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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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go up on friday. we have a look at a new gas tax going into effect. liz: we all know this feeling filling up at the pump. >> it's painful, not fun. yeah, it's a bummer. liz: starting on friday, the price of gas in california will be slightly higher, on july 1, the annual gas tax increase will take effect raising costs across the state by about three cents a gallon. >> the overall gas tax in california is 51 cents a gallon and will be around 54 cents a gallon. liz: a professor at u.c. berkeley's school of business, even though it sounds concerning, drivers may not feel the difference. >> prices are going up and down so much due to changes in the price of crude oil that the fluctuations are really much larger than the change we're going to see on july 1 in the tax. liz: still as inflation rises,
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republican assembly member kevin kylie is among several g.o.p. lawmakers calling on the governor to suspend the tax increase but the gas tax altogether. republicans sent a letter to the governor on monday with that plea. >> people are struggling right now. they need relief right now. liz: experts say it's unlikely to have a noticeable impact on consumers, folks filling up telling us it's coming at the worst possible time. >> i don't make too much, i make $18 an hour. the money i do make, i got to fill up my tank two times a week to get to work because i go back and forth, it's just too much. it's getting ridiculous and you think like when is enough enough. liz: right now there are no plans to suspend the gas tax. democratic lawmakers did a nouns a deal to announce relief to californians, checks from 200 to $1,500 will be sent to taxpayers
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in october. in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. larry: an action plan on abortion. >> the supreme court decision will result in worse health outcomes and death for some patients. working to increase access to this drug is a national imperative and in the public interest. larry: health and human services secretary says he is also working with the justice department to make sure states do not ban pharmaceutical abortion based on the f.d.a.'s judgment on drug safety and efficacy. he also added there is no magic bullet that can restore the right to abortion, but the administration is exploring every option. kristen: the man suspected of killing a man and wounding another on a muni train last week pleaded not guilty today. how the suspect's family is responding to the charges. >> he pled not guilty to charges
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stemming from a fatal shooting last week on muni. >> people need to understand there are two san franciscos, you got san francisco and you got what we call fridayso. >> members of green's family were in court along with green's mother but did not want to show their face on camera. green who was a security guard is accused of fatally shooting a man on a muni train with a self-described ghost gun after he was attacked with a knife. the lawyer arguing the case against green played surveillance video of the attack. they're not filing homicide charges admitting that green acted in self-defense. but the conduct was wildly, wildly dangerous. green's lawyer explained that he was under threat for the past year-and-a-half even shot at by someone they describe as an enemy and that's why green may have had the gun. his family members say they didn't know green owned a weapon. >> this is about people pushed in s about people pushed to
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do things unimaginable. this is a kid and now, you know, the city needs to deal with that on a larger scale. look at these cases. >> despite illegally carrying a weapon public transportation, the judge says the defendant has a clean record and released him on $75,000 bail. if discharged, green is subject to house arrest and not allowed on certain muni lines. a bail hearing is set for friday. in san francisco, abc 7 news. kristen: mike thompson and the mother of a victim of gun violence joined forces today to applaud the bipartisan gun safety bill signed into law saturday by president biden. >> this bill will save lives. i'm proud to have voted for it. i'm proud to have helped craft it and i'm proud to have worked to make sure that this bill became a reality. >> i know this is an act that will save lives and it is also just the beginning. there is so much more work to be
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done. kristen: the police chief and school officials singled out the part of the new law aimed at protecting students, teachers and school employees, the legislation also includes incentives for states to pass so-called red flag laws and will prevent dating partners convicted of domestic violence of owning a gun. larry: we heard damning testimony today. cassidy hutchinson was indeed the room where the president's top aids debated how they could overturn then president trump's election loss. we have a look at some of the big revelations from hutchinson today. >> larry, this might be the most powerful testimony we have heard so far in the january 6 hearings. cassidy hutchinson testified for about two hours today. she was a top aide to former white house chief of staff mark meadows. hutchinson went into detail about what was known in the days leading up to january 6 insurrection and what happened on that day among white house
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staff. she said president trump, meadows and julian glover were aware of the possible violence and even discussed plans for a war room in the willard hotel. she described that president trump was told the crowd had weapons on january 6 when they arrived to his rally and as we now know, some of those supporters went to the capitol to interfere with congress certifying the election. here is her account of trump's response. cassidy: take the f-ing mags away, they won't hurt me. let them in, let me people in. they can march, take the f-ing knives away, then they can march at the capitol. >> ms. hutchinson, what we saw when the clips were playing were photos from the after chives before his speech. you were in some of those photos as well. i just want to confirm that is when you heard the president say
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the president were weapons weren't there to hurt him and he wanted the secret service to remove the magnetomters. >> the committee pulled up this tweet in which trump attacks vice president pence. hutchinson says she was disgusted. >> it was unpatriotic. it was un-american. we were watching the capitol building get defaced over a lie. and it was something that was really hard in that moment to digest knowing what i had been hearing down the hall in the conversations that were happening, seeing that tweet come up and knowing what was happening on the hill. >> now the other big revelation today, hutchinson said the president wanted to go to the capitol and join his supporters on january 6 when he was told that wasn't safe. hutchinson says that's when trump lunged at his secret service agents and tried to grab
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the wheel of the vehicle. we have also learned debate, we heard debate on the presidential pardons requested by trump's inner circle. hutchinson told the committee that former white house chief of staff mark meadows and julian glover did seek a pardon. larry: has had the former president responded to hutchinson's testimony today? >> yeah, so it seems that trump was watching her testimony today. he claims that he hardly knows hutchinson and that she was upset she didn't get to work at mar-a-lago, but former white house deputy press secretary sarah matthews came to hutchinson defense on twitter saying anyone down playing cassidy hutchinson's role or her access in the west wing either doesn't understand how the trump white house worked or is attempting to discredit her because they're scared of how damning this testimony is, larry. larry: happening tonight, the san francisco unified school district board of education is meeting less than an hour from now and set to discuss the
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superintendent's recommended budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year. today is the secondting starts . kristen: fire work sales started today in several bay area cities. a look at where they're legal and one area that is closing parks to keep fireworks away. i hate crime fighter in california, the state says it's creating a new position after a report out today finds a jump in hate crimes across the state. i.v.f. impact, how the supreme court's decision on
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larry: in the south bay, a woman was killed in a hit-and-run crash this morning. the 21st pedestrian fatality this year in that city. it happened on south jackson avenue near interstate 680 and the capitol expressway. police say the suspect's car is black, possibly a newer model honda accord. ryan spoke with neighbors who say this is a dangerous street. >> i have seen too much here, i have been here 10 years and i live on the main street, so i'm ready to move. ryan: worried, the city's 21st pedroia fatality happened on south jackson avenue. police say it happened before 5:00 a.m., a car hit a woman and she was pronounced dead at the scene, the car and driver nowhere to be found. >> i just heard a bunch of
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commotion outside, i came outside and i just seen there was a body on the floor. ryan: this resident did not want to be identified, but says this street is full of reckless drivers. >> there is a lot of accidents around here, yeah, not too long ago, there was a car that went into my yard when my kids were playing on the trampoline. ryan: another resident says reckless driving happens so often, he fears for the neighborhood's safety. >> people walking dogs, if they get hit, they take off, so i just feel like i hope it's not someone like i see regularly. ryan: there is ienage on this street, a 25 mile per hour school zone is across the intersection and a big yellow banner below a streetlight asks people to drive slow. >> they put these in right before the pandemic started. no one seems to care. it's not fixing the problem. ryan: san jose police have not named the car they believe hit the woman. residents say they want better enforcement or they fear another hit and run will happen again.
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>> take care of this part more, there is way too many accidents. this isn't the only hit and run that there has been since i have been living here. kristen: the california department of justice today reported a 32% increase, but before i get to that, i just want to tell you about, all right, we are going to actually talk about the california department of justice today reporting a 32.6% increase in reported hate crimes from 2020 to 2021. attorney general rob bontas says the numbers are likely an underaccount but hate crimes have reached a level not seen since the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks. the most prevalent overall, increasing 12 1/2%, but for the second year in a row, anti-asian hate crimes increased by more than 100% from the year before. >> each of these incidents represents an attack on a person, a neighbor, a family
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member, a fellow californian. and worse, we know our statistics likely are not exhaustive. still today, too many are too afraid to come forward. kristen: he also announced a new position, hate crime coordinator who will work with state and local law enforcement officials. larry: sales of safe and sane fireworks started today in bay area cities where they are legal. this is county fire agencies warn us about the extreme danger of illegal fireworks. here is a look at local cities where people can buy and use certain fireworks, the stands open up today in pacifica, san bruno and dublin. we are joined live in dublin with a look at the start of these sales. leslie. leslie: well, you know how it is, a lot of people like that snap, crackle and pop in their backyard as fourth of july rolls around, but there are many, many fire officials who are worried that even safe and sane
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fireworks could be dangerous in this drought year. the star spangled stands started to set up this morning along dublin boulevard. by noon -- >> that's the one -- leslie: they were selling safe and sane fireworks to enthusiastic locals. >> we're trying a new one this year, we like to try them every year. leslie: eight various cities sell, some opened up for business today, they're not allowed to be sold or used outside those areas. >> we don't ask where everybody lives, we do sell, we advocate for safe and sane use of the fireworks. dublin is one of the few places that allows fireworks. >> when we light them up, we wet the entire area, buckets with water and a couple of hoses ready to go. leslie: the fire officials are worried about even the safe and sane variety.
4:17 pm
contra costa county likenty doe fireworks to be set off. they have teams of investigators ready to enforce the rules and the penalties, holding property owners liable for any damage they cause. >> last year in the four-day period of the independence day holiday weekend, we dispatched to 100 fires, both grass, exterior and structure fires and that was in conditions that aren't, weren't nearly as dangerous as what we have on the ground now. >> thank you, sir. >> bye, everybody. >> we never set anything on fire that we weren't supposed to and all of these nonprofits get the profit from it. they get to make money. we got to support the high school, support the boosters, the kids, the greatly nonprofits, for us, it's a win-win. leslie: this one stand is expected to sell $70,000 of fireworks between now and the fourth of july benefiting dublin
4:18 pm
high school. neighboring cities and counties, though, it's crackdown time, zero tolerance of any fireworks and they even are setting up hotlines like they did last year for people to call in and report their neighbors setting them off. in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. larry: in an effort toffirewolo starting monday at 6:00 p.m. the county said today that fee he issa meadows park, rider park, washington park, and parkside aquatic park will all be closed, signs have already c fires. >> that's true, although the changing weather pattern has sparked my interest. let's put it that way about conditions in terms of concerns about fire, conditions are getting better. here is a look at our on shore flow, our cooling on shore flow that will bring cooling weather and increase in humidity.
4:19 pm
we're looking at gusts to 33 miles per hour, you can see pretty strong on shore flow just about everywhere around the bay area, with a few extensions, temperatures are a little bit lower by a few degrees than yesterday. here is the view looking out over san francisco where it's currently, well, san francisco didn't report at this hour, but temperatures have dropped down into the low 60s earlier, 70 at oakland, low 80s at san jose and santa clara and 63 at half moon bay. no marine layer at the moment, but it is building and low clouds and fog are on the way. it's warm in the inland areas, 89 degrees, 92 at concord and fairfield and the view looking into the bay is a clear one. these are our forecast features, low clouds will push on shore overnight, the cooler pattern tomorrow and below average temperatures will be with us by the weekend. overnight we can expect lots of low clouds and fog to push
4:20 pm
across the bay and locally inland. there may be a few areas of spotty drizzle near the coastline in the early morning hours. the morning commute might have a spot or two of damp pavement. sunny skies tomorrow. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid 50s, so still pretty mild in some locations, a little cooler in the far north, 49 and napa down to 50. looking at tomorrow's highs, 60 at half moon bay, 64 in san francisco, low 70s in the mildest locations around the bay shoreline. inlet areas that have been in the mid 90s and upper 90s lately will be in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow. as we look at the continuing cooling pattern on thursday, temperatures will drop even further. we'll see low 80s as about the lowest inland readings, cooler by a couple of degrees on friday going into saturday, i suggest a slight increase but basically we're looking at a much cooler pattern coming our way after today. here is the accuweather
4:21 pm
seven-day forecast, cooling continues on thursday closer to average temperatures on friday, even below average in some spots over the weekend. on monday, fourth of just a pleasant day, sunny skies, temperatures still at or slightly below average and then a little bit perfect a warm-up will occur next tuesday. larry and kristen. kristen: thank you so much, a new deal to boost affordable housing in san francisco. city leaders agree to spend tens of millions, a look at where that money will go. larry: the party is over for those using airbnb, a permanent change after a shooting at a house. >> hold on to your wallet, a grocery store in our homes, how inflation is affecting t
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when pain says, “it's time to go home” “i say, “not yet”. ♪ ♪
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aleve. who do you take it for? kristen: a deal is apparently now in place on what's being called a historic housing package for san francisco. supervisor dean preston says that the deal includes $40 million for land acquisition, $20 million for repairs on public housing and $12 million for housing for teachers. it delivers on proposition i, the voter passed 2020 tax increase on real estate sales over $10 million. larry: making a ban on
4:25 pm
parents permanent. it began cracking down on parties in 2019 after a deadly shooting at a party in a house. it issued a temporary ban in 2020 due to an increase in parties during the pandemic. airbnb believes the ban worked saying reports of parties dropped 44% from a year ago. the company has also suspended more than 6600 guests last year for related violations. kristen: bed bath and beyond is denying a report that it cut air conditioning at its stores to lower expenses to make up for slumping sales. according to cnn, the claims come from bank of america analysts who conducted story visits. the analysts heard concerns about a cut in employee and store hours, cancelled remodeling projects and reward programs being scaled back and replaced. the analysts expect bed bath and beyond will announce more store closures and halt openings of its bye-bye baby stores.
4:26 pm
larry: michael is joining us and inflation weighing heavily on everybody, everything is going on like crazy, michael. mike: it is, larry, as one might expect, soaring prices and fearsch a possible recession have consumers worried, very worried. consumer confidence sloped to as low as february last year. the expectation index which measures confidence six months out really tanked to its lowest level since 2013. the biggest issues, rising food and gas prices. and as if that wasn't worry enough, renters and homeowners are also facing higher utility costs. about 85% of americans say they have seen at least one of their utility bills go up over the past year. for most, it was their electric bill. so consumers are working to cut their costs by switching to energy efficient light bulbs and turning off lights and appliances when not in use.
4:27 pm
the economy is also affecting our fourth of july cookouts, more expensive this year. the farm bureau issues a report each fourth of july week on how much it will cost to feed a party of 10 on the holiday. this year dinner will run just under $70. that is 17% more than last year. just about everything has gone up with ground beef leading the way followed by chicken breasts and pork chops, there is a tiny bit of good news. strawberries and potato chips are cheaper than they were last year. increased food prices are being driven by inflation and the war in ukraine, you may remember that ukraine exports a great deal of food or it used to before it was attacked, larry. larry: thank you, michael. we are taking a look at the connection between the supreme court's roe v. wade decision and fertility treatments, growing fears now that that ruling could have far reaching ramifications on people who are looking to get pregnant.
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>> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. kristen: the decision to overturn roe vs. wade is raising serious questions about other types of fertilization like in vitro fertilization. the risks could increase and the costs could go up for patients across the country. >> amanda is grateful to be a
4:31 pm
mom of two. she underwent four cycles of a fertility treatment where eggs are combined with sperm in a procedure outside the body. before gia she got pregnant but miscarry care -- mills carried-shothopes to try again but fear it is overturn of roe. could that complicate or chances? >> i think it does put the practice of ibf in jeopardy. >> the doctor explains the future of ibf could be at risk because the restriction of abortion defining the beginning of life at fertilization. >> what happens to their embryos? can they discard them, freeze them, transfer them? >> it offered the immen --
4:32 pm
implementation of all the will embryos. if some are terminated, will that be predicted. >> in many of these states, the women that have a miscarriage could be blamed for the miscarriage. in fact, it's a process of nature. somewhere between 10% and 30% of all pregnancies result in miscarriage. if you're being held liable for any bad outcome, even if it's not really your fault, that's a legal ramification that many are concerned about. >> these are fears that women in california likely won't face. the real impact will be heightened demand for patients outside of california, limiting access knack eventually drive up costs. >> demand is an issue and if that increases that's going to increase the wait times. >> ibf clinics are already battling a patient backlog from the pandemic. that, in turn, will add to those
4:33 pm
wait times. abc 7 news. larry: today two major drugstores announced they're limiting purchase of sterility pills. we spoke with one shopper this morning. >> i understand why they're limiting three to a person. still, if someone needs them, they need to have that service open. to me it's still very sad that us women in this country are losing this right. larry: cvs adding this move is only temporary. kristen: and brooklyn moving to suspend ties for city -- sister
4:34 pm
sister in russia. the council is schett to vote on the matter in their meeting tonight. larry: the kneel delivery service daily harvest has voluntarily recalled one of its product and some have reported getting sick, getting a liver dysfunction and with this one case, even getting their gallbladder removed. >> this is one of the hair vest bowls. >> carol was a loyal daily harvest custom every but she said after eating one of the bowls it ultimately landed her in the e.r. she had a c.t. scan, ultrasound, blood test and gave a urine sample but doctors couldn't find anything. she went home and ate the daily harvest crumbles a second time and said her pain was back.
4:35 pm
in the e.r. again, doctors found high levels of liver enzymes. >> pressure that wasn't led -- letting the fluids go through. >> after four days in the hospital, her primary care doctor recommended she have her bladder removed. >> on january 23rd, daily harvest voluntarily recalled all 28,000 units of crumbles during -- due to potential liver function issues. the company received approximately 474 report of illness and adversary actions. >> horrible pain in my midsection. >> all of my liver enzymes were elevated. >> i ended up in the e.r. for a day. >> all of it a mystery to doctors -- doctors. food safety attorney is representing close to 100 daily hair vest customers, including reedy.
4:36 pm
>> the one thing about food-bourn illness cases is that a lot of times you never get to having a product that tests positive because people eat the evidence. >> daily harvest, in itself latest issued state the company says they've spent the last 10 days working to get that the root cause. some customers are dissatisfied with how daily harvest initially handled consumer complaints, writing in an email to customers on june 1 "that small number of customers have reported gastrointestinal discomfort." >> that term is so general. >> also saying lentils must be thoroughly cooked. >> early in trying to pass that off as ignorance or incompetence on the part of the consumers.
4:37 pm
>> and adviced customers to discard the product. >> they advised it to throw it all away. if we were sick, i would think they would want to test the sample of a product we left offensive coordinator. >> the c.e.o. of the company says it's confident the prosch is restricted to those products and does not affect any of the other perfect. but some customers say they're done. >> i can't stand to even look at the packaging right now. >> reapedy says she's focused on getting health yip. facing tens of thousands in medical bills, she asked daily harvest for a evidence for the approximately $10 crumbles. >> and i-haven't heard from them last. >> daily harvest says everyone deserves an answer and the company is committed to making this right. >> he's known for speaking his mind and now warriors star draymond green has landed him in the middle of a new controversy.
4:38 pm
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4:41 pm
month. he'll leave office in 10 days, assuming supervisors certificate the election results today as expected. what do you guys think, spencer? spencer: he's persistent. i guess no matter where you fall politically you have to admire, that his determination. >> what are the chances of getting back? i mean, if you were recalled, what are your chances? >> that's a smaller number of people who show up for the recalls. >> wouldn't that be such ao ing? >> only in san francisco. >> it's hard to imagine that that scenario could take place but you never know. warriors flavor forward draymond green finds himself in the middle of another controversy. i know you're shocked, for comments on his most recent podcast. he's been criticized for directing a racial slur at espn
4:42 pm
basketball analyst and former player kendrick per occurrence. perkins fired back on twitter interim mating people in the nba believe green is a big you can thatter and doesn't back up his words with alaska and is that tweet has since b taken down. draymond, it's the time for him to enjoy the summer and the championship but no! they have to keep jabbing and poking. >> do you think he enjoy it is verbal combat? >> yes. >> yes. spencer: he loves it. larry: there's something that energizes him and he likes to get into these battling with high-profile people. >> but maybe we could leave the racial slurs out of it. kristen: that would be nice.
4:43 pm
you can -- larry: you can still disagree with people without being that ruled. if you remember draymond's speech at the parade, it's kind of on brand, unfortunately. spencer: maybe the word is unfiltered. larry: he is unfiltered. that might be one of the shows that his company does with lebron and all that. kevin: the owners of california's great america park in santa clara announced the land. the park operator says it plans to keep the park open for up to 11 years under a lease agreement. the land next to levy stadium was sold to a logistics company for $310 million. great america has been operating for nearly 50 years. i have to say, when i graduated from eighth grade that's where i went for a class trip and when
4:44 pm
my son graduated from eighth grade, that's where they class went. it's kind of a ritual, so we all have nostalgia of it. spencer: how much will they be able to function on that expensive piece of property? >> up to 11 years. >> but they're leasing it back but they still have it for a while. larry: 11 years seems like such an arbitrary number and in the article i read, prologis said maybe we'll just keep it a theme park. they didn't seem like they were ready to reveal any plans. when you think about how much land there is there and how valuable all that land is now compared to 40, 50 years ago, there's probably a better return on investment other than loops
4:45 pm
the loops and -- >> there's what, discovery kingdom isn't that far away but it was still nice to have something. >> it was like another like hour and 15. there's not much along here from san francisco to the south bay. spencer: maybe they can make great america great again. >> ha. >> or maybe not. >> i will say, it was very popular with kids in the summertime because the season pass was basically like one and a half admissions so like 60 or 0 bucks, you can go the whole summer with all our your friends to great america. >> i was like ah, when i saw that because our kids -- were you like this in eighth grade? teacher, i have one more pun. hang on. spencer: i have a -- i was a
4:46 pm
pain in the class. [laughter] >> he's here every day, ladies and gentlemen. larry: well, not every day, we took care of that. spencer: did we ever. larry: a dream home for disney fans is on the market. the 11,000 square foot home is in the gated neighborhood of golden oak at walt disney resort in florida. a guesthouse, swimming pool, gazebo. includes a millennium falcon themed home theater. the price for the man, is $15 million. disney is the parent company of abc 7. i mean, $15 million, it sounds like a lot of money. >> but imagine if it were here. larry: exactly. it's here and it's $45 million. spencer: that's an amazing piece of property there. larry: no doubt. if you're a super disney fan and
4:47 pm
you have a lot of money, why not? >> it's nice and you could have all the friends in the neighborhood cool -- come over. hey, let's watch in the viewing room. spencer: you could have a heck of a block party there. larry: every night. cool. i think that's it. suspense summer kristen: it's florida, folks. there's that. larry: no more puns? larry: no more puns? that's it, suspenseer? big tobacco's cigarette butts filter practically nothing and are made of microplastic fibers that are toxic and cunning. they may seep into water and food, and air, too. and the smaller microplastics get, the more damage they do. could they end up in you, your bodies, their prey? new studies indicate possible links to mutations in dna. an evil lie with a future's worth of harm. to the world, now you know. so sound the alarm.
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>> if you've ever seen a huge reservoir after highway 52, it's going to be getting a lot bigger. our media partner reports a pr proposal would raise the dam at least 10 feet. that front would also strengthen the dam for earthquake protection. water.plies the area with drink we need certainly more water. we have more sun coming this week. spencer: at least it's cooling down, that's good news and we have a nice onshore flow bringing some refreshing marine air our way. there may be a damp spot or two from patchy drizzle from the early morning hours but science for the days -- sunny skies for the days hide whoo -- ahead.
4:51 pm
highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies by afternoon. low to mid 80's generally inland. a few locations inland mike get into the upper 80's tomorrow but basically our recent heat spell is over. cooling continues on thursday and friday and by the weekend going into fourth of july weekend, highs inland only to the mid to upper 70's. upper 50's on the coast. monday is looking spectacular. sunny skies and pleasant antly mild. tuesday it starts to warm up again. lovely days ahead. we'd love to have rain, of course, but who's going to complain about this kind of weather, right? larry: very mild. back on the case. kristen: the escapades of amateur sleuths continue with amateur sleuths continue with the launch of shat renovating your kitchen and bathroom
4:52 pm
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kristen: coming up tonight on abc 7, 8:00, holy moley followed at 9:00 by the chase. who do you believe at 10:00 and then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. steve martin, martin short and selena gomez are back with more mystery. the first two seasons -- episodes of season two of "only in the building" are not -- now
4:55 pm
on hulu. george pennacchio from our sister station has the details. >> oh, goody, the murderers are are here. what the well -- hell are you doing? >> we wrought dip. >> we came to play our respects. >> laughs, merriment and mystery. george: in season two of "only murders in the building" resident bunny is dead and this season our three main characters will produce a different kind of true crime podcast because -- >> you are all persons of interest now. george: you've added more to the mystery this season, haven't you, steve? >> i think so. every time a new character comes on there's immediate suspension. george: one of the new credible characters is played by carrara delavigne. >> we had so much fun.
4:56 pm
it was almost like working with my best friend, didn't feel like working. george: selena loves working with her two leading men. >> what about you, oliver? >> i enjoy oliver's endless attempt at staying positive and he's pretty enamored with him. i love how much he loves himself. [laughter] >> wow, look at this. >> hold it a second. they controlled me out? this is such [beep]. you know, i'm also involved in this. >> for me, charles has a kind of reserve, a shyness and it's not really a positive quality but i like playing that, as he's coming out of his shell a little bit. >> i'm nervous to talk to people because i can come up creepy. george: also creepy, the tunnels were -- we discover within that
4:57 pm
big, wonderful building they all live. george: i thought what a great building to live? now that people are creeping about, i don't want to live there anymore. season two kicks off june 28th with two episodes. >> we want to help find bunny's killer. george: george pennacchio for abc news. kristen: the first two episodes of season two are now streaming on hulu. new episodes are released on tuesdays. disney is the parent company of hulu and abc 7. abc 7 is streaming 24/. get the streaming tv app and join us wherever you want wherever you are. that's going to do it for abc news at 4:00. abc news at 5:00 with dan and alma is coming your way next.
4:58 pm
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5:00 pm
house select committee investigating the january 6 attack on the capitol convened today for a last-minute public hearing. a former assistant a donald trump former chief of staff detailed what happened leading up to the violent riots. >> the former white house aide revealed that donald trump at his top officials were aware that members of the crowd attending his rally had weapons and there was the potential for violence. >> karina nova joins us with more of the bombshells from today's testimony. >> there were a lot of
5:01 pm
revelations from


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