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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 5, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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kids were causing problems at good morning, america, for our viewers in the west on this tuesday morning. fourth of july celebrations shattered by gun violence. holiday parade rampage. gunfire ringing out. at this fourth of july celebration in a suburb of chicago a gunman firing from a rooftop into the crowd leading to panic and chaos in the streets. paradegoers fleeing for safety. >> we have a victim on the east side of central trains. >> people taking cover in stores. one father placing his son in a dumpster shielding him from the shots. this morning, a person of interest in custody arrested after a massive manhunt.
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the latest on the investigation and what we now know about the victims and survivors as eyewitnesses to the shooting join us live. holiday travel trouble. a record number of travelers set to take to the skies and roads today after thousands of flights were delayed or canceled this holiday weekend. is there any relief in sight for your summer vacation? what you should know about your rights as a passenger. fatal police shooting. the family of jayland walker speaking out after new body camera footage is released showing the 25-year-old gunned down by police. what they're now saying in a city on edge. emotional plea. wnba superstar brittney griner sending president biden a handwritten letter. what she's now saying about her imprisonment in russia and why she's terrified she might be held there forever. summer of the shark. a veteran lifeguard speaking out. >> i feel a sharp pain in my hand and as i pull my hand in, i
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felt something was still there. >> after he was bitten in the middle of a training exercise and the teenage girl saved by her ems firefighter brother after facing off with a shark. what we now know about her condition this morning. we do say good morning, america, and we begin with yet another mass shooting in america. a day of celebration turned into a day of mourning. >> and this time we're talking about a fourth of july parade. spectators were gathered here in highland park, illinois. that's when shots rang out. the gunfire coming from a rooftop and this is what we know this morning. 6 people were killed. more than 30 were injured and after a day long manhunt a 22-year-old person of interest is in police custody. >> there you see the headlines in chicago, "the sun times" and
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"tribune" both called it a horror. just the latest. the number of mass shootings in america has topped 300 in 2022, less than seven months into the year. alex perez is on the scene in highland park. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's been nearly 24 hours and authorities are still here on the scene, witnesses scrambled to get to safety when the sound of gunfire filled the air. this morning, an illinois community left reeling after a holiday celebration turned to horror. [ gunfire ] at 10:14 a.m. a gunman opening fire on the crowd filled with families gathered at highland park's fourth of july parade. [ gunfire ] chaos and shock, panicked spectators frantically trying to race to safety. >> dispatch. can we get an ambulance to central and 2nd street? >> i just looked back at my dad and right behind him this girl
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just fell in cold blood and just ded and we saw a few other people just get shot. >> reporter: parents scrambling to nearby buildings for cover. >> tried to break the glass to get in with my son and i couldn't break it and when the shots stopped again is when we started -- we decided we had to run. so he started shooting again and we ran behind the building and i put my son in a dumpster. >> reporter: wendy, a doctor, rushing in to help. >> i said i'm a physician. i can help. >> reporter: the anesthesiologist performing cpr on one of the many injured, even riding with him to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. >> i had never met him in my life. it was emotionally devastating. >> reporter: 6 people now confirmed dead and at least 35 hospitalized. >> of the 26 individuals that showed up here, 25 did sustain gunshot wound injuries. the age range ranged from about 8 years old was our youngest patient up to 85 years old. >> reporter: this morning, this
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man robert e. crimo iii in custody after a massive day-long manhunt. >> person of interest, robert crimo iii, was spotted by a chicago unit at buckley and 41. he was in the vehicle we were looking for. >> reporter: that 2010 silver honda fit is the vehicle police say he was driving. >> he got out of the car. they said put your hands up and he put his hands up and i didn't know if he was armed. so i had my son go underneath the passenger seat. >> this individual is believed to have been responsible for what happened and the investigation will continue. charges have not been approved yet at this time. >> reporter: police say the gunman fired at the crowd from a roof top of a local business, gaining access to an unsecured alleyway and ladder attached to the building. police recovering a high-powered rifle at the scene. gabriella martinez telling our station wls she saw the gunman perched on the roof. >> i grabbed my daughter and i
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bumped into a 95-year-old lady and she -- we both fell to the ground and i grabbed her head because i didn't want it to hit the pavement. i was able to get her back up and pushed her and my daughter into a store. then i pushed myself into the store. >> reporter: this man, a doctor, describing what he saw as the rampage unfolded. >> i would say having served in the armed forces these are the injuries seen in war. >> reporter: the investigation into the person of interest intensifying as authorities search for answers. overnight abc news learning his father, robert crimo jr., was well-known in the community and even unsuccessfully ran for mayor of highland park in 2019. the current mayor joining her community in disbelief. >> we are just in a profound period of sadness. this is our hometown. i think we're just individually trying to comprehend how somebody could bring this evil into our town. >> reporter: and investigators say they're carefully reviewing his online footprint as they work to find a possible motive
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in this case. robin? >> more to come we know. alex, thank you. now we're learning more about the victims of this horrible shooting. stephanie ramos has that for us. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: hi there, robin. we've learned that five of the victims died at the scene of the shooting and one of them died here at the hospital according to officials. the north shore highland park hospital admitted 25 people with gunshot wounds, 19 of whom were treated and released. we understand the others are in much more serious congress. now, the injured victims rank in age from just 8 to 85 and we are learning more about the victims. one of them 78-year-old nicholas toledo. his grandson he spent his last days swimming and fishing and jacki sundheim lost her life. a loyal member of the congregation israel synagogue. they tell us her work, her kindness and warmth touched us all.
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robin, these were people just out to enjoy the fourth of july holiday. their families now grieving and going through an extremely difficult time. >> we are definitely thinking of those families. stephanie, thank you. george? >> we're joined now by tony and abby brosio who were at the scene, and thank you for joining us. our hearts go out to you and the victims of the shooting yesterday. abby, i know you were grazed by a bullet as you were outside watching the parade. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm good. a little sore but truly nothing compared to the people around me that i saw. >> so bring us to the moment when you realize what was happening. >> so we all actually came out for a family outing. my husband works at gearhead and we brought our 3 and 1-year-old out and my in-laws were with us and i was holding my 1-year-old and behind us i thought there was a sound of fireworks and seconds later i realized that's
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not what it was. so i believe i hit the ground with my daughter and i remember looking around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from and i, in fact, looked up at the neighboring business across the street and saw the shooter on the roof and i just -- i screamed that it was a shooter and i got my daughter and we ran into my husband's store and i yelled for my son and my mother and father-in-law and we were all able to get in safely as my husband helped a whole bunch of other patrons get away from the danger. >> you got in safely, but tony, your father was shot in the leg. how's he doing this morning? >> he's doing okay. i mean same thing. it's a little sore but he's doing okay. doing okay. >> so we see -- we have that video of people just pouring into your store as you did everything you could to save as many people as you could. tell us what was going through your mind. >> i mean, it was instinct. you know, just we heard the sound and i saw people running
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and i just opened the door -- i mean the door was already opened. we were trying to get as many people as we possibly could inside. so i mean -- like i said, it was just instinct. >> your store is right on that main street. could you have ever imagined that something like this would happen in highland park? >> no. i mean, we're both raised here in the suburbs and, you know, you always have that, you know, it can never happen here and it did. and it was -- it was an incident. it was tough. it was definitely tough now that i'm finally like reflecting on it, it was a tough situation. >> i mean, beyond tough and, abby, as you said, you saw the shooter. was he saying anything? was he targeting people directly? >> no, i just looked up. it was like a dream. i was like this isn't real. that's all i could say to myself. this isn't real, but i needed
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everybody to know there was a shooter so i was just screaming at him. i just -- i saw long hair and i saw a gun and that's all i could tell anybody but when i ran in the store i was like, tony, i saw him, tony, i saw him and we just ran down into the basement and we were just shaking and crying. it was horrific. >> shaking -- your little kids are just 3 and 1. you went to the ground to cover them up. how are they doing this morning? how do you expect to help them heal from this traumatic event? >> they're actually okay. i actually probed my son a little bit. asked a few questions about how the day went and what he thought and he was like, it was a good day. i got to ride my bike. so, you know, we'll have that conversation one day, but hopefully, hopefully he's dealing with the trauma okay and we'll see how it goes from here. >> well, we're so glad you are okay and that you were able to help so many others come to safety. thank you both for your time this morning. t.j.? >> all right, george, back to more on the investigation now and for that we want turn to our
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chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. pierre, we've had too many of these conversations after a day of another mass shooting. but the investigation is going to focus on social media. >> reporter: t.j., this morning, a law enforcement source briefed on the case is telling me the identified social media post discusses or depicts acts of violence including shooting people. while the person of interest has not been named officially as a suspect, sources tell abc news there's growing confidence in the evidence coming in. we're awaiting the results of an atf trace on a rifle left at the scene and expecting police to conduct searches of properties and any communication devices associated with the potential suspect. this comes at a moment when homeland security officials and fbi officials have been warning about a potpourri of threats from lone wolves and groups with a variety of grievances and motivations. >> there have been a lot of headlines over the past 12 hours of shootings in this country.
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>> reporter: there were shootings across the country on independence day into the evening and overnight. police in kenosha, wisconsin, responding to reports of shots fired, finding five victims. two police officers shot in philadelphia and in new york city at least 21 people shot and at least 3 killed in multiple shootings monday night into tuesday morning. t.j.? >> all right, pierre thomas for us as always, thank you so much. we want to turn to reaction from the white house. in his fourth of july message president biden had this to say about the highland park shooting. >> you all heard what happened. you all heard what happened today, but each day we're reminded there's nothing guaranteed about our democracy. nothing guaranteed about our way of life. we have to fight for it. defend it and earn it by voting. >> more from the white house now. rachel scott is there. >> reporter: t.j., good morning. we know that the president is closely monitoring the situation in highland park. he did speak by phone to both
7:14 am
the mayor and the governor offering the full resources of the federal government. the president also released a statement saying that he is shocked by the senseless gun violence. noting that he recently signed the first major bipartisan gun reform legislation in almost 30 years into law but there is still much more work to do. and here is the stark reality. since the president signed that bill into law, just over a week ago, there have been at least two dozen mass shootings in this country. the president did not get everything he wanted in that bill. no assault weapons ban. did not raise the legal age limit to purchase those type of firearms. that was a nonstarter for most republicans. this morning we are hearing from a growing number of democrats who say it's time to come back to the negotiating table and do much more on gun violence. t.j.? >> we shall see, rachel, thank you as always. robin? we'll switch gears to travel.
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this july 4th weekend an estimated 50 million americans traveled by air and land over the holiday and today's trip home is expected to be one of the busiest days. thousands of flights canceled or delayed over the long weekend. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is at laguardia airport with more for us. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. yes, some people we spoke with could not get to their destination for days. now this morning here the new travel rush to get home. this morning, a record number of july 4th travelers are expected to go back home. since thursday more than 9 million people were screened at u.s. airports. today that number will go up dramatically. but travel headaches are still fresh from the weekend. more than 10,000 delayed flights before the holiday. over a thousand canceled. >> i was supposed to be home about 6:30 p.m. on thursday and i got home at about 7:30 p.m. on saturday. >> reporter: this traveler coming back from a family trip in barcelona was rerouted to an
7:16 am
airport three hours from home, having to make that drive. >> the drive from nashville to birmingham, alabama, is three hours and i still have 126 miles to go. >> reporter: secretary of transportation pete buttigieg telling abc news, airlines need to live up to their end of the bargain. >> there are some things you can't control like weather, but there are a lot of things the airlines can and should control to make sure they can service the tickets they're selling. >> reporter: this morning the question, is there any relief in sight? >> the airlines have been taking steps to try to mitigate this by slashing flights from the schedule. you can expect there to be these higher levels of delays and cancellations throughout the summer and really not to significantly improve until after labor day. >> reporter: and if you're flying today, try not to check a bag. that way you can make changes quickly and if you need to reach the airline and you just can't get through, try calling the international number, not the u.s. number. you might have some luck there. guys? >> got to keep that in mind. thank you, gio. following a lot of other
7:17 am
headlines including that situation in akron, a lot of anger after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. his family speaking out this morning. brittney griner's plea to president biden that he not forget about her or the other americans detained in russia. first we say good morning to ginger. that's quite a scene behind you. >> goodness dre gracious, if yot 4 inches of rain in one hour, that is what's going to happen. unfortunately, just outside the university of south carolina, there in columbia, you had this image. just one of the cars trying to make its way through and as we've seen time and again that does not work. thankfully these two guys did get rescued. they are okay and for awhile were stuck on something there where their car didn't get swept in. go to helena, montana, an inch in ten minutes and so the entire town there watching that flash flooding. people inside of a building, you can see it coming right up to the window doors there. and i wanted to show you who can anticipate this type of heavy rain but also damaging wind and an outside chance of a tornado. northern plains if you get into the black hills there, parts of
7:18 am
iowa. then it extends especially with the damaging wind all the way to washington, d.c. and roanoke, west virginia, is going to be in this today. look for this as we see the heat up of the atmosphere and speaking of the heat up of the atmosphere, it is on. missouri, so joplin, you have branson, st. louis, in that excessive heat warning and means the feels like are going to be up at that 100 plus level. some 105, 110. chicago in it down to mississippi and alabama. so we will bring you those numbers in a bit. local weather in 30 seconds. i't
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there. i't we'll get a little bit of late day sunshine. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we will keep that humid air overnight tonight. temperatures elevated in the 50's and low 60's into wednesday. we will keep the humidity. we don't need the fireworks, not in minnesota where those northern lights were taking care of lighting up the sky. look at that over the weekend. really beautiful. a little time lapse. you can see little peaks. i know my dogs like the quiet of that a lot better than fireworks. it's been a long night. >> ginger, thank you so much. stay with us on "gma," folks. the latest on the yoga instructor suspected of murder. how authorities tracked her down in costa rica. we're right back. stay with us on this tuesday.
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vehicles. southbound 101 at seminary drive is the point of the crash but it will impact anyone traveling on southbound 101 to san francisco going through corte madera or san rafaeand we have a look at l plaza. the backup is not bad. reggie: thank you. we will check in with ♪
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drew: we are looking at live doppler 7. we have thick fog at the coast, half moon bay at a visibility. patchy fog in the north bay. santa rosa with only two miles of visibility. we are in the mid to upper 60's right now and it is humid. here's a live picture at sfo. we have cloud cover for much of the morning. we will get late day sunshine likely after 2:00 p.m. we will be in the 60's and 70's for the most part. humidity hanging on today, tomorrow and more comfortable air will be here by thursday. reggie: if you are streaming us
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i know that she has a good coat, good energy over all and i would do anything to make sure that she's the best dog she can be. back her back here on "gma," that's a live look at the quiet streets of highland park, illinois, less than 24 hours ago as you know. the july 4th parade attended by families turned deadly when a gunman opened fire. >> six people were killed. more than 30 injured and after a rson of terest is in custody. charges not yet filed. overseas russia claimed full control of luhansk. that's the eastern resqgion at e heart of the conflict. now there are reports the attack resulted in nearly complete destruction of the last pockets of the ukrainian resistance. bad weather has hampered the search for hikers missing after
7:31 am
a glacier collapsed in the italian alps. at least seven people died when it broke off. unusually high temperatures contributed to it breaking apart. a lot keeping an eye on wimbledon and amanda anisimova defeating harmony tan. she's the last u.s. woman still standing in contention for the title. american taylor fritz also still in the hunt for the men's title. he will take on rafael nadal. uh-oh. that's tomorrow. he can pull it off. catch all the wimbledon action on espn and espn+. >> exciting action over the weekend. >> it has been great. we have a whole lot more ahead including a veteran lifeguard speaking out after he was bitten by a shark coming up. we get the latest on the fatal police shooting of a black man in akron, ohio. he was unarmed. a curfew overnight helped keep the peace after dozens were arrested the night before following the release of the police body cam footage. mola lenghi is in akron with the latest. good morning, mola. >> reporter: good morning,
7:32 am
george. that new curfew expired about 90 minutes ago and will go back into effect tonight. there is no word yet on when it will be permanently lifted as more demonstrations and protests expected over the next few days. jayland walker's family continues to call for those demonstrations to remain peaceful. this morning, body camera video showing akron police officers shooting jayland walker dozens of times killing the 25-year-old. several dozen protesters spending their july 4th marching through akron neighborhoods stopping at the home of the mayor demanding police reform. walker's cousin encouraging peace. >> listen to me when i tell you this, he's a full person, a great kid, all he do is smile, man. >> reporter: this after that body camera video showing walker leinpolice on a nearly
7:33 am
six-mile chase last week. police say after they tried pulling him over walker sped off. at one point firing a gunshot out of the car. >> shots fired out of the vehicle. >> reporter: walker eventually jumping out in a ski mask leading police on a foot chase. officers claiming walker then stopped and turned towards them prompting them to fire dozens of shots. a preliminary medical examiner's report shows walker's body had at least 60 wounds. the ohio bureau of investigation is reviewing the shooting. the police officers union saying they believe the independent investigation will justify the officers' actions including the number of shots fired. >> they've got to be ready to explain why they did what they did. they need to be able to articulate what specific threats they were facing and that goes for every round that goes down the barrel of their gun. >> reporter: walker was unarmed when he was shot. police say they later found a handgun and a loaded magazine in his car. >> at the end of the day, my client was killed while unarmed and more than 90 bullets were used to take him down. that's extraordinarily disturbing.
7:34 am
>> reporter: eight officers remain on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of that independent state investigation. records show they have no prior disciplinary complaints against them. meanwhile, jayland walker's family continues to call for answers, accountability and they're just wondering, guys, why so many shots had to be fired. >> mola, thank you. that's something a lot of people are asking. >> sure are. >> the number of shots and we know that the police are able to take somebody into custody without incident. we saw that, and then you see a hail of bullets for a traffic violation. >> we have covered a number of these stories. look, they'll get a chance to tell their side of the story and we shall see but the family, that's tough for them to take. >> good for them they keep calling for calm in their response from the public. we now have the emotional plea from brittney griner directly to president biden. a personal handwritten letter asking for his help in freeing
7:35 am
her and other americans detained in russia. eva pilgrim is here with the latest on that. good morning, eva. >> good morning, guys. brittney griner has been in a russian prison for months now. as u.s. diplomats work to try to get her home, the seven-time wimbledon all-star is taking her plea for help straight to the white house. this morning, wnba star brittney griner making her passionate plea directly to president biden sending him a handwritten letter asking him to help free her. writing, as i sit here in a russian prison alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, olympic jersey or any accomplishments, i'm terrified i might be here forever. griner detained since february after russian police say they found vape cartridges in her luggage containing hashish oil, illegal in russia. the 31-year-old appearing in a russian court friday for the start of her trial shackled and surrounded by security escorted to the courtroom to hear her charges behind closed doors.
7:36 am
the u.s. government calling her detention unlawful. >> she is doing as well as can be expected in these difficult circumstances and she asked me to convey that she's in good spirits and is keeping up the faith. >> reporter: griner sending her letter to the president on independence day writing, on the fourth of july our family normally honors the service of those who fought for our freedom, including my father who is a vietnam war veteran. it hurts thinking about how i usually celebrate this day because freedom means something completely different to me this year. >> made me cry, you know, just hearing her words. not knowing if she'll be free again on our day of freedom. >> reporter: griner begging the president not to forget about her or the other americans detained in russia writing, please do all you can to bring us home. i still have so much good to do with my freedom that you can help restore. griner's wife cherelle telling our robin roberts she wants answers.
7:37 am
>> you say she's top priority but i want to see it and i feel like to see it would be me seeing bg on u.s. soil. >> griner's trial in russia is set to resume thursday. the white house telling us, quote, president biden has been clear about the need to see all u.s. nationals who are held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad released, including brittney griner. the u.s. government continues to work aggressively using every available means to bring her home. guys? >> all right, eva, thank you. we turn now to the dramatic international arrest of a texas fugitive wanted naso called love triangle murder of a professional cyclist. matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: escorted through the terminal in houston, flanked by police and shackled, former yoga teacher and current murder suspect kaitlin armstrong is now back in the u.s. >> why you fled the country, ma'am? >> reporter: armstrong waking up
7:38 am
behind bars, a long way from the trendy beach town in costa rica where officials say she was hiding out trying to disguise her identity. >> she also changed her physical appearance a little bit to where she shortened her hair length to shoulder length and dyed it dark brown. she had some type of bandage on her nose. >> are you saying she had a nose job as well? >> you know, i don't know if it was a nose job. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals say the 34-year-old had set herself up at this hostel, which advertises itself as a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and yoga classes. authorities said she had started to build a new life there. >> she really was going to these yoga studios, she was signing in under an alias so really going under a different name, another identity and taking those classes to where, you know, we believe she was trying to become some type of instructor. >> reporter: officials say her life unravelled on may 11th when they say they flew into a jealous rage upon learning that her boyfriend had gone swimming with rising cyclist star moriah
7:39 am
wilson. law enforcement says armstrong tracked wilson to this house where police say she shot her multiple times. wilson died at the scene. armstrong's jeep seen on surveillance nearby. two days later she vanished. authorities learning she hopped a plane from austin to houston, then to new york where she flew to costa rica with a passport that was not her own. eluding authorities every step of the way. armstrong's bail has been set at $3.5 million. now at some point in the coming days she'll be transferred from houston to austin where her trial will be held and experts tell us prosecutors could bump up her charges to capital murder in which case she could face the death penalty if convicted. guys? >> we'll see if that happens. all right, thank you, matt. coming up next, the lifeguard bitten by a shark while in the middle of a training exercise speaking about his experience this morning. training exercise speaking about his experience this morning. this morning. it takes energy to take on the world.■
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back now with what is now being referred to as the summer of the shark. several sightings and frightening encounters already in this young season and now we're hearing from two victims of separate incidents about their experiences. will reeve joins us from long island, new york. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. long beach is looking pristine on this july 5th as we take a look up at our drone. you can see they cleaned it up after a busy and beautiful july 4th and we are hearing more about shark encounters in these
7:44 am
summer months as more people hit the beach. there were some scary incidents over the holiday weekend. >> i feel a sharp pain in my hand and as i pull my hand in, i felt something was still there. >> reporter: lifeguard zach gallo speaking out after surviving a shark attack on long island. >> so i kind of -- survival mode kicked in and starting punching down and felt the rubber texture of the body of a shark. >> reporter: gallo, a veteran life guard at smith point beach was in the middle of a training exercise sunday, pretending to be a victim in the water, when all of a sudden he became a real one. >> it is ironic that i was playing a victim and then i actually became a victim. but, you know, again, i'm grateful that i was in an area where i was surrounded by professionals and people that were trained to handle emergency situations. >> reporter: gallo walking away with minor wounds on his hand
7:45 am
and chest but almost 1,200 miles south off florida's keaton beach an attack leading to serious injury. 17-year-old addison bethea was scallop fishing with her brother rhett when a shark barrelled toward her. >> it grabbed me again. that's not supposed to happen. sharks only bite once and not multiple times. i was, like, that's weird. >> reporter: rhett, an ems firefighter, rushed over to fight the shark off. >> i swam over there, grabbed her and then pushed him off, kind of trying to separate them and then he just kept coming. so i grabbed her and swam backwards and yelled for help. >> reporter: she was air-lifted to a tallahassee hospital where she's expected to have her third surgery today. according to the international shark attack file there were 47 unprovoked shark bites in the u.s. in 2021, with the majority taking place in florida. now as families flock to the beach towns along new york's long island stepping up shark patrols monitoring the water with boats, helicopters and drones. >> despite the fact that people are in the water quite often with sharks, the fact that few
7:46 am
people are ever bitten indicates that we're not on their menu. >> reporter: there was also a reported incident at new smyrna beach in florida over the weekend. a surfer reportedly bitten. that would be the third such instance in that county this year. but, look, it's summer. there are more people at the beach in the warmer water where the sharks like to spend their summer months. so i guess your odds of encountering a shark, guy, are higher but overall the risk remains quite low. guys? >> quite low, all right. >> all right, will. thank you so much. well, coming up here our "play of the day." we got an independence day win for the ladies in red, white and blue. (grandmother) thank you for taking me home. it's so far. (young woman) don't worry about it, grandma! this'll be fun. (young woman) two chocolate milkshakes, please. (grandmother) make it three. (young woman) three? (grandmother) did you get his number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young woman vo) some relationships get better with time.
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7:51 am
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[crunch] [crunch] ♪ bring out the tigers! ♪ ♪ the mighty, mighty tiger. ♪ ♪ bring out the tigers! ♪ so they can be gr-r-reat! part of a complete breakfast. the deuel creek fire i the deuel creek fire in utah unfortunately looks like this was likely started by fireworks. unfortunately, there's still elevated fire risk in parts of california, nevada and utah where relative humidity is low. coming up here on "gma" with the mayhem at airports we want to tell you what your rights are when your flight is delayed or canceled and the ultimate bridal bargain. this bride found her dress for under 5 bucks. now sh
7:55 am
♪ ♪ this fourth of july, lowe's has summer savings that pop. all season long.
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area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. reggie: good morning. here is a look at traffic. jobina: good morning, we are looking at our maps. the sig alert we were following in strawberry has been canceled on the southbound 101 at seminary drive, but the speed is still low and traffic is backed up. thankfully, the, san rafael is looking good as you travel southbound on 101. not too backed up. and it is decent at the bay bridge toll plaza, but very foggy. and just kind of like -- drew: it is yuck. it is humid, great, mild. we are in the mid to upper 60's. the humidity is high. we will keep that throughout the day today and tomorrow. we have overcast skies right
7:57 am
now. we will find cloudy conditions for most of us through the morning. it sunshine late in the day with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. reggie: if we are streaming us on your bay area at you will see more abc7 when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million
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good morning, america. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. holiday parade rampage. gunfire rings out at this fourth of july celebration in the suburb of chicago. firing from a rooftop into the crowd below. paradegoers flee for safety. >> we have a victim on the east side of central train. >> people take cover in stores. one father placed his son in a dumpster shielding him from the shots. this morning, a person of interest in custody arrested after a massive manhunt. the latest on the investigation and what we know about the victims and survivors. a "gma" exclusive. the family of super bowl champion demaryius thomas speaking out since his death at just 33 rocked the nfl. what the family has learned since opening up about the pain
8:01 am
he was experiencing and why they decided to donate his brain to research. travel mayhem. with thousands of flights delayed or canceled over the holiday weekend, what are your rights as a passenger? the money you could be entitled to, when travel insurance can pay off and how to avoid getting taken for a ride. and we can't get enough of this bride who vent viral. for finding this brand-new wedding dress for -- are you ready for this -- just $3.75. she is sharing her thrifting i dos so you can save big before the big day. ♪ i feel love ♪ and we're feeling the love this morning with vivica a. fox joining us live for the new season of her hit show. her time on "black-ish" and a whole lot more and she's saying -- >> good morning, america.
8:02 am
>> it is great to have you with us and we are so looking forward to catching up with vivica a. fox. >> a lot more coming up on "gma." also my interview with former secretary of state henry kissinger. he is now 99 years old still active out with his 19th book. it's called "leadership" about six world leaders he's known and advised and what makes a great leader. that's coming up. >> how old is he now? >> 99. >> just celebrated his 99th birthday. we sat down for more than an hour. he is lucid, all there. really something. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. we'll start with the shooting at a july 4th shooting that killed six, injured more than 30. after a manhunt a person of interest captured. alex perez is back on the scene. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, again, george. witnesses say it all happened very quickly. people leaving everything behind as they ran for cover. this morning, an illinois community left reeling after a holiday celebration turned to horror. [ gunfire ]
8:03 am
at 10:14 a.m. a gunman opening fire on the crowd filled with families gathered at highland park's fourth of july parade. >> dispatch from battalion 33. can we get an ambulance sent to central and 2nd street? >> i just looked at my dad and behind him this girl fell in cold blood and died and we saw a few other people just get shot. >> reporter: parents scrambling to nearby buildings for cover. >> started shooting again and ran behind the building and put my son in a dumpster. >> reporter: wendy, a doctor, rushing in to help. >> i said, i'm a physician. i can help. >> reporter: the anesthesiologist performing cpr on one of the injured riding with him to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. >> i had never met him in my life. it was emotionally devastating.
8:04 am
>> george spoke to tony and abby brosio. abby grazed by a bullet at the parade there with her 3 and 1-year-old children. >> i believe i hit the ground with my daughter and i remember looking around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from and i, in fact, looked up at the neighboring business across the street and saw the shooter on the roof. and i just -- i screamed that it was a shooter. >> you always have that, you know, it can never happen here and it did. >> reporter: six people are now confirmed dead and at least 35 hospitalized. two of the victims, 78-year-old nicolas toledo and jacki sundheim. >> of the 26 individuals that showed up here at highland park hospital 25 of those did sustain gunshot wound injuries. the age range ranged from about 8 years old was our youngest patient up to 85 years old. >> reporter: and this morning the alleged shooter in custody after a massive day-long manhunt. that 2010 silver honda fit is the vehicle police say crimo was driving. >> he got out of the car. they said, put your hands up and
8:05 am
he put his hands up, and i didn't know if he was armed. so i had my son go underneath the passenger seat. >> reporter: this individual is believed to have been responsible for what happened and the investigation will continue. charges have not been approved yet at this time. >> reporter: police say the gunman fired at the crowd from the rooftop of a local business gaining access through an unsecured alleyway and ladder attached to the building. police recovering a high-powered rifle at the scene. gabriella martinez telling our abc station wls she saw the gunman perched on the roof. >> grabbed my daughter because i started screaming and bumped into a 95-year-old lady and we both fell to the ground and i grabbed her head because i didn't want her head to hit the pavement. so i was able to get her back up and pushed her and my daughter into a store and pushed myself into a store. >> reporter: this man, a doctor, describing what he saw as the rampage unfolded. >> i would say having served in the armed forces these are the kind of injuries that are seen in war.
8:06 am
>> reporter: now the investigation into the person of interest intensifying as authorities search for answers. and authorities now combing through all of that evidence as they work to pinpoint a motive. guys? >> all right, alex, thank you so much for being on this for us. we now have a happy update to a story we've been following about former wnba star maya moore who took a step back you may remember from the court in the prime of her career to work for the release from prison of jonathan irons whose claims of innocence moved her to action. his conviction was overturned. he was finally freed. they fell in love. they got married. drum roll. they just had a baby, a baby boy, jonathan houston irons jr. was born in february. they're sharing this with us now. mom and dad tell us they all love dancing, making up songs, they love tummy time and we wish the irons family the very, very best and thank you for allowing us to share this happy news. >> that is good news. >> we needed that. we got more good news here. we can tell you about someone we
8:07 am
were talking about not too long ago. title ix trail blazer tamara moore or as she's known as what -- >> coach t. >> coach t we just featured her for her incredible work. now she's added one more accomplishment to her career. she will be an assistant coach for the boston celtics summer league team this season. >> oh! >> she says her ultimate goal is to get into the nba. she clearly has taken a first step on that path so good luck to her and expect some more >> she turned some eyes being here at "gma." her passion, her work ethic. what people were talking about, her former players, current players and now this is something she worked so hard for. >> good news. >> great news. coming up on our "gma morning menu," our exclusive with the family of former nfl star demaryius thomas.
8:08 am
speaking for the first time since his mysterious death at 33 years old. what they have learned and how they hope it will help future athletes. also ahead navigating summer travel at the nation's airports. what you need to know about your rights as a passenger. you need to know this bride. she went viral after finding her dress, wedding dress at a thrift store for 3 -- >> $3.75, folks. >> she is now sharing her secrets so stick around for that. and lara has a very special guest with her now. hey there. >> t.j., i do. we are always so happy when vivica a. fox is with us. hey, robin, did you know her character's name on "keeping up with the joneses" is named robin? she'll tell us all about her, the show and this very sexy fox. we've so much to talk about with this woman. we'll see you you coming up on "gma." my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪)
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8:12 am
2001. it was right before -- 2001. it was right before -- >> what was that, george? >> nothing. time for our "gma" exclusive interview with the family of nfl super bowl champ demaryius thomas speaking for the first time since his death last year sharing what they have learned about his condition and how they hope it will help future athletes. kaylee hartung joins us with
8:13 am
that story for us. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, robin. demaryius thomas made plays on the football field that electrify a stadium and had a smile that could light up any room. but in the last year of his life, his family say they saw that light within him dimming. now, seven months after his shocking death, they're finally getting answers. >> demaryius thomas, nice move. >> reporter: at just 33 years old, super bowl champion demaryius thomas' death rocked the nfl. >> you're going to see a tribute right now for the broncos. >> fans now realize with a occurred. >> reporter: found unresponsive in a shower in december 2021, the mysterious circumstances of his death are now coming to light. >> cardiac arrest, you know, is the way they're trying to say what happened to him. suffocated. he died. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc news, his parents now sharing what they've learned since donating his brain to research. >> he suffered from cte stage 2. >> reporter: the first cases of
8:14 am
chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease known as cte were found in the brains of former nfl players nearly two decades ago. at boston university cte center dr. ann mckee says she's diagnosed it in 600 to 700 athletes after death from amateurs to professionals in just about any sport associated with hits to the head. >> what did you find when you studied demaryius thomas' brain? >> we found what we've seen in so many other players under the age of 34. on the basis of multiple lesions in the frontal locations and temporal lobe beginning degeneration of deeper areas of the brain, he was diagnosed with cte stage 2. cte itself does not cause death. you don't die from cte. what cte does is it changes your behavior and your personality. >> reporter: thomas' parents say they saw him struggling in the year leading up to his death. they knew his ten seasons in the league riddled his body with
8:15 am
physical injuries, but he was suddenly experiencing a deeper pain that he couldn't explain. >> he was paranoid like all the time but memory loss, i saw that as well. every single day he complained about having a headache. >> his mood would change and he would also isolate himself sometimes. it was like, mom, i don't know what's going on with my body. i got to get myself together. he said, i don't feel like myself anymore. >> he was seeking medical help not sure if the medical help he was seeking was helping him, which from my understanding right now what i've learned it wasn't helping him. >> what answers did the cte diagnosis give you? >> when they started explaining side effects, warning signs and that's when the bells started ringing. when they said it, i was like, man, he was doing that. he did that too. as a father, i said i know i could have done more. >> a lot of families have tremendous guilt but the truth is we don't have any specific treatment for cte at this time. these guys suffer in silence and they have a lot of trouble finding anyone in the medical professional field who knows
8:16 am
what's going on. it is an invisible injury. >> reporter: in 2021 thomas also started experiencing violent seizures which dr. mckee believes were due to severe traumatic injuries off the football field, including a car wreck and a fall down stone stairs. >> he would shake so much like he couldn't breathe. you know, you could hear him -- like the wind trying to come out. it got to the point where he was having three or four back-to-back. if it wasn't for those seizures he would have gone back to playing football. >> i'm demaryius thomas. i finally came to a decision to hang it up. >> reporter: in july 2021, thomas announcing his retirement. >> you know, whatever it's been, just been trying to find myself. ain't easy leaving football. >> him finding himself was really trying to find out what was going on with himself without them knowing what he was going through. >> yes. he was a very private person.
8:17 am
he didn't want people to know what was going on. >> reporter: less than six months later after having another seizure, thomas was dead. >> how did you all weigh the decision to donate his brain to be studied? >> at first i didn't want to do it. i was against it then i remembered a conversation d.t. and i had where he said, mom, if anything ever happens to me i want to help other players. >> reporter: in response to the growing number of cte cases, found in nfl players after their death, the league has developed intensive protocols for players who have or show signs of head injury and they've invested hundreds of millions in dollars in helmet and concussion research. now, dr. mckee tells us she believes they are on track to be able to diagnose cte in living players within the next five years which she says could entirely change the landscape of how this disease is addressed. guys? >> sure hope they can speed that up. >> boy, within five years would be huge. >> thank you, kaylee. we turn to the travel trouble over the holiday weekend. thousands of flights were canceled or delayed and it looks
8:18 am
like we could see it happen throughout the summer. gio benitez is back with a look at your rights as a passenger. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey, george. good morning again. look, you said it. it's going to be a long and frustrating summer for travelers. you almost have to become your own travel expert. so right here on "gma" we've got your travelers bill of rights. it's been one of the busiest travel periods the tsa has seen in years, screening a record number of travellers this holiday weekend with airlines delaying or canceling thousands of flights. >> i spent 600 and like 56 dollars on a ticket and now i'm still trying to find a way to get home. >> reporter: experts say the staffing issues won't be fixed until at least next year. so what are your rights? under federal law, if your flight is canceled airlines are required to give you a cash refund if you decide not to travel. >> you may have to call the airline and demand to get that cash refund rather than the voucher. >> reporter: scott keyes says if you're trying to get a refund online and want cash back, not a
8:19 am
voucher, be careful what you click. >> an airline might send you an email saying, we're sorry, your flight has been canceled. if you no longer want to travel, click here. we've already processed your travel voucher. you do not have to click there and accept it. >> reporter: the department of transportation also says consumers are entitled to a refund if an airline made a significant schedule change or significantly delays a flight. but if those delays are scheduled changes and caused you to miss your hotel check-in airlines do not need to pick up your tab for those bills. emily kaufman says that's where tavel insurance comes in. >> during these challenging times, you might choose the travel insurance because it cover things like trip delays, cancellations, trip interruption, lost or stolen luggage, so it really has a great pay-off. >> reporter: some good advice there and no matter what major airlines, they still aren't
8:20 am
charging change fees so you really can change your flight at any time for any reason. if your new flight is more expensive you will have to pay the difference. guys? >> it all sounds terrific. >> no change fee. >> thank you so much, gio. want to turn to on line influencers, budget bridal find. her tiktok post revealing she snagged her wedding dress for under $4. that post went viral. eva pilgrim is here. how much did your wedding dress -- no, i'm kidding. [ laughter ] good morning, eva. >> you know, my wedding is still a work in progress. so i haven't actually bought the dress yet. but this is probably the best deal we've seen yet. this is next level bargain hunting. not only was the dress under four bucks, but it was actually brand new with the tags on and with a little digging this bride to be said you too can find a major deal and the perfect dress. it's the thrifty find that's got
8:21 am
tiktok in a craze. a wedding dress that cost less than $5. >> it was $4.99. the dresses with 25% off, so it was $3.75. >> reporter: jillian says she went to several thrift shops hoping to find her dream dress for her may wedding to her partner of 13 years. >> i looked four days in a row in hopes of finding a wedding dress for my wedding that is exactly one month from today. ♪ gee i really love you ♪ >> everything i am wearing this very moment was thrifted and so it just seemed like a really natural place to start. >> reporter: the 32-year-old tried on several dresses before landing on this one, which still had the original tags on. the brand-new dress which retails for $220 marked down to just $3.75. >> the more i tried it on i started to not be able to imagine myself not wearing anything else on my wedding day. >> reporter: she picked up a paver of shoes for $8. her video going viral getting
8:22 am
mre than 2.7 million views. while jille right move for her, she says she knows this route might not be for everyone. >> i believe that a bride should wear exactly what she wants on her wedding day but if you are looking to save money, thrifting is a fantastic option. >> okay. so we have to tell you, gillian did spend $100 on alterations, but did her own hair and make-up. she says if you plan on having a low cost wedding thrift something a good option but you should probably budget plenty of time and energy to sift through the stores to find that perfect dress, but we all know alterations make the dress really fit you. >> it's true. >> thrifting is fun. make the time but enjoy it. [ laughter ] >> eva looks so -- >> thank you so much. >> you've been doing this. >> i've been doing this for my
8:23 am
normal cloths. if i could go back and do this for my wedding dress i would. i just looked it up. ooh, i have an idea. is there a wedding dress thrifting website? there are several. go check those out. one had 56,000 dresses on it. so -- >> wow. >> ginger. >> obviously i'm not looking to get married again but i just was looking for eva. how about we talk about heat in kansas city. the earth cam feels like 84 already as we start the day. those excessive heat warnings are on including memphis, st. louis back to joplin. even eastern kansas is in it. those are the numbers. it'll stick around for three d't there.stick around for three d't we'll get a little bit of late day sunshine. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. we will keep that humid air overnight tonight. temperatures elevated in the 50's and low 60's into wednesday.
8:24 am
we will keep the humidity. time for "pop news." we could just talk about thrifting if you'd like. >> don't ask me twice. i will talk about thrifting. we do have "pop news" to get to, so let's do it. we'll begin this morning with a surprise collaboration over the weekend. fans of the backstreet boys concert in toronto were treated to a special surprise appearance when they sang their hit song, "i want it that way." you'll get it this way. ♪ when we say ♪ ♪ i want it that way ♪ ♪ 'cause i want it that way ♪ >> yeah, drake, baby. the backstreet boys sharing that video on twitter writing what's better than "i want it that way"? how about "i want it that way" features drake? drake telling the crowd the song
8:25 am
holds a very special place in his heart because when he was 13 the girl he had a massive crush on asked him to dance to that song at his bar mitzvah. the rest was history. he says it was the first time he ever felt like he had a shot at being cool. >> that was a lot of information. [ laughter ] >> and that is why i'm here, robin.rsfrom drake and now frome next up, a milestone birthday for maverick. tom cruise turning the big 6-0 over the weekend. the star of "born on the fourth of july" actually born on the 3rd receiving loads of birthday wishes on social media. his "mission: impossible" director sharing this picture of him looking anything but middle age hanging on to the wing of a vintage plane midflight. that picture reposted by tom's "top gun: maverick" co-star glen powell who wrote, keep hanging in there to the big guy. happy birthday to tom cruise. finally to a dad working smarter, not harder. check out derrick bradley. he knows a thing or two about hand/eye coordination. the golfing women's coach at the university of oregon teaching his sons to bat using a ball
8:26 am
attached to a fishing line. the most genius part of this, he never leaves his chair after the boys take a swing because he's attached the ball to the pole. he reels it back in and over again they do it. a master. [ laughter ] that's "pop news," everyone. >> that one deserves a slow clap. way to go, dad. all right. hey, coming up, vivica a. fox is going to tell us about the new season of "keeping up with the joneses." she's live right here in times square. come on back. >> good morning.
8:27 am
jobina: we are starting with a live look at the neighbor and plaza. metering lights on at 6:07 and no bacchants. we have not had it issues, but we have a commuter alert in place for part. 10 minute delay which -- on the antioch line in the sfo direction. kumasi:
8:28 am
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ 60's, low 70's. that community feel, we will have it there today and it lingers tomorrow. gray skies from this vantage point. we will keep cloud cover this morning, rain cello to break it, afternoon sunshine.
8:30 am
60's and 70's with fog returning later. kumasi: another find the ♪ whether you're high or low ♪ ♪ whether you're high or low ♪ ♪ whether you're high or low ♪ giving me a hard time. [ laughter ] vivica a. fox. >> well, hello, everybody. vivica a. fox is here. let's just go with that. one of the hardest working most talented and, as we just found out in the commercial break, one of the most sparkling women in all of hollywood. vivica a. fox, everybody. [ applause ] >> mwah. >> new season of "keeping up with the joneses." your character's name is robin. >> yes. >> now you tell me, does your robin and this robin, do they have anything in common? >> fashion. >> fashion for sure. >> anything else? because your robin is something.
8:31 am
>> she is. she definitely brings out, you know, the nails and it's bringing back the delicious days of "dynasty." >> what is it like bringing out that type of drama? >> for me it was rewarding, you know, because every day it's like wardrobe is absolutely fabulous. i said, how rich are we? that's what i want to know. can i break out my real diamonds or fake ones? no, please break out the big ones. back with four new movies and they'll be dropping this friday. it's exciting to become a filmmaker and grateful to lifetime movie network. >> they're great. >> yes, they are to me. they're very good to me. >> let's give everyone a look. >> we need to talk. >> what happened? he's becoming a bigger problem dead than alive. >> it's a good problem to have, i promise. >> hmm. ♪ >> you know by the music.
8:32 am
something is up. >> there's a problem. >> yes. ex-husband played by ted mcginley, i send him to a watery grave. >> watery. >> yeah, i did. >> whatever it takes, right? >> yes, absolutely, by any means necessary. robin is going to get ahead. [ laughter ] >> you be the judge. >> we need that. >> i play the matriarch of the family. >> and you have four step daughterers. >> yes, i do. >> and they're naughty. >> they are and i mean we slap people around all the time and -- but, yeah, played by ciarra carter and jasmine aivaliotis. like i say, i just love that -- i remember when they first cast all the ladies and i was, gosh, we'll have five lead women. how will we distinguish and make them all different? and they all have found their zone and very proud of the ladies that they bring a lot of wonderful acting and they show up with their "a" game.
8:33 am
>> go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> no, please, robin. >> being ep, being the executive producer of that as well -- >> how is that for me? >> yes. >> i have to answer a lot of question, robin. it seems like on a daily basis but i love it. i love the magic of making movies, how we just take something from a piece of paper and turn it into a wonderful drama like i said. we did three movies at first and left them wanting more. now we're back with four. the whole month of july is the vivica fox month. >> sending your husband to a watery grave. you say you slap people around. this is kind of a family show. >> yeah. [ laughter ] if yu like to call it that, t.j. >> how much of it is just fun? or is there something -- you see strong women and a family dynamic in the show, though. >> you do. but it's a lot of dialogue to be very honest with you to do four two-hour movies. we filmed the movies in less
8:34 am
than five weeks. so everybody has to show up and have their "a" game. it's directed by david decoteau, and what i love more than anything else is the fashion. i really do. i remember the days of "dynasty." love to see what they were wearing. >> four movies in five weeks. >> yes, we play no games. >> man. >> we play no games at all and part of my so wrong it's right franchise and have done over 30 films for them. >> when you're not bringing it, i'm tired just thinking about it. what do you do to relax? >> i'm a spa junkie. i love to go to the spa in los angeles. i float in my fountain of youth and then i'm headed to jamaica to celebrate with my brother and 20 friends. float in the water, thank god for another trip around the sun. >> yes, what a blessing. "black-ish," the final season you played yourself.
8:35 am
didn't you also -- there was a discussion of -- >> yes. >> they had you moderate. >> i was the moderator. we took our final bow together. and for myself it was so beautiful because anthony anderson and i did "two can play that game together" years ago and i've been a huge fan of the show. when they gave me a call and said they want you on "black-ish," i said doing what? they were, like, playing yourself. i was, like, let's go. i married deon cole. so it was nice to dress up and have fun with him and then we did the panel with tracee and anthony and marcus and it was fun to take the final bow. >> the impact they had -- >> eight amazing seasons. so, you know, we don't get things like that. they're canceling us all quick. you know, to see an african american show go for eight wonderful seasons, kudos to them. they did good things. >> congratulations on another season for you. "keeping up with the joneses"
8:36 am
and happy birthday to you. enjoy that. >> thank you so much. >> possibly shoot four, five movies while you're down there. >> i have a talk show that comes on every monday, "cocktails with queens" and i host "the screening room." i know, i know. i'll do anything. >> there you have it. >> season two of "keeping up with the joneses" premieres this friday night on lmn. it's so good to have you here. it's always good to see you. >> absolutely. good to see you, pretty eyes. >> all right. see what you started, robin. george's one on one with former
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back with henry kissinger out with a new book, "leadership: six studies in world strategy." at the age of 99 he's still active on the world stage and creating controversy with comments that drew fire from president zelenskyy. i asked about how leaders are made. >> no one in our time, i think, has met with such an intimate and substantive contact with so many world leaders and you've distilled what you've learned in the book "leadership." one big conclusion i took away from the book, it seems like you're pretty convinced that leaders are made, not born. >> i think leaders in a way make themselves and they probably have some innate qualities but i think it's probably correct to say they make themselves. >> richard nixon makes the list
8:40 am
despite the fact that he's the only american president ever forced to resign. how do you explain that? >> i put the fact in the first sentence. >> yes, i remember. >> of the chapter on him. nixon was a distinguished leader in foreign policy and he used an approach that was more typical of the british approach to foreign policy, that is to say, the emphasis on the balance of power and then understanding that when you have two adversaries, namely, the soviet union and china, an effort should be made to separate them and treat them differently. pick a position closer to them, each of them, than they are to each other. >> triangulation. >> triangulation. >> i interviewed you 25 years ago on the 25th anniversary of richard nixon's resignation.
8:41 am
we're now at the 50th an verse rh anniversary of watergate. at the time you told me about the night before he resigned where you said mr. president, history is going to treat you more kindly than the present day. do you still believe that? >> when i said to him, history will treat you better than your contemporaries that i believed that. >> it's held up? >> his foreign policy has held up and he was quite effective in domestic policy. he permitted himself to get involved in a number of steps that were inappropriate for a president and he himself has admitted that afterwards. but they were concerned with really domestic politics. >> weren't the issues of character -- >> nixon was a complicated person. but in moments of crisis, he
8:42 am
made courageous decisions. >> i want to ask about a recent controversy. when you were speaking to the davos group, you talked about the situation in ukraine and suggested negotiations, this was two months ago, would have to begin about now, by early july that would eventually lead to something like the situation like we had in 2014. president zelenskyy said you were appeasing. were you misinterpreting? what did you make of his response? >> he seems to agree with the outcome i mentioned. my point was that the best place for a cease-fire is to return to the status quo which is to where the war started. so then the russians would have been thwarted in their attempt to take over ukraine. the ukrainian president, what he objected to was he thought i was
8:43 am
saying that part of territory that the russians had occupied ten years earlier and which had been tolerated by the rest of the world should also be part of a cease-fire settlement. >> you talked about the leaders who held elective office. how about as an adviser, as a cabinet member, what prepares you? >> when i was, say, 15 in germany, it never occurred to me that someday i might be secretary of state of the united states. >> what did you think you were going to be? >> you know, i was a member of a discriminated minority. so it did not lend itself to career thinking. >> survival. >> if anything prepared me for it, it s having lived through
8:44 am
chaos, then having lived through the war and having seen very complex and dangerous situations and to develop the conviction that it was an extraordinary fate and, therefore, obligation to do the best i was capable of doing. >> any key decisions you would take back today? >> you know, that's a question i'm often asked. i have developed no great answer for it because i've been thinking about these problems all my life. my heart as well as my occupation so the recommendations i made were the best that i was capable. >> dr. kissinger, thank you. henry kissinger's new book, "leadership: six studies in world strategy" is available
8:45 am
today. for more of my interview check out the special henry kissinger life and leadership streaming tonight on abc newslive live and on hulu. that's at 8:30 eastern, 9:30 pacific. now, let's go to ginger. >> thank you, george. myrtle beach, south carolina, you're on the beach. you look over and this is what you see. a waterspout spinning there over the water. does not appear it got close to land thankfully. that is when it can get gnarly. atlantic city enjoying the beach there. ooh, with that summer heat. it was so perfect, was it not, over the long holiday weekend? the water temperatures abnormally high over the drew: it's humid that they are today. we will keep the cloud cover through the morning. 60's and 70's for your daytime high. lower when we come back the doctor who turned her medicine into a
8:46 am
critically acclaimed first novel. she's here live. when we come back the d in the future,
8:47 am
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i've been looking forward to i've been looking forward to this. back now with debut author shirlene obuobi who describes herself as a writer, an artist, a doctor in no particular order. her new novel, "on rotation," is getting incredible reviews and is just what the doctor ordered for a perfect summer read. dr. obuobi, thank you. >> this is so exciting. >> it's so excited. shirlene, please. >> i didn't know, you know, because i'm sitting in front of a doctor like this. it's been described, your debut novel has been described as "grey's anatomy" meets "seven days in june." so give us your elevator pitch. >> sure thing. so "on rotation" is a coming of age/romance about a third year
8:49 am
medical student angela and throughout all of this she has to kind of discover who she is, what she wants, both in her career and through her relationships and in love as well. >> uh-huh. well, the critics are going -- look at that smile. the critics are going crazy. these are some of the adjectives, the glowing reviews you're receiving. calling it fresh, effervescent, hilarious, full of life. how does that make you feel that critics are responding like this to your debut novel? >> it is surreal. so i tell everyone, i am a solitary writer, or i was a solitary writer. >> what do you mean by that? >> i didn't tell people that i wrote. i draw as well and i shared my art very freely but my husband likes to joke he didn't even know i wrote until i got an agent. so i feel like hearing all that was so validating on many fronts and it's such an honor and i don't know. i'm just so glad that my book is
8:50 am
making it into people's hands and that they'll have a chance to see themselves in it or learn smething new. >> you're, what, completing your fellowship in cardiology in chicago, is it? >> yes, yes, university of chicago. >> now, how much of your work is in this? come on. >> so, you know, some. you know, a decent amount. i think i brought a lot of my clinical experiences i had as well as kind of the personal experiences into "on rotation." the main character, angela, is not me but has lots of parts of me. how about that? >> okay. lots of -- your smile is really getting me. there's something going on here. so let's see here, author, doctor, you alluded to it, artist as well. is there, like, a comic or something -- did you do something here about your visit
8:51 am
to "gma"? >> i did. i announced my "gma" visit to the world with a little cartoon. >> what? >> that's me on the side right there. >> very clever. so you just -- where does this all come from, shirlene, all these different just avenues you're exploring in life? it's wonderful. >> oh, thank you so much. i think they really inform each other. i've been drawing and writing for as long as i can remember and i feel that medicine requires you to get so deep into this humanistic side of yourself, right? you're dealing with so many traumatic situations, emotional trauma. you're watching people, unfortunately, die all the time. and i wrote "on rotation" in large part during the covid pandemic, right, and for me it was a place -- it was like a place to retreat, right, a place to find some solace and a place to experience where or process what i had been experiencing. so that's why i draw. a lot of my comics are about the medical field and about my experiences kind of through training and i love the fact that it gives people an insight into what it is we do. >> we need an outlet like that. >> yeah. >> do you have a second novel in
8:52 am
mind? >> i do. >> i know you're not going to share. i can tell that. but you do? >> i do, i do and i'm probably going to always write about black women in medicine. so that will be as much of a teaser as i can give. >> we'll take that. we'll take that. and you have, you know, a cheering section. your mother and your husband, the two biggest fans, what does it mean for them to be here and seeing you here talking about your debut novel? look at how beautiful your mom is and how handsome your husband is. >> i think that -- they've been supporting me throughout all of this. i've needed an immense amount of support being a fellow who has two other jobs. and they've just provided it and been with me every seven of the way. so i love and appreciate you guys. >> i love your husband doing the eyes. well, thank you and thank you for allowing me to call you
8:53 am
shirlene. doctor, come on, mama, she's worked too hard to qualify for a first name. congratulation, congratulations and thank you for sharing your vast talents with all of us and "on rotation," it's out now. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin.
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k-pop girl group, aespa in their first ever morning tv concert in america live. it's "gma's" summer concert series. friday morning only on -- >> all: good morning, america. >> announcer: sponsored by massage envy. >> 'tis the season, concert. >> sure is. have a great day, everyone. >> thanks for sharing a portion of your tuesday with us. ♪ do it, do it ♪
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi:he morning, everyone. here's jobina for us on the traffic. jobina: gd morning, everyone. i thought we would end our live traffic update on a high note. as you can tell, the bay bridge toll plaza is completely clear. we expected this today. a lot of people are off this tuesday for fourth of july. just a heads up, you will face a 10 minute delay between the pleasant hill and lafayette stations on bart. drew: in-line, a lot of 60's along the bay shoreline. it is not only mild, but humid out there. you are feeling that humidity today and tomorrow. a break in the cloud cover already from our exploratorium camera. we will hang onto this cloud cover throughout the morning. they day sunshine in the 60's and 70's this afternoon. kumasi: time for "live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan." we will be back for midday. have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" to tell you from keeping up with the joneses, vivica a. fox. plus, the future is now. how to money from jean chatzky. your questions and comments when we open up sandbox. all next on life. now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]


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