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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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could be coming to millions of californians. how much you could get. kumasi: police shoot a man who led them on a chase through solano county. >> a deadly amtrak accident in the east bay. not the first time a train collided with a car in that location. kumasi: celebrating pride. use the parade right here on abc seven. all the highlights. good morning. it is june 27. >> thanks for being with us. such a lovely weekend to celebrate pride and the weather was gorgeous lisa: we had clouds and followed early.
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all up and down the coast, you can see from marine county to san mateo, across i-80, dense in spots, patchy fog is dense. we are looking at mist and drizzle. you may need your wipers. 54 downtown, 57 in oakland. starting with clouds, breaking into sunshine. wide range of temperatures. by noon, 70's around the bay, low 80's inland. hot day, mid 90's in our warmest spots. >> solano county authorities investigating a shooting where a police officer shot a suspect. their feet -- fairfield police say officers tried to stop a car last night.
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patrick call, police say he did not stop and let police on a chase. a bullet went through the initial dusty windshield of an officers patrol car. the chiefs continued into vallejo, where officers stopped the car. officers shot at hall, who was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. no word on what charges he could be facing. kumasi: california lawmakers fighting inflation by putting more money in your pocket. this plan will send direct payments to millions. >> i am sure it is a lot of people that are going to be excited due to see some relief coming in their way after months of having to figure out ways to pay for necessary things like gas can these numbers are still very high.
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there are parts of the day area that have higher prices. this money hopefully a relief for a lot of families. that money will be designed it to pay for things such as gas and other ingredients could that announcement saying that if you make under $75,000 a year, that would give you 300 $50. if you make less than $125,000, you get $250. that many changes if you file taxes jointly or have a dependent. that money is from a new budget announced on sunday. it is called the inpatient relief package and is worth about $17 billion. it also removes the diesel tax for a year. en that to bee to ve,ut
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happening soon. manning will start arriving around october. they anticipate most payments happening around the start of next year. >> thank you, ryan. pride celebrations have always been a form of resistance. this year was no different. thousands marched in san francisco pride, celebrating the return of the event in person, but there was a sense of urgency this year with the recent decision on abortion. abortion rights supporters marched. nancy pelosi among them. >> pride this air has a deeper meaning because of the courts outrageous decision. people see the risk. clearly. >> pride is about celebrating who you are, who you love, and what you believe in.
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there was plenty of that with many marching. kumasi: after parade is about the after party. civic center plaza packed with so many picking out music, vendors, entertainment. as tara campbell tells us. most was at this celebration. >> san francisco's pride celebrations continuing outside city hall. >> we were waiting for this. we are so happy here, having fun, drinking, celebrating. this is amazing. >> i have been going to floods. it is great to be back. >> back after the pandemic. >> we have been locked down, restricted of some of our privileges.
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i am excited that we can unite, have fun, continue our message. >> continuing the fight for the rights in wake of the overturning of roe v. wade. >> my mom just passed away. she fought so hard for me to be my self. i am doing her proud and doing mys if we all stick together, we will break barriers. >> to the castro, where streets are packed with pride, coming together. >> not just the gay community, but people who support are still out here. i know i am not alone. >> i came to support them. >> it means it we are together with family and can be we are. -- who we are.
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>> policy remarks about shots fired spending people renting back here city hall. >> we went to unity bar. they were letting everybody in. they were saying go to the back. >> police responding, breaking up quite, and dispersing the crowd. they are trying to take down the suspect who they say sprayed possible hairspray. -- bear spray. momentary panic putting a damper on an otherwise peaceful returnr the pandemic. kumasi: san francisco pride organizers said they decided to end the celebration early
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because safety concerns. more pride coverage on our website. we put together a photo gallery along with other highlights. you want to watch the parade again, you can do that, too. >> one person dead after a crash near the bait bridge toll plaza last night. these he says a small sedan veered of the road before overturning. in other carts found on its site. the crash closed three lane for about an hour. kumasi: street dead, four hurt after an amtrak train hit a car in the east bay in brentwood yesterday. people inside this car were on their way to a fundraiser when a train hit their car. one person airlifted to oakland children's hospital. no one on the train was hurt. >> it is very sad.
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now they have -- there is going to be more funerals. it is said. kumasi: witnesses say the tracks are not protected by pressing arms or lights. reports of similar accidents at this location, and most recent last night when a train hit a truck. >> firefighters busy putting out a fire near i-80 in albany yesterday afternoon. smoke hovered over trees bordering a residential neighborhood and several apartment complexes. residents of gave you and hillside avenue ordered to evacuate. crews contained the fire. no word on what sparked it. canyon fire now 75% contained. 71 acres have burned since thursday. the player briefly led to an evacuation order. no word on what started that
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fire. lisa: more winters inland. we have a raise for the adults are, but temperatures in the east bay mid and upper 50's with light winds. 58 in union city, 55 in berkeley. closer to the day, there is fog dish to the bay, there is fog. oakland, berkeley fleming is through the 70's. highs in a few degrees above average. a few because toward sunset, but warm days ahead for the tennis elect. average high near 80 in redwood city. we reach that today. southbay, mid 80's. we should see the low 80's, so a
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bit about average. the rest of the bay area much cooler as we head toward the shoreline. mid and upper 60's. hot day inland, not as dry as it could get, but around 1000 feet and above, we are very dry. jobina: hello, everyone. live look at the golden gate bridge, pretty doggy but we do not have an advisory. let's look at oakland showing 880 in the coliseum, headlights traveling southbound. drive chemistry seat to dublin looking like a monday warning that should drive times tracy to dublin looking like a monday morning. green is good news. they area looking great except for that slow stretch out of tracy. >> president biden meetings with
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big changes. this is the first week without the constitutional right to an abortion. demonstrations and protests exploded. in illinois, a republican congresswoman is now apologizing for what he said was a set up speech. >> is in trump, on behalf of all the maga patriots, we want to thank you for the victory for life yesterday. kumasi: terry miller later said she meant to say "the riht to life." questions now rising about what
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could be affected. jobina: this is expected due to be a contested issue. 8 states have already outlawed abortion and 11 no longer have a clinic. the fda-approved abortion pill still available. 54% of abortions done through the bill. merrick garland says state cannot ban it, governors working to ban access to it. >> i do not believe telemedicine abortions are safe to conduct at home. jobina: abortion pills highly effective and safe with convocations occurring in less than 0.4% percent of patients. julian: brittney griner in court in russia. she was arrested in february, accused of having cannabis oil in her luggage.
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russian authorities have extended her detention twice. she plays in russia during the wnba off-season. she faces up to 10 years in prison. kumasi: russia disrupted weeks of relative calm in ukraine. one person killed and at least six injured when a missile hit a kyiv apartment welding and a kindergarten. video shows a crater in the backyard of the kindergarten the attractive comes as the biden administration is set to announce it but in advanced missile defense system for ukraine that can hit targets 100 miles away. last week, the biden administration announced $450 billion in aid. julian: president biden meeting with leaders and allies at the g7 summit.
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and financing can both infrastructure for developing countries, but the event is being overshadowed by the supreme court ruling on abortion. >> press bite with key allies. ukraine and its ripple effects trend and center. president biden asked about the missile strike in kyiv, but his trip is largely overshadowed by the supreme court decision, at the news sending shockwaves around the globe. >> the judgment was of huge importance psychologically around the world. it spoke of the advancement of the rights of women. i regret what seems to me to be exactly step. >> the president said the supreme court has terrible decisions.
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he white house promising to protect rights because the lines and obtain abortion pills, as well as protect federal employees. but democrats are writing to the president, calling on him to use the full course of the federal government to protect access to abortion. elizabeth warren adding, >> it means asking the student to abortion as available as possible with tools including medication abortion, using federal lands where abortions can occur. >> leaders say they want to find new ways to make sure that putin pays for the invasion of ukraine. they announced a new batman on russian gold, but there is a question about how much of a different that will make. kumasi: if you are planning to
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visit yosemite, bring your mask. the park is reinstating a mask mandate because of an increase in covid cases. this applies to everybody, vaccinated or not. the rule does not apply outdoors. an unusual rescue in the desert outside palm springs, firefighters rescued puppies blocked by a tortoise. the two were trapped four hours in an underground den because of a 100 pound desert tortoise locking their exit. >> you can do it. you can get around it. come on. >> there you go. [whistling] julian: i have not seen it yet. kumasi: i am trying to see it.
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ok. according to san bernardino county fire, the curious puppies found their way into the den last week. they were trying to lure the tortoise out with a watermelon but it said no. eventually, crews dug out the pups and reunited them with their families. oscar the tortoise? julian: wild story, so many layers. kumasi: he did not want the watermelon. lisa: did you ever see the tortoise? i was busy and never saw it. kumasi: no, but we will try again. lisa: typical july-like weather pattern. temperatures extreme from the host to our inland valleys.
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we have had mist and drizzle along the shoreline. right now, it is 58 in beaumont, deck of clouds growing. as a spends into a, we have a pleasant day today, but not making its way inland month so that means another day in the 90's. another look at the golden gate, sought in with the fog. miles and the coast, limited son with today. there pattern wednesday. big question, will it last for the holiday weekend? friday is a july 1 and the short answer is yes. we will receive below-average weather this weekend but 90's into tomorrow. 7070 by not too hard to take, but by wednesday, the breeze picks up and we are in the 80's. from san jose, anyone, -- 81,
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afternoon sun in the city, 88, sonoma, union city a warm 80, 95 in pittsburgh. warm to hot again tomorrow inland. cooling begins wednesday and it's going the second half of the workweek. kumasi: an investigation underway after a police shooting in vallejo. solano county a 30 say the suspect fired during a police car. julian: protests planned today in response to the ruling overturning a right to an abortion. in san francisco, actavis will meet at federal building and 5:00 p.m. kumasi: a lobbying group calling on the biden administration to
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address staffing shortages at air traffic control centers. officials say to be prepared for delays and cancellations all summer long. julian: california lawmakers have reached an agreement on inflation related stimulus payments of $250 to $350 income. lisa: low clouds and fog at the coast, even drizzle it 90's inland. jobina: my windshield wiper's name on on their own. live look at i-80, some missed in this area. kumasi: san francisco cleaning up after a successful pride celebration. you can watch the parade now on our app. julian: actor danny bonaduce, star of the partridge family,
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talks about his serious illness. >> denny bonaduce's medical ministry. -- mistry. the actor, who became a household gain over 50 years ago on the partridge family, now speaking about the debilitating symptoms he suffered since april. >> hounded out of this start? -- how did all of this start? >> delivers and, you are not speaking english, they called an ambulance and took me to the hospital. i remember very little. >> coming up, more on his health struggle and they come back. kumasi: a new season of only
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murders in the building is out tomorrow on hulu. the cast is back for the comedy series. it can be most watched comedy mere in hulu history last august and went on to become the streamer's most watched comedy overall. >> there is a lot more surprises, twists and turns that will lead you one way but completely confused you. >> that is what interest and return is. >> i would say it is completely exciting, very fresh. i hope people enjoy it. kumasi: carrot domain also appears. you can stream starting tomorrow on hulu. julian: california could soon open a national park honoring cesar chavez and arm workers
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good the area proposed as site. kumasi: collapse in olympia. the sc julian: hoping to ease inn
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, the plan state officials have that will help californians. kumasi: gas theft in the east bay, a woman telling abc 7 that people broke into her husband's car to steal gas. julian: one option for travel going away on the west coast why a private land is closing its forest indefinitely. kumasi: check of our forecast with lisa. lisa: starting with mist and drizzle. 54 downtown, 57 in oakland, 61
5:31 am
in saenz. marine layer has grown, classic view for june. 54, santa rosa, 56, livermore. fog retreats at 10:00. 11:00, mostly sunny, temperatures climbing inland by noon, made 80's. it will take time to get sign in the day, but we will. upper 60's on the peninsula, and during the 70's today. julian: financial relief could be on the way from the state lawmakers announced stimulus money to help with rising inflation. ryan curry live in walnut creek. >> it is much needed relief that a lot in california are going to
5:32 am
be excited due to see coming hopefully in the next few months, a lot of it shield right rising prices in gas. it has been a pain to fill up at the pump. this station not as high as others, we are still talking over six dollars a gallon. this new relief coming from the state is hopefully going to help. governor newsom's new budget, $17 million going towards helping californians pay for gas and food. it also removed the $.23 diesel tax for a year. a person making under $75,000 a year would get $350. if you make less than $250,000, you get $200. that many changes is the file
5:33 am
jointly or have a dependent. this move needs to get voted on by the legislature, given how this was a joint announcement, this is not a. to be a hurdle, but a move that is going to benefit a lot of californians could come as early as october. kumasi: this morning, going concern about fourth of july travel. the first official weekend of summer turned into a nightmare for fires. some good news if you're planning to drive. jobina: we have to start with drama. more travel on the horizon, airports could get complicated. yesterday, 700 flights canceled. delta canceled more than 200. the airline lived -- blamed weather and a shortage of air traffic controllers. >> if you cannot handle flights,
5:34 am
do not doubt -- do not hook them. jobina: 10 airline lobbying group calling on the biden administration progress shortages. traffic expected to increase through the summer. the tsa screened on friday the highest daily total since february 2020 credit having to drive? gas prices have been dropping but slowly for nearly two weeks. the national average could drop another $.20 by the fourth of july. julian: we have diet reality check -- a reality check. the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.89, in san francisco, it is $6.45.
5:35 am
along with the high gas prices, there is probably new of guest being stolen out of a car in oakland. the victim says they broke into the suv and the gas tank. you will only see this story on abc 7. >> it will be doing it? >> tense moments as a hammer is thrown at a car in oakland after this woman caught two individuals inside her husband's suv after they busted gas tank, one that had a lock on it. >> utrecht to prevent it by putting a lock on it and realized that people still get to gas by drilling through it. >> it happened in the laurel
5:36 am
neighborhood of oakland. the suv was parked on a street. she noticed the doors were open and yelled toward people inside, they drove off. she got into her car issue a time later and then noticed the two appearing to canvass the neighborhood. on confronting them, the woman took out a red hammer and hit her car. she believes they took half a tank of gas and says that is wrong. >> it is a no excuse. you do not know what that person is going through. it is tough for us, too, but we are not stealing gas. >> we have burly faces of these two because police have not named them as a suspect. she has filed a police report, given the license plate number but is heard nothing back from obd, who had no new information
5:37 am
as of sunday night. >> it is just fortunate that people are able to do things like this and at the end of the day, get away with it. kumasi: four people are dead, hundreds hurt after a collapse during a bullfight in columbia. video shows people running from the stand before the collapse. more than 300 people take into the hospital to be treated, 30 half serious injuries. julian: thumbs developing news out of south africa, where police are investigating the mysterious death of at least 22 people at a nightclub. the victims were reportedly celebrating the end of school exams. newspapers reporting no signs of injuries on bodies.
5:38 am
samples sent to a toxicology lab. kumasi: pg&e find more than $1 million for not fixing natural gas pipelines to prevent corrosion. investigation found the company failed to address this in a timely manner. inadequate protection can impact safety and reliability of natural gas. shareholders have 30 days to pay a fine or request a hearing. julian: largest private land owner in california closing its forest to the public starting july 1. sierra pacific industries allows public access for hiking, hunting, skiing. however, extreme conditions have changed their minds. most wildfires are starting -- started by people. sierra pacific closing land to mitigate the risk. kumasi: in the north bay, a
5:39 am
temporary ban on short-term rentals extended by two years. according to our news partner, khaki supervisors were concerned about the shortage of affordable housing in marin county. julian: california may be getting a new national park teaser others. it was the bakersfield and concluded landmarks across the state with significance to mexican american. that would include the hall sends a where chavez famously organized. kumasi: protesting the supreme court while marching to the pride parade, the thousands. julian: new apple devices slated to be about this fall. first up, a check of the
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forecast. lisa: we will keep it nice and easy with a continuation of the last few days. plenty of fog and clouds the post and hot temperatures inland, but that will change in the middle of the week. petty father, visibility not an -- patchy fog, visibility not an issue. it was anything yesterday in santa cruz, waking up to the clouds and fog. another day in the low 80's. dense fog at the huns, mist and drizzle, afternoon sun in the, looking at the cooler pattern beginning wednesday. greasy was when reese, summer sea breeze with us, but tomorrow winds will crank up on the post, could be close to 35 or 40 mph.
5:41 am
that may bring coming around the bay, but today very little change. because to start, mid and, maybe in, to, mid 90's inland. for the accurate seven-day forecast, cooling trend by the middle of the week we will need to bring up? . temperatures below average in the week. jobina: live look at the richmond samuel philip ridge, hazy start. waivers they come on, especially across bridges. san mateo bridge happened to be on the bay bridge, froggy at the golden gate, but no official advisory issued by the chp. sewing for that tracy to dublin commute. 55 minutes for the no major
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to help you rise and thrive. parades to celebrate pride -- the chicago parade returned in full force and in new york city, the crowd cheered. in seattle, more than 400,000 attended. julian: in mexico city, more than 200,000 filled the streets. right we can off in his first annual mask ceremony, where hundreds of same-sex couples skied the not turned people demanded rights for mexico's lgbtq community. tijuana held a parade of their
5:45 am
own, celebrating 30 years of pride. kumasi: art never astutely north held a pride parade in toronto -- our neighbors to the north held a pride parade in toronto and demonstrated the disapproval of roe v. wade. many worried that canada will follow suit. they were happy to celebrate diversity and lgbtq rights. julian: in san francisco, unity and pride. they look at some of the highlights from the pride parade. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:46 am
>> happy pride. >> abc 7 is here. >> we like this man because of tea time. >> spill the tea. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[cheering] kumasi: yes, yes, yes. more than 200 folks took part, including kaiser permanente, san francisco international airport, the walt disney company, and pixar. the san francisco unified school bard was there, too. if you missed the parade, you can watch the best parts on demand through our app. it is free to download and available through amazon fire, roku, apple tv. jobina: what was your favorite part? kumasi: alaska airlines.
5:48 am
they were so creative, the wingless, the flight attendants. jobina: and the fans had a routine. kumasi: come through. julian: i am going to have to watch the parade online, because i did not get to see floats on the main stage. it was a lot of fun. kumasi: such good energy, everyone was happy. that was the last thing. -- best thing. julian: we all got happy after the assignment came out. gorgeous day. lisa: just make you smile and feel good. we do not have a whole lot of change for our weather. we keep it simple as we slide
5:49 am
into the last week of june where we have low clouds, fog, visibility really low in santa rosa and half moon bay. the low cloud deck filling in. is through the numbers from before in san francisco, low 60's kane san jose -- in san jose. low 50's in santa rosa, immediate 50's livermore -- needed 50's for. going to be hot with mid 90's inland. cooler pattern getting underway wednesday but tomorrow it may that. wednesday, 60's, 70's --
5:50 am
tuesday, 60's, 70's, 90's inland, but wednesday a cool off. thursday, no 90's. today warmer with another day of temperatures above average. 91 in santa rosa, 94 in morgan hill. julian: the historic rocket launch overnight extends nasa's reach further. kumasi: the new website that helps to help relieve stress. julian: why some stores are now offering a full refund for keep
5:51 am
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olympics northern california summer games can to a close. athletes and coaches from 26 countries came together to compete and socialize for the first time six 2019. events included swimming, tennis. >> such a fun day paired we are all about inclusivity. teams are out here from throughout northern california. julian: along with the intense competition, organizers say participants have the opportunity to experience independence for the first time. next on the calendar our golf and softball. kumasi: there is a new streaming site called earth fm. it lets you listen to nature sounds from all over the world, from birds to forest races. contributors who have recorded
5:54 am
the natural world sent in the sounds. they are from national parks and the everglades. the website says sounds can help relieve stress. julian: very relaxing. apple reportedly on the verge of launching new devices. starting this fall, the company will unveil four new iphone 14's and others. one of the latest ipad models could have a 15 inch screen. kumasi: the next time you make a return, you could get your money back and keep the item. target and walmart are telling customers to keep the items they would normally return. the cost of storage is outweighing losses. this trend started with amazon. lisa: we have low clouds and fog
5:55 am
living make their way across the bay. low clouds allowing for waste and drizzle at the shoreline. by 8:00, still gray, 50's and 60's in oakland. my main, 60's and everglades, but the sunshine, we will be hard-pressed to find any from half moon bay to pacifica. awfully close to that extreme heat. we will be in the 90's, 93 in antioch. north bay still hot, low 90's, paredes through santa rosa. in the south bay, we will see mid 80's. here, the sea breeze will keep temperatures from getting too warm along the coast.
5:56 am
we will talk about how long this pattern last and a general pulldown that will keep everyone below average. -- cooldown that will keep everyone's below average. julian: coming up from legal action in uvalde. new word class, the ramifications of roe v. wade overturned. the states that have outlawed abortion and the medication that could be next. cosco recalling some patio umbrellas. the reason and went to look for. but before we do that, live look outside.
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gas, rent, it is on the rise. the plan to put money back in your pockets. >> tense fallout from what we will see in the postwar world. battlegrounds for medications to other civil rights. >> if we all stick together in a positive move, we will continue to break barriers. kumasi: pride on parade. san francisco getting its chance to celebrate love at a time when it is mostly. the highlights of all the joy here on abc 7. good morning, everyone. it is monday, june 27. >> lots of joy and love in the air as everyone celebrated san francisco. we check in with lisette at a look at today's forecast. >> not a lot of change for your forecast. not only at the coast, but they have moved across the bay once again over and oakland. it is clear inland. visibility has been reduced right at the coast. we are looking at anywhere from one mile to three miles with mist and drizzle.
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