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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 27, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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to this monday? julian: we are just celebrating smiley face. you are right. i need kindness good morning, america. for our viewers in the west as we start this new week with you, the reaction this morning over the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade. mass demonstrations nationwide. [ crowd chanting ] after that massive shift by the supreme court. ending nearly 50 years of a constitutional right to an abortion. now, which states are racing to ban the procedure or severely limit access while others look to protect abortion rights. pressure growing on president biden from within his own party to take action and while other rights could now be in jeopardy. breaking overnight, the u.s. is expected to purchase new missiles for ukraine as ukraine's president zelenskyy meets with president biden and
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other world leaders while russia renews its attacks on the capital, hitting an apartment building in kyiv. rescue workers rushing to save a 7-year-old. lightning strike at sea, the terrifying close call on a boat. we hear from the man onboard who was hit and how the boat barely missed his girlfriend who's 25 weeks pregnant. also this morning, brittney griner, set to appear in a russian court this morning for a hearing on those charges she's facing and what it could mean for the wnba all-star's case. deadly collapse, the stands at a bull fight crumbling killing at least 6 people and injuring 200. prince charles under fire. the future king reportedly accepting more than $3 million from qatar's former prime minister including a suitcase full of money. and this morning why the queen is stepping out. ♪ i've got a feeling, a feeling ♪ plus, how the beatles managed to come together one more time.
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♪ i've good a feeling ♪ paul mccartney back on stage with his late band mate john lennon. >> you know what time it is. ♪ lizzo sparkling at the b.e.t. awards. ♪ turn up the music, let's celebrate ♪ >> with a spotlight on diddy's lifetime achievement plus, surprise appearances from brandy and the high-note queen herself. ♪ it's a sweet, sweet ♪ yes, mariah carey. and sweet victory. >> colorado has won the stanley cup! >> overnight, the avalanche knocking off the two-time defending champion lightning. >> good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> hoisting the stanley cup and maybe putting a little dent into history. good morning, america.
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thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> yeah, we have a lot to get to this morning, including president biden at a summit of america's major allies, but the major supreme court ruling here at home following him overseas. >> and, of course, that's where we begin with that big shift. the supreme court overturning roe versus wade, ending abortion as a constitutional right. that's after nearly a half century. the impact, as you know, felt across the country as soon as it came down. at least 26 states are expected to ban or severely restrict abortion rights. our senior national correspondent terry moran starts us off from the supreme court. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. when the supreme court overturned roe versus wade, it changed the status of american women as citizens under the constitution and this morning, that decision is swiftly becoming hard law in states across the country trigger ang squish and joyful celebrations. [ crowd chanting ]
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overnight the tectonic shift by the supreme court causing two waves across the country. americans in dozens of cities and states taking to the streets to denounce the decision to undo roe versus wade while others celebrated reversal achieved after decades of activism and while most protests were peaceful, at times the two waves crashed, a truck running through protesters in cedar rapids, iowa. police deploying tear gas against protesters at the arizona statehouse. and tasing and detaining abortion rights protesters in greenville, south carolina. the supreme court decision friday overturned nearly 50 years of a woman's right to choose abortion under the constitution. the conservative majority on the bench clearing the way for individual states to restrict or outright ban abortion services. this morning, eight states are enforcing bans with few exceptions and an additional 18 are likely to ban or severely
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restrict abortion services in the coming weeks. pressure is growing on president biden from within his own party, 34 democratic senators urging him to take, quote, every step available to help women access abortions. >> it also means asking the president of the united states to make abortion as available as possible with the tools he has including medication abortion, including using federal lands as a place where abortions can occur. >> reporter: the white house says it will challenge states that try to stop women from traveling across state lines to receive abortion services, but biden says the larger issue is one for voters in november. a fight anti-abortion rights activists are ready for. >> i cried. i don't usually cry but -- and it's not the end. it's the beginning of a lot to do, you know, to protect babies. >> reporter: the big question in those midterms now that roe
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versus wade has been overturned, will the issue drive democratic turnout the same way it drove republican turnout for decades? robin. >> but, terry, beyond the elections there's also the possibility now the supreme court decision could open the door to other cases being overturned? >> reporter: there's that possibility, robin. justice samuel alito in his opinion said it should only apply to the abortion. but justice clarence thomas who's the most senior and most influential justice on the court said the reasoning that the court used to overturn roe should be used to reconsider cases that guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage, to purchase contraceptive, even to private sexual conduct and as the dissent said, one thing tends to follow another. >> all right, terry, thank you. robin, let's go now to rachel scott, who has been tracking the rapidly developing situation state-by-state where abortion bans and restrictions are already coming into effect. rachel joins us from st. louis, missouri, this morning. good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. and that impact was immediate.
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this was the only clinic in the entire state of missouri providing abortions. within minutes of the supreme court's decision, it stopped completely leaving women in this state scrambling for options. this morning, states across the country are racing to restrict access to abortion. >> the united states supreme court has, in fact, overruled roe versus wade, thereby restoring the state of arkansas the authority to prohibit abortions. >> reporter: in the last 72 hours,ght states aeileast have enforced abortion bans including right here in missouri where there are no exceptions for rape or incest. >> 49 years ago they said no. they told us it was over, they told us to shut up and live with the killing of children. you all didn't give up, did you? you didn't give up. >> reporter: women here will now have to travel across state lines. >> what it looks like
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practically for them is hundreds of miles, bus trips and airplane tickets, it's navigating now multiple days off of work, figuring out how to pay not only for the care but for the logistics. >> reporter: for some that won't be an option. studies show 49% of abortion patients have an income below the poverty line. in louisiana where the maternal mortality rate is one of the worst in the nation especially among black women, advocates say they are receiving a flood of calls. >> if you have a job where you're being paid hourly and you're being paid minimum wage, how easy would it be for you to be able to leave your job or existing kids to have an abortion and then come back? it wouldn't work for them. it just wouldn't work. it's not practical for their lives. the lives that they are living. >> reporter: three other states which are arizona, west virginia and wisconsin, waiting on state officials to give
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further guidance but for now stopping abortions altogether. most abortions are performed by medication. republican south dakota governor kristi noem signaled she wants to crack down on pills prescribed online. >> i don't believe that telemedicine abortions are safe for individuals, for women to conduct at home. >> reporter: so this morning, democratic governors are banding together to expand access to abortion because that is the new reality for women in states like missouri. if they want an abortion, they'll have to travel to a state to get one, and i can tell you that nearby clinics are expecting a flood of patients this morning. amy. >> rachel scott, we appreciate it. thank you. >> michael. >> thank you, amy. let's bring in abc news contributor kate shaw, professor of constitutional law at cardoza law school. kate, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we see it, in states where as ne couldurngoronl be criminally
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prosecuted? >> opponents of abortion have maintained although they want to end abortion, they don't want to see women criminally prosecuted. and in the wake of the dobbs opinion some have renewed that pledge that there won't be prosecutions. you know the laws that are going into effect, they're pretty broadly worded, some of them, they target anyone who administers an abortion and if a woman is self-administering using the abortion pill, i think there's every possibility that a local prosecutor could bring charges. so i think we are in unchartered terrain, but there is absolutely the possibility that women could face criminal charges. >> it's pretty broad. even if someone tries to travel across state lines, as well. as we just heard in his concurring opinion, justice clarence thomas said the court should reconsider landmark cases on contraception, same-sex relates and gay marriage. could those be at risk? >> the opinion says, no, this is just about abortion, but the method of opinion used is
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basically to look to history, say, does history recognize this right? and when the court has recognized other rights, right to access contraception, to sexual intimacy, same-sex marriage, it's looked to other values and principles of liberty and equality and if the new method requires looking to history, i think those rights are absolutely in jeopardy and justice thomas in his concurrence not only suggests this but calls for the court to overrule those other cases so i think it goes well beyond abortion. >> so the fear this could expand is justified. >> i think so. >> all right. kate, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> really appreciate your insight. >> robin. >> thank you both. now to president biden. our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega is traveling with the president in austria. cecilia, with the war in ukraine at the top of the agenda, at the summit of americas, the supreme court decision can't be far from the top of the president's mind, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning. exactly right. it's not far from the minds from all these world leaders that
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have been here attending the summit with him. some have come out and been very vocal and very critical publicly about this ruling from them. in fact, canada's prime minister justin trudeau even saying his country will help cover the cost of procedures for americans who want to travel to canada to get an abortion. but, look, president biden is really trying to stay on message here this morning. ukraine's president zelenskyy you can see in this footage joined this meeting virtually, he's asking for more help from these world leaders right now. administration sources are telling us, the u.s. is expected to purchase a new missile system for ukraine. we're talking about medium to long-range surface-to-air missiles, an anti-aircraft system that can hit targets up to a hundred miles away. this is something zelenskyy has been pleading for for some time now. there's also around round of aid what's expecting. we're talking about $7.5 billion in aid, help keep ukraine's government running, another round of tariffs on russian goods. also this morning, trying to
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come together to put a price cap on russian oil that has been a main source of revenue to help fund the war and keep it going this long. >> as you just sayed, one of the president's main goals on this trip is to keep allies unified as the war in ukraine rages on, but there are some cracks in the ranks. >> reporter: yeah, robin. we could be starting to see some cracks. that's certainly worrying to the administration, not all of the countries here at summit have agreed to sign on the u.s. wanted, a ban on one of russia's top exports which is gold. they also so far haven't all agreed to this cap on russian oil. president biden says, look, this is what putin has been wanting, he has been counting on these cracks in the ranks, but he made it very clear to allies when speaking to them here, they cannot splinter, robin, and let putin get away with this. that's his message. >> nice and strong. thank you so much, cecilia. >> michael. as president zelenskyy meets with world leaders, russia is stepping up attacks on ukraine. and specifically targeting the capital kyiv. our foreign correspondent james
7:14 am
longman is in ukraine with the latest. good morning, james. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, michael. the attack on kyiv this weekend felt like a direct message from vladimir putin to those g7 leaders. president zelenskyy said it's more proof that ukraine badly needs better air defense systems. this morning, the most serious attack on kyiv in weeks. a barrage of russian missiles hitting the ukrainian capital early sub. two apartment blocks struck. emergency workers battling flames to bring this 7-year-old girl to safety. she and her mother injured. her father klled. ukraine's energy agency says this video shows a russian missile flying over a nuclear power plant in the south. president zelenskyy responding to the attack saying some of the missiles were shot down before hitting their targets. russian rockets also falling on ukraine's second largest city, kharkiv, in the northeast. destroying several residential buildings hitting a local hospital. one resident said they were trapped for an hour before emergency workers arrived.
7:15 am
"we dug ourselves out," he says, "but our legs were trapped by rubble." russia making slow but steady progress in the east. after weeks of resistance, ukrainian fighters have withdrawn from severodonetsk. as now only one town left, lysychansk. the stand between putin and the whole province. in those areas that russia is occupying we're hearing worrying reports of civilians being targeted and even the family members of soldiers fighting for ukraine. michael. >> definitely worrying, james. thank you. amy. michael, we're going to shift gears now to the stanley cup final and the colorado avalanche, champions this morning beating the two-time defending champion tampa bay lightning. victor oquendo has the highlights from tampa. good morning, victor. >> reporter: amy. tampa bay didn't go down without a fight. at the end of the night it was the avalanche hoisting lord stanley bringing a championship back to colorado for the first time in more than 20 years. >> colorado has won the stanley
7:16 am
chup. >> reporter: and with that, the colorado avalanche are on top of the hockey world. ending the tampa bay lightning's two-year reign. >> you guys just did something no other team has been able to do for the last two years, put away the tampa bay lightning. how tough of a fight was that? >> we knew it was going to be a battle. >> reporter: a hard-fought stanley cup final, game six was no different. the two-time defending champs striking first. >> and they score! >> reporter: electrifying the home crowd. >> the captain steven stamkos makes it 1-0. >> reporter: but in the second period the avalanche took over, scoring twice. >> and a goal! >> reporter: never looking back, putting the lightning away. >> it's amazing to see what ent we got here. >> reporter: hoisting lord stanley, bringing the cup back to colorado for the first time since 2001. >> stanley cup champions, how does it feel? >> hard to put into words. years of hard work and these
7:17 am
guys behind me and my family and my friends, the city of denver deserves another championship. >> reporter: all right. so take a look at what happened right after the game, during the celebration, during the team photo. he's coming in hot, he takes a spill and actually dents lord stanley. he tried to recover right after, but the damage was done. by the way, the parade is set for thursday. let's all just -- let's hope they treat lord stanley a little bit better. guys? >> victor, thank you so much. >> you know the guys get to take the cup home and i have seen it out and about in previous years, that is minor to what i have seen with that cup. >> true that. >> make sure you wash it before you drink out of it. >> oh, thank you. tmi, michael strahan, tmi. we're following a lot of other stories this morning, including brittney griner, the wnba all-star is set to appear in a russian court this morning after being held there since mid-february. and prince charles under fire. reports of the future king accepting cash donations for his charity from qatar's foreign
7:18 am
-- former prime minister. more than $3 million delivered in a suitcase. but first, let's go to ginger. hey, ginger. >> hey, good morning, everybody. just about an hour west of fort worth, texas, we have this fire, the dempsey fire, now 27% contained but it's kind of flared up to 11,500 acres plus over the weekend. they had some windy conditions, thankfully closer to carlsbad, california, the wind wasn't as bad. it was certainly hot. it was close to folks' homes. they had some voluntary evacuations in texas but now we're watching that heat wave up to the pacific northwest, seattle should go to 90 today. even boise should top the century mark at 103. portland a little cooler today. we'll be following this and talk about tropics in a bit. but first, your weather in 30 seconds.
7:19 am
lisa: good monday morning, i am lisa. waking up to low clouds and fog, but plenty of sunshine. another warm day inland. the clouds will clear to the coast. breezy and some afternoon sun for san francisco, in the upper 60's. a bigger cooldown comes midweek. look for temperatures today in the mid-70's in oakland, 80's in redwood city, 95 in antioch. in the accuweather 7 a forecast, another wave of heat inland. it will take another day to cool he's continuing to share about the stanley cup. coming up, we're going to share the remarkable rescue after a lightning strike at sea. we'll be right back.
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to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: good monday morning. some much needed financial relief could be on the way from the state. lawmakers announcing a plan to give residents stimulus money to help with rising inflation cost. according to an announcement from governor newsom, a person making under $75,000 a year could get $350. the money also changes if you file jointly or have a dependent. money will be sent out starting in october with most payments coming by the start of next year. jobina: checking in on traffic, we are following a sig alert
7:24 am
that is going to be -- it has cleared on westbound 80. we had been following that throughout the morning. a life picture from the bay bridge, it is a foggy start to the morning. we will wrap up with the drive times. a very quick ride. julian: lisa argen has a quick look at the forecast in just a mo
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lisa: good morning. waking up to low clouds and fog, 61 in san jose. we are sunny in our england east bay and temperatures once again hot with mid 70's in oakland. we are looking at cooler weather for our inland valleys for the middle of the week. julian: if you are streaming on
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the abc 7 bay area news app, abc 7 at 7:00 continues next.
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good morning, aviators. good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> that captain is now a billion dollar man at the box office. we're talking about tom cruise. for the first time in his career "top gun: maverick" soaring into the ten-digit take, all the details coming up with lara in "pop news." >> you loved the movie, didn't you, robin? >> i'm the only one who hasn't seen it yet. i can't wait to see it. y'all are giving me a hard time, but a lot of people have seen it move than once. >> yeah, i'll go see it again. i'll go with you. >> i'm in. i'm in. it's a blast. that's the reason why it's worth that. >> you had to call me out like that. >> it was fun. >> good. we do have top headlines
7:31 am
that we're following right now, everyone, including the latest on the supreme court's drtn as constitutional right after nearly a half century. at least 26 states are expected to ban or severely restrict abortion rights. also take a look at the stands collapsing at a bull fighting festival in colombia, sections of the packed wooden stands caving in, killing at least 6 people and injuring more than 200 others, the accident happened during a time where fans could jump into the ring and run with the bulls. colombia's president is calling now for an investigation. plus, the tsa screened more than 2.4 million air traveling passengers saturday. the highest since february of 2020. but gas prices are on their way down finally dropping more than 8 cents in just the last week. experts say the national average for regular gas could drop another 20 cents by the fourth of july. >> good news there. >> that would be very welcome by everyone. the ole miss rebels won the men's college world series for
7:32 am
the first time after sweeping oklahoma. ole miss was the last team to actually get into the ncaa tournament, and the team captain said, quote, there's so much to be said for how much we overcame this year. the story of our season is going to be told for years and years to come. last team to get in, but, boy, they finished strong. and we've got a lot more ahead including a lightning strike at sea that's caught on camera. the details on the remarkable rescue is coming up, robin. and thankfully everybody on that boat is okay, but now to brittney griner who is set to appear in a russian court this morning. the wnba all-star has been held by moscow on drug charges since mid-february, and there are growing calls this morning for her release. will reeve joins us with much more. >> reporter: on friday the house of representatives passed a bipartisanship resolution calling for brittney griner's release. earlier this morning, griner riving in a moscow court for a pretrial hearing over four months after she was detained at a moscow airport found in
7:33 am
possession of vape cartridges containing hashish oil illegal in russia. on multiple occasions russia has extended griner's pretile detention. the u.s. has deemed her wrongfully detained. that allows the u.s. to negotiate for her release. while the basketball community has spent months publicizing griner's plight including players from the warriors and celtics wearing shirts supporting her during the nba finals and the wnba naming griner an honorary starter, griner's wife has been critical of the u.s. government's handling of the situation. she says she has zero trust in the u.s., mostly in regard to a planned phone ca the called staffing nt u.s. embassy in russia. if convicted, griner faces up to ten years in prison, robin. >> all right. many people, many people are watching this, will. thank you. amy? robin, we turn now to the royal family. queen elizabeth stepping out this morning to take part in a ceremony in scotland. this as prince charles comes under scrutiny after reports that the future king accepted
7:34 am
$3 million in cash from a former prime minister, a qatari prime minister. maggie rulli is at buckingham palace following it all for us. >> reporter: hey, amy, good morning. just as prince charles is starting to take on more responsibilities and stepping in for the queen, this is shining a spotlight on him for all the wrong reasons, some papers here calling it his cash in bags controversy. the future king prince charges facing scandal. the uk's charity regulator saying this morning, quote, they're reviewing the information around the prince's acceptance of cash donations from qatar's former prime minister. "the sunday times" reporting this weekend the prince had accepted more than $3 million in cash donations. according to the paper, between 2011 and 2015 the prince received a suitcase full of money on one occasion and carrier bags of cash on another. the money going to his charity. his spokesperson confirming the donations saying charitable
7:35 am
donations received from sheikh hamad bin jassin were passed immediately to one of the prince's charities. there are now growing calls for the prince's behavior to be investigated. the uk's charity regulator saying, we're aware of reports go donations received by prince of wales' charitable fund. we'll review the information to determine whether there's any role for the commission in this matter. >> the optics on this look very bad for him because it questions his judgment. my boyfriend doug. i thought we'd be on the same page about this and we're not. charities have been involved in scandal before. the met police launching an investigation earlier this year >> reporter: the prince's charities have been involved in scandal before. the met police launching an investigation earlier this year into one of charles' most senior aides, accused of offering money to a saudi businessman in exchange. the police have yet to announce their findings. the prince of wales has always maintained he was unaware of any malpractice. >> he has to be squeaky clean. he has to act more like a monarch and less like an heir
7:36 am
to the throne if he wants that role as king. >> reporter: with the queen 96 and increasingly frail, the heir to the throne is stepping in for her majesty more often, representing the queen during a visit to rwanda just last week. >> i know the majesty, the queen stands with us all. >> reporter: he and his wife camilla, the future queen front and center for the jubilee, and charles opening parliament for the first time back in may, reading the speech on his mother's behalf. and, guy, we do expect prince charles to join his mother, the queen, for royal week up in scotland. there were concerns the queen wasn't going to make it this year because of her ongoing mobility issues, but just this morning we saw pictures of the queen. she has safely made it up to edinburgh where more members of the royal family are expected to join her later this week, amy. >> maggie, thank you so much. michael. all right, amy, now to that lightning strike at sea caught on camera. seven people airlifted to safety by the coast guard after their boat was struck by lightning about 100 miles off the coast of tampa bay, florida.
7:37 am
thankfully, everyone is doing okay, and ginger has the story. ginger, this is some scary video to see. >> reporter: lightning scares me more than any other weather phenomena. because other ones, we know where they are. this is much tougher to track. in our lifetime, we have a 1 in 15,000 chance of being struck by lightning. an average of 23 people a year die and almost 200 more are injured. this boatful of people got really lucky. the odds are more than one in a million in a given year, but this morning, seven people are safe after their 39-foot boat was struck by lightning. this cell phone catching the moment lightning made contact with the boat 100 miles off the florida coast. josh guy, the only passenger to feel the bolt move through him, was knocked unconscious momentarily speaking with "gma" overnight. >> it's very hard to put into words, almost like an out-of-body experience. it took me around five minutes or so, i would say, to come back
7:38 am
to understanding what -- what was going on. >> reporter: his girlfriend who is 25 weeks pregnant also onboard, coming perilously close to the bolt, but she and other passengers remarkably uninjured. glenn rumer owns the boat they were on and was helping to shoot a youtube video when the lightning struck. >> i've been in storms before in the past and i've never seen anything like that. the amount of lightning strikes was more than i have ever experienced. it was overwhelming. >> reporter: thankfully, they had an epirb device on board and they were able to call the coast guard for rescue. >> the most important thing that for anybody listening to this or watching this is if you go offshore fishing at any point in time, that you have what's called an epirb device, it's a global positioning unit, a distress unit that allows you to give the coast guard a distress signal. >> even if you can't see the storm itself, it doesn't mean
7:39 am
you can't get struck. a bolt from the blue situation, we call them. lightning can strike up to 25 miles away from a storm. almost two-thirds of lightning deaths are related to outdoor shorts like fishing, boating and outdoor work and more than 80% of lightning deaths are men. i'm looking right at you michael as a golfer. but you say -- >> i go in. >> when thunder roars, you go indoors. >> when thunder roars, i go indoors. that's right, ginger, i don't take a chance. >> that's good advice for us all. >> yes, it is. >> all right, ginger, thank you. coming up next the biggest moments from the b.e.t. awards. come on back. ♪ people with plaque psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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we're back now we are back now with the best moments of the 2022 b.e.t. awards. what a night it was, so many inspirational live performances and some crazy surprises. kenneth moton joins us with that. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, robin. b.e.t. said it's culture's biggest night. and the show used that primetime for big performances as it honored legends and addressed issues impacting black and brown people today. ♪ turn up the music ♪ ♪ turn down the lights ♪ >> reporter: the biggest night in black entertainment, a sparkling golden lizzo kicking off the 2022 b.e.t. awards. actress taraji p. henson hosting for a second year in a row. the night all about celebrating black culture. >> we're going to celebrate,
7:44 am
recognize, and honor us and everything that we do. >> reporter: but abortion rights quickly taking center stage. >> a weapon that can take lives has more power than a woman who can give life if she chooses to. >> we must celebrate our art by protecting our right and our truths. >> this isa not just woman's issue, this is everybody's issue. >> reporter: the night full of surprise performances and collaborations. ♪ >> reporter: rapper jack harlow and r&b legend brandy. ♪ don't call me brandy no more ♪ >> reporter: one of the biggest surprises -- ♪ best new artist latto teaming up with the queen, mariah. every n♪ >> reporter: and b.e.t. showcasing pride.
7:45 am
>> the category is -- culture's biggest night. >> reporter: co-star billy porter bringing that iconic ballroom culture. >> we're here. we're queer. >> reporter: the b.e.t. awards saluting the bad boy himself, sean "diddy" combs. ♪ i'm going down i'm going down ♪ >> reporter: all-stars in hip-hop and r&b like mary j. blige honoring the executive producer and legendary rapper. even a masked ye, kanye west. >> survived a lot of stuff, >> he broke down a lot of doors so we could be standing. >> reporter: making a surprise appearance to present diddy with the lifetime achievement award. >> life is important and we ain't here just for ourselves, we're here for our ancestors. >> reporter: once again, the b.e.t. awards celebrating
7:46 am
historically black colleges and universities. diddy pledging a million dollars to his alma mater, howard university, here in d.c. and another million to jackson state in support of his football coach, hall of famer deion sanders. >> primetime. thank you, kenneth. we appreciate it. >> well done by diddy, congratulations to him, definitely a legend. next, you won't believe who's playing. hmm. going to really get you. it's our "play of the day." we'll be right back. >> intrigued. commanding a room, being your own biggest fan. who said you could do that? say no to settling, no to compromising. yes to getting all of the above. who? no, really. tell us. who do you think you are? oh, you're you. and tj maxx is where you can afford to be you to the maxx.
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♪ back now with our "play of the day." and beatles icons paul and john sharing the stage again. check out sir paul mccartney dueting with his late band member john lennon at glastonbury festival on saturday. let's listen in as they sing the beatles 1970 classic "i've got a feeling." ♪ ♪ i got a feeling ♪ >> the two legends linked across time in front of an estimated 200,000 fans. it's all thanks to oscar-winning film director peter jackson who used artificial intelligence to isolate john's singing voice, technology he used in his beatles documentary "get back" on disney plus. sir paul saying of the experience, that's so special for me.
7:51 am
i know it's virtual, but come on, it's john, we're back together. and we're all better to see that. >> you look at that, it's like, are my eyes deceiving me? >> it's amazing what technology can do, peter jackson with "lord of the rings," and what he did, so innovative, and creative to bring us this joy. speaking of my joy, martin lawrence is here. live. celebrating his 30th anniversary of his breakthrough sitcom. it's specially made for wood floors with a microfiber-like pad that's really soft. and it sprays with a light mist that dries in half the time. that dirt and grime gets absorbed and locked away. the coolest part... it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. yeah, this is definitely the way to go. wetjet wood with a money-back guarantee. also try new sweeper wood cloths. together or separate? uhh.. if you get this wrong, there will be no second date. no second date, you end up alone.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: good monday morning. we get a check of traffic now with jobina. jobina: good morning. starting with the graphics and we are following a crash in richmond, eastbound 580 before central avenue. speeds have dropped to 12 miles per hour. the san mateo bridge is not as bad as the golden gate bridge. lisa: good morning. temperatures above the marine layer, 57 in oakland, 60 in mountain view. vollmer peak, a gorgeous view. we will get the sea breeze eventually but very hot today.
7:57 am
we will get up to 91 in santa rosa, 92 in concord, 86 in san jose. everyone cools off midweek. julian: if you are streaming on abc 7 bay area news app, abc 7 at 7:00 continues next. for everyone else, gma continues
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. mass demonstrations nationwide. [ crowd chanting ] after the supreme court's decision to overturn roe versus wade ending nearly 50 years of a constitutional right to an abortion. now, which states are racing to ban the procedure or severely limit access while others look to protect abortion rights and how the decision is dividing families like a mother who considered abortion and her now-grown daughter. this is as some major corporations announce how they'll help employees seeking abortions. "gma" exclusive. "the partridge family" actor danny bonaduce speaking about his battle with a mysterious illness for the first time and his message this morning. ♪ shake it off ♪ ♪ shake it off ♪
8:01 am
and we're ready to shake it off and head back to central park. we've partied with taylor and danced with bts. now, we're just moments away from finding out who will be rocking out with us this summer. tessa thompson is bringing the thunder to times square this morning. she's here live talking "thor: love and thunder." ♪ i'm the man ♪ and martin lawrence is here live celebrating 30 years of his ground-breaking show, "martin," its impact and getting the gang back together. and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ i got all the answers ♪ there he is, there's my guy martin lawrence. good morning, martin. we're excited to have him here and we're excited because we have some exciting news coming up in our next hour, we're going to reveal our summer concert series lineup, a lot of great
8:02 am
guests and looking forward to that. >> we got our interns outside in times square helping us reveal, we're already giving you guys the first artist, so, everyone, go ahead and turn over those signs. yeah, the black eyed peas, just one of the amazing acts that will be performing in central park. we'll reveal the entire incredible lineup coming up. >> we have the best interns, can we just say that? the interns we have here, they're all in. there they are. we have a lot of news this morning starting with the supreme court overturning roe versus wade ending abortion as a constitutional right after nearly a half century, the impact felt across the country as soon as it came down. let's go back to rachel scott who's tracking the rapidly developing situation state by state. good morning again, rachel. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the supreme court's decision sending shock waves across the nation, the impact was immediate. this was the only clinic in the entire state of missouri still providing abortions within
8:03 am
minutes of the decision, it stopped completely. overnight, taking to the streets to denounce the decision to undo roe versus wade. while others celebrated a reversal achieved after decades of activism. the protests mostly peaceful but tensions boiling over at some. a truck running through protesters in cedar rapids, iowa and police with tear gas against protesters at the arizona statehouse and tasing and detaining abortion rights protesters in greenville, south carolina. in the last 72 hours, at least eight states have enforced abortion rights including right here in missouri where there are no exceptions for rape or incest. >> 49 years ago they said no. they told us it was over. they told us to shut up and live with the killing of children. you all didn't give up, did you? you didn't give up. >> reporter: women here will now have to travel across state
8:04 am
lines. >> what it looks like practically for them is hundreds of miles, bus trips and airplane tickets. it's navigating now multiple days off of work, figuring out how to pay not only for the care but for the logistics. >> reporter: for some that won't be an option. studies show 49% of abortion patients have an income below the poverty line. most abortions are performed by medication. republican south dakota governor kristi noem says she wants to crack down on pills prescribed online. >> i don't believe telemedicine abortions are safe for women to conduct at home. >> reporter: nearby clinics in democratic-run states like illinois are bracing for a surge of out-of-state patients this morning. that's the new reality for women in missouri. if they want an abortion, they'll have to travel to a state where it's legal. robin. >> rachel, thank you. >> michael. corporations are among those responding to the overturning of
8:05 am
roe, many offering to help employees seek abortions. as well as aiding anyone who faces legal trouble for helping a woman get the procedure. chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here now with more. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. and in the wake of the decision and the weeks leading up, dozens of major american companies including starbucks, jpmorgan, apple, amazon, dick's sporting goods and disney, the parent of abc news, have announced expanded benefits and outlined how their healthcare policies can cover travel costs. lyft and uber have vowed to carry legal fees for ride share drivers if they face lawsuits for transporting women to clinics. and pat gone that in a post on linkedin said it will pay bail for full and part-time employees who peacefully protest for reproductive justice. most large health insurance plans do cover the cost of abortion, but what's not clear here according to legal experts is how these private policies
8:06 am
may be impacted by state laws and what happens to both the corporations and employees who take advantage of the benefit and travel elsewhere because they live in states where abortion is banned, michael. >> big statements by those companies. rebecca, thank you. amy? well, michael, coming up in our "gma morning menu," the roe versus wade decision dividing some families. we'll hear from a woman who considered abortion and her daughter. also this morning, our exclusive with "partridge family" star danny bonaduce talking about the mysterious illness that made speaking and walking difficult. plus, we're revealing our summer concert series lineup. it's just moments away. and lara is with a very special guest. hey, lara. >> hey, michael, i sure am. martin lawrence in the house. we are talking all things "martin." we're going to have a great time coming up on "good morning america." don't go anywhere, and more of our summer concert series. who's playing? we'll tell you coming up on "gma." ♪ ♪
8:07 am
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oooohhh? oh, that's not it either. no. no. stop, i insist. that was good though. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ yada, yada, yada, yada, yada ♪ uh-oh, watch out now, we got some dancing people on this set at "gma" because that's megan thee stallion. >> george is here? >> ha, ha. megan thee stallion, that's her performing at the ama awards. you know where else she's going to be performing? >> yes, baby. >> live in central park for our summer concert series, and she's just one of the amazing lined up. we'll reveal the entire list coming up. >> all right, very exciting. more dancing to come. now to our "gma" cover story, more on how the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade is impacting families across this country. some mothers and daughters are
8:12 am
at odds over the issue. and our deborah roberts sat down with a mother and her daughter. good morning to you, deborah. >> reporter: good morning. they agree on so much but they're fiercely at odds over the abortion question, and they have been for years, they're living proof that this passionate debate isn't limited to fiery protests and political mes divided. days after that supreme court decision, emotions still running high. >> i feel like my country doesn't care about me. >> reporter: but for some, the passionate difference is playing out at home. nicole and daughter kathleen, a tight-knit pair from the midwest can't agree. nicole was a 21-year-old college student back in 1988 when she met kathleen's father. how tough was it for you being so young and having a baby? >> very tough. we didn't have money, we had cardboard boxes for tables. we didn't have a tv. >> reporter: pregnant and skartd scared, nicole says she
8:13 am
considered an abortion, still recalling that first doctor's visit more than 30 years ago. >> she showed me just the picture of where the fetus was at that point and to me that looked an awful like a baby. >> abortion was off the table? >> off the table immediately. >> reporter: so now nicole is against abortion now her daughter firmly believes in a woman's right to choose. >> i have the right to control my own body, my own life, my own future, my own destiny. >> and for you, kathleen, to know that you formed her opinion against abortion? >> i hate it. >> i'm sorry. >> she doesn't want to be a pro-life mascot. oujust a wonderful person that's in this world, and you're my daughter.p are intense, they say, but so is their tight bond. >> it wouldn't be our relationship if this wasn't something that i could talk to you about and disagree with you about and try to convince you
8:14 am
on. that's part of what makes us so close, i feel, is that we talk. >> reporter: her daughter won't stop arguing about it determining she and others should have the same right to choose which her mother had way back when she made a tough decision. robin? >> thank you, deb. i bet that's with a lot of families. thank you, deb. our "gma" exclusive, for the first time "the partridge family" actor danny bonaduce is speaking about the mysterious illness that put him in the hospital. zohreen shah spoke with him. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, robin. danny bonaduce has been through a lot and he says he's helped his fans with their struggles over the years and now after a big health scare, he's ready to send them a new message. ♪ come on get happy ♪ >> reporter: this morning, actor danny bonaduce speaking out
8:15 am
for the first time about his battle with a mystery illness. >> i wouldn't caulk at all. i couldn't balance or do anything like that. >> reporter: he began suffering with symptoms in april when his wife amy noticed his speech was off. the two immediately calling for help. how did all of this start from the first day just to the height of the struggle? >> she looked really nervous and she said, you're not saying words. you're not speaking english, which, of course, is preposterous to me. we called an ambulance and took me to the hospital for five days. i remember very little of it. >> reporter: the illness leading the star to take medical leave from his seattle-based radio show, sharing on social media, i'm still working towards receiving a diagnosis. what i do know is, i need some time to focus on my health. despite undergoing hospitalization and testing, doctors never getting any conclusive answers, even after ruling out a stroke. >> i just immediately said stroke.
8:16 am
i had seen my dad's stroke and it was the same thing. i wouldn't walk, i couldn't keep my balance. i slurred my words. i couldn't remember anything. a miracle of medicine. they said you didn't have a stroke? i said, how do you know? they said, we see it on your x-ray. >> you were afraid of what your dad had. >> i was afraid of everything. i was afraid of my stairs. i was hoping for a diagnosis but did not get one. >> reporter: he finally returned to work today after two months and hoping he can convince his fans to take better care of their health. what would you say is the big lesson that you have learned from this health journey? >> there was nothing that showed this was going to happen. nothing at all. take time to consider your health, what you're doing, pay attention. >> reporter: so i asked danny what would be the first thing he would tell his radio listeners when he gets back on air today, he said two words, thank you. he's just so grateful for the outpouring of love. robin. >> and he is loved. all right, zohreen. glad that he's on the mend. appreciate that.
8:17 am
>> ginger, what's the earth cam you got going on? >> from houston, because the tropics are heating up, robin, yes, we have houston who has been really dry and hot, more than 5 inches below average for this month alone, but we're about to see some rain, and it comes from a tropical system, 20% shot of it becoming something, but either way you get a lot of rain. victoria, you look like you're in the bull's-eye. then we're watching two other areas out in the far atlantic, those look to move west, they should not impact us here in the united states, however, aruba or anybody there in central america will want to lisa: good monday morning, i am lisa. waking up to low clouds and fog, but plenty of sunshine. another warm day inland. the clouds will clear to the coast. breezy and some afternoon sun for san francisco, in the upper 60's. a bigger cooldown comes midweek. look for temperatures today in the mid-70's in oakland, 80's in
8:18 am
redwood city, 95 in antioch. in the accuweather 7 a forecast, another wave of heat inland. it will take another day to cool look who's back, l look who's back, lara with some "pop news." you had a good trip. >> i did. >> happy belated birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thanks, everybody. we'll get into "pop news" because there's a lot to talk about. we'll begin with the battle of the blockbusters, the new elvis biopic giving "top gun: maverick" a run for its money. each of these movies bringing in exactly $30.5 million over the weekend. a rare tie, both films claiming the number one spot in north america. it's "maverick" with the staying power, released way back when, may 22nd and showing zero signs of slowing down, the film just passed $1 billion mark worldwide, that's a first for tom cruise. congratulations, tom cruise, it's really an incredible movie. and elvis, yes, hasn't left the building.
8:19 am
next up, jennifer aniston making a surprise guest appearance at the daytime emmy honoring her dad, john aniston, awarded the daytime emmy lifetime achievement award after an on-screen career spanning 50 years. including 30 playing victor on "days of our lives." here's a little bit of jennifer's tribute. >> hi, everybody. this is truly a special moment for me. it's an opportunity to not only pay tribute to a true icon in the daytime television world, but it's also a chance to recognize the lifelong achievements of a great and well-respected actor who also happens to be my dad. >> aww. >> her dad john aniston is now 88 years old. he wasn't able to be at the ceremony. he joined "days of our lives" and played the role of victor since 1969. >> what a career. >> it's like a day filled with love and congratulations. some for you, young lady, robin roberts, also honored.
8:20 am
[ applause ]. >> robin roberts, everybody. her show, "turning the tables," winning the emmy over the weekend for outstanding informative talk show. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> thank you. >> that's right. the first emmy win for her production company, rock'n robin productions. it's robin's third nomination the unscripted series has gotten such great buzz and with good reason. released last july, it features conversations really in-depth great conversations with some of hollywood's most groundbroking women. we're talking billie jean king, jamie lee curtis, mickey guyton. >> debbie allen. >> look at debbie allen. it's so great. it's so good. if you haven't seen it, please do. everybody, you can see streaming right now on disney plus. emmy winner robin roberts.
8:21 am
>> thank you very much. very, very happy. i have to say, the reaction of the crew that was there meant everything. because i don't -- i didn't just establish the production company to provide content that's uplifting and inspiring but also to create opportunities, especially for young women in the business and they just proved their talent. >> i was in the audience that night and seeing your team get up there and the passion and the excitement and enthusiasm, just the gratitude they had for winning was really palpable. >> they facetimed me. i was on my couch at home. they were looking great. >> they looked amazing. >> thank you, thank you.d your team, robin. now we a big anniversary one of abc's most decorated shows, "the view." four big episodes in the break from the beach to tell us all about it. good morning, whoopi. it looks a little warm out
8:22 am
there. you got your fan going. how are you doing? >> well, you know, aisle old, so i need a little cooling. i'm good. i understand you love the bahamas, too, michael. >> i love the bahamas. one of my favorite places on the planet. i'm a little jealous, to be honest with you, because you're out there with your co-hosts, joy behar, sara haines, sunny hostin and ana navarro. >> everybody is here. >> you're there for four days. you got a lot of great guest he. tell us who we're going to see. >> you'll probably see marcus samuelsson, you'll see sherri shepherd, you'll see lots of folks, i believe, yeah. there are all kinds of people showing up. you should have been one of the people to come down to visit. >> it's not too late. >> i'm just saying. see if i can get off there. i'll fly down there in a heartbeat. >> come on now. come on down. >> i'm curious about off the air. you're in paradise, you're going to have a little break. >> yes, we are. >> what kind of plans do you have when you're not on the air? what are you going to do? >> when i'm not on air, i'm sitting in the sun looking
8:23 am
crispy. you notice i'm almost -- you almost can't see me unless i smile. that's because i've been in the sun and it's great. i mean, listen, this is a great hotel. i'm loving this, i love it. and they've been so good to us. look, it doesn't look as blue as it will in a couple of hours but it's stunning. it's just magnificent. for the 25th anniversary we have to thank the hotel, we have to thank abc and all the folks who said, yeah, this is a big deal, we want you to go and celebrate. that's what we're doing. i don't think they thought it was going to rain, but, hey. it's the bahamas, right? >> it rains, it goes away and the sun comes out. it's a cycle. but it's a great place to be. when "the view" debuted in 1997 i remember that. and there was nothing else like it on tv. a group of women discussing "hot topics" and that's all still going strong, so why do you
8:24 am
think "the view" has had such staying power? >> i think "the view" has had such staying power for the same reasons we're seeing changes to our america as we know it, people sort of in a way downplayed what women thought, i guess, and didn't really put much oomph behind them and barbara walters came out and said, no, there's more to women than you think, so she created this show where all these women from different walks of life came together, and 25 years later we're doing the same thing because we've given women notice that they do matter, and their thoughts and beliefs do matter, and so we're letting everybody talk where everybody has a place at this table. so that's what we'll do. >> and ten years after the show debuted, you came in as a co-host in 2007. did you expect to be there for so many years? >> no.
8:25 am
no. no, but you know, sometimes -- you find yourself going, okay, here's the plan for my life and then something happens and you go along and you go, oh, i guess i'm doing something different. i'm lucky enough to have been able to stay as long as i have been at this table. the table, you know, we've had lots of different people, and so i'm really kind of surprised to find myself here still, but really grateful given all that's going on in the world. >> well, we're grateful to have you there guiding the conversations. we understand, i know you had a lot of great moments there at the show but we understand one of your favorite moments came during another show that was done on location in disneyland, where you got a surprise on it's a small world ride. tell us go that. >> yes, i did. i'm riding along, and you know i'm kind of singing a song because i remember it from the 1963 world's fair and suddenly there was --
8:26 am
there was like a manhattan new york doll from chelsea, and she looked a lot like me, and there i was. i was in a small world, and that just tells you, it really is a small world. >> it really is, and, whoopi, we're so happy to celebrate with you and the rest of the crew there at "the view." congratulations. enjoy the bahamas. send that formal invite and see if they let me off from work and i'll shoot down there and be on the show. >> i'll make sure. i'll make sure that we do. and i just want to let people know, we're down here still doing us, so we'll see everybody later on today, and we'll talking about all the things that you're talking about and the rest of the world is talking about. so we'll see you then. >> we're looking forward to it. you can see "the view's" 25th celebration from the bahamas starting this monday through thursday right here at 11:00 eastern on abc. ♪
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. i am kumasi. let's get to jobina with a look at traffic jobina: we are starting with a live look at the bay direction, we have a stalled report around treasure island. it does not appear to be traveling -- slowing traffic. the golden gate bridge foggy this morning. we have a stall on the westbound direction of highway four. antioch to concord looking at 23 minutes. kumasi: lisa
8:28 am
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earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> good morning. live with kelly and ryan on the way. we will chat with chelsea handler. 9:00 on abc seven. lisa: we have sunshine in the north bay. we are looking at that cloud deck. 54 san francisco. cloudy, getting sunshine in the south bay. in the east bay we have clouds in oakland. 65 in delta. that summer spread with us today. it will take a while for the sun to come out in the city. when it does come at 68, 76
8:30 am
oakland. the accuweather forecast will get cooler midweek. kumasi: we will have another update in about 30 minutes. find the latest at abc7news ♪ ♪ ♪ we're so excited to be catching up with a comedy legend this morning, from the stage to the big screen, and small screen, this man, he always keeps us laughing, makes us happy, now his hit sitcom is celebrating its 30th anniversary. >> can't be. >> please welcome the one and only legendary martin lawrence, everybody. >> yes! >> thank you. i'm glad to be here. thank you for having me. robin, i'm so happy to meet you. >> i can't believe we haven't met before. >> but i'm so honored to be here. >> back at you, thank you. >> this year marks 30 years. >> no way. >> i said, there's no way we're all this old.
8:31 am
30 years of "martin," so how does it feel to you? >> i'm over the moon. i feel so blessed. i feel so blessed that i was able, me and my crew, my team, my cast, was able to put out something that would last this long. i never knew or thought it still be running after all these years. >> was there a moment, though, because no one could go into it thinking it would have the impact that it had, but was there a time, though, you were like, this will be around? >> i knew we were working when we were getting picked up every year. i knew we had something going. but i didn't know we would still be running so many years after the show went off. >> and what's so exciting is you got the whole crew back together now, back in martin's department for a reunion special, and we have a sneak peek, so take a look. >> our goal is to make the audience stomp because we laugh differently. we laugh with our whole bodies
8:32 am
and we stop. >> slapping stuff. >> yeah, slapping stuff, and that was our goal to hear -- in the audience. that sound. >> i want to say to the fans and the audience, thank you all so much for all the support. >> what is it like being back together with everyone again? >> it was great, it was like going back to work again after so many years and just seeing each other after so many years, just catching up and reminiscing and everything. the only thing missing was our brother tommy, and we wish he was there. but we honored him in the right way. >> you play so many iconic characters on the show. we were trying to figure out which one was our favorite. >> shanaenae. >> original player. that's our man right there. >> the player from the himalaya.
8:33 am
[ laughter ] >> my life is made right now. which one did you identify with the most? >> i would have to say her because she's my sisters and my nieces and she's that round the way girl, that young, strong black woman that don't take no stuff, don't take no mess from anybody so i can resonate with that because i see it in my family. >> and you brought it each and every time. i knew it was coming from somewhere. you have done it all like michael was saying at the beginning from the big screen, small screen, stand-up, what has been the most challenging of all that for you? >> i'd say stand-up. >> yeah? >> yeah, because you're trying to convince an audience whether there's 500 or it's 10,000 people, you're trying to convince that everybody out there what you think is funny,
8:34 am
you're trying to, you know, have -- make them believe that they should laugh at it, too, it's -- >> you're getting feedback right away. >> you get feedback right away. it's not the easiest thing to do but it's rewarding. it's rewarding. >> well, speaking of rewarding, you're getting a big honor, a big reward, your own star on the hollywood walk of fame. tell us about that. [ applause ] >> about time. about time. >> about time, right? i have my hands and feet at the chinese theatre, and that's a big thing, but i haven't had the star, so when they told me i was getting a star, i was like give me mine. >> we know the stars are going to show up to support you. i mean, seriously. >> i'd love whoever comes out. >> martin, i tell you what, you're one of my favorite people on the planet. i've known you a long time. always good to see you. >> proud of you. >> thank you for being here with us this morning. now you and robin know each other now.
8:35 am
>> that's right. thank you, guys. thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> we want everyone to know "martin: the reunion" plus all five seasons are now streaming on b.e.t. plus. make sure you check it out if you want to laugh. >> i'm going to get another hug. >> go get another star. coming up, tessa thompson is here live. you don't want that miss that. there she is. ♪ here live. there she is.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
welcome back, everyone. the early reviews of "thor: love and thunder" are hutchison action packed and this is a quote, totally rad. one of the stars is with us, tessa thompson. welcome back. >> thank you so much for having me. >> totally rad. you don't hear that often. this is supposed to be one of the best, funniest movies. i wonder what it was like to be made, tell us what the process was like. >> we do, we do a lot of improv. i want to say thank you so much for having me. it's so exciting to be here. i'll say, it's a complicated time to be talking about the film, especially with the news as it pertains to roe v. wade during this time. at first i was feeling despondent and then i felt really inspired and activated to fight so in some ways it's perfect to talk about my character valkyrie. she fights not only for her
8:39 am
sisters but her community. the film was a pleasure, it was such a pleasure to make, as i said, getting to play a character that's a fighter, a warrior, to have natalie portman join us, we do a lot of improvisation on these movies which is so fun. >> you play valkyrie and, yes, a warrior, a fighter but also a king. >> yes. >> i love that. >> she's the king, a title that she's loved, she's a little rkn the the bureaucracy of the soe see her having to adjust to that, but it was so fun to get to layer three-piece suits e who have been following the franchise, the characters feel like they have have really grown and changed in ways that are surprising and exciting. >> with that tee-up, let's take a look at a clip. >> let's bring the rainbow. >> bring the rainbow is a catchphrase or something? >> she's only been involved for
8:40 am
a minute. saving lives she's quite good at it. but the rest she needs work. >> how many catchphrases? >> a lot. >> jumped the gun. >> hang on. he moves through shadows and he's going to shadow realm. it seems like that's where he's going to be the most powerful. >> what are you thinking? >> i'm thinking it too. >> ooh. >> i'm curious, i can see you're an empowered strong woman. what did you draw upon to play a king, this role? >> i suppose all of the incredible women in my life who are incredibly strong. and i think when i think of strong characters, particularly characters that are finally drawn that resemble the women that we are and the women that we know. i feel really exciting that those representations are becoming, frankly, more comm they're less noteworthy.
8:41 am
i think we need to constantly be pushing into that territory. thimaseth is congut oleft fthyorexc t we fm?eah. i'm a really big goat fan. because i'm a goat fan, a twitter has been made. a photograph of me and then a photograph of a goat that looks like me, because i think i also look like a goat, so i got excited when i learned that goats were going to be in the film. a lot of conversation around representation gratefully in hollywood, but not enough conversation about representation in goats. >> how did you start to love them? what was the connection? >> what's not to love, amy? have you ever seen a goat? >> i like the ones that faint. >> they faint, they yell and in our film the goats scream a lot in our film. and apparently there's the voice of tyka.
8:42 am
it's a good way to wake up in the morning. i know you have early mornings here. >> i'll start looking at some goat videos and seeing if it starts my day off right. >> that's what i do. >> you have "creed 3" coming. >> yes, i'm excited. michael b. jordan is stepping back into the ring but also into the ring as the director, it's his directorial debut. and everything i've seen from it has been tremendous so far. he's fantastic as a director and also has brought the franchise into a new space where you see these characters grow and change and i just feel very grateful to have been making these movies for all these years. >> we're very grateful to have you here. you are a pleasure to have. >> thanks so much. happy pride, everyone. that's why i'm wearing my pride outfit. >> it's sparkly and beautiful. all right. tessa thompson, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> and "thor: love and thunder" hits theaters on july 8th. ginger, over to you. >> thank you so much, amy. i love tessa but i grew up with goats. i have to disagree. not a big goat fan.
8:43 am
everything has their thing. i have to share with you some weather, look at this, this is lebanon, tennessee, east of nashville, this is a dust devil, when there's heat in a column, you don't have a thunderstorm anywhere close, and, yes, it can be dangerous enough, it can pick up debris, which is when those folks start to realize it's a serious situation. always treat a dust devil when it's c lisa: good monday morning tea. waking up to gray skies around the bay. clear inland, another warm day there. 80's on the peninsula, upper 80's in the north bay, with mid-90's again inland. ♪ come on, baby ♪ summer's here. >> yes, summer's here. >> summer's here. >> so much to talk about, especially the "gma" summer concert series. [ applause ] we're all so excited here. we've been waiting for this moment. we want you to take a look at this year's lineup of stars who are set to perform.
8:44 am
♪ we have all waited long enough. the "gma" summer concert series is back, and we're taking over central park. ♪ i got a feeling ♪ >> and, boy, do we have a feeling. ♪ that tonight's gonna be a good night ♪ >> that it's going to be our biggest one yet. >> are you ready? >> come party with the black eyed peas. ♪ i'm on the next level ♪ >> and we're taking it to another level with aespa. >> are you ready for us, america? >> the party continues with ozuna. ♪ yada, yada, yada ♪ >> and we're turning things all the way up with megan thee stallion. ♪ baby, i'm sorry ♪ >> you'll be sorry if you miss out on this. ♪ you and i ♪ ♪ we're cool for the summer ♪ >> we're keeping it cool with demi lovato.
8:45 am
♪ no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars ♪ >> and rocking out with the one and only one republic. >> this summer is going to be explosive. ♪ >> get ready to have a blast at the "gma" summer concert series sponsored by massage envy. ♪ good morning, america ♪ >> how happy are we with that? you guys, this is such a tradition. we've waited so long. we're thrilled to be teaming up with our brand-new sponsor, massage envies. their advanced skin care services could be customized specifically for you and there are more than 1,100 locations across the country. you can scan the qr code to see the full summer concert series lineup. for information on getting free tickets -- >> free! >> free! >> head to our website, so looking forward to it. hope you are too. we'll be right back. ♪ pump it, louder, pump it, louder ♪
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back here on "gma," don dahlera, he is a former "gma" correspondent turned author, and his new book is great, "fearless." it came out earlier this month. the biography follows harriet quimby, the first american woman to receive her pilot's license. don, really excited -- i didn't know -- >> isn't it amazing? we should all know this woman. she should be as famous as
8:49 am
amelia earhart. >> or you because you here back in the day on "gma." what it's like for you coming back here? >> i love what you've done with the place. you and i were here when we did the first broadcast from times square. >> right, right, right. >> that's how far back we go. it was a great time. >> how about the scavenger hunt we went on? >> that was crazy times, wasn't it? wasn't it wonderful? so much fun traveling all over the u.s. with a team of regular viewers and trying to solve puzzles. >> the serious stories you covered as well, 9/11 and that. >> yeah, yeah, it was a variety of assignments, and that's why it was so fascinating to do it back then. i got to do a little bit of everything. >> she was fascinating. why don't we know more about her? >> a tragic twist of fate. she flew solo across the english channel. doesn't sound like much. only 22 miles, but back then the aircraft had a wooden frame, canvas wings, and they were sitting out in the open and the english channel was probably the
8:50 am
most dangerous 22 miles on earth, men were dying all the time trying to fly across it, she flew across it, accomplished it, woke up the next morning, opening the newspapers thinking that she was going to be in all the newspaper and every newspaper was all about how the "titanic" sank. so everybody was paying attention to the "titanic." she came back to the u.s. there was no ticker tape parade in new york city. nothing like that and she died two months later in a crash. >> she died two months later after that. and she was something else when you read about her, because, okay, pilot, but before that, actress, reporter, she said all of this kind -- all these different roles intertwined and played. how about for you, don? this is your fourth book, so how did your career as a journalist kind of intertwine with what you're doing now as an author? >> i've always loved to write, i like not being limited by a minute and a half, two minutes, so i started writing novels and those did pretty well and then a
8:51 am
little while ago, i was talking with my agent about what the next project was gong to be, and for some reason, harriet popped into my mind. i've known about her for 25, 30 years. i wrote a screenplay about her that was optioned by hollywood, but never was made into a movie and i carried the box of research around with me all this time, so i threw out the story to my agent, and she said, this is the time and the me too movement with having an inspiring woman who really shows people that you don't let society's constraints stop you from doing what you want to do, so that launched me into taking on the biography. >> is that part of it too because as trail blazers, we have a lot of trail blazers today, what can they learn from her story that will help them in. >> a life without limit and that says everything to say about harriet quimby. she came from nothing, the poorest of poor, born on a dirt farm in michigan and found her voice as a journalist and a writer, but along the way she kept doing things that society
8:52 am
said you can't do, she was one of first women to drive a car, to own a car, the first woman credited with writing a screenplay for the man who's basically the father of modern cinema. d.w. griffith. she rode in a race car at 100 miles an hour when the speed limit back then was 8 miles an hour. she was truly fearless but she refused to let anything stop her doing what she wanted to do. and i think that's a great l'eggs son for all of us. >> for all of us, it really is. thank you. you know what, so many people are going to be picking up this book, they're googling her right now. and shame on us for not knowing more about her and thank you for bringing her story. >> it's an honor to be here. great to see you. my old friend, i loved it and it's just a joy to be around this. feels like a homecoming to me. >> it is a homecoming. you have a home here any and every time. don dahler. oh, my goodness. "fearless" is out everywhere. we'll be right back. another hug. we'll be right back. another hug.
8:53 am
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>> announcer: steve martin, selena. they're taking a break from "solving murders in the building" to be on "gma." plus, elizabeth olsen and robbie arnett and brett and jimmie performing for you on -- >> "good morning america." cannot wait. >> "fearless." >> we need to know more about harriet quimby. >> absolutely. >> thank you guys for watching, everybody. have a great day. >> yeah. >> we need to know more about harriet quimby.
8:56 am
thanks for watching, everybody. have a great day.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. i am kumasi. here is he reports on traffic. jobina: check this out. we have a nice clear look at the bay bridge plaza. that is good news if you are making your way into san francisco from the east bay. you are going to have a sluggish ride as you make your way to the western span of the bridge. we will wrap up with a foggy look at the golden gate bridge. it is improving just a bit. still losing visibility. lisa: very great out there, and we have the sun in our east bay valleys. temperatures are in the mid-50's downtown. low 60's, and that cloud deck is eroding around the edges from the south bay to the north bay. today up or 60's downtown.
9:00 am
mid-90's inland. kumasi: it is time for live with kelly and ryan. today, standup comedian and author, chelsea handler. plus, check it out. summer crafts for kids. also, exclusively for our amazing viewers, summer made easy bargains. all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. we barely made it. ["take my breath" by the weeknd] ♪ take my breath ♪ barely made it out, but then we we came out early. i know. i-- we didn't have the rhythm-- -thank you. -we tried. uh-oh. hang on. good morning, everybody. hello, deja. it's monday, june 27th, 2022. wow. that was-- that was intense. we were in the dressing room with nine seconds to go. i know. and then we made it with time to spare. we didn't even realize. it was like one of those--
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you know, it's a monday morning.


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