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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 5, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the mayor invited her to visit. she arrived within the past hour at the scene of the shooting. >> to the community of highland park. i bring you condolences from president joe biden and from our country. so sorry for what you have all experienced. and the pain, suffering, that should have never happened. we talk about it being senseless. it is senseless. it is absolutely senseless. >> the crime scene tape marks off the parade ground where the shooting happened. you can see overturned chairs, banded umbrellas unforgotten bags litter the area where people fled, running for their lives. >> flags have been ordered to have staff nationwide by president biden to honor the victims. today we learned a seventh person has died. the man suspected of being responsible for all of this was
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charged today with seven counts of murder and more charges may follow. abc7news karina nova here with the latest on the developing story. >> prosecutor say the seven charges convicted would result in a life sentence but they said crimo could face dozens of charges in the coming days. we are learning the names of six of the seven people who died, they include 63-year-old jacquelyn sundheim. 78-year-old nicolas, 64-year-old catherine goldstein, 35-year-old ira -- irina and kevin mccarthy who was there with her son aiden. ate in showed in these pictures, the toddler found alone after the shooting. he is now with his grandparents. today, police also released new details of the suspects actions the day of the shooting and leading up to it. this surveillance image shows
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the suspect wearing women's clothing which police say he used to disguise himself and covered his face tattoos. this may have helped him blend into the crowd and escape after firing more than 70 rounds from a rooftop. police also revealed the suspect land this attack for weeks. he bought five firearms legally in illinois over the last two years. we also learned over two prior encounters with police, both in 2019. the first was a mental health call and a second came from a concerned family member. >> the second occurred in september of 2019. family member reported that crimo said he was going to kill everyone in that he had a collection of knives. the police responded to his residence. the police removed 16 knives, dagger and a sword from his home. at that time, there was no probable cause to arrest. there were no complaints that were signed by any of the victims. >> we also learned as of right now, police have not given a motive for the shooting. >> you see that little boy who
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lost his parents, it is emotionally crushing. it is devastating. back to the suspect. what happened after the incident with the knives? was anyone alerted? could they have prevented him from buying five guns or was it legal? >> so many people are asking that. to legally buy guns in illinois you need avoid card. it stands for firearms owner identification. after the -- highland park alluded state police of the knives. according to illinois state police at the time crimo did not have a card it to revoke or pending application to deny. the matter was closed. then in december of 2019, crimo applied for and was granted a card. he had to be sponsored by his father, because he was under 21. with that card, he was legally able to purchase five guns over the next two years. as of this afternoon, we learned that crimo's parents have hired
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an attorney to represent themselves and their son. >> thank you. >> here in the bay area, the fourth of july brought a night of illegal fireworks and violence. this was the scene at 21st and harrison in san francisco where fire was set in the middle of the intersection. firefighters said they responded to 247 calls. in pittsburgh a house caught fire. neighbor say there were fireworks going off just before it happened. >> the alameda sheriff's office said it seized 400 pounds of fireworks in ar-15 ghost guns. looking out across oakland there was a sea of what appeared to be professional grade fireworks going off. a three-year-old was shot while sitting in a car in east oakland at 8:30 last night. the child has severe injuries and is in critical condition. the police chief says a relative may have been involved in the shooting. >> about 90 minutes ago, is oakland's police chief was
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giving an update on the violence over the holiday weekend, he addressed the five people who were hit i bullet fragments last night and ring central coliseum. >> this particular shooting really brings to light that when bullets go up, they also come down. in this case, it is clear to us, the shooter responsible for this particular shooting, were not on-site. >> oakland's police chief says the bullets could have been fired from as far as a mile away from the ballpark. abc7news leslie brinkley as modly fighting scenario -- has more on the fighting scenario. -- frightening scenario. >> it was the biggest crowd for the a's game at the coliseum. 24,000 fans, once the a's one, the fireworks began and so did the gunfire. police believe the let's were fired from outside of the coliseum and then rained down on fans inside.
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oakland police said they located five fans are struck by bullet fragments from what appeared to be celebratory gunfire, occurring throughout the city of oakland. one victim was an 11-year-old boy shot in the shoulder. the other bullets hit fans in the arms and hands. everyone was treated and released. the bullets were fired as hundreds of illegal fireworks were set off throughout the city. according to oakland city councilmember,noel. >> with the change our behavior in the city of oakland. not only did i see the loud m8 0's but i heard the nunchucks going off. i could hear the oakland a's. but the reality is, it all comes down to enforcement. >> he was dismayed that so many residents spent hundreds of dollars on fireworks and set them off illegally and that so many fired weapons off endangering the public even more. a car in the coliseum parking
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lot was pierced by bullet. but no one was injured. oakland police say they are working closely with security to ensure the safety of fans at future a's games. 21,000 -- $20,000 reward is posted for any information leading to the arrest of one of the shooters. >> new at 6:00, police accusing of 43-year-old concord man, for attempting to have sex with a minor. the contra costa county district attorney officer says the man said text messages to a person he believed was 14 years old. he has been charged with nine felonies, bail is set at 600 -- $675,000. >> evacuations are underway for the biggest wildfire burning right now. amador county electric fire. bay area firefighters are work -- helping out. oakland fire tweeted saying they are on the weight as part of the strike team which includes member of fremont fire, hayward fire and alameda county fire.
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you can see on our abc7news wildfire tracker where that fire is burning. it is far east of the bay area. in less than 24 hours than 24 hs already burned more than 3000 acres. let us go live to reporter -- a reporter. he is with her abc station in sacramento. he joins us tonight. rendon, what are you seeing a dashing tonight. -- seeing tonight. reporter: this is a canyon system where the electra fire started. it straddles the line between calaveras and amador county. you can see a helicopter. they have been working to slow the fire because it is threatening homes. right where i am standing, you can see a big dozer line that is been cut. they have been laying thousands of feet of hose because no fire hydrants but there is a neighborhood out there with a couple hundred homes in it. we have been watching fire crews up and down this rigid doing burning operations, lighting fire to this fuel to burn it out
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but they want to do it a chunk at a time so it does not get up and running. have been getting help from lots of air drops. not just the helicopters you could hear in the air around me. but we have seen the supertanker. that is the big dc-10. some c-130s;. and a bunch of other aircraft as well, trying to do everything they can because it is such a steep terrain. it is difficult to get fire crews and between the houses and where the fire is burning. these retardant drops are helping slow the fire down. i am in the neighborhood off of clinton ball road. think of the drive up to kirkwood off of 88. when he get to pioneer it will be on your right hand side. just south of the highway. there are a bunch of neighborhoods here with a lot of vegetation around them. the fire putting those neighborhoods at risk right now. this fire put lives in harm's way when it started on the fourth of july weekend, down in this canyon.
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we had people taking a dip in the river when the fire started. it got up and running so quickly, that they were not able to evacuate those people. it was not saved to send them out the one lane road while a bunch of firetrucks were coming in. they turn them around and went into the canyon further because there is a powerhouse, a big hydroelectric plant, where people rode out the fire. we talked to michaela, was one of the 100 people who had to ride the fire for hours. >> i started -- i didn't start freaking out until we were actually going into the powerhouse. when the fire was at the parking lot and the fire truck was right next -- right there in my vehicles next to the fire truck and the fire was there that is when i started to freak out. that is when i said, ok we need to go inside, take the babies inside. reporter: about halfway between where those people had the shelter and highway 49, we came across this. this crime scene tape across the
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road, which is a big red flag that this is an area arson investigators may be interested in. we did not see evidence markers or powerlines in the vicinity. it begs the question whether they are interested in something down along the riverbank or up by the road. at this point the fire is under investigation and believed to be human caused. it is going to be important for parkers to get as much work done over the next two or three days because things are going to get warming up -- warm up. it has been cool and not very windy. it is giving the firefighters an upperhand. >> challenge after challenge to deal with. we appreciate your comprehensive report. thanks. take a look, you can see all of the wildfire all at a glance by using our online interactive wildfire tracker. you can get it by going to >> new variant of coronavirus responsible for new cases. where talking live with our
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special correspondent, about how you can protect yourself from getting sick. >> social work success looks different depending on who you are working with. >> tonight, stories from the tenderloin. 50 blocks of san francisco's toughest areas, seeing what is helping turn it around. >> i am meteorologist sandhya >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel, mild and muggy, i will this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes
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larry: tonight the oakland city council will consider a vote on the new oakland is howard terminal project. even if he gets on the ballot that vote is not binding.
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are reporters in the newsroom to explain everything that is going on with the oakland city council. reporter: good evening. the council meeting is still going on. they have not come up -- it is not come up for discussion yet. the city councilmember is proposing to put in advisory members on the november ballot about a new stadium project at the howard terminal. he says it is about giving taxpayers a voice but those opposed to see it as a stall tactic. and putting it on the ballot could cost the city of oakland close to million dollars. >> and want to be heard. let us vote. reporter: as the council meeting progresses, the common was packed in favor for and against the decision. >> howard terminal is a golden opportunity for oakland. we cannot delay it anymore. reporter: city council has to decide whether or not to put a question about the new oakland a's stadium project at howard terminal on the ballot. it is a chance for voters to give their opinion. >> i know it's urgent they want to keep pace and keep it local.
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they are going to do everything they can so they do not walk away however when you do things in a rush, i think it hurts us. reporter: andre is with the oakland democratic club. she against the ballpark and wants to vote in november. she is concerned there is no financial review which is expected in september -- september and she wants to know how the money will be allocated. >> i want the numbers. that's why we've been pushing for a financial analysis separate from the city and from the 80's. reporter: last wednesday, a councilmember led a rally supporting the stadium vote on the november ballot. even if he gets on the ballot this would just be an advisory vote. whatever the voters decide it will not be binding. additionally, putting it on the ballot could cause the city close to a million dollars. that is a big issue for this community activist. >> our core message is this is bigger than baseball. it's not just building a stadium.
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reporter: he is concerned with a misinformation campaign regarding the use of taxpayer money for the project, which includes a new stadium, housing, parks and retail space. >> it also gives you the cover to avoid hard decisions. reporter: they see the project as an economic engine for oakland. he says there been opportunities for the public to participate and comment over the last few years, he sees it as a delay tactic, leave it to city council, he says. >> use all the resources at their disposal to analyze the project, here the input from the community, the voices in favor and oppose and make a determination. reporter: even though this is just an advisory measure, those in favor say it will provide the city council with the policy of the community. those against the ballot measure say this is another curveball for the a's who have already seen a number of delays. we will keep you posted on that decision later on. larry: thank you.
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dion: now to the latest covid headlines. the omicron subvariant ba five is now to blame for majority of new u.s. cases. and makes up just about 54% of infections. covid was the number one cause of death for people between the ages of 45 to 54 last year. for all americans it has been the third leading cause of death for the past two years, behind cancer and heart disease. with that, joining us now is our special correspondent. while we have seen the surge of cases lately, we have not seen the corresponding death search. is that because of the vaccines? >> yes possibly. because of vaccines, natural immunity. but what we do not want to see is waning immunity, getting to the point where we do not have the same match in booster and we get those hospitalizations. we're keeping a close eye on these rising cases and having them stay in just cases. we have to worry about long covid as well. dion: a lot of us are concerned
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about this new dominant variant. do our current vaccines protect us against that? >> against severe illness. the concern is that ba 5, might be more transmissible and able to of aid -- evaded. dion: that is a silver lining i suppose. let's touch upon tests. what do you think -- do you think those at home tests detect these new variants? >> so far, they do. it is possible in the future we may have an issue with the future variant out there. but remember, take those at home tests before you go to a gathering. it's important especially when we're living in this era where people are forgetting the risk of getting covid. dion: the fourth of july just happened, a lot of people are taking vacations. how long does it take for symptoms to show up? remind us one people should test and what do you do if you're feeling sick?
6:20 pm
>> it has not really changed. we still have the risk of developing symptoms. want to do days after exposure come up to 14 days which is why it is so important to pay attention to your own status but who may be around as well. do those protective measures for having those exposures, whether it is gathering outside. it's a highly contagious variant, but we have don't have mandates anymore like we had in the past. dion: conditions have changed. always a good reminder. thank you. larry: let's get to the forecast. dion, you and sandhya were talking about the humidity creating havoc for your hair. i wish that was a problem i had. [laughter] sandhya: i was going to insult you about that but you already did it yourself. [laughter] sandhya: it's all good. hey, the humidity is actually
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going to go away by the time we had towards thursday. let me show you what is bringing it. it is a trough that is parked off the coast. you have a moist flow coming off the ocean and so if you probably noticed earlier today, it was sticky out there. dw dish -- dew points at 63 lee half moon bay. it is in the muggy. range as we check out the forecast it is going to remain humid as we go into tomorrow morning at 7:00, still in the mid and upper 50's. the humidity goes away as we head into thursday. dew points a drop down into the upper 40's which is more in our comfort range. blue skies from our santa cruz camera. here's a look at rainfall totals. some areas had drizzle. some, light showers. hundredth in santa rosa. for hundreds in half moon bay. expect a repeat of this tomorrow morning. you do for views from our tower
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camera's. temperatures anywhere from the 60's to the 70's so it is still mild outside from our emeryville camera, you're seeing breezy conditions out there. patchy drizzle. the heat returns and lend later on this week. a big push of cloudiness tomorrow morning. we will see some damp roadways to start off the day. at new time, still some lingering clouds around the east bay and the coastline going into tomorrow night. your morning temperatures will be really in the 50's and 60's, comfortable. if you don't mind humidity. that is the only thing you may be bothered by. the humidity lingers tomorrow afternoon, low 80's and linda and low 60's coast side and breezy conditions around the coast. morning clouds and drizzle giving way to nice afternoon. that is humid on thursday. temperatures coming up. you will notice it is a warmer afternoon. we start to go from the low 90's friday to the mid-90's inland on sunday. the heat returns mid-60's coast
6:23 pm
side and numbers will be within a few degrees of starting off a new work week. larry: not as humid. thank you. i was waiting for dion the jump in. next -- i know she is thinking about it. an update from the i-team to a paycheck program fraud case, that started two years ago in the height of the pandemic. the height of the pandemic. tayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction.
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dion: there goes the doubt recovered from a drop in trading to close at 134 points. the nasdaq in 194 and the s&p. gained. six for the fast lives weeks have seen all major emphases followed last week closing the markets most brutal first-half performance in over 50 years. a an update to an i-team investigation from two years ago. a san jose man has pleaded guilty to a $3.6 million fraud case in involving the government loan programs that were meant to help small businesses during the pandemic. 41-year-old, -- the 40 and -- the 41-year-old faces two years of prison. he admitted to using false company and employee information on applications for paycheck protection program and economic injury disaster loans. court documents show that he and others use money for restaurants, arsenal
6:27 pm
investments, cryptocurrency and even the 100,000 tesla. he will be sentenced in november. dion: coming up stories from the tenderloin. what could make a difference to san francisco's prettiest block. >> 800 people off the street in neighborhood in a matter of four months is significant. larry: sounds like success, right? what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches
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because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions this is abc7 news. larry: our work to build a better bay area means looking for solutions, san francisco's tenderloin center open with the goal to help clean up a decaying neighborhood. dion: it drew criticism for allowing drug use on site. has a center made a difference in improving the drug plagued area? larry: we take an in-depth look in our continuing series, 50 blocks, stories from the tenderloin. ♪ >> it is very, very chaotic on the street.
6:31 pm
it is hard for people to adhere to a program when they are on the street. housing stability really is what helps people decide that they can get into treatment. >> the main, new initiative that was brought to the tenderloin was a linkage center. it is a location where people can comment services can be provided under one roof. >> i think what we are doing is very unique and unprecedented. at the core, at the tenderloin center is a seven day a week operation in which we provide opportunities for people to get their basic needs met, to get away from the streets and connect to health and human services. >> i am one of the guests that comes to the lincoln centers -- linkage of centers. the living room is one of the places you can relax and get your mind together. when you're homeless you feel like you have nothing but the linkage center gets rid of all of those barriers. unless you come in and be yourself. i was sleeping on the street of
6:32 pm
oakland and i came here and they got me, not only a hot meal, they, gave me a hygiene kit clothes, they basically linked me back up to where i am building myself again, my trust with people. >> the number one thing folks ask for when they come as food, hydration, access to our toilets, showers, laundry. they also expressed appreciating the safe place to be off the street where they do not have to worry about their things, people are there monitoring their safety. they can socialize and the linkage most people request housing inch shelter -- and shelter. ♪ >> our primary object of is to
6:33 pm
reduce fatal and nonfatal overdoses. it's important to remember we lost more lives to overdoses than covid-19 over the past two years. our number one goal is to get folks in the door. we have to accept the reality that people are in different stages of their inking about substance use. the site itself and the staffing allows us to folk -- observe folks for safety and while we're there we do the relationship building. we start to have conversations with them, and give them things they need. they have the opportunity to connect with somebody about their wellness goals. we may be connecting someone to some of the most effective forms of treatment for opioid addiction. >> the city wants to talk about people using drugs on the streets. in the high-rises, they use as
6:34 pm
much of drugs as we do, they just get it delivered, we bite on the street. if you are drug user, when you buy on the street you use on the streets because your addiction makes it want you to use it right now. i have it right in my hand i am not going to blocks away to hide in an alley i'm going to do it now. >> you see people like that, the person doesn't seem like they are taking care of themselves. harm is happening to them, can't we do something? learning every day, there also limitations to what we can do, as far as compelling anyone into taking actions on their own behalf. >> before i met you, this morning, i saw my sister, why left down here. all i could do was look at her. i have gone to that woman so many times. i just did there and watched her go up and down the street. there's gotta be -- >> we consider everyone in the
6:35 pm
community part of the community, housed in an housed. we are trying to set some accountability for everyone there. there have been 37,000 visits since we started the linkage center. over 800 people have either gone housing or shelter during this time period. 800 people off the street in one neighborhood in a matter of four months is significant. i think during the daytime, we have been pretty successful in making the neighborhood safer. it is cleaner. probably than it has ever been. but the supply in demand around drug use persists. violent behavior and illegal activities are not something that we can necessarily approach from a social service perspective. that is really where we are today.
6:36 pm
what is the appropriate role for law enforcement? >> people walking down the tenderloin and sees a homeless person on the street, they feel sympathy. drug dealers are different story. 95% of the problem in the tenderloin is a drug dealers. when the mayor made the order december nationally december we had no police. >> last night what we saw was horrible. >> san francisco mayor london breed reacting to friday's chaos in union square. luxury brand that vandalized and looted. the louis vuitton store ransacked and emptied out by a group of thieves. >> we cannot tolerate this kind of conduct at all in the city. nodded all. >> half of that viral video came out of the park e-books stolen. officers were destroyed at union square stayed there for three weeks at overtime cost of $2.4 million.
6:37 pm
we were told that they didn't have enough officers, sent a terrible message of the city's values and that they care more about a union square upscale handbag store, versus tenderloin families who do not feel safe walking down the sidewalks. police are now on board. we see definite improvement in the month of april. i hope it is going to continue. >> social work success looks different depending on who you're working with. i think there's a lot of myth that people don't want to help. i don't think that's true. i think it is time and patience and recognizing the amount of trauma folks have been through. some of it being untreated mental illness. it just takes effort to reach them, build those relationships up to trust and to get folks into the services that they need. >> this is just part of a 30 minute streaming special that we put together called 50 blocks, stories from the tenderloin.
6:38 pm
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dion: occur -- recovery effort continues to find three men from
6:41 pm
oakland after jumping into the delta sunday afternoon to rescue a child in the water. melanie woodrow has the details. reporter: three oakland men remain missing in sacramento county after they jumped into the water to save a child from drowning sunday. >> this happened so fast. reporter: and happen your brandon island. five adults worshiping -- were fishing when a child swimming began to struggle. three of them did not come out of the water. >> we asked for help. reporter: the sacramento station case e.r.a., says they identified the cash -- kcra identified the men. they usually come out to the area to celebrate the fourth of july. >> they come every fourth of july camping. to come to the swamp, to go fishing. every year. >> this is an unguarded swimming area. we don't have life garters -- lifeguards on duty. >> the water looks relatively
6:42 pm
inviting but the current is misleading. reporter: the search has switched to recovery effort. melanie woodrow abc7news. larry: all evacuations have been lifted on solano county after a small brush fire broke out. it burned near cordelia road, east of interstate 80. cal crews responded quickly. they put the fire out, 22 acres did burn. so, when is this humidity going to let up? checkout the forecast, next. >> one is the clock starts ticking on a 90 day return policy? 7 on your side is straight hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years.
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larry: a man refused delivery after discovering defects in the cabinet he ordered and had trouble refunding. turn to michael finney, 7 on your side for help. >> exactly. the return policy states dissatisfied customers are eligible for refunds within 90 days of purchase. so, what is the issue? robert ordered three cabinets from lowes to match the once he had previously installed in his kitchen. one of them arrived damaged.
6:46 pm
>> the back board that you mount to the wall was cracked. really bad. the sideboard also on the cabinet split in half. reporter: the corners are all supposed to be reinforced by square piece like this one. that piece on one of the corners was missing. a lowe's customer rep properly order replacement from the manufacturer. he would have to pay more because the price of the cabinet had gone up, $30. >> i'm not paying more for something that was delivered broken. i want the same price. >> lowe's went back and forth with him until he agreed to pay an additional six dollars. however that was only the start of the issue. robert says because he ordered his cabinets online, lows refused to allow an even exchange. >> i had to go ahead and order a new one, and then they would refund me the money on the old one. >> that seems simple except
6:47 pm
lowe's has a 90 day return policy. he ordered his cabinets in january. they did not arrive until performance later. >> she goes, note they start 90 days at the day you ordered it. and i go, will who does that? >> they would not give him a refund until a manager can approve it. a month went by with the refunds. so's patience ran out. he contacted 7 on your side. we found the fine print on lowe's return policy. it says, unused merchandise can be refunded or exchanged with proof of purchase, within 90 days of the original purchase date. it goes on to say, return must be initiated with lowe's within 48 hours of delivery. robert return his cabinet on the same day of delivery. is refund would arrive a couple of days later. lowe's told us we apologize for the delay and inconvenience. >> i was relieved. i was like, think god. -- thank god.
6:48 pm
>> we want to hear your stories regarding your experiences with money and consumer issues. send your stories to be, by going to on your side. we are beginning to see this quite a bit. why things have gone up quite a bit in stores say you owe them money. larry: it's great that you got it resolved. i was getting more agitated after every rejection he faced. thank you. dion: if you think you are shortstaffed where you work, wait until you go on vacation. 97% of hotels say they are understaffed. that is according to a service from the american hotel and lodging association. half of the hotels say they are severely understaffed. now, aaa predicted near record-setting travel for the fourth of. while the vast majority drove, millions flew. taking a live look at san francisco international air art, where they say summer travel is about 75% of prepend them it levels.
6:49 pm
the tsa's from thursday to yesterday it screamed 11.3 million passengers at check points nationwide traveling for the fourth of july weekend. it feels like summer travel season. larry: 11.3 million and they were ahead of me in security. [laughter] dion: are you the guy who always gets his bag checked? larry: no comments. let's move on to the forecast. sandhya: avoiding the question. let's take a look at the winds right now. a nice refreshing sea breeze coming through. yes, it is still muggy, but at least with the sea breeze it is not as bad. that breeze bringing us good air quality across the entire bay area. the air quality will remain a good the next two days. then as we start to get a return of the heat, moderate air quality for parts of the bay area friday and saturday. on live doppler 7 we are tracking clouds heading across the bay. temperatures tomorrow afternoon similar to today, low 60's to
6:50 pm
low 80's. it is still going to be humid as you check out what is ahead for thursday. we bump up the temperatures, lose a bit of the humidity. it is even warmer for your friday. inland areas will be in the 90's. the forecast will feature some heat, come sunday, mid-90's inland, mid 60's coast side. do you want hot weather humid weather? larry: ladies first. dion: i would take hot, hands down. [laughter] larry: agreed. we agree on something. sandhya: nice. larry: write down the date and time. dion: in the history books. larry: i'm in for danna, chris alvarez handling sports, and we have big news from the sports -- sharks. >> it is a new area -- era for the sharks, what the new gm is a saying about his historic higher and for the franchise moving forward.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
about growth and diversity. >> it is something i am extremely proud of, since my playing days, the league itself has gotten more and more diverse more black pears -- players in the league and more minorities in the league. that is something i am happy to see. for me, my job is to do the best i can for the san jose sharks organization. if i do that, hopefully it opens the door to give other opportunities to other minorities to get front office positions and may be a team down the road as well. >> finding head coach. the giants looking to find when. the catcher joey bart is likely to join the roster in the coming days. defensive help as needed brian crawford to back after us -- after the 10 day i, hitting eighth for the giants. he hurt his knee back in atlanta, missing a total of eight games.
6:55 pm
the warriors finish the california classic at chase taking on miami. was televised. here are your highlights. final summer game before the warriors had to the las vegas portion. he drives, kicks it back to moses, moody for three, buries it and second quarter, dubs down nine. santos has been impressive with this league, five assists. take a look. it goes right between the defenders legs. weatherspoon, point teams high. moody with a hammer. 13 points in 27 hits. the warriors fall 97-70. >> overall, i think you are seeing his ability to do a lot of different things and remembering how young he is, that is going to be something that continues to evolve as he gets older. we know moses can shoot the ball. someone who can shoot the ball in his size and the way defense has to guard him opens up angles on things a little bit easier. >> yesterday the buffalo bisons
6:56 pm
aaa affiliate of the toronto blue jays assigned roy kenyon to one day contract. he threw a strike for the first pitch. back in 1942 he was set to try out for the team but instead joined the u.s. navy and fought in world war ii. 80 years later on the fourth of july he became official member of. the team. that is goosebumps video there. may be in 65 years i can throw a first pitch for the giants. your thoughts? larry: i think you would be great at 100. [laughter] you would be great now as well. yeah, you got it. >> one quick thing about airplanes, private jets. just go private jet. dion: that is how we always travel. larry: more advice from trysts -- chris. dion: coming up tonight, you can catch holy moly followed by the chase at 9:00 and who do you believe, that comes on at 10:00. of course this -- they with us
6:57 pm
for news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of abc7news at a 6:00. larry: all of us here at abc7news. have a good night and we will see once again at 11:00. after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, our r inry a attneysys wk hahard i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a banking analyst from charlotte, north carolina... an elementary school teacher originally from eugene, oregon... and our returning champion-- a public defender from los angeles, california... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny, and welcome, everyone. it was an exciting start to the week yesterday as yungsheng wang, a man who describes himself as someone who never wins anything, became a "jeopardy!" champion
7:00 pm
and couldn't help but jump for joy at the news. today the public defender is back to defend his title as he faces two new challengers in suzy and jake. good luck. let's make a case for another great game today as we feature these categories in the "jeopardy!" round... and... each response has a "q" exactly in the middle. yungsheng, you will select as our returning champ. novel death for $200, please. - jake. - who is dobby? - yes. - $400--novel death. - jake. - who is rabbit? - correct. - $600--novel death.


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