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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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try my $4.00 roost fries. order on the jack app today. >> key out of san francisco were mayor london read has booked former prosecutor -- pick her to be the next district attorney. she will replace chase, who was recalled last month. >> we are waiting the official announcement for mayor at city hall and we will bring its u.s. soon as it begins. that evening. >> as we await the mayor's arrival, let's go to abc 7 reporter tim. what more do we know about tim jenkins? clarksburg jenkins used to work in the office and quit her job to campaign against them becoming one of the recalls most prominent voices. you for quitting her job, jenkins worked in the district attorney's office for seven
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years. during her time there she said she became unhappy with the leadership in the department. she became a staple in many ads that called for his recall saying his policies were too radical. >> the safety of san francisco is dependent upon them being recall the soonest possible. quick speaking with abc7news anchor, she warned against former prosecutors in his office calling for his recall. he said it was their own political ambitions that were the real motives. >> if you want to be district attorney and you don't want to run in an open, fair election for the job, that this is a window of opportunity to get your name out there and try to get a job you will never win through a fair and square election. >> mayor london breed said she has considered many factors in sought input from people across the city. >> this process involved oath attorneys who were a part of the district attorney's office, as well as people in all parts of san francisco. >> jenkins said while she believes in criminal justice reform, the opponents of prosecution and accountability
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for people who are effete up and unders. in recent months the mayor has taken a tough approach on crime as broder -- there is concern about car break-ins and vandalism's. be on the factors she said she wanted someone who could get reelected when they face voters in the fall. >> one of my considerations of having a strong constituency of people who will help ensure that they are successful this november and next. >> his last day of district attorney will be tomorrow. quick san francisco police chief bill squat -- phil scott tweeted this, congratulating her saying, i know her to be a person of principle and integrity and i wish her success in them looking forward to working closely with her to ensure the safety and security of everyone in san francisco. >> ears abc7news insider with his take on the mayor's choice for district attorney. >> san francisco is already at the forefront of judicial reform.
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we also already have low incarceration rates. we use a lot of diversion already. they were seen as someone who took it too far, and also who wasn't necessarily running a very efficient office on top of that. so, with the new d.a. has to prove is that she could do something about the crime. two, not overstep and become some hard law and order person or at least have that be the impression, and three, get yourself reelected. >> they say the former ga -- da has a couple of weeks to make up his mind if he wants a rematch in november. he says this was one of the mayor's concerns and appointing jenkins, she wanted someone who could face them head to head. here's another look at the live scene at san francisco city hall where we are awaiting mayor london breed to officially announce her appointment of burke as the new district attorney. replacing the district attorney who was recalled last month.
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as soon as the announcer begins we will bring it to live. >> breaking news in the east bay, video from sky 7 over interstate 580 150th avenue in san leandro where there is this -- there is a possible shooting in the eastbound lanes. looks like this picture is frozen from sky 7. the chp tells us somebody called a report that there may have been a shooting and one car may have been hit, but police of not confirm the report. these are now live pictures from sky 7. you can see his chp officer in the earlier shia investigating the scene and traffic is extremely slow in the area. oakland police say a six person now has come forward with injuries from what appears to be celebratory gunfire that took place near the oakland coliseum. happened after monday night's game when the a's were hosting a fourth of july fireworks show. fans were allowed to watch from the field and several were hit by berlin fragments fired from people outside the stadium in nearby neighborhoods. >> the u.s. supreme court has made it easier for anyone in the
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country to carry concealed weapons, but a new bill at california aims to change that. abc 7 reporter stephanie sierra explains how the's -- process could become more restrictive and costly for taxpayers. >> under state law is a crime to carry a concealed firearm without a valid license. california is among a half-dozen states that no longer require people to show good cause in order to qualify for a license to carry a concealed weapon. often referred to as a ccw. the impact is especially hitting the bay area as several counties that rarely issue these licenses will legally have to as long as the applicant meets criteria. could moral character, be a resident and completes training. >> we have been very conservative about our program. i think now our hands are little bit side. >> since the supreme court ruling, demand for the license is biking. in alameda county the lieutenant
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expects the number to double over the next few months from 300 to 600 and maintaining the influx won't be cheap. >> it will type -- it will cost the county more money. 34 deputies will cost $1 million a year to do that. >> a similar trend is expected in san francisco county. >> i can say i have not issued a ccw since i've been the sheriff. >> the san francisco sheriff says since 2002, only 28 people applied for ccw. less than half are issued a license, but now. >> we received over 50 calls and applications. >> with more applications coming in, more concealed weapons will be circulating the communities. but a new bill moving through the state legislator aims to restrict where these concealed firearms need to be carried out among other things require at least 16 hours of training, which is double the current requirement. >> we are creating concrete
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criteria, basically making sure a weapon only goes to somebody who is a lawful person who's not going to do harm and go to a school and shoot up the school. >> the state senator the bill. if past it would prohibit concealed weapons from places like schools, places of worship, government buildings, businesses selling alcohol, amusement parks and sports venues. >> we will have this on the governor's desk in august, i know he will sign it. lation requires a two thirds vote and wouldn't take effect until january. local county sheriffs issuing these licenses will be reevaluating their approval and denial policies to ensure there is a balance between one's constitutional rights and public safety. >> california and maine will be the only states in the country to offer free meals to all public school students and this is regardless of their income. the decision was made after the federal government announced it will no longer feed everyone. abc7news senior educating
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reporter explains where that money will come from here in california. >> when the covid pandemic forced schools to shut down, it meant millions of students suddenly had no access to lunches. the national school lunch program quickly granted waivers allowing families to pick up meals to take home. later, when schools reopen, the federal government continued to feed all students regardless of their family's income. that is now going away. except that california decided to continue with the universal school meal program for all public school students. >> we still are getting the federal funding for the students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch in the state is kicking in money for other students. >> there are several advantages to having every student seated at the table eating the same meals. for starters, every student at sfusd gets a healthy meal. >> we work with a great partner that designs meals for some of our schools and then the food we
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cook here worked directly with a bunch of california farms to get high quality produce so that we can make a really healthy, nutritious food that's minimally processed. >> i think the other really big piece of this is just building community at school, it's a public school system and we are not differentiating access to something like a textbook based on income. why would we do that for something like lunch? >> another advantage of providing meals for all is that it eliminates the so-called shaming factor, which the district started to address more than a decade ago. >> under the 2009 feed every hungry child program, anyone is entitled to a meal in the school district covers all the unpaid charges incurred by students. >> universal meals, the general fund is really strapped, and that we don't have to worry about that because the state will kick in that money, which is a big deal. >> breakfast for all will also be included in the program.
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in san francisco, abc7news. >> this is the mayor announcing new district attorney, that will be brooke jenkins. let's listen live to the mayor. >> there are people who may feel saddened and upset or hurt spies some of the situations that have occurred. but i want to assure people who are part of san francisco that in our dna is our resiliency, our ability to look at the situations, to combat these situations, and to come back stronger than ever before. this process for the district attorney was a process that was very much similar to what i did to select the three members who we chose to serve on the school board. countless conversations, conversations with people who
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serve as prosecutors. conversations with judges. conversations with everyday people who live all over san francisco and forgotten parts of the city. people who have never been political a day in their life who felt that something was going on in san francisco that needed to be addressed. in almost every single instance, in talking to those who supported and opposed the recall, in talking to those who were victims and former perpetrators of crime in our city, people from all of the spectrums, what they wanted most out of the district attorney in this city was someone who, yes, would make sure that reforms are not forgotten, but that accountability had to be an important part of the equation. in the fact that we have seen
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people try to impress upon us that we would sacrifice either one by choosing either one, is something that is absolutely false. weekend and we should have both in a city like san francisco. and in going through this process and in talking to all of these people, and talking to what i believe for some incredible candidates, the person who stood out the most in this process is a person that will be the next da for the city and county of san francisco. now, i wanted to just tell you a little bit about brooke, but she is here to talk about her own record in her own work.
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yes, many of us were introduced to her during the recall. and a lot of people paid attention to what she had to say. she sacrificed her career to fight for people in the city. to fight for victims who needed a voice in the city. when i tell you the conversations i had with those victims and the stories on the situations that happened, i could hardly believe what's happening and what is one of the most progressive cities in the country. i could hardly believe that we would neglect so many victims in this way. and having those conversations about what needed to be done to support them. brooke jenkins ted out because
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of her understanding of both sides. of having the experience of family members on both sides and understanding the need for compassion and understanding, but also accountability and justice. that balance of fairness is what made her stand apart. the other thing i have heard from many of the people that i spoke to was wanting a prosecutor. they wanted someone who had experience of prosecuting cases, violent crimes in particular. she has prosecuted hate crimes, sexual assaults, homicides. the things that matter to san franciscans the most. there is a lot of work to be
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done in the city and over the years, all the situations we have seen, someone who was arrested and let go, arrested and, arrested and let go, and up unfortunately killing people on the streets of san francisco. in cases that should have been addressed in could have been avoided. there's no question about what to do in those particular cases. i want to also be clear that brooke comes from a place of fairness. this is not just about locking people up and throwing away the key. this is not what we are about in this city. this is about striking a balance and doing what's right and making sure, yes, there are reforms, but that victims,
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especially those who have been burglarized, attacked, assaulted, that they have a voice, that they have a say. this is what i heard from san francisco's -- san franciscans all over the city time and time again. i have no doubt that the person that will strike that balance and work with me and develop good relationships in order to bring about justice in the city and a fair and diplomatic way, is no other than the next district attorney for the city and county of san francisco, brooke jenkins. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. i want to first begin my remarks by thanking mayor breed for giving me the honor of serving
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as san francisco's next district attorney. i know that this was a very difficult decision for her that she took very, very seriously, and that there were a number of other qualified candidates. and i'm truly humbled by this opportunity and assure her now that it is one that i take very seriously. i first knew that i wanted to become a lawyer at 10 years old. but like so many, on the first day that i set foot in the university of chicago law school, i had no idea what kind of lawyer i wanted to be. i spent many years in civil practice until, in 2013 my husband and i became pregnant with our first child. who we found out was a little boy. our son, who we named justice,
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was born later that year and tragically died shortly after his death. it was in the search for my life's purpose, after the death of my son, that i decided to become a prosecutor. while my son died of natural causes, the pain that i felt as a mother was no different than the pain of a mother or father who's had to bury their child for any other reason, including murder. i joined the san francisco's -- san francisco das office in 2014, wanting to be an advocate for those who had suffered loss and pain, much like the feeling that i was feeling. i wanted to hold the hands of families who had had to bury their children because of crime. and i have dedicated my life and
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my career since then to being an advocate for victims, to fighting for justice, and being dedicated to making san francisco a safer place for people to live, work, and visit. unfortunately, as we all know, we are at a tipping point in san francisco. san franciscans do not feel safe. concerns surrounding public safety have become their number one concern. the paramount mission of the district attorney's office is to promote public safety. and as you are next district attorney, i will restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system here in san francisco. violent and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequence. hate crimes will no longer be tolerated.
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our asian community can no longer continue to live in fear of being attacked simply because of who they are as a ago -- as they go about their daily lives in this city. what we know about san francisco is that we are a city accepting of everyone. and it is the das office responsibility to hold those who target others due to hate, accountable. we also know that we have to end the existence of open air drug markets in our city, and that will be one of my top priorities. from minute one, i will begin enforcing our drug crime laws so that we could take back our streets for our neighborhoods in our cities. we are a city of second chances, but the truth is, we have to draw a line with people who choose hate, violence and the life of crime.
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with my years of experience as the designated hate crimes prosecutor and and sexual assault and homicide units, i do believe i am uniquely prepared to address the most serious crimes that are affecting san francisco, but it's not just violent crime that must be the priority of the das office. no longer can we be in different to property crimes. no longer can we as a city view certain crimes as victimless. every single type of crime affects all of us, it affects our quality of life. and for those who own businesses in the city, it affects their livelihoods. under my leadership the das office will work diligently every single day to restore order to our city and to bring our city back to being the beautiful city that we know it is, in the world renowned place that everybody around this world in this country loves to come visit.
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but i want to make clear, holding offenders accountable does not preclude us from moving forward with vital and important reforms to our criminal justice system. as a black and latino woman, i know very well the inequities that exist in our criminal justice system. as the mayor stated, i've had family members on both sides of the members -- courtroom. as offenders and as victims. my family has experienced and seen police violence and misconduct. these inequities are not theoretical for me. they are a part of my lived experience and they are a part of why i do this work. accountability does not mean that we reject reform. we can have responsible reform and accountability both at the same time, and i vowed to the city to balance both in the pursuit of justice and safety for all.
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as your district attorney, i will be committed to enhancing the programs that currently serve as alternatives to incarceration in san francisco, and i am committed to being creative and innovative in coming up with new programs that can serve as resources for rehabilitation for those offenders who are serious about turning their lives around. i know that together, if we keep united, we can make san francisco a safer, stronger and more just place for everyone. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, we will take some questions from the press, jeff.
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>> congratulations. there's an argument amongst some that some of the changes in san francisco happened during the gas area. >> there you have the introductory news conference of burke jenkins, who was named by mayor london breed as san francisco's new district attorney. jenkins says she feels that the city is at a tipping point in many san franciscans do not feel safe right now. she said her number one mission is public safety and she feels she will be able to balance both reform and accountability. the first thing she has to do is get things squared away in the das office. but keep in mind, and a few months she will run for election and may have to face her former boss, who has yet to decide whether he will throw his hat in the race to try to get back into the das office.
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>> time to get a check on the weather in abc7news meteorologist is here with that. how's it looking? >> let's take a look at the temperatures right now, they came up in most areas, 60's to 80's. if you're getting away, sunny and warmer tomorrow. low 70's the low 80's. looking at scattered showers in honolulu, new york city, mid-80's. new york city has a chance of thunder. los angeles sunny 81 degrees. tomorrow morning, fog will not be as widespread. 50's and 60's for your temperatures tomorrow afternoon. warming trend continues. 90's inland. the accuweather 7 day forecast, we are turning up the heat but not until sunday and monday we get a brief cooldown on saturday with drizzle. get ready for hot weather. larry: world news tonight with david is next. >> for all of us here, thanks
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. wnba star brittney griner's surprise plea while on trial in russia. brittney griner carrying a picture of her wife while walking into court today, pleading guilty to drug charges, telling the judge, quote, i had no intention on breaking any russian law. griner arrested for bringing vape cartridges of hashish oil into the country. the charges carrying up to ten years in prison. and after writing president biden, telling him she's terrified, u.s. embassy officials in court today hand-delivering the president's response. rachel scott is at the white house. back here at home, new details tonight about the suspect charged in the deadly parade shooting in illinois. abc news speaking to his father, who claims he had no warning this was going to happen. why he says he has no regrets helping his son obtain a gun permit.


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