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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 4, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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into stark relief, the one freem we as a nation refused to uphold and the freedom of our fellow citizens to live without the day fear of gun violence. >> tonight, six people dead, at least 24 othersaround after a gunman opened fire sat fourth of july parade in illinois just outside of chicago. good evening. thanks for joining us. i sam larry. >> i sam deon. then last 15 minutes or so, investigators announce they have taken into custody the suspect y believe is responsible for that shooting. >> abc news anchor here now with the latest. reporter: police say officers spotted the car of the man they were looking for just a short te ago this is all coming in minuts ago and tried to pull him over. he sped off. they eventually stopped him in e forest in a chicago suburb two hours ago police identified that suspect now police say he this s primary suspect and a man responsible for the shooting att july 4th parade outside of chico
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that left at least six people dd and more than 30 injured. one of people seriously hurtatin child in the hospital and we knw there are at least four children total who were rushed to the hospital. the youngest eight years old. they also released the furyk ofe suggestion pk again, right here, this is him. his name is robert or bobby crio iii. he is from the highland park ar. he is 23. police say the shooter is belied to have been firing at people fm the top of a building. a high-powered rifle was recovet the scene. people say they heard 20-25 gunshots. here is what one man did to prot the family whence he heard the gunshots? we rad to run. so we started shooting again ane ran behind the building. i put my son in the dumpster. he stayed there with the dog. went back to the look for the rt of my fam lan left with someoneo ki go back to get my phone to fd
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the rest of my family because ty ran away also. it was just horrible. >> horrible. that man put him son in a dumpsr to keep him safe. >> ment biden released a statemt saying he and the first lady are shocked by the senseless gun violence and added there is more work to be done to fight the dec of gun shrines. nancy pelosi said let us renew e vow to never relent until all te children can live free from the fear of gun violence. >> thanks to you. now the after shocks of today's tragedy in illinois resonated ae bay area fourth of arely events. security became main focus for many. as abc 7 news report he were explains, one east bay city sait was already on high alert before this tragedy. >> just like cities across the . antioch's fourth of july parade boosts the red, white and blue t following this mass shooting
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outside of chicago some are concerned about safety. >> it is on my mind, but the thg is, i don't want to live in fea. a the family among the thousando loon the streets of downtown. one of the folks passing by is anti-arc mayor. >> did you get a snook mayor the says behind the scenes the citys been wok for the past month to device a safety plan just for ts holiday weekend. >> a month ago hour police department particularly our chif of police and two police captans got together to start sketchingu at plan. reporter: one problems thistle illegal firework another pron is illegal gun. that is thought the country youe increase in gun violence on the fourth of july. people don't no know how to ac. the mayor i sass in anticipation police and fire are stullly stad and emergency calls will be prioritize and response times wl be quicker. 40 officers will be on patrol on july 4th as more than 10,000 pee rexed to desen on to the city fr all day activities and the fireworks show at the watt withr
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front at night. in a new tool in the arsenal drones. >> in the past where you you see don't have to send the police immediately to sideshow and whae can buy the drones then catch yu who are because we are going to take pictures. >> prints across the done try he raised concerns over policing ad the militarization of local tont police departments but others le ricardo gonzalez want even more. i mean there is a lot of cop he. it is all right. i definitely would like if there was, if it watts not so hard tot a concealed carry license. you know what i mean. i got to protect my family. in antioch be, abc 7 news. >> nu as we mentioned earlier we have been live streaming coverae of the shooting for more than sx horse today. you, too, can get the least breaking new on the 24-7 streamn the abc 7 bay area and streaminv apps.
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>> well on a happier note fourtf july festivities have returned a big way that year in the bay ar. thousands of people lined the valley boulevard in danville ths morning to watch the fourth of y pay rid and boy scouts, fire tr, all sorts of wed, white and blue participants the pandemic but ts event on pause far couple of yes the significance of the payed's return is not lost on spectator. >> i think it is important for people to come out and be togetr and also, also, really to celebe our independence, and our democracy, i feel, right now, in what is happening in our world, that is really important. >> danville's parade is one of e biggest veins today outside of s firework withs shows in the past people have staked out the spots the night before dedication. wow. well, in san pran cust they finl preparations unwear ahead of tonight's fireworks display seto begin in four hours in the bay a off the shore.
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abc 7 news reporter went bea whn the scenes to speak to producers who spent months putting the shw together. >> san francisco's sky is readyr one of the biggest fireworks shs in the country. people behind it have been workg on the show for four months and tonight, it is show time. >> and the ross selfs setting up the equipment and also loading fireworks into the mortars, so u can see, the black tubes, thosee mort oars. and setting on top of those manf those black tubes are these roud balls and those are the firework withs shells? then there are thousands ready o go off tonight and one of the to show producers turns out to make this show happen, there is a combination of human touch compr programming. >> though wire for that shell wl be with attached to the firing network and that firing knelt wk will be with tape offed to a computer the human touch is musc and even though no win this crod
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gets to hear it these show producers are inspired and fourh of july theme songs listens to e music then we can see the desigs of what scenes we want to put io the sky based on what the mutesk plays then touches our heart thn we put that into the sky and fireworks. there are 30 people actively wok withing the show and but there e two crewmembers with a lot of responsibility. meet lisa conniely he she is a fire,s who operator. there is enough adrenaline goinn the explosions happening the dek all around you. then you can fiat in the your f. you can fee you in your bod dawn are not letting go. the job is to hold sal dad men's whip for 2200 that is how long e show is. this is a trigger for the fireworks. if she lets go the show stops ad shared with this is tragedy tonight. >> so you learn how to hold your thumb then hold your other hand over your thumb. so they are secured. so at 9:30! been you see the
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fireworks go off now you have people behind the show. also thank lisa and her thumb. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right. thumbs up. that show is set to at 9:30 fireworks are best viewed from e wharf area and other public ares include the pier 43 walk which d keep in mind before the show frm 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. then, after te show, uni will have three expres shuttles to the ferry building. then running and sunday schedule wex tra event trains after the fireworks and parking is free at australs today excess for northn jose, those are operate bid thea and extra event trains that opes the station today for rogers the a's came and the fireworks show afterwards now toll the questioe want the answer to will the wear cooperate tonight in the.
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>> spencer christian is here. spencer, thousands uponhouse of people are waiting for your foredismast no pressure at all. >> no pressure. the whole dy and night their pls rest upon your shoulders all looking forward to show time thn hoping it will be glow time and give you a look at the fireworks forecast now. we know they are ging on show ad 95 today and there will be clouy conditions at the coast and then only question for san franciscos how much will these clouds obsce our view of the fireworks to gie you a broader view of the entire bay area. inland areas and north buy and south bay will have good viewing conditions but things will be me comely cad here where the fog ad low clouding likely to overtaket least some portion of the area where the firework withs display will go on and so, so, we are looking at, a chance of just colorful clouds and low clouds e for the san francisionco firewos with but very good news and mild
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conditions i mating you have. you might have to been dim as wo in july and it is mild but the clouds will probably interfere t a bit here. >> all right. a little bit of a silver lining. all right. thanks. >> now, if you are still tryingo fig gutter oh this plans for tonight many plans you can heado the web pit for all the informan on the bay area north of july fireworks show. i can find it at abc 7 in san a -- >> in sacramento, the crowd of about a few dozen people stopped traffic in the northbound direcn before heading back to city strs then marching to the state capil the procertificateses had signs with imagine about abortion rigt the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade and antigovernment mestages some tod local returners they were produg independence day because women's freedoms had been take and you y by the high court. >> well, that sentiment of notnt are with aing to celebrate july
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4th was felt. still ahead. we hear from people in the bay a who are also protesting the holiday. plus, a brick thrown through bus window injures an infant the bas mother what police saying about that is in den coming up as abc7 news at 5:00 continues. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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>> a mothered had to be taken to the hospital today after someone threw brick at the bus in san francisco as the bus was nearing the city the woman was holding a baby at the time. it was fine and did not need goo the hospital. a few other details are availabe but san francisco did arrest a suspect. >> police are investigating a sideshow that took place last nt left two people injured and they say around 9:00, about 200 cars gathered nar the intersection of lewis brown and bw williams drie
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and there were reports of shots fired around 10:00 one person arrived at low can't hospital wh a gunshot wund and that person survive and now around the same time, there is another person wo raved at a hospital saying he hd been hit by a car during the sideshow and listed in critical condition and still waiting to r back from police about any posse arrests or citation. >> a welfare check discovered to deaths the bodies of a 27-year-d man and 25-year-old woman were found inside of a home early ths morning on perkins street and aw block interests the lake. plus say both peopleh people hat wounds. homicide defectives are now work the monitoring illegal commercial fishing and the young researches from stanford who isy pioneering a high-tech system to
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overchills gather from the unitd
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nations ocean conference and amg he them was stanford researcheso working to better monitor the seafood we consume here up the y area. here is our meteorologist. meteorologist: while plenty are tracking the ocean ale sacra do, tracking the vessels working to harvest them. the commercial fishing try, the goal is to shane a lying on the seafood we may event sly purchae at the supermarket. >> one of the things that happes in seafood supply chains that is vessels get out of sight and has been impossible to know what thy are doing doing. reporter: to change could lab blittors a the stanford center e turning to powerful tools. >> first, it helps to undertand that large commercial vessels ae often fitted with automatic eye didn't ifcation systems known as ais that generate information at their location many commercial fishing fleets also in! con, be
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to database known as prog i hava ty vessel registers that can provide where they are and what they are catching and hearing tt information with sat let and otr records begins to pint a pictur. ok. you know what they are supposedo be doing we have all of these machine learning and a toy say t were they doing at any given pot p were this fishing or moving we they meeting with another vesse? did they have a station do that. the stanford team is working wih could lab bluttors including gll fishing watch which developed te satellite algorithms to not only analyze commercial fishing datat but to make it more accessible d this allows companies up and don the seafood supply chain to help eliminate illegally caught prod. in assuring consumers that what they are buying was caught in a sustainable way. lindsey jenk is with another cod lab prattor fish wise. a lot of that comes down as consumer and purchasing power, right?
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where we want to put our dollars the data tat project is still in development but here, in his te, they are hoping it could eventuy have important impact on illegal fishing and im empowering responsible companies to bet protect our ocean environments. >> because we are trying to do e empower companies to do it and d abc 7 news. 3:00. >> well, cool. the stanford team is hoping more transparent data may help track labor conditionance human trafficking in the global fishig industry. >> let's get data ton the weathr because clouds are no meat neath yeah. that's the big question. cloud nasr the coast for sure. not so many clouds inlanding tht is the head line. let's ta take a look now. though before we get fire,s whoe gusts rang from 2 to 25 mirn th thewed wist location near most r the cast and pretty windy and we have warm we're weather now thae
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had this time yesterday and wary 8 degrees grass and oakland, tht is good news i guess for folk gg out to view the fireworks tonigt and may not have to bundle up so much. mixed sky conditions over the by now as we look forward then high clouds and mid-level clouds then low clouds have not rolled in. 71 then a warm 81 in mountain vw then mid to upper 70's then 64 t half moon bay. here is another view showing the clouds offsher and they are k sk up a bit and rolling in shortly then 74 now at napa and santa r, 80 and 84. then 79 at livermore and theview from rooftop cram showing a lite bit more blue looking in that direction. here is though forecast feature. coastal fog will be present low clouds fog and patchy drizzle wl be with us overny and tomorrow morning as they go out to see dm spot and warner pattern begins a
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the end of the week so here's te forecast and starting at 6:00 p. then notice the clouds surge onn over the next three horse up to 9:00 or 9:30 which means you are viewing in san pran social secuy cothe view is like to obscured o some extent but up in the north bay, south bay, viewing conditis will be with much clear are they continues then quite mild with temperature readings in the mid 60's for the bay area at 9:30 tonight overnight lows in the ur 50's to low 60's so still pretty mild conditions lingering overnt and heights tomorrow, low 6 he't the coast low to 70's inland ars will warm up ally bit. up to 80-82 degrees in place lie fairfield and anti-k to and the accuweath wither seven-day foret as you can see, we are expecting again little bit of drizzle overnight and low cloud and following and hoom will be easig on wednesday and then warm withg begins on thursday then temperatures will be closinger o average on friday then, inland
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highs thenper's then over the weekend summer heat returns and havely all areas low to mid 90's will be the highs inen lover thh weekend up to 80 along the bay shoreline and mid 70's or highen the coast. >> all right all right. >> we can for get about larry. it is fine. we can't do that. thanks? some have already forgotten. oh. clearly. >> all right. moving on. the lautest fourth of july parae featured a float in cob try bags of black americans during worldr ii and 18-foot reb ply a was created to work at the shipbuilg company in the early 149 he many wore were black americans were o fleeing the racist south there e over 75,000 people who came to k in the shipyardance 6,000 blocks who came from all over the soutn parts of the united states and a lot of them have not been recognized and for all their efforts.
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>> the ship also vents the historical convection between te city and after the war, ration discrimination and housing restricted black former shipyard workers from living instead many moved to nearby me a ren city. we'll be right
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>> all right finally tonight, people around the pay area participated in the praisedth. some expressed feeling uncomfortable celebrating our nation's independence pens. they say women have lost part of their rights held for 50 years. here is abc 7 news reporter. reporter: there ising more than american than fourth are jamly parade. alameda has the most dy diverse celebration. happy fourth of july everyone. >> as nation celebrate, there ia feeling of grat tuted, but at te same time anger following this supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. we feel liability is all billion freedoms. freedoms of speech. the ability to have penn pent rights. and that is part of it for us. it is nothing about taking awayt is actually celebrating and fighting.
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>> today during the parade the newly formed committee for aborn rights in alameda handed out information in how to join their group the vast majority recepti. khan chant. >> martinez also in the east bay had a fourth of july parade and while some brought their signs o express how they continue to fel about the ruling. this. >> vein organize by 18-year-old lopez among those expressing thoughts was man marie and withe county board of education and lt week she called for july 4th boycott on facebook. some other people are calling fr your resignation. one person said stop teaching ks to hate america. i serve on a county board of education. i have nothing to do with curriculum and set policy and is quiet and inaccurate the fact tt we want to stand up and for humn rights and civil liberties and e
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most american think are thing te doing. >> many more have expressed ther feelings on social media like ts one shoaling actress jessica chastain holding up the middle n gr writing happy independence dy for me and my reproductive righs the rating to choose should be celebrated every day in america. >> fourth jollies one out of 165 every year. what better way because they wod noll have agreed to take the ris women a? abc 7 news. >> le, that is it for this editn of abc 7 news at 5:00 wo "world news tonight with david muir" is next. >> all of us here thanks for joining us now. the next newscast is at 6:00 p.. but the coverage of the illinois parade shooting continues on the 24-7 live stream if you are streaming us now stay right here for morning breaking coverage ad you are not download or open upe abc 7 bay area streaming tv appo
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see our coverage. well esee you you again in 30 minutes.
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breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the fourth of july holiday shattered by a deadly mass shooting at an independence day pa ray raid just outside chicago. the new images just coming in. authorities searching a silver vehicle. anointing robert e. crimo was taken into custody. the holiday celebration erupting into panic just after 10:00 this morning. at least six killed and more than two dozen hospitalized. about ten minutes after the start of the parade, gunfire rained down in highland park, illinois. authorities believe the gunman, armed with a rifle, was firing frhe


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