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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 8, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of renters state wide including in the bay area. the state program protecting tenants who could not pay rent from of actions during the pandemic. it is now closed, but thousands of existing applications have not been processed, either denied the nonprofits behind the lawsuit filed in alameda county say no applications were denied up until the deadline but now, one in three have been rejected. dion: the ruling says the state department of community development maybe violating rights because it is not giving people adequate information about why they were denied. the ruling gives denied applicants time to appeal and prevents more applications from being denied until the state process is reviewed. larry: this could be good for renters, but what about homeowners? a new report from redfin shows the housing market in california is dropping faster than anywhere in the u.s. at three bay area cities are in the top 10.
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-- abc 7 dustin dorsey reports. dustin: 2022 has been one of the wildest years to buy or sell a home in the area. a few months ago, realtors who were talking about the crazy spring buying are now seeing a cool off. >> i don't think anybody had the foresight to see it dipping as quickly as it did. dustin: competition and demand in the bay area housing market is cooling more rapidly than anywhere in the market according to a new redfin report the market down in san francisco and oakland, but san jose seeing the biggest gap -- dip. >> three or four months ago, we would see seven or 10 offers on one house and now, sometimes no offers for a week or three weeks, four weeks. or if you get multiple offers, it could be one or two. dustin: real estate agent jim baldwin says part of this is
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more houses on the market, 2100 homes on sale today in santa clara county. the 900 months ago. but is best explanation for the cool off? interest rates. >> interest rates around 3% or 4% and now, closer to 5.75 percent or 6%. and buyers are getting cold feet. dustin: baldwin says that is a mistake. he says the government plans to continue raising rates to stabilize the market. his best advice is to buy now while you can. >> they are better off buying at a slightly higher interest rate and not over bidding, because they could finance in the future. but if they overbid by $300,000, they can never get back that money until they sell the house. dustin: for sellers, baldwin says sell your home only if you need to and at an appealing price, not what it would have sold for, but for the cold market.
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dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. dion: crews are aggressively attacking this fire, stopping forward progress just before 4:00. people living on small rural roads in the area are not allowed back in just yet. at last check, the fire had burned five acres. no word as to how the fire started. larry: there is shock worldwide -- former japanese prime minister shinzo abe shot and killed well giving a campaign speech in japan. the assassination of abe in broad daylight stunned japan, where gun violence is rare. abe's death also horrified leaders around the world, many who worked with him during his long tenure. president biden said he was stunned, outraged and deeply saddened. japan is a close ally to the u.s.. stir biden says he stands with the people of japan in this moment of grief. >> i don't leave it is likely to
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have any profound, destabilizing impact on japanese security or solidarity. larry: the suspect, a 41-year-old man, was tackled by security and later admitted to shooting abe. he reportedly used a homemade weapon. people in the bay area are trying to process the loss. abc 7 news zach fuentes spoke to local leaders. zack: shinzo abe, right here in the bay area visiting stanford in 2015, what many called and historic visit i the then japanese out-of-state. -- by that then japanese head of state. >> he wanted to focus on the best to connect silicon valley entrepreneurship and advanced event's economy. zack: this source who has stanford ties was in japan unable's death was announced. >> i learned while we were
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having lunch. zack: he is considered an expert on u.s.-japan issues and is known a 20 years at says history would likely look back on a as the most consequential prime minister in postwar japan. he says he expects changes to be made after the shocking way abe died. >> i think one thing that will happen is that the japanese government will issue policies to protect political leaders much more strictly than in the past. they have been rather lax in what reason they have been lax is, because there are so few guns in japan. zack: the news of abe's death comes as the san jose japan town gets set for its festival this weekend that honors the dead. that minister of the san jose buddhist church is hosting it. >> there was a close connection with the temple to japan. zack: like others, he is also
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stunned by the violent way abe's life was taken. he hopes the weekend festival will be one way the community can come together to honor the loss and one another. >> if we continue to resolve our differences as we have in the past, violence is going to continue to be part of our lives. we need to find a better way. zack: zach fuentes, abc 7 news. larry: the consul generally japan -- the consul general in san francisco is opening a book of remembrance. the consulate is on battery street, the address is on your screen. kristen: it is official. san francisco has a new district attorney. brooke jensen -- brooke jenkins took office today. abc 7 news tim johns is live in the newsroom.
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tim: many people remember jenkins as one of the prominent voices in the recall campaign against blue dean. she worked in the das office for about seven years. jenkins wants to leave that behind her and focus on pressing issues. >> the time for finger-pointing and blaming other people is over. [applause] tim: with thunderous applause and a hand raised i, brooke jenkins was sworn in as district attorney friday afternoon. in an impassioned speech, jenkins out to crack down pressing problems. she highlighted property crimes, smash and grab robberies and petty thefts. >> san franciscans have made it clear that their quality is impacted by these crimes. we can no longer look at them as insignificant. tim: jenkins says she plans on enforcing city drug laws and ending open-air markets on the
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streets. she cited her experiences is making her qualified to hold repeat criminal offenders accountable. >> that will be a top priority, how we deal with those who have been consistently committing the most crime in san francisco. and enforcing drug laws. zack: -- tim: mayor london breed says jenkins will bring sponsor but leadership and continue criminal justice reforms. >> it is not one-size-fits-all. we are not here to imply jail is the only solution because there are people with complex problems. tim: jenkins says she spoke with her predecessor on tuesday and he promised to help the transition. his own statement reads, "i am proud of the work we did serve victims and bring much-needed reform sent accountability to our justice system. this is work i will continue in
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the months and years ahead." jenkins' swearing in his historic, she will be the first latina told the office. tim johns, abc 7 news kristen: let's look -- mike: tim johns, -- tim johns, abc 7 news. kristen: what about the upcoming election? tim: she will have to win a four-year term in the election. larry: new developments in the case of alexis gabe, who disappeared six months ago. >> if you're heading to marin county, rethink your plans. a major caltrans project could bring big delays to 101. >> summer heat is making a return. what day whe
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from a major closure on highway 101. it starts tonight at would last all weekend until monday morning the two northbound lanes will be closed in sausalito from robin williams tunnel to rodeo avenue. while twowhile two lanes will rn open, the project could rate delays up to one hour getting out of san francisco and across the golden gate bridge. cornell barnard is live and se that live in sausalito. cornell: 10:00 p.m. tonight is when caltrans will close two lanes of this one-mile stretch
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of northbound 101 in sausalito for a repair project which could leave many drivers hitting the brakes. >> still feeling the gas prices, for sure. cornell: delays are coming to a stretch of highway 10 one this weekend in sausalito, for a caltrans repair project. >> summer time, lots of tourists will be checking out the golden gate bridge, heading to sausalito. we expect a break jam up northbound on the golden gate bridge. cornell: two northbound lanes of 101 will be closed for 57 hours from friday night monday morning. caltrans says the closure is needed to repair the drainage system and repave the left lane for the rainy season. >> it is important that we can address the concerns that affect commuters on a day to day basis.
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cornell: it means your weekend drive over the golden gate bridge to marin or sonoma could be hitting the brakes. >> a one hour delay northbound and it is going to jam up san francisco city streets. cornell: lombard street could see big traffic. >> it is going to impact a lot of people's plans. >> be patient, because there are lots of kids, dogs, bicycle. just be attentive to it. cornell: neighbors in sausalito expect drivers will use downtown streets to detour around lane closures. >> just be cautious because streets are narrow. some are one way. just the patient and look around. a beautiful weekend ahead. cornell: caltrans and the chp not mincing words. they say avoid this area at all costs if you can. if you are coming to marin, the
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bay bridge to the richmond san rafael bridge or even highway 37 may be your best bet. just avoid this part of the world this weekend. live in sausalito, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. larry: if you see cornell, go the other way. this starts at 10:00 tonight. they are going to shut down two lanes. the highway should fully reopen monday at 7:00 a.m.. dion: evacuations are underway because of a fire in yosemite national park. the evacuations are for wawona and wawona campground. the washburn fire has burned nearly 500 acres close to mariposa grove, which features hundreds of giant sequoias. the highway forge one entrance to the park is closed because of the fire. there was no word on what sparked it. crews are making progress on the largest fire burning right now in california. the electra fire has burned 4400 acres and is now 65% contained.
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some evacuations of our being debt -- evacuation orders are being downgraded and road closures are being lifted. the fire broke out on fourth of july near jackson. there is a to apply for people to call if they have information about how the firedon't forget,e wildfires in california at a glance by using our online interactive wildfire tractor -- tractor at larry: we don't have that many fires burning, although this weekend is going to heat up. sandhya: it is indeed. and this year, we talk about fire danger with the hot weather coming. i want to show you this satellite picture, the electra fire not putting out as much smoke elsewhere as we saw earlier in the week. but i want to show you the wash born -- the washburn fire in yosemite.
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that went is sending a narrow plume of smoke towards bear valley. you can see radar picking up some of that activity. that fire is going to impact arts of the state. tomorrow or the next day, if you're heading toward south lake tahoe or reno, expect smoke. although it is not going to be very heavy, there will be hazy skies. in the bay area, no major fires, but gusty, onshore winds up to 31 miles per hour, helping with air quality. it is good across the region. ukiah, reporting moderate air quality. a live view from our sfo camera, the marine layer advancing. air quality will remain good tomorrow and good to moderate sunday. a brief cool down is coming with this trough approaching the coast for tomorrow. but we will see a reversal on sunday. from our emeryville camera, you can see parts of san francisco under the fog layer, 59 in the
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city, 60 onelandsnta ara and sa. from our sutro tower camera, typical summer fog is coming in over downtown, 79 in santa rosa and napa, 67 petaluma, 80's around concord. a gorgeous view from our east bay hills camera, a little shaky, but you can see the low clouds and fog advancing morning fog, drizzle, fog tomorrow afternoon. much warmer weather on sunday. and king tides next week. tomorrow morning, widespread low clouds, a little drizzle, then the clouds pull back to the coastline. your morning numbers primarily in the 50's, a few 60's toward antioch. afternoon highs in the south bay come down, but still pleasant, 79 san jose, 84 morgan hill, 76 cupertino. the sun will be shining on the peninsula, redwood city 76. lingering clouds around daly city, 60 degrees. wendy near the coast, 66
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downtown san francisco. 79. 82 napa. 71 oakland, 74 fremont. inland areas will be lower than today. we had low0's and linda. tomorrow, 88 fairfield, 84 concord, 82 livermore. in the morning, morning fog followed by a cooler afternoon. if you don't like that, sunday is your day. much warmer conditions expected and hot inland. mid to upper 90's for your sunday and monday. heat relief arrives by tuesday and temperatures will come up a few degrees later in the week. larry: thank you. cleansing the land, purifying the land at one more thing -- helping prevent wildfires. an effort to bring
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dion: this month, our partners at national geographic are taking a growing movement among indigenous people to take back stewardship of native lands. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian joining us with the story, part of building a better bay area. spencer: here in the bay area, when native group is reintroducing forest management techniques, including the use of
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burning to control wildfire risk. >> on this douglas for, you can see scarring from the 2020 fire. spencer: as a senior land manager with the simper vibrance fund, ian has seen the effects of wildfire on the san vicente forest, but the same time, he and colleagues are working to protect the redwood grove in the santa cruz mountains in part by reaching into the past. drawing on practices like this ceremonial burn conducted by a tribal band, which helps manage the forest. >> 2016 was special, being part of that. spencer: he says the burn took place in an area already cleared as a canopy fire break which clears away fuels closer to the ground, the benefits clearly visible, scarred trees side-by-side with gross that escaped -- with groves that escaped damage. >> it is a very important
6:24 pm
ceremony because it cleanses and purifies the land. spencer: valentini is chairman of the tribe. he says traditional fire practices divide multiple benefits from clearing damaging insects to purifying runoff into adjacent streams, knowledge that stretches back thousands of years. >> there are a lot of benefits to indigenous knowledge and that is why scientists want to work with us today, to bring back that indigenous science. spencer: and the value was becoming visible across the west. national geographic, a partner of abc 7 news, his focus on the growing work of indigenous peoples reclaiming their way of life including the yurok, using traditional methods to manage their land and streams in northern california. >> the history and knowledge that we have about have to care
6:25 pm
for these land spirit spencer: it comes at a time of increased interest better manage california forests. and the bay area, the tribe partnered with the save the redwoods league, the peninsula open based trust and december vibrance fund, working to reduce the cycle of wildfires that may be accelerated by climate change. >> it is incredibly rewarding and along with it comes with a lot of humidity that is important. >> the creator gives us responsibility to take care of mother earth and all her things. that is a directive from the creator that our ancestors took very importantly. spencer: tribal leaders i worked with researchers from berkeley, stanford and ucla to study indigenous land management techniques, and with promising results. dion: fascinating. thank you. larry: next, clues that could lead the family of a missing
6:26 pm
woman to answers.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. larry: chilling new evidence just released in the alexis gabe homicide investigation for the family of the missing 27-year-old says they have received copies of notes detailing how their daughter's body was allegedly disposed. dion: abc 7 news stephanie sierra spoke with her father. stephanie: crumpled up notes detail and airy message. >> we were devastated. it was something we couldn't accept. stephanie: alexis gabe's father says police sent them copies of these notes from marshall curtis jones. according to this letter from investigators, jones wrote these directions to an area 60 miles east of sacramento in pioneer,
6:30 pm
and believe he used them to dispose of alexis' body. police say in the note that he turned off his phone for several hours when he drove to pioneer but at one point, they were able to pinpoint his location. >> we were thinking it was maybe something to throw the police off. stephanie: jones was killed last month after an arrest attempt in seattle after allegedly charging officers with an eye for the note says after his death, friend came forward stating jones called him two weeks before gabe disappeared and said he was thinking about killing alexis and wanted to know the best place where hiding a body would be. details are specific, left and right turns with specific time estimates that ends on a road in the sierra foothills. >> as soon as police all that, they went straight to pioneer. stephanie: gabe says hundreds
6:31 pm
searched pioneer for any sign of alexis' body, including draining 8 million gallons of water from a pond. >> they found nothing. they are only focusing on pioneer. they strongly feel she is around there. stephanie: do you believe that? >> not 100%. when my wife and i were there, my wife would say i am not feeling anything, alexis' spirit. stephanie: trying to stay hopeful, but anxious for closure. >> until we find a body, we believe she is still alive. stephanie: as they wait, they are turning attention to alexi'' phone screen. according to her father, the fbi confirmed marshall jones' dna was found on the screen. they are now working to organize a search party to find the remaining piece of herself on. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dion: if you have information
6:32 pm
that could help investigators, called the alexis gabe tip line at nine to 5-625-7009. larry: the first funerals are being held for those killed in the highland park parade shooting. seven people were killed in the attack. you can see their faces here. a memorial today held for jacki sundheim, a preschool teacher remembered as a dedicated worker at her synagogue. also today come of the funeral for stephen straus, beloved father and grandfather. unuslly sweet and kind the suspe shooting is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. if you are looking for a way to take action when it comes to gun violence, go to dion: cabana reeling from the death of former prime minister
6:33 pm
shinzo abe, was fatally shot while delivering a campaign speech today. flags are half-staff in japan town. they were already lowered because of the highland park shooting and will stay down out of respect for abe. van is one of the world's safest nations and has strict gun control laws. david ono from our sister station in los angeles met abe and looks back at the world leader and reaction from japan. david: this is the iconic place in tokyo where thousands of people cross to get to the subway or the shop and restaurants. it is always bustling, but tas of bevefoerri minisr abe. on the subway over there, you can see throngs of people lining up and pulling out their phones and suddenly getting the tragic news. in 20 teen -- in 2018, i had the chance to meet abe and speak with him.
6:34 pm
he was very friendly and soft-spoken, which some people find surprising for a man who would become the longest-serving peacetime prime minister of japan. what people don't know about a is that he lived in southern california and went to usc. i've met a woman in long beach who was a longtime friend of a. she broke up a photo album and has his wedding photos in 1987, photos of him as a young man at usc, even as a toddler. seeing these photos humanizes the world leader, which makes it all the more shocking that he was killed in this country, one of the safest in the world with the toughest gun laws. each year, the amount of people killed by guns in japan is in single digits. it is shocking to hear of anyone being shot by a gun, much less a former prime minister. that is incomprehensible. reporting from tokyo, david ono.
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executive order today in an effort to protect -- protect women's reproductive rights. >> i wish it did not come to this. this is the fastest route available. dion: you're to comes to weeks after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. it increases access to emergency contraception, protects privacy and ensures pregnant women in need of emergency care can get. at least 14 states have seized nearly all abortion services and 12 more are expected to restrict abortion access. larry: a surge of covid cases here in the bay area. earlier, we spoke with the ucsf chair of medicine about new forms of the infectious omicron variant and how it is bypassing immunity. >> even the immunity from an infection you had a month or two ago doesn't count for as much as
6:39 pm
it used to. we are seeing reinfection's of people who had recent infections. immunity from your vaccines and boosters still works well in terms of preventing you from getting super sick and dying, does not prevent infection with ba.5 as well as it used to. in the last day, i have heard about a ton of wrens and family who have been covid free for two half years and gotten it in the past couple weeks. larry: the latest state data on coronavirus in california, our test positivity rate is approaching the second-worst ever, 16.7%. despite that, the average of new cases is decreasing, but we are seeing a moderate increase in hospitalizations. dion: we are monitoring another health threat, monkeypox. the biden administration is calling for more vaccines. abc 7 news reporter lyanne ez explains. lyanne: the vaccines are coming. as of july first, san francisco
6:40 pm
received 580 doses and 2300 additional ones this week. the first cases of monkeypox in the u.s. were confirmed inmate. critics say the federal distribution should have arrived in mid june, before the san francisco pride celebrations. >> san francisco did not receive its first allotment of 60 doses until june 30. so, after pride weekend. lyanne: in the past week, cases of monkeypox in san francisco increased from 16 to 40, almost as many as los angeles the health department says 600 people in san francisco have been vaccinated, but state senator scott weiner today bashed the government for playing catch up. >> we need the government to move faster and more aggressively to get more vaccine doses. lyanne: meantime, keeping it from spreading is what the health department and
6:41 pm
organizations like the aids foundation are struggling with. right now, only a person who has been in close contact with someone with monkeypox is eligible for the vaccine. there are currently more people exposed than anticipated. >> i know that if you were to call any of the clinics right now, you are either going to get voicemail saying they have limited supply, and to continue to call back. lyanne: the aids foundation today told us they have a waiting list of more than 500 people who have been exposed. vaccines will be given out at 10 community and health care sites throughout the city. today, a new access point opened at san francisco general hospital's monkeypox clinic. they are open monday through friday from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. while supplies last. on a positive note, researchers know a lot about this virus. >> we have vaccines and we have drugs, so it is nothing like the
6:42 pm
position we were in with covid. lyanne: the medical profession once everyone to know that testing is not available to most people. you have to have an active rash or lesion to get tested. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. dion: monkeypox is really fatal. the most obvious system -- symptom is a wrasse, but patients can also get a headache, fever and chills. cdc says the illness lasts two weeks to four weeks and people who do not have symptoms cannot spread the virus to others. it is spread through close physical contact including kissing, cuddling and sex and sharing clothes or towels. there are no specific monkeypox treatments, but there are two vaccines. larry: fog has dissented upon the golden gate bridge, which we can't see right now. sandhya
6:43 pm
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manning drafted an actress to be on his team for a new competitive game show. entertainment goo george from noc with our sister station in
6:46 pm
l.a. tells us about the final straw. george: janelle james is spending her summer break from abbott elementary with the fun side job, hosting the game show the final straw. it has a premise that is unique. >> it sounds ridiculous. george: the concept is, contestants face off in a battle against gravity as they remove items from giant stack jenga style. >> ready, set, pull. george: james was cautious on set. >> part of the fun will be people seeing me running away screaming every time it starts to fall over. even though i knew safety was a factor, these things are huge and you feel like you are going to get smashed. george: hosting the final straw ads to this high point of janel
6:47 pm
's career, being part of the acclaimed ensemble "abbott elementary." >> people tell me it is something they watch with their whole family. that means a lot to me. in that it has been a bright light in hard times for a lot of people. that is what i hope this show will be as well. george: what is it worth for players of the trial -- final straw? a grand prize of $250,000. george pennock he, -- george pennachio, abc 7 news. larry: the final straw for ms. sunday night right here on -- the final straw premieres sunday night right here on abc 7 news.
6:48 pm
let's take a look at the weather. sandhya: a live picture right now, beautiful view of downtown oakland. the emeryville camera is shaky, we have breezy to gusty additions and an airport weather warning for sfo. the heat is going to return. i want to show you high temperatures, 85 today santa rosa, 81 san jose, livermore 88. look what happens on sunday, a warmer day. you are going to feel the heat inland, 96 livermore. at least the humidity has come down. ocean temperatures are down as we get a northwesterly wind, 51 degrees at bodega bay. live doppler 7 showing you fog across the coast that will advance into our inland valleys overnight. tomorrow, low 60's and half moon bay, wendy and lingering cloud speed inland, upper 80's, plenty of your saturday. if you want to go to the beach
6:49 pm
tomorrow, a beautiful view from our santa cruz camera. cooler would lingering clouds, a very high uv index, make sure you have the sunscreen paid 61 ocean beach, 68 monterey. sunday is warmer, 60 seven half moon bay, 69 stinson beach. the seven-day forecast, morning fog followed by a cooler afternoon. much cooler for your sunday. summer heat back in the forecast for sunday and monday and then we dropped temperatures a few degrees. dion: you are sharp and quick like a fox. sandhya: thank you. [laughter] take that, larry. larry: it is not for debate. i agree. casey pratt is handling sports, and steph with a shot today. casey: unlike larry, i would never take a shot at sandhya.
6:50 pm
you know who else likes taking shots? stephen curry. wait until you hear where he - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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casey: it could end have been a more perfect day for golf in lake tahoe and stephen curry started with a new piece of hardware for his trophy case. the curry family and caddies
6:53 pm
rocking in hot pink shirts. hard to miss them. stephen curry with the approach shot on 13, 97 feet and it hits the backspin and in the whole. -- in the hole. that is an eagle. is there anything this guy can do? >> the crowd reaction, i knew it went in. >> he told me he was going to pull a hamstring trying to give a chest comp. >> i am still pretty limber -- a chest bump. >> i am still pretty limber. casey: he couldn't miss today. first and only try. he finished round one in a tie for 10th. he also completed a pass with a football. multitalented star. curry is also hosting the sp's in a couple weeks. klay thompson is nominated for best comeback athlete, winning
6:54 pm
the nba championship after missing 941 days due to injuries. voting is open now on in another warriors comeback, james wiseman expected to make his summer league debut sunday. he is sitting out the opener, cleared his last hurdle to returning after taking part in scrimmages. >> it is this process of getting through it. we thought through it. that is normal, you plateau up. he looked like a real basketball player after all of that. that is so exciting. in the next few days, when his wind gets better, his performance will look even better. casey: oakland's own damien lillard wearing an asap last night, just signed a two-year, $122 million extension, the first player in nba history to
6:55 pm
eclipse $60 million per year. the extension kicks in for the 2025 season. mlb all started were announced, the giants joc pederson in the starter and nl outfield. the pride of palo alto has 17 homers this season and is the only bay area guy elected as a start up it last time peterson was an all-star was seven years ago with the dodgers. the all-star game will be at dodgers stadium. and good news for the padres outfielder after a terrifying collision last night. he is released from the hospital with a concussion and neck strain. he took a knee to the neck in a collision with a teammate and last night's game against the giants. it took seven minutes and 55 seconds to get a cart to assist him. way too long. we were watching in the sport department at were stunned. it felt a lot longer than seven minutes 55 seconds. and back to steph curry and
6:56 pm
golf, he was asked if hitting a three pointer or the golf shot feels better he says i make threes in my sleep. the golf shot is what i am talking about. larry: how about a three in the finals? casey: the court is only 94 feet. you can't hit a 97-foot shot in the finals. larry: he does everything well. casey: moses moody, 31 points already in summer league action right now. larry: in just 11 minutes. but it is against the knicks. casey: does it count? larry: not so much. it will be great to see wiseman back on the court and dominate like he can. thank you. dion: coming up tonight on abc seven, at 8:00, shark tank, followed by 20/20 at 9:00 and abc 7 news at 11:00. abc 7 news is straining 24/7.
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get the abc 7 bay area and join us wherever you happen to be. and that is it for the dessa -- for this edition of abc 7 news larry: for the entire abc 7 news team, have a good night and a great weekend. see you at 11:00.
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