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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 6, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we all went there. kumasi: that was fun. te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west on this wednesday we have the latest on the july 4th shooting as we honor the seven people who lost their lives. breaking overnight, holiday rampage investigation. the shooter charged with seven counts of first degree murder as the death toll rises. authorities now say he planned the attack for weeks dressing as a woman to escape. this morning questions about missed red flags as we learn including the mother and father killed. the heartbreaking story of their toddler separated from them during the shooting. the couple who rescued him speak to "gma" this monk. severe weather on the move. more than 250 damaging storm reports across the country, including at least three twisters and lightning striking this moving car in florida.
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plus, ginger is tracking the dangerous heat putting at least 18 states on alert. also this morning, the new u.s.-supplied weapons systems arriving on the front lines in ukraine. how they may already be helping strike deep into russian controlled territory. abc news exclusive. jayland walker, the 25-year-old man killed by akron police officers, now after body camera footage of the fatal shooting was released his sister jada speaking out. >> you know the video is out there. are you just not ready to see it? >> demanding answers. >> you don't see evidence that gunshots came out of that car? >> only on "gma" this morning. the yoga instructor now charged with murder caught on the run apparently using her sister's passport to escape and the new receipts. did she get plastic surgery in an attempt to change her
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appearance? off court trouble. tennis star nick kyrgios set to play at wimbledon but facing allegations he assaulted an ex-girlfriend. will the tournament take action? overnight carlos santana collapsing on stage. why the legendary guitarist was rushed to the hospital. what we know this morning. gas price drop. some much needed good news at the pump. how low they could go and should you wait until the weekend to fill up? and hollywood ending. the 10-year-old twins who saved their father from drowning thanks to what they learned from movies. what they're saying this morning. that's a nice story to start the day with. >> it really is. >> good morning, america. hope you're going well today. we are going to begin with the latest on the july 4th shooting. there you see the flag at the white house is flying at half-staff after president biden ordered all flags to be lowered on public buildings and grounds. >> meanwhile, vice president harris visited the shooting scene last night saying, quote, we've got to be smarter about
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who has access to weapons including the assault weapons used in so many of these mass shootings. >> the death toll climbing to seven and we are learning more about how the suspected gunman carried out that brutal attack. alex perez begins our coverage in highland park. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. authorities say the suspect planned out this attack for weeks. as people were scrambling to get away to safety, they say he left the weapon behind and walked away. this morning, the suspected shooter who opened fire during a fourth of july celebration in highland park, illinois, now charged with seven counts of first degree murder. one for each person killed in the rampage. police say 21-year-old robert crimo unloaded 70 rounds on people at the parade killing seven and injuring more than 30 in an attack authorities say he had planned for weeks. even escaping, according to investigators, in disguise,
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dressed as a woman. >> investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity and help him during the escape with the other people who were fleeing the chaos. >> reporter: police say the suspected gunman climbed up a fire escape ladder onto the roof of a business to open fire. paradegoers running for their lives. marcie cayman just narrowly dodged a bullet. her father hit in the shoulder. he thankfully survived. >> so there was a bullet that literally almost hit your head? >> it hit my dad, but it missed my head. this is why i have the gratitude, right, that life can change in an instant. >> reporter: now this morning growing questions about missed red flags. overnight illinois police saying the suspect passed four background checks in 2020 and 2021 despite two prior police incidents. in 2019 he threatened to take his own life and that september when police say family members accused him of threatening to
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kill people with a knife. >> it was directed at family inside the home so at that time there was no information he possessed any firearms. > reporter: now, investigators are pouring over social media posts believed to be from the suspect dated back over a year ago. one video even showing part of the parade route. the suspect leaving a disturbing trail of posts online on sites like youtube, discord and tiktok. some of that content removed in the wake of the deadly shooting. the suspected shooter also using weapons he had obtained legally including that assault-style rifle that is legal in parts of illinois, but not in highland park. >> two of the weapons were obtained within the region here. those were two of the rifles. the rifle used in the attack was purchased by him. >> reporter: overnight vice president kamala harris visiting the community meeting with the mayor and law enforcement calling for stricter gun laws. >> there is no reason that we have weapons of war on the streets of america.
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>> reporter: the suspect is due to be arraigned in court late this morning. if convicted on those first degree murder charges, he could face life in prison wthout parole. george? >> alex perez, thanks. we have learned the names of six of the seven people killed in the attack. most are from highland park and stephanie ramos is there. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: hi there, george. as gunfire erupted along the parade route, there was chaos. young children running with their families. but one little boy was separated from his parents, thankfully saved by strangers. this morning a little boy left orphaned after a gunman opened fire at that fourth of july parade. >> the boy was saying, mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy. >> reporter: survivors dana and gregory telling abc news about the moment another paradegoer handed them aiden mccarthy. in the chaos of the aftermath his mother and father nowhere in site. >> every time i tried to ask his name, the response he gave to me
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in return was, mama, daddy, come get me soon. mommy's car come to get me soon. >> reporter: the couple taking aiden to a nearby fire station. >> when we pulled in the cops looked like they were getting ready for war. i said this is not our kid. what should we do? the cop said we can't be baby-sitters now. can you take care of him? we said, of course. then two, three hours later a detective who had our number called and he took the little boy to where families are being reunited and he was eventually reunited with his grandparents. >> reporter: the toddler's parents irina and kevin seen in this picture from a gofundme post were among those killed. and five more families grieving their loved ones. nicolas toledo was 78 years old, a grandfather and a father of eight. he was a dual citizen of the u.s. and mexico. his grandson telling us he spent his last days swimming, fishing and being among family. and jacki sundheim, a wife and
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mother. also killed 64-year-old katherine goldstein and 88-year-old stephen straus. straus' family saying he still took the train to chicago every day to his job as a financial adviser. back to that little boy who lost his parents in this shooting, the city manager says he has been reunited with his grandparents. george? >> okay, stephanie, thanks. let's bring in our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. pierre, just makes your heart sick to think of all the signs that were missed here. >> reporter: george, good morning. a three-letter word applies here, how? how is it possible to apparently attempt suicide in april 2019 and then in september 2019 scare a family member so bad that they call police and tell authorities you're threatening to kill everyone? how then a few months later can you legally buy an assault rifle and another rifle? the explanation we got is neither of these actions was deemed bad enough to warrant
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further action by the mental health officials, the police or courts. illinois has among the most strict gun laws in the nation but those laws require someone to enter an incident into the system and that apparently did not happen. it's clear when he went to buy those alleged weapons, no red flags flashed. >> pierre, this new bipartisan gun bill that president biden just signed into law wouldn't have made a difference either? >> reporter: no, because if the red flags did not stop him from buying guns, what will? the flags that happened here fell through the cracks, plain and simple. george? >> pierre thomas, thanks very much. t.j.? we turn to the latest in the war in ukraine. advanced weapons arriving on the battlefield and possibly already making a difference in the fight against russian forces. our foreign correspondent james longman is on the seen in ukraine. james, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, t.j. the fight for the east of ukraine is all about hitting targets at a distance, himars these are long-range weapons provided by the united states, are now here in the fight.
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first to be able to see these weapons being deployed. this morning, a special inside look at the new u.s. weapons now arriving in ukraine. >> himars are some of their most highly valued weapons. they're terrified of the russians finding out where they are. in the wide open spaces of this country ukrainian forces used these woods for cover. these are the rockets being loaded on to the u.s. himars high artillery rocket systems, the weapons that ukraine says it making all the difference in the war for the reason they fly further than anything ukraine has in its artillery. the other important detail is that they're truck mounted which means once they're fired these guys can move. [speaking foreign language] we can use them to find targets that no other weapon can get to this himars commander tells me. we hit ammunition stores. this as video circulating online shows a massive explosion at a russian ammunition depot in donetsk. ukrainian officials say they struck it on sunday.
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russian officials say u.s. provided himars used in this attack part of the battle for the donbas where russian forces have claimed control of luhansk. the fighting there fierce as ukrainian forces try to fend off russia as it looks to take the rest of the donbas. key ukrainian-held cities in the region coming under attack. russian missiles destroying a local market. kremenchuk facing intense shelling as russian forces move in. as you heard there vladimir putin has taken luhansk, one-half of the donbas region, and now has donetsk in his sights and the ukrainians will be hoping these himars weapons will be able to better defend that region. robin? >> that is the hope, james, thank you. we turn to good news at the gas pump. prices are finally starting to fall. americans hitting the road have seen a steady decline. but how long will the price break last? our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis joins us with more. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and that is the question on
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people's minds after these 21 days where we've now seen prices fall. the national average this morning $4.77, down about 9 cents over the last week. if you look across the country, about 80% of the stations are now below $5 a gallon. this is all because prices of oil have also come down. now below $100 a battle. we've seen that demand really destroyed. people choose to drive less when they see prices where they are and that's exactly what we've seen and it's not just oil prices that are lower but commodities. cotton, copper, lumber, they are all decreasing. that lumber, by the way, if you're trying to build a house much better deals on lumber prices so good news for you there as well. however, the issue is this question of whether or not we're facing a slowdown or a recession and, robin, that's part of what's also hitting prices here. if we have a recession, if we move in that direction you're also going to see oil prices likely fall as well.
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>> that will be likely. but for people, rebecca, who are trying to figure out if they should maybe fill up today or wait until the weekend in case prices drop even more, what are you hearing? >> reporter: so, gas buddy tells us this morning, robin, that prices should fall in the coming weeks between 40 and 65 cents but there are certain days of the week where you want to fill up for the best deal. the best day of the week, according to gus buddy, monday. second best, sunday. when you don't want to fill up, wednesday and thursday. that's when it gets more expensive. >> we will definitely keep all of that in mind, rebecca. thank you. george? we get the latest on the investigation into former president trump's attempts to overturn the election in georgia. seven of his allies have now been subpoenaed including rudy giuliani and senator lindsey graham. rachel scott is tracking the case. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is a significant step in the criminal investigation. that special grand jury in georgia is moving closer to the former president issuing a new round of subpoenas to some of his closest allies including
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lawyers rudy giuliani and john eastman who pedalled trump's false claims about a stolen election, senator lindsey graham, as well as other members of the trump campaign legal team. this investigation was launched after trump made that infamous phone call to the georgia secretary of state asking him to find enough votes to help him reverse joe biden's victory in georgia. we are also learning this morning the special grand jury is looking into two phone calls that senator lindsey graham also made to the georgia secretary of state allegedly asking him about rejecting absentee ballots. this is a claim that senator lindsey graham denies. his office is not responding to our request for comment this morning. important to note here that this special grand jury in georgia is unique. it can investigate. it will issue a report but any further action including pursuing potential indictments will be left up to the district attorney. george? >> that's right. of course, this all comes as the doj is intensifying its investigation and the january 6th committee has their next hearing next week. rachel scott, thanks very much.
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t.j.? turning to wimbledon now. we've been enjoying some great tennis, but we have some controversy now. this guy, nick kyrgios set to play a quarterfinal match this morning, just a day after court proceedings were announced in his native australia on accusations he assaulted an ex-girlfriend. lara has made her way to wimbledon. she is there now. good morning to you, lara. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. as we begin day ten here at wimbledon, nick kyrgios has already been fined twice at this tournament alone and as he prepares to take the court in just a little bit the question today is whether this new off-court allegation will force wimbledon to take further action. this morning, new controversy surrounding tennis star nick kyrgios. the 27-year-old facing allegations he assaulted a former girlfriend late last year. an attorney for kyrgios telling abc news, quote, at the present time the allegations are not considered as fact by the court and mr. kyrgios is not considered charged with an offense until the first appearance.
7:16 am
the flashy aussie native known for his over-the-top antics on the court at this year's wimbledon alone, a dramatic match between kyrgios and stefanos tsitsipas had no shortafirk kyrgios arguing with the umpire. >> you're a disgrace. >> reporter: slammed with a $4,000 fine for using an audible obscenity. >> it's one thing to watch a bad boy on the tennis. it's another thing entirely to have a court date waiting and a very serious allegation of physical abuse. this isn't the tennis court. this is a court of law. >> reporter: and, guys, he was already fined $10,000 in the first round here of wimbledon for spitting on a heckling spectator. we'll see if he can keep it together with all of this negative energy surrounding him, all this negative talk and make it to his first semifinals. he is about to play today. and there's a lot for americans to watch today. amanda anisimova is also playing
7:17 am
today. we also have taylor fritz. he is also playing singles today. he's got a tough battle ahead because he's playing the one and only rafa nadal. guys, back to you. i will be here all week long for you from wimbledon looking forward to covering it for you every step of the way. >> i bet you are. looks like a glreat day. >> thank you, lara. a lot more coming up including carlos santana collapsing on stage in the middle of a concert, rushed to the hospital. t.j.'s exclusive interview with the sister of jayland walker, the 25-year-old man killed by akron police. why she can't watch the video as the family demands answers. also, the yoga teacher accused of gunning down the woman she thought was involved with her boyfriend now charged with murder. but first, let's say hello to ginger. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, t.j. i'm here in houston and a sticky morning which i'll get to the heat in a bit. there were more than 250 severe storm reports just in the last 24 hours from montana to delaware. so let me take you there to this
7:18 am
amazing video. this is from tampa, florida. you can see that truck right ahead of this vehicle being struck by lightning. well, inside that truck, the woman who is taking this video has her husband and her three children. thank goodness they are all okay but unfortunately, the truck did get fried. then i want to show you what's happening in the world of weather today. you have that sioux falls, south dakota, green sky. they had more than four-inch in diameter hail, softbal-size hail. today it's about a damaging wind threat which we saw quite a bit of. maryland had what they're saying could have been a tornado. they'll survey it officially today. today is about the damaging wind from indianapolis all the way to raleigh. you can see along the same front there is a couple of little pockets but lexington, roanoke, you're all in the threat region. i'll have more on why i'm here in houston in a bit. that includes heat. let's get a check now a little closer to home.
7:19 am
drew: i'm due to with your anti-weather forecast. still a human day on the way. we have morning cloud cover giving way to afternoon sunshine. inland temperatures in the 60's and 70's into the afternoon. tonight, our marine layer comes back. likely some coastal drizzle. overnight temperatures in the 50's and the low 60's. humid today. lower humidity tomorrow. it feels a lot better by the end of the week. well, coming up, great story to share, 10-year-old twins rescued their dad from drowning
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temperatures. numbers already in the low to mid 60's this morning. that is a mild start. you are feeling humidity for another day, it is muggy. our humidity levels are elevated. we will find a comfortable air moving in tomorrow afternoon. a live look outside from our san jose cam, we have overcast skies. here is how the day shapes up. we keep a lot of cloud cover throughout the morning. it is a muggy morning. into the afternoon, away from the coast, we see afternoon sunshine. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. warmer weather coming this weekend. reggie: if you are streaming us
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with an optimal dose of melatonin. and a complementary botanical blend. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before. won't break my soul ♪ back here on "gma," beyonce breaking into the record books with her new hit, "break my soul." sure to be the song of the summer. jumping to number seven on the billboard hot 100 making her the first woman in history with 20 top ten hits on the chart as a solo artist and as a member of a group. queen bey is only the third singer to do this. michael jackson, mccartney, paul mccartney the other two to do it. great company. >> that is something. following a lot no dd weapons despitthtn shs thshooteu
7:31 am
familmember the shooting is charged with seven counts of first degree murder and is due to be arraigned in court later this morning. also right now the fda suspended its ban on juul cigarettes. they had ordered them to pull their cigarettes off the market due to insufficient information about the risks but a federal appeals court temporarily blocked the ban. plus, a flooding emergency in australia. 85,000 people have been forced to evacuate or told to be ready to leave following days of rain. hockey, making history. the san jose sharks hired mike grier as the first black general manager in the history of the nhl. grier retired in 2011. he played for four teams, one of them, the sharks, his brother chris is the general manager of the miami dolphins. an executive family over there. congrats. good to see that in the nhl. a lot more ahead on "gma," including, we're going to the
7:32 am
dogs. the american kenned . mpetit it's >> we're looking forward to that. ri right now, though, we're going to get the latest on carlos santana. the 74-year-old collapsed on stage in the middle of a concert rushed to the hospital. janai norman with more on that. >> the good news we are hearing he is fine this morning but the music great who rose to prominence with santana spent the night recuperating after just minutes into his show. carlos santana collapsing on stage during a concert in michigan. this video capturing medical personnel attending to the 74-year-old who reports say passed out just 20 minutes into his set in clarkston, an outdoor amphitheater about 40 miles northwest of detroit. >> pray for healing for him. >> reporter: his team telling abc news the guitar great known
7:33 am
for hits like "smooth" -- ♪ >> reporter: -- and "black magic woman -- ♪ don't turn your back on me ♪ ♪ >> reporter: -- was overtaken by heat exhaustion and dehydration and that he was taken to the emergency department at mclaren clarkston for observation and is doing well. he first sat down on his drum riser then fell backward. medical personnel rushing to the stage. taking him away on the stretcher 20 minutes later, santana waving to the crowd as he was rolled off. >> i had this thing happening in my chest. >> reporter: just last december the guitarist forced to cancel several of his las vegas shows because of an unscheduled heart procedure. speaking to fans in this twitter video. >> so i'm going to be taking time out for a little bit to
7:34 am
make sure i replenish and rest and catch up with my health. ♪ >> reporter: the mexico native is considered one of the greatest guitar players of all time boasting ten grammy awards and three latin grammys. ♪ also a rock & roll hall of fame inductee. ♪ and you hear those jams. he is known for pioneering that fusion of rock and latin music. i see you dancing over there, robin. still drawing big crowds after so many decades. he was scheduled to perform in pennsylvania today. that understandably has been postponed. >> trying to do the air guitar. kind of like dancing. i'm glad that he's doing well. >> yes. >> all right. thank you, janai. now to that abc news exclusive interview with the sister of jayland walker who was killed in a hail of bullets fired by akron, ohio, police
7:35 am
officers. and, t.j., we know that you had an opportunity to speak with her. >> she cried through the first third of the interview. you can understand that. the things that aren't in dispute in this case is that jayland walker was unarmed when police opened fire. he ends up with 60 wounds in his body. so the question is how did we go from a routine traffic stop to that? and the police video that was released was supposed to answer some of this but his sister says she has not been able to watch that video yet. >> i won't see him again. i won't be able to hug him again or just remind him that i love him or anything like that. >> reporter: jada walker is preparing to bury her baby brother. speaking to abc news for the first time since akron police released body camera video showing eight of their officers shooting and killing 25-year-old jayland walker. >> now, you know that video is out there. are you just not ready to see it yet? >> it's just not matching the person that i know because he's not into that and that's not
7:36 am
him. that's not jayland. i can't accept that at all and i don't -- i shouldn't say i don't want to, but i just can't fathom to see any sort of video of him being gunned down that amount of times, you know, as if he was just -- just like aim practice. >> reporter: the footage shows what authorities describe as a routine traffic stop, followed by a car chase and then a foot chase. as walker runs away, officers claim at one point he turns toward them prompting a hail of gunfire. >> show me your hands. >> reporter: a preliminary medical examiner report shows over 60 wounds to walker's body despite being unarmed at the moment he was killed. but police say walker fired at them during the car chase and point to this image which they say shows a flash of a gun from the driver's side of walker's car adding that they recovered
7:37 am
this gun and a loaded magazine inside of his car. >> the way in which that picture depicted where the gun was located and the way and manner in which it was placed, officers are approaching the car on their body one camera and it's capturing it as they are approaching. >> you are not -- sounds like you're not buying, but you don't see evidence that a gun was ever fired from that vehicle. >> i've never known him to own a gun of any sort at all. he never brought it to my attention. the last thing i would have imagined him having with him is a gun. >> i don't see clear evidence of a gun being fired. more importantly the gun was recovered in the backseat according to the preliminary autopsy report that my team reviewed. so i need to know how the gun got in the front seat, all nice presented with the ring and the cartridge pulled out and the bullets there. this looked like a staged picture. >> reporter: abc news reached out to the attorney general's
7:38 am
office regarding the photo but have not heard back. the family say the police are creating a narrative making walker out to be someone he wasn't. >> i haven't been watching a lot of television because i just, i don't want to see him in that light. i'm just really sad because out of many black men who have been killed and many families that experienced this even as a sister, it's just -- excuse me. it's just really hard. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: walker's death ignited protests. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: as on an outraged community and a grieving family await answers from the investigation now under way. >> we still have yet to get a solid answer as to how like you said a person who doesn't have any record, at the most would have a speeding ticket, you know, from using his car to get around for me to have to experience that and see my family, you know, mourn even my
7:39 am
mom, you know, it really hurts. >> those officers who fired are on leave right now. everybody is asking that question -- just how do we get to that? and the officers explained this by saying, once they saw a gun fired from the car, this escalated this to now a public safety issue to where they now think they're pursuing someone who is a threat to the community and that's how they explained their mindset at least in chasing him and why they opened fire. the investigation will tell us more about that. you know in things like this we see people go from shock to grief to anger. she says she hasn't gotten angry yet. it's just the shock and the grief right now. >> very apparent. >> can't even be mad but his birthday is in 14 days. he was going to turn 26. >> thank you, t.j. we'll be right back. he on a day without migraine my whole body feels free. because my eyes don't shy from the light. my head doesn't pound. and my stomach isn't nauseous. it's time for migraine prevention delivered differently, through an iv infusion.
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7:43 am
we're back with the yoga instructor who police say fled the country after gunning down the woman she thought was involved with her boyfriend. kaitlin armstrong now officially charged with first degree murder. our chief national correspondent matt gutman joins us with more on all of that. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. overnight armstrong appeared before a magistrate at the austin jail. she was informed of her rights as an inmate. of course, until just a couple of days ago she was a fugitive who authorities say likely used her sister's passport to slip into costa rica. once there, tried to make a life
7:44 am
for herself under an alias. even tried to change her appearance by getting a nose job. this morning, kaitlin armstrong after seven weeks on the run finally in an austin jail. the former yoga instructor charged with first degree murder accused of shooting and killing pro cyclist moriah wilson. armstrong deported back to the u.s. this weekend. >> why did you flee the country? >> reporter: after being captured in this costa rica surf mecca. authorities mentioned that after allegedly killing wilson, who she considered a love rival, armstrong sold her jeep cherokee for over $12,000 and hopped a series of flights from austin to houston to new york's laguardia. then these images capturing her at newark airport where she boarded a flight to costa rica. she may have used her sister's real passport seen in these photos obtained by abc news. it was one of two passports found in her locker at the hostel in costa rica. there, the u.s. marshals say she
7:45 am
tried to get work as a yoga teacher in the trendy beach town. >> she was going to these yoga studios, signing in under an alias, so going under a different name, another identity and taking those classes to where, you know, we believe she was trying to become some type of instructor. >> reporter: they say she tried to change her appearance, cutting and dyeing her hair. authorities saying this receipt for cosmetic surgery with someone else's name was found in her documents, evidence that she got rhinoplasty, a nose job. zachary poulson saying armstrong told him she suffered a surf injury. >> just the bandage on the nose and she had blood in her nostril. >> reporter: he said he was there when the costa rican police detained her. >> asking about how to get around cheaper and then the police came. >> reporter: this video purportedly showing them examining her possessions at the hostel. despite the alleged effort to change her appearance and use a
7:46 am
different name, she apparently brought all her documents with her including her social security card, her real passport and covid vaccination card. now, armstrong is being held in a single occupancy cell at the travis county jail. neither armstrong, nor her family or her attorney have so far commented since her capture. if she is convicted, she faces up to life in prison. guys? >> matt, thank you for the latest on that. t.j.? coming up, you've seen nifty behind the back passes but what about a behind the back catch. that's our "play of the day." that we would create the best pet food we possibly could, made with the finest natural ingredients and none of the things you find in many other pet foods. we call it the true blue promise and it's our commitment to feed your pet just like we would feed blue. it's what makes blue buffalo unlike other pet food companies... which have may different brands with different standards. we have one standard—the one inspired by our boy blue, for the wellbeing of your dog or cat. because like you, we love them like family, too.
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♪ everybody, yeah, yeah ♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. and a braves pitcher has been injured for the last two months, made his first appearance at the plate last night. might be a little rusty, so let's see how he looks. tyler matzek. looks okay. first appearance in two months and pulls that -- see how cool he is. >> i know, really. this was nothing. i love the reaction. so he is back. good to see him. >> how did he do that? >> great reflexes, maybe a little luck. let's call it skill. >> love how you set it up. you had us doubting. boom. he came through and you did too,
7:51 am
thank you, t.j. >> we got the big reveal from the akc, american kennel club. announcing the 200th dog breed that will be eligible for competitions. >> doing the alfred hitchcock thing. >> we'll be back. essure you're a target for chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works in the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause serious side effects including dehydration, urinary tract or genital yeast infections in women and men, and low blood sugar. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may lead to death. a rare, life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking farxiga and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, an allergic reaction, or ketoacidosis. and don't take it if you are on dialysis.
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so, if you're at high risk and test positive - don't wait - ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you. our closer to home tour is rolling on with hous >> reporter: our closer to home tour is rolling on with houston's very own elita loresca. >> i have the chopper up. sky eye is up on this beautiful houston morning and we are so happy to have you. >> i mean we do have a beyonce fan on us keeping us cool right now but i'm so grateful you invited us here. i got a chance to be with bayou dave one of your local heros working against plastic pollution. i have a whole story
7:55 am
♪♪ ♪ free to feel ♪ experience the perfectly balanced rich flavors of lindt excellence. by the lindt master chocolatier. ♪♪
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. jobina has a look at our traffic. jobina: we had a bunch of issues pop up, we had a clear morning until now. a crash on eastbound 80 at 5th street. the on-ramp speeds up to 21 miles per hour. injuries have been reported. san raphael, a brush fire on north 101. you are looking at 12 miles per hour for your speeds, a slow write on southbound 680 at walnut creek. drew: tracking mild and muddy conditions this morning. low to mid 60's, humidity remains elevated. it is a humid day on the way. better humidity levels, lower humidity levels towards tomorrow afternoon. a live look at sutro tower. you see the fog up above, we
7:57 am
have cloud cover for much of the morning. as we head through the morning hours, a muggy morning. temperatures climbing into the 60's. sunshine away from the coast. reggie: if you are on our abc 7 bay area nap -- app,
7:58 am
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good morning, america. good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, july 4th shooting investigation. the shooter charged with seven counts of first degree murder as the death toll rises. authorities now say he planned the attack for weeks. help on the way. why we could finally see some relief at the gas pump. just how far prices might drop. hayden panettiere for the first time in years talks about her struggles with alcoholism and postpartum depression. >> i've been struggling for a long time. >> how she turned it around. the new study on in-hospital water births. how they can help both mom and baby. dr. ashton is here with what expectant parents should know. hero twins. the 10-year-olds who rescued their dad from drowning thanks
8:01 am
to what they learned from movies. ♪ oh sweet child of mine ♪ and back in action. making sweet superhero moves on screen and off. >> that was very, very impressive what you did back there. >> thor himself, chris hemsworth is saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ oh, my goodness. a busy, busy morning in times square. the full crowd outside. lovely how they make time to be here. you don't have enough to do, t.j.? you know, you have this. you have "gma3." you're -- i understand you were outside and doing -- working the camera as well. >> look, i just stepped out to say hello and justin needed a break, our camera operator out there and he offered to come in and anchor the rest of the show. >> is this the shot that you -- are they saying this is what -- the work you did? >> what do you think? >> don't quit your day job. >> ah. >> you got two of them.
8:02 am
two day jobs. keep them both. >> well, thanks. >> nicely done. >> i follow your lead in this and do the walkabout and go outside in times square. >> it's nice. >> it is nice. it's a big day here for dog lovers. both of you are, o course. sothe american kennel club is announcing their new alfred hitchcock breed. they have a new breed. it's the organization's 200th. we will reveal what kind of doing the. >> that's what they should call it. >> it looked like it. we'll have that new breed in a moment. they're excited about it. 200th breed in competition. also ahead, when should you fill up your gas tank? with a little summer break from the record-breaking prices now may be the time. >> that is all coming up. we'll begin with the latest on the july 4th shooting investigation. want to go back to alex perez in highland park. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, again, george. as the crowds were running for cover authorities say the suspect tried to blend in and then walk to his mother's house. this morning, the suspected shooter who opened fire during a
8:03 am
fourth of july celebration in highland park, illinois, now charged with seven counts of first degree murder, one for each person killed in the rampage. police say the 21-year-old the parade killing 7 and injuring more than 30 in an attack authorities say he had planned for weeks even escaping, according to investigators, in disguise dressed as a woman. >> investigators do believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity and help him during the escape. >> reporter: paradegoers running for their lives. marcie cayman just narrowly dodged one of the bullets. her father hit in the shoulder. he thankfully survived. >> so there was a bullet that literally almost hit your head?
8:04 am
>> it hit my dad but it missed my head. this is why i have the gratitude, right, that life can change in an instant. >> reporter: overnight police say the suspect passed four background checks in 2020 and 2021 despite two prior police incidents. in 2019 he threatened to take his own life and that september family members accused him of threatening to kill them with knife. >> the threat was directed at family include the home. so at that time there was no information that he possessed any firearms. >> reporter: sources telling abc news investigators are pouring over social media posts believed to be from the suspect dating back over a year ago. one video even showing part of the parade route. the suspect leaving a disturbing trail of posts online, on sites like youtube, discord and tiktok. some of that content removed in the wake of the deadly shooting. the suspected shooter also using weapons he had obtained legally, including that assault-style rifle that is legal in parts of illinois but not in highland park. >> the rifle used in the attack was purchased by him. >> reporter: and the suspect is due to be arraigned in court
8:05 am
late this morning. george? >> okay, alex, thanks very much. robin? now to gas prices finally starting to fall. americans hitting the road have seen a steady decline. let's go back to our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis with how long the relief will last. good morning, again, rebecca. >> reporter: hi, robin. nice to see you again. i come bearing better news with prices falling over the last 21 days. the national average this morning is now $4.77 a gallon. that's down about 9 cents in the last week and about 80% of the country is now paying less than $5 a gallon. that's a big change from just a few weeks ago and that's because oil prices are now below $100 a barrel. they're the biggest driver of what drivers pay at the pump and gas buddy is predicting we could see prices in the coming weeks fall another 40 to 65 cents. now, if you were trying to time your next fill-up, the best days to fill up, according to gas
8:06 am
buddy, are monday and sunday, that's when you'll find the cheapest gas. the most expensive days are thursdays and wednesdays which looks like these guys didn't get the memo, guys. i will go and let them know that they need to wait a little more. >> i was thinking about that, rebecca, when you were saying thursday and wednesday. i was like, it's wednesday. so might want to tell those tosts bare. as always, rebecca -- >> reporter: yeah, they didn't watch "gma." we'll let them know. >> you will. thank you as always. a lot more coming up on "gma" including hayden panettiere's first interview in years talking about her battles with alcoholism and postpartum depression and getting back to work. plus, the 10-year-old twins saving their father from drowning from what they learned in movies. they're sharing how they did it and how they're paying it forward. and today we have milo manheim and meg donnelly are in the buckingham, of course, from the upcoming movie "zombies 3." highly anticipated. they are here live. stay with us on "gma." we're right back. we are right b.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
>> i used to love that. >> used to. >> yeah, used to. good point there, george. >> thank you to our wonderful tilt-o-whirl cameraman, henry. welcome back to "gma," everybody. tomorrow we're gearing up pfor the new season of "the bachelorette." apparently, two bachelorettes are competing, rachel and gabby here live. we go to our cover story in cooperation with "people" magazine. hayden panettiere is talking for the first time in years about her battle with alcoholism, postpartum depression and co-parenting while her child is living in ukraine. kaylee hartung has the story. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, george. while she was starring on the hit tv show "nashville" hayden panettiere was on top of the world then she ruined it all as people were telling her she was crazy. now she feels like she's getting a second chance. this morning, hayden panettiere is ready to jump back into the spotlight for the first time in four years. >> these four years have been difficult.
8:12 am
>> yes, they've been difficult. the years before were very difficult for me too. i had been struggling for a long time. >> reporter: the movie and tv star -- >> help me get my life back. >> reporter: -- battled postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter in 2014. now sharing how deep her challenges really were. >> where did you turn to for support? >> the bottle. the bottom of a bottle. i didn't have any negative feelings towards my child. i just knew i was deeply depressed and i didn't know where, you know, the alcoholism was ending and the postpartum was beginning and i ran myself pretty ragged. >> reporter: hayden opening up about her struggle with alcoholism in the latest cover story for "people" magazine. >> i felt like i was walking blind and there was nobody there able to support me in the way i needed to be supported, and i don't like to ask for help either. you know, i want to be that strong stoic woman. but i mean when you see a happy-go-lucky girl for years
8:13 am
suddenly on the floor in a puddle of mess and alcohol, you got to know something is wrong. >> what did it take to get you to this place that you are today? >> it took going to treatment, making a lot of great friends in treatment who can speak on your same level where you don't feel like you're crazy. >> how are you today? >> i'm good. it's an everyday battle. it really is. i'm grateful to say i'm sober today. >> i can only imagine one of the things you're most grateful for is your beautifu little girl. >> oh, she's my favorite little person. and watching how she has handled this whole ukrainian situation has really blown my mind. >> reporter: hayden's 7-year-old daughter with wladimir klitschko calls ukraine home. >> you are confident she's safe? >> she is very safe and where she is, she also has a lot of friends.
8:14 am
>> reporter: with klitschko and his brother on the front lines, hayden rushing to be by her side ensuring she's out of harm's way. >> i said, sweetie, do you know what's going on in ukraine right now? and she said, yeah, i heard something about war. >> and you took action. >> and i took action. so i created hoplon international to make sure every dollar people donate goes to med kits, protective gear, helmets and blood for the people on the frontlines. >> reporter: sharing this video from ukraine. >> thank you for the med kits and the bullet proof vests. they will save our lives. >> they are some of the strongest people i've ever met in my life. so i'm praying, of course, it ends. >> where are you putting your energy moving forward? >> well, of course, to making sure my daughter is okay, of course to helping ukraine, but also getting back to work and that is so good for the soul.
8:15 am
>> reporter: for hayden getting back to work means reprising her fan-favorite role in the upcoming "scream 6." >> sorry, it's just me. i tried to call 911. the landline is dead. someone smashed the router. >> i called them up myself and was like, so, you guys don't want to bring kirby back, do you? >> can you tell us does kirby make it past the first kill? >> i don't think i can, but i don't think anyone is going to be disappointed. >> reporter: hayden says this fan-favorite role of hers is the perfect role for her right now. we have to wait until march 2023 to see "scream 6." you can get the new issue of "people" magazine with hayden on the cover out friday and hear more about her journey on "nightline" tonight. t.j.? >> kaylee, thank you. glad to see she's doing well. a "gma" health alert for expectant mothers. a new report finding benefits of in-hospital water births for healthy moms and newborns.
8:16 am
our chief medical correspondent dr. ashton is here with more. okay, so what are we talking about here, first of all? explain what we're talking about when we say water births and what this study found. >> we're talking about full term uncomplicated pregnancies, so 37 weeks and up, and this was a big study that looked at over 150,000 water births that occurred all over the place in different settings. and we have to remember there is a difference between first stage of labor, which is the active stage of labor, and the second stage which is the pushing and delivery stage. and to be clear, before i tell you the good news, t.j., the american academy of pediatrics and acog, which is our professional organization of ob/gyns, say there is not enough data to say for or against water births. this study may move the needle somewhat. what they found when they looked at over 150 water births, actually some pretty good news.
8:17 am
they found higher rates of maternal satisfaction, less incidents of heavy postpartum bleeding, less pain for the mom. no difference in cesarean section rates which is significant, although they did find slightly more cases of what is called a broken umbilical cord which was managed without any difficulty. so hopefully this will provide the data that the american academy of pediatrics and acog want to give laboring women some more options. >> we hear about at-home water births so often. but what is the difference between in the hospital and -- >> very different and i have to tell you, t.j., as a board certified ob/gyn, i have delivered over 1,500 babies. while complications and life-threatening emergencies are rare, i have seen them happen. when they happen, they can affect either the mother and/or the baby and i will tell you that minutes or seconds count. really it's about having access to an operating room and an anesthesiologist that obviously you don't have at home. >> how do you find out if it is
8:18 am
an option for you? >> for women talk to their midwife, their obstetrician and express what your interests and questions are. that dialogue is so important because women need more options. that is for sure. >> all right, dr. ashton, thank you. i'll see you later. maybe we'll do some work together. >> let's do that. >> robin? >> t.j., thank you. now the 10-year-old twins who rescued their dad from drowning spraining into action using their moves that they had seen in movies. now they're helping other families stay safe. will reeve has that story for us. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this rescue is like a scene from a movie itself. dad is underwater turning blue and the kids, they jump into action. they drag dad out of the water along with their friend and then they are trying to find help, but can't find help so they're applying cpr which they had never been taught. they had only seen it in the movies. this morning this father's heroes are his two young sons who saved him from drowning in
8:19 am
his backyard pool in alabama. >> there's no way we should have been able to do that. >> reporter: brad hassig said he was swimming with his twins, christian and bridon and an 11-year-old neighbor when he passed out in the middle of underwater meditations he's done a dozen times before. >> we were just swimming. the boys were having fun. i like to do calming breathing exercises in the water which entails just sitting underwater. i was saying the lord's prayer and i just -- i don't ever remember finishing it. >> reporter: the boys noticed their dad slumped over at the bottom and sprang into action. they started by dragging 185-pound hassig to the side of the pool to get his head out of the water. >> they weigh 80 some pounds, around there, and i weigh 185 pounds. so they shouldn't have been able to physically do what they did. i mean, everything just went as perfectly as it probably had to have. >> i just had a moment where jesus was sitting right behind
8:20 am
us the whole time. >> reporter: christian and neighbor sam ran for help while bridon started cpr. he had no training but learned a few moves from watching the movies "hook" and "the sandlot." and he kept up the chest compressions and mouth to mouth puntil an ambulance came. 46-year-old hassig was rushed to the hospital and released a day later and is feeling better today. a similar scene playing out just weeks later when american swimmer anita alvarez competed in a synchronized swimming competition and lost consciousness. she sank to the bottom of the pool. hassig says he's done with underwater meditations and he and his boys want to make sure this never happens to anyone else. >> never swim alone. >> get trained to learn how to do cpr. >> reporter: so the reason the boys had to run for help is because they couldn't unlock dad's phone.
8:21 am
so, as a reward for their heroism, they're getting new iphones and the family is setting up a communitywide cpr event for kids and adults to learn and also "the sandlot" looks like it should be required viewing for american youth. >> glad it all worked out well. those two little twins, boy, adorable. thank you, will. now let's get to ginger. ging? >> reporter: yes, robin, our closer to home tour is rolling on with sunshine infused by elita laresca. we're going to do a little weather together. let's start with the fire in southern california. we love when animals get the help they need and these firefighters helping the dogs out so beautiful. even here in houston with all the moisture in the air you have burn bans. >> it's incredible. much of our region under burn bans. there's over 254 counties in texas, ginger and 187 counties now under a burn ban and we know
8:22 am
why, it's because of this. the drought, we're now seeing extreme to exceptional drought and rainfall totals are almost 7 inches below normal. >> reporter: amazing. au drew: i'm due to with your anti-weather forecast. still a human day on the way. we have morning cloud cover giving way to afternoon sunshine. inland temperatures in the 60's and 70's into the afternoon. tonight, our marine layer comes back. likely some coastal drizzle. overnight temperatures in the 50's and the low 60's. humid today. lower humidity tomorrow. it feels a lot better by the end of the week. it feels like we it feels like we've been waiting -- >> are you going to do it? >> nope. they want me to say furever. we've been waiting forever for this segment.
8:23 am
it's time to reveal two of the dog breeds to join the american kennel club. i guess i did do it. >> some of the most famous akc breeds you're seeing there but we want you to meet the newest one to join the club and let's finally reveal it is the bracco italiano. come on out. we have two. nigel and beretta and lisa joining us with brandi munden. welcome to all. >> i think the music was a hit. >> nigel is the boy and beretta is the female. >> how excited are you to have them joining the club? >> i'm very excited. we've been waiting quite a few years for it and it's finally here. >> brandi, what does it take to become an akc breed? >> first and foremost have a national parent club charged with protecting the breed. they create the breed standard. you have to have a pedigree. every dog in our registry has at
8:24 am
least three generations of pedigree in it. so they establish their stud book and did all those things and they have to hold matches and have a certain number of households in the country because the goal of any of this is preservation and we really want to preserve the breeds and make sure they're around for the long haul. this breed has been around for a long time. >> tell us about this breed. >> it is a gun dog breed. the only other gun dog breed from italy and it's a short-haired breed. beautiful to look at and max out at 90 pounds. they are the consummate companion-time breed. they were actually developed to be modified for hunting. hi. they're developed to adopt a hunter. a hunting, retreating breed and excellent with families. extremely intelligent and form wonderful bonds with children. they need mild exercise and light jogging. if you have a good yard, they'll be your best friend and they have an excellent temperament as you can see here. they're very chill but when they go out in the field they are tireless and love to be on couches and next to their owner but put them in the field and you'll be tired long before they will.
8:25 am
>> this one -- >> we just heard her describe what it takes to become an official breed. you said you've been waiting a while. it sounds like a long, long process. how long have you been waiting for this moment, this day? >> so i received nigel about four years ago and i've been showing in the fss and miscellaneous group for the last several years until wednesday when we became fully recognized. but as brandi said, it's a long process to get there. my breeder that i got nigel from has been waiting 13 years. she imported her first dog 13 years ago and has been waiting for this moment so she's very excited. >> they've been in the states since the '90s so it's been a while. >> what is he doing? >> he's being a camera hog. >> aww. >> stealing a little focus. >> a little bit. >> they're family dogs, not city dogs? >> they can be city dogs but do enjoy a good romp. they need a good amount of exercise. if you like to jog or take long walks on the beach, they'll be
8:26 am
just fine with you. they need a good amount of exercise. but for kids, for families that really want a dog that's going to be able to go and run and jump and play, this is an excellent breed. >> they're beautiful. thank you both very much. >> thank you for having us. >> we appreciate it -- so cute. want to take him home with us. coming up next here, chris hemsworth, "thor: love and thunder" reveals the superhero movie he pulled on his parents that left them in tears.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. checking in now for a look at traffic. >> we will start with a couple issues. an alert on northbound 101 before peninsula avenue in san mateo, six miles an hour. a brush fire reported in low ps causing a slowdown on 880, the ramp to 237. the bay bridge toll plaza is basically empty. >>
8:28 am
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>> live doppler 7 showing you cloud cover is thick across the region this morning, even areas of drizzle, especially in the hills and across san francisco. mid-60's, muggy as well. it is a mild start. this is our east bay hills camera. fog, drops on the lens. a marine layer delivering some light drizzle in spots this morning. a lot of cloud cover today. it is muggy. we hang onto the humidity. away from the coast, sunshine and 60's and 70's. >> we will have another news
8:30 am
update in 30 minutes. you can find the latest on our app and ♪ you got the love ♪ ♪ you got the love ♪ ♪ you got the love ♪ is t.j. doing this shot? i'm just making sure. wanted to see if you ran outside again. it looks like your work. >> so it didn't look good? >> it looked great. it's summer blockbuster season. marvelous movie stars coming back to the big screen, that's chris hemsworth and "thor: love and thunder." zohreen shah talked to him all about how the action-packed film was also a family affair in some ways. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. family means everything to chris hemsworth. all three kids are in this movie but there was one family story that i was not expecting that i've never heard him tell before and it had me pretty emotional.
8:31 am
for chris hemsworth, going from dad bod to god bod to prep for "thor: love and thunder." >> let's see who you are. i take off your disguise and -- flick. >> you flicked too hard! >> reporter: with a full time job in and of itself. >> how did you make the transformation? >> there was a body suit for the slightly kind of out of shape version of thor. then for normal thor it was training. i did nothing but train and eat and train and see what i could do to my body and got into the best shape i've ever been in and then had to maintain that four months which was pretty difficult. >> how much did you have to eat? >> this was the most i've ever eaten. every couple hours is another meal and starts off, yeah, cool, by like week three or four you're like i can't do this anymore. >> reporter: filming "thor: love and thunder" was also a family affair for the 38-year-old
8:32 am
actor. >> his hands were once used for battle. now they're humble tools for peace. >> reporter: his 10-year-old daughter india rose and 8-year-old twin sons who recently joined dad and mom elsa on the red carpet at the film's sydney premiere have small roles in the movie. >> this is her first, her debut. >> it was. >> what was it like? >> it was great. it started off as just a tiny little role and i said maybe my daughter could do it and then i shot on an iphone the scene and it evolved more and more and sh. incredibly proud. my kids played a small part as did natalie's kids and christian's kids. they're all in it somewhere. >> have they seen it yet? >> my daughter is -- she cringes at it. as a young kid to see yourself on screen is pretty daunting. yore playingrep,ou ike this you
8:33 am
have to dig into that childlike wonder and fascination and i think they love that. they embody that. they enjoy it. >> reporter: in 2014 hemsworth and his wife married since 2010 moved from hollywood back to his native australia. >> we have a farm lifestyle with a bunch of animals and horses and motorbikes and spend most of the time outdoors. that's how i grew up too. >> anything you would tell that teenager now if you could about this crazy world of hollywood that maybe he didn't know back then? >> yeah. i think i put a lot of pressure on myself, you know, to sort of do the things i wanted to do and help my family and so on. i'd tell him to relax and tell him it's all going to be okay. enjoy it. have fun. you know, let go. it's all cool. >> reporter: and now with more than 25 film credits to his name, hemsworth comes a long way from the teenager who wasn't sure he'd be able to make a
8:34 am
career out of acting, something he wanted to do to try and help his parents out financially. >> i remember talking to my dad once and asking him, you know, when they would pay off the said, never. i'll do it til the day i die. i still remember the day, the first big paycheck i had, i got their account number off my brother and i said, i'm going to put money in their account to pay off the house and i remember pulling over on the side of the road in london when i was shooting and both my parents just in tears and my dad not really understanding what had happened. i said, you're done. that's it. you don't owe anyone anything anymore. >> i think that's every kid's dream. >> yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: i stood up pretty quickly after that because i had tears running down my face. that story is so full circle because his mom helped out big time with his audition for that first "thor" and now his parents' life has changed in ways they could have never known. "thor" hits theaters friday.
8:35 am
>> now i want to see it even more, zohreen. we were crying along with you. they really seem like a lovely family. >> yes, they do. coming up, the stars of disney's "zombies 3." milo manheim and meg donnelly,
8:36 am
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we are back with the star, yes, stars of the hit movie franchise "zombies" back now with the third installment. here they are, meg donnelly and
8:38 am
milo manheim telling us about going back to seabrook high. good to see you both. >> good to see you too. >> thanks for having us. >> you're from new york. you're from l.a. >> yes. >> in l.a. to have a big old billboard -- >> i know. >> do we have a picture of this? a billboard of you. >> oh, wow. that is insane. it still doesn't feel real. in the hometown on sunset, are you serious? i'm getting texts from my just saying, you know, how proud they are. it's such a crazy accomplishment. >> somebody's got to be giving you a hard time. you always got a friend -- >> i do. i was like, you're really far to the left on this billboard my friend was saying, next time let's get you more center. one of my friends said that to me. >> as you were shooting, the third installment, you were shooting in toronto but you are running around trying to keep from giving spoilers beause you had so many fans. explain this to me. so many fans out you were playing hide-and-seek
8:39 am
essentially in and out of your trailers. >> yes. one time we were outside the trailers were in a parking lot and there were all these fans which is great but they were like knocking on our doors and our trailers because our trailers had our character's names on it and the aliens weren't announced yet and no one knew there were aliens in the movie yet so we were all running around playing hide-and-seek. >> running around trailers. it was crazy. >> do i have this right? you're in this new installment and going to an international cheer competition. you're a zombie about to go to college. aliens crash the party and you end up on a spaceship. do i have that kind of -- >> yeah, yeah. >> good job. >> that was me setting up this clip you're about to see. >> oh, wow, here we go. >> zombie reflexes. >> what are you doing here? >> i got beamed up. what are you doing here? >> aspen asked if i could help with my knowledge of seabrook. >> oh, poor thing. they're trying to spend alone time with you. >> alone time? why? oh, okay, well, i do have universal appeal.
8:40 am
>> that was crazy. i haven't seen that in so long. >> i didn't plan on asking this but did she accidentally connect? >> we've had to do the scene in every movie where she punches me in the face and i can say confidently on the second one we got a nice connection to the blow. >> sorry about that. >> it's all good. it happens. it happens. >> there's music, dance. how much fun is this? of course, great dance numbers in this one as well. but how much fun is that and which of the two of you were naturally kind of a better dancer? >> easily. >> no? >> when we go to rehearse i'm always super hesitant and nervous and she attacks it every time and meg just has this swag about her and every time we dance it's -- i feel like me and the whole cast are in awe. >> you seem to disagree. >> no, milo is incredible too. he was on "dancing with the stars," hello. >> that helped a little bit. >> it was incredible. >> you all, look, i got a 9-year-old daughter at the house. she essentially grew up here at "gma."
8:41 am
she's not impressed by what daddy does anymore. can never get her to come here but i told her you were going to be here. daddy, can i come to work with you today? i say that because when did you all realize the impact that you all were having? did you have a moment? >> that's a great question. >> when did you feel like, wow, this is something that's really taken off? >> for me it's been so many moments and such a gradual sort of understanding of, you know, this is the position we're in but, you know, every time when me and meg perform at disney world, for instance, and just performing in front of thousands of people it's moments like that where it really sinks in and you feel it in front of you and you're like, this is where we are right now. we've created this and it's a crazy thing to be a part of. >> so surreal. i think the one time we received a letter recently where there was a girl 10 years old who was like, i stood up to my bully because of the message in "zombies" and it's moments like that, wow, it makes its impact. it's wild. >> there will be a "zombies 4"? >> we'll have to see if you like
8:42 am
"zombies 3" and then we can decide. >> tell us what you think. >> you haven't gotten word yet. not official but we know it will be on disney plus starting july 15th. people want to know, you all are -- this is your hometown. you're taking him around with friends and family. you guys are actually friends. we want to know you are actually -- >> best friends, yeah. >> this is my best friend right here. they've got to know that at this point. >> we've been through so much together. >> this journey. >> congrats on everything, congrats on "zombies 3" and 4 and 5 coming later. >> thank you so much. >> robin, back over to you. ginger is in houston this morning for our "gma" closer to home tour. she's traveling around this great country of ours this summer and this morning, she is showing us some of the city's hidden gems and, ginger, follow you on social. you and buffalo bayou and bayou dave were really doing the cleanup there but i know that you were busy after that finding some free stuff to do there in houston.
8:43 am
tell us about it. >> reporter: we had a blast, robin, just running through houston doing everything we possibly could. after bayou dave said it's a good thing you didn't come on a hot day, i was like, this isn't a hot day? we were sweating. we went and cooled off right there at the major waterfall. that's a water wall close to the galleria where you've got instagram gold. people go there, get engaged and do all their big moments, wedding pictures. 64 feet high. that's 11,000 gallons per minute and you know that water is recycled. otherwise i wasn't going but it is. >> before i move on, is it true you found a kitchen sink in the bayou? someone had -- come on. really? >> reporter: people ask bayou dave, they say what have you found, you know, what's the wildest thing you ever found? he used to say everything but the kitchen sink and then he found a kitchen shrink.
8:44 am
you have no idea how much gets in from the litter of the streets into the waterways. he is a local hero that needs to be celebrated. >> you're celebrating him and also my brother lived in houston since the '70s. he loves it. just there's so many historic places. so many things that people don't in realize are there in houston. >> reporter: i think you sometimes even drive past places, everybody does this in their hometown. sam houston park is one of those spots i never had way chance to visit. i've seen it when i pass through doing a hurricane or something. we got a chance to walk through. the historic district where they brought a lot of the oldest homes in houston to one spot in the middle of the city. you have huge towering, you know, skyscrapers next to these old buildings and i got to ring the bell of the church which was a church that used to be used by swiss and german immigrants and then i had a chance to go to the oldest home which in houston is from 1847 and that one just a beautiful old building and the history here -- you know, you can learn a lot and i think that's important for people to connect to where they live.
8:45 am
we got to do that but have a blast doing it at the same time. cooling off wherever we possibly could and staying hydrated. robin, yes, i'll have to find your brother. that's what i got to do. he's been there since -- he should have given me a tour. >> he could have done that. i love we're doing this series, ginger. this is great. i know you'll do this all summer long. >> reporter: i will. i cannot wait to come to a place nearer your home. that's the whole point. we get out of times square and get to celebrate america, the free things in america which is even better. thank you. i can't wait to be in drew: i'm due to -- i'm drew with your act weather forecast. temperatures into the 60's and the 70's. lower humidity coming our way tomorrow. we will warm up for the second half of f f f f f f coming up, we got the best coming up, we got the best new products you can find in your supermarket from meal kits to barbecue sauce. come on back. ♪
8:46 am
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♪ we are back with some of the best new products you can find in your supermarket. "people" magazine announced its 2020 food awards and we have some of the award winners. glad to see you here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> you have an army of taste testers all across the country. tell us how you narrowed down the choices. >> it was a hard decision. we had over 2,000 different submissions, but we narrowed it down based on several different criteria. taste and flavor, of course, we want the food to taste great. how easy they are to prepare and value because as the cost of food starts going up we want to make sure it's worth the price you're paying. >> that makes a lot of sense. let's go through the categories right now, starting with snacks. >> yes, so our winner are the good and gather dill pickle cashews. if you -- >> dill pickle cashew? >> if you love that pickly flavor, you'll love these. it's this great combination of
8:49 am
the crunchy buttery nuts tossed in this tangy bright salty brine. they're so easy to snack on. kep it in your bag, your desk at work and snack on them all day long. >> sounds good. now we have pantry staples. >> yes. tah-dah. dolly parton, this is her duncan hines collaboration, her southern style coconut cake. obviously we love everything that dolly does including her cake mix. this is a boxed version of her own coconut cake. >> definitely hers. >> definitely hers. it bakes up light and moist and sweet but not artificial tasting the way that some boxed mixes can and a lot of tasters said it tasted homemade. like they made it from scratch. we love dolly. she's our forever queen. next category, fridge and frozen. >> yes, so this is our farmer's fridge burrito bowl which won the fridge and frozen. this you can find in the refrigerated section of the
8:50 am
grocery store. you go to a restaurant and get your build your own burrito bowl. it is layered with cilantro, brown rice, sauteed vegetables, fresh corn, black bean, even guacamole this there. and all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave for about a minute, then add the guacamole on top. >> you have the entire meal in minutes and don't have to leave your house. >> not bad. >> in the fridge. >> and condiments and spreads. >> yes, aww, this is japanese barbecue sauce. one of our top rated winners across the board. it is an amazing blend of soy sauce and ginger and garlic and you can put it on anything -- grilled chicken, noodles, vegetables. we found endless possibilities for this. our kid tasters loved this. the yuzu adds a lovely tartness which you don't get ordinarily. >> can you use it as a marinade? >> yes. sauce, marinade. some people said you can drink it with a straw so i'll leave that up to you to decide whether
8:51 am
you want to go that route but it's delicious. >> very healthy plant-based category. >> yes. so these are two of the winners in plant based. this is country crock's plant-based cream and this is beyond chicken tenders and this is a plant-based chicken. plant-based foods have come so far in terms of taste and texture and satisfaction. this cream is as close to heavy cream as i have seen in plant based form. you can use it for -- >> what is it made out of? >> lentil proteins which i know don't sound delicious but it works. >> i love lentils actually. >> i do too. i didn't expect it in a plant-based cream but it whips up light and fluffy and you can add it to pasta sauces or coffee. it is remarkably like regular s which, you know, plant-based chicken has dramatically improved over the years. this also is a close to real chicken as i've ever tasted. they're fully cooked and frozen. all you have to do is take it out, pop it in the air fryer or oven and you have this delicious crunchy coating on the outside and inside is tender and juicy
8:52 am
and shockingly chicken like. even our kid testers thought it was a winner. >> kid tasters, that's a winner. sonal, thank you for coming in. "people's" issue featu
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ ♪ lowe's has summer savings that turn a spark, into a bang! all season long. >> announcer: okay, how do you kick off the all new summer concert series for america's number one morning show?
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well, you start with the super k-pop girl group aespa in their first morning concert in america. friday only on -- >> all: good morning, america. >> announcer: sponsored by massage envy. that is going to be special. did you hear, george loves len lentils? >> i did not know that. >> how about you? >> i learn something about you every day, george.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. a check on traffic. jobina: we want to begin with a alert we are following in san mateo, causing a large backup on northbound 101 before peninsula avenue. this is a crash and car fire. beads around six miles an hour, a great time to head into san francisco. drew: a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. spots of drizzle along the coast and in portions of the east bay this morning. temperatures, mild, in the 60's. human for another day. overcast skies. we have cloud cover throughout the morning. kumasi: it is time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we will be back with mid-day live, we hope to see you then. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today on "live," today, "saturday night live" alum, rachel dratch, an award-winning broadway star, bernadette peters. plus, update your home for under $100. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: hey! good morning. how are you? >> kelly: how are you? [applause] i've got to tell you


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