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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  June 24, 2022 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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home. again, against st. louis, colorado led three games to one, lost game five here and had to go on the road for game six. >>. >> sean: off the face-off. three seconds. and the play's off side again. ray, this is a tampa bay bench -- team that has accomplished so much over the last three years, and jon cooper continually talks about their competitive spirit, their complete will to win, but how proud he is of this bunch, and i imagine if you take off these three seconds and win, he's never been prouder given what they were up against tonight. >> ray: he talked so much this morning about the heart and guts and determination, and they hang by a thread sometimes. here they are, it's going back to tampa.
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>> sean: ondrej palat, another game-winning goal in the playoffs, and tampa bay behind vasilevskiy has forced a game six. this series now three games to two in favor of the avalanche. denied in their bid to win the stanley cup tonight on home ice, and this really tight ens things up considerably, as the series shifts back to tampa, florida. >> ray: one of tampa's heroes through this playoff is a seventh round draft pick, 208 in his draft year, it's ondrej palat. he's got goals in game one here, a sweet feed from cutch cuff going to the net. game three, it's stamkos, and he doesn't miss. and here in game five, tied, 2-2, in this case work,
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sergachev, hedman, and the one-timer squeaks through darcy kuemper, and ondrej palat, who score late before in the rangers series does it again tonight, and tampa pushes this back home. >> sean: this is going to be a recurring seeize of interviews were emily kaplan talking game-winning goals for ondrej palat. >> emily: i'm curious, how did your team win the game? >> i think we play add a great game. road game. vasy is was great. huge win. now we're exited to go back tampa. >> emily: you have a knack for scoring big, late clutch goals. why in. >> i don't know. i mean, it was a great play by the whole line. hedy found me. i had an open net. lucky it went in. i was really happy. >> emily: last game was such an emotional ending. how were you feeling afterwards? >> right now we feel pretty good. we're excited to go back in front of our friends and it's going to be a great game.
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>> emily: how were you feeling before this game? >> i felt great. everybody was pretty confident, excited, and we know we have to move this game and go on. >> emily: what were your thoughts when they got a late too many men on the ice penalty? >> not much. i was just happy we have the pp and make sure we're not going to do something -- miss things. >> emily: we'll see you sunday. >> yes, bye-bye. >> sean: final score in game five here in denver, tampa bay, 3, the colorado avalanche, 2. for ray and emily, sean mcdonough saying so long from denver. we'll see you sunday night for game six, 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc from tampa. 3, the colorado avalanche, 2. for ray and emily, sean mcdonough saying so long from denver. we'll see you sunday night for game six, 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc from tampa.
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forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. hitting the streets across, california in san francisco and los angeles protesters are blocking traffic their reaction to the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade. good evening. i'm on a date and i'm dionne lim 200 to 300 protesters snarled up traffic in san francisco over the past few hours take a look at this caltrans video. you can see their vehicles backed up along highway 101 at the intersection with octavia
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chp officers were able to guide the protesters off the freeway and back onto city streets now. here's a look at some cell phone video from the freeway. you can see quite a large crowd they backed up and started to clear out at about 7:20 tonight. now meantime take a look in los angeles protesters there got onto a freeway on-ramp. there was a heavy police presence demonstrators were also seen in the streets next to city hall the federal building hollywood and throughout downtown la police say they have no reports of violence for the past. hours crowds have gathered across the bay area. you're looking at the large groups outside of san francisco city hall, san jose city hall and the city hall in oakland. we're talking about hundreds possibly thousands of people protesting the supreme court's decision, but the reality is the ruling doesn't change much here in california, california has no ban on abortion that was in conflict with the us constitution and so legally
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things stay the same in, california. now even so if republicans take control of congress after the next election, they could write in the legal personhood of fertilized eggs embryos and fetuses into the us constitution if that happens, it's something that i expect will happen. honestly then it could become completely illegal to have an abortion in california. and that could impact california laws as early as 2024 people gathered outside the ferry building in san francisco this afternoon to protest the supreme court decision overturning roe v wade. they came prepared to make their voices heard the group set off from the embarcadero to join a rally at city hall with planned parenthood, california and women's march sf. and take a look at the crowd gathered in san mateo at central park this afternoon at a rally for reproductive rights among those in attendance, san mateo county supervisor, david kanepa.
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we're back into the 1940s and 30s. it's archaic. it's nonsensical, but we can't have a pity party right now. we need to mobilize. well that mobilization has already happened two weeks ago the county's board of supervisors took action to ensure continued access to reproductive rights setting aside money for planned parenthood among other things in anticipation of today's supreme court decision. and in the south bay elected officials expect santa clara county to become a sanctuary for women living in states where abortion is outlawed abc 7 news reporter david louis says planned parenthood is preparing to handle more patients even as a church leader vows to stop and increase in abortions. reacting to the supreme court decision several county leaders sent out a message that santa clara county will become a sanctuary for those whose rights have been taken away for those who may be living in a state where the right to choose has been cruelly snatched away. you are welcome to santa clara
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county to receive the care that you need, san jose is home to planned parenthood more monty the largest affiliate in the country caring for more than 200,000 patients per year. we've been expanding our footprint. as far as our brick and mortar centers and we are ready to take care of an additional 250 and fought to 500 patients a week. that expansion may run into opposition from the catholic diocese of san jose bishop oscar cantu issuing this statement about what it sees as the next step following the supreme court's action quote while we celebrate this decision in many ways. our work has just begun we cease to contain the expansion of abortion in california and work to defeat the efforts of state leaders to enshrine abortion into the state constitution permanently. this could signal more court battles ahead. so we're gonna see all kinds of new laws being passed and those many of those are going to end up in the courts. some of them are going to end up
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right back in the supreme court. i think the supreme court has opened up a whole new box of trouble for itself. for example could new laws target, california doctors and nurses what if they are providing abortions in california, and then they travel to a state where abortion is not legal or they go to a conference in a state where abortion is not legal. will they be arrested that could be a risk until tested in court which could take years to resolve? yes, there's tears. yes, there's fear but there is anger and that anger is turning into resolve to protect our community. oh really is scheduled saturday morning outside, san jose city hall. we're community groups and planned parenthood will talk about moving ahead without roe v wade in san jose david louis abc 7 news governor newsome made it clear that california is a place where abortion access will remain and will remain available to those living outside of our state. in fact, governor newsom signed a bill that makes california a safe haven for abortion access.
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and just one week the court has proven. that it believes guns should have more rights than women. this is a dark day. for our little girls and all our children. who will now come of age in a nation with fewer rights? fewer freedoms and fewer protections than the generations before them. governor newsom joined with the governors of washington and oregon creating a west coast offensive protecting access to reproductive care, but across the country today's supreme court decision was met with celebration. i was shaking and i was so happy american celebrate this historic victory. because we know it will save the lives of millions of children. and it will give 13 states have trigger laws ending abortion access now that rose overruled 13 more states are now expected to move quickly to ban abortion the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade will have an impact on people across the country who
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are seeking abortions and it will also affect black and latinx pregnant people the most abc 7 news race and social justice reporter julian glover spent today talking to reproductive justice organizations. we're very deeply concerned and fearful for people in our communities specifically low-income people folks of color that we know live tend to live in the most. realized communities and people in these marginalized communities are all so more likely to access an abortion. according to 2019 cdc numbers black people are four times more likely to get an abortion than white people and hispanic latinx. people are nearly twice as likely to get an abortion laura jimenez of the california latinas for reproductive. justice is concerned that as california positions itself to become a sanctuary state for abortion and influx of abortion seekers from out of state could strain resources when i hear that there's going to be such a large potential large increase of folks coming into california. i really think about provider
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shortages and wait times for people who are who live in california traveling to california or other states that allow the procedure may not be an option for many black and latinx pregnant people says marcella howell of the national black women's reproductive justice agenda because it's just too expensive if they can't get enough money to travel to get child care for the children. already have to take off work if they're low income and working an hourly jobs. they you know, they lose a day of work. and so what that will do is it will make those barriers even bigger reproductive justice organizations. like howls are now concerned. this could lead to more pregnancies being carried to turn jeopardizing the parent's health, which could be most detrimental to black people 2020 cdc numbers show black women died of maternal causes nearly three times the rate of white women for black women and other
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women of color and birthing people. we already face barriers. accessing basic health care services, never mind reproductive health care services. so the supreme court decision today puts our reproductive health rights and and even greater dangers. those reproductive justice leaders that i've been speaking to today have also expressed concerns about the secondary effect of limiting those abortions when it comes to folks who find themselves with unwanted or unexpected pregnancies things like limiting job opportunities and limiting their potential to pursue higher education. i'm julian glover abc 7 news. we've gathered all of our coverage on this topic in one place so you can see all of the angles locally and nationally all of it is available at abc 7 bay areas at which you can download for free. for your apple tv android tv amazon fire tv or roku a big change is coming to covid rules and alameda county and it takes effect at midnight.
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the south bay today firefighters knocked down flames in a pile of hay at a farm near hale avenue in live oak avenue. this is outside of morgan hill cal fire puts the burned area at about two to three acres. it didn't take long to get that blaze under control. to the east bay where 105 acres burned in contra costa county not far from the concord pavilion near kirker pass road that road was closed for hours between pittsburgh and concord as firefighters work the scene no houses burned or were threatened just dry grass in this rural area. they say a malfunctioning car sparked this fire. right. well, let's check on our weather because the temperatures feel like they've been a little better san diego. yeah coast and bay definitely dropping off to more comfort level, but inland areas were
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still hot almond and let me show you right now what the forecast is for pride weekend festivities. it's really going to be nice tomorrow morning some fog and then sunshine starting off in the 50s getting up into the upper 60s on sunday. it's going to be great for the parade a little bit warmer, but not too hot. here's look at the hot as you look inland was up to upper 90s low 100s livermore concord. got up to 72 in oakland 88 in san jose 69 in san francisco are cool spot foggy half moon bay 59 degrees 87 degrees in santa rosa now, we're going to check out the hour by hour temperatures. you will notice tomorrow morning 50s and 60s with some fog around by the lunch hour. you're already warm inland, but not so much near the coast the coast will remain in the comfort zone in linda areas by 2 o'clock. you're in the to mid 90s. i'll let you know how hot it's going to get inland tomorrow. and what's in store for the rest of your weekend coming right up on the right sandia. thank you. it's a big weekend in the bay area san francisco's pride
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parade returns after a pandemic hiatus. we have a preview for you next.
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♪♪ to illuminate san francisco in a rainbow ahead of sunday's pride parade the carl. the fog twitter account is partnering with illuminate the arts to create what they call the world's largest pride flag, six massive lasers extending from the ferry building down market street to the top of twin peaks you too can see it from 9 to midnight tonight, saturday and sunday. thousands of people are heading to francisco this weekend to celebrate the first pride parade and festival since 2019 and as abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard explains police say they have a plan to keep everyone safe and they are asking the public for help. pride will be back on market street this sunday as one of the biggest parades in the country returns after three years and keeping massive crowds safe is the goal of san francisco police
8:25 pm
jeep william scott. he says every available officer will be on duty first of all. we need the eyes and ears of vigilance. to be at the forefront of everybody's minds the chief urges the public that if you see something say something scott says his department. king with federal authorities, especially after police in idaho arrested 31 people earlier this month with ties to a white nationalist group which planned to riot at a local pride event as we know right now no, no known or credible threats to to our events here in san francisco. scott says his department isn't sure how protests concerning the overturning of roe versus wade will impact pride in terms of any protests or first amendment expressions that make come from roe versus weight. we want to make sure that we keep those event. in 2019 10 people protesting the police locked arms and blocked the pride parade route the group agreed to leave after an hour. oh if you're out with friends keep your friends close don't lose anybody.
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leave anyone behind. don't accept drinks from strangers. well, there's no way to put on a parade and celebration the size of hours without working with the police department pride interim executive director suzanne ford hopes. everyone has a great time. any day so everybody make sure you're drinking enough fluids castro businesses like the cove restaurant wants folks to eat and spend money too. you know, we love our city and space it we haven't had a chance to show it up properly lately. so it's so exciting to see a lot of tourists back in town. happy pride cornell bernard abc 7 news. today san francisco city hall once again offered extra marriage ceremonies leading up to pride the environment was colorful including a rainbow photo booth and a special pride themed marriage license many people signed up to celebrate their love and tie the knot. we opened up over a hundred appointments today for marriage
8:27 pm
ceremonies, and we are marrying people all over san francisco city hall we missed the last couple of years because of the pandemic, but we're very excited to be opening up this face again to to all this love officiating the weddings were volunteer deputy marriage commissioners. some couples say they waited to get married on this day so they could celebrate pride for years to come. and remember abc 7 is your home for live coverage of the pride parade starts at 10:30 wherever you watch abc 7 bay area. coming up. it has been exactly one month since the deadly shooting at rob elementary in uvalde, texas. and today congress sent new gun legislation to president biden plus a historic decision by the supreme court overturns roe v wade tonight the big picture what could happen next?
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. today's top story roe v. wade is no more the supreme court issued an historic opinion today overturning the landmark decision that stood for nearly 50 years. today's decision finds that there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion individual states are now in position to ban abortion, which could lead to a number of future legal showdowns. a number of protesters took to the streets of san francisco today upset about the supreme court's decision abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns met up with them. yeah, dan. i'm here outside of san francisco city hall where hundreds of people have gathered to protest the overturning of roe versus wade. now, this is one of several protests planned here around the bay area this friday and going into this weekend. and of course, there are also several more happening around the country now a lot of people here say they were shocked by the supreme court's decision, but more than shock. they are also angry angry about
8:31 pm
what has happened anger about what they say is the revoking of some of their constit. you know right that we've just had a rally where we heard from local representatives of planned parenthood here in northern california and also saw from some local san francisco politicians we heard from representatives from mayor breed's office. we heard from supervisor preston. we've heard from matt haney and all of these people are urging everyone here in attendance to go out and make thor versus heard by voting this november not just in the midterm elections in general but also for an amendment to the california state constitution. that would enshrine abortion rights in our state constitution now everyone here is also saying that this is only the first step in this process and that they are planning for a long fight ahead. i'm in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news. advocacy groups are raising concerns over the ripple effect. today's supreme court decision could have abc 7 news reporter loose peña spoke to a law professor who explains which
8:32 pm
other rights could also be at risk? following the overturning of roe v wade after nearly half a century today supreme court justice clarence thomas stated at other precedents from the high court should also be considered he went out of his way to separate opinion essentially saying send me more cases two obvious ones would be same-sex marriage and even contraception also justice thomas mentioned the case that said it was illegal to criminalize sodomy. he suggested that that also could be on the table. once again, you see hastings law professor david levine union by justice thomas plan es wide also be at it's part of this larger conservative project being that if something is not written right in the constitution. they think it is not something that should be protected by the federal courts, but with a case of abortion with the case of
8:33 pm
your marital relationships contraception these other issues. the constitution doesn't say anything about it malia chavez executive director of the woman's building in san francisco said, they're devastated and view this as a sign of it sets us back 50 years of what we considered progress for autonomy over our individual bodies. and it opens the floodgate for erosion of other essential and vital protections and rights. it doesn't feel that it's a coincidence given that we saw the leak document week ago and yet the decision comes out today on the cusp of you know during pride month. java said california is preparing to welcome an influx of woman who want to get abortions, california is home to about 20% of all of the abortion clinics throughout the country. and so we're basically preparing probably to increase that number and or to provide services and
8:34 pm
support for our neighboring states. nothing changes in california, governor newsom who stated today that abortion is legal into state and he just signed a bill to make california a safe haven for people across the nation in the newsroom loose. yeah, abc 7 news. today we spoke live with state. senator nancy skinner who represents the east bay about the basis of the supreme court's decision and how it could affect, california. basically, the court has gutted privacy protections. so while our immediate concern is abortion that gutting of privacy protections could affect contraception could affect gay marriage so much but since california's protection is based on privacy and the court has stripped that we have a constitutional amendment that my president of the senate pro tem senator. tony atkins has introduced and that the state senate passed just this week and that is sca
8:35 pm
10 and it would go on the ballot in november. so the other house still has to pass it, but it is a constitutional amendment or california voters could enshrine in our constit. and the explicit right to an abortion and to all forms of contraception services. today's supreme court decision brings up a lot of issues and if you're looking for an ally or a way to take action start by going to action moving on a suspect is now in custody in connection with wednesday's fatal shooting on a muni train in san francisco officers arrested 26 year old javon green at his home in pittsburgh last night police say he is the man in this photo identified as a person of interest after the incident green is accused of shooting and killing 27 year old, nestor brown. bowen inside a train headed to the castro station a 70 year old man was wounded suffering non-life-threatening injuries the photos. and then tips we've received both from inside outside the law
8:36 pm
enforcement enforcement community helped us identify as suspect. green will be charged with homicide prevent possession of a weapon and use of a firearm in commission of a felony police say this was an isolated incident and not an attack on the lgbtq community. one month to the day that a shooter killed 19 children and two teachers in uvalde, texas congress passed the most sweeping gun bill in 30 years abc news reporter alexis. christopher has more on this historic piece of legislation. the motion is adopted but lawmakers in the house have passed the most significant gun legislation in decades. the house vote coming a day after 15 senate republicans joined democrats to provide new tools to deter mass shootings following deadly attacks around the nation. this legislation will protect our schools. protect our communities and safeguard the second amendment rights. of law-abiding citizens the 13
8:37 pm
billion dollar package will enhance background checks for buyers under 21 prevent partners convicted of domestic violence from purchasing a gun and provide funding for gun violence prevention programs school security and mental health, but the package falls short of president. is proposals including reinstituting a ban on assault-style weapons and universal background checks. it isn't everything we would have like to see in legislation. it takes us down the road the path to more safety saving lives. let us not judge the legislation for what it does not do but respect it for what it does. the senate vote came the same day the supreme court ruled that new york state's limits on carrying concealed handguns in public is unconstitutional. we cannot allow new york to become the wild wild west that is unacceptable the high court ruling impacts at least six other states with similar. and conceal laws including
8:38 pm
california and massachusetts that landmark congressional gun legislation now heads to president biden's desk where he is expected to sign it into law alexis. christoffers abc news, new york. the napa county district attorney's office has filed drunk driving charges against the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi. paul pelosi faces, two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence causing injury. authorities say pelosi had a blood alcohol content. of 0.082 just over the limit his porsche was involved in a crash with an suv on highway 29 near saint helena last month. napa county district attorney alison haley says her officials her officials have been flooded with thousands of disturbing phone calls. i have had office staff who have been told that they are going to hang from trees and that they are not americans that they are treasonous and seditious because of what's happened. my family has been threatened that we should all die in a terrible drunk driving accident.
8:39 pm
and even so she says her office has stood up to do the right thing and handle this matter the same as every other case of its kind abc 7 news reached out to paul pelosi's attorney and was told she had no comment on the charges filed against him coming up next what some local businesses are doing to keep up with rising inflation and they're pleased the bay area shoppers.
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streak today the dow gained 823 closing above 31,000 the nasdaq added 375 the s&p climbed 116. that is its best gain in two years. chevron is downsizing here in the bay area. the oil corporation is looking to sell its current global headquarters in san ramon and move into at least space in the same city. that move is expected to be finalized late next year. also the wall street journal reports. the company is offering to cover moving expenses for employees
8:42 pm
willing to relocate to houston, texas, which is now home to three times as many chevron employees as california small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with inflation as prices soar abc 7 news reporter. woodrow spoke with local economists and one business owner who says she is worried her bakeshop won't survive. thanks to ppp loans fillmore bakeshop stayed open during the height of the pandemic now owner elena. beseejo says she fears inflation may put her out of business. it's hard to get through the pandemic and then be at this point and be like you know are we gonna be able to survive this now? the saint joe says she recently raised prices by 10% but it's not enough to cover rising costs. i used to be a dollar 24 per python now a last week and this was after two months of not being able to get them in. they're now six dollars cake boxes coffee cups. dairy eggs butter have doubled in price. jack bellisario is the executive director of the bay area council
8:43 pm
economic institute. the forecast for inflation is not necessarily a positive one. we look around the region and we talk to small businesses many are feeling this pressure from costs whether it's labor costs the cost of real estate the cost of their goods and inputs that they use for their products. it's now becoming a question of what do they cut back on? the laserio says we may see more small businesses closing in the next six to 12 months as the economy heads down. hey, joe wanted to share her story if you want businesses like mine if want that vibe, san francisco. is always had then please do what you can to support them. she's hoping more people will shop small every cup of coffee every croissant matters in san francisco melanie woodrow abc 7 news. checking today's covid headlines elevated county is rescinding its indoor mask mandate effective tomorrow. the county says conditions have allowed it to relax the requirement statewide the seven-day average of new cases is trending down a clear sign that our current surge is waning
8:44 pm
hospital icu and numbers are relatively flat. the american academy of pediatrics has updated its safe sleep guidelines for babies for the first time in six years. these changes could save lives around 3500 babies die in sleep-related incidents each year in the us and many of those deaths can be prevented reporter mandy gaither has a a look at the new recommendations. for their first time in six years the american academy of pediatrics has updated its safe sleep guidelines for babies. there are lots of factors that play into the dangers. the ap says co-sleeping under any circumstances is not safe for infant sleep whether it's on the couch or a bed. we recognize sometimes you may unintentionally fall asleep with the baby. so i recommend that the parents create kind of a safe sleep zone in the bed when they do this feeding to move away the pillows the loose betting things that i could create that added risk parents can also set alarms to help remind them to take their child back to the crib.
8:45 pm
the aap says baby should sleep in the same room with their parents for at least six months separately on a firmed flat surface covered in a snug fitted sheet with no added bedding or bumpers. you want to avoid anything. that's soft plus or loose baby start to move around. we don't want things getting up over their heads. we don't want overheating. we don't want things to obstruct the nose and mouth it increase the risk of suffoc. the aap also warns against the use of commercial devices that claim to reduce the risk of sid through other sleep-related issues including wearable monitors for health minute, i'm andy gaither. new consumer product safety commission regulations will ban all products marketed for infant sleep that have more than a 10% incline the aap says keeping babies at a large incline for long periods of time can be dangerous because babies heads can fall forward during sleep which puts them at risk. for suffocation coming up next we'll check the weekend forecast. will we finally get a break from that heat?
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take a look and overturned big rig blocked all lanes of highway 92 today for hours. cal fire shared these pictures with us the big rig and a pickup truck collided just outside of half. moon bay. only minor injuries were reported. the crash happened at about 1 pm and the road reopened by four. all right. so let's turn our attention to the weather. yeah, all eyes on the weekend sandia. yeah the weekend weather looks fantastic dion and am i show you. it's going to be like on sunday when the san francisco pride parade takes part 10 o'clock in the morning patchy fog low 60s if you're going sunscreen, you will definitely need your shades comfortable at noontime 65 and if you're taking part in any of the celebrations throughout the day in the afternoon and evening low 70s dropping down to about the mid 60s right now temperatures are falling that's for sure for most areas down seven degrees in novato down three degrees in san jose. we have a nice gusty on shore
8:49 pm
breeze right now sustain ends of 31 in san francisco fog along the coast as you will see on live doppler 7 and in the sierra they have been seeing those thunderstorms firing up right now just isolated at best tioga passed to a lone pine is where the best possibility of thunderstorms will remain but an isolated thunderstorm can't be ruled out in the tahoe area. look at this gorgeous shot for my east bay hills camera post sunset view. you're looking at the fog rolling in temperatures upper 50s in places like san francisco 62 oakland 74 in san jose and from our south beach camera, you're looking towards the bay bridge. there's 66 in santa rosa. it's cooled off nicely petaluma 56 upper 70s to low 80s from fairfield to concord and golden gate bridge camera a little bit of fog here as you will notice coastal and bayside fog overnight tonight hot inland mild at the beaches this weekend. this pattern is going to hold into early next week. so the fog will push in over the bay first thing tomorrow morning and then pull back to the coast and just hang around there well
8:50 pm
into the evening hours. your morning temperatures with the fog around coast and bay will be in the 40s to 60s. watch out. it's already a little dense in places like half moon bay with quarter mile visibility, so you'll need to give yourself a little extra time for your saturday morning plans. south bay temperature is 89 san jose 94 in gilroy 84 sunnyvale mountain view on the peninsula 61 in half moon bay breezy along the coast with lingering fog 63 in the sunset district 68 san francisco north bay temperatures. 84 vallejo 85, san rafael pretty nice looking day in santa rosa 87 degrees in the east bay you will see temperatures ranging from the 70s to the 80s 80 and hayward 86 in fremont the sun's shining it's going to be a hot summer day inland 97 in fairfield brentwood 9 livermore 95 in concord in 91 in san ramon accuweather 7-day forecast looking like this a wide range of temperatures for your saturday lows 60s to mid-90s great weather for the parade temperatures do come up a little bit especially around the bay in
8:51 pm
inland still above average heading into next week with mid-90s inland but notice the heat is easing midweek and then it's really cooler and breezier for your thursday and your friday. so if you don't like the hot weather just a little bit longer before we get rid of it. almondia, all right patience will pay off saturday. thank you. all right. let's get to larry beale for the latest on sports and the draft larry your patients will pay off is something the warriors are thinking is a one point patrick baldwin jr. was regarded as a better nba. prospect then jonathan comminga, that is high praise indeed now, he's commingus teammate. we'll meet the warriors first round draft pick next in sports. round draft pick next in sports. big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning.
8:52 pm
they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet tconnection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. through project up, comcast is committing $1 billion dollars so millions more students can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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beale good evening, the warriors introduced their new draft picks today to 19 year olds and a 20 year old. it's going to take several years before we see them contributed in a meaningful way, but their journey starts now with a world champions patrick.
8:54 pm
baldwin jr. chosen 28th overall six-nine forward out of wisconsin-milwaukee huge potential upside if he stays healthy and can get past ankle problems ryan rollins combo guard two years at toledo second round average 19 per game and we centos 68 forward from brazil probably plays overseas this year, but they're all thrilled to join the warriors. first of all, it was surreal. i mean, i didn't believe it at first and i think a lot of people have that same reaction, but you know immediately i knew i was coming into a culture and i'm stepping into in culture. i was very excited, you know, just hear my name card. it was almost like a foot in the relief, you know, just all the hard work that you put in over. would all over the years when i when i hear my names being colored was like a dream come true run run for for your dream. that's that's amazing for was i was a great experience for me. the best player in the bay area last season was jalen williams the santa clara guard was chosen 12 overall by the okc thunder actually took two guys named
8:55 pm
jalen williams, so it's gonna be kind of confusing but this jalen is your classic nba wing averaged 18 points per game last year. he has a tremendous personality first thing. i'm a buy hopefully somewhere to live and then probably a dog i'm kind of looking and trying to get a dog. yeah, what was your reaction to getting drafted by the thunder first? try not to ugly cry when you hear your name get called and then i mean, it's kind of a surreal moment and it's kind of hard to like really put into words. i'm always ugly crying the second best bay area prospect usf's john murray buoye went undrafted but signed a summer. deal with the miami heat which means he'll likely play a chase center as part of the california classic on the 4th of july weekend booyea is usf's all-time leader in winds and games played third and steals and assists and fifth and total points in his final year helping the don's to their first ncaa tournament appearance since 1998. hey, let's do that hockey the avs hoping for a stanley cup at the end of the rainbow in denver
8:56 pm
tied at two under six and a half to play tampa bay's andre palat. 11th of these playoffs. out to be the game winner as fans a little distraught 3-2 lightning or final game six is in tampa sunday right here on abc 7 forever giant pablo. of all is playing now in the mexican league. he is a catcher's worst nightmare chugging home like a locomotive end. boom the panda absolutely destroyed that guy who somehow was able to hold on to the ball. so pablo was out but kind of so is the catcher my goodness. it's bad for your health a is lost to the royals 3-1 giants play in the reds will have those highlights tonight at 11:00 ama dion back to you. all right, larry. thank you. all right coming up next the 80s top 10 fast food then at 10 wheel of fortune followed by jeopardy and then join us for abc 7 news at 11. and remember abc 7 news is
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streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area app and join us whenever you want wherever you are. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us. i'm on a date and i'm dionne lim for sandia patel larry beale and really all of us here at abc 7 news. thanks so much for joining us. we leave you now with a live look outside and you can see that. sure of the golden gate bridge looking a little dusky out there, but things should be clear and the weather nice and warm for your weekend. have a great one and we will see you back here at 11. here in every moment there's an
8:58 pm
opportunity the numbers truly don't lie to find a path forward to move ahead to build something better issues of race and social justice are a key part of building a better. area at abc 7. it's our commitment to meet those moments the oakland city council is meeting right now with tough questions. is it worse now real solutions? we will all be okay for you for all of us. where did you learn to do? what you do? this is the moment to build a better bay area join us.
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