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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 8, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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getting answers today, we wit. alright. it might wobble, but we can do it. let's not get cocky now, kate. oh, no, i won't. [ creaking ] oh, i see something cracking! remember, the team who knocks the stack over or is the last to touch the stack before it falls is out. just yank it right out. $10,000 on the line. i feel like all the banners are gonna come down. be careful, kate, 'cause that could be bad. yeah! okay. alright. alright, kate. you can be happy about it, kate. whew! i'm so nervous. kate is traumatized. alright. alright, what's a picnic without its bread? emergency teams air-lifting him to the hospital. news about the gunman's alleged. the former prime minister respected by leaders around the world. president biden calling him his friend, signing a condolence book, ordering flags at the white house to half staff. new details coming in at this
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hour. and that breaking news -- late word tonight that elon musk is ending his bid to buy twitter. the $44 billion deal collapsing. why the world's richest man decided to walk away and what happens now. two weeks after the supreme court's bombshell decision to overturn roe v. wade, president biden today signing an executive order aimed at protecting access to reproductive health-care services. the president blasting the majority decision, calling the supreme court out of control. with nearly all abortions now ceased in 14 states, the white house is under growing pressure to protect abortion rights. a day of mourning in highland park isle illinois. the first memorial services held for three of the seven people killed during the mass shooting at the fourth of july parade. a major witness appearing before the january 6th committee. former president trump's white house counsel pat cipollone testifying for hours behind closed doors. what happened inside the west wing as the attack on the u.s. capitol was unfolding? pierre thomas standing by.
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severe storms heading into the weekend. from the northern plains to the east, heavy rain and possible flooding. dangerous heat across much of the country. record temperatures possible from texas to utah. the small plane making an emergency landing on the highway in north carolina. the pilot trying to avoid cars and power lines while touching down. and the man waking 33 miles to work. the total stranger who did more than give him a ride. he gave him the keys. good evening. it's great to have you with us on this friday night. we'll get to the breaking news in a moment, elon musk suddenly pulling the plug on his $44 million deal to buy twitter, but we begin with the stunning scene playing out in front of the world. the assassination of former japanese prime minster shinzo abe, the country's
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longest-serving leader and one of america's closest allies. that's the moment, video showing shinzo abe shot behind while giving a campaign speech for his party's candidate. the bullet hitting his heart. the alleged suspect arrested at the scene, tackled by security officers. and what authorities say they found at his home. the weapon recovered, a homemade gun in a country where deadly gun violence is incredibly rare. mourners laying flowers at the site he was shot. president biden today signing a book of condolence at the japanese embassy, calling him a champion of the alliance between the u.s. and japan. shinzo abe meeting with three aerican presidents while serving as prime minster. his death sending shock waves worldwide. lama hassan leads us off.
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>> reporter: tonight, the shocking assassination witnessed by dozens. former japanese prime minister, shinzo abe, giving a morning campaign speech at a train station near kyoto when suddenly shots ring out. [ gunshot ] white smoke filling the air. the 67-year-old collapsing on the street, shot twice from behind through the neck, one bullet penetrating his heart. within seconds security tackling the suspect. you can see the gun, which police believe was homemade -- a handle and two barrels bound together with black tape. witnesses watching in horror. >> translator: we could see the gun powder and a lot of white smoke. after the second shot, mr. abe collapsed and people were applying cpr. >> reporter: the alleged assassin, 41-year-old tetsuya yamagami, seen here loitering moments before the attack. abe airlifted to the hospital, where he later died. japan's current prime minister fumio kishida, visibly shaken,
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addressing the nation, calling it an unforgivable act. late today, president biden calling abe's assassination horrific. >> i knew him well. we worked together closely for years, and we spoke and consulted when i served as vice president. and he was deeply committed to strengthening the alliance and friendship between the united states and japan. >> reporter: the president also signing the condolence book at the japanese embassy, writing abe's death is a loss to the world. a conservative leader, abe was the longest-serving prime minister in japan's history. a towering figure domestically, known for boosting the country's economy, and on the world stage, one of america's strongest allies and military partners. with strict firearm laws, gun violence in japan almost unheard of. a population of 125 million people, there was only one firearm-related death in all of last year. the murder tonight stunning the nation and the world. mourners gathering at a mkeshift memorial, praying and
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crying. >> let's get right toe lama phassan. police say the suspect confessed to abe's killing but what are officials saying tonight about a possible motive? >> reporter: that's right, whit. in that alleged confession, police saying the suspect admitted to carrying out the attack, telling investigators he had a grudge against a specific organization which he believes prime minster abe was part of, but no further details were given. this as the investigation intensifies. police wearing protective gear, carrying shields, raiding the suspect's house, saying they found multiple handguns. whit? >> lama, thank you. we're getting word elon musk is bailing out of his $44 billion deal to buy twitter. twitter threatening to sue him to complete the deal he's
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walking away from. let's get to rebecca jarvis. what does this mean now? >> reporter: even before the ink was dried on the deal, musk was hinting at having second thoughts. now we're set up for a long court battle. twitter's board saying on twitter, the board is committed to closing the transaction and plans to pursue legal action to force the merger agreement. we are confident we're prevail in the delaware court. i've spoke to a handful of analysts, including dan bush, and he believes the chances of a deal getting done between twitter and musk at this point are slim to none. he expects musk will ultimately pay back the $1 billion breakup fee he agreed to. there may be more fees and the stock will fall on monday. >> expensive breakup. next tonight president biden responding to mounting pressure
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to protect abortion rights following the supreme court's decision to overturn roe vs. wade. louisiana the latest joining the list. the president today signing a executive order aimed at protecting access to reproductive health services, but even he admits his power on this issue is limited. here's rachel scott at the white house. >> my body! >> my choice! >> reporter: under mounting pressure from his own allies, i a new executive order aiming to protect abortion rights. >> we cannot allow an out-of-control supreme court working in conjunction with extremist elements in the republican party to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy. >> reporter: it comes two weeks after roe vs. wade was overturned and after at least 14 states have ended nearly all abortion services. in ohio, a 10-year-old girl was reportedly forced to travel to indiana to terminate her pregnancy.
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tized.was foo travel to other imininite i'm serious --usimagi being that little girl. 10 years old. does anyone believe it's the highest majority view that that should not be able to be dealt with? >> reporter: still, the president acknowledges there's little he can do on his own. today he urged women to elect more democrats in the midterms so congress can make the right to abortion federal law. >> for god's sake, there's an election in november. vote, vote, vote, vote. but in the meantime, i'm signing this important executive order. >> reporter: the executive order aims to expand access to medication abortion and emergency contraception, safeguard patient privacy, and bolster legal efforts to protect the right to travel out of state for abortions. but it's notably light on details, leaving it to health secretary xavier becerra to come up with a plan to get it all
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most of it done. i asked the white house repeatedly today what concrete steps the access to medication abortion. no firm details but they say secretary becerra will be laying that out iyou. we move on now to a day of mourning in highland park, illinois. the first two nfunerals and a memorial service held today for three. for many, the healing process is just only beginning. alex perez is in highland park again tonight. >> reporter: four days after the parade massacre in highland park, this shattered community laying the first victims to rest. >> jacki died because she was murdered. there is no comfort for us to take away as we mourn jacki's death.
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there is no silver lining. >> reporter: for the family of 63-year-old jacki sundheim, a former preschool teacher, life will never be the same. >> the world is darker without my mom in it. and it's up to us now to fill it with a little extra laughter and help replace her light and love. >> reporter: steve strauss, who at 88 still worked, loved watching the birds in his backyard. remembered as someone who was always in your corner. >> here was a true mensch -- sweet, kind, generous, wise, curious about the world. >> reporter: and 76-year-old nicholas toledo, a dual citizen who would travel from mexico in the summers to be with family. they say he is now their guardian angel. tonight, one of the youngest victims, 8-year-old cooper roberts, is awake and off a ventilator, asking to see his brother, who was wounded by shrapnel. his mom shot twice. >> cooper was shot in the chest, and he suffered significant
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injuries, including a severed spinal cord. >> reporter: the family says cooper is paralyzed from the waist down. and the heartbroken family of aiden mccarthy, who lost both parents, desperately trying to make things as normal as possible. the 2-year-old rescued out from under his dying father, who shielded him from gunfire in his final moments. so he thinks they're away on a trip or something. >> they haven't told them yet. >> reporter: so he's at home and every time a vehicle comes up to the car, what does little aiden do? >> he literally says, "mommy and daddy are home." >> yeah. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect could face dozens of additional charges, one for each bullet fired, one for each person injured. you can see the growing memorial behind me. whit is this. >> we are thinking about the families and community. we move to capitol hill and the high stakes testimony behind closed doors for hours today.
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former president trump's white house counsel, pat cipollone making his much anticipated appearance before the january 6th committee. a key witness to chaos inside the west wing as the assault on the u.s. capitol was unfolding. here's justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: they'd been seeking his testimony for months, and today it finally happened. former white house counsel pat cipollone arriving on capitol hill. a key witness to donald trump's efforts to overturn the election, and to the chaos that unfolded on january 6th. >> mr. cipollone said something to the effect of, please make sure we don't go up to the capitol. we're going to get charged with ery crime imaginable if te fwhi si hchinson testified that as violent trump supporters rampaged, cipollone begged chief of staff mark meadows to act. >> i remember pat saying to him something to the effect of, the rioters have gotten to the capitol, mark. we need to go down and see the and mark looked up and said, he
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doesn't want to do anything, pat. >> reporter: multiple witnesses have testified cipollone repeatedly threatened to resign as team trump's attempts to overturn the election became increasingly outlandish. cipollone told the committee he would not discuss any of his direct conversations with president trump, but he was expected to testify to the many things he saw and heard on january 6th and the days leading up to it. whit, we are likely to see his video taped testimony in hearings next week. >> pierre thomas, thank you. news tonight about the war in ukraine, the u.s. sending an additional $400 million in military aid to ukrainian forces and ukraine now receiving four more long range rocket systems. abc's james longman is in kyiv with how the weapons could help tip the scales against the russians. james? >> reporter: four more being sent to ukraine, the high precision weapon systems we've seen deployed and already making a difference in this war.
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they can fire six rockets at the same time at targets more than 40 miles away and can be fired from the backs of trucks, making them much more mobile. the u.s. is also providing 1,000 precision artillery rounds. all this is meant to stop russia in its gradual advance in the donbas. >> james longman, our thanks to you tonight. next, the growing push to free wnba star britney grien frer russia. 24 hours after her surprise guilty plea, her wife leading the call to bring her moment. here's janai norman. >> reporter: the wife of brittney griner thanking president biden for his letter, delivered by hand to the wnba player detained in russia. >> it brought me so much joy as well as bg. i believe every word she said to him he understood and he sees her as a person and he has not forgotten her. they are exhausting all efforts to bring her home.
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>> reporter: cherelle griner speaking out after the phoenix mercury player made that surprise admission thursday, telling a russian court how cartridges of hashish oil ended up in her luggage. >> i was in a rush packing, and the cartridges accidentally ended up in my bag. >> reporter: tonight supporters joining cherelle griner as she urged leniency in chicago just days before the wnba all-star game. the league naming griner an honorary all star. >> she has the wholehearted and unconditional support of the entire wnba. >> reporter: whit, experts say that guilty plea could help speed up the court process for griner, and with the white house facing mounting pressures to help griner and other american detainees, tonight we're learning president biden called paul whelan's sister. tonight, the nation added 372,000 jobs in june, exceeding
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fancy feast makes delighting your cat delightfully easy. every recipe, every last detail. another fancy way, to show your love. fancy feast. give your cat the world with globally-inspired medleys. next tonight, a small plane making a incredible landing on a north carolina highway. that's a highway, not a runway. a man was piloting a single engine plane when his engine started to fail. the pilot and his passenger realized the best option was highway 19 near the smokey mountains. thankfully no one was hurt. when we come back, a look ahead to the weekend weather forecast. millions on alert for sweltering heat.
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talk to your rheumatologist about rinvoq relief. rinvoq. make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save on rivnoq. finally tonight, "america strong." a story from our friends at oregon central daily news. the man who walked more than 30 miles to work and the man with the gift. >> reporter: in prineville, oregon, eric acers is not letting anything stop him from getting to work, walking 33 miles to make his shift. eric's car broke down, and he used his entire savings to get
3:57 pm
it towed into the shop. he began looking for a ride, and when he couldn't find one, he started walking. eric stayed with a friend in town the rest of the week determined to show up for his shifts. >> i like my job. i like the people i work with. i'm willing to do what it takes to get the job done. >> reporter: our friends at central oregon daily news shared oregon's story. a knewer was so moved he asked eric to come to his farm. eric had no idea what was about to happen. >> my aunt bought this car brand new in '97. it's a clean little car. my wife and i want to give thaw car. >> wow. >> if you want to have it. >> yeah. >> reporter: walking to his new car, eric turns the key. >> sounds good. >> i think especially in today's time, we need to help people. we need to help our neighbors. it's a rough time. people are divided. and so i wanted to i wanted to help him. >> reporter: tonight, eric
3:58 pm
showing us that new ride. >> here's the car. doing good. got to get home to see my family. i love the car. i thank you so much to chris and his wife, so generous. i don't have the walk 33 miles, and that means the world to me. >> reporter: and that stranger who wanted to help chris, sitting with his son riggins, and their message. >> my hope would be that everybody realize how lucky we really are in our lives and take the time to help somebody. elp somebody. words to live by. thanks so much for watching tonight. i'm whit johnson in new york. i'm whit johnson in new york. have a great night. for 24 hours... you guys doing good? ... including itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. and only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused wious. >> now from abc 7 life breaking
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news. >> breaking news involves elon musk's twitter deal. musk sink is terminating his plan of the san francisco company, and a filing with the fcc, the attorney says twitter has not complied with its contractual obligations and do not provide musk with a number of fake accounts on the social media platforms. if musk is successful in terminating the deal, he was allowed to pay a $1 million termination fee to twitter to get out of it. in a statement, the board chair wrote the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the rise and terms agreed upon with mr. musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. >> now to our other top story, the assassination of japan's of former prime minister. shinzo abe, was shot and killed all campaigning for another candidate head of the elections this weekend in japan.
4:00 pm
the alleged gunman appeared to shoot abe from behind. report say the homema weapon, rovered at th'pre mistce firstnd the from 2012 to 2020. president biden signed a condolence book. he says the news of the assassination left him stunned, outraged and deeply saddened. >> this has not happened in japan in decades and decades. i do not believe it is likely to have -- i don't know yet -- likely to have any profound destabilizing impact on japanese security or solidarity. >> witnesses say, the suspect made no attempt to escape and authorities say he has confessed. >> our reporter from our sister station in los angeles met abe, and has a look back at the world leader and reaction from japan. >> this is