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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this happens dozens of times in the bay area, drivers hit by billets, sometimes caught in the crossfire and other times targeted. for the first time we are able to see and hear what it feels like to be in the car when this happens and we are now hearing from a couple who survived. karina: the shooting happened last month as they entered the freeway from grand avenue. today they spoke with abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley. leslie: 5:00 p.m. june 14. >> [shouting] >>you ok? they just shot through our window! you ok? i am fine. leslie: leaving for work in san leandro, garrett mason and fiance tina do sh find themselves in a shootout as a vehicle cut them off in another tale of them. >> it was 15 seconds of being on the freeway. the first vehicle shot backwards
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at the second vehicle, which we happened to be lined up with along the freeway. >> i heard a few rounds and when it hit the front windshield, i thought it was a bullet. i was feeling my body making sure nothing else was hurt, and frustrated strike -- reporter: police told them that freeway shootings were not common. more than 80 freeway shootings in the bay area in the last four years. >> the only rare part of the scenario was the fact that the bullet went right past her face. leslie: they posted what happened for two weeks and then posted on instagram, which blew up overnight. they recovered their insurance deductible through a gofundme and then took it down. >> i grew up in the southbay and my family is all here. hearing the story not too long ago about the two-year-old boy, and now this, i don't want it to
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affect anyone else. it is really disappointing that it is happening in her hometown. >> unfortunately, we were in the wrong place, at the right time. i mean, people have commented that if we were a second faster or slower in our car, how could that have changed? we can't think too much about the what ifs, it is just where we're at. >> you could say that we literally dodged a bullet. leslie: in the east, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. karina: you heard kinnaman mentioned the little boy who was shot and killed, his name was jasper wu. on a saturday afternoon he was in his car seat in his mother's car when a stray bullet struck him on southbound 880 near 2nd street in oakland. the case remains unsolved, as do dozens of other freeway shootings. -hour ride team dug into her frequently these shootings happened and what is being done
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to protect drivers. you can find more in larry: now to develop these on the highland park. shooting. in the last 24 hours, the suspect made his first court appearance. catherine goldstein, irina and kevin mccarthy, husband and wife, who leavewife, who leave a two-year-old son, jacquelyn sundheim, stephen straus, nicholas toledo-zargoza, and edward mr. obama: who made it to a hospital but later died of his injuries. approximately 40 wounded survivors are still recovering. police say the suspect confessed to shooting on monday morning. and he was on the verge of a second attack. abc 7 news reporter morgan norwood has the details. >> morgan: the suspected gunman who unleashed nearly 70 rounds on july 4 in highland park, illinois, now being held in jail without bond. it comes as police begin
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clearing the parade route of those belongings for those forced to run for their lives. the alleged rampage could have been much worse, and that he contemplated an attack in madison, wisconsin. >> the suspect observed a celebration here in madison and decided not to attack the celebration for reasons undisclosed by the investigators . the fbi contacted the madison police department and requested mobilization of our s.w.a.t. team. we were subsequently informed that the suspect was already in custody in illinois. morgan: robert crimo, iii faces seven counts of first-degree murder. dozens more charges are likely. >> for each individual who was hurt, but can anticipate an attempted murder charge as well as an aggravated battery with a firearm charge. morgan: as police continue to uncover questions about missed red flags and whether the gunman should've had access to a
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firearm, police say he passed four back rent checks in 2020 and 2021, despite two prior police incidents. in 2019 when he threatened to take his own life, and in september, when police say they confiscated knives after family members accused him of trying to kill people. >> there was never a firearm or threatening restraining order, and order where primarily family members and other individuals concluded court and ask that somebody have their firearms taken and not be allowed to purchase firearms. they did not happen in his case. morgan: officials have identified all seven who were killed in the attack. more than a dozen remaining hospital. the suspected gunman is due in court next month. morgan norwood, abc news, illinois. larry: to find continuous coverage of the shooting, look for the abc 7 bay area news app, we are 24/7. karina: firefighters are trying to put out the fire in the sierra foothills and are getting an assist from the weather.
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cooler conditions have slowed the progress of the fire, which has burned 4100 acres in amador county and calaveras county. contentment is up to 40%. evacuation orders in amador county have been downgraded to warnings. the fire started on monday and is threatening 1200 structures. you can see that wildfires in california at a glance by using our interactive wildfire tracker, on larry: now to the pandemic. in california the number of covid cases has topped 9.5 million. the test positivity rate keeps climbing, now at 15%. and for the first time since february, more than 4000 patients are in the hospital. california students start going back to class next month, and the health department says masks will not be required in the classroom. the guidance is not new, in fact, it has been in place since spring. that is why education reporter lyanne melendez is joining us live now to explain why the
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remainder, and why now. lyanne: i think the message the health department wants to convey here is, in case you have any doubts, in case you're wondering, we are not requiring students or staff to wear our mask. but they say that as long as the state safety measures continue to be in place, covid is something we have to learn to live with, that is what they are saying. at the same time, health officials are saying, don't let your guard down. the state health department believes, quote, "california schools can manage this disease in sustainable and adaptive manners. that includes keeping up with vaccinations, testing, and the continued use of air filters at schools. >> last fall we purchased thousands of portable air cleaners for our classrooms and schools. we will continue to monitor those, change the filters if needed, and following health guidance so that students can learn in person. lyanne: san francisco unified and other school districts in the bay area lifted the mask
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mandate in spring, and to strongly recommend wearing them in the classroom and other indoor spaces. the san francisco department of public health is strongly recommending people wear our mask right now indoors and in public settings. >> still going to wear it indoors for protection from covid. >> i think we're at the point where people are tired of wearing masks. lyanne: that she and her family will still wear them. >> we have always close together. so if you like it is safer to wear our mask. >> vaccinated people can still get covid. still wear our mask if you can get inside and outside. lyanne: there is always a concern that there could be an outbreak when students return to school. >> throughout this pandemic we have seen the guidelines continue to shift, so we will continue to pivot as needed. lyanne: the health department is recommending every student and staff get tested before going back to school next month. and teachers and staff are required to get vaccinated, but
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the mandate has been delayed for students until july of next year. larry: i am almost afraid to ask, just because the past 2.5 years, everybody is making their own rules and they are constantly changing, but the health are not recurring kids and staff to wear our mask, but can individual district and force that anyway? lee anne -- lyanne: absolutely. schools are -- states are allowing not only the districts, but counties and even individual schools to maintain mask mandates if they so choose. larry: so you have to check with the principals and school officials. lyanne: right, they know best. larry: by the way, lyanne has been reporting on bay area school issues for decades, that is wh. , you can reach her online. nd twitter handles are on your screen right now. karina: coming up, a new health
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threat. familiar worries when it comes to monkeypox in the bay area. larry: next, we talk with insider phil matier. there is political controversy involving governor newsom. karina: and tonight we will hear from michael finney with any warning about scammers using zahl pop with transfers so fast they can't be traced. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. slick roads and this is john. he hasn't worked this hard to only get this far with his cholesterol. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were
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larry: he is on vacation, and even that has political ramifications. governor newsom is vacationing with his family in montana. another states california has banned state-funded travel. karina: joining us now is abc7news insider phil matier. we have some questions for you. the governor is using his own money for the trip, a personal vacation. so what is the problem? phil: the problem is perception. here is the deal. california has barred state to travel to 22 states across the country for various reasons, including their anti-lgbtq stance on issues. the official ban on official travel. the reason they are doing that is to make the point that you should steer clear of these states because of their discriminatory policies. so gavin newsom is not violating the law of the ban, but the question is, is he violating the spirit of the ban, a ban that he
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supports and vocally supported recently on an ad in florida where he slammed that state and that state's government for not being up into the lgbtq communities and other things? larry: is it going to hurt him long-term? looks like he has bigger political inspirations. phil: i wouldn't say it hurts him in the sense of getting arrested for drunk driving, or hurt him in the sense of being impeached, but it is a reinforcement of the perception of gavin newsom that he says one thing and he does another. more specifically tells you to do one thing and he does another. we first saw it in the legendary visit to the "french laundry," which like it or not has defined him in part nationally. he is a charismatic and forward-thinking guy that could go places, but he also has this part of him to make news whether he likes it or not, especially on slow news days
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when we pick it up and the nation picks it up. larry: do all roads lead back to the french laundry for governor newsom? phil: once you have an image like that, he went to one of the most exclusive restaurants for a party when he was telling everyone else to stay away, even though he followed the protocols, it is the image. like it or not, the first impression lasts. do all roads lead back there? no but all, hunched lines do, and that could be worse. karina: let's turn to some local politics. where is san francisco with replacing chesa boudin as district attorney? any signs on who might be chosen? phil: mayor london breed is spending time at city hall interviewing candidates and talking to constituent groups. she is looking for somebody who cannot only run the office but has prosecutorial experience. she is also looking for someone who could get reelected in the
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next time around and that gets down to about four or five candidates, among them the san francisco supervisor and former deputy da of contra costa county. we have got brooke jenkins, former homicide head here in san francisco. judge eric fleming. and nancy, prior to district attorney she was a candidate. we will see how it shakes down. whoever goes ahead, they will be in the spotlight. larry: the investment in a couple of days? phil: i believe it will be there tomorrow or friday. larry: thank you, phil. karina: there is a growing demand for vaccines and tests not for coronavirus, for monkeypox. four local counties have possible or confirmed cases -- santa cruz, santa clara, alameda and san francisco. the city has the highest number, 40. and there are concerns that there are enough vaccines. reporter melanie woodrow has a
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story. melanie: health officials say cases of monkeypox in the city are growing. >> in san francisco we have doubled cases in the last week or so, probably seeing the tip of the iceberg of people actually imposed and or have disease. melanie: making the need for testing and vaccinations all the more critical. the cdc and labcorp announced that labcorp will begin monkeypox testing, doubling nationwide testing capacity. labcorp will offer testing at its largest facility in the u.s., and will accept specimens from anywhere in the country. it expects to be able to perform 10,000 tests per week. melanie: it democratizes testing. meantime, the san francisco aids foundation says the demand for vaccines is outpacing the availability of vaccines. this is the ceo of the san francisco aids foundation. he says in june, the foundation received 60 doses of the vaccine, not enough to provide vaccines for everyone calling and asking for one.
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>> the first day alone be received 500 calls and have more than 300 individuals nor waiting list. in order to best triage those who are calling in, we are at this time only able to really help those who have been exposed or believe they have been exposed. melanie: the vaccine supply is controlled at the federal level, which in turn supplies each state. >> we are pushing the san francisco aids foundation to get at least 1000 doses in the next 30 days. melanie: he says the san francisco aids foundation is uniquely positioned to reach communities who may be at higher risk for monkeypox and so in ways that are affirming and compassionate. >> i am urging everyone not to stigmatize this disease. right now it is in one population, but in the arc of monkeypox, it affects all segments of the population equally. melanie: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. karina: monkeypox is rarely fatal. the most obvious symptom is a
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rash but patients can get a and fever and chills. the illness typically lasts 2-4 weeks. people who don't have the symptoms cannot spread the virus to others. it is spread through close physical contact, including cuddling, and sex. there are no treatments, but there are two vaccines. larry: sandhya patel is here with the weather forecast. humidity, almost down? sandhya: almost there. over producer kate says she doesn't like it, i get it. it is definitely sticky and frizzy whether which we are not used to it here in the bay area. blame it on this trough, you can see the winds knowing of of the ocean and blowing towards the land and when you look at those ocean temperatures, they are in the upper 50's. point arena, san francisco.
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low 60's in places like monterey bay. sea surface temperatures are higher. combined with the wind flowing off the ocean, viewpoints are in the uncomfortable range. for places like half moon bay, it is humid, 61 right now. let's look at the dew point forecast. tonight will still be a bit on the humid start, but as larry mentioned we start to notice that the humidity will come down especially friday, when we start to see mid-to-upper 40's for dew points, which is more in our comfort range. almost done. as we look at a life picture from our kgo camera, we saw some measurable precipitation in the form of a drizzle or a mist shower. we got about 0.20 inches in el cerrito. a live view from our east bay hills camera towards mount diablo, clouds beginning to roll in.
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mid-to-upper 60's. some bay area cities are 4-9 degrees below average. 73 in san jose. blue skies in san jose right now. low 70's for santa rosa and napa and petaluma. napa at 67. concorde and livermore in the low 70's. beautiful view from our mount tam camp combination. we are expecting hot days. so be ready for that. tonight we will have drizzle around especially near the coast. widespread cloudiness tomorrow morning the damp roadways for a few hours before we see the clouds pulling back in the afternoon and evening. morning temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's. give yourself extra time because of the drizzle, you might need your wipers and get slowed down by the low clouds. mild tomorrow afternoon and
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warmer than today, low to mid 80's in the end. upper 60's to the 70's around the bay and near the coastline. morning drizzle and clouds, humidity slowly decreasing. it will be lower on friday. but temperatures are coming up, 90's in land 60's coast. cooler on saturday and then the heat is back in the heat is back inland, mid-90's sunday and monday. we will have the summer spread. mid-60s close site. cooler weather and breezier conditions on tuesday and wednesday. larry: thank you. you have probably heard people say that we are at risk of recession. tonight an
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[cheers and applause] karina: today of three stock indices made gains. albeit minor. the nasdaq at 39 points. the smp went up 13 points. investors have been cautious because of worries about inflation rising, and rising interest rates and possible recession. larry: san francisco's chief economist says the city could be hit harder than most races if the u.s. actually goes into recession. we spoke to him alive during our 3:00 p.m. show, "getting answers."
6:26 pm
>> our economy has been weaker than other places. that other reason is because the economy is so dependent on the health of the tech sector. rising interest rates particularly affect the tech sector. . we have already seen major declines in the venture capital. a lot of companies in san francisco and the bay area, especially the ones that are not profitable, and need continual funding and it will harder to get as interest rates rise. larry: recessions are an economic part of economic activity, and we have been enjoying several years of growth lately. karina: on the books are off the books, why there is an effort to change california's constitution. >> a class action lawsuit says bank of america fails to warn customers that they can get scammed by using zack:. i am michael
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♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra.
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common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye? ask your doctor if a 90-day prescription is right for you. and pay as little as $0. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: could same-sex marriage be banned once again here in california? that is the fear following the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. karina: reporter tim johns
6:30 pm
explains what is driving the fear, and have some plan to fight it. tim: following the supreme court's landmark case overturning roe v. wade, advocates and lawmakers are worried they might be next because of proposition eight, the same-sex marriage band that was approved by voters in 2008. struck down by a judge in 2010, it still remains in the constitution and can be removed only with voter approval. now many are worried that prop 8 could become the law of the land once again. >> i think it is wise to look at this. tim: margaret russell is a professor at santa clara university who has studied laws around sexual orientation. she says the recent roe v. wade ruling could put other decisions at risk. >> the fact that the supreme court of the united states is looking at this again, means that that lower 2010 decision could be revisited. tim: to combat the issue members of the state's lgbtq caucus are
6:31 pm
ocean for a ballot measure to have voters officially remove prop 8 from the state constitution a move that the president of sf pride says is a good thing to do. >> so many people are just coming to that opinion that they are just realizing how vulnerable it still is. tim: until the law is officially removed weisinger says she will keep fighting ensuring that hard-fought rights are here to stay. >> we have to still be vigilant in a blue state like california. tim: it san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news. karina: in the southbay, testing shows covid sub variants are to blame for prolonging a case search. one month ago, santa clara officials were hoping to see a tick in the current surge the end of june. that has not happened. the county is still seeing 1000 cases daily, according to the seven-day average, and now the santa clara county public health department director, will give
6:32 pm
an estimate on when a peak could happen. >> the main reason why is because we have additional subvariants that continues to circulate and unlike the omicron surge, rate went up and went down quickly, we are continuing to see a continued high level of transmission in the community. karina: county health officials say we need a prolonged and steady drop in cases detected in wastewater, before they can say we are exiting the search. larry: we report about the many scams that drain victims' bank accounts using zelle pop the popular quick payment app owned by major banks. scammers use a variety of schemes to trick victims into sending the money. the scary part -- the transfers are so fast that they cannot be traced or reversed. now and lawsuit claims bank of america failed to warn customers about the risk of sending money through their. 7 on your side's michael finney is here. this never ends. michael: the complaints keep
6:33 pm
coming in. zelle is the most widely used and peer-to-peer payment app in the country. hundreds of banks automatically add it to their online and mobile banking apps. it is simple to use and the money's gone fast. that makes it the perfect tool for scammers. >> he goes, well, they just tried to get $3500. >> i fell for it. >> he said, ok, we will get you that $3500 back. michael: were bank of america customers. >> you go to zelle. >> we will need you to zelle pope $3500 to yourself. >> i made the transfer. >> $3500 was gone right then and there. michael: were tricked into sending money to the bank imposters using za zelle and wee shocked to find bank of america offers no. >> fried protections i trusted my bank to have top-of-the-line security. >> you made the feature available to your customers on your app and you will not honor
6:34 pm
my money? they said, no, ma'aml now bank of america is defending a federal class-action lawsuit, claiming it encourages customers to use zelle without warning about the, quote, huge security risks of linking zelle to the ir accounts. zelle has $490 billion in money transfers last year alone, and yet it has, quote, a massive fraud problem." the class-action suit says bank of america is aware of the risks to customers, but still touts zelle to customers as a free and convenient way to make transfers. once the money is sent, it says there is virtually no recourse for customers to recoup losses due to fraud. they bank of america spokesperson said "we disagree with the allegations and will seek to have the case dismissed." the plaintiff is a san jose man who fell for a phony job scam. he sent $2500 to the fraudsters
6:35 pm
via zelle, and another $2400 using venmo. bank of america denied his claim for reimbursement. , b of a has often pointed to the customer service agreement which says neither the bank nor zelle offers a protection program for authorized payments. by the lawsuit says that warning is missing from the marketing materials. >> you're going to tell me you will not ensure this money? they said, no, you used it through cell. michael: after we pointed out they were tricked into sending the money be of a reversed itself and reimbursed each of these customers. >>, yes. and i started crying. [laughter] michael: the class-action names only bank of america as the defendant, not zelle or venmo, and six relief for b of a customers who were defrauded without being refunded. think of america has yet to file a response in court. now, i want to hear from you. send me your stories about
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buying a home, a car or paying off a loan, buying an expensive vacation, anything to do with money. i want to hear about both your triumphs and frustrations. go to to share your stories, and be careful about using zelle. we have a handful of them that get their money back, actually more than a handful, but i wish we could have gotten them all back. larry: still, great job nonetheless. thank you, michael. karina: fighting gun violence is not just about making your laws. see what everyday people are doing to make a difference. larry: plus, a solution for
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karina: grass fire near the carquinez bridge. sky 7 giving us these live images, you can see the smoke. it is burning in crockett and contra costa counties. the fire department says it received several calls about the smoke from the fire. we will keep you updated. the man on trial for nipsey hussle's death was found guilty
6:40 pm
today of first-degree murder. a jury convicted eric holder of four charges. the grammy-winning rapper was gunned down in 2019 outside his clothing store in los angeles. holder will be sentenced in september. both men grew up in the same neighborhood and at one time in the same gang. prosecuting attorneys say a comment from the nipsey hussle about holder possibly snitching led to the shooting. larry: gun violence is an unfortunate reality, a part of american life. more and more people are now stepping up to say, enough is enough. abc 7 news reporter terry campbell brings us the story. terry: buffalo, uvalde, highland park and all other mass shootings in between, it is all adding up to a massive movement. >> we have seen interest across the state skyrocket. terry: rudy espinoza is a volunteer with "moms demand action." >> in the past two weeks we have had literally thousands of people sign up to become moms demand action volunteers in
6:41 pm
california. terry: the organization was founded in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. a decade later, it is not only mothers, but fathers, brothers, sisters, and more. >> now more than ever we have seen the highest uptake since sandy hook. terry: marching and mobilizing, years of advocacy paying off. its volunteers, a big part of the push and resend passing of tougher gun laws, both state and federal. terry: there is this feeling across america that folks are waking up and realizing that there are things we can accomplish if we stand up and speak and get active. terry: and getting active is exactly what members of the first congressional church are doing in alameda, posting these photos to its facebook page. >> there is an invitation to be a part of this particular march, it was one opportunity that i think folks felt like we can't look away from this. terry: reverent hunter explaining, a swelling of motivation to move from within her cognition.
6:42 pm
>> this kind of violence never has the final word. when we show up in prayer, and in marching, that is when we are living out what god has called us to do. terry: the call of action being heard from one generation to the next. second world wardeanna is a young bay area activist leading the way. >> it is something that we all live in fear of everyday. terry: she en headed up this vigil and she says the movement has been picking up momentum ever since. >> i have seen an influx in gen z and youth trying to get involved in organizing, or at least learning how to get more resources or get involved in making sure that people are going out to vote. terry: tara campbell, abc7news. larry: if you are looking for an ally or a way to take action specifically when it comes to gun violence, we can get you
6:43 pm
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karina: what can happenartist, d a property manager get together?
6:46 pm
they may have a solution to the large number of empty storefronts in san francisco. san francisco is filled with empty storefronts. they played every neighborhood, and on valencia street, this storefront sat empty for two years, until an artist passed through its doors. >> we are going to use art supplies. karina: she took this 6000 square-foot space and turn it into an art gallery. the shows at the drawing room have themes. this latest one showcases artwork from san francisco highs will students. >> most of these students don't have an art class, so they made a lot of this work on their own and in their sketchbooks. karina: the work of 250 high-school students hangs from almost every space available. >> it's exciting to see how people take it in. karina: chloe has a self-portrait on display. >> it's kind of about having to mature and also balance social life and the pandemic. >> we really want kids to feel that art is essential.
6:47 pm
it is what helps bring us together as humans. karina: the drawing room posts life events and musical performances. >> you want the front to be straight. karina: she also hires high school interns. they are setting up an art supply store to help staff the government. >> i learned about creativity and also how to organize the space and make it an environment for other artists. >> we will utilize the height of this -- karina: decarlo used to have studio gallery, but had to close it when the rent went up. as luck would have it, that is about the time when the owner of this property offered her a deal. an investment group led to her to lend it for $100 a month. >> this whole project here is not done by the city, this is done by a building owner, a property manager, and a business that was struggling. karina: she has since activated another storefront into a studio and art gallery in richmond. but the future of the valencia
6:48 pm
site is uncertain. her rent has gone up. she has been fundraising to stay open. still, she is encouraged by the possibilities of a partnership like this. >> we get an average of 50-200 people coming through everyday. i encourage artists to find building owners that want their spaces to be rented. karina: those are some talented high-school students. if you want to see their art, it is on display through saturday at the drawing room on valencia street in san francisco. reang newfi near the carquinez bridge. sky 7 is overhead and these are life pictures. it is burning in crockett, right near the water where the train tracks are located, a lot of brush and grass right there. firefighters are on the scene. , we have seen some smoke in the past few minutes and you can see the fire engines lined up on the road. let's bring in sandhya patel. what are the wind conditions like? we saw the trees blooming around a bit. sandhya: this tends to be a windy area in general. right now it is gusty but it is
6:49 pm
cool, 64 degrees, humidity at 78%. winds out of the west at 70 miles per hour. hopefully they can get the fire out quickly because it will remain windy at 7:00, still breezy overnight, and then picking back up again tomorrow. when you look at the surrounding areas, we have a bit of a breeze in the region towards the delta, 29 miles per hour in fairfield. live doppler 7 showing you clouds around the coast. the advance tomorrow night into the valleys. tomorrow morning we wake up to clouds and drizzle again. warmer than today in the afternoon, 60's to the 80's. that seven-day forecast, enjoy the temperatures in the comfort zone tomorrow because numbers will rise. humidity will go down by friday and then the heat is coming back. inland areas will get to the 90's sunday and monday, 60's coast side. karina: thanks for the heads up. larry: so it will be the uncomfortable zone for a few days. [laughter]
6:50 pm
i am in for dan and chris alvarez is handling sports. no limits to what steph curry can do. chris: no limit. he is on the victory tour. coming up, we know that he can hope, but stephen curry is also a pretty good golfer. we will hear from the superstar after today's practice round in tahoe. sports is
6:51 pm
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>> now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: stephen curry is coming out of his fourth nba title nba finals m.v.p.. he is at lake tahoe for the annual celebrity golf tournament. tournament play runs friday through sunday. his swing is looking good as ever. we will call that a shimmy at the end. a practice round this morning accompanied by his father and brother. . there is seth and there is doubt. remember there is always the family which are of who will jump in the lake on sunday. we will keep an eye on that. steph breaking down his practice round. >> good thing is today is wednesday and it doesn't start till friday so i good some reps in and having fun. i have the competitive streak in me, so friday will be a different story. just happy to be here. it is a crazy turn for a wednesday. and obviously, lake tahoe shows up like it always does. chris: wisemen scrimmage five and five yesterday, and he is
6:54 pm
making tremendous progress according to the warrior assistant coach. he will likely not play on friday, but expect to see wise in action during his las vegas games. oakland is' frankie montas will have a cortisone shot tomorrow in his light shoulder. he has inflammation. the oakland a's are looking to sweep the blue jays out of town. . nice shades for that young man. two on and two out. diving stop. that out and the inning. that was lovely. bottom of the fence, ramon laurie ender, there that goes, a solo blast to left-center. this is why you bring your glove. i got a baseball! 1-0 oakland a's. chapman feeling right at home, the former oakland a player in his second homer in as many days. he ties things in the seventh. top of the eighth, your game-winning sling. 357 feet to left.
6:55 pm
blue jays win 2-1. oakland will welcome in the astros for a three-game set on friday. the former number one overall pick baker mayfield is now a north carolina panther, after the browns traded him for a 2024 conditional pick. he will join the former 2018 number three overall pick, sam turnout and competition for the starting quarterback role. how fast things can change in the nfl. what does this mean for jimmy garoppolo, the niners quarterback should be throwing right now as he recovers from his off-season shoulder injury. he expected to be traded at some point. could it be cleveland? we will see how it plays out. various injuries across the league. stanford is the home of champions, today a cardinal, was shocked to learn about an amazing accomplishment. [cheers and applause] that smiling young lady, juliette whitaker.
6:56 pm
stanford, maryland native was named the 2021-2022 gatorade national girls track and field player of the year. she beat out 501,000 track and field athletes to earn the honor. owners of the award have combined to win 71 gold medals and 94 national championship. all things considered, she has a bright future ahead of her. and like to win gatorade, but never won a gold medal or national championship. but gatorade is good! [laughter] larry: trying to get a sponsorship deal here. [laughter] [laughter] you beat up -- she beat out how many people? chris: half-a-million. larry: pretty incredible. chris: i can't wait to see the tournament. all those athletes competing. steph, the lake jump, i think it will be brother and father. larry: if i am dell, i am starting my warm up swim
6:57 pm
right now. karina: camping up-to-date it is the corners, the goldbergs, abbot elementary and home economics. then it is abc7news at 11:00. remember, abc7news is streaming 24/7 get the abc 7 bay area news app in chinext whenever you want, wherever you are. that's it for this edition of abc7news. i am karina nova. larry: and i am larry beil. for all of us here, have a good night. you 11:00.
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♪♪♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a social worker from long beach, new york... a school librarian from san mateo, california... and our returning champion-- a public defender from los angeles, california... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... [applause] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- mayim bialik. [applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, everyone, to "jeopardy!" the tattoo of our champion, yungsheng wang, translates to mean "live every day to the fullest."
7:00 pm
and after two correct responses in final jeopardy! and a couple of big paydays, he seems to be doing just that. today we welcome jen and alicia. good luck, players. let's go to work in the "jeopardy!" round with these categories... and... yungsheng, select first. movie magic & wizardry for $200. - jen. - who is houdini? - yes. - geography for $200. - yungsheng. - what is the black forest? - yes. - geography for $400. - alicia. - what is the puget sound?


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