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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 9, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. fire danger. the growing wildfire that shut down part of yosemite national park with mandatory evacuations and fears for the ancient sequoias. plus, the scorching temperatures from a triple-digit heat wave and the flooding fears in the east. assassination investigation. new details about the suspect charged with killing former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. what police say they found in his home. abortion battle. president biden's executive order aimed at protecting reproductive rights, even as a near total ban takes effect in louisiana. and lawmakers work to change pennsylvania's constitution affirming no right to an abortion.
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twitter deal terminated. elon musk's about-face to buy the social media giant. the court battle now shaping up. fortifying the fight.ka.end ukrainian trpsrae fom ing a a plungehis eco > d men at wimed. thtwplayers looking to make history on centre court at today's final. plus, the battle on the men's side. can the number one seed do something he's never done before? good morning, america.
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it's a busy morning on janai's first official day as part of our anchor team. [ applause ] >> that's right. >> and i know how much you love snacks. >> you guys. >> i brought -- >> you brought cheetos. >> brought cheetos for you. >> to help you. >> it matches the dress. >> you guys are stuck with me. >> we are very excited to be stuck with you. >> this is like the tv equivalent of putting a ring on it. >> it really is. >> it's a commitment. we're looking forward to it. >> yeah. we have a lot to talk about this morning as well. first let's get to this morning, president biden orders flags to be flown at half-staff following the assassination of japan's former prime minister shinzo abe, an honor reserved for the most important world figures or u.s. allies. >> biden also signing a condolence book at the japanese ambassador's residence overnight and expressing his outrage and sadness over the murder to the current prime minister as we're learning new details this morning about the suspect. >> our report from tokyo coming up in just a moment. but we start here with millions of americans on alert for dangerous heat this weekend
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while the mid-atlantic is bracing for soaking rain with the potential fothe potential f. meteorologist greg dutra from our chicago station wls has the latest on all of it. greg, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yeah. the combat between the warm and the cold air creating, of course, those conditions across the u.s. as a cold front sags south, take a look at this video from a firefight out in yosemite national park. that's a dc-10 dropping about 10,000 gallons of fire retardant on this fire right now at about 500 acres and has the southern entrance of yosemite closed. idaho, utah, nevada all with red flag warnings today. winds 35 miles per hour combined with really low relative humidity, 5% to 10%. that's sauna levels of dryness in the air. a mix of heat advisories and warnings, they cover parts of 14 states too as we're dealing with a scorcher across the southeast and into the west. look at these. 110s, one teens. records will be tied or possibly falling today. dallas, 106 is their record and
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i think they're probably going to break it this afternoon. eva, i'll send it back to you. >> greg dutra there for us, thank you. the latest on the shocking assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. world leaders offering condolences as we learn more about the shooting suspect under arrest. abc's bob woodruff is in tokyo with more. >> reporter: eva, good morning. you can just imagine how the people of japan here are feeling. there are hardly ever any shootings ever in this country and it's still unclear why this assassination ever happened. this morning, the country of japan in profound mourning and the world in shock following the brazen assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. on a phone call with current japanese prime minister kishida friday night, biden anonlencesn e outrage, sadness tragicndio 14509ing death of the former prime minister and overnight world leaders reacting. chinese president
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xi jinping sending his condolences pointing out that former prime minister abe made useful contributions to promoting the improvement of sino-japanese relations. france's president, emmanuel macron, and australian prime minister anthony albanese highlighting abe's efforts to bring balance to the world. former prime minister abe was shot in broad daylight while in the city of nara friday giving a campaign speech. after collapsing, the 67-year-old was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead soon after. the suspected shooter, 41-year-old tetsuya yamagami, was quickly tackled by security and has been charged with attempted murder. in police custody he has now confessed to the killing. [ speaking foreign language ] japanese police saying, the suspect confessed that he committed the act as he had a grudge against a specific organization and believed former prime minister abe was part of it. a homemade gun appears to have been used in the attack. >> so it appears to be a craft produced firearm and in
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this case it looks like a fairly simple even slightly crude smooth bore, probably muzzle loaded. >> reporter: the attack stunning a nation where incidents like these are incredibly rare. >> when you talk about guns, it's gun-free, so people in japan take for granted that that kind of violence does not take place. >> reporter: japan, a country of 127 million people, with some of the strictest gun laws in the world saw just ten reported shootings in 2021. a japanese official saying the country is feeling the profound loss of its longtime leader. >> we are feeling the excruciating pain and prime minister kishida expressed the loss of this great statesman and wishes that prime minister abe's soul rests in peace. >> reporter: now police today searched the accused shooter's house where they found additional guns that were very similar to the one used in the
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killing. all of them apparently made with metal pipes that are wrapped together with adhesive tape. they also found a computer and other explosives inside the house. janai? >> all right, bob woodruff for us there on the ground in tokyo. back here at home now to president biden getting pushback from activists on both sides of the abortion issue after signing an executive order aimed at protecting abortion access nationwide abc's alex presha is at the white house with why some say the president is going too far while others say he isn't going far enough. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, janai. president biden has been clear that his power on this is limited. urging americans to make this a ballot issue in november but this new executive order reaffirming his administration's commitment to enforcing existing laws. [ crowd chanting ] the pressure from allies for president biden to protect abortion rights started with the leaked supreme court draft and only intensified when the high court officially overturned roe v. wade.
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friday he signed an executive order while blasting the court's decision. >> the truth is today's supreme court majority is playing fast and loose with the facts. >> reporter: biden's executive order expand access to medication abortion and emergency contraceptive and safeguards patients' privacy and offers mobile klclinics for out-of-state patients and bolsters legal services. health and human services secretary xavier becerra now has po days to develop a game plan. some abortion rights activists say this should have come sooner. >> the fact it took president biden to issue the executive order was disappointing. we want to see the whole of government response that he promised last year enacted. >> reporter: the whitehouse telling our rachel scott this. >> this is the not going to be solved by one day's actions. the report from the secretary is just one step in the process. >> reporter: anti-abortion rights advocates casting doubt. >> i think it'll be a big nothing burger to be honest with you. >> reporter: at least 14 states have stopped nearly all abortion
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services. louisiana is the latest. there a temporary restraining order blocking the state's trigger laws has expired effectively banning almost all abortions for now. >> we still have to call and cancel appointments. >> reporter: lillian newton is a patient advocate at new hope medical in shreveport. abortion rights advocates there are now hoping for a successful challenge to the state's ban. the case delayed, transferred to a different court's jurisdiction. >> we are still fighting this. we will be here as long as we possibly can be to answer questions. >> reporter: abortion rights could also soon be on the ballot in pennsylvania. a republican proposal there passed this week that could add a provision to the state's constitution and jeopardize abortion rights in the state. it could be on the ballot as soon as next spring. whit? >> all right, alex, thank you. next this morning, elon musk says he's terminating his megadeal to buy twitter, but the social media company's board tngs stanhere w-e him in courtd
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now? >> well, just get ready for a long, painful, protracted legal battle between one of the world's richest men and twitter's board. elon musk who runs tesla and spacex sending a letter to the social media company on friday saying he's ending his $44 billion plan to buy the company. twitter's response basically, see you in court. so brett taylor, here's what he tweeted out, the chairman of twitter's board of directors, long story short, saying we are going to win this in the delaware court of chancery. one wedge issue, twitter reporting fewer than 5% of its users were fake or spam focused. but musk says that number may not be accurate and says the statements are either false or materially misleading. legal experts say this is going to be an elongated somewhat painful court battle, and for musk there is a breakup fee of $1 billion minimum. the price for elon musk to walk
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away, one point worth noting, though, is that the court could actually force musk in certain circumstances to buy the company. that's why there's going to be a lot of legal wrangling. >> yeah, a big fight ahead. >> we'll have to watch to see how it plays out. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks, deidre. >> sure. now, to some of the final farewells for the victims of that mass shooting at a fourth of july parade in highland park. the community gathering for the first funerals and memorial services for those who lost their lives. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning just five days after the highland park massacre, a devastated community laying the first victims to rest. >> there is no comfort for us to take away as we mourn jacki's death. >> reporter: 63-year-old former preschool teacher jacki sundheim's life cut short. her family processing what their lives will be like without her. >> the world is darker without my mom in it, and it's up to us now to fill it with a little extra laughter and help replace her light and love.
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>> reporter: nicolas toledo, a 76-year-old dual citizen who would travel from mexico in the summers to be with his family who now consider him a guardian angel. and steve strauss who still worked at age 88, enjoyed bird watching and helping those around him. >> here was a true mensch, sweet, kind, generous, wise, curious about the world. >> reporter: as loved ones say their good-byes the attorney for the suspect's family speaking out. >> the family would like to express their deepest condolences to the families that have been impacted by this horrific event. >> reporter: meanwhile, the difficult recovery for survivors just beginning. 8-year-old cooper roberts paralyzed from the waist down but finally awake and off a ventilator. his mother shot twice. the boy eager to see his brother who was wounded by shrapnel. >> cooper was shot in the chest, and he suffered significant injuries.
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>> reporter: and then there's 2-year-old aiden mccarthy, orphaned losing both parents in the shooting, rescued out from under his father who shielded him from the gunfire in his final moments. >> he thinks they're away on a trip or something. >> we haven't told him yet. >> so he's at home, and every time a vehicle comes up to the car, what does little aiden do? >> he literally says, mommy and daddy are home. >> reporter: and authorities say the suspect could face dozens of additional charges, one for each bullet fired, one for each person injured. he's due back in court july 28th. eva? >> alex there for us. well, now to uvalde, texas, the city's mayor don mclaughlin pushing back on an assessment of the deadly school shooting, calling it, quote, totally false. the report by the advanced law enforcement rapid response training center saying that there were several opportunities for the police to stop the massacre before it started. well, turning overseas now to the war in ukraine, as the u.s. is sending in a new large military aid package, we're
7:14 am
getting new video of an attack in kharkiv this morning that injured at least four people. abc's tom soufi burridge has those details and what we know about the work to rebuild the world's largest aircraft destroyed by russia. tom, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, janai. have a look at the world's largest aircraft. only one of this aircraft was ever built and it's been reduced to this. it's a metaphor for what russia is doing here in ukraine. but some good news, this morning for ukraine, more u.s. weapons on their way here soon. this morning, the u.s. ramping up military aid to ukraine once again. it includes four more himars, the high-precision u.s. rockets, able to hit targets more than 40 miles away and crucially the u.s. now also providing ukraine with a thousand precision-guided shells for u.s. supplied howitzers. the deadly accuracy of these munitions sure to make a differen republican and democrat senators in kyiv this week saying putin must be defeated.
7:15 am
>> hold the east, protect odesa, get more himars systems in here, and i think we're going to win this thing. >> reporter: so far russia overpowering ukrainian forces and advancing in the eastern donbas. but a u.s. official saying new u.s. supplied weapons are making a difference in that brutal artillery fight. this morning a russian strike on the city of kharkiv, this video circulating online. devastation inflicted across ukraine vast. and more word on alex drueke, a u.s. veteran captured by russia when fighting for ukraine. >> any steps or any progress? >> reporter: speaking to his mother in this phone call. >> they're working hard on your case. it just might be a while. >> reporter: and this illustrates what russia is doing here in ukraine. this was the antonov an-225, a cargo plane, the largest aircraft in the world. it was a source of pride for this country, and look at it now. it's wrecked.
7:16 am
this plane known as "dream" was the only one ever built transporting lifesaving goods to the u.s. during the pandemic. >> everyone wants to know, are you going to rebuild this plane one day? [ speaking foreign language ] "yes, definitely," says yevgen because it's the pride of ukraine. so the ukrainian "dream" could lift off once again. well, contrast the image o rllgood new mowee vidence the projectoebuild this aircraft is already under way. we can't show you that evidence for security reasons, but ukraine's aviation project "dream" is back on. whit? >> like you said, something the country is very proud of. all right, tom, thank you so much. meantime, back here in the u.s. there is some encouraging news for drivers. finally at the gas pump prices are falling and falling fast. abc's elwyn lopez joins us now. elwyn, the nationwide average for a gallon of gas is now well below $5.
7:17 am
>> reporter: yeah, whit. drivers are finally getting a bit of a break at the pump with prices falling to an average of $4.69. that's 15 cents less than this time last week. now, take a look at this. those lower prices can be found along the southeast. the lowest here in georgia and in south carolina. the highest still out west, california averaging more than $6 a gallon. now, experts say that these lower prices are just because of the cost of oil going down and demand also dipping with drivers changing habits. one study showing that those concerns over costs are now part of why more than a third of americans say they would seriously consider buying an electric vehicle if they were in the market for a new car today. experts say that those numbers at the pump will continue to fall in the coming weeks and in some states drivers could see prices go down another 25 to 50 cents. now, that's, of course, good news for drivers hitting the roads this summer, but experts warn that those higher prices could strike back if demand picks up.
7:18 am
whit? >> all right, i guess we'll take what we can get. elwyn, thanks so much. time to turn for a check of the weather once again, greg dutra from wls, our station in chicago is here. we've got storms, we've got heat, the old weather mixed bag, greg. >> reporter: yeah, a little bit of everything and really nothing that people want a lot of and that rainfall, there's just too much of it. you need the rain in the south but not like this. here's a look at the midwest which has seen far too much rain in galesburg, illinois, four inches of rain yesterday and an inch fell in about 30 minutes. got to be careful driving through the water. you'll hydro lock your engine and total your car. d.c. has the worst of it. flood watches and warnings up at this time. 3 inches plus of rainfall there during the overnight and as we put this thing into futurecast mode, look at this front sagging off to the south working with that gulf moisture. it's firing showers and thunderstorms and a large swath thunderstorms and a large swath >> good saturday morning. waking up to low clouds and fog
7:19 am
in parts of the bay. it will allow for a cooler afternoon for everyone. gusty winds. and the coast, not much better than 60 degrees today. much warmer tomorrow into monday. especially inland, as much as 1g tides coming back into play tuesday and wednesday of next week. 71 today in oakland. 74 in fremont. 82 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast,. warmer for sunday. >> the front moved through here in brooklyn yesterday, and now the drier air is building in behind it, and that's the good news for folks who are dealing with the rain today as it'll dry out, and it's a beautiful morning in the city. send it back to you, eva. >> thanks, greg. now to wimbledon where the women's final will make history on centre court. lara is at the all england club with a preview and a look ahead at the men's match-up. good morning, lara. >> reporter: yeah, we're going to get to the men's later but right now, eva, the excitement is building here at wimbledon. i don't know if you can see the
7:20 am
crowd filing in. it starts today with the women's finals. two first-timers on centre court. ons jabeur, so beloved on the tour by the other players, and elena rybakina, the powerful ace leader on the tour. this is the biggest day of these two young players' lives. this morning here on centre court elena rybakina facing off against ons jabeur in the women's singles final. both on the brink of making history. rybakina's win would make her the first player representing kazakhstan to win a grand slam while jabeur would be the first arab and the first african to claim the victory. on the men's side number one seed novak djokovic took down cameron nori in four sets in the men's semifinals yesterday. if djokovic wins again this year it will be his seventh title, one short of the men's record that held by roger federer with eight. but this is the man who could stop him, nick kyrgios
7:21 am
who advanced to the finals uncontested after rafael nadal withdrew from the tournament due to an abdominal injury. djokovic has never beaten the australian. the two though have played only twice. kyrgios winning both matches in 2017. >> one thing for sure, whether i win or lose on sunday i'll be happy because it's just such a great achievement that i thought i'd never be a part of. >> reporter: kyrgios cementing his reputation as the bad boy of tennis in this tournament fined for spitting toward a fan in the first round and then for shouting an obscenity in the third. >> certainly tennis has had its bad boys over the years, and the names are legendary, of course, nick kyrgios is right up there with those guys. he is known for losing his temper. he is known for creating a scene. he is known for getting in trouble. that's what this guy is known for. >> reporter: bad boy he is, and after his win yesterday, djokovic was asked what we can expect in the men's finals between him and kyrgios. he admits he has never won even a set off of the australian bad boy. he hopes to change that tomorrow.
7:22 am
one thing he says he does know for sure, we can expect some very, very passionate tennis from both sides of the court. you can catch it all unfolding. we're getting ready to go here. it's all happening on espn, and i'll be back with you guys in just a bit. >> all of the excitement, lara, we're looking forward to that, and we will check back in with you for "pop news." still coming up on "gma," basketball star brittney griner getting support here at home and what her wife and players association and what they're saying after her guilty plea in russia. plus, the summer in full swing and warning about the dangers of hot car deaths. (na) gemma's my show dog. she's an athlete-she's a canine athlete. prior to blue buffalo, i was feeding proplan but i really wanted to feed a high quality dog food that didn't contain chicken by-product meal and corn gluten meal and when i found thelu buffalo ust fit, and so we switched. i know that she has a good coat, good energy over all...
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mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. >> building better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7. >> elon moving will be making a move to terminate his $40 billion deal to buy twitter. in a filings with the securities
7:28 am
and exchanges commission, musk says twitter did not give him enough information from the san francisco based company but walking away is not gay rights groups to be cheap for him. there is a $1 billion fee for ending this deal. twitter's chairman put out a statement saying the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon by mr. musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. lisa, a check of the forecast now. happy saturday. lisa: thank you. yeah, it's cloudy around the bay, sunny inland. emoryville, 57 downtown develop half moon bay. mile and three quarter visibility. you can see the sun with temperatures in the upper
7:29 am
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i'm going to give you a couple extra days. but it's going to cost you another 2 gs as a reminder. i make myself clear? welcome back to "gma." that's a scene from the big screen classic, " sopranos" featuring one of tony soprano's funniest foot soldiers and the actor passing away at 79. the brooklyn native appearing in "goodfellas" and "mickey blue eyes." he will be missed. >> certainly will. we are following a lot of other headlines this morning. former white house counsel pat cipollone testified before the january 6th committee on friday. the closed door but recorded session lasting more than eight hours. lawmakers saying that cipollone did not, quote, contradict the testimony of other witnesses. also this morning, thousands
7:31 am
of protesters in sri lanka and the prime minister has agreed to step down after the official residence was stormed in one of the largest anti-government marches this year. look at this incredible video. a new mexico mother clinging to the hood of her suv after being carjacked. her two young children were still inside as the car is speeding away. the police department locating that car quickly and chasing and capturing the female suspect. both children, a 6-year-old and 11-month-old, unharmed. >> wow. >> that is incredible seeing that mother clinging to the hood of that car. wow. we do start this half hour with family and friends of brittney griner coming to her suport following her surprising guilty plea this week in a russian court. that was to drug charges. morgan norwood joins us and griner saying it wasn't her intent to break the law. >> reporter: right, good morning to you, janai. brittney griner's wife says the president's response to griner's
7:32 am
letter gave her hope, and now she's pleading with the russian government for mercy. >> it has just been overwhelming for my entire family. >> reporter: this morning, brittney griner's wife cherelle speaking out for the first time since her wife pleaded guilty to drug charges in russia. cherelle griner embracing the wave of support from around the world and thanking the biden administration for their work to help bring brittney home. just this week the president responding to griner's handwritten plea to intervene. >> i want to make it very clear that our next move as supporters for bg is to make sure that the administration understands that they have our full support. >> reporter: griner joined by al sharpton during a chicago press conference urging leniency for the wnba star who faces ten years in a russian prison. >> there ought to be a place where conflicts stop and where the politics stop. >> reporter: grasping a photo of her wife, a shackled brittney
7:33 am
griner pleading guilty thursday after russian police say they found vape cartridges in her luggage containing hashish oil, which is illegal in russia. griner telling the court, it was a mistake. >> i was in a rush packing, and the cartridges accidentally ended up in my bag. i would like to plead guilty on the charges, but i had no intention on breaking any russian law. >> reporter: fellow nba star and president of the wnba players union nneka ogwumike says her accountability speaks to her character. >> she is a kid who was bullied and a role model who stands up for those kids now. >> reporter: experts say the plea was griner's only shot at a lesser sentence but may have to wait around for a conviction as russian courts are often sluggish compared to the u.s. but should it happen, it could pave the way for a prisoner swap, as was the case for trevor reed who was recently released in a prisoner exchange with russia. >> the most common way to be resolved for these cases is through a prisoner exchange. >> reporter: for now griner is one of several u.s. citizens in russian custody including paul
7:34 am
whelan. griner's fans pleading for her release and the sports world rallying behind her too. >> our message to bg is just that we're with you. >> reporter: and griner's courtroom attire could also be a sign of her strength. she wore this red crenshaw t-shirt. it's a south l.a. neighborhood and a logo made famous by the late rapper nipsey hussle and his marathon clothing brand, and, whit, that's exactly what this legal battle is shaping up to be. a marathon, not a sprint. >> absolutely. all right, morgan, thank you. now to preventing one of the dangers of the summer season. stressed and preoccupied parents at risk of leaving a child in a hot car. abc's faith abubey is here with more on 9 efforts to stop more of these tragedies and many parents across the country dealing with heat waves this weekend. faith. >> it's a scary one, whit. good morning. an estimated 38 children die every single year after being trapped or left in hot cars. a lot of parents tend to think it would never happen to them, but the sad reality is, it could happen to anyone.
7:35 am
but safety advocates say it's also 100% preventable. this morning, safety advocates sounding the alarm as the number of recorded child hot car deaths slowly rises with the scorching summer temperatures. just in the last week and a half at least two 1-year-olds, one in georgia, the other in north carolina were found dead police say after being forgotten in their parents' vehicles bringing the total number of child hot car deaths so far this year to nine. >> just running back into the house can turn into a situation much different than what you expect. >> reporter: amber rollins, director of kids and car safety says outside temperatures as low as 60 degrees that can feel comfortable for the average adult could quickly become deadly for a child trapped or left inside a vehicle. >> 56% of hot car deaths happen when an otherwise loving, responsible, attentive parent accidentally leaves their child in the car. >> reporter: jamie and andrew dale never thought it would
7:36 am
happen to them until it did. >> like a surreal horror film. >> reporter: three years ago today andrew, a professor, says he accidentally left their 3-year-old ollie in the backseat in the parking lot and went into the office. >> you thought he was at daycare. >> yeah, i thought he was at daycare. >> reporter: andrew says he didn't realize his mistake until hours later when he opened the back door outside ollie's day care to prepare the toddler's car seat. >> i scooped him up and i just ran inside. i was yelling and screaming for help. >> reporter: but it was too late. since 1998, 916 children and counting have died inside hot cars. safety advocates say these deaths are 100% preventable. >> parents don't do this on purpose. they go into autopilot. >> reporter: the dales and rollins group are among those pushing for occupant detection technology like this one toyota is currently testing to become standard in all vehicles in order to prevent hot car deaths.
7:37 am
and, unfortunately, that kind of technology is nowhere near standard in most vehicles at this time, so for now safety advocates suggest doing things like leaving your purse, your lunch box or one of your shoes in the backseat when you put your child back there. that way if you go to get those items before you leave the car, you can't miss that child back there. so important. >> great tip. >> whatever you can do. >> thanks, faith. time for the weather and back to greg dutra from wls, our chicago station. he is in brooklyn this morning, hey, greg. >> reporter: yeah, you guys took me from chicago to brooklyn, and then you put me somewhere where there's not a pizza place within two miles. >> thre's lots of pizza places in brooklyn. >> reporter: i'll find one. as soon as they open up, i'm going on a journey for one, you can be guaranteed that. let's take a look at this wildfire video out in utah. a very, very strong wildfire burning at halfway hill, a subdivision was evacuated. 500 acres burned there and heat warnings across 14 states
7:38 am
today, denver is forecast at 101. the record is 98. the record in dallas is 106. their forecast is 107 today as that ridge of heat builds north. abilene and also san angelo have both seen more than 40 days of 100 degrees or hotter lisa: good saturday morning. gray skies here in san francisco. mid 60's today. on the breezy tied downtown. look for mid 70's around heyward and fremont with cooler, low to mid 80's inland this afternoon. >> reporter: a beautiful morning again out here in the city, guys. i'm just biding my time until the pizza shops open up. >> you got to call it a pie. it's a pie in brooklyn. yeah, yeah. a pizza pie. >> because if you don't fold it in half, yeah -- >> you've got it. >> i know exactly where you are. i'll text you instructions where to get pizza next. >> reporter: i bet you will. thank you. >> thanks, greg. well, coming up on "good
7:39 am
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in today's "weekend download," we look at how to make the best of this strong job market. the u.s. economy adding 372,000 jobs last month, better than expected, with the unemployment rate remaining at 3.6%. abc's deidre bolton says now may be the time to ask your boss for a raise. >> reporter: the job market is strong, and wages are rising but not as much as inflation. wage growth is up 5.1% in june, lower than inflation's current 8.6% rate. >> i can't do anything. gas is too high. cost of living is too high. food is high. everything is just a mess. >> reporter: but this environment could change in the coming months with some experts fearing a recession is around the corner, making strong negotiating more critical than ever. >> it's all in negotiation, that
7:44 am
first experience. being a black woman, early in my tech career, not really knowing how to negotiate. >> reporter: shanae chapman is a tech designer from st. louis, missouri, and she says it's all about being prepared and knowing what others in your industry are making. >> because i had done my homework and done the research on that, i was able to bring that up in conversations. >> reporter: chapman went to seminars on negotiations and practiced having salary conversations with trusted friends and family members. >> it's just really important to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. >> reporter: career coach carlyn bushman says, you must advocate for yourself up front to avoid long-term frustration. >> you cannot possibly show up to work or to your desk or to your computer every day knowing that you've been slighted by compensation. >> reporter: bushman also points out that compensation is not just about money.
7:45 am
>> a few of those to consider would be things like time off, flex hours, child care, maternity and paternity time off, things of that nature. >> reporter: as a long-term plan, she says it's important to keep your network alive, especially while the job market is strong and there's less pressure all around. carlyn reminds us that many interesting jobs will never be posted publicly. so if you are keeping your network alive, you have an advantage over other candidates. >> good to know. >> ask your friends. >> that's right. >> all right, thanks, deidre. coming up on "good morning america," a guy who walked 33 miles to get to work on time rewarded for his dedication by a total stranger. total stranger. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪
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back now on "gma" with a man's work ethic on display every step of the way as he walked 33 miles to get to work. his story inspiring others to help out, and here's abc's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: it has truly been the road less traveled for eric akers. few have shown the same commitment and dogged determination to make it to work. when his car overheated and he used his last couple hundred bucks to get it towed, he had to get creative, hitting the pavement and walking 33 miles to make his shift. >> i just said to myself, you know, i can't miss another day of work no matter what. i'm going to make it happen even if i have to walk, and that's what ended up having to happen. >> reporter: our friends at "central oregon daily news" were first to share eric's story. >> my shoes were pretty worn down, but overall i felt pretty good about it. >> reporter: less than 24 hours
7:50 am
after that report, a viewer, chris arsenault, decided he wanted to help and invited eric over. >> i bought this car from my uncle. we really don't use it that much, and we would like you to have it. >> wow. >> so you can get to work. >> reporter: that's how eric turned a bad break into a blessing. >> sounds good. >> reporter: this morning, eric is still processing the generosity of a stranger. >> it was amazing, yeah. i had all kind of feelings of eotions, elated and surprised anyone would just give a car to a total stranger because i walked to work. >> what a story. the man who gave that car away saying that he hopes that those who are fortunate enough to do the same will help somebody else. whit? >> wow, and he said he loved his job, loved the people he worked with but i'm not sure how many others would be willing to walk 33 miles. sa conthike is like 6 1 we'll be right back here with our "play of the day."
7:51 am
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♪ back now with our "play of the day" and the pooch exercising her right to be the center of attention. naya, a 4-year-old golden retriever not making it easy on her owner to perform her exercise routine. laying claim to her yoga mat and you would think that naya would be a little into downward dog. it doesn't seem to be the case. how could you be mad? >> oh, my gosh. >> what an adorable distraction. she finally -- >> that's hard enough to do on your own. >> they really are, even without a dog on your leg. finally her owner tries a workaround, performing plank jacks over her dog. >> my dog copper does the same thing. if you go down on the ground, you're in his world. there's no push-ups, sit-ups, definitely no planking allowed. he would be all up in your face.
7:56 am
good stuff. >> walter doesn't exercise so -- you don't get looking like that by exercising. "gma" is two hours on saturdays. coming up, the new details we're learning about the suspect in the assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. and our "gma" cover story, the family of ron goldman talks surviving through the media attention surrounding the so-called trial of the century against o.j. simpson. and then it's "deals & steals." summer fashion and accessories at fabulous prices. >> announcer: next week with wanda sykes on "gma," you never know what will happen. plus, kristin cavallari and music by ashanti and >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everyone. i am liz kreutz. starting today, san francisco is bringing back major routes suspended in 2020 at the
7:57 am
pandemic. transit officials made the decision after hearing from the public. aisha curry is bringing her signature sweet july brand to san francisco. she is launching a pop-up shop at the palace hotel today. it includes her specialties sweet july tea experience. this is an extension of her flagship store in oakland, which abc 7 visited last summer. there is also a cafe and a community event space. we are told the pop up at the palace hotel will be similar. lisa is here with a check of the saturday forecast. lisa: the dark areas indicate the clear skies from the inland valleys to san mateo. the deck of low clouds active here from the north bay camera, where temperatures are on the cool side. 60 seven half moon bay. you can see we have a pretty good marine layer in place here, even some mist and drizzle at
7:58 am
the coast. 58 in napa, 68 livermore. sun shining high today, ranging from the low 60's with breezy to gusty winds, partly cloudy the coast. it is a cooler day today with huizinga low 80's in livermore, 75 in palo alto, and the accuweather 7-day forecast featuring a warm up, 10 degrees warmer inland, fivemebaideretghe e newsonnues right nth "goning i
7:59 am
- [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, otre alone. what will covid bring in six months, a year? calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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good morning good morning, america. it's our second hour. we're on the ground in japan as the world mourns. the very latest on the assassination of former prime minister shinzo abe. what police are saying and new details on what was recovered from the suspect's home. abortion battle. a near total ban taking effect in louisiana after a judge lifts a block of the ban as the white house takes action. president biden's executive order seeking to protect reproductive rights. what critics are saying about the move. surviving a media circus. the family of ron goldman speaking out 30 years after the trial of the century. what they're sayin


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