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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 4, 2022 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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highland park with the very latest. >> this is not a place or time you would expect such a tragedy to happen. it's something we have heard over and over again. as you see behind me, this has been an active crime scene. there have been more police and resources coming to redirect traffic. especially because this is not what you would think of. you mentioned a new bit of information we did get is there is a person of interest. robert, also known as bobby crimo the third. investigators say he is driving a silver honda. they caution the public please do not approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. as you can see from down on the ground, just moments ago, this
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is what it looked like. >> an active investigation continues into the highland park fourth of july parade. the parade route and central business districts remain an active crime scene. >> our investigators aant progress. >> the highland park marching band came through. it was probably 50 kids and after that, you hear these noises that i was in the paradee american legion. we were further down the street aired pop, pop, pop. -- i just grabbed my dad's arm. something's wrong and i grabbed him and started running and at this sea of people that started running at the same time. >> i just thought of getting my
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daughter to safety. >> i saw people running one way -- i knew my girls were up here. it's not something that supposed to happen here. it's not supposed to happen anywhere. but this will be one of the last places i would think this would happen. >> to say this is a massive search would be an understatement. there are dozens of canine units and drones in the air. we've heard helicopters assisting in this search but we are one step closer by identifying the person of interest. that personimo that is who invts are focusibecause of wt'sthe suw several different fourth of july celebrations have been canceled as a precaution. that is what we are looking at now as police and investigators
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are still trying to track down this shooter. karina: news of the horrific mass shooting spread to independence day celebrations in the bay area. cornell barnard was in sausalito when the mood changed after spectators learned about the tragedy. ♪ >> sausalito's fourth of july parade was back with all the red, white, and blue after a two-year pandemic pause. >> we are so very happy to be here. >> it's so nice to see everybody hanging out and enjoying the festivities. >> the mood changed the moment she had others learned the details of another mass shooting, this time at a holiday parade. >> that's awful. i'm so sorry. >> this is horrible.
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people are trying to celebrate what this country represents. thpr wther wde wakolyy b and signed it but we need a ban on assault weapons and so much more inhi we were joking te community was in this parade because it felt like that. >> the sausalito mayor said there's much to celebrate but a shooting at another july fourth parade has caused a spirit of independence. >> my heart goes out to the families. it's absolutely terrible to hear day after day about mass shootings. karina: as we mentioned earlier, we have been livestreaming coverage of the shooting for
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more than five hours today. you can get the latest breaking news on our 24/7 stream. larry: now to happier july 4 news -- fireworks will be soaring into san francisco's guys in just a couple of hours. we went behind the scenes to speak to producers who spent months putting this show together. >> san francisco's sky is ready for one of the biggest firework shows in the country. the people behind it have been in the process of setting up equipment and loading fireworks. you can see the black tubes, those are mortars, sitting on top of many of those black tubes are round balls. those are the fireworks shells. >> and there are thousands of shells ready to go off tonight. to make this show happens, there is a combination of human touch
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and computer programming. >> the wire will be attached to a firing netwowoattached to a c. >> the human touch is music, even though no one in the crowd gets to hear it, they are inspired by the songs. >> we listen to the music and conceive of the designs what we want to put into this guy based on what touches our heart. we put that into the sky and fireworks. >> there are about 30 people actively working on the show but there are two crewmembers with a lot of responsibility. lisa is a fireworks operator. >> there is enough adrenaline going on with the explosions and adrenaline all around you. you can feel it in your feet and feel it in your body, you are not letting go. >> her job is to hold the dead man's switch for about 22 minutes. this is a trigger for the fireworks. if she let's go, the show stops.
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she shared her strategy. >> you learn how to hold your thumb and hold your other hand over your thumb so they are secure. >> at 9:30 when you see the fireworks go off, you know the people behind the show, you can thank lisa and her thumb. larry: the show is set to start at 9:30. fireworks are best viewed from the hyde street harbor and fisherman's wharf area. other areas include pier 39 and peer 43 walkway. before the show, muni will provide extra service and after the show, three express shuttles to the ferry. karina: bart is running on a sunday schedule. parking is free at all bart station today except the ones
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operated by mta. for writers attending the a's game and fireworks show. we have information on all your bay area fourth of july fireworks shows, just had to larry: and the one question ever but he wants to know, is it going to be cloudy or clear? will you be able to see the fireworks? mike nicco is here. mike: i think it depends on where you are. you knew the answer to that. let me explain that stop we have a warm front that mixed up the marine later. if you look outside right now, it's going to be great, but let me show you a different vantage point. you can see looking down on the marine later at about 750 feet -- most firework six load anywhere from 500-2000 feet. so you will be able to see the bottoms of them in oakland and places like san francisco but
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elsewhere, we've got a mid-level cloud deck and those fireworks should explode underneath those. here's a look as they moved toward the east in the evening hours. you can see how those are taking over. when that front came through, in -- it introduced humidity. you probably won't need a coat tonight. karina: part of building a better bay area is focusing on your health. they are now setting a lower expectation of vaccine efficacy as breakthrough infections become more common. dustin dorsey explains this only highlights the importance of a vaccine 2.0 set to come in the fall. >> as the bay area celebrates independence day come it safe to say we all wish we were a nation independent of a pandemic. thankfully, there were little impact of the fourth of july
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celebration. covid-19 and the omicron variant start causing issues in the community. >> infections in the community are very disruptive. people are staying home from work a home from school, staying home to take care of those who are ill and that leads to a lot of disruptions. >> a growing number of experts across the country's a part of the reason for this is due to the efficacy of the vaccines stop once touted as a way to stop covid in its tracks, the omicron variance are abating the vaccine. but vaccinated people are 40 times more likely to survive an infection compared to the unvaccinated. vaccines mixed with roosters are even better at preventing illness and death. >> i'm thrilled we are keeping our hospitals intact despite 70 people being infected. in the old vaccine days, i can guarantee we would be really behind the eight ball. >> he says any booster is better
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than no booster but troubling new data suggests single booster protection against hospitalization drops from 90% to 66 to 78% and that highlights the importance of a second booster. >> it's a never-ending cycle and i think people are getting tired of it. we need to address that with an updated vaccine. not only with severe disease but to prevent infection even more. >> he says production is in a race against time. funding for the vaccine is held up in congress but still has hope it will be available in the fall. larry: coming up, a warning of a potential monkeypox exposure at a pride event in san francisco. fourth of july travel trouble. problems all across the country and joey chestnut wins again
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karina: a san francisco group is warning the public about a possible monkeypox exposure during pride. a facebook message, the group says it is informing attendees
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of possible exposure if the disease can be transmitted by close skin to skin con -- contact. it was promoted as a clothing optional event. monkeypox is transmitted by sexual contact, contact with infectious stores -- infectious sores or clothing. larry: sacramento has been rocked again by a deadly shooting around 2:30 this morning. witnesses say they heard multiple shots. one person was killed and four others were injured. sacramento police are searching for a suspect. the shooting happened just a few blocks from another mass shooting in april that killed six people. karina: an ad by governor newsom is running in florida. he's inviting those residents to fight for their freedom or move to california. >> freedom is under attack in your state and republican leaders are banning books, making it harder to vote, restricting speech and classrooms and criminalizing
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women at doctors. i urge all of you living in florida to join the fight or join us in california where we still believe in freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to choose. karina: that campaign committee posted this on youtube. the governor said he made the ad because florida governor ron desantis is a likely 2024 presidential candidate representing different politics than the kind newsom favors. the desantis campaign sent a statement saying gavin newsom might as well light a pile of cash on fire. the people of florida pay no mind to the pathetic smear campaigns from democrats and their allies in corporate media. larry: flying back at pre-pandemic levels made for traffic chaos. thousands across -- thousands of flights across the country were canceled or delayed. >> heading home this fourth of july, proving to be a headache
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for millions of americans swarming airports across the country. >> my flight got canceled but i didn't find out until i got to the gate. >> i spent 600 and $56 on a ticket and now i'm still trying to find a way to get home. >> can tripping two issues nationwide, band -- bad weather and persistent employee shortages at airlines. >> we are seeing an airline industry that is stretched and it doesn't help the faa is also stretched. >> still, americans are eager to travel. with more than 2.5 million passengers screamed, it's the highest number since february, 2020. >> this problem is not going to go away this summer, it's not going to go away this year. i doubt it gets much better before the end of 2023. >> as millions add to the
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airport, millions more are back on the road, unfazed by gas prices. >> experts say today isn't as busy on the road. for those looking to jumpstart the drive home, experts say leave early to beat any possible traffic. larry: a pretty cool weekend. things will heat up. karina: today doesn't seem too bad as long as the clouds get out of the way. >> it would be nice if i could stand on the golden gate ridge and stop them from coming in. karina: you need an industrial sized fan blowing the other way. mike: that would be perfect if we could do that. let's talk about what's going on with our weather. we will show you a beautiful shot from san jose where you can see this mid-level clouds that will allow you to see the fireworks up and down the south bay. mostly cloudy, mild and humid
4:19 pm
and we have a chance of drizzle. the cloud cover here, isolated sprinkles. the humid air mass will start to wane on wednesday and we get some of that dry heat back into the forecast. it will be much warmer this coming weekend than what we just dealt with. notice the wind. they are a little gusty of 220 miles an hour out of the south. it has pushed our temperatures six to 12 degrees warmer than this time yesterday and we don't have the upwelling. our ocean temperatures have risen thanks to these southerly winds. half moon bay, even temperatures into the 80's. temperatures in the mid 60's if you are watching the fireworks. that may be an area where you
4:20 pm
need a jacket. 61 at theh a uch ofy. i would take one just in case. they game starts just after 6:00 at the coliseum and the fireworks will be at the end. so far, the sprinkles to light rain in our lower elevations have dropped about 100th of an inch. it has been a steady mist to drizzle most of the day. this mature system, this one came through and wiped out the marine lair. notice where most of the green is. it's in the northern -- it's in the north bay and you can see the clouds rake up. they will break up and we have sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow. most of us in the low to mid
4:21 pm
60's. 68 in san francisco. low to mid 70's around the bay. here's my accuweather 7 day forecast. wednesday is going to be a little bit writer. you can see the heat coming in thursday and friday, saturday, sunday especially monday, that is when we will have a little heat wave. karina: towns parade returns
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larry: that's the sound of a classic car and there were a bunch of them in san jose's fourth of july parade. the festival brings together residents, businesses and organizations from around the south bay. the festival celebrates diversity and publix. -- public spirit. larry: the east bay the return of the fourth of july parade in danville. karina: -- people started lining up to save their spots at 6:00 last night. we have a recap of all the excitement. >> a band, boy scouts, fire
4:25 pm
trucks and a lot of american flags. hundreds of families young and old came out to celebrate the fourth of july in downtown danville. >> it's awesome being able to have that hometown feel again. >> it's filled with a lot of local people, clubs and children. it's hometown. >> sally has been coming to the parade for at least three decades. she says she's thrilled to be back after it was put on pause during the pandemic. >> it's important for people to just come out and be together. and to celebrate our independence and democracy. right now, what's happening in our world, that's really important. >> other women said this feels especially significant following the decision to overturn roe v. wade. despite the country's differences, it's a day to come
4:26 pm
together. >> celebrating america, celebrating what we stand for, freedom, freedom of choice, whether it's our bodies, what we decide to say in public, just what this country represent now with how divided everything is. it's a day we all come together as americans and it is beautiful. >> for theseoungsters, i beautio celebrate our country's independence in downtown danville. larry: how cute are they? coming up, we will continue our series focusing on the challenges in the tenderloin. karina: today, we look at karina: today, we look at getting off the streets and
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announcer: building a better bay area -- moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. karina: it has been almost seven months since the emergency initiative began in san francisco's tenderloin area which was plagued by drug use and homelessness. since then, the city has been able to house more than 1000 people living on the streets. larry: today, we continue our series focusing on the challenges the city still faces to clean up the area. >> our role is to engage people on the street and help get them into housing, whether it's shelter, permanent supported housing. we have about 9000 units.
4:30 pm
we serve about 10,000 people in those units. therisigconcentrioof the tenderf market in the mission because that tends to be where the sro is. that's unique to san francisco. >> sros were designed often for middle-class people. they operated from 1907 to 1930. they were built one bathroom for 10 residents and that worked in the days when half the residents were merchant seamen and long drive truckers who were not in the hotel for a long time. for a long time, it was at the heart of the successful housing in san francisco. starting in the 60's, demand went down and hotels fell apart. people coming in our formally homeless. there's a lot of challenges with that population. if you have acute mental health needs, mental health is a challenge. >> a number of people who
4:31 pm
experience homelessness need that support. it could be helping somebody get into treatment, helping with job searches. we have some legacy buildings that are sros that need work. they are very old buildings. as we moved out of covid, we are looking for buildings with private bathrooms and kitchenettes because that's what people really thrive on. >> welcome to your new home. >> i'm moving. i've been housed at the baldwin for the last 10 years. i like it. >> we are at the garland hotel. a beautiful hotel.
4:32 pm
i call it sro 2.0. it has all private baths. these have microwaves and sinks. most sros do not have the capability to have any cooking. >> what i like best is my own bathroom. i can take a shower any time. i don't have to wait for nobody or worry about it being all nasty and all that. that's my own throne. that's why i'm really excited. a lot of people in the building i just came from our addicts. a lot of them are still addicts and i had to look around for nails. people would be -- for needles. people would be in the bathrooms there. >> we are moving from the
4:33 pm
baldwin hotel on 6th street which was very small rooms, a very tough block. it wasn't working. john was living in a hotel where many of the rooms were under 70 feet. we have some hotels that have 200 rooms. 200 room hotels with limited public wrath rooms is not an ideal situation and tenants feel like it's not the best environment and they are right. that's the best the homeless probably have. the reality is it's expensive to house people correctly who have serious mental health problems. legislatures don't want one of these facilities in their district and they don't want to spend the money. >> what's it like to live here? >> it sucks. problems sleeping at night, in a small room. this one right here. this is my domain.
4:34 pm
>> the baldwin is what you would describe as a typical sro. the rooms are super small, the bathrooms are down the hall, there are no kitchenettes. you compared to some of the other housing we have, some of the new housing we are bringing online, it seems inadequate. >> a nice big room with a closet and microwave. it's got a nice view. i'm satisfied. >> to windows and fresh air -- i don't see people everywhere. it's already a lot quieter. >> this is a different environment. a big step for our tenants coming here.
4:35 pm
this is our kitchen, which i believe the tenants will love. they have a nice big fridge. john, it's kiersten. how are you liking your new home? >> i'm liking it. >> getting it set up. john is the type of tenant who likes to stay in his room. he has a sweet soul and he appreciates the simple fact that i ask him how are you. some people don't give people chances to change their self, transitioning from being on the street into a place, a lot of people give them hard times and it's not like they are purposely doing it, they just don't know any better yet.
4:36 pm
everyone makes mistakes. i give people chances. >> this is my new apartment that i just got. it's got my own kitchen area. my own bathroom, my own shower, that new. i had to share that with 20 or 30 people sometimes. a lot of people might think it's small, but to me, it's home and i'm grateful for it. i'm from a small town and i travel around a lot and ended up in seattle fully addicted to heroin and that's all i cared about. that's how i originally became homeless, just chasing drugs. i got on methadone in seattle and it really helped. i got off heroin and i was clean. when i first came for a few months, i ended up on the streets. i lived on the streets in san
4:37 pm
francisco for six years. san francisco is not a place to be homeless. it's cold at night. when i lived on the streets, i was using stop most people on the streets are using. >> i can tell you why people stay on drugs. because it takes you out of the situation you're in. i know what i'm doing next weekend, you know what you are doing on christmas, i know what i'm doing on christmas. but folks out here, they don't know what they are doing an hour from now. so why clean up? i can't deal with this no more. i can deal with this no more. at least for those hours while you are intoxicated, you don't have to deal with who you are. >> i was so grateful when i got the chance to get off the streets stop it was like a dream come true. i just want to continue to better my life.
4:38 pm
this is a stepping stone. i want to get a job and continue to stay on a good path. larry: this is just part of a 30 minute streaming special we put together. you can stream 50 blocks, strays from the tenderloin rig right nn our abc 7 bay area streaming app. it's available on your amazon it's available on your amazon fire, roku, apple tv orleen. i live in vancouver, washington dogs have been such an important part of my life. i have flinn and a new puppy. as i was writing, i found that i just wasn't as sharp and i new i needed to do something so i started taking prevagen. i realized that i was much more clear and i was remembering the details that i was supposed to. prevagen keeps my brain working right. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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larry: time for the four ad four with mike and spencer joining us. a demonstrator interrupted for a few seconds, but nothing is stopping perennial champion joey chestnut. >> he such a smooth eater -- hand to mouth to plate. larry: that's analysis right there. he wolfed down 63 dogs, 20 more than his nearest competitors. he's won 15 times in 16 years. a protester early on rushed on the stage and held up a sign. joey put him in a choke hold and shoved him away. and just kept eating. karina: and winning. larry: it's too bad. kobe iasi, who was his arch rival, no longer comes to the united states. they got in a big feud with the world eating organization.
4:42 pm
the eating championship of the world. he is machine like. spencer: think about what he's doing to his body -- i'm not putting him down or criticizing him, i'm just wondering what is it like to train for this event? larry: i believe there is a documentary on netflix. karina: buff a? they kick you out? larry: he's a friend of ours in the sports department. we've done podcasting with him and even his own parents and dr. are concerned about what toll this takes on you when you consume massive amounts of calories. spencer: maybe when he train seats only veggie dogs?
4:43 pm
[laughter] larry: good try. mike: the hand eye coordination is something. larry: and being able to hold off the protester at the same time. karina: let's talk about the cookouts. this fourth of july, they are costing 17% more on average than a year ago. the american farm bureau association released a survey saying he -- saying feeding 10 guests will cost an average of $70 a share. the biggest price jumps come from beef prucexperts blame infy chain issues and the war in ukraine. but prices for potato chips, cheese and strawberries have actually dropped. so the healthy stuff you can get for a little less. larry: potato chips are the healthy stuff? spencer: how about veggie burgers? larry: somebody's got a theme today.
4:44 pm
we know it spencer is eating for dinner. spencer: it won't be a veggie burger, actually. larry: it's not surprising, when i saw the story, i thought it was $70 per person. it's actually $70 total, so seven dollars on average. but you go to safe way or whatever your favorite market is and you buy five things and it's a hundred bucks. mike: even on the lower end of the food scale, even those are expensive. we see how many bags we can get for the amount of money and it used to be like $50. karina: eggs, milk, meat -- it is just skyrocketing. larry: hopefully inflation slows down.
4:45 pm
how is this for a long dog walk. a new jersey man completed a walk around the world with his dog by his side. he set out on his epic walk seven years ago and his dog accompanied him across six continents and 38 countries. they walked 18 to 21 miles every day. he's just the 10th person on record to walk around the world but savannah is the first dog to accomplish this feat. karina: so many dogs out there just want to go for a walk a day. larry: i don't know how many dogs ask for a walk around the world. karina: how many languages doesn't bark? spencer: what was the total mileage they walked? larry: we have years. six continents, ready eight countries, 18 to 20 miles each day. karina: 29,826.
4:46 pm
larry: is he sponsored? karina: some kind of tennis shoe company, right? larry: no dog food company? if he's not sponsored now, he should be. spencer: he and savannah are both in great shape. larry: it's all those veggie dogs they are eating. karina: we are going to talk about this -- an antique vampire slaying kit drew and national adding war. this 19th-century box sold in the u.k. for almost $16,000. that's more than six times the asking price. it has everything you need to ward off vampires. including crucifixes, holy water, a wooden stake, pistols and a gothic bible. and all in one kit just in case you need it. spencer: won't garlick do it too? that's a vegetable. larry: he can't leave it alone.
4:47 pm
with all that stuff in there, will it ward off spencer? just slow him down a little bit. spencer: i am a vampire. larry: did van helsing by that? there's an old movie reference. any takers? spencer: some interesting items in there. karina: i'd rather spend that money on groceries. that's good for you? try nature's bounty jelly bean vitamins. good-for-you nutrients in a tastier-for-you form. more sweet dreams.
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larry: some breaking news -- the person of interest in chicago is now in custody. authorities just announce the update stop they are taking 22-year-old robert bobby crimo the third to headquarters to question him and we will have an update at 5:00. karina: let's get an update on our weather. from a people watching the fireworks, they want to know are we going to see them? mike: there's a good chance. especially in areas outside san francisco and oakland. our view from emeryville is looking to clean right now. you can see on the their side of the golden gate ridge and looking down, the golden gate ridge is about 746 tall and are
4:51 pm
marine later will come in at 750 feet which means you will be able to see half of some of the fireworks. the other half will explode in the clouds and make for some colorful observations. the rest of us, the cloud deck will be around 2000 feet. we do have a touch of humidity and that will keep temperatures down and not much of a breeze. at least not what we've been dealing with the last week. we may get up to 20 or 25, that near the peninsula and near the coast. if you are headed out to that beaches, there's light breezes. no small craft advisories. if you want summer, it is coming back, but not until saturday. karina: bringing the spirit of new orleans to life with a new attractive -- new attraction coming to disney parks. ugh-stipated...
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22-year-old robert crimo was captured without incident. let's take a listen to what authorities said just moments ago. >> we're encouraged that we have a person of interest, but we're going to pursue and continue to pursuering that comes in. so, thank you very much. >> at least six people were killed, more than two dozen injured in high land park, illinois. police say that the gunman open fird with a rifle from on top of a building.
4:55 pm
let's go now to abc's alex perez in highland park for us. alex, what are you learning? >> reporter: linsey, this is the moment authorities have been working for since this morning, when that shooting took place, the suspect now in custody. authorities going further than just calling him a person of interest at that press conference, saying that they believe he's the person responsible for this shooting. now, authorities say they captured the suspect, that's 22-year-old robert crimo, about 13 miles north of here in the suburb of north chicago. authorities say they captured him after a traffic stop. they say there was some sort of brief pursuit. other officers were called to assist with that pursuit and then he was taken into custody without incident. now, linsey, you might be able to see behind me here, there are still officers on the scene here. this is still an active crime scene. authorities collecting evidence and trying to really piece together everything that happened here.
4:56 pm
it was just after 10:00 a.m. local time when that july 4th parade got started here when police say the gunman perched from a rooftop, opened fire and began striking people who had gathered here for this parade. six people killed, at least 31 injured. and linsey, if you look behind me over here, you can see all of these chairs here, they've been here all day. that's where people who had gahered to watch the parade were sitting, there are food, glasses, bottles, all kinds of things. people just left everything when those shots rang out and they ran for cover, linsey. it was a frightening situation. people say they initially thought it was fireworks when they heard the popping sound, but unfortunately, it was gunfire. authorities now have that suspect in custody, of course, his social media profiles, ugh - trying to determine what exactly led him to this. linsey? >> alex perez, our thanks to you for your coverage all day.
4:57 pm
witnesses described it a combination of panic and confusion along that parade route this morning. some running the moment they heard the shots, leaving everything behind, as we just saw there, with the strollers and the championships and the coolers left behind. neighboring communities did cancel some of the parades and fireworks spokes as a precaution. authorities are now about to hold a news conference, perhaps. we'll return you, if that does happen, our coverage continues on abc news live and we'll of course have more on "nightline" and first thing in the morning. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a good night.
4:58 pm
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>> it is devastating that a celebration of america was rippd apart by our uniquely american plague. a day dedicated to freedom has t
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