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ws srnight aks out west of morgan hill people in its path ordered to get out. good evening and thank you for joining us some dion lim. i'm larry built quite the scare in the south bay where the arms be fire forced mandatory evacuations this afternoon. steep terrain and heavy fuels in the area west of morgan hill had firefighters worried the plays might grow much much bigger. well tonight residents are back at home crews holding the fire at five acres last check containment 30% here's abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo. a fire in partner agencies responded after 1pm friday to the arms b fire burning in the corporated portion of west morgan hill just with how fire can develop especially this time of the year we try to go really aggressive on it to slow it down
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as fast as possible. so it stays small with air attacks ground crews and more fire captain specialist. chris williams says first responders were able to hold the fire at five acres. good news for frenchy's lewis and bosco owner and resident pat blair says she was working around the house when she was alerted by her son the fire not far from the family's home of four years when i came out. to get the car to load the dogs in sheriff came said evacuate evacuate now cal fire says at least 20 homes were under mandatory evacuation residents were able to return after 6 pm according to blair there was little panic considering how well the community has prepared practicing fire drills and having bags already packed. we know where we're gonna meet. we all talk with one another they text one another they have like this little community community within each other and so i tell everybody what they're doing where they're going to go and you know how quickly to get
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there cal fire says weather conditions helped as humidities were high and winds were calm the goal of keeping flames from approaching the top of the ridgeline accomplished quickly since we're able to get the aircraft on it relatively fast it slowed it down. so we get the ground crews in there to catch the fire as crews work to manage containment blair says she has this message to the men and women on the front line. mostly i was yelling. thank you so very much because i knew they were gonna save our houses cal fire says crews will remain on scene overnight monitoring hotspots in morgan hill. i'm amended. i was still young abc 7 news. now to another larger fire that's burning near yosemite's famous mariposa grove tonight yosemite's highway 41 entrances now closed and wawona and we'll own a campground are both evacuated the so-called called washburn fire started thursday afternoon. is already grown to 466 acres reporter, nico payne with our sister station in fresno is near
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the fire lines tonight. the washburn fire burning in their mariposa grove had burned around 166 acres by 1pm friday aircrews continued to attack the fire as a grew to 466 acres prompting mandatory evacuations for lower portions of the mariposa grove the wawona community and the wawona campground first time visitors to the yosemite national park having to change plans due to the entrance closures, but hoping for the best. some of that because it's in mariposa was interrupted. but largely, i like think i came in here with just like an open mind other part goers also decided to wait it out plan on staying here at the park for a few days, but i guess we'll see and evacuation center has been set up at new live christian fellowship church in mariposa and evacuees are being asked to use the wanna road to evacuate and head north towards yosemite
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valley tours are sad to hear about the iconic. your trees going up in flames, but officials confirmed firefighters is doing all they can to hold this fire. it was the redwoods like i we're here in like want to see this quest for sure, but we were all so willing to make the trek to see the redwoods too looks pretty scary and i were going full force on our suppression tactics the park remains open, but some entrances have closed now if you do plan on traveling to yosemite this weekend check abc 7 for the latest park. road closures reporting in yosemite national park, nico pain abc 7 news let's bring in abc 7 news meteorologist san diego patel sandy. you can actually see the smoke from a weather satellite that tells you it's got to be pretty big. yeah, it definitely was and it still is as you know, larry but on visible satellite picture the last images i can get showing you that plume of smoke extending all the way out towards bear valley. it was also so intense that it was getting picked upyouoing
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toho you just that smoke went about 80 90 miles northward showing you the smoke forecast. it's going to continue to impact parts of south lake tahoe the sierra reno blue canyon. so will be going up come sunday into the moderate category as the temperatures go from today, santa rosa, san jose and livermore all in the 80s. look at the numbers. they're going to go up into the low to mid 90s for places like santa rosa. and livermore i'll show you how long that hot weather is going to last coming right up the full weekend forecast in just a few minutes larry. all right, sandy. we'll see you then, california has started doing at night firefighting operations by air this image provided by cal fire shows one of cal fires firehawk helicopters dropping water on the electrifier last night. cal fire says this means that crews will be capable of doing water drops 24 hours a day if necessary elon musk has moved to terminate his 44 billion dollar deal.
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by twitter in a filing with the securities and exchange commission musk. says twitter did not give him enough information about the company walking away could be costly though. there is a 1 billion dollar fee for ending the deal the news sent twitter stock tumbling 5% in after hours trading. i thought for him from day one that this was some like public relations campaign by elon musk. he's so good at using this leg sensational language and these outlandish twe are trying to act like the eccentric billionaire that buying twitter and dramatically changing the platform. just seem to fit with a whole character. he's created. there could also be a legal fight twitter's chairman brett taylor put out this statement saying quote the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with mr. musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. we are confident we will prevail in the delaware court of chancery. today president biden signed an
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executive order to protect abortion rights two weeks after the supreme court overturned rovers's wade, the the order contains rights to ab and medication emergency contraception patient privacy and legal representation for both providers and recipients. we cannot allow an out of control supreme court. working in conjunction with extremist elements of the republican party to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy. in two weeks 14 states have banned access to abortion services and 12 more states are expected to follow suit president. biden says the best way to protect abortion rights vote for pro-choice legislators in the upcoming election in november. has been 13. 6 troops invaded ukraine report say russian forces are continuing to shell populated. is in the east ingredients are responding with powerful american-made weapons and there are more on the way. meantime ukrainians continue to evacuate with more than 3.5
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million applying for temporary residents in other countries. and here in the bay area more ukrainian refugees are arriving meaning more housing is needed abc 7 news reporter tara campbell shares the story of how the community is stepping up. with the turn of a key katarina and her son are home in their new apartment having fled from ukraine. it's like a dream really? i can never imagine. i will have my own apartment in san francisco ready. she says to start building their lives in the bay area in our own apartment we can. plan and build our future life this apartment a far cry from the bomb shelter they lived in for three weeks as russia attacked. i can't sleep. because i'm worried about my life my son's life. so i decided to live. grateful, she says to veritas
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the company owning this property offering this unit and four others free of charge for three months. i'm ukrainian. like i said, my family is in odessa, ukraine and so i definitely feel it. mila shimko is senior director at veritas partnering with local nonprofit, nova, ukraine, and we decided let's help out this families family. she says who are in a tough spot unable to work until they get the go-ahead from the government and in order for them to work they have to get the work permit which takes about three to four or six months sometimes and it's important to make sure they have housing i can say right now. a demand is higher right now than what we can offer nadia. rosen is a volunteer with nova ukraine. it would be great if people organizations who have an opportunity to house refugees from ukraine can contact novia crane through the website.
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meanwhile, katarina is getting settled in their new home her mind still very much with her homeland. i'm worried about my grandma. my father yeah, they're still in ukraine comforted by this space a place to call their own my own apartment at it's a huge. support for me and my son tara campbell abc 7 news difficult situation for so many people glad to see they're getting help up next clues that could lead the family of a missing woman to find their daughter after months and months of searching. also the massive meth bust how sheriff stumbled onto this cache of illegal drugs and remembering an actor best known for his role on the sopranos, but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at watch me tonight, and jimmy will bring you something from his vacation. i know that you are. close friends with elton john right went to his house on wednesday. we had lunch.
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to the world, now you know. released in the alexis gabe homicide investigation tonight the family of the missing 27 year old says they've received copies of handwritten notes detailing. daughter's body was allegedly disposed of she's been missing since january abc 7 news
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reporter stephanie sierra spoke with alexis's father. crumpled up pages of notes detailing an eerie message you were devastated. there was something we couldn't, you know accept that was tough alexis gabe's father gwynn says investigators sent the family copies of these pictures of notes were covered from the sister of alexis's ex-boyfriend marshall curtis jones according to this letter from investigators jones wrote these directions to an area 60 miles east of sacramento in pioneer and believe he used them to dispose of alexis's body police say in the marshall turned off his phone for several hours during the period he drove to pioneer, but at one point were able to pinpoint his location. oh you were thinking maybe it was something to throw him. the police off jones was killed last month during an arrest attempt near seattle after allegedly charging an officers with a knife inside a washington
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apartment complex. the note says after his death a friend came forward stating jones called him two weeks before gabe disappeared and told him he was quote thinking about killing alexis and wanted to know where the best place to hide a body would be the cryptic directions are specific detailing left and right turns with specific time estimates that ends on a rural road in the sierra foothills. soon as the police saw that day just left and went straight to pioneer gabe says investigators and hundreds of volunteers searched nearly 200 acres of land in pioneer over the past four months for any sign of alexis's body including draining. 8 million gallons of water in a nearby pond unfortunately, they found nothing and they're only focusing on pioneer base feel strongly feel that she's around there. do you believe that too not a hundred percent, but my wife and i were there my wife or say i'm not i'm not feeling anything. i don't think alexis is here
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trying to stay hopeful but anxious for closure until we find about you. we're just gonna keep believing that she's still alive. the games continue to wait, they're now turning their attention to another piece of evidence recovered alexis's phone screen. according to gwen the fbi confirmed marshall. jones's dna was found on the screen and they're now working to organize a search party to find the remaining piece of her cell phone. in san francisco stephanie sierra abc 7 news san diego county police have arrested a group of men for attempting to smuggle 5,000 pounds worth of meth into the us the four men from mexico were spotted unloading several boxes from two large trucks yesterday less than 25 miles from the us mexico border law enforcement followed the vehicles and discovered nearly 150 bundles as you can see equivalent to 5,000 pounds of meth the suspects could face ainimum of 10 years to life in prison. one of the stars of the sopranos
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has passed away after tony sirico has died at the age of 79 sirico passed away at an assisted living facility in fort lauderdale, florida happened this morning his role as pauly walnuts was inspired by growing up around the italian mob in brooklyn. he survived by his two children and grandchildren cause of death is unknown california's are doing a little better at conserving water data from the state water board released today shows that overall urban water. was about 3% lower in may compared to a year earlier the bay area used eight and a half percent less water while the south coast that includes los angeles used 2% less. the water board says the preliminary number for june shows the state is saving about 7.7% more water. her newsome has asked californians to consumption by 15% going to use a hydrate this weekend though because sandy as the weekend arrives so does the heat tt's right.
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larry and dion beunda inld tw though we go briefly cooler. so let me show you a live time lapse i should say before we get to a live picture and so after a little warm up today low 60s to low 90s. this is what started to roll in and make its advance as you will notice just a beautiful view of the marine layer moving in and crossing the east hills that is going to help to cool us down marine layer, deepening courtesy of this low pressure system onshore winds. so a brief cooldown tomorrow before we bump up those temperatures going into sunday right now on live doppler 7 fog is pretty much near the coast and has advanced across parts of the east bay. your temperatures are in the 50s 60s unless you're out towards brentwood. you're still holding on to some of the warmth from earlier in the day breezes right now 34 miles an hour blowing from the cooler ocean water out of the west. northwest which has helped to actually cause some of the upwellings it's not quite as muggy as it has been live view from our sfo camera and you can
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see overcast skies heat returns on sunday temperatures as far as today goes you will notice 60s to 80s. we had a few low 90s. well inland tomorrow you're going to notice that the numbers start to that should say sunday, excuse me, go up a few degrees. so it is going to be a warmer day for more exploratorium camera. you will notice the gray skies over san francisco morning fog patchy drizzle. we're a gusty and cooler afternoon and much warmer, especially inland on sunday with those king tides coming up next week. you'll want to watch out for low-lying flooding saturday morning starts out with the low clouds fog and even some spotty drizzles. so the slick roadways will be out there as we go into the afternoon. the fog is going to hang around near the coastline and then inland areas. we'll see the sun so fog and drizzle to start off your saturday 50 60s on those temperatures tomorrow afternoon in the south bay 84 and morgan hill 79 in san jose. los gatos 82 degrees nice dayens it was today 75 in mountain view 74 degrees, menlo park 61 and
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pacific at breezy lingering clouds and daly city south city and the low 60s 66 downtown san francisco north bay temperatures 80 in vallejo, novato 79, san rafael 86 in santa rosa heading into the east bay 71, oakland 72 and newark. it's going to be breezy in the east bay inland areas will be on the warm side 82 livermore 88 in fairfield. not quite as warm as today now those king tides will cause low-lying flooding they're going to be late at night next week as you will notice seven to seven point two feet at the peak which is going to be midweek time period accuather 7-day forecast morning fog cooler afternoon heating up inland on sunday and monday mid-90s to upper 90s in our hot spots and then we'll drop off those temperatures back to seasonal pattern by mid-week. but until then it's a two-day heat heat up. we're gonna feel deon and
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prevagen keeps my brain working right. tonight. chase center, san francisco's
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top comedians performing at thrive city how cool thrive city kicked off tonight with comedic and musical performances tonight's performances, not only provided labs, but also a beer garden and food trucks lots of fun for everyone there. yeah, dave chappelle had a show there last night inside. all right. i'm in for dan casey pratt handling sports and steph curry's incredible range not limited to the basketball court. is it casey? yeah, larry, we're used to seeing curry hit deep shots, but i think this is his deepest one yet sea steps splash from abc 7 r
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rock casino first round of the american century celebrity golf tournament at lake tahoe. no rust for steph curry in nba
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offseason. he picked up a basketball in 17 hook shot splash first and only try and he also completed a passes some fans with the football. is there anything curry can't do as for the tournament the curry family and caddy's rocking the matching hot pink shirts hard to miss them out there and speaking of hard to miss stephan curry with the pro shot on 1397 yards and then he hits the backspin and it is in the hole for an eagle. he still has the mid. and hops curry finished round one tied for 10th and says making that shot is a top career achievement feeling of that versus making a three pointer. i can make a three-point of my sleep that all day long all day long. the padres debuting their city connect uniforms against the giants a colorful nod the baja california first ending many machado at the nada left field flashes. big power second home run as many days the three-run blast off. sammy long pods go up in a hurry giants didn't do much, but david vr did crush his first major league homer just missed a dinger and his very first mlb at bat on monday did not miss that
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one. but the giants fall against six three, they've lost eight of nine and have fallen to just 500 on the season a's and astros right field. out in left field. how is this possible man on for elvis andrews in the second and ladies and gentlemen, el has left the building. second homer in a week, the a's are going to go up to fourth ending now 21a's until alex bregman crushes one off paul blackburn. check out the fan here. he got he got this in his hat. three two astros two on for martine maldonado in the fifth blackburn left that one in the wheelhouse. it's a three-run jack a three final against houston. the a's have a problem. they've lost all four to the astros this season draymond green courtside in vegas is the warriors take on the knicks and summer league action moses moody struggled in the games of chase center. no issues in this game fade away for two of his ten points in the first quarter second quarter great pass from mac mcclung to moody underneath he gets the bucket and the foul he had 20 break moody exploded for a game
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high 34 points his n highest thr splash, but the knicks dunked all over the dubs jericho sims look out below warriors fall. 101.88 james wiseman is expected to play in their next game on sunday sports on abc 7 sponsored by river count them down.
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we are nine days away from this year's aids walk san francisco. it takes place. sunday july 17th in golden gate park the fundraising walk benefits diverse hiv/aids co-beneficiaries each delivering essential programs to the community to register. you can call the number on your screen. you see it right there for one five six one five walk or you can visit sf.aids walk dot net. and that's all the time we haves at 11. i'm dionne lim. i'm larry veal any big plans this weekend. oh maybe working. do you want to join me?
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no up next jimmy kimmel. ♪♪ >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪♪ on today's show, sustainable wines that taste great,
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recycling right for future generations, the bakery behind mochi muffins. but first, an exciting outdoor exhibition. ♪♪ >> what i love about this exhibition is people are having fun. they're experiencing a lot of joy. you see a lot of laughter. you see dancing here. and you see people coming away feeling inspired and not depressed or down but happy and excited. a big takeaway here is to feel greater compassion for people who are different from yourself. ♪♪ >> middle ground is an outdoor free public space installation that features social science. and then we bring this show into the public realm
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because we want everybody to be involved. social science is great. it's one of the things that we all know something about -- biases, stereotypes, how we engage one another, how we perceive one another. all of those things are things that we do all the time. and what social science does is, it gives you some tools to be reflective. >> our world right now is very polarized. it's very easy for us to think in terms of us and them, and what this exhibition is helping people do is kind of broaden our sense of "we." we are all in this together, so let's take care of one another, look out for each other and just have a greater understanding of one another. this is my favorite exhibit. it's called unseen stories. and here, people get to explore the stereotypes that people put on them and also the stereotypes that they put on other people. so here at this exhibit, we have two different cards that you can fill out. one of them says, "becse.., "people in.." "but auay..."
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about the stereotypes that we experience from others. so, for example, this person wrote, "because i have a mean-looking face, people think i am intimidating, but actually i would love nothing more than to have a conversation." >> the best thing about the kind of education and science learning that we do here is it's really dependent on a person engaging with the stuff of the world. and in this case, part of that stuff is other people. so it's not just about engaging with an object, it's about starting conversations, and it's about gaining insights through dialogue. and that's such an important part of understanding the world, how you learn not only from the world but from each other. and what we've done here is developed a set of tools that help with that process. >> i am the site manager, and i come here, i set up all the tables and chairs, and just to prepare to welcome guests as they come to middle ground. so when they come in, you know, i will allow them to first explore for themselves.
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if i see that they're having, like, a little struggle, that's when i'll step in and, you know, engage them and help them see the joy in the human connection and music. >> this is the pay it forward café, where you can buy yourself a cup of coffee, but for a little bit of extra money, you can buy a token for someone else. so this is a place to feel generous and to engage in altruistic behavior, the social scientists like to call it. having a cup of coffee is kind of like a passport. it gives you permission to be in a space. so when people have that cup of coffee, they can sit here and not be harassed or disturbed. >> we see a lot of laughing. we see a lot of conversations around identity and about perspective. this is, also, i think, kind of revelatory for people, and that's such a great role to play as a cultural institution, to be able to inspire people to be reflective. >> so the exploratorium has


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