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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 9, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> fire crews overnight on the line after a wildfire breaks out west of morgan hill. people ordered to get out. thanks for joining us. we will get tomorrow on that in a moment. quick look at the weather. it is dry. >> we have missed and drizzlepe. you can see it along the coast, san mateo and locally across the bay.
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56 berkeley. two mile visibility, pacifico. through the morning, cloudy. breezy in san francisco, cooler today with low clouds and fog clinging to the shore. 60's to 70's bayside. 80's inland. sunny skies, cool afternoon. much warmer sunday, coming up. >> in the south bay, residents returning home after mandatory evacuations after a fire broke out yesterday in an area west of morgan hill. containment 30%. here is amanda. reporter: ignition on, aggressive firefight in morgan hill. calfire and agencies responded 1
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p.m. friday to the fire burning in west morgan hill. >> how fast fire can develop this time of year, we try to go aggressive on it to slow it down as fast as possible. reporter: with air attacks, ground crew and more, chris williams says first responders were able to hold five acres. good news for residents. pat blair was alerted by her son, the fire not far from the family's home. >> when i came out to get the car to load the dogs, sheriff said it back now. -- evacuate now. reporter: 20 homes under mandatory evacuation. residents able to return after 6 p.m. there was little panic. the community practices fire
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drills. >> we know where we're going to meet, we talk with each other. they tell everyone what they are doing, where they are going. reporter: calfire says conditions helped as humidity was high and wind was calm. mplished. >> we were able to get aircraft on it fast. it slowed it down so we get the ground crew in. reporter: blair has this message to the men and women on the front lines. >> mostly, i was yelling thank you so very much! i knew they would save our houses. reporter: abc 7 news. liz: a larger fire burning near mariposa grove right now. the highway 41 inches is closed. the wall and a campground is
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evacuated. the washburn fire started thursday, 466 acres. our sister station in fresno is near the line. reporter: the washburn fire burning near the mariposa grove burned 160 six acres by 1 p.m. friday. aircrew continued to attack the fire as it grew to 466 acres, prompting mandatory evacuation for portions of the mariposa grove. the community and campground, first time visitors to the national park having to change plans due to the closures but hoping for the best. >> it is in mariposa, some of that was interrupted. largely, i think i came in with an open mind. reporter: park hours decided to wait it out. >> plan on staying for a few days. we will see. reporter: evacuation center set
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up at new life christian fellowship church in mariposa and evacuees are being the asked to head north toward yosemite valley. fears of the iconic sequoia trees going up in flames but firefighters doing all they can to hold this fire. >> it is the redwoods. we want to see the sequoias. we were willing to make the check to see the redwoods. >> pretty scary. we are going full force on suppression tactics. reporter: the park remains open but some entrances are closed. check abc 7 news and for the latest park and road closures. abc 7 news. liz: president biden responding to pressure to protect abortion rights following the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. he signed an executive order
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friday to enforce existing access to abortion care. christine sloan has the latest. >> stand up, fight back! >> with abided administration facing pressure to protect abortion rights after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, the president now taking executive action. executive order aims to expand access to medication abortion and emergency contraception, safeguard privacy and bolster efforts to protect the right to travel out of state for abortions. >> cannot allow an out-of-control supreme court, working in conjunction with the republican party to take away freedoms. >> the president visibly frustrated, slamming the decision. 14 states seizing all abortion services, including louisiana, where temporary restraining orders on trigger laws restricting abortion in the state was lifted. >> we intend to continue to
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defend the laws of the state and enforce those laws. >> we look forward to continuing this fight. it has just begun. we make our arguments in baton rouge. >> the president calling on voters to elect more democrats so congress can make the right to abortion federal law. without congressional support, the president has limited options. >> for god sake, there is an election. vote vote vote vote. in the meantime, i am signing this important executive order. reporter: vice president harris sitting down with state lawmakers to discuss the supreme court landmark decision. >> it is currently and will impact america in a direct way. reporter: the white house asked of the house secretary to come up with a plan to get this done. abc 7 news, new york. liz: the city of fairfield
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offering gift cards for guns today. no questions asked. it will be at mount calgary baptist church on enterprise drive, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. all you have to do is drive up, turn in your unwanted weapons and receive a gift card. firearms must be unloaded in the trunk of your car. elon musk has moved to terminate his deal to buy twitter. in a filing with the securities and exchange commission, he says twitter did not give him enough info about the company. walking away will not be cheap. there is a $1 billion fee for ending the deal. the news sent twitter stock tumbling 5% after hours. >> i thought from day one this was a public relations campaign by elon musk. he is so good at using sensational language and outlandish tweets, trying to act
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the eccentric billionaire, buying it seemed to fit with the character he has created. liz: there could be a legal fight. the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on price and terms agreed upon with nestor mosk and plans to -- elon musk. we are confident we will prevail. 137 days since russian troops invaded ukraine. russian forces shell populated forces in the east. ukrainians respond with powerful american-made weapons. there are more on the way. ukrainians evacuate with three point 5 million applying for temporary residence in other countries. in the bay area, ukrainian refugees are arriving. there is a need for housing. tara campbell shares how the community is stepping up. reporter: with the turn of the
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key, katerina and her son are home in their new apartment, having fled ukraine. >> it is like a dream. really. i can ever imagine i will have my own in san francisco. reporter: ready to start building their lives in the bay area. >> in our own apartment, we can plan and build our future life. reporter: this apartment, a far cry from the bomb shelter they lived in three weeks as russia attacked. >> i can't sleep. i worried about my life. my son's life. so i decided to leave. reporter: grateful to the company owning this property, offering this unit and 4 others free of charge for three months. >> my family is in ukraine. i feelrert she is senior director, partnering with local
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nonprofit help ukraine. >> we decided, let's help these families. reporter: families who are in a tough spot, unable to work, until they get the go-ahead from the government. >> in order for them to work, they have to get a work permit, which takes six months sometimes. it is important to make sure they have housing. >> the demand is higher right now than what we can offer. reporter: nadia rosen is a volunteer. >> it would be great if organizations would have an opportunity to house refugees from ukraine, can contact the website. reporter: katerina is getting settled in their new home, her mind still very much with her homeland. >> i'm worried about my grandma, my father. they are still in ukraine. reporter: comforted by this space, a place to call their own. >> my own apartment.
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it is a huge support for me and my son. reporter: tara campbell, abc 7 news. liz: let's get a check outside. lisa: lots of fog. used the wipers this morning. certainly damp today. breezy, dusty day here closer to the shore. cooler for everyone, then warmer. summerlike week ahead. liz: also ahead, clues that could lead to a missing woman, to find their daughter after months of searching. a massive meth bust. how sheriff's stumbled onto this
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liz: former japanese prime minister shinzo abe was shot. the assassination has stunned
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japan, where gun violence is rare. his death horrified leaders around the world, many of whom had worked with him. president biden said he was stunned, outraged and saddened. japan is a close ally to the u.s. the president says he stands with the people of japan. >> i do not believe it is likely to have a profound destabilizing impact on japanese security or solidarity. liz: the suspect, a 41-year-old, was tackled by security and admitted to shooting him. he used a homemade weapon. the consulate general of japan in san francisco is setting up a book of condolences, open for the public to sign, available monday and tuesday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. battery street, the exact address on your screen.
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chilling evidence released in the alexis gave homicide investigation. the family says they received copies of handwritten notes detailing how their daughter's body was allegedly disposed. she has been missing since january. we spoke with her father. reporter: crumpled up notes, detailing a message. >> we were devastated. it was something we couldn't accept. reporter: alexis's father says the investigator sent the family copies of these notes, recovered from the sister of alexis's ex-boyfriend. according to this letter, jones wrote these directions to an area 60 miles east of sacramento in pioneer, and believed he used them to dispose of her body. marshall turned off his phone for several hours during when he
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drove to pioneer but, were able to pinpoint his location. >> something to throw the police off. >> jones was killed last month during an arrest attempt near seattle after charging at officers with a knife inside a washington apartment complex. after his death, a friend came forward stating jones called him two weeks before she disappeared and told him she was -- she was thinking of killing alexis and where the best place to hide a body would be. the directions are cryptically specific, which ends and rural road in the foothills. >> police all that and went straight to pioneer. reporter: investigators and volunteers searched 200 acres of land in pioneer over the past four months for any sign of her body, including joining 8 billion gallons of water in a nearby pond. >> unfortunately they found
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nothing. there only focusing on pioneer. they strongly feel she is around there. reporter: do you believe that? >> not 100%. me and my wife are there. my wife says i am not believing anything. reporter: trying to stay hopeful but anxious for closure. >> until we find her body, we are going to believe she is still alive. reporter: they are now turning their attention to another piece of evidence. alexis's phone screen. the fbi confirmed marshall jones's dna was found on the screen. they are working to organize a search party to find the remaining piece of her cell phone. abc 7 news. liz: police have arrested men for attempting to smuggle 5000 pounds of meth into the u.s. they were from mexico, spotted unloading several boxes from
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large trucks on thursday less than 25 miles from the border. law enforcement followed the vehicles and discovered 150 bundles, equivalent to 5000 pounds of meth. they could face 10 years to life. let's turn to the weather. we are tracking fire danger this weekend. lisa: certainly this time of year. nice thing to see. low clouds and fog has come back and allowed cooler conditions with higher relative humidity but the drizzle at the coast. that helps fire danger. the redwoods like that along the coast. we need it. we are getting it today. short-term. things will be changing, second half of the weekend. 56 downtown. inland upper 50's.
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fog along the coast. san rafael, clear start. fog has not made its way to central marin county. morning hours, fog expanding. san mateo coast, locally across the bay into oakland. 180 for sunday and monday. much warmer. king tides coming into play next week. fog footprint, with us early. it pulls back. sunny day throughout the afternoon. it will hang out along the coast. don't expect a lot of sunshine. the wind will be gusty. cool today, fog moves quickly through the delta into our sunday morning. once again sets up along the coast. wind lighter sunday, aiding the warm up. temperatures well into the 90's inland.
5:21 am
sunday mid 90's, triple digit heat pinks. warming up to the 70's, near 80 in hayward. still comfortable at the coast. monday, little change as that ridge of high pressure expanded. system to the north of us will knock temperatures back. 101 in cloverdale. getting into that cooler air tuesday and wednesday. smoke forecast, you heard about the washburn fire in yosemite. the smoke plume there. smoke in the morning, hazy afternoon through yosemite. lake tahoe, you could see hayes moving over the weekend into the seven sierra, up through lake tahoe. we will be watching. next several days, not a big change in the pattern. the fog retreating just a little
5:22 am
tomorrow and monday. overall, temperatures comfortable today, cool along the coast. 60 two half moon bay. 80 vallejo. low to mid 80's inland. mid 70's bayside. upper 80's inland. the big jump on sunday holding monday. cooler weather tuesday wednesday could see more summerlike warmth by the end of the workweek. liz: abc 7 news is committed to building a better bay area. just ahead, a man who succeeded in school and sports even after he was told he never would. he was told he never would. (vo) morning, noon, night. indulgent, delicious, irresistible. fancy feast makes delighting your cat delightfully easy. every recipe, every last detail. another fancy way, to show your love. fancy feast. give your cat the world with globally-inspired medleys.
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justin steinberg was told as a child he would not be able to attend school but went on to earn multiple degrees and succeed in the special olympics. reporter: sound of a dribbling ball, sounds that bring peace to the life of justin steinberg. he is legally blind and on the autism spectrum, things that could be considered disabilities but for him, it is nothing more than a word. >> a label does not define you. it is how you approach your life and how you go about doing things. without my disabilities i would not have done these cool opportunities. reporter: the heart of a champion. >> i made a lot ofends through it, while improving my strength, self-confidence and hand eye coordination. reporter: steinberg is a 16 sport athlete in the special
5:26 am
olympics. the games have given back in more ways than one. his dedication not only has allowed him to become a global messenger and athlete of the year for special olympics but helped him earn degrees, ultimately leading to his job at stanford university, after doctors told him his iq would not surpass a six-year-old, his mother cannot help but be proud. >> there is never a no factor. he loves life. we are incredibly proud of him. he is an amazing individual. reporter: he has similar pride in himself and his disabilities. totuulneey ha ha damed of having. he hopes others understand anything is possible. >> i don't give up. i am more than just a label with a disability.
5:27 am
i go out, work hard at my job, offer important perspectives on issues. just because someone tells you you cannot do something, does not mean you have to prove them right. reporter: defying the odds one shot at a time. liz: still to come. san francisco has a new d.a. brooke jenkins says she will be different. the most expensive real estate making headlines f
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: thank you for joining us. let's get to lisa. lisa: good morning. welcome change. drizzle at the coast. we need it. cloudy skies.
5:30 am
you may need your wipers over the bridges, even along the san mateo coast. stanford 54. cool start. already breezy. wind across the bay into the delta. that will initiate a cooling trend. 9:00 in the 60's, cloudy in the city. sunshine through the afternoon as clouds keep it partly cloudy at the shore. low 80's inland with 70's in oakland, mid 70's at the peninsula, pleasant day. near average. we bump up the numbers for the second half of the weekend. how long the trend lasts, coming up. liz: san francisco has a new d.a. brooke jenkins took the oath
5:31 am
friday. tim takes a look at the job ahead. >> the time for finger-pointing and blaming other people is over. [applause] reporter: brooke jenkins was sworn in as san francisco's new d.a. friday afternoon. >> congratulations. [applause] >> at a speech at city hall, shd robberies. >> san franciscans have made it clear their quality of life is being impacted by these crimes. we can no longer look at them as insignificant. reporter: she plans on enforcing drug laws and ending the open air markets on the streets. she cited her experiences as making her qualified. >> we have to deal correctly
5:32 am
with repeat offenders. that will be a top priority, how we deal with those who have been committing the most crime in san francisco. enforcing drug crime laws, like i said. reporter: she will help bring ballots to the city, ensuring public safety, while continuing reforms. >> it is not one-size-fits-all. we are not here to imply in any way jail is the only solution. there are people with complex problems in the city. reporter: she spoke with her predecessor on thursday. he promised to help with a transition. he released his own statement. "i am proud of the work we did. this is work i will continue in the months and years ahead." liz: the stay program protected
5:33 am
tenants, it is now closed. thousands have not been processed. the nonprofits behind the lawsuit say no applications were denied up until the deadline. one in three have now been rejected. the judge ruling says the state department may be violating constitutional rights because it is not giving people adequate info about why they were denied. the ruling gives denied applicants more time to appeal and prevents applications from being denied until the state process is reviewed. good news for renters but what about owners? the housing market in northern california is dropping faster than anywhere else across the country. three bay area cities are in the top 10. reporter: 2022 has truly been one of the most wild years to buy and sell a home in the bay area.
5:34 am
just a few months after experts were talking about the craziest spring ever, we are seeing a major cool off in the market. >> i don't think anyone had the foresight to see it dipping as quickly as it did. reporter: once home to the most expensive real estate in the country, competition and demand in the bay area housing market is cooling more rapidly than anywhere else in the country. the market is down in san francisco and oakland. san jose is seeing the biggest tip. >> three months ago, 10 offers on one house. now we are seeing sometimes no offers for a week to three weeks. or if you get multiple offers, it could be one-to. >> there are simply more houses on the market. his best explanation for the cool off? the recent increases to interest
5:35 am
rates. >> now a standard rate is closer to 6%. buyers are getting cold feet. reporter: he says that is a mistake. the federal government plans to stabilize the market. his best advice is to buy now if you can. >> they are better off buying at a slightly higher interest rate and not over bidding. they could potentially refinance in the future. if they overbid by $300,000, they can never get that back until they sell the house. reporter: for sellers, sell your home only if you need to and set it at an appealing price and not what it would have sold for before the cold market. liz: two northbound lanes closed now on highway 101 between the robin williams tunnel and rodeo
5:36 am
avenue in sausalito. caltrans closed it at 10:00 p.m. last night, through monday 7 a.m. two northbound lanes still open, delays could last one hour. crew will be re-paving the road and replacing a damaged training system. people in the bay area are trying to process the loss of shinzo abe. we spoke with local leaders on the close ties. >> shinzo abe in the bay area visiting stanford, 2015. it was called and historic visit by the japanese head of state. >> that was important to him. he wanted to focus on how best to connect to silicon valley's innovation and use that to advance japan's economy and connect our countries. >> fukushima was in japan when
5:37 am
news of his death was announced. >> i learned of the news when we were having lunch. the shooting took place at 11:30 a.m. >> he is considered an expert and has known shinzo abe for 20 years. he says history will look back at him as the most consequential prime minister in postwar japan. looking ahead, he expects changes to be made after the shocking way he died. >> the japanese government will institute policies to protect political leaders much more strictly. they have been rather lax. one of the reasons is because there are so few guns in japan. >> the news comes just as san jose's japan town is getting ready for its first in person festival this weekend, remembering and honoring the dead. the head minister of the san jose buddhist church is hosting. >> shinzo abe was prime minister
5:38 am
of japan. there was a close connectioeme.e violent way shinzo abe's life was taken. he hopes the community can come together peacefully to honor lives lost and one another. >> if we continue to resolve our differences as we have in the past, violence will continue to be a part of our lives. we need to find a better way. >> abc 7 news. liz: one of the stars of the sopranos has passed away. tony rico has died at age 79, at an assisted living facility in fort lauderdale. he survived by his children and grandchildren. the cause of his death is unknown. still ahead, now streaming on hulu, a new action movie with a
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princess who doesn't need saving. a look behind the scenes of the princess. live look. at sfo
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liz: santa cruz. the beach still dark. a new action movie streamings.'. we have a look behind the scenes. >> once upon a time in a magical castle, the king's daughter was locked away in a tower. reporter: armored saviors can sit this one out. >> [indiscernible] >> that is joey king doing her
5:42 am
own stunts. >> [indiscernible] >> i started this journey like the princess. i was scared, exhausted. i didn't believe in myself that much. >> [indiscernible] >> through my own perseverance and resilience of working with people, that has afforded me so much, i found so much confidence and got to a place where i craved exhaustion and times where i got hurt. >> [indiscernible] >> we are lucky joey could do all her stunts. we were surprised. the action team said look guys we have to shoot this differently. >> do you know how to use this thing? ndiscernible] >> watch your language.
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before you head out this morning, let's check in with lisa. lisa: cloud cover, 56 san francisco. temperatures coming up in the mid 60's. gusty wind. we tell you what that means, next. liz: so pretty. steph curry is known for his range on the court. wait until you see this longshot.
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liz: 880 traffic moving nicely this saturday. yesterday, san francisco's headline comedians performed at thrive city. the performances provided laughs
5:46 am
and a beer garden and food trucks. really fun. this afternoon, the athletics and giants looking to snap losing streaks. first pitch, 1:07 p.m. the giants take on the padres on the road. jampacked weekend of celebrity golf underway at lake tahoe where steph curry got to show off and be a champ status. -- nba champ status. >> no rust for curry. splash. he also completed a pass to fans. is there anything he can't do? the family rocking hot pink shirts. speaking of hard to miss, the approach shot on 13.
5:47 am
97 yards, hits the backspin. he still has the midseason ops. that was an eagle. >> i can make a three pointer in my sleep. >> padres debuting uniforms against the giants, a color from baja, california. they go up in a hurry. giants didn't do much. did miss this one. the giants fall again, they lost 8-9 and have fallen to .500 on the season. how is this possible? men on in the second. elvis has left the building. his second home or in a week. a's go up 2.
5:48 am
alex bregman crushes one off paul blackburn. look at this fan in the outfield. he will catch it in his hat. 3-2 astros. two on in the fifth. blackburn left that one in the wheelhouse. 8-3 the final. the a's have a problem. draymond green courtside in vegas as the warriors take on the makes in summer league action. second quarter, great pass to moody underneath. he had 20 at the break. moody explodes for a game-high 30 points. beats the buzzer, splash. jericho sims, look out below. warriors fall. have a great weekend. liz: let's turn to the weather.
5:49 am
nice morning. lisa: nice to see clouds and fog, cooling us off bringing drizzle at the coast. fog banked up marin county, san mateo coast, pushing into the east bay. here is a system. high-pressure building tomorrow, monday allowing for warmer weather. we do this play back and forth through the summertime with warmer air, cooler air. sfo, all the fog. 57 in the city. oakland 58. mid-50's half moon bay. marine layer depth increasing. petaluma mid-50's. 57 livermore. better vantage point from mount
5:50 am
tam. marine layer depth has increased. drizzle at the shoreline. careful if you are heading in early. wet pavement, also over the richmond san rafael bridge. morning fog, drizzle. cooler afternoon. temperatures down across the bay area today. we warm up sunday, extend that to monday. king tides over seven feet coming into play for high tide tuesday and wednesday. smoke forecast, the fire and yosemite. southeasterly wind, the plume of smoke continuing north. lake tahoe, perhaps hazy through southlake today. sunday high-pressure builds, the winds relax. we see smoke drift up to the sierra.
5:51 am
particularly hazy in parts, sunday night. warmer temperatures across the bay area, tomorrow, monday. inland, east bay mid 80's today, should be upper 80's. sunday pretty warm, holding onto that monday. cooling trend underway through the middle of the rest of the week. santa cruz, low clouds and fog with us to start, peeling back. upper 70's today, partly sunny. the fog bank not going anywhere. low 60's, stinson. upper 50's ocean beach. marine layer getting compressed sunday and monday. it is not going to disappear. comfortable at the coast, the heat returning for sunday, monday. today more comfortable, santa clara. mid 80's in morgan hill. the peninsula in the 70's, sea
5:52 am
breeze keeping a comfortable palo alto to mountain view. 66 downtown. 82 napa. inland low 70's oakland to union city. temperatures cooler this afternoon with 80 for you, pleasanton. mid 80's antioch. 60 of the coast. mid 70's bayside. upper 80's inland. sunlight sunday, heating up. temperatures remaining warm to start the work week monday. cooling back significantly tuesday and wednesday. getting into that comfortable zone by the end of the upcoming work week. liz: sounds good. feels like summer. californians doing better at conserving water.
5:53 am
data from the waterboard shows overall urban water use was 3% lower compared to one year earlier. the bay area used 8% less while the south coast including l.a. used 2% less. the preliminary number for june shows the state is saving 7.7% more water. the governor has asked californians to cut consumption 15%. the signature suite july brand is coming to san francisco. how you can experienc
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5:55 am
liz: the winning numbers from last night's drawing. the mega ball 20. no ticket matched all six numbers. the jackpot rule is over. ptions available today if
5:56 am
you take community buses in san francisco. sf mta is bringing back major routes that were suspended at the start of the pandemic. two sutter line, six hate and 21 hayes. people's feedback have a lot to do with this and help to them prioritize connections that many communities rely on. trip patterns have changed over the last two years. people are traveling more neighborhood to neighborhood instead of a peak time downtown centric pattern. aisha curry is bringing her suite july brand to san francisco, launching a pop-up shot at the palace hotel, including her suite july tea experience. if you haven't been yet, suite july is a one-stop shop of
5:57 am
sorts, a lifestyle and home goods store. her pop up in san francisco will be similar. it will open for the rest of the month at the palace hotel. should be fun. next, people forced to evacuate as flames bear down on the neighborhood. how a small south bay community prepared to elon musk tries to terminate his deal to buy twitter. the social media giant is not having it though. we'll have all of that coming up next on abc 7 mornings next.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> fire crews staying overnight on the fire line, after a wildfire breaks out west of morgan hill. people ordered to get out. good morning everybody. it's saturday, july 9th. i'm liz kreutz. we'll get to more on the wildfire in just a moment, but first, let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: hi, liz, we have seen a return to the marine layer growing if depth, it's moving across starts of the bay and where we have it is bringing some mist and drizzle along the shoreline. there's a look at live doppler 7, as we go in a little closer, you can make out from marin to san mateo, the fog. the advisability, it's down to
6:01 am
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