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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 23, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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residential street turned into a river overnight. the cause of the flood in concord and potential traffic effects. kumasi: a person of interest identified on -- in a shooting on a train. details into the incident. reggie: today is the last hearing on -- of the month of the january 6 attack on the capitol. why they need more kumasi:. drew: good morning. we will find a wide range of temperatures and the fog will return. half moon bay is down to zero miles his ability. the fog will keep us cool along the coast for the day. low 50's, close to the coast, but away from the coast where we are not getting the marine influence, upper 60's and lower 70's. here is a live look from the exploratorium camera. from this vantage point we have clear skies but patchy fog.
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we will keep the fog along the coast throughout the day away from the coast and it is a sunny day. later this afternoon we will have a wide range of temperatures with a typical spread. 70's and 80's around the bay. we will take a closer look at the temperatures in a preview of the upcoming weekend in eight minutes. reggie: crews are cleaning up after a huge water main break. thousands of gallons of water poured right into the streets. jobina: this happened shortly after midnight near monument labarge. let us get right to the video. this water spilled into homes and businesses. the break caused part of monument levar at to buckle but -- boulevard to buckle, but we do not know the extent of the damage or when it will be cleaned up. this is an issue for your morning commute and you need to take an alternate route. reggie: happening today the next
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hearing for the committee investigating the january 6 attack, this one focusing on how then president trump tried to use the justice department to overturn the 2020 election. after today the community will delay its finer hearings until the week of july 11. the chairman says they need that time to review hundreds of hours of new video of trump and his inner circle that was only recently turned over by a documentary filmmaker. abc news will have special coverage starting around noon. you can watch attack on the capital the investigation right here on abc 7, or are streaming app. a heads up for bart writers, single tracking continues between concord and pleasant hills. crews are working to repair a section of track that curved during tuesday's heat causing this derailment. temperatures were in the 90's. officials say that the track
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temperature was about 142 degrees. >> heat and rail is an issue not just for bart but for real rate -- railways around the world. it can have an impact and it appears that that might be the case here. reggie: 50 passengers had to be evacuated and several retreated for minor injuries -- were treated for minor injuries. kumasi: some residents are back home after a fire forced evacuations. residents were told to get out yesterday afternoon. cal fire says it grew to 110 acres and is 90% contained. a fire burning close to homes in san mateo county is 80% contained. evacuations have been lifted but officials say the fire is close to homes. the cause is under investigation. reggie: summer session classes can at stanford today and tomorrow as pg&e works to restore power. the edgewood fire is keeping
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crews from accessing an area where repairs need to be made. power has been out since tuesday after pg&e equipment failure that appears to have coincided with the fire. university officials say they are preparing for restoration to take days to complete. drew: take a look at this. kumasi: can we go back to that video? no? i guess not. drew: yes. there we go. last night we had lightning strikes in gilroy, and we were talking about how we were tracking thunderstorms through the central valley and we had one or two lightning strikes. thankfully it did not spark any fires. it did bring more than 50,000 lightning strikes to the state of california over the past 24 hours. it was all associated with a weakening tropical storm to our
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south that brought clouds into the sky and also made it feel muggy. here is live doppler 7. if you watch closely you can see lightning strikes in the area of low pressure that instigated some of the storms. thankfully much of the bay area did not see lightning strikes, you saw the clouds and it feels muggy. dew points measure how much moisture is in the atmosphere. when the numbers get into the 50's like they are right now, it feels muggy. you will step outside and feel the increase in humidity this morning. talking about temperatures right now, a wide range throughout the morning, pretty cool along the coast, we are warming up quickly inland. later on today location is key to how hot you get. inland well into the 90's. the shoreline maney -- mainly in the 70's and 80's. the coast is stuck in the 60's. here is how the next three day
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shape up, keep the fog along the coastline each day through saturday. temperatures gradually cool off and we will preview how sunday shapes up and the pride parade forecast in nine minutes. let us say good morning and see how we are doing with traffic. jobina: good morning. we are starting with the great news from bart, people will be happy that the red line service has been restored, the richmond line. direct services available between richmond and san francisco. they are still doing work on this line and something tells me they got this up and running because you will face issues with the antioch line. it has been a real struggle, up to a 15 minute delay because of what reggie was mentioning earlier about the single tracking between concord and pleasant hill stations due to the partial derailment. a live look outside showing the golden gate bridge, and i do not see a fog advisory yet what i will keep an eye on that and i
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will wrap up with a live picture showing emeryville. celebrating pride month, the roundtable i was a part of talk about the challenges they experience. kumasi: the white house getting ready to meet with the oil industry. more on the you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment and a free streaming box... ...risk free with no term contract and a 2-year rate guarantee for just $30 a month when you add xfinity mobile.
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kumasi: new details about a shooting on a san francisco train that left one person dead and another injured. police say this is a person of interest in the case. the shooting took place yesterday morning inside the train going between forest hill and castro stations. the suspect took off on the train got to the station. tim johns has the details. tim: this has unsettled many writers. she takes it every day to her job and says she is thinking about commuting another way. >> i've thought about it, but what else i can do, i have to come over here to get to the train. tim: crime has been decreasing for years according to
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statistics provided by the sfmta. >> this looks to be an isolated incident. tim: but oftentimes it is perceptions influenced by social media that determine how safe they really feel. that is according to a criminal justice professor. >> when you take it in totality, it feels like you are not safe when you go into the environment, and so with each one of these events it increases that idea that we are not safe. tim: they are fully cooperating with law enforcement to ensure that the suspect is caught and continue to improve security measures to keep people safe. >> we have high quality cameras not only on the trains but multiple cameras on board that we have cameras in stations as well. kumasi: now to president biden's effort to lower gas prices. the administration will meet with the oil industry and demand that they take action to lower the police the price of oil. there is a lot of contention and
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the meeting has not started. jobina: president biden is not expected at the meeting. he spent weeks criticizing oil companies but oil companies claim that the regulations aimed at increasing green energy production have aided harder for them to boost oil production. chevron's ceo says the white house is wrongly vilifying big oil. they are hoping that this meeting with jennifer granholm will focus on solutions. >> the fact is that no president alone can control the price of gasoline. and we need more players at the table. jobina: the national average is just under five dollars a gallon, down slightly from record highs last week. gas prices are also down slightly in the bay area from last week. the average price is six dollars $.49. -- $6.49. the prices would drop $.18 a gallon if congress moves forward
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with president biden's proposal to suspend the federal gas tax for three months. reggie: new details and a racial discrimination lawsuit against tesla. it appears that there will be a new trial. a former contract worker at the fremont factory turned down an offer for a reduced payout of $50 million in damages. the offer came after the judge ruled a jury approved payout of $137 million was excessive. tesla requested a new trial in november and the judge gave the worker the option of accepting the 50 million before ruling and allowing a new trial to proceed. kumasi: nurses and daly city will be back on the picket line. poor working conditions are affecting them and their patients. the hospital often runs out of clean linens, oxygen, and surgery supplies. they said that there are stabbings third shortages that delay lab tests and procedures with nurses being asked to do more than one job at a time. >> there has not been a change.
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at one point it started getting worse. >> we are looking for a contract that will recruit and retain nurses and i do not think they are providing that. kumasi: the california nurses association has been in negotiations with seton since december. a hospital administrator said that they are disappointment -- disappointed that the union decided to strike. reggie: new developments on lowell high school's admission policy. the san francisco school board decided to return to a merit-based system going into effect in the fall of 2023 after it switched to a lottery system for the 2021 school year due to the pandemic and is an effort to improve diversity. the move played a big role in the recall of three board members and led to a lawsuit. the board voted to create a task force to examine admissions basalt -- policies and get recommendations. kumasi: san francisco mayor london breed tested positive for
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covid-19 days after she was on stage with the warriors during their championship parade. the mayor's office says that she is following protocols implemented by the department. she is vaccinated and boosted and her office says she is feeling well and will be conducting meetings from home. she will not be making any public appearances while she is in the isolation period. reggie: abc 7 is proud to be celebrating pride month as the official sponsor of the pride parade. i am honored to be hosting the event this year but before that gets going i hosted another type of discussion in the community. the allies in action roundtable focused on challenges that queer plus youth and their families experienced every day. the groups included a stanford doctor and advocacy groups. the community is growing with more people identifying as lgbtq as before. there is a lot that remains woefully misunderstood.
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>> i have two trans kids so this is really relevant. you are not seeing at a young age who someday wants to sleep with they are seeing who they are. gender is not in the pants, but in the brain. >> i think of a friend of mine who runs an incredible school for young black, queer, trans kids in the area. and one of their practices is asking people what their pronouns are and asking students what the pronouns are every single day. and that gives the kids to say actually today i will try these pronouns or these are the ones that work for me or this is a name that really fits for me today this week or this year. reggie: the conversation is worth a listen, especially this week. i know that i learned a lot. you can watch it at /pride including a guide on the use and terminology of appropriate pronouns and opportunities for queer+ youth.
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we hope that you celebrate with us on for sunday, you can watch the pride parade live on abc seven. the coverage starts at 10:30 in the morning and drew will be there. drew: anselmo -- and so will jobina. reggie: and so is kumasi. kumasi is supposed to be in the parade, but i know that when the parade gets to where we are she will be part of our coverage. kumasi: i have my headset ready. drew: i will be on market street like where is she? kumasi: i have arrived. i have your -- it will be fun. drew: if you are planning your outfits, we will be in the 70's. you will have the fog in the morning like we are seeing, but in the afternoons we are getting a lot of sunshine in the city. outside for the east bay hills camera the fog's return and moving for the golden and along the coast. it will bring us a wide range of
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temperatures route the day and it is also muggy. the humidity increased overnight and a wide range of temperatures through the day. right now where we have the fog it is keeping us in the 50's. we have temperatures in the 60's and 70's in clear territory. the future whether -- weather showing cloud cover along the coastline that we will see a lot of coastline away from the coast throughout the day on your thursday. the fog returns along the shoreline keeping us cool into friday morning. a wide range of temperatures, 69 in the city. 79 oakland. 90 santa rosa. 87 valeo. half moon bay in and out of the fog. overnight we have fog spilling into the bay shoreline. nice sleeping weather into friday. i am talking about pride,
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friday, saturday, and sunday, morning fog and afternoon sunshine if you are headed into the city. we will have temperatures climbing into the 60's and low 70's. 72 degrees is the forecasted high. some are spread today, we will cool off through the start of the weekend. it is nice for the parade on sunday. summer temperatures continue with 70's and 80's through early next week. kumasi: coming up the seven things to know. reggie: we are getting the first look at a disney plus movie, the film based on a true story of three brothers now playing in the nba. kumasi: a live look outside.
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searching for a person of interest who allegedly shot two people wednesday morning. the person is described as wearing a dark hoodie. both victims were taken to a hospital and one died from their injuries. kumasi: the next hearing into the investigation of the january 6 attack is today. it will focus on how then president trump tried to use the justice department to overturn the 2020 election. reggie: jennifer granholm will meet oil industry executives to take action to lower the price of oil. last week president biden sent letters to the ceos urging them to boost the supply of gasoline and diesel. drew: we will have a wide range of temperatures and it is cool along the coast. but it stays pretty hot inland in the upper 90's along the bay shoreline and it will top out later today. jobina: we have some good news coming from bart, the richmond line has been restored so there
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will be direct service from richmond and millbrae and san francisco. kumasi: history made at the owtr becam the fst bloodhounds to win best in show. more than 3000 breeds were included in the show. reggie: a man was attacked by a shark while sharpening -- surfing. off the coast. will: a shark counter offer the california coast leaving one man with significant injuries. good samaritans rushing the swimmer to shore. >> we had to quickly cut his wetsuit off of him and open it up and try to apply the tourniquets to the his limbs and abdomens. will: the shark was seen in monterey bay and the authorities shut the beach down trying to track the shark with a drone but no luck. >> we see dolphins and whales, sea lions, harbor seals, lots of
5:23 am
swimmers and paddle borders, but never a shock. will: shark sightings are rare but they are earlier than usual. >> the water is warm and that is unusual. will: more with the eyewitnesses who watched the scene unfold. with your gma first look, i am well car. kumasi: twitter is testing a new feature for longform writing called notes which is a blog post that appears within the app. it does not have character limits and users can embed photos, videos and ramble long as long as they want. they are available to a select group of users in the u.s., u.k., canada, and ghana and there was no word on when it will go out to all users. reggie: an amazing story is coming to disney plus in time for your weekend. "rise" is based on a real-life story of a family who produced the first trio of brothers to become nba champions.
5:24 am
introduces new actors portraying the brothers. >> it was a better basketball player? >> it used to be me. back in the day he was to always kill me and now i am taking his ankles. >> taking his ankle -- taking my ankles? >> we are both pretty good. reggie: it is streaming on disney plus starting tomorrow and disney is the parent company of abc 7. as we approach the july 4 holiday first responders warning about the danger of fireworks. one county holding people responsible if you use illegal fireworks. kumasi: a firefighting camp for. we are getting a look at it. we are looking live as people make their way across the bay bridge. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, san francisco trans -- transit officials looking for this person named as a person of interest. kumasi: three bay area beaches have been named to the worst on the west coast when it comes to pollution. reggie: a live look outside where it will still be hot for some of us. drew is here with what you can expect. good morning thursday, june 23. drew: good morning.
5:28 am
the beautiful fog has returned to us and it will create a wide range of temperatures. visibility is an issue along the coast and half moon bay is down to zero miles visibility certainly highway one in the region. in the fog you are stuck in the 50's, but where the marine influence has yet to be reached inland, we are in the 60's if not low 70's. outside we go, here is a live look from sutro tower showing that we have l fog around the city and stretching through the golden gate and into the east bay. the fog will linger throughout the morning along the coast. we will get a lot of sunshine away from the coast. the sunrise is at 5:48 with temperatures away from the coast in the 60's and 70's. by noon the clouds will keep hugging the coast and i sunshine away from the coast.
5:29 am
70's around the bay. 4:00 p.m. a wide range of temperatures, the typical summerlike spread so location is key. a jacket along the coast, stuck in the fog. a lot of sunshine along the shoreline 70's and 80's and inland mid and upper 90's later on today. we will take a close look at afternoon highs and preview the weekend. reggie: san francisco police are looking for a man who killed a person and hurt another on a train yesterday morning. we have surveillance images that police release. this is a man they are calling a person of interest. ryan curry is an castro this morning. ryan: good morning. the search is on for the person who shot those two people, killing one and hurting another. he stopped at castro -- castro station where he fled before police caught up with him and
5:30 am
locate the victims. you mentioned that is when they found out and release this photo of this person of interest. that is who the person that they did not name as a suspect, but somebody they are trying to get an inquiry leon. the suspects they are looking for is a man who is wedding -- wearing a dark hooded jacket. according to police the shooting does not appear to be a hate crime, instead being an isolated incident. they have been cooperating with the police department, and any surveillance footage that they have been gathering -- that they have gathered has been handed over. >> we have high quality cameras not only on the trains and multiple cameras on board, but we have cameras in the stations as well. ryan: again the suspect is described as a man wearing a dark hooded jacket. the names of the victims have not been released. one of them went to the hospital with injuries. service was stopped at the station for most of the day and it resumed later on towards the
5:31 am
evening and sfmta plans on having normal service throughout the station. the search is on for the person who committed the crime yesterday. kumasi: thank you. a new development in the uvalde, texas school massacre investigation. the school's police chief is off of the job and this is coming as a new lawsuit was filed. jobina: so, critics are demanding the embattled school police chief resign as the story about what happened continues to change. it was just revealed that the chief entered the school just minutes after the gunman. investigators say it took more than an hour for him and his officers to go into the classroom where 19 students and two teachers were murdered. parents and community members argue that law enforcement should be held partly accountable for the tragedy. yesterday the student -- the
5:32 am
superintendent announced that he was placed on it been a straight of leave. >> he should never be allowed to work in law enforcement again. >> we serve as truth and answers. jobina: he has said he did not consider himself in charge at the time of the shooting as multiple other agencies were responding. now a state senator is suing the texas department of public safety after the agency denied his request for records related to the shooting. the texas department of public safety did not immediately respond to the lawsuit. reggie: this morning prosecutors are asking for a minimum 30 year prison sentence for a british social -- for the british socialite elaine maxwell. she was indicted on prostituting charging's. prosecutors say that maxwell has shown no remorse. her defense team says she should serve no more than five years in prison and should not be punished for epstein's crimes.
5:33 am
kumasi: we are learning new details about a suspect who went on a murder spree that stretched from san jose to modesto and back. we brought you the story yesterday. the first homicide happened around 7:00 tuesday night on mount shasta drive. a man was killed. and then about 2.5 hours later police believe the same suspect killed a woman in modesto. after those two murders the shooter led them on a chase back into san jose with a woman and two children in the car, firing several shots. he dropped off the passengers before barricading himself in the backyard shed of a home for several hours. >> the suspect exited the shed holding a firearm and pointed it at our special operations personnel. kumasi: the modesto victim was identified as michelle rose gonzalez. her family says that she was romantically involved with the suspect. she leaves behind a
5:34 am
six-month-old son and a nine-year-old daughter. police say the identities of the suspect and victim will be released later this week. reggie: now to update a story that the iteam has been tracking. the man in charge of distributing settlement money to wildlife -- wildfire survivors is stepping down. john trotter will be leaving his post as trustee of the fire victim trust at the end of the month. that is when his two year commitment ends. they sent trotter a letter last month sharing complaints about a lack of communication and minimal payments that have left some victims of campfire living on the streets. the wildfire destroyed the town of paradise as well as other parts of the county. they are pushing for more transparency on what happens to the fire victims' money. kumasi: police are alerting people of a possible lot -- mount blind-siding. several people said that they
5:35 am
saw the big cat. animal control has not confirmed that an animal -- that a mountain lion -- not -- has not confirmed that it was a mountain lion. they say if you do encounter a mountain lion, bring your pets inside and call 911. reggie: first responders are urging us to be careful with fireworks because of the extra dry conditions. contra costa county first responders used a charred hillside in pittsburgh to get their message across. fireworks were to blame for this fire that were to blow -- that burned 121 acres. none was damaged but the danger is very real. >> with the amount of dry vegetation we are experiencing over the winter months, it is proven that we have seen time and time again, that the fires are quickly getting very large very rapidly and out of control. reggie: contra costa county is a fireworks free zone meeting all fireworks even those labeled
5:36 am
safe and sane are illegal. county passed an ordinance last year where people can be held liable if illegal fireworks are used on their property. kumasi: in shasta county camp center opened its doors to young girls interested in firefighting. out of 200 applicants 31 girls were selected for the training program. this five-day program will train in fighting wildfires, structure fires, operating a helicopter and rescue operations and provide information on how the girls can pursue a career in this field. >> we want people who think differently. if everybody thinks the same we have one approach to a problem. if we have people with different ways of thinking and we will do a better job. kumasi: currently only 6% of calfire crews are women. as wildfires continue to increase to the state so does the demand for trained firefighters. the program says it aims to build confidence and encourage more women to join the firefighting field.
5:37 am
[cheering] reggie: vice president kamala harris surprised students at a school in d.c. to celebrate title ix. this law bans gender and sexual discrimination in all school activities. students gathered to purchase bait in activities including basketball. we have to say it took her a few tries and some advice from students, and the second gentleman. finally the vice president was able to make that shot, and everybody cheered her on. kumasi: there you go. reggie: that is a lot of pressure. kumasi: and with the heels on, there is a lot going on. reggie: you know that pressure. kumasi: also, edit. as the summer season gets underway there is a shortage of lifeguards and it is plaguing the whole country. how one city is hoping to get more workers to fill the gaps. reggie: the san francisco bay
5:38 am
ferry sending invitation to one warriors start in the hopes of getting him to drive one of the ferries. but first a check on the weather. drew: i do not want to do that. reggie: he should be able to handle that. kumasi: i think so,. drew: he has his old boat. he is the person. this is the moment for this. reggie: you know what, he lost a lot of things that day. kumasi: that was a day. reggie: he picked it up. jobina: like my microphone. reggie: now we are talking about dropping things. jobina: that is why you cannot talk about people. drew: instantly. if you are taking the ferry there is a lot of fog so take a couple of layers with you because we are starting off chilly. the fog returned and that will influence temperatures later on today. we had a couple of lightning strikes around gilroy. live doppler 7, we were tracking
5:39 am
an area of low pressure that brought 50,000 lightning strikes to the state of california. most of us notice the high clouds yesterday and an increase in the committee. looking at dew points, when they get into the 50's like we see this morning it will feel muggy. you will notice the increased humidity. looking at temperatures thanks to the fog creating a wide range later on. we are comfortably cool along the coast and then inland it is a hot afternoon going back into the 90's in our hottest spot. location is key. 95, concord. about 79, oakland. 69 in the city but 90 in santa rosa. it is warm at 92. the next three days will have the fog along the coast each and every day with a lot of sunshine away from the coast. we gradually cooled off to start off the weekend on saturday. we will look at how sunday is
5:40 am
shaping up especially if you are heading to the city for the pride parade. let us hope that jobina picks up her microphone. jobina: good morning and i am bringing you good news from bart. a lot of people have been disrupted because of the richmond line service being down and it has been restored. there is direct service between richmond, millbrae, and san francisco. also you will experience a disruption on the antioch line, a 15 minute delay because of the single tracking between concord and pleasant ridge -- pleasant hill stations. i want to bring you live pictures to show you this fog. emeryville, you cannot make out 80 at all. also the golden gate bridge as well but i wanted to show you this hazy start across the san mateo bridge. we do not have any blocking issues
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
reggie: this week everybody wants a job at the pool. these public pools are a real draw and these public pools and beaches are facing a problem. they do not have enough lifeguards. we have the details from walnut creek. >> the public pool is one way tt he one problem. >> the lifeguard shortage in walnut creek, we are n critical, but we are experiencing a shortage. >> karen is a recreation program manager. to operate at full capacity she needs 120 lifeguards. she only has 97. walnut creek is not the only city facing a walnut -- a lifeguard shortage. the problem is national. the american lifeguard association said that there was a critical shortage of lifeguards in the u.s. and it will impact one third of swimming pools and beaches. >> we used to run classes with a couple of instructors and up to 20 students and nalley we are at a one to eight or one to 10
5:44 am
ratio. >> the pandemic closed pools and certification courses were canceled so no new guards were trained and certifications were not renewed. she has staff who started in high school and work passed college even that has changed. >> with covid they were with us, and then with the great resignation a lot of our staff are able to move on and get career jobs. >> i have been a lifeguard for seven years. >> she is also a pool manager and is heading to nursing school in the fall. >> i love this job, it is a great job to have i am very exciting to start my nursing career, so i will be focusing more on that. >> fewer lifeguards means that lifeguards and swim classes will be canceled. because of the shortages this group has opened in april. >> my son just started swim lessons this summer, so safety is obviously a concern especially for a toddler.
5:45 am
but yes, we are very concerned. >> the city is holding a lifeguard at acacian course in july hoping to attract more candidates. the starting pay is $17 an hour. kumasi: the san francisco bay ferry has invited klay thompson to captain one of its ferries. it sends an open invitation on twitter. thompson also -- often posts his love for being on his boat and the bay. remember this video, he lost his nba championship had in the bay on the way to the parade. the ferry service told that they would love to coordinate a safe training opportunity with one of their captains. reggie: that would be fun. kumasi: synchronize your watches, and 80's hit film is coming to broadway. "back to the future" is expected to open in 2023. the classic starring michael j fox and christopher lloyd would take us back to 1985 but this time with music and dance.
5:46 am
this year it was voted the best you -- new musical in london. details into production and casting have not been released but i have been following this for a while now because i love the shows. it looks really fun, and the west end production, and apparently has amazing special effects. it has all of the things that you want, 80's music, the power of love, all of that stuff. drew: they are making everything musicals. reggie: do you guys know what you -- what i'm talking about? back to the future. drew: i have seen the movie, a long time ago. do not be mad. reggie: i am not mad, just mourning my old youth. drew: aren't they making "the devil wears prada" into musicals? reggie: are you familiar with those movies, the two youngins. drew: have you seen back to the
5:47 am
future? jobina: yes. and i rode the ride on universal. reggie: were you alive when the ride was still alive? drew: didn't they go to the wild west in one version? reggie: that was for the third one. kumasi: they have a skateboard. reggie: that was the second one. ok, we are back. drew: we have seen it. just did not think about it this morning. the fog has returned and we will get cool along the coast. welcome back carl, a live look showing you the sf skyline getting surrounded by fog. the fog is even stretching into the east bay to start out our thursday. we will have a muggy morning and the humidity has increased overnight tonight. coastal fog this morning. with the fog it will create a wide range of afternoon temperatures and we stay mild so hot through the upcoming weekend. right now where we have the fog we are in the 50's, where we
5:48 am
generally have warmer weather we are in the 60's if not 70 degrees. future weather throughout the morning the fog breaks down, but it will hang to the coast throughout the day today, that will keep the coast cool, but inland it will be hot. here are the wide range of temperatures going back into the 90's. 95, concord. 92 san jose. 92 santa rosa. 82 san mateo. 69 in the city feeling breezy and cooler in san francisco. overnight tonight we keep the fog and it moves back into the shoreline. we drop into the 50's on friday. friday through sunday, low 70's looking nice for the parade. on sunday we will climb to the 60's. we top out at 72 degrees. the next seven days, summer spread and then we cool off to start the weekend, that it is nice for the parade on sunday
5:49 am
and we keep the wide range of temperatures next week. reggie: tonight is the nba draft and you can watch it right here starting tonight at :00 p.m. and then catch after the draft at 8:00 p.m. and then stay tuned for the news at 9:00 followed by williford -- real fortune and jeopardy. ikea's new feature of the future , your very own interior decorator, no swedish meatballs included. kumasi: how the top dog at the westminster dog show is making history.
5:50 am
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reggie: people in the bay area heading to local beaches to beat the heat but three bay area
5:52 am
beaches made this year's beach bomber list, the most polluted beaches on the west coast. it was created by heal the bay. here is the list, broken bark park making the list for the third straight year in the row, marlon park, lake shore park in san mateo, that has made the list five times in the past decade. they most likely made the list due to poor water circulation and flow creating bad water collet -- quality. kumasi: a winter has been crowd at the westminster kennel club dog show and this is one for the history books. we are introduced to the top dogs. will: forget dog eat dog, at the westminster dog show, it is dog eats filet mignon. what treats are waiting otis? >> he has stake. will: there is the primping. >> this is the diva rise.
5:53 am
will: are you the diva? >> she is. will: the pampering. it takes areas longer to get ready then you? are you technically allowed to have a favorite? >> i do not have a favorite. we have a fabulous -- we have fabulous dogs coming forward and i cannot wait to see who is best in show. will: the show at the beautiful lyndhurst estate in new york. for the first time in years, fans are back in the stands. >> these crowds are electrified. we have 600 more dogs than we have had before and thousands more spectatorllogs conger the>> dante did not speaking ths when i got him. he flew over from hungary. will: and this year the competition is more ruff than ever. two new breeds joining, the russian toy and the mooney.
5:54 am
the judge is announcing their own topics. trumpet, hollywood, n.m. and belle who jumped into her handler's arms when she got the good news but there can only be one top dog of 2022. >> the best in show winner is the bloodhound. will: trumpet the bloodhound making history becoming the first ever bloodhound when best in show at the w casey. many -- wkc, many calling it an since winston the frenchy was the favorite. winston got runner-up and plenty a belly rubs for sure. reggie: i like to see the different breeds win so i'm here for the bloodhound even though i know that you are hung up on your standard poodle. kumasi: the 2020 queen of all queens, queen of poodles. nobody has done it like her. nobody ever will. reggie: i will never argue that. drew: i am looking online, so a
5:55 am
standard poodle has won five times in the past. the winningest is a wire fox terrier, 15 times. reggie: god loves a terrier. kumasi: ok. reggie: does anyone remember that? you do not know that reference from best in show? >> ♪ god loves a terrier. ♪ ♪ drew: we both like soup? reggie: we are talking and not talking. is it me? if you have not seen "best in show" we need to have a class -- we need to have a screening. drew: absolutely, it is a classic. who are the actresses? reggie: jane lynch. drew: jennifer coolidge. reggie: blank creek. drew: catherine o'hara. reggie: and her husband. drew: eugene levy.
5:56 am
reggie: thank you. drew: great movie. oh man, this morning. here is emeryville, it is hard to tell what is happening because of the fog. we have that close to the coast and the bay shoreline. we are down to zero miles visibility right now. you fog along the coastline creating a summerlike spread this afternoon, so we are hot away from the coast. along the bay shoreline, 70's and 80's and in the coast we will be stuck in the fog and cool in the 60's. kumasi: thank you. jackpot in florida, the man who won big on the lottery because of his dog. reggie: a power outages extending for days, the impacts to stanford and there is no end in sight. kumasi: bartz back on track. a key route now repaired but not so much on another part of the track. reggie: here is a live look
5:57 am
outside. 5:56. ♪ ♪ this fourth of july, lowe's has summer savings that pop. all season long.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: residential street turned into a russian river. -- reggie: a return trip turns terrifying. one rider killed in a shooting on board and another hurt.
6:00 am
the photo shared this morning. kumasi: a really active night of weather. this is lightning striking south of san jose. drew is tracking what we will be seeing. reggie: good morning, is june 23. drew: we are starting out with fog returning to the coast and bay shoreline. the following are coast this morning. elsewhere, we're doing fine. we have warmer temperatures in the 60 this morning. in the east bay the warmest temperature. there is the fog along the coast filling into the east bay. we will keep the fog along our coast throughout the day. that create a wide range of temperatures today. 70's and 80's on the shoreline. let's look at these afternoon highs coming up in about nine minutes. reggie:


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