swatted away by vasilevskiy. mcdonagh. sends it in from center ice. cirelli in. and now toews. and ray, to your point, it
8:25 pm
definitely looks like colorado is the fresher team here in overtime. >> ray: they're just quicker and sharper at almost everything so far. >> sean: mackinnon, trying to turn on sergachev. toews down low, rolling puck -- vasilevskiy stuck that left leg out again. here's mackinnon -- blocked out in front. and it hopped through mackinnon. he has it back from lehkonen who covers up high. landeskog -- had it poked away by hagel. the avs all over the lightning here. with 8:30 to go in overtime. toews. it's manson. players on both sides tired. toews goes off. puck out in front again -- and it was on the stick of manson. he throws it toward the crease. and the lightning content just to shoot it down. hagel sent it down. all of those lightning players on for a minute and a half. here's the quick counter attack,
8:26 pm
it's kadri back in action, denied by vasilevskiy. >> ray: oh, what a play! colorado -- or, colorado thinks this is in. i think it is in! >> sean: looking for the signal from the officials, they're going to take a look at the replay for sure. they think they have won the game. and vasilevskiy is not arguing. although he's hoping for something from the video. jared bednar and the avalanche convinced they have won. and let's take a look. >> ray: here's kadri, makes a great move on sergachev, it's going to hit vasilevskiy and the back of the net. it is -- >> sean: i don't know why there was any question unless they thought it was sitting on the top of the netting. >> ray: nazem kadri back in the lineup after surgery on his thumb, a brilliant individual ef effort.
8:27 pm
>> referee: we have a goal. >> sean: it's a goal and a heroic return to action for nazem kadri. bo byram racing to the official to say, that's a goal. and it's the first career playoff overtime goal for nazem kadri. they're going crazy out in nba ana. and the colorado avalanche will have a chance to win it on home ice friday night in game five. been a career year for kadri and no moment bigger than that one. >> ray: we talked about the freshness and the pace of colorado in overtime. kadri's going to get this puck coming off on a change. remember, this puck's down the ice. they are gassed. they can't change the defense. mcdonagh and sergachev cannot get off the ice. so while this play is shot up
8:28 pm
the ice, they're dead. they can't get -- >> sean: and no signal from wes mccauley, the official there, that it's a goal, which is why i think most people in the arena didn't think it was a goal. you saw byram go skating after him as if to say, that puck's in the net. and you wonder if the officials weren't sure. yeah, wes mccauley doesn't look to be sure. one of the linesmen in there to help him to say, that puck is in the net. so, a bizarre ending to this one, as colorado wins its fifth in this postseason in overtime. here's emily. >> emily: nazem, the first thing you said, you sat down, you said, wow. what are you feeling right now? >> excitement, excitement. that was a huge win. we stuck with it, resilient effort. able to get it done in the o.t. >> emily: did you know that went in? >> not really. i just tried to make a little move there and go far side and i'm assuming that's where it went. i don't know if it found a hole, but it was a bit of a delayed
8:29 pm
reaction. i thought he made the save for a second and next thing you know, people are sprinting towards me, so, good feeling. >> emily: this is your first game in 18 days after getting surgery. what did you experience in this game? >> i've been waiting for this my whole life. i figured i would try to join the party. so, i'm just grateful i'm able to be in this position and, you know, with this group of guys, you know, couldn't have written a better story. i'm grate. . >> emily: you told me the ice was garbage. how did that effect your team? >> you have to simplify a little bit. that's what happens when it's 105 degrees in florida in june. we can play any kind of style and we certainly stuck with it tonight. >> emily: and how confident are you that you guys can close this out in denver now? >> it's going to be tough. i mean, the last one is the hardest one to win. they're a great team over there so we're expecting a good effort. >> emily: thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. >> sean: what a year for that man. and a dramatic turn until his
8:30 pm
season here tonight. his seventh of the playoffs. he's played in only 14 of their games. from lehkonen and kuemper, the goalie, with an assist on the overtime winner. final score in overtime, colorado, 3, tampa bay, 2. game five of the stanley cup final friday night at 8:00 on abc and espn plus from denver. the avs will be trying to win the stanley cup. for ray ferraro and emily kaplan, sean mcdonough. good night from tampa. stanley final friday night at 8:00 on abc and the greatest trophy in sports is within reach. power. precision. an explosion of emotion. >> let's go! the stanley cup final. game five awaits friday.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. >> a deadly shooting on what a train today. one person killed, another
8:35 pm
injured. >> once they start shooting, there's nowhere to go. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. there's no indication today's violence targeted the lgbtq plus community or was connected to pride events. san francisco police say the shooting happened just before 10:00 this morning on the train between the forest hill and castro stations. when the train top at the castro station, the shooter ran away. lyanne: at about 10:00 this morning, shots were heard at muni's forest station. >> it sounds like an altercation between people who knew each other. >> when officers arrived, they located two victims. >> oas ireicnvestigators were
8:36 pm
brought in. the shooter was seen leaving the castro station. police gave a brief description of who they are still looking for, a male, unknown race, hooded jacket. quickly have multiple cameras -- >> we have multiple cameras on board and cameras in of your stations as well. all of that footage has been turned in to police. >> there's been horrible incidents around the country and even here in the bay area, so people are nervous and i'm sure this does not help. people should be alert. >> this incident does not appear to have any connection to pride events hour does not appear to target the lgbtq community, so we really want to make sure that our community members and visitors who are in town for pride week understand that. >> this guided tour continued despite the heavy polic presence. ju ctoebannirsar co
8:37 pm
theatre. >> i was not sure if i would come. in the alert it said there would be shuttles on the police were here, so i the castro muni statn reopened shortly before 1:30 this afternoon ahead of the commute. muni told us ahead of pride weekend there is always extra security, but that was not the case because the pride celebrations have not really started. ama: and this crime upended our commute. karina: the forest hill station closed to passengers shortly after the shooting around 10:00 this morning. many people showed up unaware the station was closed. muni did provide bus bridge layingeople whosa ty were surprt
8:38 pm
the closure and felt uneasy about the shooting happening on the muni train. >> i feel like it is scary to go out anywhere. i don't believe in all the guns that we have or certainly not the military style. >> i would not expect the station to close at all. i'm expecting to just go on my day, but it really messed up my day kind of now because i have to find a way to, you know, to go downtown. >> you hear about stuff around the country. once they start shooting, there's nowhere to go in there, so it is scary. karina: most of the people i spoke to say today's shooting will not stop them from riding muni, but they agree this is a time people need to be more cautious. this station was closed for about four hours to commuters in the late morning and early
8:39 pm
afternoon, and as of now, it is back open to riders. ama: we used the abc 7 news app to send out an alert this morning, so if this affects your commute, you knew before you left home. fire crews rushed into a burning house in san francisco today to rescue a person trapped inside. that victim is in critical condition. crews say the red cross is helping a total of seven people who were burned out of their home. you can see thick smoke pouring from the house. no word yet on what sparked that fire. some vacaville residents were forced to evacuate because of a quick moving grass fire. residents were told to get out around 4:30 this afternoon. calfire says the fire swelled to about 102 acres. crews hope to have it fully
8:40 pm
contained within the next several hours. in san mateo county, a fire burned 20 acres since yesterday not far from 280. luz pena spoke to neighbors who returned home after being evacuated. lose: -- luz: at 42% containment, calfire confirmed this fire was extremely close to homes. >> we have a good line around it. that's where we scrape the lines of the fire cannot cross. >> kathy and her family decided to evacuate. she described seeing smoke and flames as they drove off. >> i think we heard one report because some buddy was up in one of the copters, and it was basically 200 feet from where the pavement ends, which is awfully close. >> her son jumped into action, helping the family pack, not knowing if they will go back to their home. >> we had a checklist i was going through. we were kind of yelling at each
8:41 pm
other, like what do we need to do? what am i supposed to do? >> down the block, bruce baker decided to stay back. he has lived in the neighborhood for 42 years and says this has been the closest call. >> i cannot imagine, people losing their homes. it his home now more than ever. >> he described hearing what sounded like an explosion around 2:20 p.m. that day, and then they lost power. >> 2:20, i heard a big boom. sounded like a big firework or something. >> pg&e crews could be seen around the area. we asked. any idea what might have caused this fire? >> i have investigators out there right now working hard on determining the cause of the fire. >> for many residents, yesterday's close call has become the reason why today they are better prepared. quickly adjust running around trying to get what you think is right and you know you are going to forget something.
8:42 pm
>> it took firefighters about six hours to truly control this fire. they tell me that as the investigation continues, they are grateful that the wind pattern was not as strong. otherwise, this could have been a completely different story. ama: let's bring in sandhya patel for a closer look at the conditions. sandhya: conditions right now are favorable for firefighters. relative humid he has -- relative humidity has been going up steadily. wind will remain light for the most part. tomorrow afternoon, they pick up briefly and hopefully continue to gain ground because what is not good is what you are seeing here on live doppler 7. we have numerous strikes south of the bay area. dozens being reported, if the lightning strikes.
8:43 pm
-- 50 lightning strikes. if there's any dry lightning with it, it could touch off some more fires or touch off a fires, excuse me. right now, just seeing a lot of cloud cover. still have that heat advisory for solano county until 10:00 p.m. tonight. i'll be back to let you know when things will calm down in terms of active weather coming up. ama: thank you. it was not calm off the coast, danger (music throughout)
8:44 pm
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so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ama: a vote tonight brought back merritt-based admissions at san francisco's local elementary school. this after switching to a lottery system for the 2021 school year during the pandemic and as an effort to help improve diversity. the move played a role in the recall of three board members and also lead to a lawsuit. tonight's decision could lead to
8:46 pm
another lawsuit with opponents citing a law that prohibits admissions based on academic performance. police shot and killed a man suspected of killing two people. the first homicide was on mount shasta drive around 7:00 last night at around 9:20, police believe that same suspect killed a woman in woman in modesto. police say he then drove back to san jose where there was an hours-long standoff with officers for he was killed. dustin dorsey has more. dustin: after a connected double shooting in san jose and modesto last night, children are left without parents and family members without loved ones as lives are changed forever. >> it was a very tragic series of events that happen here. dustin: a man came to this home where he shot another man dead in the street. his three young children came out to find their father dead. his family says they do not know how he may have been connected
8:47 pm
to the shooter. hours later, in modesto, the suspect took another life. >> we received calls last night around 9:20 hours so from a juvenile reporting that their mom had been shot. >> 29-year-old michelle rose gonzalez was shot and killed by the suspect, a man gonzales' family says she was romantically involved with. >> she had a big, big heart. she was a wonderful mother. she loved her son and daughter very much. her kids are orphans now, you know? >> spd says the shooter led a police chase back into san jose with a woman and two children in the car. >> this was a violent, armed and dangerous individual that was on our city streets. >> would drop off passengers before barricading himself in a san jose home, firing several
8:48 pm
shots at officers throughout the pursuit. the standoff ended violently seven hours later. >> the suspect exited the shed he was barricaded in, hold it -- holding a firearm, pointed it at our personnel. dustin: you could hear officers opened fire on the suspect, hitting him at least once. this video captured the suspect being taken to the hospital where he would die. police say it appears the suspect knew the victims and was involved in a separate family dispute during which someone was injured before the shootings. >> we want to send our condolences to all the people involved with this series of events. >> the identities of the victim and suspect in the case will be released later this week. ama: we learned the san francisco mayor has tested positive for covid-19. this comes two days after she was on stage with the warriors during their championship parade. the mayor's office says she is following isolation and quarantine protocols recommended
8:49 pm
by the department of health. her office says she is feeling well and will be conducting meetings at home. she will not be making appear
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
ama: the chief of police for the uvalde, texas, school is off the job tonight after weeks of criticism for his decisions during the mass shooting that killed 19 kids and two teachers. he chose to delay confronting the gunman in the shooting. authorities have described her mess the incident commander during the massacre. he, however, has said he did not consider himself to be the officer in charge. nearly one month since the mass shooting in uvalde, a bipartisan safety bill could come up for legislation this week. >> last night, the process to
8:52 pm
quickly pass gun safety legislation formally began here on the floor after 64 senators agreed to get on the bill. we are only a few days away from passing the first major gun safety bill in nearly 30 years. >> this time is different. this time, the democrats came our way and agreed to advance some common sense solutions. ama: the bill calls for enhanced background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21 and closes loopholes to prevent people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. it does not include a red flag provision which would remove firearms from those deemed a danger. it also does not raise the buying age for assault-style weapons to 21. an update to a story the i-team has been following, the man charged with paying $70 million to wildfire victims is stepping
8:53 pm
down. the camp fire destroyed the town of paradise as well as other parts of butte county in 2018. the county is pushing for more transparency about what is happening to the fire victims' money. is there more hot, dry sunny
8:54 pm
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ama: the clouds and the breeze helped us out a little bit today. sandhya: it sure did. that monsoon moisture continues to pull northward. fortunately, we have seen rain with those thunderstorms, but if there is any dry lightning, the thunderstorm threat tomorrow
8:56 pm
will be primarily shifting to the eastern portion of the state. notice the mugging is. some of the dew points right now, 59 in palo alto, 57 in san carlos. if you are feeling the stickiness, that is why, but temperatures are down 21 degrees in san francisco, down 20 in napa. coast was in the 60's. it was still hot, but fewer triple digit meetings showed up today. numbers right now, nice, cooling breeze along the coast in may with the fog rolling in. inland areas still warm. here are the life pictures. you can see there is fog in the picture. beautiful post-sunset view looking around san jose. hour-by-hour we go. isolated thunderstorm cannot be ruled out as we go into the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. after that, things will settle down and for the afternoon, we
8:57 pm
pretty much know what we will experience. watch out the fog. afternoon highs still in the top -- the hot territory. we have to go well inland. right around the bay, we will be in the 70's and 80's and around the coastline in the 60's for your thursday. accuweather forecast looks like this -- morning fog, hot day inland. heat easing as we head towards friday. it is going to be nice for the pride parade and celebrations on sunday. temperatures dropping off a few more degrees going to the middle of next week. we get out of the 90's and i will have some 80's showing up, so that will be a nice change of pace. ama: two beaches are closed following a shark attack. the surfer suffered serious injuries to his stomach and leg. witnesses rushed to help. the monterey fire department conducted a drone search for the shark, but there were no sightings.
8:58 pm
that is going to do it for this special edition of abc 7 news. we thank you so much for joining us. we hope you have a great evening and we will see you again at 7:00.
8:59 pm
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