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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 27, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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streaming with us download or open the abc 7 bay area streaming tv app to tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. a major amtrak derailment. the trail from l.a. to chicago. reports of multiple fatalities and dozens of injuries. the images coming in at this hour. the train hitting a dump truck in missouri. multiple cars derailing. video showing passengers inside trying to force open a window. passengers on top of the wreckage, waiting for help. the train with 243 passengers onboard. alex perez with late reporting. tonight, the list of states immediately banningmeheou overturns roe versus wade. mississippi certifying today, soon making it a felony to perform an abortion. anti-abortion rights groups taking aim at abortion pills.
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rachel scott traveling the country. and tonight, the new ruling now from the supreme court involving religion and public schools. in a 6-3 ruling, conservative justices siding with a high school football coach praying at the 50-yard line following games, often with players by his side. some parents concerned, what about players who might not want to pray? the pressure put on them. some asking, what happened to the notion of separation of church and state in terry moran standing by at the supreme court. the war in ukraine and the horrific scene still unfolding at this hour, after russian missiles slam into a shopping mall. the concern at this hour about the people who were inside. and did air raid sirens save many others? james longman is live on the scene for us. to russia and news tonight on brittney griner, handcuffed, in court in moscow today. russia extending her detention now and what we learn today. back here at home, hundreds of flights canceled across the u.s. today. more than 1,000 flights canceled
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over the weekend. news coming in from capitol hill tonight. the january 6th committee calling a surprise hearing with just 24 hours notice. 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, new evidence and a key witness. we're learning more about that dramatic rescue at sea. one man struck by lightning, and then the rescue. america strong tonight. the retired kindergarten teacher and the surprise years later. she must have taught them well. good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. and we begin tonight with this deadly amtrak derailment. that train from los angeles though chicago. the deadly collision between the train and a dump truck in missouri. 243 passengers onboard. the collision at a crossing around 1:00 local time, knocking multiple cars right off the tracks. the fear inside that train,
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passengers trying to get out through windows, any way they could, to get out of the toppled cars and through that mangled wreckage. people helping one another to escape, pulling one another out throw those windows. some passengers making it to the top of the train, waiting for help to arrive. and the truck from that collision, the wheels ripped right off the truck. there is word coming in tonight of multiple fatalities and abc's alex perez leading us off. >> it happened. >> reporter: tonight, terrified and stunned passengers escaping the wreckage of this derailed amtrak train. the ordeal happening so quickly, some in bare feet. >> it is confirmed there are several injuries. there is a male subject trapped in the bathroom still with several injuries. >> reporter: reight passengers, climbing through windows, sitting in shock. >> you all right? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: among them, rob nightingale.
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>> we hit a truck. someone was crossing the tracks. >> reporter: he was napping in a sleeper car when the train jumped the tracks. >>there was a jolt, and then i woke up and then the train started rocking. but then i could definitely feel it come off the tracks. and then just kept going. then it started to tip on my side. i saw the ground coming towards me. i was afraid the glass would shatter and i would get trapped underneath. >> reporter: 243 passengers and 12 crew on board, at least 50 injured. the other passengers taken to a nearby school. >> there was a little girl with her sister and her mom and the little girl was crying, she said she had a cut. and the little girl was saying didn't, we're here, we're here." >> reporter: amtrak says the train, bound for chicago from los angeles, hit a dump truck in mendon, missouri.
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that truck's axle, seen here, near the tracks. >> just extraordinary mihmages coming in. alex perez with us live tonight. and we know officials just held a briefing and where that crash happened, there was no crossing gate at that rail road crossing? >> reporter: yeah, david, this is what authorities call an uncontrolled crossing, meaning there were no gates there to stop traffic. the ntsb sending a 14-member go team to closely examine the scene. they'll even be reviewing cameras from the train itself as they work to figure out what went wrong. david? >> alex perez leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. we turn now to the battle over abortion in this country, now on the state level after the supreme court overturned nearly 50 years of roe versus wade. tonight, mississippi, one of several states with these trigger laws, looking to ban abortions immediately. that state certifying their trigger law today, soon making it a felony to perform an abortion. and tonight, anti-abortion rights groups are now gearing up for another fight. could they soon take aim at women seeking abortion pills from out of state? and could women who order those pills and their health care
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providers be tracked with their internet ip addresses? rachel scott tonight traveling the country. >> reporter: tonight, the battle over abortion now being fought state by state, with a growing of number pushing near total bans. >> i feel like my country doesn't care about me. i feel like they are willing to --- i know that they are willing to let me die instead of make my own decisions. >> reporter: at least six states now enforcing abortion bans. in four more, clinics have stopped providing abortions. these images from san antonio, texas, showing the moment patients waiting for an abortion were told it would not happen. today, abortions resumed in louisiana, after a judge temporarily blocked their statewide ban from going into effect, but clinics know they are on borrowed time. in fairview, illinois, where abortion is legal, the phones keep ringing. the staff are helping out of state patients secure
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transportation and hotels. >> outside of our normal service area, tennessee, texas, oklahoma, arkansas, mississippi. we are seeing those folks already coming to us. >> reporter: are you bracing to see a surge in patients? >> yeah, we said this is ground zero, and we're bracing for impact for sure. >> reporter: just 15 miles away, in missouri, where abortion is banned, i sat down with republican state representative mary elizabeth coleman. a mother of six, she's been waiting for this day all her life. >> when i was a little girl, i said, i'm part of the pro-life generation, and we would say we are the generation that's going to end roe. i didn't expect that we would see it, maybe even in my lifetime, and certainly not while i was still serving. >> roe was overturned yesterday, this is illegal. >> reporter: she's now working on legislation to prevent health care workers in missouri from helping their patients get abortions in other states. you would like to crack down on abortion providers from helping women in this state get appointments and access to abortion in other states? >> what i would like to see happen is people's activity in
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the state of missouri follow the law in the state of missouri. and if people are going to choose not to do that and to violate the laws of our state, then they will be liable under the penalties in our code for that activity. >> reporter: in other states, g at ways to prevent women from receiving abortion pills from out of state. questions now about tracking online activity. but in wisconsin, where a law written in 1849 has now gone into effect, democratic governor tony evers is vowing to fight. >> i don't think that a law that was written before the civil war, or before women secured the right to vote, should be used to dictate these intimate decisions on reproductive health. >> and rachel scott with us live tonight from fairview heights, illinois. and rachel, as you reported there, this battle now being fought state-by-state and obviously that means abortion rights will be a major issue come the midterms, in particular as we just saw there, in many of these governors races. in many cases, it would be the
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governor that determines whether abortion rights stay or go in a particular state. >> reporter: exactly, david. and the midterm elections are now just months away. there are critical races for governor many michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. you heard from wisconsin's governor there. well, today he pledged clemency for any doctors who could be charged for performing abortions. david? >> rachel scott traveling the country on this important issue on all sides. rachel, thank you. president biden is in europe tonight for meetings with g7 and nato leaders. the leaders not talking publicly as a group there on the major headline back in the u.s. involving the overturning of roe. but many of those leaders already speaking out before they gathered about what would not happen if their own countries, weighing in on a woman's right to decide. our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega traveling with the president. and cecilia, president biden overseas, but the political pressure here at home from many in his own party to take action wherever he can? >> reporter: yeah, david. exactly. that pressure is coming from within his own party right now, in fact, 34 senate democrats sent a letter to him demanding
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that he take immediate action. they say he has to take this action now and they are calling on him to use the full force of the federal government. look, the white house at this point, they say the doj will protect the rights of women to cross state lines. but democrats and advocates want the president to do more and want him to do more right now. they are calling on him when it comes to the abortion bill to loosen restrictions on that, for women to access it in a pharmacy, to make it easier to import from other countries. they want him to declare a public health emergency. they would make it easier for the federal government to deploy resources and funds. but there is no executive order that the president can sign that would restore roe's protections. at this point, democrats, though, are calling on him to do more now. >> and cecilia, in the meantime, we know many of these leaders did make public statements even before their official meetings there, reacting to the u.s. rolling back women's reproductive rights. >> reporter: yeah, david, in fact, president biden told our
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team that this issue has not come up in his one-on-one meetings, but you're exactly right. the leaders are not holding back in their criticism. france's enmmmanuel macron said that abortion is a fundamentalal right. boris johnson called the ruling a step backward, and this, david, from justin trudeau, he said his country will pay for an abortion for american women if they travel to canada to get one. >> cecilia vega traveling with the president. cecilia, thank you with the global reaction there to overturning roe versus wade here in the u.s. meantime tonight, we turn to the new major ruling from the supreme court just today. this one involves religion in public schools. conservative justices siding with a high school football coach praying at the 50 yard line following games, often with players right near him. the school and some parents concerned, asking, what about players who might not want to pray, the pressure put on them to join. and some asking, what happened to the notion of separation of church and state? terry moran at the supreme court tonight. >> reporter: at the supreme court today, a landmark victory
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for religious expression at public schools. in a 6-3 decision, the court's conservative majority ruling that high school football coach joe kennedy has a constitutional right to pray at the 50-yard line after games along with his players and other students. >> i just wanted to coach football and i wanted to be able to give thanks afterwards. >> reporter: in 2015, the bremerton, washington, school district at first tried to get coach kennedy to pray privately after he was off-duty, but when he continued to lead prayers after games, the district suspended him. in a letter, the district told kennedy he must maintain separation of church and state, writing -- "staff may not indirectly encourage students to engage in religious activity" but "must remain neutral." among the district's concerns, the pressure put on students who do not wish to pray, but fear they would lose playing time and their standing on the team if they didn't. kennedy says the prayers were voluntary. >> they don't have to participate, but we shouldn't have to hide who we are and everybody gets to be themselves.
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>> reporter: justice neil gorsuch writing for the court today, declaring that the school district is wrong about church and state -- "the constitution neither mandates nor tolerates that kind of discrimination," gorsuch wrote. but some parents of former players disagree. >> when the teacher or coach is standing up and leading the children, i think you cross the line into indoctrination. >> reporter: and justice sonia sotomayor, in dissent with the court's two other liberals, writing that today's decision is "misguided" and "elevates the religious rights of a school official, over those of his students." >> reporter: tonight, one of the >> let's get right to terry moran, live at the supreme court tonight for us. and obviously two sides to us. some that might say, what's wrong with the coach saying a prayer after a game with some players. others saying this puts pressure on players who may not want to pray but who do want to play, so, the inherent pressure there. and some parents thought there was a separation of church and state. >> reporter: that's right, david. well, for decades, the court did put the focus on the vulnerability of students to the
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potential coercive effects of prayers led by teaches and coaches. but today, the court shifts that focus to protecting the religious liberty of those teachers and coaches as long as there is not direct coercion. david? >> terry moran live at the supreme court. terry, thank you. we turn overseas tonight and to the war in ukraine and to a horrific scene still unfolding there tonight, after russian missiles slammed into a crowded shopping mall in the center of that country. at least 15 dead so far. dozens hurt. and this question tonight, did air raid sirens save many others? abc's james longman, our foreign correspondent, live on the scene for us. james? >> reporter: yeah, david, can you see a huge recovery effort still under way here tonight. they're trying to get as much rubble as they can out of that building. a crane there trying to secure it, too, but president zelenskyy has said he's hoping an air raid siren may have given people the notice they needed to get out in time. tonight, one of the
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deadliest russian attacks on ukraine since this war again. a shopping mall bombed from the sky. the fiery aftermath captured here in video circulating online. officials declaring the attack in ukraine's central city of kremenchuk a "mass casualty event." president zelensky saying there were more than 1,000 civilians here at the time. just look at the level of damage here. the air is thick with smoke. it is acrid. it burns when the breathe. emergency services all around. they're going to spend all night looking for bodies in the rubble here. and the ukrainians say there are no legitimate military targets anywhere close to this mall. ukraine says two russian bombers took off from a russian airfield and fired two long-range missiles. 1 you can see the recovery operation underway to see if there are any survivors. but just look at it. it's just hell. >> people who are far away from the front line, many of them have died today. this is not only a war against ukraine, if they kill us, they'll get to you.
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>> reporter: i can see you're getting a bit emotional. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: no, it's not -- don't be sorry. when you see a man in uniform getting emotional, you know it means something. >> many of them could be my friends. i don't know. >> reporter: the attack came as president biden was meeting in germany with g7 leaders on how to expand help for ukraine. president zelenskyy joined remotely, repeating his pleas for more aid and heavier weapons. the g7 leaders pledged to support ukraine quote "for as long as it takes." the u.s. today confirming it would be sending longer range missile defense systems to ukraine to combat russian strikes. >> and james longman back with us from that scene tonight. just a horrific scene playing out there. we know hit with russian missiles, that mall, and the g7 leaders, who we saw earlier in the broadcast meeting with president biden, they have condemned the attack tonight as a war crime? >> reporter: yeah, strong words from the g7 tonight, david. they call it abominable. they say that vladimir putin
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needs to be held to account. but these workers, the millions of people across this country who have been living through this war, they're wondering how -- how can vladimir putin ever be stopped? david? >> james longman in ukraine tonight. james, thank you. and in moscow, a preliminary hearing for wnba basketball star brit tany brynner. our producer saying she was led away in handcuffs. >> how do you feel? was everything okay? >> you can see her shaking her head there. her detention extended to december 20th now. she faces ten years in prison if convicted. and here at home tonight, and from capitol hill at this hour, news of an unexpected hearing now scheduled for tomorrow, another january 6th hearing, new evidence and a key witness. meantime, john eastman, a lawyer at the center of the investigation claiming in a new lawsuit that the justice department served a warrant on him while he was leaving a restaurant last week and that federal agents seized his phone. tonight, more on that house committee, a new hearing
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tomorrow. we will carry it live right here on abc, 1:00 p.m. eastern, i'll be here with the entire political team tomorrow. when we come back here tonight, hundreds of flights canceled for a third day in a row in this country, and of course, we're asking what's behind this. and news tonight about that dramatic rescue at sea. seven people onboard a boat hit by lightning off florida and the by lightning off florida and the pictures from that boat. homeowr is turning into their parents. -not those two. -yep, they're gone. -forever? -yep. that there is progressive's homequote explorer website, where i compared home insurance rates. we don't need to print the internet. some are beyond help. i will give you $100 if you can tell me what this is. -scotch egg. -it's a meatball. progressive can't help you from becoming your parents, but we can help you compare rates on home insurance with homequote explorer. we've got a lot of work to do. for copd, ask your doctor about breztri. breztri gives you better breathing, symptom improvement, and helps prevent flare-ups. breztri won't replace a rescue inhaler
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cancellations today alone, after 1,500 flights were canceled this weekend. adding to all this at the airport in charlotte today, passengers were evacuated off a flight when an odor was reported in the cabin. nationwide cancellations heading into the fourth of july holiday system mril are not ready for passenger volume reaching pre-pandemic levels again. we're also learning more tonight after that lightning strike hitting a boat about 100 miles off the coast of tampa bay. seven people onboard when their boat was hit by lightning right there. incredible pictures. one passenger feeling it move right through him, briefly knocking him unconscious. his pregnant girlfriend and the others not injured. and then the images, the coast guard helicopter air lifting them to safety. the coast guard praising the boaters from having the necessary safety equipment to speed up that search and rescue. and when we come back here tonight, the news on gas prices just in tonight, as we head into
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get help right away for unexpected bleeding, or unusual bruising. it may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor about eliquis. finally tonight, the retired kindergarten teacher from indiana. she applauded the high school graduates walking by. what happened next is america strong. jean pearson congratulating high school seniors. >> congratulations! >> and this is the moment mrs. pearson realizing those graduates aren't just walking by. they're coming for her.
3:58 pm
>> what's happening? >> hi! >> liz! hi! >> oh, my gosh! >> these are your kindergarteners. >> did you know this was happening? oh, my gosh! i love you all! look at you! >> mrs. pearson taught in chesterton, indiana, for 38 years. she retired 12 years ago and this was the last kindergarten class. they never forgot her. >> oh, my gosh, you're all just gorgeous! >> me, too? >> in fact, tonight, take a look at this image. mrs. pearson, back when they were all so little. now, the graduates coming to thank the kindergarten teacher who got them started. >> look at you! >> we celebrate mrs. pearson, too. and my kindergarten teacher, mrs. young. see? we don't
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>> this is abc7news. >> protecting abortion rights in california will go to the voters. collect state lawmakers voted on a california constitutional amendment that would allow us to decide. good afternoon. at the immediate impact of the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. eight states are enforcing abortion bans with few exceptions. lawmakers in california are strategizing ways to ensure california does not end up among them. >> californians will be asked to vote on whether abortion and contraceptive rights should be protected in the state constitution. the state assembly today passed the constitutional a madman with
4:00 pm
more than two thirds support. now it is up to voters to decide whether it should become law. >> this mm moment will enshrine in the california state constitution access to safe and legal abortion as well as contraception. >> following a supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade, lawmakers move forward with their plan to solidify abortion rights in california. right now the constitution protects the right to privacy isn't health care decisions which has been interpreted to include abortion rights. the amendment would make it more explicit. it says quote the state shall not deny or interfere with an individual's reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions which includes their fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and their right to choose or refuse contraceptives. >> it is extreme even for california. >> jonathan keller is the president of the california family council, a faith-based antiabortion rights group that opposes e