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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 3, 2022 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> elting forward, finding solutions. this is abc7news. liz: cancellations and delays still happening across the country. airlines say they are doing -- dealing with one of the busiest holiday weekends since the pandemic started in 2020. ask for joining us and let's start by talking about the holiday weekend forecast. lisa: clouds are with us again. they are extensive. partly cloudy by the delta. we will see the cloud deck burned back to the shoreline today. temperatures range from the mid 50's with fog, 56 in mountain view. there is the golden gate bridge with a little patchy drizzle. 55 in livermore and slightly milder in the north bay. the wind is with us already at
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the airport, over 30 miles per hour. at santa cruz, 54 degrees. temperatures will be cool at the coast but climbing to the mid and upper 60's. we will get more sunshine through the afternoon, highs in the 60's and 70's for a cool afternoon. liz: holiday week and travelers are seeing summer -- relief at u.s. airports but there were still at least 2200 flights delayed and over 500 cancellations nationwide. this morning, sfo has canceled or delayed over two dozen flights so far. christine sloan has more on how u.s. carriers are handling the boom in airline passengers now. >> more travel troubles for americans leaving town this holiday weekend. saturday, airlines canceled more than 600 flights and had more than 3000 delayed. >> we got delayed on our first
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flight and had to switch flights. we hope it does not happen again because we have stuff to do and we want to get home. >> we are staying on our toes, knowing there might be changes. >> cellphone video from a passenger in atlanta shows a big crowd of passengers waiting to reschedule a grounded flight. some people say they waited more than seven hours. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says he is pressing airlines to deliver services travelers are paying for. >> a lot of taxpayer support went to these airlines in the last couple years to prevent layoffs. we saw a lot of people nudged into retirement. it is clearly something that has left the airlines unprepared. >> a computer glitch allow thousands of pilots to drop scheduled flights. the union claims about 12,000 flights through the end of july were impacted. american has not confirmed the
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number of flights involved but did issue a statement saying the majority of the effective flights have been restored. it is not just airline passengers facing challenges. aaa estimates 42 million americans plan to drive to their holiday destinations, despite high gas prices. >> with the gas prices, i cannot really go anywhere. it has been impossible. liz: in san francisco, numerous cars were vandalized along lake street. shattered glass could be seen along the street. the person who shared this video says the mischief happened friday afternoon but most car owners did not know about it until yesterday. surveillance video may have captured the suspect. a san francisco man has been found dead in the lake tahoe area. the 32-year-old had gone on a camping trip alone according to his family. the el dorado sheriff's office
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started looking for him tuesday after other hikers reported a tent that appeared abandoned. among the items found were his drivers license. wednesday morning, crews searching the ground found his body in like a loja and say the death does appear accidental. frustrations are mounting for hundreds of residents of an apartment high-rise in san francisco. today marks one month since flooding forced people out of the building. it does not look like anyone is going home anytime soon. >> this was the scene one month ago. residents of 33 tahoma captured video as the water poured in, flood damage from a failed spring or system shutting the building down, forcing more than 600 residents from their homes. >> to my knowledge, those of us on the lower floors would potentially be able to get in sometime at the end of july. >>en was hoping to
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start moving people back in by july, but residents say it is not happening. >> they pay us for the hotels and gave us food money but i want to be home. >> she is in a battle with cancer and says living out of a hotel is making it tough. >> it is hard eating outside because i have to eat healthy. >> roughly 20,000 gallons of water cascaded from the 35th floor down to the building. migh get bk uilridel they oc to speak with management to clarify some details and get information, but they said they would not make comments at this time. >> residents are lining up. every night from 6:00 to 8:00, they have access to the building. >> we have been living out of a suitcase for the last month.
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a lot of people just come and get clothes. some people do laundry. it is all sorts of stuff. >> the majority of residents said the limited access is only adding to the limbo. >> pretty inconvenient to schedule your day around coming to your apartment you're supposed to live in. >> i have not been into my apartment in a week and a half now because i work during the time allotted for me to be here. liz: with the holiday weekend upon us, a familiar debate is reemerging in the city of pacifica over whether to ban fireworks. why they have been at the center of controversy for decades in the community but some are making a case to keep them legal. >> fireworks, the fourth of july symbol, are again causing a debate in the city of pacifica.
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in november, voters will decide whether the town should continue to allow the sale of fireworks in their community or ban them for good. it is a question that has divided the city for years, with opponents pointing to the environmental damage they can cause and those in favor saying the nonprofits that sell them around town rely on them for revenue. >> it would be detrimental. we would lose about half our budget, half our income from this at least. >> all the groups combined will make anywhere from $180,000 to $200,000 over the holiday weekend, money that is put back into the community. >> the tax from the fireworks pays for overtime for our law enforcement. >> she wants local nonprofits to get money but also worries about the increased risk of wildfires. >> that is a tough one because i know it is a big fundraiser for our community, but with wildfires being what they have been over the last few years.
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>> some proponents think the wildfire fears are overblown. >> these are safe fireworks, not the fireworks you buy illegal that go up in the air. these do not go above six feet. >> this is not the first time the issue has been on the ballot. voters decided on the same issue in 1983 and 1996. back then, voters approved the sales of fireworks, a trend >> >> palmer is confident will continue. that is why we do not have a backup plan. we do not think it is going to pass. we think fireworks are here to stay. >> san francisco is gearing up for the return of its fireworks show, set to start tomorrow at 9:30. fireworks are best viewed from the harbor and fisherman's wharf area. other areas to watch from include the peer 43 walkway. before the show muni will
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provide extra service. bart will run on a sunday schedule with extra event trains for fireworks. in the east bay, a fireworks show will happen tonight, scheduled for 9:15 at marina bay park. it is free to attend. richmond city officials say they are excited to welcome back the show after a pandemic pause. oakland is preparing for a large crowd for the fourth of july. temporary street closures will be in effect today and tomorrow. you can see the areas in red on the map, and that does include parts of lakeshore. oakland fire officials are promising controls to prevent people from setting off fireworks which are illegal in the city. the state wildfire risk has some places reimagining fourth of july celebrations, using drones instead of explosives.
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a nation opted to forego fireworks and instead used a display of drones. they shared this video with abc 7. tribe says the shift is in keeping with the tribe spirit of blending ancient cultural practices and new technology to safeguard the environment. the display featured 300 drones synchronized to music. tahoe planned on having a drone show, but it was postponed due to weather. there are events around the bay area to celebrate the holiday. we have it all covered. the big question is will it warm up tomorrow? lisa: a little, but nothing too dramatic. partly sunny in santa cruz. we will get into some clearing today, 54 right now. you will have full sunshine here with 70's in santa cruz.
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i will detail the forecast and talk about that warm up coming up. liz: our nation celebrates its freedom. some in the bay area say they do not feel free following the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. i earn 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. i earn 5% on our cabin. earnig time with chase fre how do you cashback?
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privacy, simplified. liz: people on the peninsula spoke out in support of abortion rights hours after two states took different stances on the issue. many women feel their liberties are being lost. >>isro-life. >> abortion is health care.
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>> dozens of women and men marched through the streets to support reproductive rights. >> why are you here today? >> to fight. >> one week after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> we are outraged this has happened. >> >> >> abortion is health care. a burlington parent organized this march and rally, but she says there is >> nothing to celebrate. >>this is not independence day for me. i am not an ndt body this country is not free anymore. >> this supreme court reminds me of nothing as much as the taliban, trying to drag women back to the 16th century. >> she made these protest signs with her two daughters. >> nobody is really for abortion. you are for the choice of what you want to do with your body. i want to make sure they have that choice. >> states like new york making
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moves in the legislature to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution, but in texas the texas supreme court blocked the lower court order friday that allowed abortions to resume there. >> i am heartbroken for the people of texas, for all the states where it is now a no go. >> abortion rights remain intact in california, but many warned that could change going forward. >> we must organize, donate, vote, but most importantly we must not be silent. >> cornell barnard, abc7news. liz: uc by e to break ground ong yet because an appeals court has temporarily halted construction. preservationists are suing to stop uc berkeley building a dormant housing on the site. they say the university has
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other properties it could use for student housing. the group has had people's park listed on the national register of historic places to prevent uc berkeley from building on the site. let's get a check of the forecast now, starting out gray >>, pretty typical san francisco summer. -- gray, pretty typical san francisco summer. lisa: we had sunshine yesterday. it has not been ideal for summer time, but we will get back to that and have a typical fourth of july forecast, which means fog will be with us. moving inland, that stratus deck is persistent. this looks like a foggy scene. if you were near the coast yesterday, it was blustery and damp and certainly chilly out there. today, we will get into a little more sun, but the warm up not with us yet. temperatures are the 50's.
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more fog is there, but you can see the drizzle here. we wait winter after winter for this and summer is when we get that moisture for the redwoods and the pavement into the last few days and next few days. the breeze works to dry out the atmosphere, but at least relative humidity is up. 55 in fairfield and livermore. with the cloud cover, only about 70 degrees today, but you can see already getting a little sunny out there. patchy drizzle, not as extensive this morning. breezy and cool today and looking at a mild fourth of july because the wind will not be as strong. we will get more clearing, but that is the case today. by 9:00, we have clouds. we clear quickly to the east bay
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and north bay and the breeze kicks in. this is monday. not only the cloud cover but drizzle, maybe a light shower from sonoma. that is a weak weather system that sometimes will mix out the marine layer. we will see more cloud cover move in and time for the fireworks. so a combination of low clouds and mid-level clouds making for a somewhat mild but cloudy fourth of july evening. look at the temperatures from the coast. 61, ocean beach. in the south bag, we talked about that 70 degree temperature , a good 10 degrees below average. we will see the warm up into the next couple days, not only in the south bay. areading on t ctoday, the coole
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next seven, a slight warm up for the fourth. into tuesday and wednesday, a couple degrees here and there and the middle of the week looks comfortable. the end of the week, we are over 90 degrees. liz: a san francisco man faces animal neglect charges. we will hear from two families who blame him for the deaths or disappearances of their dogs.
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on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. two northern california families are blaming a dog trainer for the disappearance and death of their dogs. michael finney has the heart
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wrenching story is. -- stories. >> megan introduces us to her one-year-old son. she became nervous when her four-year-old french bulldog became jealous of her than newborn. >> he showed a little aggression, so as soon as that happened i looked into training. michael: the two grew up being best friends. she wanted them to get basic training. >> just basic obedience is what i wanted. i wanted them to sit and obey and come to my command. >> they said -- sent their dogs to auburn canine. they both regret it. they want to know what the auburn canine >> trainer did with their dogs. i feel hopeless because i cannot make and one tell me. michael: marine says quinn and luna were never the same after they returned. phicly, she describes them as abused. >> itasvint they were
6:23 am
abused. they were skinny. h weight. >> she said both appear nervous and always on edge after they returned. one day a delivery driver left her gait ajar. from pawprints on the ground, she believes luna and quinn were confronted by a mountain lion. >> when they were found 12 days later -- i am so sorry. when they were found 12 days later i a hiker in the canyon, they were together still. luna was in one piece. quinn, she was in all sorts of different pieces. michael: quinn had been mauled. the family believes the two were too weak to defend themselves.
6:24 am
moore said, when the dogs left me, they were fine. i do not know how -- >> megan has not seen her dog since april, when she dropped him off at auburn canine. she woke up one night to the notification of a text from him about her french bulldog. she said it read something >> like this. >>when i was putting the leash on him, he nipped at me and scared me and he bit me and got away. >> it happened in san francisco, where moore's bio says he grew up. he says it >> was an unfortunate situation. our other dog, we say, where is winston? he looks around. i think it is just the unknown.
6:25 am
if we were able to question and one and we were told he did die, getting that closure or he did sell him. >> no formal charges have been filed but he remains under investigation. >> he engaged in fraud. he made numerous victims believe he was going to train their dogs and took their money, thousands of dollars, and their dogs were not trained. >> the sheriff's department forwarded its case to the da for prosecution. a decision on whether to move forward with the case is pending. jason left his dog liberty with moore and auburn canine. training did not go as planned and moore agreed to extend the training for free. then moore said animal controls
6:26 am
at his home. he said cut one day i over slept the dog pete in the crate. jason says the nevada animal control officer put it differently. >> she told me the conditions were horrible. she said our dog was caked in feces and you're in -- urine. windows were closed, no air conditioner. >> a complaint charges moore with three counts of unlawfully permitting an animal to be in a building without proper care and attention. a fourth misdemeanor counts charges him with operating or maintaining a kennel without a kennel license. the da's office says dogs have been seized at his home four times since december due to poor living conditions. moore says that is not accurate and dogs were taken from his home once due to a storm that caused flooding.
6:27 am
a bill would require dog trainers to disclose training methods, any licenses they have or training they have received, and mandates disclosure related to any civil judgments in criminal animal cruelty convictions. >> what this bill will do is establish accountability and recourse of being able to take >> trainers to court. jason believes the bill -- take trainers to court. michael: jason believes the bill will >> protect dog owners in the future. we would not have use them, had we known that his dogs had been seized due to the conditions in the past. liz: we always want to hear from you. you can go to to share your stories. still a lot more to come, s
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: let's start with another check of the forecast. lisa: good morning. we have cloudy skies. we are stuck in this regime, but if you look at mount tam, 47 degrees with the wind blowing. you can see light rain where the moisture is nearly at 100%. that is wild for july 3. 55 in san francisco. 57 in mountain view. as we look at emeryville, it is a gray start. the blanket of low clouds keeping the north bay a little more insulated. the wind from san francisco, over 30 miles per hour. we have some clearing by fairfield and clearing continues through the midmorning, near 60 degrees for some of you.
6:31 am
a little milder inland, but we have sunny skies with temperatures still just as cool come only in the 60's and 70's breezy onshore wind. we will talk about how we warm up a bit for the forthcoming up. liz: san jose police are investigating three stabbings. the first one happened near santa clara and 3rd street. a suspect in that case has been arrested. police say two suspects stabbed two men. there have been no arrests in that case. all three victims are expected to survive. investigators do not believe the knife attacks are related but say both started as fights as bars and nightclubs closed. in san jose, a man police say was on supervised release for burglary and narcotics has been arrested for leading officers on a chase.
6:32 am
it started just after 3:00 yesterday morning when police tried to pull over a vehicle. pulled -- took off and ran a red light, losing control of his car and hitting a pole. the driver was treated at a hospital and taken to jail. you balding's -- you balding -- uvalde's police chief has resigned from the city council weeks after being sworn in. >> pierre donda has resigned from his city council post. city officials have confirmed to abc news. he was elected to the position on may 7 and sworn in one week after the mass shooting in which 19 children and two teachers were killed. he maintains he was the commander that day. community members have criticized law-enforcement response after officers waited
6:33 am
over an hour to enter the classroom where the gunman was holed up. families demanding accountability. >> everybody that is accountable for this massacre, be accountable. show your face. answer our questions now. now. >> the mayor says his hands are tied and the city has been ordered not to release information until the investigation into the police response is complete. >> we are not trying to hide anything. we do not have anything. >> abc news, new york. liz: new development in the case of a professional cyclist who was murdered in texas. the suspect, kaitlin armstrong, arrived after u.s. marshals found her in central america.
6:34 am
armstrong was arrested in costa rica this week. authorities say she had changed her appearance and use a fraudulent passport. investigator's believe shell mof a love triangle. wilson had briefly dated armstrong's boyfriend. we turn now to outrage in ohio. theandrew dymburt has detaiouthg answers in the fatal police shooting of jayland walker. >> i grew up with him. he does not deserve this. >> walker was shot by police after officers tried to pull him over for what his family says was a minor traffic violation. >> we would like to know why he was shot down like a dog. >> authority say when he did not stop his vehicle officers chased
6:35 am
him for several minutes. they claim a firearm discharge from inside his vehicle. when the car slowed, police say walker ran into a parking lot, adding, actions by the suspect caused officers to perceive he posed a deadly threat to them and in response officers discharged firearms, striking the suspect. our cleveland affiliate says preliminary medical examiners show more than 60 markers indicating defects on walker's body and multiple gunshot. says heaw theolice ken it to barbarism. andrew: walke family attorneys deny he ever fired a gun during the chase. they say police told them they found a gun inside his car. police body cam footage is expected to be released.
6:36 am
liz: firefighters are making progress against a wildfire in the sierra foothills. it is the largest active fire in the state right now. containment is 35% after mother nature helped crews saturday with lower temperatures and higher humidity. the fire started tuesday as a structure fire but quickly spread. it has scorched 904 acres. firefighters are monitoring wind , trying to prevent the fire from spreading. california governor gavin newsom is offering tax breaks to encourage businesses to move out of antichoice states like texas. he tweeted california is the real fre real freedom state where we will not find you -- fine you hundreds of thousands of dollars for allowing employees to receive health care. google will automatically delete
6:37 am
information about users who visit abortion clinics or other places that could trigger legal -- legal issues following the supreme court ruling. company outlined the new privacy protections in a blog post. it will purge information about counseling centers, fertility centers, addiction treatment centers, and cosmetic surgery from user history. elon musk has broken his nine-day absence from twitter with a picture of himself posing with the pope. he shared the photo, which includes his four children. he is an atheist but tweeted he was honored to meet the pope. he is in the process of purchasing twitter for a reported $44 billion. coming up, representative liz cheney discusses tuesday's bombshell testimony. you can watch that full interview at 8:00 this morning on abc 7.
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still ahead, the ultimate treat for some warriors fans at chase center as they got a shot at taking the floor as members of the dance team. here's a live look outside, a little bit cold as we start this su get a 10% off rebate with the purchase of 4 or more eligible samsung appliances at lowe's. like the samsung bespoke refrigerator with customizable and changeable door panels. this 4th of july find the color that fits your style.
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>> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge, getting even mistier. america's first hong kong carnival aims to promote hong kong culture and bring former hong kong verse together -- hong kongers together. >> we were surprised at first when we planned for this activity. >> at least point 5000 tickets were sold ahead of the carnival
6:41 am
opening, giving old and new immigrants a chance to connect. potter the otter is back in san jose. saturday march the reopening of a book series which promotes how eating fruits and veggies, drinking water, and staying active helps children become their best selves. this is the third book in the series and the museum decided to bring potter to le ung reer >> we decided it would be wonderful for kids if they had an interactive exhibit, a place to go and actually get to know potter in a new way, rather than from the book, in kind of a setting of his house, where he plays, the kitchen they cook food in. liz: the newest book has potter
6:42 am
teaching kids about the importance of the covid vaccine. people at the event got a free copy. a dream come true yesterday for dancers of all ages. the warriors dance team hosted a clinic outside chase center my but it was not just any dance clinic. the event was open to kids and adults. thrt found out or we have five performance teams. we are celebrating all different styles of dance and all different ages. that is what we want to do for the community as well. halftimee first game ofialassicd s. let's get a check outside. not what you want to see on july
6:43 am
4 weekend. lisa: we are getting into some sun. pretty picture here with some breaks in the sunny mid morning and afternoon, where temperatures will climb through the 70's. pretty pleasant in the valleys today. i will explain when we get out of this pattern coming up. liz: the nba summer league is underway. sports anchor chris alvarez will have highlights coming up in sports.
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liz: when johnson joins us to tell us what is coming up on good morning america -- whit johnson joins us to tell us what is coming up in good morning america. >> thousands more flights
6:46 am
delayed or canceled and what we are learning on an american airlines computer glitch. plus, the deadly explosion at a michigan air show caught on camera. new details on the chain reaction and what investigators are saying. and fourth of july sales. where to grab the best deals for the summer and the benefits of price matching retailers while you shop. liz: let's get a check of the forecast now. you say it is going to hopefully warm up. lisa: a little later, it is going to brighten up first and then wind kicks in. with all the microclimates, there are parts of the bay area that do not get gusty wind. it depends on the weather pattern. we are looking at a cool one as an area of low pressure is responsible for this persistent strata stack -- stratus deck. it is 54 with that fog along the coast. 58 in san jose and here is a look at mount tam, where we have breezy wind, a little moisture,
6:47 am
and 47 degrees. certainly looking not like july. we are in the mid 50's and mount diablo, 57 in santa rosa. as the weather system approaches the northcoast, we will look at changes. warmer weather once the system moves out of here by the warmer of the week into tuesday. there is a look at santa cruz, where the clouds are dramatic. the sun is coming out a little sooner from the east bay, still breezy and cool today with just 60's. it was barely 70 yesterday in our inland valleys, only 59 to around 60 downtown. we are not going to see the absence of gusty winds with this again today, slightly warmer for the fourth. there is the cloud cover, but by
6:48 am
1:00 it is getting sunny and a few clouds left over. they quickly move in tonight. 10:00 tomorrow, there is more moisture on the coast due to a system that could bring out -- wring out more moisture along the shoreline. clouds are going to stay close, moving in quickly in time for the fireworks. a cool day from ocean beach. it was cold yesterday and we had the light drizzle along the coast. today, a bit brighter but no warm up. wind is keeping it on the cool side. tuesday, we have a few more 80's, but nothing dramatic. we get more warmth into our inland valleys into wednesday, still cool at the coast. thursday, we are in the mid and upper 80's, a little more like
6:49 am
average. today, just 70 in santa clara. mid 70's in morgan hill. cool and gray for most of the day on the coast, but some sun along redwood city. 63 downtown. low 70's for sonoma, kind of unusual for summer time. so a break fe aton the east bay. we have mid-60's for you but more sun through the afternoon as breezy wind continues for richmond at 68. inland, we have mid-70's. you have to go pretty far inland for off. cloud cover from the coast and then inside the bay is going to be with us. with 60's and 70's, hopefully those expert pyrotechnics know
6:50 am
what they are doing and we get some sort of show. low 80's for the next few days as we warm up inland. the middle of the week, it is going to feel more like average. liz: thanks. and sports, the giants are still looking to break their losing streak at oracle park while the a's are seeking redemption. the giants take on the chicago white sox at 1:05 and oakland is taking on the seattle mariners. teams will be back on the courts today for the nba summer league games. the warriors face-off get the lakers today. chris alvarez has more on the california classic. chris: the giants managed just three hits in a loss to the white sox.
6:51 am
great day to bring your family to the yard. bobblehead day. there goes his third career leadoff homerun to right-center. 1-0 giants. liner to left. joc pederson mis-play that one. it is 3-1. ground ball to first. donovan walton's throw was off. 5-1 white sox. rally hats in full effect. mike yastrzemski representing the winning run but giants lose 5-3. they look to avoid the sweep later today. this man is dancing with broccoli. the a's scored first on a sac fly. but the bullpen could not hold it. justin upton, solo shot, just
6:52 am
gets out and we are tied at 1-1. bases-loaded for abraham tauro, minor to right-center -- liner to right-center. the mariners walk off with a lead. stephen curry celebrating his kid's fourth birthday. a triple beats the buzzer. dubs down six at the break. santos, one of his three steals. what a move and the fowl. the highest draft pick in this game, keegan murray. the new kings head in attendance. the warriors lose 86-68, but it is not about the final score at this point. >> this is not whether we win or
6:53 am
not. it is not really the goal for that. it is a develop mental thing and us coaching almost all these guys for the first time. we want to see what they can do and let our front office evaluate what they bring to the table. >> nick kyrios was mad at the m -- umpire and the return goes into the net. kyrgios won the match. liz: getting awarded. one of the country's highest one of the country's highest honors is going to one of tech's sure, feels good when you get it right. and with the number one powered toothbrush brand recommended by dental professionals. philips sonicare keitasy for you to always get brushing right. philips. are you looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?
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♪♪ at usaa we've been called too exclusive because we only serve those who've honorably served. all ranks. all branches. and their eligible family members. yep, that is exclusive. and we're fine with that. liz: hereliz: are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing.
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nobody picked all six numbers, but there is another chance tomorrow night. the jackpot increases to $26 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $24 million super lotto plus drawing. the mega number, 18. nobody picked all six numbers in that drawing, so wednesday's jackpot goes to $25 million. do you have a cool classic car or vintage truck? if so, you are invited to join the classic car cruise. cars will gather at 8:30. the cruise starts at 9:00 a.m. before turning south to drive back down. spectators are encouraged to line the route to see the cars drive past. it is the third annual cruise, which started during the pandemic. there is no need to register.
6:57 am
apple cofounder steve jobs is to be posthumously awarded the presidential medal of freedom. he has been gone now for more than a decade, but his impact is still felt every day. he will be honored along with 16 other recipients at a ceremony thursday for contributions to thery bs' vision, imagination, and creativity. very much-deserved. let's get a final check of our forecast. >> we are going to brighten up today. the warm up is slated for the middle to the end of the week, low clouds and fog this morning, coming back quickly tomorrow and we will have a foggy evening for the fourth. >> prepare for it now. thank you for joining us on abc seven mornings. abc7news continues at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. flying frustration. hundreds of flights canceled and thousands of delays as a record number of americans crowd the airports. >> our flight's just kept getting delayed and delayed until they eventually pulled the plane. >> american airlines reassuring customers after a big travel glitch and driving with its own set of problems. what to know as you're heading home. holiday washout. the remnants of a surprise tropical storm battering the carolinas. with rough surf and rip currents in the mid-atlantic. plus, the critical fire danger in the west and the warning ab


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