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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 30, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," critical witness. the new subpoena in the january 6th investigation. what we learned overnight about trump white house lawyer pat cipollone's possible cooperation and the message last night from january 6th committee member liz cheney speaking at the ronald reagan library. breaking overnight, a young mother pushing a baby stroller is gunned down on a quiet new york street, shot in the back of the head. the urgent manhunt for the shooter. also breaking this morning, the nba star with a potential $100 million contract now under arrest facing a felony charge. an alleged fraud rocking the art world. the new fallout after fbi agents raid a museum seizing dozens of paintings.
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mistake in the mail. how did one of the most historic trophies in all of sports, the stanley cup, get delivered to the wrong house? and from the bison attacking a tourist near yellowstone to the gator on the green failing to distract this golfer, it's thursday, june 30th. good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with a major development in the january 6th investigation. a man long considered a critical witness has now been subpoenaed. it follows the testimony of a former white house aide who claims there were concerns inside the white house that president trump could be exposed to criminal charges if he traveled to the capitol on january 6th. >> we have new reporting on what could come next in this investigation. abc's faith abubey is in washington with the very latest. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mona. former president trump's white house lawyer has been mentioned at every january 6th committee
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hearing so far, and now the committee wants to hear from him. this morning, abc news has learned former white house counsel pat cipollone is evaluating a subpoena from the january 6th committee. cipollone could argue his conversations with former president trump fall under executive privilege, but sources say he may sit down for written testimony to discuss his critical role in the final days of the trump white house including on the day of the capitol riot. >> the president said something to the effect of, i'm the effing president, take me up to the capitol now. >> reporter: the subpoena comes after the explosive testimony from former trump white house aide cassidy hutchinson who claims cipollone voiced concern that trump would be exposed to criminal charges if he traveled to the capitol. >> he said something to the effect of please make sure we don't go up to the capitol, cassidy. we're going to get charged with every crime imaginable. >> reporte testified that trump knew some of his supporters had weapons but still demanded they be allowed to march to the capitol.
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>> to me that's the most powerful evidence we have yet of the president's knowledge that the crowd was armed. his willingness to bring to it capitol. >> some of his testimony had been called into question including her claim that trump lunged at a secret service agent when he refused to drive him to the capitol. abc news has learned the agents involved are willing to testify under oath that no such physical altercation took place. senator lindsey graham tweeting, quote, apparently the dramatic testimony given yesterday when put under some scrutiny is not what it first appeared to be. in a new statement, hutchinson says she stands by all of her testimony. and the top republican on the committee, liz cheney, speaking to abc's jonathan karl last night said she believes hutchinson. >> do you have any doubt at all in anything that she said to you? >> i am absolutely confident in her credibility. i'm confident in her testimony. >> reporter: cheney spoke at the
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ronald reagan library last night saying now is the time for republicans to make a choice between loyalty to trump and loyalty to the constitution. >> it's undeniable. it's also painful for republicans to accept, and i think we all have to recognize and understand what it means to say those words and what it means that those things happened. we have to choose because republicans cannot both be loyal to donald trump and loyal to the constitution. >> reporter: and cheney's critics say the january 6th hearings have been one-sided with testimony going unchallenged and, therefore, they believe it lacks creditability. mona. >> faith, thank you. breaking overnight a gruesome story here in new york. police say a 20-year-old mother pushing her baby in a stroller was gunned down on the street shot in the back of her head on manhattan's upper east side. the shooter escaped. it comes as cities across the country see a spike in violent crime.
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>> it shows just how this national problem is impacting families. we're going to find this person that's guilty of this horrific crime. we're going to find him and bring him to justice. >> the woman's 3-month-old baby was not injured. four people are now charged in connection with the human smuggling tragedy in texas this week. it comes amid questions over how a truck packed with more than 60 people inside could pass through an immigration checkpoint without being inspected. this morning, the suspected driver of a tractor trailer at the center of the deadliest human smuggling case in u.s. history faces federal charges that could carry the death penalty. 53 migrants from central america and mexico have now died after being packed into this sweltering truck abandoned n san antonio monday. the memorial at the site growing. this mother in honduras says two of her sons died in that truck. she says they were looking for jobs in america.
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"so they could have a different life and achieve goals and dreams," she says. authorities say the suspected driver, homero zamorano, pretended to be a passenger but they say this surveillance image from a security checkpoint shows him behind the wheel. three others are now in custody in connection with the smuggling operation. officials say as a record number of migrants flood the southern border, the volume of traffic and lack of resources make it impossible to inspect every truck. >> today i'm announcing that texas is going to add additional truck checkpoints. >> reporter: the texas governor now promising more resources including strike teams in high traffic areas to find smugglers profiting off the desperation of people searching for a better life. meanwhile, the local sheriff is pleading for help from the biden administration whose policies critics say are encouraging more migrants to make the dangerous trek north. >> i think between those of
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us that are here with eyes on the problem every day and those in d.c. that are the top decision makers, i think we can reach some sort of an understanding to make a differences in this issue. >> ten survivors from that truck in san antonio remain hospitalized. three are in critical condition. russian president vladimir putin is condemning what he calls nato's imperial ambitions and has a warning for finland and sweden. putin says if those two welcome troops and military infrastructure when they join nato, russia will respond. nato leaders said russia poses the most significant threat to its members. russian state tv has released video of the two americans captured while volunteering to fight alongside ukrainian forces. the mother of alex drueke says she spoke to her son on the phone, and he appeared to be in good condition. >> today more history will be made at the supreme court. two major decisions are being released followed by a big retirement. abc's devin dwyer has a preview. >> reporter: good morning. one of the most consequential
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and divisive terms in the supreme court comes to an end today. the justices handing down two more major decisions, one on the environment and environmental regulation. how aggressively can the epa regulate greenhouse gases from power plants. the coal industry is suing the administration looking for strict limits on that power. the biden administration says te epa under the clean air act needs the authority to fight climate change. in a second case on immigration, the justices will decide the fate of president trump's remain in mexico policy, that 2019 policy sent most asylum seekers at the border back to mexico to await their claims in u.s. courts. the biden administration has tried to end that policy. texas is suing to say it needs to remain in place. the justices will weigh in on that as well. after those decisions come down, though, a changing of the guard at the supreme court. after 28 years justice stephen breyer will pass the torch to ketanji brown jackson. she will take both oaths
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officially becoming the first black woman on the united states supreme court. she will then become also the fourth woman on the supreme court as we head into a new term later this fall. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. >> devin, thank you. the court decision overturning roe v. wade is causing confusion when it comes to emergency contraception. a missouri hospital chain briefly stopped providing the plan b pill but then reversed course after getting assurances from the state that it's not illegal there. high demand for the plan b pill is forcing more retailers including amazon to limit purchase amounts. new concern about the state of print journalism in america. a new report finds on average two newspapers are going out of business in the u.s. each week. 70 million americans now live in a county with only one local news organization or none at all. time for a look at your thursday weather. a tropical system is dropping heavy rain on the texas gulf coast.
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flash flooding is possible. by the time it's over tomorrow some areas could get more than 6 inches. checking the radar, there's also rain today across the southeast. thunderstorms roll through the midwest this afternoon and more flooding is possible from monsoon storms in the southwest and checking today's high temperatures, 80s for the northeast and 90s around the great lakes. slightly cooler on the west coast today, 88 in miami. coming up, a new idea to punish the airlines for flight delays. also ahead, what we're learning about this latest video of a bison attacking a tourist at yellowstone. and singer r. kelly sentenced for sex trafficking. is it enough? we hear from his accusers.
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back now with a bis on that attacking a family at yellowstone national park. a man was gored. the second time it happened this month. the animals can be territorial. more frustration as travelers are forced to cope with thousands of flight delays and cancellations. seator bernie sanders is calling for airlines to be fined for flight disruptions caused by staffing issues. and two other senators have sent a letter to the airlines insisting they only schedule flights that they can actually fly. off duty pilots from delta are expected to picket today, demanding higher pay and better scheduling. we have new reaction to the punishment handed down to singer r. kelly for years of sex trafficking. >> reporter: this morning, the former r & b superstar r. kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for sex trafficking young girls. >> i stand here very proud of my
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judicial system. very proud of my fellow survivors. there wasn't a day in my life up until this moment that i actually believed the judicial system will come through for black and brown girl. >> reporter: the judge calling the abuse calculated and carefully planned for 25 years. >> with the aid of his fame, his money and most importantly, his inner circle, r. kelly preyed upon children and young women for his own sexual gratification for decades. >> reporter: kelly's charges include a bribery scheme to get a fake i.d. for the singer so they could marry when she was 15. the documentary surviving r. kelly put a spotlight on it in of abuseomin including lizettmartinez. now 45. she met kelly when she was 17 and confronted him at yesterday's sentencing. >> i told him at the end. you ruined my life. you hurt a lot of people and you
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need to sit with yourself and realize that. >> reporter: kelly's lawyers portrayed the accusers as groupies who were not forced to do anything against their will. >> you're in a situation where someone is controlling you and molding you and alienating you from your family and friends. you only believe that person. that's what domestic violence is all about. >> reporter: kelly's lawyers are expected to appeal the sentence which could put him behind bars until he is 85. meanwhile, he is still facing a pending case in illinois. mona, andrew? >> thank you. coming up, the breaking news overnight. the nba star under arrest. >> also ahead, the alleged fraud rocking the art world. dozens of paintings seized from moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq.
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scared. i don't know what will happen. that was the text message. i said are you okay? are you okay? i got no response. >> griner could face up to ten years in prison if convicted. >> now rocking the art world, the fbi seizing dozens of paintings from a respected museum. >> one of the world's most famous artists. the subject of movies. the fashion collaborations and high priced auctions. >> selling for $98 million. >> now can he center of a $100 million scandal. >> even the lady selling tickets has no idea. she said sorry, we're closing. >> the museum of art forced to close after the fbi raided the museum, seizing every painting. 25 of them. they were found in a storage unit in 2012 after the owner failed to pay his bill. they were auctioned off for a mere $15,000. the new owner said he had
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evidence they were real but it raised serious questions about their authenticity. one major red flag. the backing of one printing on the back of a fedex box with text font not created until 1994. the museum has long denied the works are fake. >> we stand by our industrial rigorous academic process. aaron was the museum's director until tuesday when he was fired. tell email quoted in an fbi affidavit shows he appeared to threaten an expert who expressed hesitation about the exhibit. he wrote, shut up. you took the money. do your academic thing and stay in your limited lane. >> the investigation goes from here, the fbi is not commenting. coming up, the hollywood star coming out of retirement. first the prestigious stanley cup. one of the most historic
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for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. ♪ time to check "the pulse," and we begin with the lost and found stanley cup. >> it belongs to the colorado avalanche since their victory sunday night, but the next day it was supposed to be delivered to the home of the team captain but it was delivered to the wrong house to the big surprise of the owners. >> they opened the trunk and the sun was shining on it and i was in the kitchen and the kitchen lit up. what's happening? >> turns out the keepers of the cup had the right street but the wrong house. all right, next a golfer who knows how to keep his cool. >> yeah, even when an alligator is nearby. watch this golfer in florida, he takes a swing even though he
4:54 am
knows a gator is strolling on the fairway behind me. he refused to let the gator ruin his concentration but then moved quickly on. turning to baseball, yelling at the umpire could soon be a thing of the past. >> robot umpires could soon be coming to the big leagues. the commissioner says he wants an automated ball/strike zone system by 2024. he says one idea is to have robot umpires transmit the call to a human umpire using an earpiece. you're out of here. is that how it works? and next cameron diaz is coming out of retirement eight years after her last film. >> she is teaming up with jamie foxx once again, this time for a netflix movie called "back in action." fox posted a phone conversation with diaz and got tom brady on the line to give her some pointers on how to unretire. >> unceremoniously as well. right? and finally, the biggest cheez-it we've ever seen. >> taco bell is testing out a
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>> golding a better bay area, moving forward, finding
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: parents vowing to fight for their kids and schools. their kids and schools. there effort to keep several open schools open. >> we identified potential misconduct, very serious potential misconduct. kumasi: relieved of police powers. why the police chief is saying two officers are under investigation for their actions under a deadly crash. reggie: the first black woman justice to be sworn in. it will happen in a few hours. plus the final two -- two decisions sent to be released. we start with weather. drew: the cooldown we thought yesterday will continue today. we have the june gloom today. live doppler 7, we have satellite on top, so that gray you see is the marine layer from santa rosa down to the city and the east bay. the marine bay influences being
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felt across the entire region.


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