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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 29, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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everything. kumasi: take it all. reggie: news on "america this morning." "good morning america" for our viewers in the west on this wednesday morning, the reaction about stunning testimony about former president trump on january 6th. a former top white house aide describing trump in a rage on january 6th. >> the president said something to the effect of i'm the f-ing president. take me up to the capitol now. >> cassidy hutchinson testifying trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his vehicle to go to the capitol and lunged at the lead secret service agent. hutchinson also saying the president knew some in the crowd were armed and detailing the days leading up to the riot. plus what she says chief of staff mark meadows knew before the insurrection. a lot of reaction this morning
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and will those secret service agents testify next? the family of one of the americans captured in ukraine speaking out. what we know about his condition, plus the new video that russian strike on the mall and debris rained down on a nearby park. new details on the deadliest migrant incident in the u.s. ever. 51 dying in that semitruck. plus the investigation into the amtrak train kohlition in missouri. was there concern over the crossing for years? ftc sues walmart. the retail giant accused of turning a blind eye to scam artists that cost customers hundreds of millions. this morning, why you should think twice before initiating a money transfer. reports of drug drinks spiking in a major u.s. city. one mom sharing her terrifying story after a night out with friends. how to protect yourself as we had into the holiday weekend. fourth of july flight, more
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than 50 million americans expected to travel despite sky-high prices and soaring airfare. what one major airline is facing amid the chaos. >> final surge, serena williams eliminated in the first round at wimbledon. what the 23-time grand slam champ is now saying about her future on the court. ♪ and comeback coco. 18-year-old coco gauff's thrilling event at wimbledon. she's the first woman to climb mount everest ten times. meet the single mom dancing on top of the world. live in times square, this is "good morning america." ten times. if i made it up there half way one time. "good morning, america." thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> always great to be with you. we have a lot to cover. we begin with the extraordinary
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hearing, cassidy hutchinson an aide to donald trump's chief of staff, out of control, reforming the allegation that the former president at one point lunged at the secret service agent and grabbed at the steering wheel of the vehicle when they wouldn't take him to the capitol. >> he was angry at the secret service for barring supporters who were carrying weapons. mary bruce is tracking the latest. the former president already pushing back on this testimony. good morning. >> good morning, robin. he is saying she is a phony hardly knows her. cassidy hutchinson worked just steps away from the oval office and at 26 years old she's breaking with her former boss describing in vivid detail what she witnessed on january 6th, describing how the president himself tried to lead the armed mob here at the capitol to overturn the will of the american voters. under oath, cassidy hutchinson, a top white house aide, painted
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a chilling picture, detailing how the the president wanted to go to the capito himself on january 6th, something she said she learned from trump's lawyer rudy giuliani four days before the attack. >> he looked at me and said something to the effect of cas, are you excited for the 6th? it's going to be a great day. the president's going to be there and he's going to look powerful. >> confused, she said and she went and talked to her boss trump's chief of staff mark meadows. he didn't look up from his phone and said something to the effect of, there's a lot going on cas, things might get real, real bad on january 6th. that was the first moment they remember feeling scared. >> hutchinson said while meadows acknowledged something was wrong, he did nothing to stop it, even when on the morning of january 6th the white house learned that some of trump's supporters were armed. >> i have three men walking down the street carrying ar-15s.
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copy at 14th and independence. >> as the president prepared to deliver his remarks hutchinson was backstage. trump was angry that more of the crowd wasn't being allowed into the secured area. trump demanded the secret service remove the metal detectors because he wasn't the target. >> i overheard the president say something to the effect of i don't f-ing care that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. take the f-ing mags away. let my people in. they can march to the capitol from here. >> the president telling the crowd he would march with him. >> i will be there with you. >> something the secret service and pat cipollone insisted trump could not do. >> mr. cipollone said something to the effect of please make sure we don't go up to the capitol, cassidy. keep in touch with me and we'll get charges of every type imaginable if we make that happen. >> the president wouldn't speak of it. hutchinson said lead secret
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service agent robert engle refused saying it warrant safe. she saw ingle and deputy chief of staff ornato looking discombobulated and lost. the president said something to the effect of i'm the f-ing president take me up to the capitol now. to which bobby responded sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel, mr. engle grabbed his arm, and said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol. mr. trump then used his freehand to lunge towards bobby engle and when mr. aronato he referred to his clavicles. >> it waint the first time the president exploded in rage describing the ketchup she saw dripping down the wall after
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trump learned his attorney general bill barr had publicly rejected trump's false claims of election fraud. >> the valet had articulated that the president was extremely angry at the attorney general's a.p. interview and had thrown his lunch against the wall. >> as trump supporters reached the capitol on january 6th and violently forced their way inside, she says the chief of staff initially did nothing. >> said, hey, are you watching the tv, chief? he said, yeah. the rioters are getting really close. have you talked to the president? he said no. he wants to be alone right now. hutchinson said cipollone finally got meadows' attention. something to the effect of mark, something needs to be done or people will die and the blood will be on your f-ing hands. she said the president was unmoved even when told that his supporters were chanting to hang his own vice president mike pence. >> mark had responded something to the effect of you heard him,
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pat. he thinks mike deserves it. he doesn't think they're doing anything wrong. >> trump sent a tweet condemning pence saying he didn't have the courage to do what was necessary. >> it was unpatriotic. it was un-american. we are watching the capitol building get defaced over a lie. >> hutchinson added that in the days after the attack mark meadows was among those seeking a presidential pardon related to january 6th. this morning we are hearing from some members from trump's inner circle who are disputing other portions of hutchinson's testimony including one of trump's former white house lawyers. as for the former president himself he responded in a flurry of online posts and also calling into question parts of this testimony. michael, it is clear donald trump is paying close attention here. >> absolutely. as expected. thank you very much, mary. let's bring in our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. the secret service has issued a statement in response to
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hutchinson's testimony. >> michael, good morning. that statement says agents are prepared to give sworn testimony in relation to these new allegations. two sources familiar with the investigation tells me that when president trump returned to his motorcade he requested that agents take him to the capitol. those sources told me that robert engle, one of the agents in the car saying that was unwise or dangerous and that the motorcade was going to return him to the white house. a source close to the secret service told me that trump was not happy with the agents and the agents in the car would push back against allegations of an assault by president trump and the allegation that he reached for the steering wheel. >> pierre, thank you. let's bring in our chief washington correspondent jon karl. bombshell allegations, but big picture here. what does this impact, this testimony, how does it impact the hearings going forward from here? >> well, the big question is will others come forward?
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cassidy hutchinson was one of very few people who was right there in the west wing, steps away from the oval office, a direct witness to the extraordinary events in the white house on and around january 6th and she has done what many others have just refused to do which is to come forward under oath, live before the world to tell her story, and it is an extraordinary story of an unhinged president willing to do anything, anything to cling to power and as extraordinary as it is, it is entirely consistent with what we had already known. remember, it was around this time that we have reported that members of the trump cabinet were considering invoking the 25th amendment declaring him mentally unfit to be president. that was the portrait of a mentally unfit president that cassidy hutchinson told the world about. >> jon, in her closing remarks congresswoman liz cheney pointed to possible witness tampering.
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>> really extraordinary stuff here. multiple witnesses, liz cheney said, were contacted by people before they came in to give their depositions, reminding them to stay in the good graces of trump world, that he reads the transcripts, remain a team player. this is mafia-like stuff, and i tell you, whit, don't be surprised if they come after cassidy hutchinson very hard and try to make her pay for what she's done. >> jon karl, our thanks to you. robin? whit, we'll move on now to the war in ukraine and we hear from the family of one of the americans captured by russian forces saying he's been in contact with the state department. our foreign correspondent james longman is there for us in ukraine. good morning, james. >> yeah. good morning, robin. more evidence is coming to light on the mall and the factory. this as one of the two u.s. veterans caught here in ukraine. the family of alex drueke has been speaking to abc news. this morning the family of alex
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drueke, one of the u.s. veterans captured in ukraine speaking to abc news. they say alex has spoken with the state department over the phone while being held by russian proxies twice in recent days. >> they said that he sounded good, that he sounded relatively strong, that he clearly was being prompted to make certain statements and as they questioned him that he is being treated humanely. >> alex was able to pass along a message through the state department to his mother. he said that he loved me and to keep taking good care of his dog and that -- and that he knew i was doing everything i could to get them back home safely. >> this as new video shared by president zelenskyy shows the moment russian missiles hit. panic in a park nearby caught on video as debris rains down.
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one man jumped into the water for safety. at least 20 people were killed in the attack and nearly 60 injured. 40 others are still missing. we go inside the hospital where some of the injured are being treated. meet nicolai who worked inside the mall. he tells me about the moment of the attack. it went dark and someone helped me get out. not even the hospital is safe from russia. >> another air raid siren. we'll have to leave. president zelenskyy calling the attack straight terrorisma. >> turkey has now dropped its opposition to finland and sweden applying for membership if this was about russia limiting nato's scope, but the opposite is happening. >> it sure does. michael? >> new to texas and the rising toll in the deadliest human smuggling case in u.s. history. 51 people dead after being abandoned in a tract or trailer. matt gutman has the latest. >> this morning first responders
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describing a semitruck full of horror. >> the heat was torrential. there was no air in that vehicle. there was no water. they suffered. they lost consciousness and then >> ols say dozens migrants found in that semi on a desolate road in southwest san antonio. at 5:51 a worker who cries for help inside and called 911 saying the driver had fled. by 6:00 p.m. the first responders arrived. >> all agents will be priority one. i'm telling you about 12 that are breathing and we're trying to take ones that are breathing off of the truck right now. >> dozens of ambulances racing there. officials say the temperature outside topped 103 degrees. inside, much higher. >> how close to death were these living patients? >> very close. they were extremely critical. they needed immediate emergency medical care. >> but the death toll kept rising. >> the officers had to separate some of the deceased trying to find who might be still alive.
7:15 am
>> ultimately, 51 would die in what officials call the deadliest smuggling incident in u.s. history and this morning first responders struggling to shake what they saw. >> think about what they went through when those doors closed. i think about the risk that they took. i think about the people being treated worse than animals. >> you can see this memorial behind me with candles and flowers, but also water bottles because so many of those people died from heat stroke and dehydration. the grim task begins of identifying the victims and that could take days. we are told they're from mexico, guatemala and honduras. officials are warning that with temperatures rising and the volume of migrants increasing, you can see more deadly incidents like these in the summer. michael? >> thank you so much, matt. >> whit? >> now to the lawsuits ramping up across the country in the wa wake of the landmark spupreme
7:16 am
court decision. our congressional correspondent rachel scott is tracking it all. rachel, good morning. >> whit, good morning to you. the biden administration says every option is on the table when it comes to protecting access to abortion including expanding access to medication abortion, but offering few specifics as the landscape quickly changes state by state. >> this morning confusion and uncertainty as the fight for abortion plays out state by state. >> right now we're anticipating that services will be able to be continued subject to the constant back and forth of litigation. >> abortion bans are being challenged in court. judges in louisiana, texas and utah allowing some abortions to resume for now. >> we will be calling back women who we had to turn away on saturday so that they can come back and get their procedure if they haven't made other arrangements. >> the patchwork of abortion access causing whiplash on both
7:17 am
sides. >> nobody believed that the fight was over, that overturning roe was an end all. >> in total, at least 13 states have now stopped nearly all abortion services, and over a dozen others are likely to take action in the coming weeks and months. we met dr. amy whitaker in illinois. this state has quickly become a safe haven for legal abortion as surrounding states move to block abortion access. >> it's been a couple of difficult days. i'm not going to sugar coat it. they've had to travel so far to get basic health care. the states with the most restrictive abortion laws have invested the least in policies and programs for women and children. >> the idea that you would make a complete abortion ban without having that investment and without having universal access to free, com prehensive, qualit prenatal care without access to funded child care to me is unacceptable. >> in the wake of roe versus
7:18 am
wade being overturned there has been an increase in demand for over the counter emergency contraceptives like plan b. we are learning that cvs and rite aid are limiting its supply. whit? >> racheling up, we'll have the latest on the deadly amtrak derailment. there have been concerns about popur poo product witing for the hidoming up, but first, let's go to ginger. >> good morning to you, michael. lake charles, louisiana, has been 15 inches below rainfall. you know it's tropical season, we have something trying to form and it's got a 40% shot of doing so, either way, it becomes heavy rain from galveston up to southwest louisiana. let's get to your local weather in 30 seconds. your accuweather,
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that our meals are enjoyed. ba da ba ba ba aqui. bart close most restrooms after the 2001 terror attacks. bathrooms with the policy -- and oakland reopened in february. the bathrooms open our downtown berkeley. jobina is here now with a look at traffic. the morning everyone. we are below -- we are beginning with a live look. jobina: 22 minutes to get across
7:24 am
the bridge in san francisco. a very busy in walnut creek. specifically in the south down -- southbound direction. hercules commute is slowing down around 47 minutes. reggie:
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is morning. it is a cooler start to the da y compared to this time yesterday. 50's in the morning hour. finally bringing cooler air areawide. a great start for a lot of us around the bay shoreline. this is the exploratorium camera. it is a cooler afternoon on the way. 90's then we will go to the 80's. we will stay cool in the 50's
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and 60's.
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it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. ♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma." there he is, the man, country superstar jimmy allen performing his big hit "good times roll." this morning he will join us live in times square in our next hour. we love jimmy allen. he is here. >> quite the friend of ours at "gma." good to see him again. the top headlines including the stunning testimony from a top white house aide cassidy hutchinson about former president trump on january 6th. trump claims how trump wanted to go to the capitol and claimed trump knew some in the crowd were armed.
7:31 am
president biden announcing the extension of some troop deployments in europe, some military aid to key nato allies and a military presence in poland. also a new warning for a product for infants. the fda telling parents not to use baby neck floats for water th therapy intervention. the agency is aware of one babe whoa died in connection with the floats. the manufacture claiming the floats can be a physical therapy tool, but the agency has not approved such marketing. nearly 50 million americans expected to travel for the holiday weekend. aaa predicting a record 42 million people driving despite the sky-high gas prices. friday expected to be the busiest day for flying. 3,000 flights were canceled due to weather and problems like staffing shortages and tomorrow, delta pilots will be picketing at at last seven major airports
7:32 am
while they negotiate their contract. delta says they'll be off-duty pilots and they won't be impacting service. anyone flying between july 4th and monday can change flights as long as the origin and destination can the airlines are trying to ease it there. >> we have a lot more ahead including the connection between cardiohelp and sleep. how to get the shut eye you need to stay heart strong. >> we definitely need that, robin. now we'll turn to the latest on the amtrak derailment in missouri. the death toll rising to four and we are learning about this particular crossing for year. gio benitez is in missouri with more. good morning, gio. >> hey, michael. good morning to you. the head of the ntsb telling me that investigators have d
7:33 am
downloading the video from the front-facing cameras showing them exactly what happened. this morning the death toll rising to four how an amtrak train collided with a dump truck in missouri. the crossing had no cross arms, bells or lights, like half of the crossings in the u.s. >> it concerns me because the same tragedy could happen at any one of those crossings. >> the amtrak was traveling from l.a. to chicago, nearly 300 people onboard when it struck the truck which the ntsb says was transporting aggregate to an army corps of engineers project. >> what you are seeing right now is perhaps the truck was in motion and it was not struck on the tracks. >> oh, no. it was in motion. that's right. >> that driver was killed along with three passengers and more than 150 injured. in tragedy, signs of heroism. 16 members of a wisconsin-based boy scout troupe sprung into
7:34 am
action. >> one boy scout had to break windows to get people out. another scout comforted the driver of the truck that was hit and tried to stabilize him that scout is pretty shook up. >> the crossing where this happened, a concern for locals for years. >> local farmer mike spencer posting this video just two week ago showing how dangerous it could be. >> it's really hard to see the trains until you get right up almost on the tracks. it was pretty predictable. >> and the ntsb finding it would have cost $400,000 to add cross arms, bells and lights to that crossing. the ntsb chair told me it would have been worth it. michael? >> it definitely would have been, gio. thank you. >> michael, new to the federal lawsuit against walmart and the federal trade commission claiming the company allowed scammers to use the money transfer services to steal hundreds of millions of dollar from customers.
7:35 am
our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is here. walmart is denying the accusations? >> they are, robin. good morning to you. the ftc claims that walmart failed to properly train employees and failing to alert customers about a rise in money transfer fraud. in turn scammers swindled walmart customers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. here's how it happened according to the ftc. walmart offers money transfer services through its stores and the agency says walmart turned a blind eye failing to protect scammers as they left for prey for scammers acting as long lost relatives and the irs. it did not warn customers of the potential fraud according to the ftc and now the agency is asking a court to order the retail giant to pay back consumers and impos impose civil penalties. it is flawed and legally
7:36 am
baseless and they're robust and have helped to protect consumers. robin, the bottom line here is no matter what the outcome of this is, the most important takeaway for our viewers is to triple check before you initiate a money transfer. one reason these transaction are so beloved by fraudsters is that the cash is nearly impossible to recover. >> it is always so important how we give our viewers the main story. >> triple check. >> now to perhaps the final appearance on wimbledon's famed grass court for serena williams. >> no! >> say it ain't so. the superstar losing the first-round match to the 115th ranked player in the world and then afterwards was uncertain about her future. maggie ruly is there with more. her comments getting a lot of attention this morning. >> i know, whit. i heard you, robin. none of us want to hear this. we're at wimbledon today and you can see some of the matches are starting up behind me and the
7:37 am
crowds are already loud and cheering. everyone gearing up, but really everyone here just still in shock over what happened at centre court last night. serena williams, one of the goats out after just one round. she said she gave it her all. it was clear watching and she left it all out there on the court and that performance at 40 years young, left plenty of questions about what her future on these courts is going to hold. this morning serena williams out of wimbledon and into uncertainty. [ cheering ] >> serena williams wimbledon ends in heartbreak. >> the champion losing to harmony tan of france in an absolute nail biter in the first round on monday. the match boiling down to a third set tiebreak. after losing the opening set, serena relied on her vintage grit and tenacity, even serving
7:38 am
for the match before ultimately flaming out. >> the last couple of points i really started to feel it, but i'm moving well. i didn't practice for a three-hour match. i guess that's where i went wrong. >> the second time wimbledon champ marked her return to the main stage of tennis for the first time since last year's tournament when an awkward slip forced her to withdraw. >> i mean, it was definitely a very long battle and fight and it's definitely better than last year. serena remains one trophy shy of the all-time record of 24 majors singles titles and many wondering if we've seen the last of the comeback queen. >> do you think it's more likely than not that you will come back? >> that's a question i can't answer. i don't know. i feel like, you know, i don't know -- who knows? who knows where i'll pop up? >> despite not wanting to engage in legacy talk, the legend has perspective on her place in
7:39 am
sports history. >> i love changing the game. i think that's, you know, something that i never kind of set out to do, and then somehow i did it. somehow i'm serena and it's pretty awesome. >> serena says she wants to compete in the next grand slam in the u.s. open later this summer, and i think i speak for a lot of us including you guys on the desk that we all want to see her there, but the action here at wimbledon will continue. we have teenage phenom coco gauff just yesterday putting on an incredible show and a top three sender in the first match. she'll be in round two tomorrow so still plenty to watch in wimbledon, guys. >> you're saying at the end of the match with serena, you couldn't even watch. >> first of all, maggie, thank you so much. there was one game in the second set that lasted 30 minutes. one game. she gave it her all, but her opponent, very smart -- >> in the way she played it out.
7:40 am
yep. >> oh, my gosh. have you all been to wimbledon? >> it's on the list now. you've sold us. >> blair is going next week. >> i thought you would take me. >> next year. >> you have to wait until next year because "gma" will have more from wimbledon next week and watch the matchups on espn and espn+. >> i'm just saying. it's on. >> we'll be right back. >> i'm serious. i am in. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck,
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warning as we head into the holiday weekend. the ar we're back with a warning as we head into the holiday weekend. the fear of drinks being drugged in boston after more women have come forward with their terrifying stories. it's a story we first saw in the boston area. good morning. >> good morning. this is very scary. police are aware of women saying their drinks were spiked leaving them sick or in the hospital. authorities are urging everyone to be aware that dangerous, scentless, colorless and tasteless drugs can be dropped into your drink without you knowing. this morning police issuing a stark warning to be on alert if you're planning to head out to bars this fourth of july weekend. >> i was absolutely drugged. >> 36-year-old mom ashley nichols says a fun night out with workers took a dangerous turn landing her in the hospital. >> it was fine, having a good time to completely
7:45 am
incapacitated, legless in a matter of a few minutes and my husband and baby looking at me and that was the scariest part because it was, like, what are you doing here? boston authorities say she's not alone in suspecting her drink was spiked. they're seeing a rash of alleged incidents nearly a dozen reported between april and june after patrons were becoming sick or hospitalized after drirnking. i had one drink and i remember going to the bathroom with my cousin and nothing after that at all. >> this 25-year-old woman telling our affiliate wcbp that she blacked out after having a drink in a boston area bar. her cousin calling an ambulance after she was seen slipping in and out of consciousness. drugs like benzodiazepines, and ketamines can be dropped into drinks leaving those who consume
7:46 am
them disoriented. >> for ten minutes after ingesting it, all of a sudden now you're disinhibited and you are intoxicated and you are impaired, right? you -- you can't speak. your balance is off. >> ashley says her story is a reminder no matter where you are to go out with people you trust and stay aware. >> all i can say is surround yourself with really good people, good friends and don't think it can't happen to you. >> it is such good advice and such an important reminder. how can you protect yourself? experts say stick with your friends throughout the night and try not to separate from them and cover your drink if possible and if you let it out of your sights, let it go and get a new one and report all suspicious behavior to police. >> thank you, ariel. appreciate it. coming up next, our play of the day is reaching new heights. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back.
7:47 am
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and now please welcome ana montoya. ♪ hello there, fellow students... ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ very appropriate song for our "play of the day" and the single mother who scaled the highest of hgh >> very appropriate for the play of the day and the mother who scaled the highest of heights. take a look at the mother of three climbing mount everest. she reached the summit for a record breaking -- get this, ten times. she is the first woman to ever do so and there she is doing that little dance number
7:51 am
mountainside. yeah. get it in. she's originally from nepal and works at whole foods to support her family. congratulations. >> do you keep going for number 11th at that point? >> i guess so. >> coming up, nba champ draymond green will go for number five next year. we'll be back in times square in a minute. hpv vaccination - a type of cancer prevention against certain hpv-related cancers, can start then too. for most, hpv clears on its own. but for others, it can cause certain cancers later in life. you're welcome! now, as the "dad cab", it's my cue to help protect them. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. ask their doctor about hpv vaccination today. (vo) get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on. embrace this phase. help protect them in the next. like manny. event planning with our best plan ever. (manny) yeah, that's what i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost. get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. reggie: good morning. jobina fortson has her eyes on traffic. jobina: we are following an incident that is going to be right near castro valley before grove y. we drop to around four miles per hour due to that crash. a busy spot in the east bay. 22 minutes to get across the bridge. it will wrap up with the golden gate bridge and a foggy look there. drew: temperatures cooler this morning compared to this time yesterday. sunshine in the south bay. we are tracking a fair amount of sunshine this morning. a live look showing you little
7:57 am
sunshine. cooler weather has finally arrived inland, only in the 80's. reggie: abc 7 at seven continues. for everyone else, here is gma.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. ♪ ♪ "good morning america," it's 8:00 a.m. the reaction to that stunning testimony about former president trump on january 6th. >> the president said something to the effect of "i'm the f-ing president. take me up to the capitol now." >> a former top white house aide describing trump in a rage on january 6th. cassidy hutchinson testifying trump tried to grab the steering wheel of his vehicle to go to the capitol and lunged at the lead secret service agent. the fallout this morning. overnight, the american heart association's new recommendation on sleep and heart health and the tips you need to know for a better night's rest. ♪ ♪ sam asghari in his first
8:01 am
interview since he and britney spears tied the knot on their life together and the inspiration he's drawn from the pop icon for his own career only on "gma" this morning. turning fear into strength. are you a procrastinator, perfectionist, rule follower or people pleaser? how to use your weaknesses to your advantage and clear life's biggest hurdles. ♪ ♪ see the disney wish. this morning a look at disney's largest cruise ship ever as it gets ready to set sail for the first ♪ ♪ four-time nba champion draymond green live in times square talking about his new project off the court showing us a much different side of himself. ♪ ♪ and time to let the good times roll. country music star jimmie allen is here live and he's saying --
8:02 am
>> "good morning america." wake up, everybody! ♪ ♪ live in times square, this is "gma". >> jimmie got up! >> he is here, jimmie allen performing a song from his brand new album and we are looking forward to that. >> we are on the game sweeping the nation. will ganss is taking a look at pickle ball. >> and smeri aring gas prices and we'll have a tip of how to save 25 cents per gallon. >> that adds up, but first we'll begin with the january 6th committee hearing. cassidy hutchinson, an aide to former president trump's chief of staff during the riot at the capitol. let's go to mary bruce. good morning again, mary. >> good morning, robin. cassidy hutchinson was one of the few people inside the west wing and with the president on january 6th and she is describing in vivid detail what
8:03 am
she witnessed, describing an unhinged donald trump willing to do anything to hold on to power and overturn the will of the voters. under oath, cassidy hutchinson, a top white house aide pointed a chilling picture, detailing how the president wanted to go to the capitol himself on january 6th. something she said she learned from trump's lawyer rudy giuliani four days before the attack. >> he looked at me and said something to the effect of "cas, are you excited for the 6th? it's going to be a great day." confused, she said she went talked to her boss, trump's chief of staff mark meadows. he didn't look up to his phone and said something to the effect of, "there's a lot going on, cass, but i don't know. things might get real, real bad on january 6th." while meadows acknowledged something was wrong he did nothing to stop it, even on the morning of january 6th the white house learned that some of trump's supporters were armed. as the president prepared to deliver his remarks hutchinson
8:04 am
was backstage. she said trump was angry more of the crowd wasn't being allowed in the secure area. she said trump demanded that the secret service remove the metal detectors because he wasn't the target. >> i overheard the president say something to the effect of i don't know f-ing care that they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. take the f-ing mags away. the president telling the crowd he would march with them. >> we will walk down and i'll be there with you. >> something the secret service and white house counsel pat cipollone insisted trump could not do. >> mr. cipollone said something to the effect of, "please make sure we don't go up to the capitol, cassidy. keep in touch with me. we'll get charges of every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen." she said the president wouldn't hear it. lead secret service agent robert engel refused saying it wasn't safe. hutchinson said she saw engel and deputy chief of staff tony ornato shortly after they returned to the white house. the president said something to the effect of "i'm the f-ing
8:05 am
president. take me up to the capitol now" to which bobby responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engel grabbed his arm, said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. >> the former president responded in a flurry of online posts. he calls hutchinson a phony and said he hardly knew her and disputed portions of her testimony. robin, it is very clear donald trump is paying close attention here. >> that is clear. michael? >> now to the newly updated guidelines from the american heart association released overnight on maintaining your cardiovascular health. the aha now adding sleep as a recommendation. dr. darion sutton joins us. thank you for joining us this morning and tell us about why
8:06 am
this addition and why sleep is so important for maintaining heart health. >> good morning, michael. the american heart association has added sleep to the checklist to help improve life health and this is life's essential aid and it includes other seven factors such as diet, exercise cholesterol and how we measure our blood pressure, blood sugar and our weight and nicotine exposure including sleep are strongly associated with our health. s studies have shown sleep can reduce a risk of heart attacks and strokes and our mental health. >> everyone at "gma" has been waiting for this segment to come on, when it comes to getting a great night's rest, what do you recommend? >> to not be an anchor on television. no, but other than that, i would recommend doing -- focus on what yu're doing during the day which is 30 minutes of physical activity at minimum every day, get your body moving so you can
8:07 am
get your body ready to sleep later on. make sure your sleep times are the same throughout the week and weekend because your body doesn't know what day it is. so keeping that as regular as possible is beneficial. making sure your room is calm and quiet and moving that phone as far away from your bed as possible and make sure you avoid heavy meals, alcohol and caffeine right before bed and these are things you can help with your sleep hygiene. >> thank you very much. you changed your routine and made a big difference. >> i made a conscientious effort because as he said, being a morning anchor has made a world of difference getting the extra hour of sleep. it's made a world of difference. >> although that first tip was a low blow. i wasn't waiting for that. >> i'm not quitting. >> coming up on "gma," britney spears' husband sam asghari tells us about life with the superstar after finally tying the knot on "gma" this morning.
8:08 am
finding the positive and the negative looks at the power of fear. how to turn that emotion into a strength that can change your life for the better. plus three big stars in times square this morning. this morning nba star draymond green, cristela alonso and jimmie allen. ♪ ♪ ion please. millions of at&t and verizon customers are suffering from unexpected price hikes and economic adjustment charges. but there is a solution. right now, when you switch your family to t-mobile magenta max you can get up to a $1000 dollars and you'll get t-mobile's pricelock guarantee. they won't raise the rates of your rate plan ever. because you are entitled to more. if you've been impacted, act now. you may be eligible to recieve up to a $1000 dollars from t-mobile. and you should listen to me. i'm a british actor. when you really need to sleep. you reach for the really good stuff. and you should listen to me. zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better
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8:13 am
britney spears' husband sam asghari speaking out on married life with the superstar. will reeve sat down with the superstar from los angeles. good morning, will. >> he was a model and now an actor. britney spears' boyfriend now husband. a lot has changed for sam asghari especially this summer. first with a wedding that he calls a fairytale and now with a new movie. sam asghari has been with his new wife pop icon britney spears for six years. >> i have to wear this thing now. >> it's surreal. it's been a minute. it was way overdue for us and we imagined this thing being a fairytale, and it was and we only had 50 to 70 people. we wanted to just celebrate and that's what we did. >> speaking to "gma" for their first interview since their wedding. freeing spears' from her
8:14 am
conservatorship. >> how's britney? >> she's doing great. she's my wife. >> what does that feel like to say she's my wife? >> it hasn't hit me yet. the husband thing hasn't hit me yet. >> asghari is establishing himself on the big screen in the new film in "the hot seat". >> you are so hard core. >> what did that feel like? >> me and mel gibson going back and forth and i called him a few bad words here and there and it's definitely something that i apologized for. i was, like, i'm sorry i had to do this, someone that i admire. >> what does it feel like to be developing your own career being in the public eye? >> i didn't really get noticed until my wife gave me this amazing platform to work with, so i'm always appreciative of that, but let's not take away
8:15 am
from the fact that i was, w worg hard and i never take anything for granted and i try to stay positive with everything that's happening. >> as asghari makes his own way in the entertainment industry, he draws inspiration and advice from his number one supporter. >> just being in a relationship with someone who has achieved so much, so many great things and at such a young age kind of gives me the understanding and teaches me so much for the little things i'm going to achieve or the big things. god knows what? it's up to me. >> what does britney give you in encouragement to go out and reach your dreams. she says go out and get it. i want to make my children or future children happy and i want them to be, like, that's my dad. i want to be like my dad. at the end of my life i want to have an important career and i want people to look up to me, my children, my wife, things like that. >> asghari came to the u.s. when
8:16 am
he was 13 and between his career and his relationship he's living an american dream. his immediate plans include upcoming acting projects and taking a honeymoon with britney. "hot seat" is in select theaters and on digital and on demand this friday, july 1st. robin? >> our new series, finding the positive in a negative. looking for ways to turn complex exmotions into a super power. tuesday we looked at regret and had a great response with that. this morning we are focusing on fear and how it can serve us in powerful ways. deborah is back and you've got our attention. >> you were saying we've all got something. usually all of us have something that we fear, phobias, flying or in my case, mice and life-altering fears like rejection or fear of failure. these are challenges that can creep into your life and hold you beack, but fear isn't all
8:17 am
bad. it can make you stronger. >> all her livivon has been a perfectionist. >> i wore that with a badge of honor. >> that was until her fear of making a mistake began to feel cripple, preventing her from chasing her dreams like starting her own business. >> i was what i refer to as a passive participant in my life. most of my life i spent on the sidelines too afraid to get in the game. >> are people denying their best lives? >> letting the fear control them holds them back. >> in her book "do it scared" the author spoke to 2,000 people about a wide variety of fears and noticed trends or what she called fear archtype. >> it's basically how our fear shows up for us because fear shows up differently for each one of us. your fear doesn't look exactly like my fear. >> she said the most common
8:18 am
archetype are perfectionists or procrastinators, people likivon who fear getting it wrong and rule followers who don't like to color outside the lines and people pleasers who worry too much about what others think of them. >> there are strengths and weaknesses of each one. what makes us different is two sides of the same coin. leaning into the archetype can help you leverage fear to your advantage. perfectionists produce high-quality work and rule followers are very responsible and people pleasers are often great friends and then you should start to flex your courage muscle. >> the more you practice it, the stronger it will get. say your fear is rejection. you practice small ways of putting yourself out there, of taking that risk of allowing yourself to be rejected to find out that oh, i actually can handle this. this wasn't the end of the world and maybe you can do it in bigger ways the next time. >> do you become bolder? >> you become bolder, yeah.
8:19 am
just a little bit at a time and you do one thing that feels uncomfortable and then it will feel easier and before you know it you'll be doing things you never dreamed you'd be capable. >> she started using her perfectionist strengths and put it to work before launching her money coaching business. >> i can deliver a product beautifully, but i just don't allow myself to take 30 years to do it anymore. life is really good on the other side of a misunderstanding of fear. it's really good. >> life can be good. her idea of doing it scared, going forward can be powerful and as she said it's all about the small steps toward any hurdle, acknowledging the fear, feeling it, but deciding that it's not going to stop you and robin, you might be surprised at how resilient and strong you are. >> we are all a little bit stronger than we know, and i really like this series, deb. yesterday anxiety and today dealing with fear, and yes,
8:20 am
everybody's got something, but within it it's different. >> yeah. >> to break it down like that. >> to look at regret and fear and now tomorrow we'll talk about grief and today so many people are dealing with grief and you are dealing with two amazing people who are grieving and turning their broken heart into open hearts and they'll tell you how to find meaning in grief and super power. fear again, don't let fear keep you from your destiny. >> think about that. >> that's powerful words and a lot of people are doing that. >> we'll see you tomorrow. whit? >> "gma" is taking a look at the disney cruise wish. ike is? florida. is this true? this is your first time on a cruise ship? >> yes. this is my first time on a cruise ship, whit, good morning. we'll be thinking about my sea
8:21 am
legs a little bit later and there is something that i'll address when this is all said and done. i'm standing in front of the disney wish. not only is it the newest, but the biggest-ever disney cruise ship as it gets ready to be christened in just a few hours, but even better, five of our deserving viewers and their amazing families won our ultimate cruise giveaway and they're getting ready to get onboard in just a few minutes as they'll enjoy 1100 feet of disney magic, not to mention, six pools. the first-every attraction at sea and take a look at that rapunzel at the stern of the ship standing at eight feet tall and her hair, we all know how long her hair is, this one stands at 60 feet in length, whit. >> thank you so much. we can't wait to hear much more about this incredible experiences throughout the course of this wish. time to head to ginger. >> we want to take a look at
8:22 am
these fires that have 7% containment. they'll have 700 fire fighters on this one and right on the nevada state line. they've got the rough conditions, treatmently dry. parts of northern california are closing in on a foot and a half below average of rainfall for the year. it is so dry and they're not getting the wet season. this one started by lightning. what happens is when the monsoon flow comes in you end up getting lightning strikes. you can see some dry lightning in drew: your accuweather forecast, cooler afternoon on the way. only in the 80's and the warmest spots. a lot of 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline with afternoon sunshine. overnight tonight, the fog returns. 40's and 50's as we head into thursday. the cooler air arrives today, the trend continues through upcoming weekend. early call for the fourth, we likely have f f f f f f f ♪ ♪
8:23 am
i am here now with the, yes, four-time nba champion, two-time olympic gold medalist, father, pad c podcaster and draymond green about his journey to self-awareness. congratulations are in order. >> thank you. >> four-time nba championses. i love the series, the sessions draymond green. it's very personal and it helps people take you inside the journey of your life that most athletes accomplish that most don't share. you were talking to deepak chopra who asked you to rate aspects of your life. >> how satisfied are you with your athletic performance? >> i would say about a servven
8:24 am
eight. >> that's pretty good. on a scale of one to ten, how is your emotional life? upon emotional? four. >> you're suffering, then. emotionally, you are suffering. >> wow. how is it for you to even hear him tell you that? >> that was deep for me because i think the one thing that i didn't realize is how to process all of those feelings. i think growing up you are just taught to work through it. especially as an athlete, go through it. you can get through this and you can get through that, but you never truly allow yourself to live in those emotions and to experience those emotions and how do you ever truly move forward? >> why did you decide to reveal all of this because it is very personal. >> i ultimately decided to for reasons even bigger than myself. i think as athletes you are often viewed as these super human beings and you don't
8:25 am
experience emotion, and if you react to something you're soft or your skin is not thick enough, and so for me as a guy who's viewed in a totally different light than being soft on the basketball court, to share that with the world, to show the world that, no, as an athlete you deal with all of these things. life still continues to go on as you are taking this court and to give people a deeper dive into not only the mindset of us, but the actual everyday things that you're going through while dealing with 20,000 people screaming at you. >> speaking of everyday things you're going through, you found out your daughter olive had a health situation, medical situation. in the sessions, did anything hlp you learn to deal with that? >> i think it did. what the session did was it taught me that it was okay to dive into that emotion. i end up missing a starter training camp due to it, and because i missed the starter training camp, as i'm sitting
8:26 am
there with her, you're totally into that moment, but yet you can't help, but think what you're missing and work and the moment you realize she's fine, okay. i'm going to go to work now and never truly took the time to process that and understand how it was affectsining me and i wa mess and i never took the time to assess what i had gone through. >> i hope people check this out. it was the sessions cl i'm co-founder of on prime video. congratulations, draymond. appreciate this. we'll be right back, everybody.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. kumasi: let's get to jobina for a look at traffic. jobina: we are following a sig alert that is really causing a slowdown for everyone on eastbound 580 before grove way. speeds have dropped to two miles per hour in the area. the good news is if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza the backup is essentially gone and you're looking at a similar drive time across the bridge into san francisco from an hour ago, but it looks good.
8:28 am
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drew: temperatures right now, we are gradually climbing through the 50's with a fair amount of fog. it was a cooler start compared to this time yesterday, especially inland. you are feeling the cool marine air influence your temperatures. at kgo, a light breeze from the flags. gray skies up above. june gloom, certainly. it will pull back to the coast. it is breezy but bright away from the coast. the take away is a cooler afternoon in the 80's after days spent in the 90's.
8:30 am
around the shoreline, 60's and 70's. kumasi: another update in 30 minutes and you can find the latest on our app and ab ♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ ♪ wow. that was impressive and spontaneous. >> okay. welcome back to "gma," it seems like a great day for a game growing in popularity. pickle ball. everyone is playing it now and eva is there to tell us all about it. eva, good morning. >> good morning, guys. i'm joining you live from the kitchen. this is what they call the area of the pickle ball court. old, young, everything in between, sporty, not so sporty, everyone is playing this sport. it's the sport that kind is kind of a big deal. pickle ball, think of it as
8:31 am
tennis meets ping-pong with a side of badminton. celebrities like the kardashians -- >> kourtney p. >> to professional athletes are relishing it. ♪ ♪ >> the sport spiking 35% in the past three years with more than 38,000 official courts popping up from coast to coast. >> you can be 22, 32 or 92, i guess, and just be really good at this game. >> all you need is a net, a paddle and a light plastic ball making it the perfect, inexpensive summer past time. >> it's a very social game. >> and it's a really fun sport and an easy sport to learn. >> so easy just ask our own will ganss who understood the assignment. >> did somebody say pickle ball? >> well, sort of. ♪ ♪ >> hitting the court -- >> this is why i studied journalism, you guys.
8:32 am
>> and getting the pickle 101 from some pros at the 32nd street y. >> have you ever seen anyone learn this fast? >> okay. will actually is a lot better than he plays because i've seen him playing this morning and he put a my faisal ce already. we are here at the pickle ball course, and we will all play a doubles match here in a minute. you can see people behind us have already started going. i think i pulled a muscle when i first got out here. legitimately, i'm not making that up. i did that. before we do all of that we have a quiz for you guys to see how well you know pickle ball. it's multiple choice and it's easier. you have one of the three options there. ready, guys? >> bring it. >> first question, what does pickle mean? a, which each team scores over 30 points, b, a volley with both
8:33 am
teams at the net, or c, when a team doesn't score at all? >> c. >> going c. >> c. >> will ganss? >> that's correct. unanimous correct answer and eva will demonstrate what pickling looks like when she gets roughly zero points during this match. >> ow! >> trash talking in pickle ball! >> apparently, that's a big part of the game and that is to talk smack bothh food item is also ae ball term. a, sandwiched. b, pancaked, c, candied. >> b. >> let's go c. >> b. >> b is correct. >> oh! >> robin's i means. >> pancake side when you're at the net and someone spikes it right in your face.
8:34 am
pancaked. >> in the face. >> we'll try to play a little pickle ball now and we're going to our respective corners. what are we playing for? we'll go for 11 and we'll pickle them. and they have to score and you have to serve, rid? >> all right. >> when it comes to a good serve, what are we looking for? >> it has to be under hand. some people like to let it bounce, but will, i like to just hit it. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> we've got one. >> we've got one and now we change sides. >> here we go. >> you have to come up. >> you're serving. >> two! >> we are about to get pickled. >> the nice thing about this game is it creates a lot of community. >> it's fun. we play all over and it's great. >> come on.
8:35 am
come on. >> we're getting closer. we're getting closer. >> three! >> clearly, we have a lot left to learn and the people behindis are an example. this game can get aggressive, but it is a lot of fun. >> eva, what do you call that? pickled when you don't score? >> yeah. >> well, coming up here, cristela alonzo tells us about herr new special,
8:36 am
it's beautiful out here. it sure is. and i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart!
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8:38 am
♪ back now on "gma" with a back now on "gma" with a talented writer, producer and a very funny comedian. cristela alonzo has a new special called middle class. good morning. >> what up? >> what up? >> it's middle classy. >> middle classy because your last special was lower classy. >> and now you're middle classy. >> we're moving up. >> moving up. >> we're moving on up. >> what is the difference between lower classy and middle classy. >> the lower classy was about surviving and middle classy is taking care of yourself. >> you can afford what you couldn't afford when you were a kid. >> taking inventory and remember when you were 12 and couldn't get it? let's get some play-doh. >> you have this thing with legos. >> i'm obsessed with legos. i'm obsessed with them. i buy a new set every month. i'm obsessed with them.
8:39 am
i love them. >> that obsessed? >> my apartment looks like antp. it's got cool furniture and it's also got this thing, i don't have any children. i l [ laughter ] >> i oesd th we'll take a clip not of your apartment and your legos, but of middle classy. >> i had to learn english by watching tv shows. white people, you messed with me, blinko is not a real word. i trufsted you! i used to use your words in every day life, i can't go today, i have blinko. >> watching the tony awards, that's what made you want to be a performer. >> i loved it. i didn't know what broadway was and i didn't know what it was at all and i remember the colors
8:40 am
and i grew up in a town in texas and i remember whatever it is, that's all i wanted to do. i was 8 years old and that was the dream ever since. >> the special opens with cameos of dolores huerta and texas representative joaquin castro. >> yeah. >> why did you want to include them? why was that special? >> because they're friends of mine. it's this thing in stand-up comedy, you want to show like you've evolved like any artist. like a band, you want to hear the same sound, but you want them to evolve through time. getting by and surviving. middle classy is getting to know where i am in life. they're friends and we do a lot of things, we support a lot of the same causes and to me, i just wanted to show that part of my life because it dictates so much of who i am as a person and also i just wanted to show off that i knew them. how far you've grown.- >> i won't brag, but let's brag.
8:41 am
#brag. >> what happens when you hit upper classy? >> i don't know. for me, how do you know you made it? when i can do auto-pay on all my bills. for me that was it. everything else is extra. i don't know, when i can go to target and buy regular priced stuff? i don't know. maybe that's high classy for me. >> our whole crew is back here laughing. they like that. >> the auto-pay is -- that's real. my family we used to pay enough to not get the utilities cut off. >> yeah. >> once i made it i was, like, oh, okay, debit card. i don't know how much electricity i used in the month. okay, player! [ laughter ] >> cristela, thank you for your interview this morning. >> thank you. >> we love it. >> cristela's comedy special, "middle classy" is available now on netflix. you want to laugh this weekend, make sure you check it out. now we'll go to ginger. >> hey, michael.
8:42 am
i love the auto-pay. cool, relatively dry in the mornings and we have a beautiful start over the connecticut river and it takes nice time lapses and i wanted to bring you to juneau, alaska, where they have had some of the warmest temperatures in 47 years and third warmest. record heat and they'll still be hot, and you know where else it's hot? japan, more than drew: your accuweather forecast, a cooler afternoon on the way. 80's and the warm spots, 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. cooler weather arrives today, that continues to the weekend. and now we want to take you to the great american getaway. aaa says nearly 50 million people will travel this holiday weekend, but it's getting there that can be a bit of a drag. so the segment is sponsored by t-mobile which along with good housekeeping's style director is
8:43 am
showing you easy ways to save on your next trip. ♪ ♪ summer travel is back, and a good plan can help you save time, space and money. first up, save while behind the wheel. ♪ >> while on the road, watch your speed. fuel economy peaks at about 50 miles per hour on most cars. so aaa says drivers can reduce their highway speed by about five to ten miles per hour in order to save some money. next, save before you fly. >> the closest airport to you may not have the best deals. be open to looking at other local airports near you for better options and possibly even better deals. and save space when you pack for your next hotel stay. ♪ >> don't stuff your suitcase, be organized with packing cubes to help you save space. rolling your clothes as opposed
8:44 am
to folding them allows you to pack more, keeps your clothes looking fresh and makes them easier to find. >> americans are so excited to get out and travel. >> and with even more tips, mike sievert is with t-mobile who is helping make travel more affordable this summer with their new initiative. >> coverage beyond has three parts to it. global high-speed data roaming for free. in 210 countries around the world, you can get off the plane and connect. the second part is all about connected wi-fi while you're in flight. we're covering wi-fi sessions for our customers for free. and the third, all of our customers through t-mobile tuesdays are getting a free year of aaa on us, and we've been able to negotiate a special value with shell. 25 cents off per gallon of gas for our customers all summer
8:45 am
long. >> great ideas to save while you get out and make fun summer memories. for "good morning america," lori bergamoto in new york. >> now i know i have to travel with lori next team. coming up, country star jimmie allen performing live. get ready to rock. gma summer travel savings is sponsored by
8:46 am
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8:48 am
♪ i bet your up there making new friends ♪ ♪ i'm pretty sure you're loving every minute ♪ ♪ if there's a golden pond full of fish ♪ i bet you already caught everything in it ♪ ♪ i bet you're making everybody laugh with your jokes ♪ ♪ i know you're holding nothing, but the best kind of hope ♪ ♪ shining a light up there with a big old smile ♪ ♪ and meanwhile ♪ ♪ down home, oh, you know mama's still cooking ♪ ♪ down home, i promise i'm working with this guitar about as hard as i can ♪ not i met a girl, bought a house, and put a nice little payment ♪ ♪ down home, is still where my heart is ♪ ♪ this down home kid just how you left him ♪ ♪ i still hate that you're gone, and wish you were here ♪ i hope i'm making you proud cause i know you're up there
8:49 am
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8:50 am
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♪ ♪ did you just hear that, down home. we are back now with country music star dr. jimmie allen -- soon to be dr. jimmie allen who covers billboard magazine's country music and gave us "down home" from "tulip drive." you have been so good to us. >> you are so good to me. i always love coming here. i like the morning. your morning is different. my morning is about 6:00 a.m. and your morning is, like, 2:00. >> we appreciate you taking one for the team. and stopping by before you go on tour with carrie underwood. >> that's going to be on.
8:54 am
>> i hear your bringing the little ones and you have really little ones. >> zahrah is 2 and between the age of 6 months and 9 months. >> the crazy thing is i actually spend more time with them on the road because in the morning people have this idea what tour life is like. it ain't glamorous. you have nothing to do all day until you get on stage. so i run around with them for a little bit. i go bowling, you know? find a casino. the band we play baseball sometimes. you have the whole day to just -- >> be with the babies. >> those babies will keep you busy. >> you were here for "dancing with the stars" which you were phenomenal on. i loved watching you on it. how did it help you change your stage presence or did it help? >> the crazy things is i find myself doing dance moves i learned on the show. not going to lie, did i want to win it? yes. i wanted to make it to the week
8:55 am
for disney week and once i made it there i was good and then i wanted to win and when i got eliminated week eight. i was tired. shout out to my boy sean and danielle for winning that. >> we have to talk about "tulip drive". >> jimmie, and j. lo on there. >> ceelo green. every artist i want to have an artist that doesn't have a record deal featured and katie-o. >> i'm where i am because people gave me an opportunity and gave me a platform. my job as a human is to do the same thing so she's great. j. lo, from her being my judge on "american idol" to doing new year's rockin' eve together is crazy. >> giving j. lo a chance. i love that. >> she gave me one. >> you're a good man. you're a good man.
8:56 am
>> i try. jimmie's album "tulip drive" is out now. have a great day, everybody.
8:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> good morning. here is traffic. >> good morning. we're continuing to follow the sig alert for over an hour. chp did confirm this is a deadly crash on the eastbound 580 before grove way with speeds down to around six miles per hour. we have not been given an estimated time to win lanes will reopen due to the investigation. >> tracking fog, temperatures in the 50's and 60's for the most part. we will keep the fog for pretty long time this morning across the city. you can see the fog taking off some of the tops of the buildings this morning. we will have afternoon sunshine with the cooler afternoon, 80's in the warm spots and 60's along
9:00 am
the shoreline. >> time for "live with kelly and ryan." today, big screen star, tom holland. and actress, sophia bush. plus, a visit from raven-symone and trendy crafts from the crafty lumberjacks. all next, on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ["kiss the sky" by jason derulo] ♪ spread your wings and kiss the sky ♪ yeah. good morning, deja! hello. ♪ spread your wings, we're miles high ♪ -swivel in, ripa. -i will. hey. hi. hi. all right. hey. welcome. it's wednesday, june 29, 2022. one of the great wednesdays, kelly. oh. i'll say. you said a mouthful. -right? -[kelly sighs]


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