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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 1, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- the holiday travel rush. americans trying to get to their 4th of july destination, running into big crowds and big frustration. the new move by the airlines that try to keep up and the severe weather this weekend that could throw a wrench in their plans. breaking news from the war in ukraine. a deadly attack on a residential area in a major coastal city, raising concern about a whole new russian offensive. the images just in. outrage in uvalde. more than five weeks after the elementary school massacre in texas the new demand from furious parents. a developing story. the world famous historical site nd thechu now plus,hy the wos
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attendant proving you're never too old to fly high and realize your dreams. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." good friday morning, everyone. we begin with the holiday weekend travel rush. 48 million americans are expected to travel this weekend, hitting the road or catching a flight. >> it's clear this holiday travel period may be unlike any other before. this morning the july 4th holiday getaway is well under way, but thousands of cancellations and delays mean big crowds and big frustration. >> they canceled our flights an hour before we were expected to depart. >> reporter: the surging number of travelers and pandemic-related staffing shortages have airlines struggling to keep planes taking off. delta pilots hitting the picket line yesterday, demanding better
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pay and better schedules. >> we've now flown more overtime in the first six months of this year than we did in 2018 and 2019 combined. in those years those were record years for the airline industry. >> reporter: the ceo promising passengers the airline will do better, writing "if you've encountered delays and cancellations recently, i apologize." at american pilots are now being offered a 16% raise. others are getting triple pay to staff regional flights. the head of the tsa says his agency is staffed for the holiday, with 1,000 workers on standby if needed. >> we had last sunday the highest number of passengers since the pandemic. so i expect that we're going to see something similar, ballpark, to last weekend. >> reporter: airports overseas facing the same problems. in amsterdam american airlines is now suspending ticket sales to the u.s. and more bad weather could complicate things this weekend. a tropical storm threat in the gulf is taking aim at texas and louisiana this morning. and damaging wind and hail are in the forecast for the
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northeast tomorrow. there's better news for people traveling by car. a record number of americans may be hitting the road, but at least gas prices are down, dropping 9 cents in the last week. the national average now $4.85. and back to air travel, one airline executive says it will likely be winter before staffing levels return to normal. breaking news overseas. a deadly russian missile strike on yet another residential area of ukraine. local officials say at least 18 people are dead and dozens are injured or trapped under rubble in the southern port city of odesa. missiles slammed into an apartment building and recreation center. several children are reportedly among the dead. the attack comes one day after russian forces abandoned nearby snake island in the black sea, a move many people thought would reduce the threat to odesa. president biden is slamming the supreme court, calling the justices outrageous for their decision overturning abortion rights. and now the court is weighing in on pollution, immigration, and soon election law.
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abc's faith abubey joins us live from washington. faith, agood morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mona. the supreme court wrapped up its term, weighing in on abortion, guns and pollution. and now it's taking on another major issue. this morning voting rights groups are sounding the alarm after the supreme court announced it will hear a case next year to determine if state legislatures have exclusive authority to set the rules for federal elections. experts say a ruling in favor of republicans bringing the case could give state lawmakers the power to appoint presidential electors. >> it's a case that will test whether state legislatures can seize full control of election results just in time for the 2024 campaign. >> reporter: meanwhile, yesterday the justices issued a decision that will limit the epa's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. >> this is about ensuring that congress, not unelected bureaucrats, get to make the major decisions of the day. >> reporter: chief justice john
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roberts acknowledged capping emissions may be a sensible decision, but he declared current regulations go beyond the lawful authority of the epa and must first be approved by congress. >> the decision does constrain what we do, but let me be clear. it doesn't take us out of the game. we still will be able to regulate climate pollution. >> reporter: but on immigration a victory for the biden administration. the justices ruled the president can end the so-called remain in mexico program, a trump-era policy forcing asylum seekers to stay in mexico as they wait for their cases to be resolved. >> while that means that the biden administration will be able to put into effect more of its immigration enforcement policies, it also means that a future second trump administration would also have significantly freer hand from the courts. >> reporter: the court's abortion decision last week was front and center as president biden spoke in europe yesterday. he slammed the justices for overturning roe v. wade, calling the ruling outrageous.
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>> one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the supreme court of the united states in overruling not only roe v. wade but essentially challenging the right to privacy. >> reporter: he's now calling on congress to remove the filibuster to allow democrats to pass abortion rights with a simple majority rather than the 60 votes currently needed. but that change is unlikely to happen due to opposition within the president's own party. and as for president biden's criticism of the court, senate gop leader mitch mcconnell called it inappropriate and accused biden of undermining the rule of law. mona? >> faith, thank you. new developments in the january 6th investigation. sources say former white house aide cassidy hutchinson told lawmakers she was pressured by allies of former president trump before her testimony to the january 6th committee this week. hutchinson's credibility has been under attack since she testified about trump's actions, including his alleged altercation with the secret service, which he denies.
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>> some wack job can say this stuff and get away with it? she's making up stories like one after another. but the craziest of all was that i tried to commandeer -- they used that word. i tried to commandeer a car with secret service agents telling them to take us down to the capitol. it was totally false. >> "the new york times" reports that trump's political groups and allies have been paying legal fees for some of the january 6th witnesses, raising concern that he's trying to influence their testimony. we turn now to uvalde, texas, scene of the school massacre more than five weeks ago. parents say they're furious at the lack of news about the investigation and they're making their voices heard. here's abc's derek dennis. >> what if it was your kid? >> reporter: outrage in uvalde during an emotional city council who died in thetives of those mascr demanded answers about the ongoing investigation. >> you're not doing anything.
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we're not getting any answers. zero justice. nothing. >> reporter: but uvalde's mayor saying he has not been given any information by the agencies investigating the shooting. >> it's either got to come from the governor or the attorney general, and i'm not getting answers from either one. >> reporter: he says the city council could be prosecuted for releasing any records or information about the case. >> we're not trying to hide anything from you. we're not trying to do that. we don't have anything. dps has tied our hands. >> reporter: for the sister of teacher irma garcia, who died protecting her students in the classroom that day, the excuses were too much to bear. >> it's been over a month. you have no idea how frustrating this is. no idea. and we're sitting here just listening to empty words. kids were obliterated. my sister's obliterated. closed casket. i couldn't hug her. i couldn't touch her. i couldn't say my last good-byes! we need something to happen now.
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>> reporter: not attending the meeting? suspended school police chief and council member pete arredondo, who faced fierce criticism over his response to the shooting. >> show your face. answer our questions now! now, now, now! >> reporter: the mayor says he has not heard from arredondo since he requested a leave of absence last month. as for the shooting investigation's progress, state officials are not providing any new details on a timeline. derek dennis, abc news, new york. >> derek, thank you. the iconic stone structures of machu picchu in peru are under threat this morning from a wildfire. flames are dangerously close to what's known as the lost city of the incas. 50 acres have burned so far. the mountain location is posing an extra challenge for the fire crews. all right. time now for a look at your friday weather. >> good morning. a surge of moisture on the upper texas coast this morning is going to cause some problems
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with flash flooding in the houston, dallas areas. watch out for water on the roads there. for the rest of today we'll have widespread showers and storms across much of the southeast and gulf coast. here's your weeblgd outlook. if you have any beach plans in the northeast or southeast you may have a couple of storms. hot in the west. how about your 4th of july? looking good in the great lakes and the northwest. a little stormy for us here in the southeast and hot in text detection. i'm accuweather meteorologist kevin coskren. coming up, recruitment problems for the army. should high school diplomas still be required? also ahead, the life-saving moment as a police officer rescues this infant. and how the woman wanted in connection with a love triangle murder was captured after weeks on the run.
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a lifesaving moment in louisville. officers noah cole and nick green jumping into action saving a baby who was unconscious and stopped breathing. tetrong pats to heba, ttle emma starteto cry again. causedcarewell. thn wanted in connection with a love triangle murder in texas has finally been captured after weeks on the run. abc's andrea fujii reports on how authorities were able to track her down. >> reporter: this morning, on the run for 43 days, the woman accused of murdering a professional cyclist caught in what's been described as a violent love triangle has been captured in costa rica. >> she entered their country under a fraudulent name with a fraudulent document. >> reporter: kaitlin armstrong is accused of killing moriah wilson romantically linked to colin strickland.
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surveillance video showed armstrong's suv outside the house that night. two days later police questioned armstrong but did not arrest her. speaking out not long after the murder, armstrong's father defended his daughter. >> i know her. i know how she thinks, and i know what she believes, and i know that she just would not do something like this. >> reporter: but one day after authorities issued a warrant for armstrong's arrest, she vanished. >> once we were able to determine through an interview with a confidential source that she -- that armstrong was dropped off at the newark international airport, that's really kind of where we hit a stopping point. >> reporter: until wednesday when the former yoga instructor was found at a beach hostel in costa rica. authorities saying she used a fraudulent passport and changed her appearance. >> she did crop her hair to shoulder length. she darkened it to like a dark brown. we know she registered at specific yoga studios based on
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communication that was brought back to us here in the united states, so we knew she had a pattern of life. she was trying to extend that career. >> reporter: kaitlin armstrong will now be sent back to the u.s. meanwhile, colin strickland maintains his relationship with moriah wilson was most recently platonic after a brief romantic relationship last year. mona, andrew. >> andrea, thank you. the army is backpedaling on a plan to accept recruits without a high school diploma or ged. the offer to drop the requirement on a limited basis came as the military struggles to boost recruitment in this tight job market. critics called it a desperate move. officials say the idea is now on pause. coming up, why the world's largest chocolate factory has been forced to shut down. also ahead, the new warning about sharks this summer and what scientists are doing to keep swimmers safe. are you tired of washing dishes? well flip the way you clean'em. introducing dawn platinum ez-squeeze. it's a new, upside-down bottle... with no cap.
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just in time for the holiday weekend a new warning about sharks along both east and west coasts on the prowl near some popular beaches. this morning the sharks are here. that's the message from marine o'fshlzfficials on cape cod. a great white sighting already closing one beach this week. >> if you see a shark get the hell out of there. >> reporter: whether it's the east coast or the west shark populations in manies are on the rise attracted by the growing population of seals and sea lions. detection of tagged sharks by receivers in the ocean off cape cod rose from about 10,800 in 2013 to more than 169,000 last year. the last fatality in the area in 2018. >> it's horrible. and it's part of the reason why we're working so hard here not only to do the research but to get the information into the hands of the public. >> reporter: in california last week a swimmer in monterey suffered serious injuries to his leg, arms and stomach. the shark said to be 20 feet long. and just yesterday in northern florida a teenager in five feet of water suffering serious
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injuries. the sheriff saying the girl's family member jumped in the water and beat the shark until the juvenile was free. experts say sharks spend about half their time in water no deeper than 15 nfeet. they advise you not to swim beyond the steep drop in the shoreline and avoid swimming near fisherman or at dawn or dusk when sharks often feed. technology could help make beaches safer with tracking apps, drone surveillance and even those beacons offshore that can spot a tagged shark and signal lifeguards. but they're unreliable. >> it gets beat up. so the units worked really well last year up until about august. >> as for drones spotting sharks from the air, it's not so easy. >> so you can see how tough it can be to visually pick out sharks. >> reporter: the good news, sharks usually try to avoid people. so the risk remains very low. scientists are now trying to find more patterns in the way sharks interact with seals to further protect swimmers. salmonella has shut down the world's largest chocolate
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say hold off on school supplies until later this month. all right, next to a career taking off. the oldest flight attendant in the world, meet betty nash of virginia. she was just recognized by the guinness book. >> she's 86 and has been flying for 65 years. she flies for american airlines, mostly on d.c., new york and boston flights. >> she started back in 1957 when she says the rules were very different. >> you had to be a certain height. you had to be a certain weight. it used to be horrible. you put on a few pounds and then you had to keep weighing yourself and then if you stayed that way they'd take you off the payroll. >> nash has no immediate plans to retire. and a special moment on a flight from new york to greenville, south carolina. >> a little girl lost her tooth on the plane. the 6-year-old caught the attention of a quick-thinking united airlines pilot. captain josh gave lena a signed note to put under her pillow explaining what happened to her tooth. >> and the tooth fairy didn't mind at all. lena's mom said in a world
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: holiday travel headaches. one airport already dealing with cancellations and delays ahead of this weekend. >> definitely thousands of fish. kumasi: a look at the massive school of dad anchovies -- dead anchovies. some people reported fish falling from the sky. julian: if you are planning to watch any fireworks shows, more on which areas will be best. kumasi: it is friday, july 1. julian: first, we will check in with drew tuma. drew: this cooldown continues for another day. live doppler 7, we have cloud cover and it is widespread. that gray contour along the coast into the south bay.
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we are starting the fourth day -- first day of july with gray


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